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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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country wildfires. tonight.. for now at 11:00. one step closer to finding the cause of the devastating wine country wildfires. tonight for the first time an official investigation that partly blames pg&e. the power lines are now linked to two small fires that broke out october 8th. >> that is the night the destruction began. we go to the news room now for
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more. >> reporter: victims of the fires in the north bay have been searching for answers for what started the devastating fires. many are still left wondering but it was a combination of wind and power lines that started two of the fires. >> reporter: the winds began whipping through on october 8th. the winds gusted. the winds did not spark the fires. >> we did have physically watching the sparks coming from the transformer and the power lines and blow arcs across 5 lanes of traffic and into a field. that shows what we were dealing with that night. >> reporter: the conclusion to the investigation, the strong winds caused pg&e power lines to ark starting two smaller fires.
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one that started on sullivan way, burning two homes and the other destroyed an outbuilding at montessori school. this report does not provide any answers to the most destructive wildfire in california history. it may be too early to connect the dots to narrow down the cause of the fire that killed more than 40 people and burned 6200 homes. >> comparison to their fires and ours it is apples and oranges. they have a lot of layers to peel back, acres, structures and loss of life to document. in our case we did have several fires however they are on a smaller scale. >> reporter: nor does the report give us condition of the power lines and if they were properly maintained by pg&e. they would not comment on the santa rosa fire department's report but a spokesperson says we remain focused on doing everything we can do help sonoma county recover and rebuild. our thoughts are with everyone impacted by these devastating wildfires. >> reporter: cal fire is expected to wrap up its
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investigation in the inthe mean claims grown to $10 billion and 100 lawsuits have been filed against pg&e. back to you. right now, the celebrations are still going strong in the city of philadelphia. their team defeated the patriots in super bowl 52. >> reporter meg oliver is in minneapolis on the field where history was made tonight. hi, meg. >> reporter: what a night. take a look at this. all of this confetti is still here. people have been making snow angels in the middle of it. savoring every moment. >> reporter: they defeated the heavily defeated patriots, a
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team that was trying for its 6th championship. the eagles lead most of the game but fell behind in the 4th quarter. a touchdown just over 2 minutes remaining for philadelphia going ahead for good. leading the way for the eagles was the back up quarterback, nick foles. >> i felt calm. we have such a great group of guys, great coaching staff. we felt confident coming in and we just went out there and played football. >> reporter: the game is the main event but the fans come for the star-studded half show. this year the headliner was just intimberlake. the third time performing in the halftime show. that is the most ever by a featured artist. timberlake sang a medley of his hits and did a virtual duet with prince. the minnesota native was projected on stage. >> if there is a word called
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"everything" that is what it means to eagles fans everywhere, everywhere. and, you know, for eagle fans everywhere, this is for them. >> reporter: philadelphia embraced the eagles underdog identity. now preparing to welcome them as super bowl champions. that is going to be one big parade back in the city of brotherly love as you showed that video of people out celebrating in the streets. still here on the field enjoying every last second of this celebration when the philadelphia eagles made history tonight. juliet, brian? >> you know, it is -- the field is obviously more empty than it was earlier tonight because it is now 1:05 in the morning for you there. what was the emotion of the eagles fans like earlier tonight? >> reporter: oh, i got to tell you we were ushered down, all of the media, right into the tunnel and waiting for the game to end and next to us was a long line of all of the player's wifes and children and
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parents and as soon as they won they knew it was theirs. the tears started falling down the faces. i talked to long and he said the emotion is hard to put into words. it means so much for a city that never won a super bowl championship. >> yeah. it has been a long way. thank you. >> great game. one of the eagle stars that caught a touchdown pass earlier tonight is an east bay native. >> going down, one-on-one. and into the end zone. >> the ref his to review it but it was reviewed. ertz played in danville and stanford. there will be more on tonight's big game on game day right after this newscast. other news, locally new video of a man getting hit and almost run over during a rowdy
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sideshow in oakland, watch. >> you see the man get up and start cheering with other spectators. it happened overnight. the police showed up there about 2:00 a.m. towing away more than two dozen cars and writing 140 tickets. that did not stop the crowds. people got angry and rowdy, throwing bottles at officers and broke some nearby windows. a man tells kpix5 his business was vandalized and looted during the chaos. >> the groups they just broke the glass window and entered into the store. >> reporter: the gas station owner who only wants to be identified as mr. pertel is explaining what happened at 2:00 this morning during a sideshow only a few yards away from the gas station. >> no injury to the staff. they did not rob the cashier area. >> reporter: on this video you can see 4 people ducking through the shattered front door and stealing drinks from the back. a few minutes later, the three
