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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 15, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, february 15th, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. a south florida suburb is in shock and grieving after a mass shooting at a high school. we're hearing new stories of heroism and survival from the rampage that killed 17 people. jeff glor is there with eyewitness bt accounts and wha might expect to hear from the president in an hour. >> people who know the suspect call him unstable and violent. police say he posted disturbing material online. we have new information about his background and what is being done now to protect other students. >> president trump condemns all domestic violence one week after
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a top aide resigned after allegations he abused his ex-wives. congress is investigating why rob porter and dozens of white house staffers have yet to obtain permanent security clearances. >> plus, dr. tara narula shows us how your workplace could be a breeding ground for the flu. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> i just saw blood everywhere. >> everybody panicking, crying. >> i don't know. >> a nation mourns after another school shooting. >> a gunman sending panicked students running for cover. >> he was arrested. >> the day you pray will never happen has happened. >> an unbelievably catastrophic day. i'm sick to my stomach. >> how could this even happen in the country? to come to the conclusion this is absolutely pure evil. >> the shooting is once again bringing the gun control debate front and center. >> we are responsible for a
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level of mass atrocity that happens in this country with zero parallel. >> president trump has denounced domestic violence for the first time since a top aide was accused of abuse. >> i am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. everyone knows that. >> a 4-year-old girl who disappeared from her south carolina home has been found safe and sound. >> we're so thankful. >> all that -- >> the 2-year-old child fell on to subway tracks in italy. >> a teen jumped in and saved the child. >> talk about being at the right place at the right time. >> and all that matters. >> gold for mikaela shiffrin in p pyeongchang. >> mikaela shiffrin used the final race to get the gold. >> on cbs this morning. >> we try to come past this incident. >> we have to move forward arm in arm. >> this has been a day we've seen the worst in humanity.
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tomorrow is going to bring out best in humanity as we come together to move forward from this unspeakable tragedy. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to cbs this morning. as you wake up in the west. we are await ago briefing from investigators in florida and an address from president trump on that deadly high school shooting. both are expected within the next hour. we'll bring them to you live. yesterday's rampage have left parents in shock and a community in agony. police say a former student killed 17 people and wounded more than a dozen others at the marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland. >> we've learned the names of two of the victims this morning. jamie guttenberg was a student at the high school. her brother jesse reported lly attended the same school. he made it home safely. an assistant football coach and security guard was also killed in the shooting. he was shielding students from
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the gunman when he was shot. >> the suspect, 19-year-old nikolas cruz, was charged with 1 cou with 17 counts of premeditated murder this morning. officials say cruz brought an ar-15 semiautomatic rifle and several rounds of ammunition to the school. he also wore a gas mask and carried smoke grenades. cbs jeff glovr is at the school. >> reporter: this remains a busy numb scene today. this is a huge campus, more than 10 buildings, 10 classroom buildings behind us, more than 3,000 students. investigators worked throughout the night here as we've watched, gathering evidence at stoneman doug has high, which remains a crime scene. all school activities are canceled the rest of this week. police say the gunman started his rampage outside the school, then went inside and fired more shots.
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hundreds of students fled. police say the shoot eer concead himself in the crowd and was seen running out of the school. those who did not flee were trapped in their classrooms. some of them saw classmates die right in front of them. many of the horrific moments were captured on cell phone cameras. we do want to warn you, some of the footage you're about to see is graphic. [ gunfire ] the gunshots started ripping through the high school around 2:30 p.m. wednesday. the heavy police response arrived minutes later. >> the subject is going to be a white male, possibly nikolas cruz. >> reporter: the suspected gunman was identified as nikolas cruz, a 19-year-old who had been expelled from the school. he allegedly began the rampage outside, where two people died. once inside, carrying a gas mask and smoke bombs, cruz apparently pulled a fire alarm, causing chaos, then began shooting.
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12 people died inside the school. broward county sheriff scott israel. >> he had countless magazines. multiple magazines. and at this point, we believe he had one ar-15 rifle. >> they're following him on video on the camera. they had him exiting the building running south. >> reporter: police were able to track his movements in part using the school surveillance cameras. he was captured about an hour after he allegedly first opened fire. a s.w.a.t. team then went room to room clearing the school. >> put your phones away. >> reporter: frightened students ran down highways, stepping over discarded backpacks. >> he went up and down the highway, just shooting into the classrooms. he shot through my door and broke the window. >> reporter: the suspect posted photos of knives and guns on instagram. in a voice mail sent to parents in palm beach county, robert avossa, the superintendant there, asked parents and students if they see something to say something. >> if the accounts are correct,
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this individual was posting things on social media that should have been a red flag. >> reporter: broward county superintentant robert rensi. >> words cannot express the sorrow we feel. no parent should ever have to send their kids to school and have them not return. beave g we've got to find a way for this to stop. >> reporter: the president plans to address the nation about the shooting around 8:00 a.m. pacific time. we will bring that to you live. about an hour ago, the white house lowered its american flag to half-staff. in a proclamation just out, president trump said, quote, our nation grieves with those who have lost loved ones. manuel bojorquez is here. >> reporter: we are learning the names of some of those victims. the student, jamie guttenberg and the assistant football coach here, aaron feis, both killed in the shooting. the sheriff also confirmed last night that one of his deputies
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own son was shot and is in stable condition. both the students and staff we've spoken with here are expressing a combination of fear over what happened, of shock and of being thankful to be alive. >> i don't know how we're alive. >> reporter: freshman bruna says she and her classmates witnessed their teacher get shot. >> for like 30 minutes we were ju just, like, praying and crying and -- and then the police came and we just got out. >> reporter: students and teachers barricaded themselves inside classrooms to take cover. >> they were in the corner of the room. it was awful. >> reporter: sophomore nicole healy described the carnage she saw as s.w.a.t. members led them to safety. >> on the way from getting evacuated, you saw the -- like two kdead bodies on the floor. >> reporter: there were tearful reunions as loved ones arrived on scene to make sure their
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children were okay. >> i certainly feel for the children that lost their lives and the parents of the children. because i'm one of these parents and certainly not feeling so good right now. >> reporter: broward county sheriff scott israel. >> i'm absolutely sick to my stomach to see children who go to school armed with backpacks and pencils lose their lives. >> ran as fast as i could. i made sure all my friends were around me. i just made sure we were all safe. >> reporter: senior hector escaped the gun field through a field with a group of more than 50 students. he believes one of his friends is among the victims. >> this hits very close to home. it's not easy. i know together as a family, as a school, as a whole, we can get through it. >> reporter: a trauma that clearly will forever be etched in their minds. officials say they will not be releasing a full list of the victim's names until all family members can be properly notified. >> i know you were here yesterday and will be here today as well. thank you very much. friends and students that we've
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talked to have told us a lot more about this shooter from what we heard so far. we're going to have more on that in just a moment. swrucht a little while ago, i did speak with jim guard, a math teacher here. he locked himself and several students inside his classroom during what was happening and he talked about what happened yesterday afternoon. >> right around 2:20, i heard the fire alarm go off. so i told the kids, i said, look, just hang out for a second, this could just be something accidental. then we've got an announcement that said okay, evacuate the building, like ten seconds later. i opened the door. the kids, you know, took off. the kids are great, they're very orderly. as i'm ready to leave, then we hear all these popping sounds. you know, sounded like firecrackers. and we heard mr. porter came on again and he said code red, get back in the room. so i yelled kid, let's go, let's get back in here.
