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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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times. it just felt like it would last forever and then i think we hit the fire hydrant. ke cockroa running all over. the >> reporter: this car crash ended a high speed police chase and a violent crime spree. >> i feel extremely lucky. >> reporter: the suspect's blue van ran a red light and hit the family car. you can see paramedics working on the husband. audra had scrapes and bruises. >> he had a partially collapsed lung. they're keeping him overnight. >> reporter: she had no idea the people who hit them were wanted for two robberies and a murder. witnesses say five suspects jumped out of the car immediately after the crash. >> we heard this bang. people jump out like cockroaches and are running all over. police are behind them. >> reporter: pursuing officers chased down three suspects arresting one of them behind a flower store. s.w.a.t. team officers then canvassed the neighborhood on redwood street.
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officers and k9s searched house after house looking for a man and woman believed to be armed. >> two different home invasion robberies in 1 night, two people shot, one person dead, this is a very significant incident for us. >> reporter: around 2:00 officers reopened the neighborhood. they couldn't fine the two remaining suspect -- find the two remaining suspects. as for audra, her husband should make a full recovery. >> i'm a breast cancer survivor. that was last year's adventure. 2018 is proving to be rather interesting so far. i'm just super grateful that we're both alive and together. >> reporter: police don't have a lot of information about the two suspects who got away, but right now they're working on the three currently in custody to try to id the two friends who got away. they say the motive for the crime spree, basically drugs and weapons. >> da lin in vallejo, thanks. two people in two different homes were shot. authorities say they got a call around sick 45 this morning about -- 6:45 this morning about a man shot multiple times.
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the victim at melcon lane died from his injuries. the second victim on fulton road was shot but is expected to survive. kpix5 reporter emily turner is live in santa rosa at the sheriff's department. this crime was not random, emily. >> reporter: it was not random. deputies say these suspects knew exactly what they were after, where they were going. they had it all planned out. now it's up to the sheriff's department to connect the dots between these various different suspects, the victims and the various different crime scenes. thanks to two home invastions- fi one murder... deputies say >> it's not common in sonoma county, especially two in one day within a few hours of each other is very uncommon. it's really unfortunate. we don't like to see this kind of violence in our county. >> reporter: this santa rosa neighborhood has been a crime scene most of the day thanks to two home invasions, five masked men and one murder. it all started at 4:20 this morning when the group violently barged into this home. then almost 2 1/2 hours later they did the same thing at this one. >> there were multiple people at each house. we don't have a total number
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yet, but we know one person was shot in the fulton house. we know that one person was shot in the melcon lane house. >> reporter: that second victim died. deputies say the two home invasions are connected and aren't random. >> both appear to be marijuana- related. >> reporter: what specifically regarding marijuana? >> we don't have all the details, but it was marijuana- related. >> reporter: in this chopper 5 video from today you can see plants growing inside a greenhouse out back behind a high courtesy fence along with a covered speedboat and several cars. then this google earth image taken last summer shows what appears to be dozens of full grown marijuana plants. these guns were also stolen from the second home deputies say making it clear the crooks knew what they were after and once they got it took off leading deputies on a high speed chase across the bay. >> we're still doing the investigation. it's an active scene now. we'll have more details for everybody. as we get more information, we'll put out a formal press
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release. >> reporter: deputies have three suspects in custody and are looking for the two remaining suspects. they aren't sure if they're from sonoma county or vallejo. they want to make sure folks in vallejo where the two suspects are still missing know they are considered armed and dangerous. so do not approach them if you see them. instead call 911. live in santa rosa, emily turner, kpix5. >> we appreciate that, thank you. another violent home invasion, this one in fremont last night. police say four masked suspects with guns broke into the home off grimmer nevada. some of the victims were pistol whipped. the -- boulevard. some of the victims were pistol whipped. people packing out and moving out hit its highest level in more than a decade,
