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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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time is 4:59. on the right we have a traffic shot of 101 in santa clara near trimble road. on the left we have a nice shot of the transamerica pyramid shaping up to be a nice warm day. >> clear on the roads, clear in the skies, wow. >> there you go. >> we'll take it. [ crosstalk ] it's going to be nice out there today. so get ready for sunshine. a great view of coit tower. no fog in sight. visibility is doing just fine. no wind out there. spring-like conditions for your afternoon clear and calm and by tomorrow we may be in the 70s for many areas. so inland expecting to hit 70. cold and windy sunday so a change for the weekend between saturday and sunday. get ready, some cold weather is on the way. so these temperatures now still chilly in santa rosa at 33.
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livermore33 degrees just dropped a degree and san jose at 41. so at this time, monday morning, tuesday morning, these temperatures will be low. we are talking below freezing for a lot of the bay area. around san francisco, expect upper 30s but for north bay it's going to be below freezing. the frost could even form right along the coastline. so that's on monday morning but i want to give you that warning in advance. here we are looking at satellite-radar showing clear conditions out there. it's calm and our wider picture does show this high pressure ridge that's actually going to be bringing us warmer weather tomorrow. so we are above average today and tomorrow. then the big change sunday night into monday. south bay two-car crash south 680 at jackson avenue. it's cleared. no delays. 680 free-flowing in both directions. that's the case throughout the south bay with no delays on 101 from hellyer to san antonio.
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give yourself about 20 minutes to make the drive along northbound 101. bay bridge great start. everything clear out of oakland into san francisco. right now mass transit is on time. coming up, though, there will be some changes on monday for your holiday schedule. i'll have that. more details are emerging about the shooting massacre at a florida high school that killed 17 people. officials say there are signs that the loss of life as bad as it was could have been much worse. a state senator says authorities told him it appeared that the suspected gunman nikolas cruz tried to fire out of the school's third floor windows as students were fleeing outside. the windows, however are made of safety glass so that they didn't shatter that day. yesterday cruz appeared in court where he was charged with premeditated murder 17 counts. his attorneys say he had mounting problems and things just fell through the cracks. >> he is a broken human being. he is a broken child. >> it's impossible. my girl! my 14-year-old baby!
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[ crying ] >> police have interviewed more than 2,000 people so far in this investigation. the school is still a crime scene and will remain closed today. president trump addressed the shooting yesterday. during his address he spoke directly to the children across the country. he urged them to ask for help if they felt alone or scared. he also promised to take action to make schools safer. >> our administration is working closely with local authorities to investigate the shooting and learn everything we can. we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. >> the president did not mention gun control. he plans to visit parkland, florida in the wake of the tragedy. and back here in the bay area, a school district will be showing teachers and staff how to react in an active shooter situation. >> kpix 5's jessica flores is live in oakland this morning.