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there were six kid, five girls and a boy, who were right there. they said what's happening? and i said, i don't know, this might be a drill. this could be a drill. and then really 20 minutes later we knew it wasn't. >> so the kids went where? >> they were in my room. now, all the other kids -- what i did was went on our e-mail and a lot of teachers were e-mailing, you know, these children are with me, these children are with me. these are the ones i don't have. so i put on all the six kids who i had. and then the other kids who were absent that weren't there and the kids who were missing to try to find out where they are. meanwhile, my other kid, they all have cell phones so we're all texting and we found out where the other 13, 10 of the 13 were and the other two we didn't know but we found them later on at 4:00. >> we're hearing stories about many teachers like you who tried to protect the students. in some cases, took them in closets. in some cases, may have shielded these students. can you talk about your fellow
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teachers and thousahow they're this morning? >> i don't know what news is out there, what names are out there, but i do know one of our teachers apparently -- well, two of them were shot and killed. one was shot and killed standing in front of kids. which i'm not sure if you guys have his name released or not. which doesn't surprise me at all. i've known him since i got here in 2008. he was a fantastic person. he went here. he was an eagle. he went here. he was a great guy. >> friends and students are describing to us the suspect as a troubled violent teenager before he was kicked out of stoneman douglas high. one student who knew nik cruz says he had threatened other students and began searching the home here in parkland where crews lived. that's where jericka duncan is this morning. jericka, good morning to you. >> reporter: the home where cruz most recently stayed is around the corner.
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you can see there's a heavy police presence on the ground and also a helicopter in the air. now, according to the attorney for the family where nikolas cruz was staying, he was staying with that family for the last three months or so and he had been bouncing around from home to home after his mother died in november. well, now, some friends and students who knew cruz are speaking out, painting a very complicated disturbing picture of a troubled young man. as investigators search through the home where nikolas cruz lived, new details are emerging about the 19-year-old's unsettled past. >> they let him live here because he didn't have some place to live. >> reporter: attorney jim lewis represents the family who gave cruz a place to stay. >> they can't believe that someone who lived in their home that was so close to them for this relatively short period of time was capable of such a horrible act. >> reporter: lewis says cruz was getting an adult education and working at a dollar store where he was a cashier. he told the sun sentinel newspaper cruz legally purchased the ar-15 weapon used in the
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attack. >> it's like someone would do this, you would expect it to be this kid. >> reporter: after the shooting, students described cruz as a loner who struggled in school. >> people were saying it was going to be. we actually -- a lot of kids threw jokes around like that, saying he's going to be the one to shoot up the school but it turns out, you know, everyone predicted it. >> reporter: paul gold lived next door to cruz in parkland and says the death of his adopted mother had a major impact. >> at times, he had so much anger and pain inside of him. >> reporter: gold says cruz complained about being picked on and bullied in school. >> kids mistreated him. and obviously he wasn't given the best, you know, hand in life. >> you see that picture, what does it -- how does it make you feel to see that? >> it makes me sick. it makes me sick to think that he would do something like that. >> reporter: gold says cruz's adoptive mother did have him in counseling but that all ended according to gold when his
7:15 am
mother passed away. cruz is currently in custody at the broward county sheriff's office. >> jericka duncan, thank you very much. we are going to have much more from parkland, florida, coming up here in just a short period of time. for now, let's go back to new york. >> jeff, thank you. fran townsend is cbs news national security analyst. she was homeland security and counterterrorism adviser for president george w. bush. fran, good morning. what are investigators trying to find out from the shooter? >> well, they want to understand both his mental history. we know that there was this report from video blogger on youtube back in september identifying cruz to the fbi. difficult -- when i say identifying, he identified the comment. he was interviewed. the video blogger asked if he knew him. he said no, he didn't know him. this was reported to youtube and they took it down. it points to a host of issues, john. so for one, we don't think -- when we think of homeland security, we think of terrorism issues. we think of natural disasters. we don't think of school
7:16 am
shootings. and, you know, right now when you think of this, you know, we've had -- this is the 18th school shooting this year. last year this time, we had seven. >> should we rethink homeland security? because it sure feels like terrorism to me. it hurts as badly. it's just as terrible. do we need to rethink what homeland security really means? >> i think that's exactly right. imagine for a moment if the shooter had been a muslim. we'd be having a different -- exactly right. and how wrong does that feel, right? this ought to be at the top of the list. of homeland security threats. because we have an obligation to protect our children. we need to deal -- even though it's a difficult political issue, it's time for people to put that aside and really say we're going to deal with it. >> i'm interested in the assault rifle he used, the ar-15. which can cost about -- that's a lot for someone working at the dollar store. but the mass shootings in this country, new town, san
7:17 am
bernardino, las vegas, the pulse shooting in orlando, sunderland springs. do we need to have some changes at the atf and others about who can buy this type of weapon? >> you know, look, norah, you know better than anybody, there's been these debates about putting these restrictions. the nra says that's a slippery slope. you begin down that path. people ought to remember this was -- the ar, the assault rifle was really intended for military use, right. i think of that from my time in government as being a weapon used by the u.s. military overseas. we understand that law enforcement, people in uniform, have an absolute need for it. but this is a debate. look, we had an assault weapon ban. it expired. and the politicians in washington don't seem to be willing to continue to have that -- >> so the 19-year-old who had been kicked out of school be able to buy that gun the question. >> no. the one issue i wanted to raise is the social media companies. in this case, youtube should take that comment down when it was identified to him. >> that comment exactly what he said in there, he said, i'm
7:18 am
going to be a professional shooter. >> right. so they took that down. but they need to do more, right. they need to provide resources, people, who go hunting on their networks, youtube, facebook, instagram, where they find this stuff. they don't just take it down, they take it down and report it to law enforcement. so we can try and prevent these things before they happen. >> the man who saw it said he was interviewed but where did it go from there? did anybody else follow up with this cruz? >> we don't know if they were actually able to identify him from, you know, it is a common name. could they interview him? did they understand he had other social media accounts that might have triggered more concern? >> thank you, fran. >> president trump broke his silence on domestic violence a week after an aide resigned amid spousal abuse allegations. ahead, how the botched handling of rob porter's scandal is creating turmoil inside the white house.
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more than a quarter o more than a quarter of americans reportedly admit showing up to work when they're kick is. >> ahead, the disturbing results of tests we carried out to learn the host common breeding grounds in offices for the flu virus. >> you're watching cbs this morning.
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mick kay lay schifrin clinched her first gold in south korea. how she makes stunning history. tomorrow, a starting case of a man who
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25-year-old melissa leonardo and 19-year-old daniel gross will be back in court today to enter a plea. the suspects are accused of stabbing 19-year- old lizett good morning. i'm michelle griego. 25-year-old melissa leonardo and19-year-old daniel gross are accused of stabbing 19-year-old lizette cuesta to death early monday morning in livermore. they will be in court today. an investigation into who delivered a letter to a stanford professor with a white substance that was harmless. the investigation is ongoing. stay with us, traffic and weather i n just a moment.
