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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 6, 2018 1:37am-2:13am PST

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street is not over yet. now at 11:00, the dow suffered its biggest point drop in history. it looks like the rough ride on wall street is not over yet. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. let's take a look at the asian markets. they are taking a beating right now. japan is down almost 5% in
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tuesday morning trading. hong kong down about 4.5%. the dow finished the day down more than 1,100 points. that is a loss of 4.6%. that is the largest in seven years. mark sayre on what's driving the selloff. mark? >> reporter: it looks like another brutal day tomorrow. stock features are pointing to a selloff of perhaps 500 more points at the opening bell. it may have been the single biggest point drop in stock market history. and there is still not enough to trip automatic circuit breakers to slow or stop trading. san jose staid economics professor say -- san jose state economics professor says the trading has dropped. >> we have a lot of computers that are doing the trading. it is not actual humans who dot majority of the trading now. >> reporter: it is highly
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sophisticated and automated computer algorithms making buying and selling decisions. so when the slide begins, it could be quickly magnified. the ride started on friday with a series of selloffs, but continue today as traders worry about inflation and rising interest rates. >> and it was no surprise that it dropped so much today because maybe even the humans are taken at this point. >> reporter: among the biggest losers, wells fargo. sharing 9% after they hit the bank with new sanctions. punishments for opening millions of phony accounts. this morning, jerome powell was sworn in as the new chairman of the federal reserve where a hike in interest rates could be on the horizon. here in the bay area, many investors are worried about what to do. >> and it is not good. >> reporter: he says the best plan for the average consumer, keep your eye on your long-term goals and don't panic. >> right now, doing short term will change to the regulations. it is never a good idea.
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>> and so, of course, the question is just a temporary market correction or is it perhaps the beginning of the sustained downturn? only time will tell. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark mark sayre, kpix 5. some of the richest people in the world lost billions of dollars today in one day. at least on paper. according to time magazine, the net worth of berkshire hathaway, warren buffett, dropped by $5 billion. mark zuckerberg lost $3 million today. larry page, google's co-founder is down $2 million. the selloff lost all the gains for the s&p and the entire year. tonight the house intelligence committee voted to release another classified memo about the russian investigation. this memo is a democratic rebuttal to the gop memo released last week. >> we think this will help inform the public of the many distortions and inaccuracies in
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the majority memo. >> the gop memo accuses the department of justice and fbi of abusing surveillance powers in the russia investigation. the white house has five days to decide whether to make this new memo public. some explosive new evidence tonight in the rape case against the former 49er. kpix 5 andrea nakano on the video. >> he has been in the santa county clara jail for the last two weeks on rain charges. his attorneys now say he has new evidence that puts the credibility of his victim in question. >> it is a video on one site where she is offering to engage in sex acts for money. >> reporter: dana stubblefield's attorney says this new evidence supports his client's claim that he paid the victim for sex. the prosecutor didn't want to speak on camera, but says this is victim shaming, adding dana stubblefield's attorneys are violating the rules of professional conduct.
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but legal analysts, steve clark, tells us the evidence could be key in stubblefield's trial. >> mr. stubblefield played defense for the 49ers, but he's going on offense in this criminal defense. >> reporter: he faces five felony charges for allegedly raping an intellectually disabled 34-year-old woman at gunpoint in his morgan hill home back in 2015. if convicted, stubblefield is looking at spending 15 years to life in prison. >> and the prosecution is angry the defense has taken this tactic. the defense has mr. stubblefield's life in his hands. >> reporter: there is a good chance this new evidence never enters a courtroom since the sexual history is not fair game. but clark disagrees. he says in a sexual assault case, credibility is a key issue and the video contradicts our testimony that she never worked in the industry or received money for sex. stubblefield's attorneys say they hope it proves she is fully capable of consent.