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kpix5's len ramirez on the mass exodus and where they're going. >> reporter: this retired engineer is packing up and calling it quits moving from san jose about to move to the volunteer state of tennessee. >> i loved it here when i first got here. i really loved it here, but it's just not the same. >> reporter: she's part of a massive exodus from the bay area that's showing no signs of slowing down. of course, people come and go in the bay area. that happens all the time, but for the first time in a long time more people are leaving the bay area than coming in and the no. 1 spot in the nation for outward migration is now right here. >> silicon valley has been this place that was growing and it was mostly growing because of people coming in, not through population growth, but people relocating here and relocating from other parts of the world. that's changing. >> reporter: joint venture silicon valley's own study of the out migration says workers are moving to sacramento, austin and portland and blames several factors, but topping
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the list, high housing costs. >> you can't even contemplate getting into the housing market here and i don't just mean service workers. i mean highly skilled professionals, the tech elite. they're having a hard time affording reasonable housing in silicon valley. so this is difficult. this makes it very difficult for employers who are trying to recruit. >> reporter: carroll daybeck blames -- carol daybeck blames crowding, crime and politics for her accident dulles. >> we don't -- exodus. >> we don't like it anymore, this sanctuary state status and the politic here. >> reporter: she plans to sell her home for $1 million to a much larger place in nashville for half that and retire closer to family and friends. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> nationwide the cities with the highest inflows according to redfin are phoenix, los angeles, atlanta and nashville. in berkeley police and city workers moved in before dawn to dismantle a homeless encampment
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in front of old city hall. people were given notice yesterday they'd have to go after a small fire damaged the exterior of the city building tuesday. about two dozen people were displaced when the clean-up began at 5 a.m. others had already left. uber was down for many riders and drivers across the country today. take a look. this map shows the widespread outage from vegas to new york and washington d.c. uber users took to social media to complain. libber says that they have -- uber says that they have fixed the problem. the city of san francisco is taking legal action on a new law that allows uber and lyft drivers to work anywhere in the state with just one permit. kpix5's wilson walker has more on the lawsuit. >> this is about having every business play by the same set of rules including uber and lyft. >> reporter: while it may have been filed against the state of california this lawsuit actually drives right into the ride hailing industry claiming that senate bill 182 passed last year has allowed uber and lyft to usurp san francisco's
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authority to regulate its own affairs. >> what that state law does is basically carve out an exemption just for uber and lyft drivers and exempts them from local business registration and tax purposes. >> right now we have a law that says everybody that runs a business in the city has to register with the city each year and pay a tax. >> reporter: that city treasurer jose cisneros is cooperating in this lawsuit but in a sweeping statement announcing his action today. city attorney dennis herrera pointed to a long list of now familiar complaints, everything from clocked streets to dangerous driving. so why the very narrow scope of this lawsuit? >> certainly there have been a lot of discussions by policymakers across the political spectrum here in san francisco how to deal with the issue of these right hailing companies. this lawsuit is focused on one specific aspect of that and that is these companies, uber and lyft, creating a carve-out for their drivers. >> reporter: for years critics
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accused the city's political leadership of being too friendly with ride hailing companies, but the city said hey, the state claimed jurisdiction over all. this here we have a lawsuit that goes direct -- all this. here we have a lawsuit that goes directly over all this, just who has the authority to regulate what happens on city streets? in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix5. a california car dealer is suing toyota claiming it failed to fix a defect in its prius cars. the automaker made a software change in 2016 2016 to fix a flaw that could cause the car to overheat and lose power. a car dealer is suing the automaker for breach of contract and fraud because he's seen 100 cars with the problem. toyota said the claims are baseless. the march crackdown on fare cheaters is being delayed. the transit agency was going to use portable ticket readers to see whether riders have paid. a b.a.r.t. spokesperson said the agency didn't like how those machines
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worked, so they sent them back. the crackdown will resume sometime next week. alameda police launched a new program it hopes will help deter and solve crimes. police are asking residents who have home security systems to register them with the department. the images captured can play a key role in crime fighting. police say just last year the surveillance video helped capture a package thief and a peeping tom. coming up the disaster that sent a river of dirty brown water into a south bay church. >> they lost precious memories to floodwaters almost a year ago and now they want payback, the san jose neighbors taking their city to court. >> underdressed for starbucks? customers' reactions to a new upscale cafe in san francisco. >> colors of the sunset looking quite spectacular on a thursday evening, coming up find out who hit the 80s again and when even the 70s will go away. your updated forecast is next.
