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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 8, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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jaclyn in the house. how are you doing? >> we have your back, kenny. >> we have three here. yeah, we're good. [ laughter ] >> we got this guy. >> let's do it. >> let's show you what's going on outside. another clear day out there. a little patchy fog showing up in some areas. the high pressure has been bringing us warm weather. it's weakening. we are still on our 14th day of no rain in san francisco. temperatures today 10 to 15 degrees above average. we'll be cooling down this weekend. more coming up. good morning, everyone. right now, we are tracking a few slowdowns heading out of tracy, the usual speeds, in the yellow. and then approaching first street, we have an accident, it's not blocking lanes but you may see some flashing lights. speeds are at the limit as you pass by that accident. 24 minutes from 205 to 680.
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northbound 880 at 23rd, speeds below 45 miles per hour. you will be at reduced speeds during that stretch. travel times at 16 minutes from 238 to the maze. so really not causing too much of an impact on your morning commute so far. back to you guys. the federal government will shut down at midnight if congress can't reach a deal on a funding bill before then. yesterday in the senate, lawmakers reached a bipartisan budget deal to fund the government for six more weeks. it would also add hundreds of billions of dollars in additional military and domestic spending. but house minority leader nancy pelosi is threatening to oppose that deal in the house unless republicans allow a vote on daca. as joe vazquez shows us, the san francisco democrat went on a filibuster yesterday talking for eight solid hours. >> i am voicing some of the
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concerns today largely through the voices and the stories of our "dreamers." >> reporter: in her marathon speech, nancy pelosi read aloud letters from "dreamers." >> she graduated with 3.97 gpa, admitted to the university of michigan. >> reporter: illegal immigrants who are anxiously wondering how long they will be able to stay here after the president pulled the plug on their program. >> i arrived when i was 5 in the united states. i grew up american. i grew up speaking english. i grew up to call the united states home. this is my home. this is my country. i am here to stay. >> reporter: it turned into a record-breaking performance. a longer speech than any other in the u.s. house of representatives since at least 1909. >> let us thank and acknowledge the "dreamers" for their courage, their optimism, their hope. [ applause and cheers ] >> their inspiration to make america great again. >> reporter: after eight hours, pelosi wound her speech down to a standing ovation but nothing has changed. daca recipients are still in
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limbo with deadline for renewal about 4 weeks away. pelosi is concerned the speaker of the house is not going to call for a vote on the daca bill unless he is certain the president will approve it. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> one of the many "dreamers" representative pelosi mentioned was a man from hayward who wants to be a police officer. governor brown is officially downsizing his $16 billion plan to renovate the state's water system as a key hearing gets under way in sacramento. the governor hopes to build two tunnels to bring water from the sacramento river south. now he is scaling it back to a single tunnel. the new price tag would be about $10.7 billion. it needs a state permit. that process continues today. state regulators will hear a request to change locations where the water would be diverted. opponents argue that will cause even further environmental damage. one big concern about the project is the impact it will have on species of fish in the
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delta. two big companies mountain view's google and uber are duking it out in federal court. maria medina reports. >> reporter: a silicon valley drama unfolding in a san francisco courtroom. >> this is google against uber for our future. >> reporter: the former ceo travis kalanick is the star witness in the trial that's expected to shape the self- driving car industry. google claims one of its former engineers stole the company's self-driving secrets before he left then took them to uber. >> they are just fighting over some small little dispute about intellectual property -- they're not just fighting over that. they are talking about a major industry that's about to change the world as we know it. >> reporter: russ hancock is the ceo of joint venture silicon valley. he says uber and google are in a race to see who can lead the self-driving car industry. >> it's incredibly profitable. if this turns out to be a going business, then "waymo," uber, alphabet and others in the
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space stand to make billions of dollars. so it's no wonder they are taking this very seriously. >> reporter: google's attorneys brought travis kalanick to the courtroom. >> they blame everything -- >> reporter: but uber argues it did nothing wrong. that it only used technology that's common knowledge. it will be up to a jury to decide. >> it's all coming down to what particular information did they use and should they have realized that the engineer from google had obtained it in violation of the law. >> reporter: if google loses it could cost them more than $1 billion. the trial continues through next week. in mountain view, maria medina, kpix 5. 4:35. it's been beautiful for days. >> yesterday we tied some records. it wasn't quite as warm. by the end of the day the ridge
