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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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san francisco. while several california city celebrated the start of recreational marijuana sales to the public on january 1, san francisco is late to the party.>> there is no way for us to get contact without their permission. >> reporter: the director of operations says his is one of 30 businesses waiting for approval to sell pot in san francisco. they voted to push back sales from the first to the sixth and december. they still have not processed the paperwork. these dispensaries are the most likely to be selling recreational marijuana tomorrow. the city gave them approval today but the state now has to sign off on it end of the deal.>> it looks like we will be open tomorrow. >> reporter: the apothecary is on the city's list and he hopes
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he will not have to turn away any more customers than he already has this week. >> we've been people getting people coming in at the beginning of the year asking if we are ready and we have had to tell them the first possible day is january 6.>> it's kind of frustrating.>> reporter: it's been killing him to turn people away while he waits for approval. for now, there is no choice but to send business across the bay.>> people come to the door asking where can i buy? there are cities in the east bay who are selling. at the hard thing to tell customers. hopefully they will come back when we are legal.>> reporter: out here live, the green doors opened with some signs hoping to quell concerns about those who would like to purchase recreational parts. i got an update saying that they just got state approval. we know one dispensary will legally be able to sell tomorrow but it is a minute to minute scenario. follow these dispensaries on social media if you are looking on updates as to where to buy. kpix5 .
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san francisco's acting mayor put an end to the speculation. of london brief filed papers to become the official mayoral candidate -- candidate in the election. >> reporter: we are here at city hall were just a few hours ago acting mayor of london breed made it official. she does not want to just be the acting mayor but the elected mayor of her hometown.>> i'm here to get my paperwork to run for the mayor of san francisco. >> reporter: the mayor by chance, hoping to be the mayor by choice. today, london breed took the first step to run for mayor in the election just five months away. she made the announcement at a park cleanup in the outer son strip. >> i'm going to do this, i'm going to run for mayor. i'm excited about this opportunity. >> reporter: she joins a
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growing field including lawyer angela leota, supervisor jane canyon, and state senator mark leno. she is currently the acting mayor interested in the position when mayor edley died of a heart attack. >> typically when i put the papers up to run for supervisor. it was exciting for the occasion. this comes out of tragedy for the city. this is a different state of affairs. >> reporter: she had been on the board of supervisors in 2013 and hit been -- and had been president of the board since 2015. the board can vote to make breed or someone else the interim mayor. that person would serve until a new one was elected in june. with the board -- but with the board vote for breed? >> i want them to do what they think is best. i had conversations about what they want to do, it's going to be a to my colleagues to make
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this decision. >> reporter: whether she serves as mayor until june, she says she is going to be on the ballot and with the san francisco story to tell. >> to be one of the few elected officials who grew up in property in this city, who understands what it feels like to be neglected, to be left out, to not feel supported, and to have programs that actually have served and helped me through this process, i have a unique experience i think i could bring to the table.>> reporter: a poll shows that former state senator mark leno is ahead in a hypothetical mayoral race. london breed has 20%. we have people voting and politics in general, it's often odd. it's anyone's race at this point. live in san francisco, kpix5 .
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the man acquitted of murder in the shooting death of kate steinle is in the hands of u.s. marshals. elizabeth cook has this story. >> he was sentenced for his only conviction in this case. being of -- being in possession of a firearm. he was sentenced to three years but was released because of the time he already served. he is facing a federal gun possession charge. after the hearing, he was immediately released to the feds and taken by u.s. marshals here to the glenn dyer jail in oakland. he is expected to be arraigned in san francisco federal court early next week. he has been in jail since he shot and killed steinle on. 14 in san francisco in july 2015. back in november after a four week long trial, the jury agreed the shooting was accidental. they acquitted the immigrant of murder and involuntary manslaughter.>> i believe the case was a political footnote.