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>> the allegations that this woman was incapable of giving consent and understanding what sex is. and when she is advertising to commit separate sex acts with all different kinds of toys and things for money and specifically delineates between the sex acts for miranda warnings she is more than capable of understand hag it is. >> reporter: defense attorneys are hoping the new evidence could lead to charges being dropped. gnaw is highly unlikely. the trial is expected to -- but that is highly unlikely as the trial is expected to start in march. tonight some people in san leandro want the city manager fired because of allegations of sexual harassment. the city council put chris zapata on paid administrative leave two weeks ago. tonight, dozens of people showed up at a council meeting accusing members of dragging their feet. some said the council should get rid of zapata right away. >> it shattered me a little bit. that's another reason why i was so emotional because i have the
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respect for the city council. i feel like they have let me down. >> a woman who runs a non- profit said zapata tried to pressure her into having a sexual relationship with him in exchange for public funding. the city has hired an outside attorney to conduct an investigation. new details coming to light about a suspected prostitution ring in the north bay. david rahmsburg and his mother, fei, are under arrest for human sex trafficking. police say they were in business for more than ten years, had 150 women working for them. the son would post ads for the women online, tell them where and when to meet the client, and then take a cut. both mother and son are in the sonoma county jail tonight being held on $250,000 bail. tonight, we've learned of a pit bull attack on an east bay trail that injured a 6-year-old child. according to animal control officers, the 7-year-old pit bull bit the girl in the
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abdomen at point pinole regional shoreline yesterday morning. the dog did have a leash on. his owner managed to get his pet off the child. the pit bull is in quarantine tonight. the girl is expected to fully recover. a busy freeway in santa rosa. back open tonight after a horrific crash. a dump truck careened into multiple vehicles, several of them exploding in flames. this happened on mendocino avenue. >> reporter: a huge column of black smoke filled the sky above santa rosa after the ten- car collision and fire. >> i was crying like, help. that's when people started coming out. >> reporter: larry broderick was on his way to work when he saw a dump truck carrying fire debris come barreling down fountaingrove parkway. >> you hear honk, honk, honk.
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i looked and there was a truck coming down. probably lost brakes, i didn't think much of it because i'm getting to the intersection. then half a second behind me, boom. >> reporter: the dump truck slammed into cars stuck in traffic along the mendocino avenue overpass. >> it hit the white truck, spun it around, then hit that car and continued on a pair of boom, boom, barge , boom, and then a trail of flames everywhere. >> reporter: larry and others helped rescue people stuck in burning vehicles. >> we worked on getting these people out of these two cars because they were trapped. >> first responders did a good job of getting people out of the car as well as citizens on the scene who assisted people before we arrived. we a total of seven injure -- we had a total of seven injuries, three are said to be serious. >> reporter: journeys mobile home park, destroyed by the october inferno and now this. and while six people are in the hospital tonight. >> nobody died.
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feel good. >> reporter: larry knows all too well what it is like to be in the middle of a fire. he lost his home in october to the tubbs fire. earlier reports indicates it may have been brake failure that caused this collision. but investigators say it is just too soon to come to that conclusion. in santa rosa, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new questions in the unsolved mystery of natalie wood's death. tonight detectives say her husband's story doesn't add up. it's rusty, sharp, and it is just are sitting on a bay area beach. tonight the city admits it's a hazard. why isn't anyone removing it? >> tonight, the security plans for the olympics just 50 ,$8drw
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3 other officers are wounded. they were shot as they ated a stolen a sheriff deputy is dead, three other officers are wounded. according to the police chief in colorado springs, several officers began talking to him about a stolen vehicle. then he opened fire. deputy micah flick was killed. >> probably about six or seven shots. i heard a pop and then a pause and it was like pop, pop, pop. then another pop and another two pops and then it was over. i saw at least three of them. and it looked like one of them was in bad shape. >> reporter: the suspect also
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died in the shootout. colorado has now lost three law enforcement officers and a little over a month. tonight detectives in los angeles county say they are closer to solving the natalie wood death investigation. as veronica de la cruz shows us, they are asking the public for help to put all the pieces together. >> that's right, ken and liz. 48 hours. they first broke this story. her husband is now a person of interest in the case. they believe he's the last person to see her alive. nearly 40 years ago in 1981, the actress went sailing with wagner off the catalina coast. the life guard found her body in the water the next day. her death at the time ruled an accidental drowning. now investigators say two new witnesses said wood and her husband fought the night she vanished. >> yes, of course, we want to talk to robert wagner, you bet. we would love to hear his side