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good morning. 7:27. we are tracking some delays if you are making your way through the south bay along northbound 17, northbound 880. that's slow. we are getting word of an accident near bascom. we are tracking a crash in the
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we're continuing to follow new developments in the florida high school shooting. the president is scheduled to address the nation in a half an hour. so we will bring that to you in a cbs news special report. welcome back to cbs this morning. here are three things you should know this morning. florida lawmakers repeatedly denied previous requests to increase school safety funding. "usa today" reports the state department of education has been asking for more money for the past eight years. florida school districts share $64.4 million for school safety and security. schools are supposed to use the money for a variety of programs but more than 80% goes to school resource officers. many districts use all of the money for resource officers. >> the fda approved the first blood test to detect traumatic
7:31 am
brain injuries. the test reveals two proteins that can leak into the bloodstream after someone is hit in the head. the test does not detect concussions but researchers say this is a huge step in that direction. it could be used in emergency rooms as soon as it's here. >> starting today, google chrome will filter out ads deemed annoying or distracting. the move is getting criticism because many of google's own money making ads won't be blocked. users will see a notification when chrome browser stops an ad. they can choose to view it if they want to. blocked ads will include those that pop up, hover on top of the page. >> president trump publicly condemned domestic violence one week after a top aide resigned amid abuse allegations. rob porter left the white house following claims he abused two ex-wives. the president made eight different public appearances before he addressed the issue yesterday. major garrett is at the white
7:32 am
house. >> reporter: pressure is building inside the white house on chief of staff john kelly to explain employment and clearance procedures on his watch. attempts by white house press staff to do so have proven unsuccessful. now a top house republican is investigating. >> i am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. anyone knows that. >> reporter: president trump broke his silence on domestic abuse after one of his top aides resigned following accusation of abuse by two ex-wives, charges porter denies. >> it almost wouldn't have to be said. so now you hear it but you all know it. >> reporter: the porter scandal has left the west wing demoralized, exhausted and mistrustful. one senior official said top white house staff are, quote, not telling us the truth. white house counsel don mcgahn were in a position to know more about porter than they have acknowledged. house oversight committee
7:33 am
chairman trey gowdy launched an investigation into white house decisions on porter's employment and security clearance. saying he wants answers from kelly and mcgahn. >> i cannot fathom how someone if they had access to this information and the photographs could extend an offer to employment with someone in this in their background. >> reporter: some media outlets reported the number of white house staffers with an interim security clearance was more than 100, including mcgahn plus ivanka trump and jared kushner. entry clearances for lower entry administration officials are not uncommon, even after all this time in office, but it would be highly unusual, gayle, for top white house officials to not have all security clearance and background check questions resolved. >> got it, thank you, major. american skier mikaela shiffrin is celebrating her first gold medal of the 2018 olympics. she powered down the hill to claim her victory in the giant
7:34 am
sha sholam. it's not even her best event. ben, i can't wait to see her best event. good morning to you. >> reporter: exactly. so mikaela shiffrin could win three, maybe four gold medals at these olympic games. as many as five some people are saying. she did say that this three-day weather delay she's been enduring this week left her with a lot of pent-up energy going into the giant slalom. you could say she let it out. with a primal scream, she shot out of the gate. her skiing matched the picture-perfect weather conditions. it was a giant run on the course. >> putting out amazing speed right now. >> reporter: with a gold medal finish. >> she's just getting started here in pyeongchang. >> reporter: no alpine skier has ever won more than three golds in one winter olympics but she now has a shot at history.
7:35 am
she's considered a near lock for gold in friday's event. in pairs figure skating, american husband and wife duo alexei and chris kenerim did not medal but became the first americans to land a quad twist at the olympics. >> a showstopper. watch this. >> beautifully done. >> reporter: they said they were skating with heavy hearts after hearing of the school shooting in florida. >> we wanted to skate for the 17 children that died in the florida shooting and today was much more than about us. our motivation was to skate for those who were lost today. >> reporter: today, american figure skater adam rippon also responded to the shooting in florida. he did that with a tweet. i got asked if competing at the olympics was the most important day in my life and the answer is no, every day is important and shouldn't be taken for granted. these shootings have to stop. sending love to those families hurting today. a lot of athletes here in
7:36 am
pyeongchang touched by what happened there in florida. john. >> amen to that, ben tracy in pyeongchang, thanks. the flu virus has already hit more than 120,000 americans this season. ahead, the results of lab tests we carried out to find the biggest hot spots for viruses and bacteria to gather in offices. and we invite you to subscribe to our cbs this morning podcast. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews and podcast originals. find them all on itunes and apple's podcast app. you're watching cbs this morning. all on itunes and apple's ipodcasts. you're watching "cbs this morning." i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem...
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it may be impossible to it may be impossible to avoid coming into contact with the flu virus. more than 120,000 americans have been diagnosed with the flu virus and it is widespread in 48 states. the risk is expected to stay elevated for weeks. one high-risk area for the spread of the virus could be your workplace.
7:41 am
dr. tara narula shows us why offices may be a breeding ground for the flu. >> reporter: with the flu season at epidemic levels, with up to 4,000 americans dying weekly, getting the flu is a risk you don't want to take. we discovered it's not just about who you come in contact with but what. >> we generally do about three minutes per swab. actually -- >> reporter: three minutes, that's a long time. >> yes. >> reporter: germs good or bad hide in plain sight. >> it could be human cells, bacteria. >> reporter: this doctor is using a four-spread method known as shotgun sequencing. >> this is taking whatever dna is there and pulling it out. >> reporter: the results will tell us the hot spot areas bacteria and viruss are hiding, including the flu. what are some of the areas in an office where we might be most susceptible? >> the areas where the most flu and microbes are the things like
7:42 am
kitchen sink, door handles. >> reporter: the places you find the most bacteria, that's the most viral particles? >> bacteria and viruses will come together as a microbe cloud. >> reporter: the virus can live on some surfaces for up to a day. meaning if you touch a contaminated surface and touch your mouth, nose or eyes within that window you're at risk of infection. a study found over a quarter of americans admit to coming into work sick. so we tested four common office spots to see where the dangers lie. first, the break room. >> this is an area where people touch a lot of things flash around. they could even lead to ways essentially things could grow because there's a moist enough area. >> reporter: then the conference room. >> basically cells and viruses and other sort of entities can build up in the small porous areas. >> reporter: things like this, like a chair in a conference room or sofa or couch? >> fabrics, anything. basically like a big sponge.