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it was used inappropriately by people on either side. we treated this case as would -- as we would have any other case. we are comfortable that we have worked swiftly. we are disappointed with the outcome.>> reporter: the suspect has been deported five times. the defender that represented him does not agree with the federal charges.>> it's a fact that we have the attorney general and president who are really spitting in the face of justice. >> he will be represented by prominent san francisco attorney tony fara as he fights these federal charges. if found guilty he could face up to 10 years in prison. >> thank you elizabeth. three jail guards are heading to prison for beating a mentally ill inmate to death. the jury found the guards
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guilty of second-degree murder last year for the killing of inmate michael tyree back in 2015. all three were given the maximum sentence, 15 years to life in prison. tyree had extremely injuries -- had extreme injuries. the defense argued that he somehow committed suicide in his cell. after sentencing, prosecutors say the guards broke the public t> ill dealing with show around the bay area. things got off to a wet start in san francisco. people were carrying their umbrellas. this is what it looked like earlier in downtown walnut creek. water splashing on sidewalks and our meteorologist has been tracking the high definition doppler. a >> it was a wet start to the day. scattered showers continue. some heavy at times. warm and humid outside. one of the heaviest cells right over the city of san francisco from golden gate park to the national -- to the financial district. near san leandro and hayward and east to san ramon.
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in vallejo you will likely see rainfall over the next 10-15 minutes. a half inch of rain over the past 24 hours. officially, 1500:1507 inch. the weekend beginning in a scattered shower mode all the way till about 2:00. these a scattered showers will last past midnight but quickly skies will clear by 7:00-9:00 tomorrow morning. a significant weather system is coming this way. familiar face, returning to the raider nation. the team expected to introduce jon gruden as their new head coach. at ricky's sports bar, fans are feeling pretty good. >> reporter: yeah, feeling good
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indeed. check out the marquis here. it says welcome home jon gruden. a lot of excitement and confidence . it could take the raiders back into the -- it could take the raiders back into the playoffs.>> it's fun to see the fire and energy he brought to the sidelines. >> i think it was the biggest mistake when they traded him in. >> reporter: they expect to make the jon gruden higher official at a press conference. >> i will miss jack del rio.>> reporter: even fans tell me it's a good higher. >> i'm happy that they are doing something now. my whole family is a raider fan -- are raiders fans. >> reporter: some loyal fans are shocked by the amount of raiders who will pay him.>> overpaid! win a super bowl, then you can
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get the 10 million. >> reporter: fans think he will take the team to the next level, playoffs and belmont -- and beyond. >> the raiders get two or three extra winds with him. >> reporter: loyal fans say while they are excited about the higher it is bittersweet. >> this is the las vegas raiders that are receiving him. i don't feel well about it at all.>> they hope oakland will win a super bowl. they are ready to see that intensity on the sidelines. >> the chucky look. optimism for the raiders. >> reporter: check out this note written inside of ricky's, all is going to be well. jon gruden is back. it was written by a fan here. this has been a disappointing
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season for a lot of fans to say the least. this is at least a bright spot a lot of fans are looking forward to with jon gruden being the new head coach. coming up, we will have more on the coaching deal. for now, live at ricky's, kpix5 . >> goodbye macy's and so long sears. long-term retail giants are dropping like flies. is at the slow death of them all? a report on a near disaster. 50 years of bad decisions leading up to the crisis at the orville dam. the call for consequences. announced it will be
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closing its location at the northgate mall in san rafael. it sears announced that they will be closing their location at the northgate mall in san rafael. it's been one of the longtime anchor stores there. that is not the only trouble, the sears at westfield oak ridge in south san jose is also closing. macy's is leaving its location at the downtown galleria. as well is closing its furniture store in nevada. emily turner says that when these big stores close some small shops are also in trouble. >> reporter: we all know the battle that brick-and-mortar