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jessica, looks like the timing of this trainingis poignant. >> reporter: this training at the oakland unified school district is planned for months. it comes two days after that massacre in parkland, florida. so of course teachers are aware of what's going on nationally as they go into this training today with this new burden to protect their children in case of an active shooter situation. now teachers and administrators will be trained in merit active shooter response. staff will learn about pre- incident indicators and characteristics of active shooters. one thing they will be taught is how active shooters typically shoot their targets and what to do when it starts. there are renewed calls for gun control. >> let's try to do those things that can keep these powerful weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. and this young man is a classic
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case. >> we need to think less about taking sides and fighting each other politically and just pulling together. this house and the whole country stands with the parkland community. >> reporter: now, in california state lawmakers are calling for stricter gun laws. a bill from assemblyman phil continuing would allow anybody to report people who they fear will be violent. and protect those people from owning guns. californians are required to had register assault weapons but manufacturers have a workaround including a model with revisions that make the gun legal. the gun lobby saying it will fight any more restrictions on gun ownership here in california and across the nation. meanwhile, teachers and administrators here in oakland will go into this active shooter training today. it begins at 9 a.m. reporting live in oakland, i'm
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jessica flores, kpix 5. some high school students in the north bay may be too young to vote but they are hoping to inspire some change in the wake of the florida massacre. 3,000 miles away from parkland, florida students of tamalpais high school in mill valley held their own vigil last night saying they recognize that the next shooting could happen anywhere so they are making their voices heard in hopes that it will push officials to put restrictions on certain kinds of guns. >> when you see this cycle of inaction and it seems hopeless, we'll all there is left is hope, right? >> our goal is to show those people in florida that this matters to us and that we're willing to do anything. >> none of the teens has a solution. but their point is stop waiting for an answer and start trying to fix the problem. another somber gathering this one in berkeley to remember the young woman killed in a crash with an ac transit bus. friends and family lit candles at a vigil last night at san pablo park to remember kelly
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zachary. the 27-year-old was a college student who worked at the federal building in oakland. she died last thursday when a bus hit her honda at california street and ashby avenue. the impact sent both vehicles into a house. her father spoke at last night's gathering. >> the support right here from everyone has really helped me get through this situation i must say because if it wasn't for this support from people i know and some i don't know, i don't know where i would be at today. >> kelvin zachary is an ac transit driver and said he can't imagine what the bus driver in the crash is going through. no one else was hurt in the crash that killed his daughter. the future of hundreds of thousands of "dreamers" is still uncertain this morning. the senate came up with four bills on immigration reform and they all failed. jackie ward has more. reporter: good morning. back to square one this morning as the senate continues to come up with a way for "dreamers" to
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become u.s. citizens. the measure that came the closest to passing was a bipartisan immigration bill called the schumer collins amendment. it was rejected in a 54-45 vote so that means they were six votes short. eight republicans and eight democrats, independents, worked on the proposal that would have protected "dreamers" from deportation. >> all i can say is that the only deal [ indiscernible ] strong border and daca and bipartisan proposal is a template for the way forward. you might change it some. but there's not going to be a round one that includes eliminating chain migration. there's not going to be a round one that doesn't have the $25 billion wall system appropriations. so that i know. and i don't know where we go from here. >> the bill would have also provided $25 billion to enhance border security but restricted family-based immigration and ended the visa lottery.
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the senate also rejected president trump's measure in a 60-39 vote. michelle. a san jose middle school teacher has been arrested. some parents in willow glen middle school told police they noticed clifford pappadakis taking photos of female students. investigators also discovered inappropriate images in his possession. the suspect is currently on administrative leave. today marks the start of the lunar new year which happens to be the year of the dog. and preparations are under way this morning in san francisco's chinatown. kpix 5's anne makovec is live there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and if you live anywhere around chinatown, you were probably kept away all night by fireworks. that's a tradition. it's meant to scare away the evil spirits as we say good-bye to the year of the rooster and hello to the year of the dog. there is a procession here that starts at 11 a.m. and to get ready for the new lunar year, people have been gathering fresh fruit, oranges
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are good luck, and crisp new bills to fill red envelopes given as gifts. >> it's very important the red envelopes because that's a chinese tradition. and then i ask why this would be a new bill for the new year you want everything to be new. and she said everything older. >> reporter: in san jose, the tet festival begins today the big vietnamese new year's festival in san jose at eastridge mall at 3 p.m. now, today's celebration is going to feature the new san francisco mayor mark farrell and former mayor willie brown. of course, it's a little bitter sweet this year because we don't have the late mayor ed lee here nor rose pak who was a major figurehead in chinatown. so it is a new guard entering -- ushering in a new year. live in san francisco's chinatown, anne makevoc, kpix
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5. the suspect in the stabbing death of a tracy teen appeared before a judge separately yesterday. 19-year-old daniel gross and 25- year-old melissa leonardo are accused of killing lizette cuesta and leaving her on the side of the road in livermore. police say she was able to identify the suspects before she died. they are due back in court next month. they have not entered a plea yet. people are moving out of the bay area into pint-sized homes. this morning, we'll show how is deciding to downsize. >> a hollywood actor under fire amid sexual harassment allegations. what amazon is saying about the transparent star. >> the weather is looking lovely as we start this lunar new year all because of high pressure here in place but things are about to change. i'll track when our winds are going to pick up and temperatures will drop. >> your friday morning commute off to a great start. we'll have a complete look at your bay area bridges coming right up.
