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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 2, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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i'm michelle griego. good morning. looking forward to the weekend. >> it is going to be a summer- like weekend. enjoy it, because although we are dry, we definitely need the rain. temperatures are going to feel good. this morning, comfortable morning conditions. our temperatures this morning did not dropoff very much. we are feeling cozy out there. we have clear skies, so warmer air expected. warmer than yesterday. also drier air. i'll explain it all, coming up. right now we are taking a live look at your ride along interstate 80. this is a crash along 80 in the westbound direction, blocking one lane. so you can see speeds do start to slow down below 10 miles per hour. so you will need to keep that in mind if you are heading in
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that direction. hopefully the emergency crews can get all that cleared over to the shoulder before the bulk of the morning commute picks up. a 21-minute ride toward the toll plaza. bay bridge toll plaza, nice and weight. a couple of cars, 10 minutes into san francisco. shocking video shows police officers tackling and detaining a. cberkeley employee -- a uc berkeley employee. >> reporter: the video begins with the officer grabbing on to david cole, a cook with the uc dining services. seconds later a second officer joins and tells him to get on the ground. david was tackled and pushed to the ground by three officers
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and arrested. the video was widely circulated on social media, sparking outside rage a-- outrage. paul was on his way to the drugstore when he witnessed the protested. at telegraph and bancroft avenue, he shot this video. the university said -n parted, the suspected in -- in part, the suspect ran through the intersection and began to advance toward the driving in a threatening and aggressive man and later became noncooperative and repeatedly disregarded lawful instructions from the officer. paul says he saw the car push through the crowd and rev its engine. >> he definitely did not
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antagonize the driver. he was telling people to note the license plate. >> reporter: paul says that was because the car was posing a danger to the crowd. >> it is nothing more than racism. why would the only black man standing on the corner be picked outside if nothing more than racism? there was no dialogue. >> reporter: supporters waited outside of the city jail for david. >> i'm hurting a little bit. i have three stitches in my eye, one in my nose. my leg is hurting, my foot is bothering me. i'm going to be okay. i wanted to say thank you for 3299 for helping me cross the roads. i love you. we will win our contract. goodbye. >> david cole will be booked on vandalism resisting an officer. the case will be reviewed as in
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all cases, involving the use of force. a drought monitor map of california is causing concern. >> more than half the state is drier than it should be. as of now, things are not as bad in the bay area. forecasters predict there will be a week and a half before there is any chance of significant rain here. the monthly sierra snowpack survey is at just 14% of average for this time of year. as emily turner reports, there is a lot more to it than what you see on the surface. >> reporter: this month's snowpack survey came back significantly below average. the situation isn't as bad as this thin layer of white might suggest. in fact, these dry patches only tell a portion of the story. >> reporter: 14% of average seems like a frighteningly low number when it comes to the
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northern sierra snowpack. the department of water resources says we are not staring drought in the face just yet. >> the reservoir storage is 105%. we have the carry over from last year's abundant snowpack stored in the reservoirs to give us that cushion if things don't turn out. >> that cushion has been padded by rain. while that doesn't stick around on the slopes, it still helps. for overall precipitation, tahoe is between 70 to 100% of average. it is a big deficit to come back from, but it is not unheard of. >> it is still early. of course we can get snow through may and even june. we have had that happen, before. we need more snowfall for our water supply, but the reservoirs are doing okay.
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i want to show you the good news, no drought for the bay area. as we just mentioned two thirds of the stated under this moderate to severe drought. abnormally dry conditions but for san francisco and surrounding areas, it is doing okay. we are all right. it is mostly in southern california where they are very dry. we did break records here at home. yesterday san jose tied a record at 74. livermore 79 broke a record. the airport also broke a record set in 1976. more warm weather today. if you thought yesterday was hot, today will feel even warmer. temperatures right now warm, 56 for san francisco at this hour. 45 in livermore. 7 in santa rosa -- 47 in santa rosa. we didn't get much cooling at all, our high pressure is going to take hold of our state today
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and tomorrow. san jose you may hit 76 and livermore may hit 77. those will shatter records set in the 60s and 70s. >> i was in san jose yesterday. gorgeous and very warm. we are tracking a traffic alerted. one lane closed westbound 80 right as you approach hilltop drive. the back-up is stretching toward highway 4, at this point. with speeds dipping. a 20-minute ride toward the bay bridge toll plaza, where it is nice and lighted and weight. but as you head on the upper deck, -- nice and light. but as you head on the upper deck, they should have that wrapped up in the next 15 or 20
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minutes. back over to you. anytime now the president is expected to authorize the release of a classified memo about the russian investigation in defiance of the fbi. >> president trump is staying silent about the feud between congressional republicans and the fbi. republican house intelligence committee chairman nunez authorized the memo. the document alleges the fbi and the department of justice used improper surveillance. >> there may have been malfeasance at the fbi by certain individuals. we want all this information to come outside so transparency can be supreme and accountability can can occur. >> we thought paul ryan was going to be the adult to look over there administration. >> democrats say the memo is an attempt to undermine special
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counsel robert mueller's russia version. >> there is not a shred of evidence there has been abuse of the surveillance process. >> the fbi says it has grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy. >> he would not only be endangering our country he would be violating the rules of the congress of the united states. i believe the chairman of the intelligence committee, mr. nunez, should be taken outside of that office. >> the white house says president trump did read the memo. and the president's fbi director christopher wray, says he may issue a rebuttal if the memo is release food former fbi director james comey tweeted outside this, saying american history shows in the long run weasel and his liars never hold the field as long as good people stand up. representative nancy pelosi
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accusing congressman nunez of altering the memo after the committee voted on it a spokesman for him says the changes are minor edits. a bay area company is facing a lawsuit. plus united airlines is making changes after a woman tried to bring her peacock on a flight to california.