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retailers have been raging against online sales trying to keep customers here. what happens when they sometimes lose? the answer is not great for malls.>> if the parking lot doesn't tell you the story then this shopper will. sears announced its closing its doors in northgate mall.>> i grew up here, it's always empty. i understand. >> reporter: it will become the most recent vacancy at the shopping center where there is already at least half a dozen empty storefronts. the mall owner will not be renewing the sears lease and retail experts say that sears departure does not bode well. >> when you take away the sort of big box retailers or anchor tenants that were the utility driven aspect of it, you are losing the other 50% which was impulse driven. that's a big threat to the long- term buyer viability of those properties. >> reporter: nationally experts
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say malls report about 25% vacancy and ones like northgate are the most at risk of seeing left -- of being left behind. what was once a giant in the retail world, makes these small crowds and lonely parking lots even more concerning.>> essentially it's inevitable. i don't want to be the doomsayers for these malls but it's really inevitable that any of these experiences could be replicated in a more digital format, they will be because it's easier for consumers, just as fun and social, that's a trend that will not stop.>> reporter: macy's, north sears, they've announced how many will be lost when their stores close up here. reporting live, kpix5 . the christmas day gunman is under arrest. 27-year-old xavier walton fired shots at an unsuspecting driver while wearing a santa hat. this was at tenderloin. he
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faces multiple felony charges. police say the victim was not harmed. the man accused of sexually assaulting a san jose teacher in her classroom is in jail. he is facing charges for robbing that same teacher at parker middle school. this is him on the school surveillance video roving the holiday -- the hallways before his attack. he lives less than half a mile from the campus and as police closed in he made an offer to surrender only to buy time to try to get away. they tracked him to san francisco where he was arrested last night.>> this was of no consequence. the suspect only had one choice and that was to surrender immediately or be taken into custody as quickly as possible. >> he cut his hair to hide his appearance and is facing five felony charges.
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long-term mismanagement contributed to a failure at a spillway that led to a massive evacuation downstream. forensic investigator say the spillway was flawed from the beginning. the problems only grew worse over time. more on the latest findings. >> a report released today points to oversight by agencies over the course of 50 years. the problems were known from the beginning.>> are you kidding? i say, off with their heads! they have to change. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: believable -- people who live below the dam's are upset. a forensic report laid out the findings of what led to the nearly half $1 billion disaster. the report did not point to a single cause of the spillway failure but a complex web of human organizational, industry
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failures including the dam designer in the 1960s who had no prior experience working on spillways.>> it's concerning and troubling but not unusual. >> reporter: john french who led the team said problems began from the start, noticeable in -- noticeable and recorded cracks became seen. >> lots of capable people looked at this over 50 years and it escaped all of their attention. >> reporter: they recommend that policies and practices be changed going forward and that not just one person should be designated the head of dam safety. there undergoing processes of relicensing the spillway. the federal government should hold off on that licensing according to people i spoke with. kpix5 . a dramatic rescue to show you.
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a skier dangling above the snow, the only way down was to let go. let's take a look at this. the rescue happened yesterday afternoon. the skier dropped perfectly into a net. she was a little bruised and shaken but she was all right. nothing that dramatic closer to home. it was a beautiful day. no new snow today at this resort. they are anxious for the big blast of winter. how long are they going to have to wait? >> it may be a while longer. the storm coming in will be a warm one with highs -- with unusual highs. there may be more rainfall than snow. highs today, well above average. san jose normal at 57. today is 66. redwood city, fremont, concord, mid 60s to low 60s. look at san leandro, always busy on a friday night. 500 -- near 80.