7:43 am
>> reporter: and an easy one to overlook, the stair railing. >> this is really a place where many, many hands are touching, especially, you know, people are walking, moving around, that could be when they start coughing. one really good thing, though, is it is steel. so the viruses do not live long on steel. neither do most bacteria. >> reporter: and something most of us can't avoid. keyboard, which i imagine a lot of bacteria. >> yes, indeed. >> reporter: how often do you recommend somebody wipe down a surface? >> if there's active flu going around, clean it every day. >> reporter: the swabs are taken to their lab for testing and analysis. the results, they did not detect any flu, but found bacteria and other viruses. the keyboard was the most contaminated followed by the break room. the railing, then the conference room. these findings they say are consistent with most offices. another interesting result. we tested the keyboard after using a disinfecting wipe and it reduced more than 91% of
7:44 am
bacteria and viruses. >> wow. >> yes. >> get your wipes. >> another example, use purell. >> yes, washing your hands is the best but sanitizer works. >> did you look at this table? >> i did not. >> to be continued. >> thank you, tara, very good advice there. coming up next, a look at this morning's other headlines, including a new ranking of the most dependable cars. plus, a preview of margaret brennan's 60 minutes interview with rex tillerson. what the notably private secretary of state reveals about the administration's approach to
7:45 am
it's time to get your glow on! new aveeno® positively radiant body lotion... this is a cbs news special report. law enforcement are updeath on the deadly school shooting. a former student is accused of murdering 17 people in yesterday's master at the
7:46 am
school. nikolas cruzs was charged with premeditated murder this afternoon. >> after this law enforcement briefing we expect to hear from president trump. the white house lowered its flag to half staff. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: we have been getting some new information this morning about the accused and that includes a conversation that we had with the attorney for the family that he was staying with, so nick cruz started staying with this family after his mother passed away last year. here comes the sheriff. >> we will be releasing a list of those that lost their lives yesterday. it will be released in a very
7:47 am
short period of time. but all the families have been notified. our detectives worked through the night on this very daunting and challenging task, but it had to be done. it was the right thing to do and they worked tirelessly. this community is hurting right now. there's going to be a lot of conversations over the next couple of days and weeks and i'm going to be very animated about what i think this country can do to possibly prevent these tragedies in the future. today's a day of healing. today's a day of mourning. the suspect is in custody. he will be appearing before this first magistrate today at 2:00 p.m. at the broward county courthouse. this morning we will -- we've begun working with the fbi and you'll be hearing from a special agent of the fbi in a few minutes. we're also working with the
7:48 am
florida dp epartment of law enforcement. we will interview every single person in that school that possibly knew something. they will be thoroughly debriefed and we will make sure that we're able to prosecute this case. the suspect's been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. law enforcement will do everything we can. the fbi, ourselves, to make sure that this person is convicted of all charges and that justice is served. sadly there have been copy cat threats made today at other schools. we will respond to every threat. every threat we receive we will not classify it as a copy cat or a prank call. we will respond in full and investigate it. any call that is made f, any ca
7:49 am
that's made to take out resources at a time like this and place them in places where we don't need to be, the full power of the sheriff's office will investigate this and charge anyone accordingly with the maximum charge we possibly could for doing something so horrific, so pathetic. governor scott is going to come up and speak. and then you're going to hear from special agent in charge of the fbi. i'll return to the microphone and answer some questions. i think it's note worthy that at our next press conference i will be releasing a timeline based investigation and video that we've captured as to what happened yesterday and i'd like to take you through it in chronological order. we're not ready to do that at this time, but when we are, we will be back here and we'll
7:50 am
release that. now i'd like to introduce florida's governor rick scott. >> thank you, sheriff. i want to thank everybody in the sheriff's department for all their hard work to make sure, one, this individual, we have justice, and two, to make sure this never happens again. everybody up here is going to say the same thing. our hearts and prayers are with these families. the families that lost loved ones, other families that have loved ones still in the hospital. i had the opportunity to visit with some of those families last night. and also we want to make sure that never happens again. next week in tallahassee i'm going to sit down with state leaders. we're going to have a real conversation about two things. how do we make sure when a parent is ready to send their child to school that in florida that parent knows that child is going to be safe. number two, how do we make sure that individuals with mental illness do not touch a gun.
7:51 am
we need to have a real conversation so we have public safety for our schools in this state. i've spoken with the speaker, and they're committed to provide the resources and have a real conversation about how do we make sure that we have public safety. i want to make sure that my children, my grandchildren, yours, everybody in this state, can wake up and be safe. i'm going to stay here and do everything i can. i know all the state resources are going to do here. i know the attorney general, everyone's going to work hard with the sheriff's department, the school district to do everything we can to move forward. but the violence has to stop. we cannot lose another child in this country to violence in a school. there's many families grieving right now. we've got to grief with them, mourn with them, but give them their space. there'll be a time they'll want to sit down and tell their
7:52 am
story, but right now as you talk to individuals, and we went through this with the pulse attack, they want their own time to grief. so i want to thank everybody from the sheriffs department to the federal government for everything they're doing, the school district, for everything they're doing. i want to thank the attorney general for the victim advocates that are coming down here to be helpful. >> good morning. my name is rob laskey. i want to express my condolences to the victims, family, friends of the entire community. the fbi continues to stand by the broward county sheriff's office and give them every resource they need to investigate this crime. in 2017 the fbi received information about a comment made on a youtube channel. the comment simply said i'm going to be a professional school shooter.
7:53 am
no other information was included with that comment, which would indicate a time, location, or the true identity of the person who made the comment. the fbi conducted database reviews, checks, but was unable to further identify the person who actually made the comment. again, as a native south floridian, my heart goes out to the victims, the families and friends and the ent community. thank you. >> i'd like to bring up our superintendent of schools. >> again, and we can't say this enough, every minute of the day is focussing on how we can support our families, our students, and our staff as we work through this horrific situation. we have provided grief counselors at several locations for our students.
7:54 am
two in parkland, two in coral springs and we are doing everything that we can to make sure that we are supporting our students. we're also providing grief counselors on site for students and staff at west glades middle school. we're providing guidance on how to have conversations with our students on this particular topic. i will tell you that students have been reaching out to me, reaching out to seth, probably board members and others, saying that now, now is the time for this country to have a real conversation on sensible gun control laws in this country. so our students are asking for that conversation. and i hope we can get it done in
7:55 am
this generation, but if we don't, they will. the second thing i would say and the governor alluded to it, something that we can do now that we can get done in this legislative session is some really funding for mental health support for our youth and organizations in our community so we can proper provide the right kind of interventions. we should not have disconnected youth wandering around in our communities. i've been on the phone with members the legislature. they're going to work to increase the amounts being put on the table right now for mental health services so we can have more counselors, psychologists, caseworkers in our school that are absolutely needed. the last thing i would say is there have been a lot of inquiries as to where individuals can provide support. i want to thank everyone in the broward community and around
7:56 am
this country for your continued thoughts and prayers, acts of kindness that we see minute by minute. there is a go fund me account that's been set up. as we talked about yesterday, there have been a lot of fraudulent type of activities set up out there, so we work to establish something that's credible, so go fund me account, stoneman douglas fund. again, go fund me, stoneman douglas fund. again, please keep our babies, our families, and this entire community in your prayers as we go through this healing process. it's going to take quite a while for us to be able to deal with this, but we're going to do everything we can, every day create the greatest amount of flexibility we can to make sure that we're supporting our families. again, i want to thank our law enforcement agent, sheriff isreal, the fbi, the first
7:57 am
responders. they have been incredible. and i want to acknowledge some heroes that have been in our schools. we had an athletic director campus monitor who responded immediately when there was signs of trouble in the school. unfortunately those two heroes gave their lives for our kids and probably helped prevent this from being a worse tragedy than it is today. we need to acknowledge the heroes in our school every single day, our teachers, our educators who are not only ensuring our kids are learning and developing skills, but they love them and treat them as if they're their own children and they put their lives on the line every single day. we need to figure out how we can better compensate and reward them in this country and not just give lip service to the quality that they provide. thank you. >> as i said yesterday, when our attorney general found out about
7:58 am
this tragedy having dealt with the pulse nightclub and having a lot of expertise in this area, unfortunately she got on a plane and was down here within hours and has begun to help a lot of our families out. so i'd like to bring her up here so she can tell you about some of the things they're doing to help out families in parkland. >> thank you, sheriff. thank you, governor, and thank you special agent. last night there were two scenes going on. one at the actual crime scene and broward sheriff's office and fbi were second to none. they were unbelievable. that crime scene was meticulously detailed, processed and took as long as it needed to take to make sure it was thoroughly processed and accurately processed. the other scene was at the hotel where we were with the family members. having to tell with the fbi advocates and my advocates that a child, some 14 years old, is
7:59 am
