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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  February 11, 2018 7:30am-8:30am PST

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testing the ground:in san jose we'll sit down with the transit authoritiy's captain to discuss what's next.. on kpix5, california high speed rail testing the ground in san jose. we will sit down with the transit authority chief to discuss what's next. >> a bay area city weighs pros and cons of license plate readers. >> working to get people off the streets. how one state senator has a law to propose cracking down. it's 7:30 on this sunday, february 11. >> let's check our forecast. it was a little bit cooler yesterday, a little windy. today is another gorgeous start to this sunday. look at the sunshine. it's bright out there. we are going it see some clouds today and you can expect cooler
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temperatures. we did have ten days in a row of records set. yesterday a record was set even though it was cooler. oak land, you set a record yesterday. temperatures down today to near normal. we are finally getting to where we should be. rain is heading to california. we will track your futurecast and let you know if it will reach the bay area. here is a look at your current temperatures. 40s for concord and oakland, 41 -- santa rosa you are at the freezing mark. you will see clouds off the coastline. there will be more cloud coverage later today. i will track the chance of rain coming up. a new bill making its way through state legislature would require utility companies to come up with specific policies and protocols for cutting off power during wind storms. earlier this week fire investigators announced a combination of strong winds, dry brush, arching power lines sparked at least two fires on
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the night of the wine country fire storm in october. >> had we had something like this in place, we more than likely would not have had anywhere near the damage or anywhere near the amount of fires that we have had in california. >> safety is always our top priority. we are constantly evaluating the impact shutting off power can have to customers. >> pg & e power lines weren't shut off. at this point the utility has no plans to cut power this weekend either. a fiery crash. a car was struck by acal train passenger train and it caught fire as it was dragged a quarter of a mile. this happened around 8:00 last night. crews say the classic 1950s era was stalled on the tracks. the driver got out moments before it was hit. 300 train passengers were transferred. no one was hurt. here is a look at the
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wreckage strewn across the the snowy field outside of moscow today. no survivors have been reported. authorities say the regional jet belonged to sara top airlines. it disappeared from the radar a few minutes after it left the airport. at the grand canyon, three killed in a helicopter crash. this happened yesterday afternoon. faa is still investigating what caused the helicopter to nose dive. local authorities say at least seven people were on board the chopper. officials believe they were on a helicopter tour from las vegas. president trump outlined three steps for immigration reform while blasting current laws. he is using a violent street gang to make his point. >> the savage gang ms13, garring loopholes in laws have allowed criminals and gang members to break into our country. >> reporter: in his weekly address the president used a well known violent gang to
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launch to his call to congress to create a new immigration system. >> fully securing the border, ending chain migration, canceling the visa lottery. chain migration is a disaster and very unfair to our country. the visa lottery is something that should have never been allowed in the first place. >> reporter: the president said ms13 and other gangs now operate in at least 40 states because the u.s. has weak laws. >> our laws are so weak, so sad, so pathetic. it is time for congress to act and to protect americans. a second government shut down in three weeks has ended. president trump signed a bipartisan $400 billion agreement earlier this week. it includes increased spending for military, domestic programs, and disaster release. most democrats in the house voted against it because they wanted the bill to include a
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deal on daca, to protect undocumented immigrants brought here as children. >> the speaker of the house refusal to commit to considering bipartisan legislation to protect teenagers and young adults from deportation is unjustifiable and maddening. >> this agreement accomplishes getting resources we need to rebuild our military. >> immigration overhaul appears to be the next major show down in congress. house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke for more than eight hours during the budget debate, the longest continuous speech on the house floor in well over a century. and it was all to force discussion on daca. it was like something out of the huey long era. we asked willie brown, no stranger to political filibustering, what was it really all about? >> it was an incredible
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performance. nancy pelosi in high heels for eight hours, making it interesting. it was not like just somebody spitting words out. she actually had sentences. she had stories. it reestablished nancy pelosi as truly a democratic leader of the house. >> reality check? >> four inch heels and she finished by having avocado toes, so california. nancy pelosi was able to deliver story after story of the dreamers. that's the message the democrats wanted out. these are human beings, a big cost that the trump administration is pulling here. i think the mayor is right. she put herself in the national spotlight for hours and it was a dramatic moment. >> at no point did she say sanctuary city. at no point did she say preference. she went through it beautifully and not one thing she said could be disagreed with even by the most conservative member of
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the house. >> but has she put herself and the party in a corner saying dreamers are this important. if trump and republicans say they stay but we want the wall, what does she do then? >> i think they're going to have to give something to trump on the wall and border security. but the dreamers are a line in the sand. >> so she made the case that dreamers are bigger than the wall? >> i believe so. paul ryan said they're going to make some agreement on it. >> first and foremost, the wall will be defined differently than just simply a structure. you are going to have a whole host of things going into what's called the wall. and they will be things that are totally acceptable to democrats as well as republicans and trump being trump, the practical dude that he can occasionally be, he will accept it and keep it defined as the wall. yet you will not see one piece of wood, brick, more tar anywhere.