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all getting soggy showers leaving san francisco with new showers moving into san jose. coming up soon, we've got the hot chocolate 5k. 52 degrees, sunday morning it should be dry for the weekend golden gate park, a good morning for a run on sunday. the weekend will be dry. fast forward to monday, next week's storm. coming down from the gulf of alaska. it will tap into the tropical moisture, there's another low that will feed in rich tropical moisture marrying up with the storm. the storm track will say -- will stay active. four inches would be in the higher elevations. a couple of showers tonight with fog. overnight lows not as warm as
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last night. well above average. 49 degrees is your low in san jose. we get a break this weekend, looking at saturday highs which will be above average but not as warm as today. san francisco 50 degrees. rain return sunday night. monday will be soggy and very slow. driving to and from work or school early next week. monday and tuesday, both looking soggy. we dry out wednesday-friday of next week getting more mild and dry. to wet days with up to four inches of rain. that's next monday and tuesday. that's your forecast. step on a starbucks. you bet. wait a minute, the fight to stop the coffee giant from setting up shop in the national park. national figure skating champs, a burst. nfl up top...
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...and the raiders...its done get ready for plays like " spider-2
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nfl up top. get ready for plays like spider to wide banana and 14 blast. they recalls from the new head coach jon gruden. welcome back. the raiders have not confirmed this but jon gruden is expected to be introduced at a tuesday press conference. expected to sound and look something like this, >> this is a very exciting day for me and my life. i'm so proud to represent this franchise as the head coach. i look forward to the days ahead with this organization.>> it will be 20 years to the day this happened. his first press room. he was only 34 years old. it's mark davis who gets the higher in. he was set to give him a 10 year
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$100 million contract. that's quarterback type of money. if the report is correct, he will become the highest-paid coach in the league ahead of seattle's pete carroll in new orleans, sean payton, each earning 1 million -- $8 million in 2017. espn is running with a story of internal friction with the patriots involving primarily tom brady and the head coach bill belichick. the story claims that bella check was forced to trade -- the story claims bill belichick was forced to trade grob low. not to be dramatic but, bill belichick swim -- whim may have changed the franchises. the heavyweight is hitting the
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ice tonight in san jose without san jose's own olympian, paulina admin. forced to withdraw because of a foot injury. that opens the door for fremont's karen chen. the winner of the program in third place after wednesday's short program. she is one of fourth for the shot of going to the olympics next month. you know you are doing something right when a fremont product former u.s. national and olympic gold championship -- goal champion is in your corner.>> she has the package going. she has power and speed and the technical side that will keep up with anyone in the world. she also has an incredible presence on the ice. it's that little it factor that you can't quite place. people have it and she does.>> joe thornton, a great player. at toronto, as we spotlight this, the star now seen, he grabs the beer and would not
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let go. he ripped off a chunk of it. look at him on the ice. it was scooped up and was preserved. a souvenir? well, maybe. not enough to knit a mitten. i get to come back and a half hour with the only bay area born high school ball are among the top 75 ranked players in the country. i can't wait to see that. coming up in the next half hour, the flu packing a powerful punch. emergency rooms packed. we are learning about new deaths in the bay area. why so many more people are getting sick this season. the frenzy over fire and fury. and explosive tell all about the trump administration. our top story at 6:30: the flu season is in full swing in the bay area.
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you're watching kpix5 news. >> our top story, the flu season is in full swing in the bay area. hospitals say they are trying
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to keep up with a surge of sick patients. numbers on the impact of the influenza outbreak, we confirmed cost the county health officials are reporting for deaths so far this season for the flu. more on why doctors are worried about this year's strain. >> reporter: the flu is definitely here and it is a tough and volatile strain. last year was a bad year. people are walking into the emergency rooms like this one with a lot of flulike symptoms.>> it was like an outbreak of the flu. >> reporter: winston mcgee is not sick with the flu but he came from the emergency room at good samaritan hospital with people he says are. >> i overheard, they did not get the flu shot. >> reporter: patients, staff, and volunteers are required to wear masks to avoid catching
6:33 pm
and spreading the virus. after a spike in cases beginning around the holidays, the hospital also began a temporary restriction of visitors under the age of 16.>> kids are more at risk of getting respiratory illness and they do not always cover their coughs or sneezes. so it's important to protect other patients, staff, and children.>> reporter: doctors are calling this a particularly bad season. >> it was more severe this year than last year. >> reporter: this year's strain called a h3 is more likely to make people sick. >> it tends to produce severe illness and hospitalization and whenever there is the age 3 year it seems like more people -- h3 year it seems like more people are likely to get the flu. >> reporter: the vaccine was only 10% effective in australia but it could do better here.