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park delta bay is the *first legal community of pint-sized homes.. it's southeast of rio vista... along the banks of the san joaquin river. the homes are roughly 200
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eet. steer people are downsizing their homes. park delta bay is the first legal community of tiny hopes on the banks of the san joaquin river. the homes are 200 square feet each. one woman who lives in the community spent $38,000 to have her home built and delivered to park delta bay. she says that the living situation works for her but warns that tiny living isn't for everyone. >> a lot of people wouldn't want their whole lives exposed. you come into my house, this is where i sleep, that's where i work. >> many people we spoke to in the community say that they don't miss living in traditional homes. hey, it works for her. >> it simplifies everything so that's good and the price tag, can't beat that. >> $38,000? not bad. >> but i don't know. close quarters with my husband like that? >> you have three kid. it wouldn't work out and a dog. >> and a dog. >> too much going on. >> i have too much shoes! [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't know what to do wonderful with all my shoes. it looks like a really beautiful place, though.
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on the roads off to a great start no major accidents or incidents so good news on the freeways. san mateo bridge westbound 880 to 101 only 13 minutes for your drive time across the span. so if you are working your way from 880 all the way over into 101, looks like traffic is moving nicely there. bay area bridges look good for the most part. here's the bay bridge. traffic is light. no metering lights. macarthur maze to san francisco, the 101 central freeway, only 10 minutes. no troubles out of oakland. quiet on the richmond/san rafael bridge. we had some early-morning roadwork, not causing troubles. light traffic 8 minutes from marina bay parkway to sir francis drake boulevard. and that seems to be the case for all our bay area bridges including the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving pretty nicely as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco. no accidents right now along 101. so an easy drive as you head through there. now, mass transit is on time for bart. 31 trains, muni and caltrain.
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there is a signal issue for ace train number one. they are about 10 to 15 minutes late. so do plan for that. also, make sure you plan for some schedule changes this weekend or especially monday because of the holiday. so they will be on a modified schedule. it's looking grade out there. i love this camera shot. you can see how clear it is this morning. it's also why it's cool this morning. so here's a look at our current conditions. temperatures 38 in oakland, 40 in concord. so just dropped off a couple of degrees in oakland. 47 for san francisco and yes down near that freezing mark in santa rosa. some of those north bay valleys reached the freezing mark here this morning. wind speeds though very calm. east-northeast winds at hayward around 8 miles per hour. but mostly about 5 miles per hour sustained. a lot different than yesterday morning. we saw a lot of breezy conditions through the hills. here's a look at our satellite- radar. clear skies for california. we have that high pressure ridge that's going to bring our temperatures up this afternoon. but those clear skies
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definitely contributing to that cooler start to the day. afternoon highs in the 60s. east bay temperatures also in the upper 60s. spring-like conditions around the bay. temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. the winds will be calm skies clear very similar tomorrow as well and then here's what we're watching. sunday and monday, here's your tahoe report, snow at squaw valley. they are looking forward to this. it's going to be very low snow levels. cold air is coming through. sunday, monday, that's going to be a big day for the ski resorts. sugar bowl going to be a chance of snow showers. here's a look at your tahoe forecast. for saturday, sunny skies, temperatures 46 degrees. it will be windy and snowy starting sunday, sunday night,