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we went undercover on one of the busiest black market streets. >> you know anybody looking for phones? >> a lot of it ends up at seventh and market. >> where we found the iphone's kill switch isn't stopping thieves. >> when it's locked, you got to come down on the price. >> the greatest value of a stolen phone today is the parts. >> i'll give you 200. >> that's the no. one thing that is stolen is phones. >> expect original -- the no. one thing that is stolen is phones. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news.
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a water main break led to major flooding. the murky water flowed out of this evening clean-up is underway after a muddy mess in san mateo. a water main break left major flooding. the murky water flowed out the 2-foot pipe. st. matthew's church was forced to close for the day. some residents saw their backyards and homes completely flooded. >> the foot of water, it was like what's going on? >> significant flooding to our
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gymnasium, to our church, to a small storage room we had and one of our kindergarten classrooms were significantly flooded. >> the school hopes to reopen tomorrow morning. coffee sellers are steamed. a california lawsuit that has been grinding on for years alleges no matter how you make it, your daily jolt of java comes with a potential carcinogen, acrylamide. so under prop 65 coffee shops are now forced to post warning signs, but the warning might be stretching the intention of the law. in a statement the national coffee association told cbs >> i believe in transparency, but at the same time when you put a bold declaration x may cause cancer when there isn't data to that effect in humans, to me it causes panic rather than informed knowledge. >> in a statement the national coffee association tells cbs news this lawsuit simply confuses consumers and has a potential to make a mockery of prop 65 cancer warnings at a time when the public needs clear and accurate information
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about health. while 13 defendants have settled and agreed to put up the signs, starbucks is still waging a legal battle arguing that coffee has health benefits. >> yeah. if coffee causes cancer, i am in big trouble. i can't believe that. i think we've scaled the mountain. temperatures keep going up and up. could it get warmer? we've hit the mountain. now it's time to work our way down. it has been so warm for the past week and a half in february where almost every day there was a spot that hit 80 degrees. where is that spot today? gilroy, 82 degrees. that's a record high. vallejo 78, napa and concord 77, san francisco 74 degrees. remember, you're warmer than any may has ever been. kentfield 74, a record high today. here's your ridge of high
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pressure making its closest path. it will retreat to the west starting tomorrow. there's cloud cover up at the oregon/idaho boundary. there's a very weak boundary. this will slide to the south. the air on the other side of that border is somewhat cooler. we will modify it by the time it makes it to northern california. that's the source of our air saturday which will be up to 10 degrees cooler. there is not a precipitation change, but there is a temperature change on the way. we will be breezy and cooler beginning saturday with highs in the 60s. as for rainfall we'd love to tell you we'll have another front giving us some rain behind that. i don't see it. no rain in sight, but we will see a temperature change starting this weekend. tomorrow one final day with widespread 70s, fairfield 75, 74 in santa rosa and san jose, 72 in napa, redwood city and mountain view and san francisco, sunshine tomorrow but cooling down to 68 degrees, cooler still saturday, cooler sunday, breezy saturday as
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well. next week we'll have highs in the low to mid-60s, still above average but not as warm. the peak of the heat is now finished. >> paul, thank you. it was almost a year ago the destructive flooding ripped through a section of san jose forcing thousands out of their homes. kiet do tells us dozens of the victims are now suing the city and the water district claiming they could have stopped it. >> reporter: cindy ellis lost her home, possessions and her job. >> it's been a long year. it's been a very long, hard year. >> reporter: the woman in this dramatic photo on the front page of the metro had no time to grab precious photos and video of her family. >> all the documents were destroyed. no one could ever replace for me. >> reporter: and jolene noel also lost family heirlooms when her basement flooded. her final out of pocket expenses will likely be about $10,000. >> they need to take responsibility for what they've done. >> reporter: as we approach the one year anniversary of the