6:34 pm
>> that's australia, in this country we have a much higher rate of vaccination against the flu. because of that, it helps produce community. that means the vaccine could be more effective. >> those shots take up to two weeks to be effective. anyone who does get a shot or even if you don't have one, especially if you don't have one, you are urged to wash your hands constantly and cover your coughs and sneezes and most importantly, if you are sick, stay home and do not spread this around. live in san jose, kpix5 . the new book on the trump white house is shelling -- is selling off the shelves. the store ended up with just one copy left. fire and fury has already broken a record at the san francisco public library. more than 900 hold requests. the book came out today as the
6:35 pm
publisher defied threats from the president's lawyers. the author is defending his work in the face of the white house attacks. >> reporter: as you mentioned, the publishers really defied threats and ignored the presidents cease and desist letters and it's unclear if the presidents will follow through on threats to take further legal action. when the president was a private citizen, he was known to threaten and to file -- and to file lawsuits of those who are critical of him. and now it appears he is carrying this practice into his presidency. >> reporter: the author of an explosive tell-all book about the trump white house is standing by his work.>> i have recordings and notes. i'm certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with everything that i've reported in this book. >> reporter: the president is it attacking these books -- is
6:36 pm
attacking these books saying he never had access to the white house and that the book is full of lies and misrepresentation. michael wolf tells the today show that the president is wrong. >> i absolutely spoke to him whether he realized it was an interview or not, i do not know. it certainly was not off the record. >> reporter: the president try to stop the release of the book and had lawyers send deceased -- cease and desist letters threatening legal actions.>> they should be concerned about peddling fake stories and putting out information that is untrue. >> reporter: the publisher moved the release date from next week to today. siding unprecedented demand.>> he's helping me sell books and prove the point of this book. it's extraordinary, a president of the united states would try to stop the publication of a book.>> reporter: fire and fury is it -- is already at number one on the bestsellers list.>> some of wolf's past writing has been challenged and scrutinized
6:37 pm
sports accuracy or attention to detail or taking quotes out of context. wolf says as you heard him there in that piece, he has hours and hours of audio recordings of some of the interviews he conducted for this book. obviously, that would back up the claims he has made in his book but has not said whether he will ultimately release those audio recordings. earlier this afternoon, i had the chance to ask the political director of cbs news why this book seems to be having such an impact thus far.>> it sits inside of the context over the last year, a similar story of the one being told in this book has been told in the pages of newspapers and actions taken place in the white house. it's the story of a white house that has whipsawed -- has been
6:38 pm
whipsawed by the presidents impulses. anyone who covers the white house knows about this, they've talked on the phone. they've tried to spin them in order to participate in the inciting. >> john dickerson will have more on all of this when he hosts face the nation on sunday morning right here on kpix5 . >> twitter is answering critics who are pressuring the company to block the president's account without mentioning the president by name. arters-- reading "trump's dog whistle" and "be a hero, ban trump." the founder of a popular bay >> an activist group in san francisco projected praises on twitter's headquarters reading, trump dog whistle, be a hero ban trump. the founder of a bay area coffee roaster accused of sexually assaulting multiple women, the claims he created a toxic culture. david letterman returning to the screen. the big get for his netflix
6:39 pm
debut. cbs eye on the community... presented by target. art and history spark connections across cultures, igniting curiosity, conversation, and inspiration. that's why target supports the asian art museum in san francisco. the asian museum is here to make asian arts and culture relevant. the reality is we all have a story to tell. it's what makes us who we are. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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the dow soared - closing up 220 points. the dow and nasdaq had their best start to a year since 2006. the founder of san francisco's four barrel coffee is the latest person to be accused of sexual misconduct. the chronicle reports ig women have filed a lawsuit --- the former employees say jeremy tooker assaulted multiple women... and created a toxic workplace culture for female staff members. the former employees also say tooker's partners -- jodi green and tal mor --knew about the sexual harassment... but chose to ignore employees' complaints. four barrels' owners have not made a comment about the lawsuit. the accusations against tooker are just one of many coming out in the food world. most recently -- 17 women accused oakland chef charlie hallowell of sexual harassment.