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monday morning. so monday morning, those ski resorts will have fresh powder. rain-snow futurecast showing clearing in saturday night then by sunday the system from canada comes through. sunday night here we are that's when the snow expected to arrive not expecting to see any moisture. if we do get it, it could reach the north bay. and if it does, we could see a dusting across those north bay hills with the snow, this precipitation that could turn to snow because it's so cold, below freezing. if we get any moisture, it could lead to that some dusting across the north bay hills is what we're expecting if it does happen if we get moisture. but it's very dry. that's what happens when you come from canada to more on the land, not picking up moisture from the ocean. so frost will actually be likely right along the coastline. so take those precautions. i know it's still early, it's friday, but monday morning when you wake up, keep it in mind before you go to bed sunday night windy and cold monday morning but the coldest will be
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monday night into tuesday. temperatures will be in the 20s and 30s. trending now, a hollywood actor is making an exit amid sexual harassment allegations. amazon says jeffrey campbell had officially left the show transparent. in november, the 73-year-old actor was accused of sexual harassment by two people who worked on the show. the announcement of his departure comes ahead of the show's fifth season. tambor has denied the accusations. the smashing pumpkins are reuniting for a summer tour. the line-up is set to include three of the four original band members led by billy corgan. it's been 30 years since they first formed in chicago. the tour kicks off in july. a sea lion is not letting commuters disturb its nap. it was taken outside a subway
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exit in turkey. you can see it's taking a snooze. tired. the bull sea lion didn't move as dozens of commuters left the station and people clearly made an effort to go around the kitty which was good. this video is already viewed more than 2 million times on facebook. tim lincecum throws for scouts yesterday. we'll tell you how fast he was throwing. and can usf pull off a major upset over saint mary's? tip-off coming up. >> and what's cool about your school, email your nomination to us at and we may come and feature your school on our thursday morning show.
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welcome back. if you are out the door, no delays to the south bay right now the here's a live look at conditions 101 at trimble. headlights northbound. traffic is light along 101, 280 and 680 in the south bay. tim lincecum had a throwing session yesterday in front of about 20 scouts including the giants. the former cy young winner topped out at 93 miles an hour as he attempts a comeback. upset alert! number 15 saint mary's taking on usf at the hilltop. second half gaels star landale
5:25 am
fouled out finished with 19 points. ferrari finished with two of his 20 points. the dons beat the gaels 70-63 the last time the dons beat a ranked opponent 2012. cal at number 14 stanford for the big game. ladies hoop tradition. 3rd quarter the ballgame? the offensive put-back, foul, she would complete the three- point play. stanford wins 74-69, their 7th straight win. injuries to the sharks have opened the door for that man! brent burns returns to forward. the sharks taking on the canucks at the tank. second period burns scores his tenth goal of the year. the sharks win 4-1. they remain in second place in the pacific division. the goalie martin jones 43 saves. that ties a season-high for him. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. time now for our play of the day. opening round of the genesis open. jordan spieth chipping for birdie on the par 4. >> plenty of green to work with
5:26 am
... tournament.. >> you have to be kidding me! >> spieth trying to find his master-like touch and he does on this whole for a birdie. but right now he is tied for 36th in the tournament. this is your play of the day. oakland schoolteachers prepare for a nightmare. coming face to face with an active shooter. live with training today. >> happy lunar new year. we are welcoming in the year of the dog. coming up some of the big events expected around the bay area to celebrate.
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we now know the names of the 17 people killed at a florida high school.. why officials say it could have been worse. we now not names of the 17 people killed at a florida high school, why officials say it could have been worse. >> these pills help prevent the spread of hiv. but now the state is investigating if there's discrimination based on sexual orientation. >> and those clear skies out there this morning contributing to the cooldown. it will be chilly but temperatures will go up. >> word of a new accident on 880 in the south bay. details coming up. good morning, it's friday, february 16th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a massive vigil was held in florida for those killed in wednesday's high school massacre. the school remains closed today and cbs news' laura podesta has more from parkland, florida.