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>> a wall is a wall unless you don't call it a wall. it's said that the line edtween reality and reality now we've got the administration on a reality tv show. >> it's turned into a reality tv show in the form of the former white house aide dishing about her time in the white house. she opened up on celebrity big brother. she said she tried to reason with the president about his twitter habits. >> i was haunted by tweets every single day. like what is he going to tweet? does anybody say to him what are you doing? >> i tried to be that person. all the people around him attacked me. it was like keep her away. don't give her access. don't let her talk. >> the white house dismissed the comments and said she had limited contact with the president while there. back at the wall, one of
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the president's campaign promises is threatening a wildlife preserve. we are talking about a 2000- acre subtropical forest on the rio grande valley along the u.s. mexican border in south texas. biologists say the border wall would run through miles through and in the process disrupt wildlife. >> there are 50 to 75 left remaining in the united states. those are all in south texas. if a border wall is built, that will cut off the united states population from the mexico population. they'll be so inbred that they'll be instinct in the united states. >> this is home to more than 400 kinds of birds and half of the butterfly species in north america. experts say the wall would throw off the migration patterns. the owner of a mobile home park in santa rosa says it could be months or year before residents can return home. flames tore through the mobile home park in early october. 44 homes survived but without
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gas, water, electricity. dozens of people packed a community meeting yesterday hoping to learn when they can return. the owner told them all the infrastructure at the park was destroyed. some residents are worried about what they will do. >> take my mom living in a homeless incampment behind the dollar store in santa rosa. >> to have all the people that we have tried to provide affordable housing to suddenly become homeless, it's emotional for us. >> to make matters worse the owners of the homes that did survive say they are getting little to no help from their insurance companies. students at cardinal newman high school in santa rosa are continuing to rebuild after the fire destroyed half of the campus. today the football team will be in the national spotlight. for four months the team had to find alternative practice fields as they went after their dream to win the national
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championship. today espn is expected to highlight two seniors both of whom lost their homes notice fire. >> overwhelmingly huge. i am lucky i have a fantastic support system with family and friends. >> a top of the national television debut the community has received an outpouring of support. the soccer team of tracy high school gave cardinal newman a check for $2300. still ahead, california's high speed rail. it is rolling into san jose. or at least starting to. we will talk about what's next for the fast moving controversial train.
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for the bullet train are running off the rails. now, lawmakers are moving forward with plans to complete an audit. th art critics say costs for the bullet train are running off the rails. now lawmakers are going with plans to complete an audit. projected costs recently shot up by 35% to $10.6 billion.