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weakened. here's a view of the golden gate bridge. there was a haze yesterday afternoon and this morning. i'll show you the visibility map. we are seeing visibility impacted. not much fog. the view of san francisco at this hour is gorgeous. it's early. temperatures are not that cool. we are in the 50s already for oakland and concord. 42 in livermore. so cooler that but san francisco 56 degrees at this hour. santa rosa in the 40s, san jose also in the 40s. so here's that visibility map. the fog isn't forming in the south bay. livermore visibility down to 4 as some of the fog from the central valley also works its way into some of our valley locations. petaluma down to 3-mile visibility. so it shouldn't impact your commute too much. but as we get closer to the
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coldest part of the day, that's when you see the fog coming in. fog in the central valleys as the valley fog builds in the morning hours. but most of our areas still under this ridge of high pressure. but you can see a few more clouds trying to work in towards san francisco. and that's a sign of this high pressure ridge that's weakening. so what's it mean? it means less of an offshore wind. it's not going to be as intense. yesterday we had a few areas of gusty conditions across the hills along the oakland hills and to the north. but today, very calm conditions. still overall a northeast wind that's coming in. but it's very, very light. that's why that fog will be allowed to kind of settle into the valley spots. but it's also why we are not going to be as warm. so that offshore wind always brings us more heating and temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. right now, we are going to take it back out to that accident we are tracking along 580. all our "super commuters" out there, westbound 580 a crash
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involving a couple of cars in the center divide. they are just waiting on some tow trucks to arrive so speeds could be sluggish a little earlier this morning compared to what you're used to along that stretch. this is just past first street. so your ride right now as far as your travel times between 205 and 680, remains in the green 25 minutes. and in oakland -- excuse me, we are tracking overnight roadwork as you are making your way along northbound 880 between whipple and tennyson so heading into hayward you may see some lanes that are closed finishing by 5 a.m. we did have an earlier accident blocking two lanes northbound 880 at high street. it was cleared. we are seeing some slowdowns in the southbound direction. caltrans has some overnight roadwork going on through that stretch. and an earlier accident hit-and- run crash with a vehicle in lanes. this is westbound 24 approaching 580. speeds remain in the green.
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hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. a jury has given thousands of dollars to a convicted murderer because of a sex scandal at san quentin state prison. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz explains this unusual case. >> reporter: in a wing in san quentin a woman took advantage of her power and position. a convicted murderer says back in 2010, for a three-month period, prison employee "coerced me into being her sex slave." >> it included coerced acts of sexual intercourse. >> reporter: the lawyers say an instructor in the prison's training program promised cordova favors for sex that happened in her office at the prison. >> she used her position of power as well as quid pro quo offers of favorable treatment
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and promises to get him an attorney and help him get out of jail. >> reporter: when cordoba tried to break it off, she retaliated, firing him from his job as her clerk and accusing him of disciplinary violations that landed him in solitary confinement for nine months. >> it was a humiliating experience. he felt powerless and alone and worst of all he felt like there was nobody that he could talk to about this. >> reporter: pulido has repeatedly denied the allegations but a federal jury found in favor of the prisoner awarding him $65,000 in compensatory and punitive damages. >> when he got the verdict, he could not have looked happier. >> reporter: pulido is now working at napa state hospital and cordoba is in a prison in soledad but his attorneys say the lesson is clear. >> all people have the right to be free from sexual abuse. that includes women, that includes men, and that doesn't change just because somebody is
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incarcerated. >> reporter: veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. >> pulido's attorney didn't return our calls and it isn't clear who will pay the award. department of corrections says it takes all sexual harassment complaints seriously. time now 4:41. a thief is blamed for major flooding at a bay area dmv that will keep its facility closed for days. what police say they were after. ♪[ music ]