5:31 am
reporter: that's right, michelle and kenny. marjory stoneman douglas high school remains a closed crime scene for the second day. there is a middle school nearby where staff an students can meet with grief counselors to cope with the tragedy. reporter: emotions were raw at the pine trails amphitheater in parkland, florida where a vigil was held overnight for those killed wednesday. at one point, the crowd chanted in unison, no more guns! >> this makes no sense. this is impossible. my girl, my 14-year-old baby. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the suspect, 19-year-old nikolas cruz, was brought handcuffed into court. >> you are charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. >> reporter: cruz was ordered held without bond. a broward county sheriff's office reports that he confessed to details of the shooting. cruz's attorneys say their client had mounting problems and fell through the cracks.
5:32 am
>> he is a broken human being. he is a broken child. >> he is on suicide watch. the child is deeply troubled. and he has endured significant trauma that has been from the loss of his mother. >> reporter: as more details emerge on how the attack unfolded, there are signs that the loss of life could have been worse. a state senator says authorities told him it appeared cruz tried to fire out of the school's third report in a windows at students as -- third floor windows at students as they were fleeing. but the windows made of safety glass didn't shatter. we have recently learned that the atf is auditing the gun store where cruz purchased the ar-15 rifle he is accused of using in the school shooting. live in parkland, florida, laura podesta, kpix 5. back to you. >> laura, what do we know about the fbi and its investigation of cruz before the shooting? >> reporter: we know that he
5:33 am
had posted on a youtube video saying he was going to be a professional school shooter. the person who posted that video contacted youtube authorities and ended up contacted the fbi. we know the name nikolas cruz had been brought up to the fbi before. >> thank you. back here in the bay area, teachers in oakland today will be training on how to protect students and themselves in case a gunman ever comes on campus. kpix 5's jessica flores has more on the active shooting drill and its tragic timing. reporter: good morning. the training coming just two days after that parkland, florida massacre but it has been planned for months of course. a more difficult and sensitive time as teachers prepare for an active shooter situation. this training is called merit active shooter response. teachers and administrators
5:34 am
will get the training today and learn about pre-incident indicators and characteristics of active shooters. they will also learn how active shooters typically choose their targets and what to do in the moments after the shooting begins. while teachers are forced to continue to go through these trainings every year, there's renewed calls for gun control here in california. a bill from assembly man phil ting would expand a current law which would allow loved ones to report someone and prevent them from getting a gun. it would expand that law to allow "anybody" to report someone they fear could be violent and including anybody, not just a loved one. it's the type of bill phil ting said may have stopped the parkland shooter from buying a gun. >> can't excuse gun violence especially a mass shooting at a school. >> reporter: as of january 2017, california requires residents to register assault weapons including ar-15s but
5:35 am
that prompted manufacturers to release a work-around before the bill passed including a ar- 15 model with slight modifications which makes that model legal. and the gun lobby in california is already saying they will fight the bill that would expand those restrictions on gun ownership for anybody who is reported as potentially being violent. the gun lobby says that's not going to make a difference. phil ting hopes the bill passes in california. the teachers here in oakland and administrators will have that active shooter training at 9 a.m. reporting live here in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. state senator tony mendoza is suing the state senate. he claims that his constitutional rights were violated when lawmakers extended his voluntary leave of absent over sexual harassment allegations. mendoza also argue that is his l.a. county constituents are being denied representation. it is 5:35 right now.