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the motorcycle deput authorities are searching for a man who rammed an alameda county sheriff's deputy with a stolen suv. he stopped it for speeding yesterday in heyward. investigators a the man threw the suv into reverse and slammed into the officer, dragging him about 20 feet. the deputy opened fire. several gunshots struck the windshield of the suv. >> it is likely he may not have been struck, because he was able to drive a few blocks and run and now is continuing to
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hide -- continuing to hide. >> a debris removal company is off to court. the business is accused of bombarding a west oakland neighborhood with potentially toxic dust. >> the city of oakland's lawsuit says santos engineering has been operating in violation of city law for months. >> you can smell it. you can't open your door. >> reporter: barbara johnson lives across the street from santos engineering. the company, she says, releases potentially toxic dust into the air, leaving a thick layer on cars and homes and, she says, making her grandchildren sick. >> they have trouble breathing, coughing, dry throat, runny nose. i have been to the doctor twice. >> in a lawsuit the city of
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oakland says santos engineering has had multiple violations by installing a fan to blow dust outside the property. they were caught tapping this fire hydrant to wash down a storm drain and into the bay. santos was operating illegally for months without a can't use permitted. they only submitted an application two months after the city cited them for the violation. >> we cannot stand to have a company come into west oakland, operated illegally and -- create dust. >> the owner claims the dust is not coming from his shop. and when we asked whether he had been operating without a permit. >> did you apply for the permitted before you started operations? or after? >> no the same time a little bit before. we applied probably maybe four months ago.
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five months ago. something like that. >> reporter: how long have you been here? i feel like you are being evasive. >> no, the manager who takes care of this stuff is not here right now. >> reporter: you should be able to tell me when you began operating. >> maybe between 9 to 6 months ago. >> united airlines is tightening itspologist on comfort animals. started omega healthcare march 1, owners will have to confirm their animal is trained and a vet has to vouch the animal isn't a health or safety threat. delta announced similar plans a couple of weeks ago. we just learned whether we'll have to brace for six more weeks of winter. >> ladies and gentlemen,
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punxsutawney phil. >> according to legend, that means there will be six more weeks of winter. the world famous groundhog saw his shadow. they have been holding this tradition since the 1800s. >> all these cameras and people. >> go back to bed. >> it doesn't feel like we have six more weeks of winter. not so much in san francisco. springlike, almost summer-like. this weekend is going to be a warm one. clear skies out there, not going to see fog. and we are going to experience drier conditions. we are going to start to see our east winds picking up. look how gorgeous this view is. you can see the reflection on the water of the bay bridge. our temperatures are feeling comfortable at this hour. 57 in san francisco. 49 in oakland.