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chopper five captured images of emergency vehicles, in castro valley yesterday. crews were looking for a crash scene... but never found one. a false alarm in alameda county. these images caught emergency vehicles in castro valley yesterday. a plane crash scene was never found. it appears an experimental aircraft landed in the hills then took off again. the sheriff's department posted this on twitter saying, contrary to social media rumors, we don't think it was a ufo or the tesla roadster orbiting the galaxy. this morning authorities are looking for the thief who
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broke into the dmv in oakland and caused some major flooding. check out the mess it left behind. the chp says that someone climbed on the roof and stole about $50 worth of copper from the air-conditioning unit. the roof flooded and then caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage. the dmv office will be closed until next week. a shimmering light show is wowing visitors to the california coast. the waves are glowing thanks to a massive algae bloom. kpix 5's devin fehely shows us what's happening in big sur. >> reporter: fog fell on the big sur coast wednesday obscuring a light show of other worldly beauty. >> the right combination of conditions came together where it just created this spectacle of bioluminescence. >> reporter: a big word describing the ability of millions and millions of microscopic sea creatures to create a living light show like
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this one in big sur which over the past month has drawn sightseers and photographers to the coast. >> i think it's something we all have to, like, come see in person. it's really beautiful. you don't see it every day especially around here. >> reporter: when the creatures are here in great numbers as they are now, the ocean at night is painted in hues of neon blue and green. >> in some cases, it's for mating, find a suitable mate. in a lot of cases it's just to scare off a predator. >> reporter: this researcher says the creatures responsible for these nighttime displays typically don't produce light during the day. and you wouldn't be able to see it anyway, he says, because it would be overpowered by the sun. but he says to enjoy the display while it lasts because conditions change quickly scattering or killing the creatures that produce the show as fleeting as it is beautiful. >> it's not continuously happening. they have to be stimulated. so you will see light in breaking waves during the water
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splashing onshore, a dolphin or boat swimming through will stimulate them to make the light. >> reporter: these creatures are always here but it's only when they are here in great numbers and concentrations that you can see this at night and there is no way to know for sure exactly how long this will last because if conditions change, if a storm came through, it could scatter the creatures and you wouldn't get the same effect each night as we have for the last month or so. in big sur, devin fehely, kpix 5. pretty cool. >> it's so beautiful to see that. and a huge reason why it's happening is because of this ridge of high pressure. it's 70s outside and we get the cool show on the coast so yes, the weather is nice. nice clear conditions and no
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patchy fog there. but yes, we'll be under this ridge of high pressure but it is actually weakening. we are starting to see the effects of that in the form of fog. yesterday windier. temperatures in the 50s already for oakland and concord. not much cooling overnight. livermore 42. a bit cooler there and santa rosa cooler at 45. visibility at oakland, 8-mile visibility. we have seen it worse. central valley more fog. less offshore flow, it will be light winds today. and then we are also starting to see a little more cloud
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coverage coming through at the coast along california's coast just to the north of us. so most likely clear skies throughout the day today and tomorrow but that will start to change a little bit as this weakens more. hitches 72 for san francisco. 64 for oakland. 75 in redwood city. temperatures mid- to upper 70s for bay area neighborhoods. santa rosa 76 degrees. so instead of the upper 70s we are less than that by just a couple of degrees so you probably won't necessarily feel that change. we are still 10 degrees above average. we should be at 60 degrees in san francisco but we are at 72 so we are well above normal because of the ridge. it's not going anywhere yet. we'll start to notice it weakening allowing this low just to the north of to us dip down on saturday into sunday. so when that happens, our temperatures will drop on saturday by about 10 degrees.
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and then those -- it's going to start to move south and bring us a slight chance of rain for northern california, not necessarily for the bay area. we are not looking at rain chances for us. but just to the north. we could see light showers. monday an increase in winds and our temperatures will be dropping even further down to the lower 60s. so your rain-snow futurecast still showing this high pressure ridge taking hold of the west coast pretty much but then again by monday that chance of rain, chance of high elevations still going to slowly trickle down into california but again no chances of rain for us. we are going to stay dry unfortunately for the next several days and beyond valentine's day so three things to remember. warm through friday, cooler this weekend with our temperatures into the 60s and no widespread rain for at least another week. so yes, that seven-day outbreak shows mostly sunny skies cloud coverage on monday and 60s.