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of the events. i think the original investigators, we portrayed him back then. things don't add up to what we found. >> reporter: in 2011 the medical examiner reclassified wood's death from accidental to undetermined. wagner has refused to speak to investigators since reopening the case. throughout the years wagner maintained he had nothing to do with his wife's death. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. tonight we know free speech came with a multi-million dollar price tag for uc berkeley. the university revealing it spent nearly $4 million on security over a 30-day period last year. that includes $2.8 million for the canceled free speech week. uc paid to bring in extra officers including from the chp. the cost included room, board, and overtime. tonight, jacket metal pipes are posing a hazard to beach
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goers. >> those charts are wedged, jetting out of the sand at pacific state beach between the pier and mor are rey point. they asked why isn't the city fixing this problem? >> reporter: on this beautiful popular beach near the pier in pacifica, it is this. >> that's the liability that's waiting to happen. >> reporter: an old rusty storm drain. >> would you let your grandkids play on that? >> no, no. i wouldn't let my kids play on it. they are all grown now. >> we have a sign to keep our children off, so they don't get hurt. >> reporter: and pacifica's public works department admitted to kpix 5 it's a hazard. >> when you look at it, do you think it's a liability? >> it is a liability and we are going to be taking care of it as soon as possible. >> reporter: the public works director said they disconnected the drain more than a decade ago when the old treatment plant shut down. it sat there corroding for years. one pacifica resident took this
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picture in 2013. and it is not going anywhere. >> the goal is to hook it back once that property gets developed. >> is that why they never remove it had from the beach? >> yes, that is the reason why we have a permit for you. and reestablishing the existing permit is much easier. >> but that is not the only storm drain. there are several others south of the pier. but pacifica says those are the city and counties of san francisco's responsibilities. and a wave of questions were answered, but some say the explanation isn't good enough. >> i mean it is not being used or anything. so it is obviously, you know, rotting away. >> reporter: again, the city says they are going to make repairs on the jagged edges of this pipe, but they did not give us a specific date. in pacifica, maria medina, kpix 5. an alarming study out tonight about the dangers of drinking tea that is very hot.
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researchers found people who smoke and drink alcohol have a higher risk of esophagus cancel. if they drink hot tea, their risk could be higher. tea drinkers who did not drink or smoke have no significant increased risk. tonight security is beefed up in south korea ahead of the olympics. the country is holding drills to prepare for threats of terrorism. ben tracy shows us. >> reporter: they have been holding drills for months, simulating everything from a hostage situation to shooting down the drone about to drop explosives on the olympic venue. the chief of police told us a terrorist attack by drone is the biggest concern. in all 21 olympic venue and facilities are being closely monitored at this command center. the 60,000 person olympic security force is about twice that deployment during the
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summer olympics in rio. that force includes south korean marines who have been testing their tolerance for the cold and snow down in the mountains of pyongyang. this is what's known as the joint security area of the dmz. this is where north and south meet. you literally have south korean soldiers who are staring into north korea, which is just beyond those blue huts. in the shadow of a nuclear standoff, the u.s. and south korea delayed their annual military exercises. in an effort not to provoke north korea during the olympics. fears of a missile launch or nuclear test have lessened now that north korea is sending a large delegation to the games. but a large scale cyber attack is something they are still concerned about here. that's something north korea is particularly at depth at. they have hired a private security firm to try to prevent that kind of attack. ben tracy, cbs news,
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pyeongchang, south korea. spacex founder, elon musk, getting ready for blastoff to mars. the company's new monster rocket set to launch tomorrow with a tesla roadster inside. now this animation gives you an idea of what the launch will look like. it shows a nose of the rocket breaking open to reveal a ruby red tesla roadster, which shoots off toward mars. this is no joke. musk is actually sending his own car to the red flan et. >> what's the purpose? there is no point obviously. it is just for fun. and to get the public excited. >> reporter: once it is released from the space rocket, the roadster could be in deep space for a billion dollars. that's if it doesn't blow up to the red flan et. >> we will all be watching. >> he'll say that was pretty close. >> heading towards jupiter. here we go.