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the evaluation will take six to nine months. high speed rail authority is expected to release a business plan soon that could showcase significant shift in cost or the time line of the project. joining us to talk more about this is the high speed rail chief dan richards. you were spotted in the san jose area doing soil tests. are we going to start seeing building in the san jose area? >> we hope we will be building there in a couple years. we are doing testing to help with the environmental and engineering decisions we have to make about how to come to san jose whether on the ground or above the ground, view via duct. >> you have been building like crazy. >> 1700 workers, 17 job sites, a lot of stuff going on in the central valley building part of america's high speed rail system. >> costs have risen. >> costs have gone up mostly
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because of right-of-way acquisition, need to remove lines, railroad intrusion barriers. some of those we think we will be able to push down. >> realistically there is no project in california whether it is the bay bridge or anything big that comes in anywhere near the estimated cost initially. >> i think our record has been that when we see the costs, we report what we see to people. we have not been hiding that. we came in several years ago and said it would cost more than voters thought. this year we said it is higher and we are budgeting a higher amount. we will try to manage the costs down. we will continue to be forthright and manage as hard as we can. >> let's talk about some of the reality. first, what are we going to get out of it? i understand that you have committed money to electrify rail lines between san jose and san francisco. >> right. >> we are going to get electric high speed rail out of this. >> you are getting an electric
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high speed rail no matter what, electric cal train no matter what. that construction is underway. the electrifiedcal train service stations start in four years. high speed rail is funding central subway construction, bart car rehab. a lot of that is coming from our monies. >> how does bart car come out of your money? >> the bond measure in 2008 had provisions for another billion dollars for connected systems. bart got about $150 million for bart cars out of the high speed rail bond money. >> bart gets money from everywhere. >> we try. >> every time i turn around they're getting 100 million here and there. how many times will we pay for the system. what other goodies are out there falling offer the train? >> i know people in the bay area don't spend a lot of time in the central valley. we are building a new rail line. it's going to free freight rail
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capacity. there are 50 places where we are building over crosses and under passes to take out driving across the railroad tracks which is dangerous. there is an enormous amount of construction going on. we want that to be marching to the bay area so we can first connect central valley to silicone valley. >> you connect say the southern part of the central valley and a high speed rail like this to stockton and then you had the ace train coming into the bay area, you would in effect create a new commuter system. >> there is a whole new rail network being built in california. it is going to be important not only to alleviate housing crisis in silicone valley but to go the other way, allow them to invest in facilities in central valley which is in need of it. >> jerry brown, he will be moving on. with him there goes your patron saint of high speed rail. >> i would say there goes america's greatest
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infrastructure advocate. it doesn't mean we won't have more in the future. >> i looked at the gubernatorial candidates and i am not sure that you have a real winner on the team. >> we have reached out to them. >> the point being if it stops or slowed down what would we as california still get out of it? >> i don't think that's going to happen. if it did, if it did you would have electrified cal train, improved local services. you would have better passenger and freight rail in the central valley, higher public safety. and you would have connections to things like ace train. but i think when you will see our business plan coming out, we have a path to get there to build this. is it going to be harder, more expensive? is it going to take longer? yes. do we do things like this in california? we do. >> well, thank you for joining us. we will keep an eye on that. it could be the commuter train to stockton. >> it will be more than that, phil. we will go out there for something we can predict and that's the weather. >> i have your forecast
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covered. we are talking about a cooler day. if you enjoyed yesterday's cooler air, today will drop a few degrees as far as temperatures are concerned. here is a view of the golden gate bridge. we have nice clear conditions. we are seeing some clouds just off the coast. you will see more cloud coverage this afternoon. it looks like our temperatures are cooler than they were at this time yesterday. that's for sure. we are in the 30s and 40s. here is our vaca camera. they need some water and we are tracking a chance of rain. a few models show us that it could reach us. oakland 41, 32 in santa rosa. as far as our winds, we saw high wind gusts yesterday afternoon especially across the north bay. right now we have calm conditions, a little bit of an on shore happening at half moon bay, red wood city. that will cool things a little bit. north northwest with napa at six miles per hour. calm conditions. this afternoon our winds will
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pick up again. we are not at advisory level. yesterday the wind advisory ended at midnight. at 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon, santa rosa, san rafael can see gusts today. tales not advisory level but winds will be strong today through tomorrow morning as well. along the coast we will get an on shore breeze happening. that's why temperatures will feel cooler. today 62 in santa rosa. san francisco is 59, 62 red wood city. where tuesday that put us compared to where we should be? we are finally pretty close. 59 puts us a degree below average. a degree above average for oakland. oakland beat a record yesterday. temperatures were cool but record breaking. san jose, 64 will be your high. this is the storm we are watching. to the north you see the rain and snow coming towards washington and oregon. that high that's been bringing record breaking warmth will
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weaken a lot. that's what's going to help bring the chance of rain. the model is showing a slight chance by this afternoon that parts of the north bay can see precipitation, very light amounts if it does happen late tonight at 6:00 or 7:00, it could move its way through. if it does, it's not going to be measurable precipitation. here is the seven-day forecast. partly cloudy is what we are calling the next couple days. sunny again and temperatures will be close to average. good morning everybody. are you ready? hang onto something. i will give you the best minute of sports i can possibly give. thompson, how about that for starters? we've got more in a moment. and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding
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to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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we can now repair complex at saortic aneurysmsare, without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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we start with the warriors coach. that is steve with the spurs greg poplovich. i jumped out of my chair when i saw this. the bench went crazy. david west muscling inside, six for six on the field. 122-105. the build up was so big last night they brought the national championship trophy out last night. number 12 gonzaga. bulldogs run away 24-8 early.