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coyote creek flooding, attorney amanda haas who lives within the flood zone filed a massive lawsuit seeking damages likely to total in the millions of dollars. the law says the overtopping of anderson reservoir was preventible. debris that collected in the creek and blocked the flow of water should have been cleared and residents should have gotten some kind of early warning to evacuate before it was too late. haas has lived through three floods in coyote creek over the past four decades and said the city of san jose, santa clara county and the santa clara valley water district have known about the flooding for generations. >> coyote creek doesn't flood unless anderson reservoir overtops. when it overtops, coyote floods. if it doesn't overtop, no flood. so fix the damn dam. >> reporter: lena veray owns these two apartment buildings in the rock springs area where floodwaters were neck deep and where we saw some of the most dramatic rescues. she had to dip into savings to pay the mortgage for six months
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while the building underwent repairs and she, too remembers the flooding from 191970. >> if we -- from 1997. >> if we had done something the first time, it wouldn't have happened then. >> reporter: the water company gave a long list of things they had done including debris removal, all done after the fact. >> it really upsets me they're claiming they have no responsibility when everything points to them. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix5. coming up drama on capitol hill, the white house prepares for a shutdown, the senator holding up a key vote. >> don't worry. if there's a shutdown, jimmy g. can pay everybody's salaries. the 49ers had to raid ft. knox to give their quarterback a long term deal. the historic details are neck. -- are next.
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that jimmy garoppolo is the
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present "and" the future of the 49ers. the italian stallion is in the barn. it took just five games to convince 49er management to know that jimmy garoppolo is the present and future of the 49ers. did they show him the money, a five year deal worth $137 million, an average of $27.5 million per year, the highest annual salary in nfl history until, of course, aaron rodgers signs his new deal, but garoppolo will reportedly make 75 million guaranteed, quite a raise for a guy who made around 800,000 last season. down to paradise for round 1 of the at&t pro-am, rory mcilroy in the event the first time paired with his dad jerry. they played spyglass today, finished with a 4-under 68. dad's got some game, too.
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he rolled in the birdie putt on 18. to cap off their round to pebble beach, the mcelroy family. phil mickelson was 3-over on the front 9, caught fire on the back 9 sticking his approach on 18. lefty birdied five of the final seven homes to finish with a 3- under 60 -- holes to finish with a 3-under 69. he has to catch that man, 22- year-old o lauffler who is tied at 7-under par. no. 1 player in the world dustin johnson shot a67. he's seven shots off the lead. i'll see you sunday at pebble for the par 5 post tournament show. the nba trade deadline was earlier today and the cleveland cavaliers got a facelift that would make phyllis diller
6:24 pm
proud. first cleveland shipped shipped isaiah to the lakers in a move to free up cap space as they try and get lebron this summer. thomas was supposed to replace kyrie irving. the cavs got george hill and rodney hood and traded two more. it looked a heck of a lot better on paper. let's see if lebron can make it gel in time for the playoffs. draymond green will never win his battle with the officials, but he's going to keep trying apparently. green was fined $50,000 for his latest outburst tuesday night. he leads the nba with 13 technicals and will be suspended when he reaches 16. the warriors host the mavericks tonight. the mood was nice and relaxed at shoot-around. rather than watching trade rumors swirl, they retreated to a video montage celebrating klay thompson's 28th birthday. >> it was a bunch of highlights
6:25 pm
from his high school career. we seen some baby pictures, draft night. it was cool to kind of see everything that happened up until this time for klay. >> reporter: what's the reaction? >> about the same reaction he always has, straight faced and ready to go play some ball. >> the team doesn't look very nervous to me. three lost two straight, three -- they've lost two straight, three of four. they're not panicking. the cleveland cavaliers definitely panicking tonight. >> we'll see if they can get it intact. >> happy birthday to klay thompson. >> thanks, dennis. coming up in our next half hour market mayhem. >> traders left with that huge sinking feeling for the second time this week. speaks out on offshore oil drilling. >> and sending a message to the trump administration, california speaks out on offshore oil drilling. >> an ac transit bus and car collide in berkeley, one woman
6:26 pm
killed, the heart breaking twist involving her father.
