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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 13, 2018 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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mp's allege live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. mall fallout across the bay area of president trumps alleged vulgar attack on immigration. >> thanks for joining us. >> bay area congress members sounded off today on the president's comments. we are live where white house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke a short while ago.>> reporter: her townhall wrapped up about two hours ago. a lot of folks here expressed outrage over the derogatory comment made by the president on thursday. lawmakers are demanding the president apologize.
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from renewed calls that townhall meetings to increasing bad word on the president, people are reacting to what president trump allegedly said about african nations and haiti. he allegedly said why would we want all of these people from blank countries here. we should bring in more people from places like norway.>> what trump means when he says make america great again is make america white again. i am angry, i am sad, it is very painful. >> reporter: she said it was ironic that the comment was made near the martin luther king jr. holiday weekend. >> we have racist attitudes that are reflected in the policies and that is in dangerous -- the dangerous part. >> reporter: nancy pelosi wouldn't go as far as calling president trump a racist, only that it was a racist comment.
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>> i wouldn't characterize him in those terms but he certainly takes racist actions and i don't think that everyone who voted for him as a racist, but i think the racists voted for him. >> reporter: she says the president owes an apology. president trump tweeted out that he did not use that kind of language, but that he did use tough language in that meeting thursday. live in san francisco, kpix. the only comment from the president today, a tweet saying simply america first. he spent the morning at his golf club in palm beach. he was still on the course when people in hawaii received a terrifying look -- alert about an incoming missile. people immediately ran for cover and sheltered in place.
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38 minutes after the warning went out, a second alert said it was a false alarm and no missile was incoming. messages flashed on highway signs telling people there was no danger. the state said the alert boiled down to someone pushing the wrong button. >> it was a procedure that occurred at the change of shift when they go through and make sure everything is working. an employee pushed the wrong button. >> this is deeply concerning, dangerous, unprofessional. we have to get to the bottom of this. people are feels -- fearful and this is a moment where we have to reflect on what is going on. >> the chairman of the fcc tweeted the agency is launching a full investigation into the alert. in montecito california, for will drive
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trucks are being used to go door by door to check for people who are still missing. the area is covered in mud and rock after torrential rain triggered the debris flow into montecito. at least 18 people are dead. officials expect that number will rise.>> reporter: look at some of the obstacles first responders had to deal with. massive boulders that came rolling down the hill as if they were bowling balls. in some instances you can see rocks and mud up to the roof tops. >> there are no roads. there are no houses. i am just devastated at what i am seeing. >> most of montecito's residence are out of -- are under orders to stay out of town for two weeks. meanwhile, winter is returning with a vengeance this weekend from the great lakes to
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the gulf coast. parts of new england are seeing a 30 degree drop in temperature. further south, a mix of snow and rain is making a mess in tennessee. it is also delaying the fedex hub in memphis. police say a man shot and killed his own mother after losing a videogame. investigators say 28-year-old matthew nicholson was in his room late thursday when he went into a rage. when his mother came up to check on him, an argument broke out. >> he was yelling something about my headset is broken. and then he grabbed the gun and started shooting. >> when police arrived, they found two bullets in the wall, one in the ceiling. he struck his 68-year-old mother in the head, killing her.
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>> my mom was a wonderful person. she loved her children. this house is always been open to friends and family and has always been a family atmosphere. >> the suspects father was able to wrestle the gun away from the sun. nicholson is now behind bars, facing a murder charge. a man is dead, shot by police investigating a drug deal. he allegedly reached for a gun, moments before an officer opened fire. it happened last night on railroad avenue in pittsburgh. police got the report of a possible drug deal in the parking lot and when they got there, the suspect was sitting with a gun in the center console. first he obeyed orders, but then he raised his hand and reached for the gun again. that man later died at the hospital. police are warning about an attempted sexual assault on a trail. it happened at about 530 thursday.