7:55 am
21 off the bench, won 78-55. that's bill murray. a hello to the third round from yesterday. number one in the world and on the leader board. dustin johnson two under 70 tied with ted potter junior on top the leader board. the sharks last night bait the oilers. that is ryan breaking a third period tie, so goal of the night and sharks won 6-4. that is your sports minute on this sunday. don't go away too far because i will be back later this afternoon. have a good one. >> don't go away too far. a company helping u.s. olympics ski team train without actually hitting the slopes. >> much faster than i thought. >> this is virtual reality, an experience developed by striver. when athletes strap on the head set they're able to see a 360- degree video of the ski run
7:56 am
they're training for. >> this is exactly the same mountain they're going to experience in korea. it gives your body the experience of being there so you have the same emotional physiological responses and you prepare under those. >> looks intense. to push the training athletes can adjust the speed of the video. elon musk considering building a hyper loop tunnel as tesla's factory. the hyper loop system uses a magnetic tube to propel a pod. according to the tech website, musk bought the idea to build a tunnel in fremont during a tesla conference call this week. the idea would be to connect the tesla plant with the tesla parts factory a mile away. right now the trucks are delivering materials between the facilities which is severely limiting production of the model three. in the next half hour, a
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partial victory for opponents of a plan to track vehicles coming in and out of one bay area city. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen.
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a california lawmaker who championed women's rights in the "me too" campaign... now under investigation for groping. we a california lawmaker who championed women's rights in the me too campaign finds herself under investigation for groping. welcome back to kpix5 this
8:00 am
morning. it is 8:00. good morning. >> good morning to all of you. an assembly woman recognized nationally as an advocate in the me too movement and now the democratic member of the legislative women's caucus is investigated for sexual harassment. a 25 year old aid to another lawmaker says garcia squeezed his buttocks and touched his crotch during a softball game. a second man says garcia tried to grab his crotch during a fund raiser. the high profile advocacy of the me too movement earned her national attention. in december she was seen right here including a cover story on those who spoke against sexual harassment. last year her charges against male lawmakers prompted two to resign. >> it's not the victims' responsibility. it's those with power. >> garcia denies the claims but says she will take unpaid leave
8:01 am
of absence while being investigated. she issued a statement saying upon reflection of the details i am certain i did not engage in the behavior i am accused of. any claims about sexual harassment must be taken seriously and i believe elected officials should be held to a higher standard. >> i asked what does this do for the me too movement? >> she too could be the next iteration of me too. that is women lawmakers are now going to be under the same microscope as the men and the question is going to be will the standards be the same when victims come forward? >> in the case of daniel ferera was it the same? >> this is a young staffer who worked three years ago that just came forward this year as the me too movement broke.
8:02 am
>> he goes to assembly rules where it is supposed to be confidential and with what? >> he told us within 48 hours people were calling him. there was a leak up there with the confidentiality thing not holding. he started fearing for his own business so he decided to speak out. >> can you actually legislator rule conduct like this or do people have to be bounced? >> i think ultimately, you will find that people are going to have to be bounced but it will work itself out ultimately. it's becoming far too penetrating into the heart and soul of the whole house. just wait until one of the leaders get nailed. then you will have the problem. the challenge is not met yet. >> tell us about the assembly woman. >> this is the issue. garcia has been an icon in the me too movement. she's demanded male legislators step aside when there have been
8:03 am
the accusations until an investigation is done. that's what makes this story interesting. so far she is not stepping aside and we will see how this plays out. >> the only way for the movement to maintain the same credibility is her conduct has to be evaluated and operated the same way as tony mendozo and all the other members accused. >> the latest wrinkle in the on going debate and as revelations are between sacramento and now spousal abuse allegations at the white house, it is a not ending story. meanwhile the president is back into the russian controversy. >> right. the president refuses to release a classified memo from adam schiff unless provisions are made. democrats sent a political and long response memo which they knew would have to be redacted.