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you're watching kpix5 news.
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the index has no percent fr oh, there it is, our top story at 6:30, another quadruple digit drop for the dow, the index has tumbled 10% from its all time high it hit last month. >> as ken bastida tells us, that's the textbook definition of a correction, right, ken? >> that's where we are. the last time we had a correction like this was back in february of 2016. the financial experts say it's not time to panic no matter what you see, though it certainly wasn't a good day on wall street. the dow plunged 400 points in just the last half hour of trading, huge selloff fueled by fears about inflation, rising interest rates. so what's the average investor to do? well, uc berkeley professor robert rice, former u.s. labor secretary, he says if you have a 401k, don't make any sudden moves. just hang on. enjoy this wall street wild ride. >> it could fall quite a lot, but it will come up again.
6:30 pm
you know, the stock market almost has its own animal energies. there's no reason to believe that the underlying economy, that is, the fundamentals, jobs, wages, everything else that people worry about, is in deep trouble. >> yeah. it's not just the dow that's down in the dumps. today's selloff sent the nasdaq and s&p 500 deep into the red as well and the selloff is spreading a bit. the asian markets have also opened friday trading tomorrow with triple digit drops. e" in the econ so when should you start worrying? rice says if unemployment soars or there's an obvious bubble in the economy and he doesn't think that's very likely, either scenario. >> ken, try to get a good night sleep. the other big story unfolding right now in washington, we are just a few hours away from another government shutdown. ja jiang is live pitol hill. this evening kentucky senator rand paul is blocking a vote on a budget deal.
6:31 pm
reporter weigia jiang live with that drama on capitol hill. still hadn't e >> reporter: it certainly is drama. he's been speaking on the floor for several hours now and his aides say he has no intention of giving up because senator paul wants first to have a vote on an amendment to keep budget caps in place. if the measure eventually makes it to the house, which we expect it will, it will face similar challenges in addition to resistance from democrats. ser to another shutdown. t)) i wo by early evening the senate still hadn't voted on a 700 page bill to fund the government inching ever closer to another shutdown. t - is the very def >> i would argue it's time to vote. >> we're in risky territory here. >> reporter: but kentucky republican rand paul wasn't on board and held up the vote over spending increases. >> if you were against president obama's deficits and now you're for the republican deficits, isn't that the very definition of hypocrisy.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: the massive bill raises spending on defense spending and nondefense spending and lifts the debt ceiling for a year and al lates $90 billion for areas hit -- and allocates $90 billion for areas hit by hurricanes and wildfires. the white house urged congress to pass the deal but warned federal agencies to prepare for a limited shutdown. the house of representatives has its own challenges for passage with conservatives opposing spending and democrats holding out for a promise to protect daca recipients. minority leader nancy pelosi pressed house speaker paul ryan to commit to a vote on immigration legislation, but ryan is waiting for cues from the white house. >> i want to make sure we get it done right the first time. i don't want to risk a veto. >> reporter: without a deal the government shuts down at midnight for the second time this year. house leadership has advised members they are not expecting to have to vote any time soon,
6:33 pm
but to be prepared for something late tonight or early in morning for members to come back and vote whenever this thing gets out of the senate. >> so the bill has to clear the senate. we understand that senator paul ordered in dinner, a big mac and fries. how long will he continue to be able to block the vote? >> reporter: technically he has until 1:00 local time, 10 p.m. your time, to keep this going, but then after that it would just be a procedural vote and he would get another hour to speak if he wants it and he has said he doesn't mind staying here till 3 a.m. and that's when we expect a final vote in the senate. after that it has to go to the house. so we are anticipating at least a partial government shutdown. >> weigia jiang on capital him, thanks. canadian prime minister justin trudeau hopes to return home with some u.s. business after meeting with tech leaders in san francisco. he landed at sfo today on his
6:34 pm