6:42 pm
yosemite regulars are angry that a starbucks is about to open in the national park. the coffee chain would have a location inside a new food court at the yosemite lodge. locals and visitors have launched a "change-dot-org" petition -- which has more than 5- thousand signatures. the petition says there's concern the park will lose its essence... and will become indistinguishable from a commercial city. the vendor that runs concessions in the park is pushing ahead with the idea despite the petition. could california go all-electric? the bold goal, to get rid of gas- powered cars. (((weather tease))) (((weather tease))) (((weather tease))) california could get even greener than it already is. a proposed bill will require *all
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it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting.
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cars in the kpix5 weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. enjoy huge savings at mancini sleep world 65% off mattress sale. california could get even greener than it already is. the proposed bill would require all cars in the state to be electric by 2040. some drivers are not ready to make the switch. >> reporter: nothing revs up this man more than his 1974 alta romero. >> you don't really feel the road as much. >> reporter: his fancy ride could be sidelined as california accelerates its push for the all electric future.>> and environmental advocacy group -- an and environmental group is pushing electric cars in the state. >> there be clean school buses
6:47 pm
and cars. they are some of the biggest pushers of omissions in california. >> it takes a bunch of omissions to make new cars.>> reporter: gearing up for an electric car future. >> for one, they are much simpler. they do not require transmission. the components are much fewer. it's going to get better and better.>> that is more abrams reporting. the numbers for the megamillion lotto will be drawn. the grand prize $400 -- $450 million. we saw a lot of players racing to get their fix in san francisco tonight. if you do not win tonight there is tomorrow's powerball jackpot. it is worth $570 million. i'd go for the bigger one myself. it is the first time ever that both lotteries have climbed over the $400 million mark. david letterman is back in business. he has a talkshow coming to netflix and announced his very
6:48 pm
first guest. >> i had a show for a long time and then i did not have a long show -- a show for a long time. i can't tell you how great it is to be out of the house.[ laughter ] >> the show is called my next guest needs no introduction with david letterman. the first guest will be none other than barack obama. he will be the former presidents first -- it will be the first interview since the president trump took office. checking in with paul. >> what you think about the beard? that's a beard. look at that. halfway to zz top there. it's the mid 50s outside as you go toward your weekend which will be rain free. it will be pouring to start next week and raining to end this week. in the middle, a dry weekend. san francisco, 54, mild night
6:49 pm
tonight. humid air pouring in from the pacific ocean. fremont dropping to 49 degrees. redwood city and mountain view, the north they will be the first to clear. it will clear down a bit more efficiently. napa, 42 degrees. look at this cell moving over portions of san francisco including the bayview. moving north and east heading right toward the port of oakland and downtown oakland. of toward the claremont hotel and berkeley and el cerrito with showers going towards san leandro. it's not raining in the south bay and much of the northbay is dry. we could use a lot of rain to get back to normal by the end of february. this is what we have to do, we need 67% will -- more rainfall. you are more than half a foot below normal. you will get a boost early next week as we have a tagteam coming towards us. a tropical connection, tropical moisture piling into southern california. this will meet up with a potent storm diving down out of the
6:50 pm
gulf of mexico. excuse me, the gulf alexia -- the gulf of alaska. a soaking rainfall, the first one we have seen since mid to late november. the weekend, mainly dry. clouds lingering longer than we first thought. the northbay is clear. sunshine on saturday afternoon, we do the opposite on sunday. we start with sunshine and finish with cloud cover because here comes the storm with tropical moisture by monday morning as early as 6:00 a.m. it will be pouring through a good chunk of the bay area. how much rainfall are we talking? a minimum of an inch for the majority of the bay area. four inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. three inches for the northbay. scattered rain this evening clearing overnight mainly dry this weekend with waves of soaking rainfall moving in next monday and tuesday. soggy to start the week next week. san jose, sunshine in the afternoon. not is warm at 62 degrees.