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let's get a check on our forecast. all important forecast because it's the weekend. >> of course. >> it may be a long weekend for some folks. that's exciting. the weather will be great today and tomorrow and then things will change. we can enjoy the warm spring- like conditions while we have them. right now not so spring-like. it's chilly. we have clear skies. this afternoon spring-like, calm and clear. tomorrow 70. for many inland spots above average about 10 degrees above average tomorrow. blustery and cold on sunday. you will notice quite a change in 24 hours between saturday and sunday. monday morning though will be the chilly conditions so if you think it's cool now, just you wait. monday morning, tuesday morning, temperatures will be in the 20s and 30s. right now, we are at 40. 38 in oakland. and yes, north bay valley locations near that freezing
5:37 am
mark, some of those spots are at freezing now. so it does feel a bit brisk. but i'll talk about your afternoon highs and it will look nice, coming up. on the roads, chp clearing accidents quickly. we had a wreck in the south bay on 880. it's off to the shoulder. no delays north 880 at first street involving a big rig. there's some slight delays along north 101 not too far from there but that's typical. elsewhere 101 is clear through santa clara. no delays all the way into san mateo county. taking a look at 880, we have a wreck reported here southbound right at industrial parkway. two cars involved in this accident. we are seeing some yellow so traffic is a bit backed up there at least to the san mateo bridge so give yourself some extra time. 880 near oakland looks good in both directions. gay men say they are being denied life insurance if they admit they take a popular pill that prevents hiv. and now, the california
5:38 am
insurance commissioner is opening an investigation into the allegations. this comes after the "new york times" published an article about gay men being denied life insurance, disability or long- term care if they admit to taking anti-hiv pills widely known as prep. some gay men even claim they stop taking prep in order to get life insurance. >> this is pure discrimination. there are many organizations that support the lgbtq communities who will fight these cases and it will go up to the supreme court. i know that. and we will win. >> the commissioner is now asking anyone who thinks they may have been denied to come forward. new york state regulators have already launched a similar investigation. stocks are going up and two bay area companies have formed a partnership to help people during major disasters. for that and more, let's check
5:39 am
with diane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch." >> reporter: good morning. wall street extends its winning streak to a fifth day. the dow rallied 306 points. the nasdaq was up 112. mortgage rates jumped to the highest levels in four years. freddie mac says the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage climbed to 4.38% this week. the rate on a 15-year fixed home loan jumped to 3.84%. facebook is teaming up with lyft and others for crisis response efforts. ridership will allow people in crisis say from a natural disaster or building fire to see if there are options for free lyft rides or supplies for direct relief. fao schwarz is going to china as it ramps up its revival. they are collaborating with the largest toy distributer in china to open stores in beijing and shanghai. they closed their new york store two years ago. >> it seems like a company is cook up something special to pay tribute to a tv classic.
5:40 am
what's this all about? >> reporter: all right. so the golden girls are selling a new hot sauce line paying homage to the comedy. each flavor costs 10 bucks a bottle. you can get the set for $32 on the website. >> i have a feeling that desert rose is going to be popular. everyone loves betty white. >> i know. she is so adorable. how can you not? >> golden girl. all right. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch," have a great weekend. >> estelle getty was feisty so she was good, too. police were on patrol to curb street robberies in richmond when they came across what they describe as a suspicious character. a 17-year-old boy was wearing a ski mask when officers saw him walking with another suspect on 13th street on wednesday night. they ran after him and as he tried to climb a fence, he dropped a handgun and a cell phone. officers caught him and they say they found a bag of bullets in his pocket. the teen was arrested and they
5:41 am
are still looking for the other suspect. it is back to the drawing board for the senate this morning. they failed to pass four bills last night on immigration reform. it would have protected "dreamers" from being deported. jackie ward reports. reporter: the senate is starting at ground zero this morning just as they thought they were going to make some progress on immigration reform. four measures were voted on yesterday and all failed. the one that came closest to passing was a bipartisan proposal. it would have prevented "dreamers" from being deported while also funding a border wall gradually. iowa republican senator chuck grassley presented a separate measure based on president trump's priorities but 14 republicans and 46 democrats voted against it. 60-39. the least number of votes any of the four measures received. >> we ought to do something for daca kids. they were brought here through
5:42 am
no fault of their own, brought here by their parents. so if you had years and years of people pleading with doing something of justification, humanitarian reasons and a compassionate way for the daca kids, it shouldn't take more than a week, when we have the president saying what sort of bill he would pass. >> the grassley measure would have made it possible for 1.8 million people to become citizens and would have provided $25 billion for border security and set new limits on legal immigration. the feds' next move is up in the air and the march 5th dreamer deadline is coming up. it is 5:42 right now. some motorcycles are getting smarter. this morning, we'll take you on a ride. >> plus, this superhero movie is expected to break box office records. a look at the black panther screening in oakland. >> a live look at 880 in
5:43 am
oakland, as well. traffic moving along right now. gianna will have your full traffic report coming up. and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. for the latest home trends, at big savings - you've gotta go to ross.