way to a roundtable talk at sales force headquarters with ceo mark benioff. he later met with amazon founder jeff bee dose. true bow -- jeff bezos. trudeau is pitching canada as a good place to shop amid fears it might be more difficult for u.s. firms to hire foreign talent. protesters angry the trump administration wants to drill along our coastline, reporter lamore abrams with more on the meeting at the white house. >> reporter: from the pacific coast to the state capital, environmentalists fuming over a plan by the trump administration to expand the california coast to offshore oil drilling. 13-year-old seth winefield worried he'd get lost in the sea of protesters made his point crystal clear with an inflatable dolphin. >> this is the future we want to see for the next generation, not a polluted ocean that is crumbling. >> reporter: a team of marine
6:35 pm
biologists backing him up. >> so we saw from a santa barbara oil spill three years ago we found 48 dead sea lions and 12 dead dolphins. >> reporter: that's why assemblywoman monique lemon of santa barbara said this fight is personal. >> we will not expand offshore oil drilling because we as californians will pay the costs. >> reporter: but california lawmakers warned the white house the state will block pipelines to get back to land, supporters chanting that message for miles all the way to the sacramento library. it's where the u.s. bureau of ocean energy management set up stations to gather feedback. >> our society has to find a way to move forward realistically. >> reporter: bill brown is the bureau's chief environmental officer overseeing the government's drilling program. he says preventing oil spills is a priority. >> our job is to make sure that we don't do this in the areas that are especially contested,
6:36 pm
but at the end of the day, we won't have all of our energy provided by wind and solar. >> reporter: this is the only planned hearing in california and one of 23 happening across coastal states where the federal government is making federal plans for offshore drilling. these pictures from this morning. we're chevron confirms there's been flaring today at the richmond refinery, chopper 5 with pictures from this morning. we are told that the flaring has stopped. chevron says it's kept air quality officials updated on the situation. no health advisories have been issued. have a breaking story out of los angeles right now, crews are battling this huge fire. this is a mansion in the bel air neighborhood. the fire started apparently in the attic about 5:15. the home is not far from the ucla campus and, of course, where the october skirball wildfire destroyed homes right near the 405 interstate.
6:37 pm
firefighters there on the ladder, but look at how fully engulfed that home is. >> wow. >> there's a better shot to show you. it is a huge home. we're told it's worth $18 million, but again this is in the bel air neighborhood. >> we're told this is the 10800 block of bellagio road. there are 80 firefighters battling this blaze that broke out about an hour ago in the attic. as soon as we have more information, we'll bring it to you. a father mourns the death of his daughter killed in a car crash this morning on her way to work. >> the massive chunk of change it will take to fix the lead problem at oakland schools.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. way we're following a breaking story right now in antioch. there's been a police shooting near the 76 station on lone tree way and golf course road. we're told it happened around
6:40 pm
5:00 when police tried to take a wanted fugitive into custody. there is no word now on his condition. a berkeley woman is dead after her car collided with an ac transit bus. the impact sent both vehicles careening into a house near ashby and california. kpix5's susie steimle tells us one of the first people to show up at the scene was the victim's father. a real gut feeling tion of the >> reporter: kelvin zachary says he was listening to the morning news when his ears perked up. >> i just had a real gut feeling, you know, from the description of the vehicle, especially the color. >> reporter: around 6:40 this morning a red honda collided with an ac transit bus at the intersection of california and ashby avenue, less than a mile from kelvin's home. his 27-year-old daughter kelly drives that same car and had just left home for work. when kelvin arrived at the scene, the cruel reality set in. >> it's the saddest day of my
6:41 pm
life. nobody should bury their children. children are supposed to bury their parents. >> reporter: police say kelly's honda was traveling south on california and collided with the ac transit bus traveling west on ashby. both vehicles struck a park car and careened into a nearby home. no one else was injured, but neighbors say it sounded like an earthquake. >> a boom, but i didn't think it was a big, massive accident like what i just saw. >> reporter: police don't know the cause of the crash. kelvin says if anything, empathizes with the bus driver. kelvin, a veteran driver for ac transit, knows his co-worker is struggling, too. >> i feel for my brothers and sisters that are doing a tremendous job. >> reporter: his only solace? that last night before going to bed his daughter said she loved him. >> i saw her last night prior to coming in from work and prior to going to bed.