6:51 pm
those altos at 59 degrees. san ramon 50. afternoon sunshine for sausalito. a high of 58. clearlake, 55. sink alina 54 degrees. we are cleared out for the weekend. monday and tuesday with rain heavy at times. we were up close to 70 degrees by next friday. soggy to start your week next week. that's your forecast. coming up, a bay area home surrounded by police after they receive a disturbing 911 call. how it all turned out to be a swatting prank.
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6:54 pm the world of college basketball recruiting, there are a lot of player ranking services... ...espn, rivals, scout and 24/7 are the big bay area born player is on all of them.... ...let's ke you to rich storytime everyone, sit back. in the world of college basketball recruiting, there are a lot of player acting services. espn, rivals, scout, 24 seven are the big ones. one berrier -- bay area born player is on all of them. let's take you to richmond. >> the first time you saw james play, what did you think? >> that he could play. >> that was four years ago. in the high school gym, for him
6:55 pm
basketball is an addiction. >> do you go a day without handling? >> know i have to do something. >> reporter: you can't take a vacation. >> the point guard runs an offense but not just for the top team in the bay area but for the top team in the state. a notable high school source for sports has him ranked sixth in the nation. he already signed a play for the connecticut huskies next season. >> reporter: what is it about basketball that just does it for you like nothing else does?>> first of all, it keeps me out of trouble. other kids are doing other stuff. but i'm in the gymnasium. and kit -- and i fell in love with a from young age. >> he knows we want to do. he gets us into the offense when we need to.>> it's a high- performance car, he's the
6:56 pm
engine. he's most definitely the engine.[ laughter ] >> he's the engine, interior, exterior, he's a lot. >> reporter: elevated his recruiting stock for next summer, but playing for the oakland soldier travel team. including two from the pack 12, and two from the atlantic coast conference. not bad for a kid who avoided the mean streak.>> what's the one think you had overcome? >> i say growing up where i grew up at. west oakland, that area. the things you see every day, it's not normal for kids. so, it's all about perfecting your craft. that's my focus. school and basketball. >> he's done everything but not -- he's done a lot but not everything. he has not dunked in a basketball game. among three of his favorite players in the league, chris paul, kai reopening, -- kyra irving.
6:57 pm
>> good night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for st rvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: how are y'all? how you folks? i appreciate it, folks. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. got another good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from ledyard, iowa, it's the champs, it's the jorgenson family. [cheers and applause] and from woodbury, georgia, it's the kendrick family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and
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somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause] let's go meet the kendrick family. hey, jimmy. jimmy: how you doing, mr. harvey? steve: i like that. that's nice. jimmy: thank you. thank you. i've been looking at you. steve: that's clean, boy. i like that. i like that shirt. jimmy: thank you, thank you. steve: introduce everybody, jimmy. jimmy: all right, mr. harvey. this is my wife nicole, my brother edmund-- edmund: whoo whoo! jimmy: aka--we call him e.k., the ladies man. steve: e.k.? jimmy: e.k., the ladies man. this is my gorgeous sister. now look, steve, you got to know something about her. she is a schemer. steve: schemer. jimmy: whoo. i'm gonna let her tell you how she schemed the church out of their money. [laughter] while that's sinking in, steve, we're gonna just go ahead and tell you about the custom man down there who do all types of custom body work on cars. steve: that's your other brother. jimmy: that's my other brother bryan. edmund: baby brother. jimmy: whoo! steve: well, miss pamela, what do you do? pamela: well, i work for north gate high.


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