8:04 am
he defended it writing it shows the government the fbi acted properly. this is a rebuttal to the gop memo last week. it was sent out despite warning from fbi and justice department. democrats are planning their next move claiming the decision not to release the memoranda on he is obstruction of -- memo is obstruction of justice. justin trudeau spoke about his relationship yesterday. >> i continue to engage regularly and constructively with president trump as well. there are things we don't agree on but there are things that we do agree on as well. >> friday night, a chp motorcycle officer part of trudeau's motor cade was hurt in an accident. the officer suffered a broken collar bone. trudeau was not hurt. the president warning about
8:05 am
false abuse accusations referencing two white house staffers who lost their jobs. he tweeted people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by mere allegation. there is no recovery for someone family accused he says. the speech writer who denies allegations he abused his spouse resigned friday a day after staff secretary rob porter stepped down over allegations of spousal abuse. the white house took action wednesday in porter's case when pictures surfaced of one of his ex wives with a black eye. a partial victory for privacy advocates concerns about plans to track vehicles entering and exiting alameda. the city approved funding for 13 license plate readers that would record license plate numbers, date, time, location. but they will not be put to use until details are worked out. there is concern about information being shared with ice, immigrations and customs
8:06 am
enforcement. the police chief wants a policy in place to prevent that. >> joining us to take a closer look is the alameda police chief. you are not the first city to do this. >> no. >> is this at a time where a couple issues are converging and getting public. first it is the issue of public safety verses privacy. alameda is an island. you can clock everybody going in and out. what do you see as the role of police in doing something like that? >> for us now we are looking at it as a way to hopefully keep a lid on or push back the needle on property crime spikes we have seen. to do that, we would like help. we have a limited amount of officers. this would be one way for us to try. >> how would it help you do that? >> picture alameda on any given day. we may have seven or eight patrol officers on duty. and we have thousands of people moving about the island and coming over the bridge through
8:07 am
the tunnel from oakland. i will get back to that in a second. instead of us looking for a needle in a hay stack the cameras would say the needle came over the bridge. the thing you are interested in, the car with a warrant, the car used in a bank robbery has entered alameda. >> or the car seen leaving where they went to a coffee shop and grabbed computers, it is coming in. but it is also a sign saying welcome to alameda. we are watching that. that's a deterrent. you are sending a message. that has people concerned about public and private privacy. you have cameras on cars and some people say you are going to clock me any time i go anywhere? >> if we got this approved and put them on bridges every car that comes in orange or leaves a the me today would be recorded. >> and those are held by a private company. >> correct. >> that private company in
8:08 am
addition to having a contract with you and possibly other cities where you want to share the information or jurisdictions about license plates also has private clients which include say car repossession firms or something else. so the same information is being shared. how does that work with law enforcement? >> the law enforcement side of the business for the vendor we work with, that data does not cross into the private side. we don't allow that. it's our information, alameda's information which we own and control. it is only shared with law enforcement agencies that we specifically select. >> license plate readings are shared with others as well. >> no. >> no? >> it's only on the law enforcement side. >> cameras take pictures for private clients. >> they do. >> so the camera is taking public and private shots. >> yes. >> that has people concerned especially since one of the clients of the company it turns out has a contract with ice.
8:09 am
that wouldn't have been a problem two or three years ago. under california's sanctuary laws that is an issue now. >> right. it's a big problem. it's a hurdle that i am not sure our vendor will be able to get over. probably a couple weeks after we submitted the staff report to the council, it came out in the media that our vendor entered into this private contract with ice for the private side data, the private sector data, not law enforcement data. we had shut off data to ice on the law enforcement side. since the the meeting we have confirmed ice never had access to data. that's going to do little to make anybody feel better that we are potentially now doing business with the company. >> that's the politics involved. >> correct. >> we have politics, public safety, privacy concerns. welcome to the new age of policing. >> right. it's been that way for years now. we have body cameras, tasers,
8:10 am
some of the other technology law enforcement is using that involves private companies and involves these private servers that are being used to store the data. >> is it helpful? >> it is, yes. i think so. >> what have cities gotten out of license plate readers? >> if you went to each of the cities that have them and even our city, we have had numerous cases that we have been able to solve because of the license plate readers. i was asked in a council meeting to come up with some of those. i didn't have them at my finger tips but we have solved a couple shootings in the last six months in large part because of the readers. >> what are the odds that you will get these going or is it going to sink because of concerns about ice and sanctuary? >> i think it is a coin flip. i think if we get them, it will be because of a lot of confessions and really good policy, tightly woven policy language to restrict how data is shared.