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we have weather that is warmer than parts of hawaii today. yeah, at the airport. 79 for the high. it was raining. concord it was not raining, but it was 80 degrees. don't change your spring break plans, but kind of crazy. san francisco, 61 degrees. on its way down to 44 degrees. it gets chilly. nights are still long, it's february. fremont tonight 49, napa 47, san francisco 45. this is the problematic part of the equation. we are right in the middle of our rainy season with zero rainfall. here is the culprit. our ridge of high pressure we were watching build in last week is still there all weekend long. it will be here all week and with them moving, no explanation that the weather is going to change. so the sunny will stay and the warm stays, the completely dry
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also stays. futurecast tomorrow morning, no clouds. tomorrow evening, no clouds. all day wednesday, notice the clock is moving. nothing is changing. mainly sunny skies for the next couple of days. one subtle change into the weekend. where she a front that will pass by. rainfall for the sierra, but then we will get somewhat cooler weather. we'll go from 10 to 20 degrees above average. and so we are staying warm, just not as warm as we approach the weekend. tomorrow pretty warm. concord 17 degrees above average. 75 for a high. how about 73 for san jose. palo alto 72, still 70 at the beach. san ramon and fairfield 74. 70 in san francisco. sonoma at 72. santa rosa 75. lake port 77 degrees. as we -- highs are in the 60s. no rain for the next seven days, it looks like we will get there before our next rainfall.
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can't say it that often. >> are it's not, but it is too early. >> yeah, we still have some time. hopefully we'll get some rain. >> thanks, paul. well this super bowl champion is from the bay area. tonight his alma mater is giving him a shout out. here are tonight's guest on the late show
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eagles are preparing for their super bowl parade. igh school is to want the philadelphia -- tonight, the philadelphia eagles are preparing for their super bowl parade. >> and a bay area high school is giving a shout out to its own hometown hero. the message board at monte vista high school in danville reads, "congratulates, zach ertz mv alumni." remember the touchdown? >> it is definitely the most
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fun i've ever had playing football this year. it's so fun to say we're world champions. >> that's monte vista's weight room. his jersey is from both stanford and the eagles, they hang from the ceiling there. >> and i have the top five celebrate moments from the streets of philadelphia last night. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic.
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the history of mankind.. the super bowl champs return to philadelphia in what
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was the second greatest eagle landing in the history of mankind. >> we're at the base here. the eagle has landed. >> lombardi trophy in hand. eagles stop traffic on their way home from the airport. they will have a parade on thursday. it will probably be emotional day for center jason kelsey who found some extra meaning in the win. >> my father and mother told me to follow my dreams. i have accomplished the goal with a group of guys who mean the world to me. >> pretty cool there. no tears of joy from the warriors who will try and avoid losing three out of four when okc comes to oracle tonight. steve kerr has endured one losing season in his 19 years in the game. so he was asked if he's better at anything now that he has transitioned from player to
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coach. >> probably a better drinker. i handle my liquor a little better. i didn't really understand that concept back then. all right, speaking of drinks, the top five celebration moments in philadelphia last night. at number five a staple of wild celebrations. somebody's car got tipped over. >> advertising for the ritz carlton when this video went viral of a guy flipping, trusting the audience to catch his fall. not everything is pennsylvania diamond ring on one hand. stay classy. and number two. nothing crappy about last night's eagles fans unless you're eating horse manure. and finally, so much for
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ejected journalism. [ laughter ] he was a sports caster in tulsa, oklahoma. >> we hope he's okay. >> right. about a million dollars. we are happy he didn't have to eat off the streets that night. >> that is
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. mich late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> they will have all the news you need to start your day. good night.
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