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you gotta go to ross. world. take a look it's an all-new high- tech "multistrada 1260." this model connects via ducati is rolling out a connected motorcycle. it's an all new high-tech multistrata 1260. this model connected by bluetooth to a smartphone that sets riding modes. the app records all kinds of data including lean angle. >> this technology is something that had been previously reserved only for those in professional racing and motorcycling. in fact, after practices in that world they would have to connect a computer to the motor signing independently. >> the app also allows riders to create their own network to organize rides with others and share routes. today marks the year of the
5:46 am
dog and preparations are under way in chinatown. anne makovec report. anne, you're in red, that means good luck. >> it does. i'm trying to bring all the good vibes i possibly can as we start the year of the dog saying good-bye tote year of the rooster. -- to the year of the rooster. "gung hay fat choy"! i'm not, you know, chinese so it took me a second to learn that one, that means wishing you great happiest and prosperity in the new year so i wish that to all of you. reporter: there are several celebrations going on here in san francisco's chinatown today including one that starts at 11 a.m. a little procession where we're going to see the mayor. in the meantime to get prepared for the celebration of the new year, people having gathering fresh fruit, oranges are good luck, and crisp new bills to fill red envelopes given as gift. >> most important thing is everybody gets together and to have a happy time together. >> reporter: san jose the tet
5:47 am
festival begins today and runs through the weekend. that's the biggest vietnamese new year festival in san jose. that's going on at eastridge mall starting at 3 p.m. another thing if you are looking for good luck, the lucky number for this new year, 3, 4 and 9. these processions here in san francisco's chinatown starts at 11 a.m. but the big lunar new year festival is going on next saturday. that is a large production going around union square. so prepare for that if you are planning on bringing in this new year with all the fanfare possible. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. so does anyone want to attempt to say happy new year in chinese? >> i think anne did a good job. >> we'll leave it at that. >> i have a lot of chinese friends and, yeah, they taught me. i think it's kung hei fat choi. >> a little different. anne did a good job.
5:48 am
i'm sure i'll be criticized for the way i pronounced it, too. happy new year, everyone, happy new year. is it happy out there on the roads? >> no. >> no? >> i'm so sorry. [ laughter ] >> maybe wear red this morning so when you hit the freeways you will have some luck your way. all right. south 880 paseo grande an accident slow conditions through 880 out of oakland into san leandro and hayward. so couple things going on. your drive times are slow from 238 to 84. we have a wreck south 880 at industrial parkway. this one has two lanes shut down while they clear this accident. if you are trying to get on the san mateo bridge, they just cleared an accident involving a motorcyclist. noninjury accident was blocking at least one lane. things are better. moments ago it was really backed up so they may have cleared things but it's still slow and go. 20 minutes as you work your way from 880 to 101. so definitely give yourself
5:49 am
some extra time. here's a look at the "salesforce" tower of. clear skies and cool. it's chilly. temperatures are pretty much jacket weather at this hour. 38 degrees in oakland. it just dropped a few degrees. livermore 33 degrees. near freezing in santa rosa, as well. some of the north bay valley spots are at the freezing mark. so please keep that in mind before you walk the dog. the dog may appreciate a jacket, as well. sunrise this morning at 6:57. sunset tonight at 5:49. it's going to be a nice clear sunrise because we're not expecting to see any kind of cloud coverage today. this high pressure ridge is going to keep things pretty clear and temperatures above average for today and tomorrow. and then we are dropping down to normal on sunday but windy and then monday well below average so we are doing a roller coaster ride.