dead is one of the hardest things you have to do in your career. these parents, tremendous families, are grieving. again, please respect their privacy. we were there until about 3:30 in the morning with these families and many of them had siblings who were in the school and survived and then a brother or a sister did not. so that was extremely tragic. but we are praying for these families. we will continue to pray for these families and that justice is done for the one that brutally, brutally murdered all of these students. my job now will continue to be to help the victims and the families. we've gotten to all of the victims who have lost loved one to be sure that we can help pay for their funeral expenses. if you are in the hospital with your family, we will be coming to you today to help you to make sure we help with your hospital bills so you have nothing to
8:00 am
worry about there. we also will be on scene with the fbi and with superintendent who has done a great job. our advocates will be there to provide counseling. what we saw in las vegas, what we saw at people who where he we don't think were impacted were impacted. i was on the phone with gofundme. it is safe to give to gofundme. they're pulling bad websites off constantly. they're monitoring everything. in fact, one of the top people at gofundme knew a victim. knew a victim. that's how far reaching this is. there's going to be one unified site so please don't be afraid to give to gofundme and all of these victims and their family will be protected. governor, i cannot thank you for your support. we've been on the phone constantly. he was here the second this happened and i can't thank you fdle, the sheriff and the fbi enough and this is what you
8:01 am
don't see around the country. you see team work. that's what happens in florida and that's what makes us very special. thank you. >> before we take questions i'd like to also thank congressman ted deutsch from coming down from washington, d.c., the elected officials from parkland around the county. my message to the community to broward county is simple. you're elected officials, your commissioners and your state reps, your state senators make sure these are people that aren't worrying about saving money. this is a time to save lives. we need more law enforcement, we need more deputies. this isn't the time to worry about how many dollars might be saved if we don't have a deputy here or police officer here. this is nationwide. we need more, more heroes, more
8:02 am
first responders, not less first responders. i know many states have different terms to help our mentally ill and we all pray for our mentally ill. we pray for them to recover. we all know someone or a family who's affected by someone suffering from mental illness. the baker act in florida allows law enforcement or medical professionals to confine a person involuntarily while they get examined and looked at but you have to have a reason. you have to be able to articulate that they're a threat to themselves or a threat to someone else. what i'm asking our lawmakers to do is to go back to places like tallahassee, places like washington, d.c. and give police the power if they see something on social media, if they see graphic pictures of rifles and blood and gore and guns and bombs, if they see something,
8:03 am
horrific language, if they see a person talking about i want to grow up to be a serial killer, we need to have the power to take that person and bring them before mental health professionals at that particular time, involuntarily and have them examined. people are going to be rightfully so concerned about their rights as am i but what about the rights of these students? what about the rights of young kids who go to schools with book bags and pencils, don't they have the right to be protected by the united states government to the best of our ability and that's what we'll be doing? any questions. >> what about the people injured? >> i don't know about the incident yet or what actually his performance was but i know aaron personally. i coached with him. my two boys played for him. i don't know when aaron's funeral is, i don't know how many adults are going to go but
8:04 am
you'll get 2,000 kids there. the kids in this community loved him. they adored him. he was one of the greatest people i knew. he was a phenomenal man and i don't know the specifics yet, but i can tell you what, when aaron feis, when he died, when he was killed tragically, he did it to protect others because that's who he was. >> can you tell us bg the -- had a are the extent of their injuries and what kind of injuries did they have? >> we're fortunate today to have our doctors who worked so tirelessly and saved so many lives yesterday so we're going to bring up one of our doctors to speak about some of those questions and answer those questions. doctor? >> thank you, sir. good afternoon. dr. evan boyer, director and chairman of the department of emergency medicine at broward health north and i also have our
8:05 am
colleagues from broward health main here and the three of us collectively, hopefully could answer some of those questions. so for starters just because we're medical professionals doesn't mean we're numb to the emotions and we send out our sympathy to all the families involved, the worst thing as a parent is if your kid doesn't come home from school that day, hits home pretty hard and we sympathize with them. with that being said, nowadays, unfortunately, we do drills for this about nine months ago we did a drill at our facility specifically for an active shooter. so when it becomes a live event, we can work seamlessly with fire rescue, bso in order to ensure patient safety. i want to commend the prehospital personnel yesterday for all of their efforts and all the efforts that broward health north, broward health main and also coral springs medical center got a couple patients as
8:06 am
well. specifically to broward health north and i'll turn it over to dr. menendez. broward health north we had a total of nine patients. one was the suspect, treated and release. we had two patients deceased, three patients have been discharged. we currently have three patients in the hospital, one with an extremity wound doing well and working with physical therapy, another patient who's still intubated after penetrating trauma to the chest but is doing well and following commands and a third patient that remains intubated in critical condition. dr. men in a necessities. >> i'm the doctor for the emergency department at broward health medical center. so yesterday was a tragedy that we all as a team took care of this patient. we are facility received seven patients of the seven patients right now we have two patients that they are critical stable condition, the other five went home or they're on their way
8:07 am
home and they're in good condition. the other two in stable condition. i have the trauma surgeon who was dealing with him if you have any questions about those, please -- >> thank you, i'm the trauma medical director at broward health medical center. unfortunately this is become routine for us now. this is the second such episode we've had in a year which is very sad and the first thing i want to say is the second time around just like the first time around the first responders did a terrific job and for those of you who understand what we do in trauma, time is of the essence and really the delivery of those patients by the ems personnel was fantastic yesterday. it made a huge difference in the outcomes. we had seven, we received seven patients. one was discharged last night. we had one that was in critical condition that went to surgery. we had two more stable patients
8:08 am
that also require surgery. we have -- out of the six still left in the hospital, we're hoping to be able to send home two of them today but i'm expecting all of them willfully recover. i'll be happy to take any questions. >> can you just tell us, are you prepared to tell us that nikolas cruz the same person that [ inaudible ] -- can you comment -- >> we do not know if it's the same person. we did our database checks. we could not positively identify him. we're going back and scrubbing the information. i'm not willing to say at this time that it was one in the same person. >> was anyone specifically targeted? is there any indication that someone was specifically targeted that started all of this? >> not at this time but that's certainly a possibility but as i said earlier the fbi, the florida department of law enforcement and broward sheriffs office will be working to interview as many people as we
8:09 am
can so down the road we can uncover that information. it's no more than a possibility. >> do you know how he entered the building? >> that -- we will speak about that. we do know about that and at our next press conference, i'll take the media through a time line and talk about through video tapes. we'll match up video with realtime information with things we know and we'll disseminate that. >> what can you tell us about how -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> we're not going to release that until later today if we do at all today. that's something that alcohol, tobacco and firearms those investigators are trying to track down the history of this weapon. we believe we know where the weapon was purchased, where the weapon came from but that's being pieced together so that will be something that we will discuss when -- at the
8:10 am
appropriate time. >> the airport shooing last year, now this tragic shooting, what can you tell the people of broward county? >> it's not a phrase, it's not a term, it's the way we have to live our lives in 2018. if we see something, we need to say something. if that neighbor comes home every friday at 4:00 and he or she is always carrying a grocery bag and it's milk and eggs and the last two fridays they've gone to maybe a range and they've come back with bullets in a bag on friday. that's a change in behavior. that's something we need to know about. you're our eyes and ears. what one community member who sees something could do more in a one minute phone call that law enforcement can do in a period of months. if you know anybody, right now, if you know anybody, you know what? this raises a red flag. i was thinking of calling us. don't think about it. call us. call the fbi, call the florida
8:11 am
department of law enforcement, but if you have -- if there's something in your gut that tells you there's something not right with this person, this person has the capabilities in my mind to do this or do that, please don't remain silent. please let us know about it. >> would you explain why he was expelled -- >> there you hear a strong and emotional plea and help from the broward county sheriff's. scott israel who opened up this press conference with top officials from the state of florida and the community. noting that they had received copycat threats in the area and him letting them know anybody who's doing that is going to be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. he called those copycat calls horrific and pathetic. interestingly, the sheriff also on making a plea to people to contact their state legislators, lawmakers in congress so that people who have mental illness cannot get their hands on a gun. he asked for specific powers that would allow law enforcement
8:12 am
officials to involuntarily commit someone to a mental institution if they're posting pictures of themselves with weapons, talking about violence because we know in this case that the perpetrator, the alleged perpetrator of this crime was doing just that. he was posing on social media with an ar-15. he may have been talking on social media about committing acts of violence in school and very strong remarks there and even the governor, governor rick scott there republican governor saying he's going to go back to the capital of florida talk to other lawmakers about how they can keep guns out of those who are mentally ill. >> he was a former student at this school but the kids that had gone to school with him were not surprised when they heard he was the shooter. he was very angry and violent and had made a lot of threatening things gaengs the school and students in the past. it's all when you look on his facebook page, you can see the way he was posing and the things he said and what he wanted to do. it's all there in the open.