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>> right now, we are tracking a few more cars joining the thursday morning commute. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, take a look at that backup already developing. we are still in the green as far as our travel times go. the backup in the cash lanes is stretching beyond the grand overcrossing in some lanes. 10 minutes into san francisco. no delays on 80 at powell. 580 approach moving at the limit. we had an earlier accident along highway 24 westbound. here's a live look right near telegraph. you can see traffic moving along in both directions a- okay. it looks like that crash may still have one lane blocked. they are waiting on a tow truck, as well. and if you are heading through oakland right now we are seeing some slowdowns southbound. caltrans has at least one lane closed until about 6:00 this morning and that's between 23rd and 29th. so you will be tapping on the brakes as you make your way
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through that stretch. looks like the earlier accident northbound 880 right at high street has cleared. traffic moving at the limit in that northbound direction. westbound 580 just past first street a couple of cars got into it over in the center divide not blocking lanes but as everyone is approaching the scene they slow down as they make their way past that accident there. so just be prepared for some slowdowns a little sooner than usual this morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. it is 4:51. new projections are painting an even more dire picture of the consequences of a major earthquake in the bay area. ♪[ music ]
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so now's the time to get more happy! to help an injured sea lion.. who was found barely swimming in the bay. it showed up at san francisco's aquatic park yesterday. the animal appeare wildlife rescue crews are
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trying to save a sea lion who showed up at aquatic park yesterday. he was suffering from two wounds on the head and body. the sea lion eventually got closer to shore and at one point yesterday we saw it try to beach flipping around apparently struggling to get onshore but finally gave up. it went out to deeper water in the bay. >> i seen a couple of injuries, one on the forehead and under belly and it's bloated. it's not healthy. >> workers from the marine mammal center are hoping that the animal will come up onshore so they can rescue it. it's unclear how it got hurt. some researchers have some grim predictions of what a major earthquake could do to the bay area. as kpix 5's len ramirez reports, 200,000 homes could be destroyed and that's just for starters. >> reporter: the all that alta loma neighborhood was hit hard
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by an earlier earthquake. >> several houses were oc off foundation. >> reporter: this man survived but many of his neighbors weren't so lucky. >> then, you know, the county came by and tagged the houses that weren't safe to live in. there were several. >> reporter: now a new report says what happened during loma prieta would be a tiny fraction of the devastation to occur if a worst case 7.8 quake hit on the san andreas fault on the peninsula. >> we are expecting about 200,000 houses to be destroyed and about 70,000 households displaced. >> reporter: by comparison, estimates of the number of homes damaged or destroyed by hurricane harvey range from 30,000 to 40,000. >> we don't actually have experience like this so we don't know the implications of where people would go and how the bay area would recover. >> reporter: a study was released and blames the bay area's aging housing stock as a
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major factor. >> much of it was built prior to building codes that include seismic conditions. >> reporter: it would have a devastating impact on the housing supply and trigger a major exodus of low income people out of the bay area according to the study. are you prepared for an earthquake? >> just what i did to it. >> reporter: they did retrofitting and bought insurance. >> you can't prepare like a tornado. you can't go to the basement when you know there's a tornado. there's not much you can do. >> reporter: with this report, the association of bay area governments is also reminding people that another large quake in the bay area is inevitable. there is now a 72% chance of a 6.7 quake or greater in the bay area within the next 30 years. in los gatos. len ramirez, kpix 5. for a second night big names in gospel gathered in
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fremont to remember edwin hawkins, an oakland native. ♪[ music ] >> hawkins is best known for writing the song "o happy day" in the '60s. it set records on the billboard gospel charts. the song also got him his first of four grammys. he died last month at his home in pleasanton. >> gospel music started with a man named dr. thomas dorsey but it continues with the legacy of edwin hawkins. ♪[ music ] >> last night, an 80-member choir covered his catalog of songs highlighting more than half a century of music. ♪[ music ] it turns out driving while you're drowsy or tired is a bigger problem in the u.s. than we thought. this morning we have new numbers to prove it.
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let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... oads heading good morning. it's thursday, february 8th. i'm kenny choi. michelle griego is off this morning. it's 5:00. beautiful views of the city this morning. >> smooth sailing, people doing all right. visibility is low in some spots but not too bad. not that dense patchy fog that we are used to a lot of times during the winter. this has been a very unusual winter, in case you haven't noticed. temperatures have been very warm and this morning, we are seeing a little bit of a haze out there. some patchy fog. high pressure has taken hold of our state and is weakening. we have 14 days now in a row of no rain that we have seen. we certainly need it. so we may have to


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