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our temperatures did not dropoff much, overnight we saw plenty of warm conditions, and are going to continue to see that and see them rise even more. calm right now, 3 miles per hour winds, calm skies. we are not feeling the breeze too much. but the east wind will continue throughout the day, throughout the afternoon and that will drop our humidity levels down. satellite radar showing barely any cloud coverage. redwood city maybe high clouds. that is it. a mostly sunny kind of day. the high pressure ridge is building through the weekend. 77 degrees expected in santa rosa. a lot of these locations conditioning to break records set on this day and where does this put us? this is where we should be. upper 50s, 60 degrees for san jose. it is the start of february after all. but we are going to be about 16
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to 18 degrees above average for san jose and concord. those are the locations that are expected to break records. redding 78 today. lake tahoe temperatures upper 50s and fresno will be warm as well. the entire stated is impacted by this ridge. we are expecting a record breaking weekend with temperatures rising. the rain snow futurecast is showing there is a little bit of a change by sunday into monday. if you see the storms as they shoot over the pacific northwest, by monday morning there is a little storm that may dip down and that trough will impact our conditions by dropping our temperatures ever so slightly. a few degree drop on your 7-day forecast. upper 70s today and tomorrow. by sunday we'll stay in the mid 70s. and then monday, maybe drop another degree and we'll stay in the mid 70s through next week. so yes, dry again for the next
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7 days. chp wrapping up with this crash we have been track ago long interstate 80, as you are approaching hilltop. one lane is closed and quickly started backing up toward highway 4. we are seeing the same delays. they are in the clearing stages that ever incident. it is about a 21-minute ride from hercules to the bay bridge toll plaza. highway 4 4 coming of antioch -- out of antioch looking good. delays are building in the westbound direction. typical for this time of morning. 21-minute ride over to 680. heading into castro valley. here's a live look and this is 238.
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no significant delays along that stretch and the bay bridge toll plaza still quiet out there. it is 4:50 right now. the mystery behind the nation's only unsolved commercial plane hijacking may finally be unraveling. the new evidence that links d.b. cooper to northern california. google has a deal to build a massive new campus in the south bay.
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. good morning. get ready for a warm friday. fremont in the mid to upper 70s. 77 in livermore today. these are areas that will
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likely break records, concord included. walnut creek could reach 74. to the north, lake port, clear lake, mid 70s. it is going to be warm. it is going to be comfortable. also what is nice, all lanes clear along interstate 80 west approaching hilltop. things should started to pick up. a 21-minute ride as you make your way westbound over toward the macarthur maze. no delays in that direction. california is poised to provide new protection for legislative staffers who blow the whistle on their bosses. it bars retaliation against any employee who reports a law make foresexual misconduct. >> legislative staff should never have to risk their careers for reporting sexual harassment or any other type of
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illegal or unethical behavior. enough is enough. >> violators could face a $10,000 fine or up to a year in jail. the bill will head to the governor's desk. the infamous d.b. cooper is back in the news. newly unveiled evidence suggests he may have been a vietnam vet from stockton. steve large has more. >> reporter: these are the letters that could solve a decades-long mystery. a group of private investigators says these letters could be the key to proving the 1971 sky jacker d.b. cooper's try identity is this man, a former stockton resident whose family lived there. >> we showed one of the letters to a former member of an army
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intelligence unit that robert rackstraw used to belong to. >> he recognized a code they used in their unit. applying the code, new words appeared, investigators say, pointing to robert rackstraw. it said can fbi catch me? it was a special warfare school. >> these are recent photos of him and some from his military days. the fbi released this composite sketch of d.b. cooper. when he got on a plane in portland, oregon last night he was just another passenger. >> the day before thanksgiving in 1971 the mysterious case has intrigued people all around the country. the man work called himself d.b. cooper, showed a flight attendant a bomb in a suited case, loud passengers to leave, asked for $200,000 and
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parachutes, and when the plane took off again, he jumped outside, with all the cash strapped to his body. and robert now lives in san diego and insists he is not dbcoop sneer google has reached a multi-million dollar land deal with san jose. the tech jointed wants to build a mega campus downtown. the company has reached an agreement to buy a large chunk of the land it needs. google will purchase 9 properties for $67 million and will create enough space for 20,000 employees. negotiations are ongoing for the rest of the land. that could cost $50 million or more. it is 4:36. today might be the day a class mid identified memo about the russian -- a classified memo
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about the russian version will be released. bay area cities are falling behind their affordable housing targets. i'm live with a new report, coming up. plan
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i'm michelle griego. good morning, everyone. it is friday, our favorite day of the week, february 2nd. let's start with a live look outside on this friday morning. it is our favorite day of the week as we get ready for the weekend. a live look at some of the traffic on the right and on the left a clear shot of the bay bridge this morning. clear conditions out there. >> is it your favorite day? >> my favorite day. >> i don't think we knew that. i have to say thank you for these pencils, jacquelyn. you brought us pencils back from michigan. >> the big movie is coming out
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today. it was eerie. i don't know if it is scary but eerie. >> would you watch most any. >> i deferral do. >> if i do it will have to be during the day. here's a live look right now at the bay. it is nice and chris stag clear. no fog in sight. we are going to see our clear skies throughout the weekend. hopefully we are going to see similar conditions today. tomorrow is sunday. we will even be a little warmer out there. we are seeing an offshore wind, it is going to cause drier conditions. humidity levels will be dropping. records were broken yesterday. in san jose we tied a record that was set back in 1976. we are expecting to see more cities around the


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