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come back to steal candy bars. >> reporter: he says he has seen the sideshows before but he is upset at oakland police for not doing enough to stop them. especially now that participants are hurting local businesses like his. >> it is a responsibility of the city of oakland police department to make the environment safe and secure for the community, the business owner. >> reporter: the police say they impounded 30 cars involved in the early morning sideshows and wrote 147 citations to participants. but community activists says there is another side to the sideshows. he says not all are harmful like the one that popped up around the same time last night near the oakland coliseum. >> no problem with the businesses. no gunshots, no business broke out, why? i was there. it is called healthy respect. >> reporter: the city of
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oakland needs to provide a safe venue for sideshows. for business owners like him, he says it is time to just shut them down. >> we have to stop them at that point so the situation does not get worse. >> reporter: in oakland, kpix5. an jose police are trying to piece together a bizarre shooting that has a woman in critical condition tonight. the police say she was reportedly behind the wheel of a car that was being chased on cadillac drive last night. she ended up crashing into a tree and the person who was chasing her shot her as she tried to run away. the police are not sure if the woman is going to survive her injuries. they are still searching for the gunman. >> the police in north oakland are looking for a gunman behind a deadly shooting. shots fired just before 11:00 this morning near market and 62nd streets just blocked from the oakland berkeley border. the victim died at the hospital. he is from berkeley. his name has not been released and so far there is no
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description of the shooter. an ad about to go on-line. >> you mean this guy? cut a back room deal with these guys that helped this guy's campaign for mayor? >> any truth to it? >> i don't want to comment on it. >> the group behind the ad "this is our time" says other supervisors screamed to get him out of the mayor's office. the group claims supervisors moved him to interim mayor to save others in the june election from competing with a current mayor. so far the supervisors have not commented on the ads. they start running tomorrow. still to come. an unthinkable crime on interstate 80. a dog thrown from a moving vehicle with its legs tied up. a lot of people are upset tonight. digging deeper into a death. what we may learn more about the mysterious drowning of actress natalie wood. san francisco city hall all
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lit up in celebration of one of the city's most unique historical characters. >> how high and how dry. record highs. and record dry weather. we will have the forecast after a break
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her puppy. 18-month old "rex" .. was thrown
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out of a moving car on i-80 .. what's worse... e puppy's ba tonight, a woman is pleading for justice in the tragic death of her puppy. it was thrown out of a moving car on interstate 80. what is worse the puppy's back legs were found. we talked to the heartbroken owner tonight. >> and i absolutely loved him dearly. and i miss him so much. you know, it is -- it left a hole in my life. >> reporter: her four-legged sidekick, rex, no longer by her side. >> he was my little companion, all of the time. he road on the consul in the car. >> reporter: they were inseparable until last thursday. she had to go to a funeral and she says it was too warm to keep rex in the car. >> i said to him, rex, i am sorry but you got to stay home. >> reporter: that was the last time she would see her 18-month- old puppy. he somehow found his way out of the home and took off. she came home to the shock of her life.
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>> i was calling and calling -- realized that all of the leashes were on the hanger but there was no rex. >> reporter: rex was picked up by a blew toyota prias. the couple said they saw someone throw him out of a car window in vacaville. his back legs were tied. >> how could you do such a thing? such an evil, vile thing. >> reporter: by the time the couple pulled over to rescue rex he had already been run over. >> it just broke my heart. >> reporter: the founder of paws for paws an animal rescue organization in vacaville she is putting up a reward hoping it will lead to the dog napper. >> i will never be able to replace him. >> reporter: unbreakable bond between a woman and her puppy. now fueling her divest to find the person who ripped her life apart. >> i hope he rots in hell. i hope he rots in hell.
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>> we just checked the paws for paws facebook page and the reward fund is up to $800. well, in other news tonight we may learn more tomorrow about the drowning of natalie wood three decades ago. the reporter says the sheriff's investigators are expected to announce new revelations. >> reporter: from grieving husband to this. >> reporter: two witnesses came forward with what does not square by the version that was told by her husband. the detective spoke to cbs's "48 hours". >> how credible are the new witnesss? >> they are very credible. no reason to lie. >> reporter: more importantly the detectives say the witnesses describe hearing, one, even saw a fight between wood and wagner the night she disappeared. her body was found the next day floating near catalina. her death was ruled an
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accident. the detectives reopened the case in 2011. the office changed the cause of death to undetermined. >> she looked like the victim of an assault. >> reporter: the couple along with fellow friend christopher watkins was on the yacht the night she went over board. the ship's captain long said it was a booze and tense-filled weekend and things got ugly. he spoke to cbs in 2011. >> i opened a bottle of wine. natalie and christopher continued to giggle and wagner picked up the bottle of wine and smashed it. what are you trying to do. [beep] my wife? natalie said i can not take this. she went into her room. >> reporter: watkins left and went to his room. but wagner followed wood and the arguing continued. the two ended up on the back of the boat. it is an account the detectives now say is coberated by the new witnesses which is why the investigators want to talk to wagner who had given a
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different version of events and never waivered from saying her death was an accident. >> someone died. it is our job to find the truth. >> the sheriff's office is only calling him a person of interest. the 87-year-old has not spoken to the detectives in years but they are holding a press conference on monday. city hall is lit up for a birthday celebration for a legendary san francisco man who called himself an emperor. he had a lot of ideas to make the place better and a lot of them panned out, eventually. >> reporter: the party is on here at san francisco city hall and other establishments around san francisco. honoring one of our most unique forefathers. he was either a genius ahead of his time or a man who just lost