5:50 am
in the 60s today above average. 22 days of no rain for the bay area so we are hoping for some rain. and the next system that's coming through is not necessarily going to contribute to helping us get out of this drought. it may bring us some sierra snowfall with that cold air but what we are noticing we are abnormally dry now for a lot of northern california. this whole area was not under this yellow rain but now it has become that because we are right in the middle of rainy season but have had three weeks, over three weeks of no rainfall. and we are not going to see rainfall for a while. here's the rain-snow futurecast. so this model is a little bit hopeful as far as bringing us some showers possibly by sunday night into monday. but mostly this is going to be a sierra snow event. and a very cold event bringing us high winds, cold temperatures, sunday into monday. and then this moment here noontime on monday does show a little bit of rain activity for california. but this is one model. other models are showing no moisture out there. so what we are going to see is sierra snowfall as low as 1,000
5:51 am
feet because it's going to be cold and look at the drop from the 70s on saturday afternoon highs in the 50s monday and tuesday. that's a look at your forecast. my son ... >> all right, there's a lot of hype for this movie. "black panther" is expected to bring in more than $200 million in the opening weekend. last night some people saw it. >> some of the first to see it last night was the crowd at oakland's grand lake theater. this screening was part of a fundraiser for black laurel films. >> i think that this movie is super important because it inspires people to dream and so it means something really special not just to black people throughout the diaspora but to the world. >> "black panther" is based on a comic book character called the king of wakanda an african nation. the film is directed by ryan kugler.
5:52 am
time now 5:51. spacex is at it again. a look at the plans under way that are out of this world. >> and a rivalry is developing between a pair of billionaire visionaries. virgin founder richard branson, what he is saying about the success of elon musk and spacex's success.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
during the news briefing about last week's test launch of the falcon heavy rocket... musk was asked about his plan elon musk has more than mars on his mind. during the news briefing about last week's test launch of the falcon heavy rocket, musk was asked about his plan to launch scores of satellites in the coming years. he didn't say. but they have filed government documents to put more than 10,000 satellites into orbits above earth to allegedly provide better internet service around the world. rivalry is developing between a pair of billionaire visionaries. richard branson admits watching elon musk's success with spacex and feels left out. >> i feel a bit jealous. elon and his team are extraordinary what they achieved. and they will do fantastic. >> branson isn't giving up hope that his company will be the
5:56 am
first to put people in space. time now 5:55. in the next half-hour, remembering the 17 lives lost in florida. why officials say that the death toll could have been much higher. >> reporter: today oakland schoolteachers go through an active shooter training two days after that parkland, florida massacre. we are live with the details coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
as we learn more details about the suspect in custody.. plus - straz people are mourning school shooting victims in florida. the high school is closed today as we learn more details about the suspects in custody. >> plus stalled immigration talks. >> and one south bay city is attempting to become one of the first in the u.s. to reduce greenhouse gases. good morning.
6:00 am
i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> let's start with traffic and weather. gianna has more. >> no "friday light." we have a traffic alert this morning as you work your way along 101. an overturned vehicle two lanes should down. chp is on the scene as there are emergency delays on broadway. so slow through there. northbound woodside to the airport at 23 minutes so extra 10 to 15 minutes for delays. there's a live look not too far from there and traffic is stacked up. so definitely use 280 as an alternate. let's go live now and get a peek at conditions along 101. we have a live shot out there. traffic is slow. this is 101 at trimble road. they have everything over to the right shoulder. starting to slow down quite a bit as you work your way through the south


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