8:13 am
>> we're looking at a picture too of the diplomatic room inside the white house because president trump is going to make his first comments about this. he has tweeted about it but we're expecting to hear him make some comments shortly. we'll bring that to you live. >> the president spoke after the shooting in las vegas and here in the same remarks was urged to speak about this attack. it's interesting on that question of involuntarily questioning somebody that would be an extraordinary thing and based solely on there will be a lot of legal questions about that but a secondary one if you're involuntary question them but treating them for mental health problems, what happens if they already own a firearm of some sort, do you involuntarily restrict their access to that? that's been a big debate. >> the republican gf rick scott and i believe the lettinger in florida is controlled by republicans as well. the governor said he's going to go back and say how can we make sure that individuals with
8:14 am
mental illness don't touch a gun and yet, president trump one of the first things he did when he came into office was essentially revoke something that president obama had done that would allow additional checks for people with mental illness. president trump quietly signed that into law and groups from like sandy hook opposed that t. there's a real question about these additional checks for people who have a background with mental illness whether there should be a flagged raised with the atf. >> let's list opinion back in to the sheriffs there in broward county as we await the president of the united states. >> i'm sure there is. >> did he cooperate? >> he wasn't enrolled. there is a process. they could get all the teachers, guidance counsellors, parents, make anonymous calls to crime stoppers. if somebody knows something, there's certainly ample way to say yes. >> is there a way -- >> we had a school resource deputy, deputy peterson he was on campus and he was armed.
8:15 am
he never encountered at this point, the only thing i can tell you definitively, he never encountered cruz. >> did you have a conversation about how to prevent something like this from happening, does that real conversation include gun control? >> the two things i want to focus on when i have this conversation next week with state leaders is i want to focus on school safety and that's going to focus on dollars, it's going to focus as the superintendent said on mental health dollars. it's going to focus on what are the things we can do with regard to school safety but on top of that we've got to think about this. if somebody's mentally ill they should not have access to a gun. i want to focus on both of those things. i've already spoken to the speaker of the house and the senate president and they're receptive to have this conversation about school safety. all of us have children or grandchildren, nieces or neff foous, none of us want anything like this to happen again.
8:16 am
let me also say something i should have said earlier. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> governor, two questions -- >> is he mentally ill or is this something we're assuming because he killed so many people and he's charged with that? >> i think it's a pretty good assumption to start out with, yes. >> governor, thank you. the conversation you plan to have with lawmakers next week, how will they be different from conversations after the mass shooting -- >> let's remember this, first off, pulse was a terrorist attack and after pulse we put -- i asked for money, lettinger supported adding more
8:17 am
counterterrorism experts through law enforcement of florida. we did that. we added 46 additional counterterrorism experts. we did that. what we have to think about is all our schools have to be safe. it's as simple as that. how do we do that? it's going to be funding, it's going to be -- both for security and mental illness for counsellors, we need -- we got to say to ourself if we have somebody that's mentally ill, they can't have access to a gun. i'm open to having a conversation about things because i don't want my children, your children, my grandchildren, your dwraend children ever to go through like this again. i've got to teach you now when you start kindergarten because you got to be careful bay shooter. that's not the society we with all want to live in. >> i also -- we have out here today i'm flanked by many of our school board members, our elected officials on the school
8:18 am
board. and we appreciate them being out here and we're going to make sure that they're part of the conversations too because they deeply care about their students and this community, so i'm glad to see them here today. a few more questions. >> what has cruz said to you at this point? >> we're not going to release anything he said to detectives. >> if someone came over to your agency with information about this suspect, what could you legally have done about the fact that he owned a gun? >> if it he legally owned a gun, we couldn't do anything about arresting him because he had it legally. he could follow up and visit him. whether he legal le owns a gun or not, if we think a red flag goes up and we think something's not right and we think this person has a propensity to do a horrific act, police need to be
8:19 am
empowered to take that person and deliver him to a medical facility where they can be examined. thank you for your time. we'll be back in about an hour. they're finishing up that press conference in florida talking more about additional resources, for mental illness as well as additional powers that they could do with someone who is being treated for mental illness. keep our eye on the diplomatic room there. president trump set to address the nation. >> the mental illness being raised about nikolas cruz because it's being reported that he did get treatment from a mental health clinic. he hasn't received treatment in about a year. he's had a very troubled life. his mother died back in november. he's been living with a family friends who said they just wanted to take in a troubled kid. they'd been living with him. we knew that he was troublinged but they thought he was getting better. >> it's an extraordinary thing if you're going to try to
8:20 am
involuntarily take people from their home. there's been some difficulty and one of the reasons president trump removed those mental health restrictions on getting gun licenses is that the gun advocates, those who are second amendment supporters say that the definition gets very fuzzy and that people get put on lists without proper and so that would be certainly one of the things that would be discussed here. >> one of the things obama tried to do if you're getting a social security check for disability for mental illness, you shouldn't be allowed to purchase a gun. that was the avenues they were used executive power for. trump rescinded that. i bet that's going to be part of this debate as we move forward. >> one of the questions is, why does a 19-year-old or anybody have an assault rifle. he's 19 years old. he was working at the dollar store. they're very expensive weapons. how does he have the money to get that? it also begs that question, how did this young man get this weapon? >> legally, we'll go to jeff in
8:21 am
washington with some reporting on the social media background of the shooter, jeff? >> reporter: i think the day after its pretty clear that there were warning signs missed here and this morning i spoke with a man from mississippi, his name is ben bennight who says he warned the fbi last september about someone who posted on his youtube channel a comment that said, i'm going to be a professional school shooter. now bennight says that that was nikolas cruz who posted that comment and that alarmed him and so he reached out to the fbi, the fbi came out to talk to him, they spent about 20 minutes with bennight asking him about that comment to his youtube post. he also told me that yesterday the fbi was back at his house after this shooting to, again, ask him more questions about this and again they spent about 20 minutes together. we reached out to the fbi about this, did they miss this warning sign, did they have any contact with cruz and what they told us
8:22 am
this morning that they weren't going to comment but we heard in that news conference they did check this tip out and they checked their database but what it came down to was that they were unable to match cruz to that comment. so that's where this stands but the question is, did they have any contact with cruz at all leading up to this shooting or did other law enforcement agencies have any contact with them? >> jeff in washington, thank you. we heard the fbi special agent say there wasn't any location, time, identity, so they never was able to connect that post with the shooter. let's listen now to the president of the united states. my fellow americans, today i speak to a nation in grief. yesterday a school filled with innocent children and caring teachers became the scene of
8:23 am
terrible violence, hatred and evil. around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, police responded to reports of gunfire at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, a great and safe community. there a shooter who is now in custody opened fire on defenseless students and teachers. he murdered 17 people and badly wounded at least 14 others. our entire nation with one heavy heart is praying for the victims and their families. to every parent, teacher and child who is hurting so badly we