6:42 pm
so i was able to say good-bye to her. >> reporter: ac transit has offered the family its condolences. it says the bus driver involved in the crash is participating fully with its investigation and has been working for ac transit since 2014. in berkeley, susie steimle, kpix5. the cost to fix lead contamination in water at oakland schools could reach nearly $40 million. oakland unified said the money will be used to replace old water lines as well as drinking water and sink fixtures. the school district said the costs will be spread out over five years. most of the funds will come from local construction bonds, grants and other programs. in just minutes san jose mayor sam liccardo will deliver his state of the city address. here's a live look now at tonight's event just getting underway. the mayor will talk about a wide range of issues the city is facing including the high cost of living and crime.
6:43 pm
the speech starts at 7:20 tonight. some south koreans are ditching the olympics for the warriors, their gift to steph curry. >> it is going to rain in a few parts of california sooner than later. coming up where that will be, your weekend forecast and how close that rain gets to the bay area next.
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that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids! iversity another big money is coming to uscf for a new project. the helen diller foundation is gifting the university another $500 million to build a new hospital at its medical campus in parnassas heights where the current langley porter psychiatric hospital is now. this will be the first new hospital on the site in 35 years. the new hospital should be completed by 2030. team usa is in south korea for the winter olympics, but a group of die hard korean warriors fans are here in the bay area. the "s.curry squad." they made this special y
6:47 pm
yeah, the 10 fans call themselves the s curry squad. they made this special youtube video after they met steph curry at an international under armour tour. that's when they promised steph they would make the 5,000-mile trek here to the bay area to watch some games at oracle. >> we promised that like we all s curry members going to come here to see you. this is just for you and just for warriors. >> just being here is the very best part of it, to see the oracle arena and feel the atmosphere and the crowd, dub nation. >> the s curry squad will catch three games at oracle and head back home after saturday's game against san antonio. >> still catch some of the olympics when they go back home. >> lower level seats, i bet you the tickets cost more than getting from korea to here. we are still in the upper 60s. let's check the temperature in oakland, one of the cool spots, but it's amazing in february that one of the cool spots after sunset is still in the
6:48 pm
mid-60s, santa rosa and oakland 64, concord still 71, san francisco 69 degrees and clear skies, san jose 68. we will cool off tonight just like we have the past several nights. as a matter of fact, santa rosa on some of these mornings before you set these record highs close to 80 degrees, you've dropped down to 38 overnight. not as chilly tonight, 42 in oakland, mountain view 48 degrees, very streaky weather recently. remember january back when it actually rained? it kind of rained a lot. we had rainfall 15 of 23 days in the middle of january. since then the rain has stopped for 14 consecutive days. i'm about to add seven more with the next seven days in our forecast. completely rain free. here's part of the problem or the good thing depending which way you look at it. let's look at the half full approach. if you enjoy warm weather in february, there it is right there. storm track well to our north, big, strong ridge of high pressure making its closest path today. it begins to move away tomorrow. there will be subtle changes to our weather coming up as soon as this weekend as a result of
6:49 pm
that ridge moving. cloud cover is not going to be one of them. we're sunny all day tomorrow. we will be sunny saturday, sunny and breezy sunday. we may see high thin cloud cover work into the north bay especially up toward mendocino county, but the ridge pulls back allowing two different low pressure areas to pull through. one comes in saturday and cools us down. another develops to our south and west monday and tuesday. that's rainfall right there. los angeles gets rain before we do. orange county gets rain before we do, likely las vegas getting rain before we do. usually it comes north to south. this one scoots around us. we will likely stay rain free, but precipitation to our south, strange, coming up next tuesday. the ridge begins to move after yet another warm day on friday. our highs will be in the 60s everywhere starting sunday. that is a significant change. we've been in the 70s and 80s. an isolated mountain shower is possible in the south bay as that low pressure area swings by. cooler tomorrow but still well above average, 74 degrees in the santa clara valley, 72 in
6:50 pm