8:11 am
>> it will be interesting. other cities are looking at this and other cities have them. tech and law enforcement are becoming increasingly merged force. as we know, tech is out there. thank you for joining us. >> we are talking bart etiquette. it looks like bart says passengers need a lesson in etiquette. posters promote respect for passengers, trains, and the station. check out some of the ads in the new campaign. this one shows an elevator. it says i am not a bathroom. people use them for bathrooms. this ad says let the pregnant lady sit down. certified etiquette trainer we have skyped with said this has to do with culture. >> everybody has their headsets in. i think we need to unplug and get back into the real world. >> when else will you listen to
8:12 am
your pod casts? fixing bad manners might take more than posters but they still believe it's worth a shot. still to come, the proposal to get people off the streets in san francisco.
8:13 am
8:14 am
streets.. state senator scott wiener. welcome back to kpix5. walk down any bay area street
8:15 am
especially san francisco and you are going to come ivanka cross people that are clearly mentally impaired, the people that may be walking around wearing nothing more than a sleeping bag. others are talking to themselves or laid out on the streets. joining us this morning is state senator scott wiener. one of the things we are dealing with with the mentally ill is the revolving door. i see paramedics show up and the people are taken to san francisco general, held for 72 hours. they may be intoxicated, might be off meds, they're stabilized and then released again. we repeat the cycle. we can do a 14 day retainer and a 30 day retainer. we need to do something about this. >> we have a tiny percentage of the homeless population, about 1%, truly dying on the streets. they're severely mentally ill, severely drug addicted in a death spiral. because of the way that state conservatorship laws are set up
8:16 am
after the 72 hours, it becomes really hard. if the person sobers up and seems normal, you can't hold them anymore. for the small group of people being committed a lot, who are severely drug addicted and dying, we want to give more tools to put them into a conservatorship, get them into housing, get them healthy. >> in order to do that, you have to keep them. you have to say you cannot go back on the streets. that puts you up against the the idea of mental institutions are horrid places. in california we have said no to doing that. >> the public institutions were really terrible. a lot of people were in there who shouldn't have been in there. we went to the other extreme where people who need help are just on our streets dying. so far 99% of homeless people,
8:17 am
this has no impact. this is for the small number of people who need help. we don't want to put them in jail. this isn't about arresting them or criminalizing them. this is for the tiny group of people dying on the streets, getting them into housing, getting them back on their feet in a humane way. i would never advocate going back to the other days. this is for a tiny group that desperately needs then. we are working with civil liberties groups. we will have all their input to be sure we have appropriate checks and balances. all of this has to go before a judge. people get an advocate on their behalf. >> what's the mood in sacramento? this situation isn't just in the bay area. it's up and down the coast, in the inland as well. >> absolutely. my partners on this are from los angeles, senator henry stern from l.a. and a couple of great assembly members. los angeles board of supervisors and l.a.