8:24 am
are here for you, whatever you need, whatever we can do to ease your pain. we are all joined together as one american family and your suffering is our burden also. no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school. no parent should ever have to fear for their son's and daughters when they kiss them good-bye in the morning. each person who was stolen from us yesterday had a full life ahead of them, a life filled with wond drus beauty and unlimited potential and promise. each one had dreams to pursue, love to give and talents to share with the world and each one had a family to whom they
8:25 am
meant everything in the world. today we mourn for all of those who lost their lives. we comfort the grieving and the wounded. and we hurt for the entire community of parkland, florida, that is now in shock and pain and searching for answers. to law enforcement, first responders and teachers who responded so bravely in the face of danger, we thank you for your courag soon after the shooter, i spoke with governor scott to convey our deepest sympathies to the people of florida and our determination to assist in any way that we can. i also spoke with florida attorney general pam bondy and
8:26 am
broward county sheriff scott israel, i'm making plans to visit parkland to meet with families and local officials and to continue coordinating the federal response. in these moments of heart ache and darkness, we hold on to god's word, in scripture, i have heard your prayer and seen your tears, i will heal you. we trust in that promise and we hold fast to our fellow americans in their time of sorrow. i want to speak now directly to america's children, especially those who feel lost, alone, confused or even scared. i want you to know that you are never alone and you never will be. you have people who care about you, who love you and who will do anything at all to protect
8:27 am
you. if you need help, turn to a teacher, a family member, a local police officer or a faith leader. answer hate with love, answer cruelty with kindness. we must also work together to create a culture in our country that embraces the dignity of life that creates deep and meaningful human connections and that turns classmates and colleagues into friends and neighbors. our administration is working closely with local authorities to investgate the shooting and learn everything we can. you are committed to working with state and local leaders, to help secure our schools and tackle the difficulty issue of mental health. later this month, i will be meeting with the nation's governors and attorney generals,
8:28 am
we're making our schools and our children safer will be our top priority. it is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference, we must actually make that difference. in times of tragedy, the bonds that sustain us are those of family, faith, community and country. these bonds are stronger than the forces of hatred and evil and these bonds grow even stronger in the hours of our greatest need and so always but especially today, let us hold our loved ones close, let us pray for healing and for peace and let us come together as one nation to wipe while the tears and strive for a much better
8:29 am
tomorrow. thank you and god bless you all. thank you very much. there you have the president of the united states promising that he's going to make this a top priority to make schools safer as he meets with governors and attorney generals from across the country. >> it was a very empathetic sounding president trump who says that no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in american school and i think that's what hitting everybody today. we say the schools should be a safe place, yet this has been the 18th school shooting this year. it's the worst since newtown that was in december, 2012 and many thought finally that will make a difference, maybe then there will be some changes. kids can go to school and not have to worry about it but yet here we are. it's still a big concern in this country. major garrett is at the white house, what did you hear
8:30 am
difference from the president? >> reporter: not much. he did the logistics of yesterday which most of the country is already well familiar with. describe the need to come together. he's done that before after mass shootings. if the country any way, shape or form was yearning for some recognition that firearms played a role in this catastrophe you got none of that from mr. president. only a focus on mental health which has been the place that the republican party and president trump has leaned on in the aftermath of mass shootings. but if you look at the actual record of this administration dealing with mental health, when there was a conversation on capitol hill about repealing and replacing the affordable care act there were cuts there, long-term cuts there, parts of the american bureaucracy that deals with mental health especially for those that don't have access to mental health. democrats fought for community health centers and other mental
8:31 am
health advocacy that the white house and the aftermath said was just silly, domestic spending. the president wishes he did not have to fund in order to fund defense spending. as you mentioned before the president talked, norah, about this law the president signed in february, nullifying an obama administration order about social security databases and those who received social security checks who were so mentally ill they couldn't either function in a workplace or even manage their own finances, that was to be merged with background check database at the federal level. the president eradicated that. even after the las vegas mass shooting there was a conversation about bump stocks and did that lead to a greater degree of lethality in las vegas. there's an ongoing look into possibly regulating that. there's no sense at the white house that has any real velocity behind it or the administration has prioritized that. when the president talks about these priorities, you have to look at the actions behind them and they don't really match up. >> excellent reporting and analysis there, major, putting
8:32 am
all of this in perspective as rhetoric comes from lawmakers and leaders in washington all the time, the question is whether their action matches what they say they're going to do to prevent such types of mass shootings again in the future. >> that's right. if this were easy it would have been solved, so it requires sustained hard work when no one is looking to handle these kinds of issues and so it's the commitment's are one thing but the follow through is more important. >> i keep thinking about those families, gayle. >> i do too. i keep thinking about the family we reported on earlier today where one child survived and one didn't and i think all of us as parents at the table, the one thing you want to count on is when you send your kids off to school that they are going to be safe and that is not the case as we sit here in 2018 and it's heartbreaking that this keeps happening over and over again. >> the montana front lines that sheriff says they need to call their legislators. >> coverage will continue throughout the day on your local news on the cbs station and on our 24 hour streaming station. >> there will be full wrap up
8:33 am
tonight when jeff glor anchors the cbs evening news from south florida. >> many of you will return now to "cbs this morning." this has been a special report. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and john dickerson. er a car, because you raise a good point. >> i am glad we have come to some agreement. first on "cbs this morni . first we hear oprah winfrey's reaction to speculation about a presidential run. last fall in her first assignment for 60 minutes winfrey talked to voters about the political divide in our nation. for sunday's broadcast she returns six months later to the very same place. grand rapids michigan to follow-up with the same group. the panel brings up rumors of a presidential run fueled by winfrey's powerful golden globe speech. in an interview with "60 minutes", win free throw explains her motivation behind that speech and whether politics is in her future. >> i was looking for a way to
8:34 am
express what was going on in this moment in terms of gender, in class, and race. and for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. [ applause ] their time is up. i cared about landing that speech in the room and then i was worried about not getting cut off because they had told me to take out three minutes and i couldn't. i'd already had it in my head. so the whole time i'm there, every time somebody applauded, i'm like, seven, eight, nine, that's eight seconds gone. sit down, everybody, i've got to
8:35 am
finish this. a new day is on the horizon. i was kind of stunned by it. i walked off with that feeling that's done. then i get back to the press room and i hear the whole thing is trending, 2020. >> i had asked you whether you thought "60 minutes" viewers would have this presidential run thing -- >> i think if i still was leaving the question out there and hadn't formally said i am not running for president of the united states. >> and you have done that? >> yeah. did you miss that? >> i mean, there was a lot of other things, too. there was gayle and stedman. >> i actually will say this. that when there was so much talk about it and gayle was, like, every day saying you should think about it, you always say when things show up, you should think about it. i had a lot of wealthy men calling, telling me that they could -- that they would run my