redwood city, 68 in pacifica and fremont 70 degrees, dublin 73, pittsburg 73, vallejo 71. your high tomorrow in san francisco is 68 degrees, san rafael and sonoma 71, santa rosa 74 and lake port the warm spot tomorrow at 75 degrees. we cool down with a breeze saturday, still sunny. sunday 60s, next week low to mid-60s. once we get cooler we stay cooler, but we will also stay dry. it wasn't as warm in philadelphia, but it was sunny, the city holding its victory parade today for my favorite professional sports team, the super bowl champions, sounds good, philadelphia eagles. - th ow - >> eagles! kelce - check >> how many fans? about 1.5 to 2 million fans. the eagles were on buses moving down broad street. i was born on broad street. that guy right there looks like he's ready for mardi gras, no. 62 jason kelsey dressed in full
6:51 pm
regalia having a good time. he is kind of angry today if you listen to his speech. it's like dude, you just won the super bowl. jason peter, good time. to put things in perspective, san francisco had to wait 58 years for the giants to finally win a world series in san francisco. philadelphia fans had to wait 58 years for the last championship. long time. >> well deserved. >> absolutely. congratulations, paul. >> thank you. a big family celebration in our household. there's a starbucks on nearly every corner, but this one is far from typical, the new upscale cafe located south of market. >> and coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 a college student claims spirit airlines forced her to flush her emotional support hamster. now she's lawyering up. we'll have that story for you tonight, nightbeat 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. that was one customer's reaction to the swanky new "starbucks reserve" store in san francisco. kpix five's john ramos checked it out. underdressed for starbucks? >> that was one customer's reaction to the swanky starbucks reserve store in san francisco the kpix5's john ramos went to check it out. >> reporter: in a city like san francisco with a starbucks
6:55 pm
on seemingly every block, this new one at 201 mission street is attracting a lot of attention. >> very different feel, very different feel. >> i really like the new concept. >> reporter: welcome to san francisco's first starbucks reserve bar patterned after a high end napa tasting room. the reserve bar displays coffees like bottles of fine wine and lists a menu of exotic brews with hints of lavender and meyer lemon. >> the intention of the new concept is to get people to come in, spend some more time and spend some more money on the exotic coffee. >> reporter: starbucks wouldn't speak with us today, actually wouldn't let us in, but the company's ceo discusses the reserve concept in a video on their website. >> everything we've ever done to this point has led us here. this is the moment of the next generation of starbucks. >> reporter: the first generation of starbucks took the world by storm and actually defined the concept of high end coffee, but it's possible they've gotten too familiar to be cool anymore.
6:56 pm
>> they're kind of right there with walgreen's on every corner. >> reporter: so the reserve bar now offers the social setting of an expensive cocktail lounge. customers don't get a cup. they get a coffee experience and baristas don't pour. they perform. most of the customers we spoke to seemed to enjoy the new atmosphere, but kathy lichtig said it's a little much just to get an iced tea. >> i'm used to one impression and this was a little like wow, i did not dress up for. this i should have dressed. >> reporter: in true starbucks fashion the company reportedly set a goal of having 1,000 cafes selling their rarest coffees which raises the question what does rare even mean? in san francisco, john ramos, kpix5. >> see? >> is the coffee better? >> more expensive. >> that makes it better. for news throughout the evening the latest always >> join us for nightbeat at
6:57 pm
10:00 and back here tonight at 11:00.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank you all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and like always, got another good one for you today, returning for their third day, with a total of 20,630 bucks, from d-town, detroit, michigan, it's the champs, it's the maples family. [cheering and applause] from buford, georgia, it's the mink family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. yeah.
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[cheering and applause] come on! let's get it on! give me teresa, give me pazzella. ["family feud" theme plays] top 8 answers on the board. name a reason a woman hasn't seen her husband in a year. teresa: traveling. steve: traveling. pazzella: the military. steve: military. [cheering and applause] family: we're gonna play. we're gonna play. pazzella: we're gonna play, steve. [cheering and applause] aairika, name a reason a woman hasn't seen her husband in a year. aairika: he's in jail. steve: he's in jail. [cheering and applause] ovella, name a reason a woman hasn't seen her husband in a year. ovella: steve, because he's deceased. steve: because he's deceased.


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