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police say this man approached the victim from behind and physically assaulted her. police say he also planned to sexually assault her, but then for some reason he ran off. >> it makes me a little more mindful of paying attention to who is around you and what precautions you are taking and if there is someone around who can hear you if you scream. >> the victim was injured but will be okay. the suspect is still on the loose. a former bay area congressman may be planning a comeback. mike honda appears to be considering a run for mayor. the current mayor says he welcomes the challenge. >> for too many years in the city we have really turned our backs to the creek. this is an opportunity for us to embrace it and make it a part of the community. >> reporter: he was in the
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weeds, by design. joining dozens of volunteers helping clean up the watershed. >> it is about how we can engage our community and clean and beautify our city. the city is stepping up its efforts around cleaning up and picking up trash and providing free services. >> reporter: but even as he hauls bags of trash out of the river, he is also eyeing the political landscape as he launches his reelection campaign. right now he is the clear frontrunner. but that has not stopped a well- known democrat, former congressman mike honda from thinking about entering the race. he told the mercury race -- mercury news he is not saying no to the idea. the incumbent mayor says this is just fine with him. >> i really am excited about the opportunity to engage with the community. there is an incredible momentum
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we have seen over the last few years. and the challenges we have had. coming up, after a series of blood he attacks on swimmers, we wanted to know what is making san francisco's sea lions so mad. it turns out it depends on who you ask. concert at folsom prison. after the break: we go behind those stone walls to show you what's changed.. a half-century later. (wx tease) (wx tease) tease) it was 50 years ago today johnny cash held his famous concert at folsom prison. after the break we go behind those walls to show you what has changed a half century later. we are also going to show you a change with regard to our sunny weather. it could be raining before long. we have the details when we come back. ready or not, california's green rush is on. >> the los angeles kern county
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line becomes an interesting spot on this new landscape. you have two entirely different marijuana policies. >> while smart farmers are left behind. -- while small farmers are left behind. >> expect more. cbs eye on the community... presented by target. art and history spark connections across cultures,
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igniting curiosity, conversation, and inspiration. that's why target supports the asian art museum in san francisco. the asian museum is here to make asian arts and culture relevant. the reality is we all have a story to tell. it's what makes us who we are. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. was bitten by a sea lion in san francisco.. today, people were invited for an up close encounter with the animals at pier 39. kpix five's jackie ward is live at aquatic park... where some of those marine mammals have been getting too close fo jackie? just days after another swimmer was bitten by a sea lion in san francisco, people were invited for an up close and personal encounter with them at
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pier 39. we are live, where those animals have been getting a little too close for comfort. >> they sure have. i am staying on shore. sea lions bask in the sun at pier 39. they are not supposed to be violent animals. there has to be a reason as to why they are doing it. but what that reason is is up for debate. >> reporter: for years, tourists have come to san francisco to visit well-known landmarks like alcatraz. for 28 years they have also been coming to see the sea lions. >> the docs that you are seeing are actually built for the sea lions themselves. they have a good place to rest and go hunting for their food whenever they feel like it. >> reporter: that hunting happens in places like aquatic park. the same place swimmers used to get a workout. lately it has turned violent
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and some swimmers of gotten too close to an area called the jacuzzi on the northern part of the coast. that happens to be a popular feeding area for sea lions. the latest incident happened on thursday. the park service is not concerned. >> none of the behavior that we are observing appears to be erratic or unusual for california sea lions. >> reporter: this is herring season and sea lions love hearing. one theory is that they have become territorial over their food. >> is a member participating in that food web, or you might be interpreted as a competitor for something. >> reporter: this man was bit on the arm back in september and calls this cove the
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fountain of youth. he hopes to get back in the water next week, but with a little more caution. >> be smart. turnaround, look behind you. don't let them sneak up on you. stay shallow so you can exit the water if you need to. >> the fish and wildlife department says we are in the thick of hearing -- herring system right now -- season right now. meanwhile a stretch of the beach was shut down tonight to protect elephant seal pups. that area started about a half mile south of the visitor center and will be off limits through march 15. the mavericks big wave surfing contest is a bust for the time being. organizers had been aiming for tuesday, but now the outlook is not as promising. they still hope to hold the event later this month or in february. well, it was 50 years ago today that johnny cash walked into folsom prison to perform live for the inmates. >> it was no accident that the first song he said made both
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folsom prison and johnny cash famous. we go inside the prison for a look back.>> reporter: 1968. they wore blue. he wore black. >> hello, i am johnny cash.>> reporter: he unleashed his fictional first-hand account of a man behind bars. >> ♪ i am stuck in folsom prison and time keeps dragging on. ♪>> reporter: and johnny cash entered folsom prison lower. that live recording shot to number one on the charts and relaunched johnny cash is career. this is the east gate of the prison where johnny cash stood for that photo. it is used every day, no longer for vehicle traffic, but the staff uses it to go in and out. next-door, the prison museum keeps johnny cash is memory