8:36 am
campaign and raise a billion dollars for me. i think when you have that many people whose opinions you value you coming at you, it's worthy of thinking about. i've never looked outside for other people to tell me when something -- when i should be making a move. and wouldn't i know, because if god actually wanted me to run, wouldn't god kind of tell me? and i haven't heard that. i do feel that i have a responsibility as a person who has a big voice in this country to use it to promote justice and kindness and good will in the world. but it never has felt to me that was supposed to be political and it still does not feel that to me. so i am actually humbled by the fact that people who think that i could be a leader of the free
8:37 am
world, but it's just not in my spirit. it's not my dna. >> gayle? >> that's what she said. . all i'll say is this. we got so much reaction at the magazine, my other job, for democrats, republicans, black, white that said oprah, you should think about this and i would show her the letters. everywhere she goes people still come up to her and say will you at least consider it. so when she says it's not in her dna, i do think she feels that. and as she will say to you one great speech doesn't mean that you should be president of the united states. but i do know she cares about this country. she believes in human connection. i know she knows how to bring people together as you'll see on the "60 minutes" piece on sunday. >> that thing did the dna, when
8:38 am
you talk to presidents, they say unless you have that thing, when it all goes wrong and it's all terrible, that thing you can go find nourishment in, you're going to be really in a tough place. she's thinking about the job as you actually have to do it. >> that's right. and as we know, being president of the united states is very difficult. it is very difficult. >> she can't be considering a run for president and being on "60 minutes". >> or she could move "60 minutes". >> also her work with weight watchers and a lot of business people want her to continue doing her business empire. >> there would be a lot to consider if she decided to do that. >> and now we know that you've been encouraging her to look at. >> yes, i have. my name is gayle, g-a-y-l-e. i have. >> you can watch the followup round table on sunday. that's what i'm really looking forward to. >> she says it's very interesting to see if their views have changed or not
8:39 am
changed and do they get along with each other. >> now that we're more than one year into the trump presidency. you can watch that sunday on "60 minutes". an olympic skier gus kenworthy improved his skills in the sochi olympics and hopes to improve in pyeongchang but he struggled with deeper issues. >> some friends would say things and i don't think they realize the impact they had me because i was in the closet and that's what scared me to come out. >> there's only one place where you can get...
8:40 am
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♪ the u.s. men -- let me try that again. the u.s. men's slopestyle team is shooting for a repeat performance at this year's olympic performance. the american men swept the podium four years ago in the first free ski slopestyle contest. gus kenworthy won the silver medal. nearly two years later he became the first openly guy male extreme sports athlete. >> in pyeongchang kenworthy is now one of the first openly guy men to compete for the u.s. in the winter games. figure skater adam rippon is
8:44 am
also guy. rippon made headlines saying he would not attend the treeam vis to the white house. we spoke with gus kenworthy about the new role he assumed. >> he left the sochi games with a silver medal and the dogs that pestered him. he may not have spoken out about russian's anti-guy policies then but now he's living as his authentic self. >> i carry a little bit of burden with me being a guy athlete going into the olympics. it presents an amazing opportunity and i think that it kind of gives us a chance to shed people's misconceptions and breakdown barriers. >> and biases. >> exactly. >> for gus kenworthy, free
8:45 am
skiing is like a dance. he masters the delicate balance of precision, technique, and control. making it all look effortless. the 26-year-old learned to ski shortly after learning to walk. today he is embracing his role off the mountain as an advocate for the lgbt community. >> do you like being the pioneer? >> it's a bit of a tradeoff. when i was a kid my life would have been easier if i had someone that was in my position that was out and ga i auy and p and successful in their sport. not having that, i recognize the importance of that. i want to be that person. i want to be a beacon of light for young kids in sports. >> his able on the snow is indisputable. he has rubber bones as he calls them, but as an elite athlete in
8:46 am
the testosterone filled world of extreme sports, coming out was frightening. >> competitors, even friends would say things that were so homophobic and i don't think they realized the impact it was having on me because i was in the closet. that's what made me scared to come out. >> translato >> the turning point came after he won a medal in sochi. in a panic he said miley cyrus. >> i was feel burdened by being in the closet. i was lying by omission but it made me resent myself and i didn't want to live in the closet anymore. i wanted to be able to be me. >> in 2015 after winning his fifth straight title as the world's best free skier, gus kenworthy came out on the cover of "espn the magazine".
8:47 am
>> it was scarier than anything i've ever done. hearing people tell me it's made it easier for people to accept themselves, that's what makes he feel like i've done something right. i think it's the most important thing i've ever done. >> the ski industry embraced him. sponsors poured in. >> you don't want to be defined by one thing but at the same point you are the first in something. after sochi i was the dog guy. now i'm the gay guy. the further end of the conversation maybe it's revealed i'm gay or somebody else is. >> for kenworthy, staying silent is no longer an option. >> after the olympics, the olympic team is generally invited to the white house. do you think you would go? >> no. i mean, when we have people elected into office that believe in conversion therapy and are
8:48 am
trying to strip trans rights in the military and do these things that are directly attacking the lgbt community, i have no patience. i am so proud to be from the u.s. and to be from a country where you are able to voice your political opinions and stand up for what you believe in and i think when you have a platform, you have to use it, especially if you feel very strongly about something. >> kenworthy criticized the decision to have vice president mike pence lead the u.s. delegation at the opening ceremony. he said it's unfortunate and sends mixed be messages since sen pence does not support the lgbt community. they'll get another shot at a podium sweep. >> i love everything about him. >> you think about, he has one of the more dangerous sports in all of sport. people have died on the ski slopes like that. he said that coming out was scarier than that. >> good interview.
8:49 am
>> cheering him on. da ur inan hear don's fulliew u cbs this morning podcast. you can find it on itunes and apple's podcast app. you're watching "cbs this morning". g." introducing the pork belly blt from jack in the box. two strips of pork belly, green leaf lettuce, juicy tomatoes and tangy honey aioli even you'll love it, martha security! get him! wow, do you guys workout? try my new pork belly blt, part of my food truck series. but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature, with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change.
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and 19-year-old daniel gross will soon be back in court today to enter a plea. the suspects are accused of 19-year- old lize good morning, it's 8:55. i'm kenny choi. that-year-old melissa leonardo and her boyfriend will be in -- 25-year-old melissa leonardo and daniel gross are accused of killing lizette cuesta and will be in court today. a substance turned out to be harmless but an investigation is under way. >> and san francisco civic center plaza is home to a $10 million playground. a foundation donated the money for the renovation for the parks department last year. stay with us; weather and traffic in just a moment. refresh your home and sa oss. ross has all the home trends for kitchen, living room and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere.
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8:58 am
this is near hillsdale boulevard. we had an earlier problem. things are clearing up. 21 minutes from woodside to sfo. getting to the san mateo 25 minutes westbound. good morning, take a look at the sun. 40s and 50s in the area with a chilly breeze. windy in the higher elevations. afternoon highs warming up in the 60s. and we are going to be met with more high pressure by tomorrow into saturday so spring-like temperatures for your saturday but then things are really going to change. cold air from canada is going to drop our temperatures down. we'll see the coldest temperatures we have seen this year as we start president's day. so get ready for chilly morning lows monday and tuesday morning.
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