8:18 am
city council passed resolutions asking for this change. this is san francisco and l.a. working together because they have a challenging situation. >> say somebody was repeatedly picked up. they call them frequent flyers. somebody shows up intoxicated at the emergency room which costs us a bundle and does them very little good because they're back on the streets. where would they go? >> for someone who gets conserved, this has to be a pattern of how they are in terms of their mental state on the street, going before a judge. then the colonies will have to provide the transitional housing, the health services. obviously what we are doing is giving permission to use this new tool but the city will then have to provide services. again, this is a tiny group of people. so the city will i believe have the resources to do that. to be clear the city has to have the resources. >> and the city has to have the
8:19 am
will. you would give them permission but that's no guarantee that the city will go for it. >> i believe the city has the will. the mayor before he died, this was high priority. this was his legacy. director of public health and homeless services, people are committed to making change. >> you are first to advocate for it. a lot of people wonder why it's taken so long. thank you for joining us this morning. now we will do something more on the pleasant side which is take a look at the weather. >> it is pretty pleasant out there. we have clear conditions and nice sunshine. you see lake curry. we definitely need some precipitation. it looks like we are tracking a chance of possibly sierra snow fall coming to northern california. a very slight chance of showers tonight and maybe tomorrow morning. right now things are dry out there. the winds will pick up later this afternoon. here are your headlines. we did set another record in
8:20 am
oakland. that would be ten in a row of records set as far as warm weather. temperatures are down today. we are getting close to normal and showers are heading to california. all of that is coming in your forecast. here is a look at our temperatures. 43 oakland, 43 liver more. san francisco bumped up to 50. satisfy than a rosa you are out of the freezing mark at 33. a beautiful day at ocean beach. here are the clouds that are lingering off the coastline. here is the green popping up. we are not expecting much measurable rainfall. this is going to basically skip the bay area but bringing us a very slim chance of showers. here is a look at the winds. napa, fairfield, gusts up to 18, half moon bay up to 20-mile per hour winds. the winds will stay strong overnight. you may hear the tree branches flying around. this afternoon, upper 50s for
8:21 am
pacifica. in the east bay, low 60s, upper 50s. these are normal conditions. we are finally where we should be. 59 is the afternoon high in san francisco, 62 santa rosa, 64 sonoma. it is cooler up north. here is the highly anticipated rain and snow fall. here is a look at the futurecast. this model is showing early tomorrow there is a chance foresee era snow coming down and possibly very light showers that could graze right past us. most of this storm is going to impact southern california. southern portions of the sierra, los angeles, san diego could see rainfall. this model showing futurecast as far as snow is concerned, we could see one to two inches at donner summit, south lake tahoe, bear valley. near mammoth they may get two or three inches of snow fall. partly cloudy today and tomorrow. tuesday things should clear up and valentine's day temperatures are staying in the
8:22 am
60s. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
student makes a life changing decision. th us, th in a battle against depression and hopelessness a middle school student makes a life changing decision. >> the student overcame hard times with the help of the one stable force in his life, his grandmother. >> always report cards since 7 7th grade. >> middle school was a turning point for jesse hernandez and his grandmother. he battled depression and hopelessness. moving in with her became his life line. >> just knowing somebody loved me was the moment that everything became clear. >> i made sure he went to school every day, something they didn't always do at home. i want jesse to make something out of his life. >> reporter: jesse explains his mom and dad didn't know how to parent. >> i don't want to bash on my parents that they were bad
8:25 am
people but they were going through their own times and dealing with their own addictions. they're trying to overcome them. i believe both of my grandmothers and my surrounding family are the reason why i am still alive. >> reporter: and the reason why he is not only still in school. >> i will work hard because i have nothing else to go to. n or nothing, you know. >> reporter: making the grades at rich man high. >> i am excited to be in the classroom and learn things that i didn't know and to better myself. >> he is a hard worker. he is the kind of person that when you write about grit, you know, when you talk about resilience young people in schools like rich man high school need, he is the kind of student you would take a picture of and say this is what we are talking about. >> we will see the probability of an event. >> reporter: jesse says he promised both his grandmothers he wouldn't give up. he can hardly believe college
8:26 am
is now an acceptance letter away. >> he came out of a bad situation. he's just turned his life around. >> i want to show kids you are not bound by your past. >> learn more about sra and the students it supports by going to our website for students rising above. >> proudly sponsored by bassett furniture.
8:27 am
but san francisco's chinatown -- is alrea the year of the dog does not start until next week. san francisco's china town is already getting festive with the beautiful flowers. the streets were filled yesterday for the flower market fair. a lot of people showed up for this. the annual event is the weekend before the lunar new year and is until 8:00 tonight. head out there and check it out and have some fun. >> that's right. i want to thank everybody for joining us.
8:28 am
face the nation is next. >> have a great of your sunday. thanks for joining us.
8:29 am
8:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs >> garrett: today on "face the nation." the the white house and domestic abuse, what is the message. congress pass and president trump signs a budget deal. after rob porter one of president trump's top officials resigned, vice president mike pence says this. >> no tolerance in this white house. >> he says he's innocent i think you have to remember that. he says very strongly yesterday that he's innocent. >> garrett: the president send sympathetic tweet, people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation, some are true and some are false. erme are old and some are new.


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