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alive. >> people want to know where can we get our picture taken. >> reporter: most visitors who come to stand where's johnny stood, -- where johnny stood, never experience the prison. these solid granite walls are made from stone qualified -- quarried in the 1800s. the prison has a notoriously violent past. no longer are executions held in the hanging room, where from 1895 to 19 37 19 prisoners were put to death. the death row cells are now used for storage. once a notoriously violent maximum-security facility, it is now a medium to minimum security facility. many inmates are learning jobs like electrician. >> what kind of skills will
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have when i get out being a convicted felon. when i get out, people are going to say you can't do that because of what i am in here for. >> reporter: an auto mechanic. >> it is going to be my job one day. hopefully i can transition back in society. we can work on your cars. it will be great. >> reporter: until then, they are stuck in folsom prison and time is dragging on. while they can't escape the razor wire and the guards, they can fight the monotony with, what else -- this is the dining hall where johnny cash played his concert 50 years ago. there are dates for our benefits they brought in some of the bands that they get to play here today. >> it is the one actual escape
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from the same place. >> reporter: as for playing johnny cash's music while being stuck in folsom, like the things they did to get into folsom, and the inmates they it is probably best left in the past. >> it is an iconic song for the general public. >> reporter: you guys don't go around singing that do you? >> no. we have enough problems, we don't like to bring his up. >> that was alan martin reporting. johnny cash first recorded the song in 1955. he wrote it while in the air force after seeing the movie inside the walls of folsom prison. it wasn't until his live recording up folsom in 1968 that the song became a number one hit. >> and i walked the line and ring of fire. he had a number of hits before. when columbia records heard that he wanted to record a live album at a prison, they thought
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he was not. it -- here is how it looks outside right now. we have a few high clouds over the bay area. livermore at 50 degrees. a bit of fog out there. san francisco 63 and san jose 65 degrees. here is how it looks to tomorrow. high pressure and a few more clouds. next week, something wicked this way comes as we get rain coming into the bay area probably late monday and early tuesday. futurecast, we are freezing this tomorrow at noon just to show you sunday looks pretty good. later in the day, high clouds come in. monday morning, 9 am, much of the focus of the moisture will be north of the golden great taste golden gate bridge. -- north of the golden gate bridge. watch what happens. finally we get to late monday
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and then rain makes it south of the golden gate. not much, but we will all get wet. then it will clear out. not a big rain event, but we will get wet. for tomorrow, fair and mild. one more system later in the week, when we get a little bit of rain come thursday. it will help the snowpack at least which is only about 25% of average. forecast in the bay area, not bad. partly cloudy skies for most of the state tomorrow. partly sunny skies, but it is chilly. bundle up. sure it is sunny, but it is only 23. low 50s in the bay area. high temperatures for tomorrow will be in the mid 60s. in the extended forecast, we've got rain coming in late monday. more coming in on thursday and we will clear out as we head to the weekend. we are on at an unusual time, because of something that is
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happening in a few minutes. i still want to hear more johnny cash. why did he write a boy named sue? a legend is gone tonight, we will tell you about that. jon gruden invites a familiar face back to oakland. who he is and what he will be coaching. next.
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legendary figures in college football passed away earlier today jakcson's career spanned nearly 50-years... the man one of the most iconic voices in the history of sports broadcasting passed away earlier today. >> lets it go. the ball is up in the air. touchdown. >> keith jackson's career spanned nearly 50 years. the man who coined the phrase original play-by-play man for monday night football. in addition to football, he called place for the olympics. oakland is
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welcoming back a new offensive line coach. he was the raiders head coach from 2008 to 2010. he was let go from the seahawks earlier this week. at the top of the hour you can see the patriots and titans on the big five. the patriots won the super bowl even though he was out with an injury. he is healthy now and head coach bill belichick is thrilled.>> whatever team you have, that is the team you have. there are other players that we don't have. what you don't have, you don't have. you try to put the most competitive team out on the field. there are players that we don't have, just like everybody else. >> five interceptions against
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the jag wires in the regular season. no one seems to be giving jacksonville a chance tomorrow, and a large part because of their quarterback. he is quickly becoming the nfl's version of rodney dangerfield. >> i could care less. it is how we are playing and how i am playing, if that is being trashed, then fine. >> that is the story of my life. no respect.>> it will probably never stop. there are people who think lebron james sucks. if that happens there will probably always be people who think i suck. steph curry will be back on the court tonight. it is golden state's third game in four days. washington state zoo crew ready to go wild. robert franks knocks down the corner three. franks just getting warmed up. final minute, up 22.
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frank makes the 10th and final third pointer -- three-pointer of the game. final 78-53. not good. patriots and titans coming up. >> looking forward to it, we will be right back. imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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watching.. a new approach to eating in the
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thanks for watching. nfl playoff football is up next. >> we will be here after the game. thanks for watching. champion. >> north carolina, they are not going to be denied. james: in half an hour from now, an expected crowd of more than 66,000 excited fans will be packed into gill elt stadium where the new england patriots will host the tennessee titans in afc divisional showoff showdown. it will be cold in foxboro with clear skies. boomer: there is tom brady.


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