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his mind or both. >> reporter: inside the bar in the tender loin we found two emperors celebrating their birthdays. >> we have consuming ... in our honor, let's say the brother. >> reporter: most days both men dress up in costume portraying him. >> san francisco's street character. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: the real emperor was a 49er, moved here the year of the gold rush as a businessman, went broke a few years later, then it was not long before he was seen walking the city streets in a uniform proclaiming to anyone who would listen that he was norton i, protector of mexico. >> reporter: everyone knew he was not a real emperor people acknowledged he had crazy ideas that may have been brilliant. >> i call to the establishment of a league of nations to
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promote world peace and united nations were born in this city in 1945. >> the bay bridge should be known as the norton bridge. the emperor norton bridge, conseemed over 60 year -- conceived. >> it was the idea there should be a bridge from oakland to telegraph hill that was the original idea. he conceived of the idea. >> he certainly popularized it. the idea was in the papers at the time but he is the one who really sort of advanced it. [singing] ♪ happy birthday to you ... >> reporter: tonight we celebrate the emperor who would eat for free in any restaurant. when he died 10,000 people attended. the coit tower is lit up in gold in his honor as is san francisco city hall. >> it is a city that appreciates people who are different. people can come here and reinvent themselves and that is a spirit that continues to run
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through our city. >> reporter: another lesser known fact is that he pushed for desegregation for civil rights for african-americans as well as asian americans. call him crazy but he left quite a legacy. in san francisco, back to you. all right. in the weather department we set records. in the bay area today, second day in a row. we are looking for more to come as high pressure does not relax its relentless grip on the eastern pacific. strong, high, record temperatures that will be reset. look at half-moon bay. all of the way up to 78 degrees in the beach today and this, the first week of february. we look towards emperor norton's bridge, temperatures cooler than today. bumping up again on tuesday. a little bit of take and give in the weather but one thing that is not happening, no rain for awhile in the pay area. tomorrow morning off to a chilly start and a warm finish.
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off shore flow that will drive the temperatures into the lower 70s again for tomorrow. future cast just going to be warm all week this week with a strong high bringing us record temperatures for the bay area. future cast does show that we got a few high clouds floating in over the bay area midday tomorrow. really not much to effect the temperatures or the amount of sun. there will be plenty of high temperatures, warm temperatures i should say and plenty of sun tomorrow. clear and cool again tonight. sunski warm. dry weather through the -- sunny skies, warm. dry weather through the 20th. nothing come being in. snowpack, at the beginning of the month only a quarter average. overnight lows, 40s, day time highs will be as much as 15 degrees above average. in parts of the bay area, south bay. lower to middle 70s and plenty of sun, few high clouds from time to time in the east bay. lower 70s will do it.
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livermore, 72 tomorrow. to the north bay, upper 60s, lower 70s and sunny and warm for lake port and clear lake. in the extended forecast. sunny side up all of the way through the weekend. so, for this, the first week of february, june is busting out all over. the problem is t is only february. still to come, -- it is only february. still to come, giving back on super bowl sunday. giving props to one bay area sheriff's office. what is behind chris pratt's super bowl selfie? coming up on game day bottom of the hour, what do we do as a local tv station? we localize a story. zach erst, the danville product that scored the game winning touchdown. his story and dennis o'donell
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got a dynamite interview, all of that and more coming up on "game day" after the news
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someone they never met... who took a big hit in the montecito mudslides. the mudslides in early january killed 21 people and destroyed about a hundred homes. vicki johnson's home was badly damaged. today.. volunteers spend super bowl sunday volunteers helping those who were hurt in the mudslide. today, volunteers helped clear mud and debris from this home to help save it from mold and the hard work is paying off. >> yesterday we were able to
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clear 3 rooms. almost 3 rooms and i think today we are probably going to be able to clear a good portion of the rest of the house. >> reporter: volunteers are with the grass-roots effort known as the santa barbara bucket brigade. another way people turned out for the super bowl and tune today out. why it was a perfect day to grab the skis and head to tahoe legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes, sailing the seas day and night. they knew where they were going, by watching the clouds move in the sky or the way their boats rocked. that's how the waves and stars would speak to them. guide them. sometimes, you can find your way in the world, by getting lost in it.
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super bowl sunday offers smaller crowds... because most people watch the big game. and.... ow up... often thousands turned out on the slopes. >> it offers smaller crowds because most people watch the big game and people who show up leave the slopes early to get home and watch. >> i live in vegas part of the time. i decided to fly here with my daughter because it will be beautiful and we knew everyone is going to the super bowl so we figured it will be great. >> skiers said conditions were perfect today but the snow is melting fast. >> we'll be right back.
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