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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 16, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> let's start with traffic and weather. gianna has more. >> no "friday light." we have a traffic alert this morning as you work your way along 101. an overturned vehicle two lanes should down. chp is on the scene as there are emergency delays on broadway. so slow through there. northbound woodside to the airport at 23 minutes so extra 10 to 15 minutes for delays. there's a live look not too far from there and traffic is stacked up. so definitely use 280 as an alternate. let's go live now and get a peek at conditions along 101. we have a live shot out there. traffic is slow. this is 101 at trimble road. they have everything over to the right shoulder. starting to slow down quite a bit as you work your way through the south bay. there's your morning drive. >> reporter: the skies are
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clear this morning, at least we have that. but it's also contributing to cool conditions for a lot of the north bay valleys. it is cold out there. grab a jacket. here's a view in san francisco where key can see far out there. no impact of visibility as far as fog is concerned. we'll experience spring-like conditions this friday. it will feel good this afternoon. tomorrow 70s. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday, today and then tomorrow they will be even warmer than today. follow me? by sunday we'll have cold blustery conditions strong winds will arrive and temperatures will drop a lot starting sunday night into early monday morning. right now, here's a view from the vaca camera. sunrise about 7 a.m. 38 in concord and oakland 38. livermore below freezing. it's chilly there. 34 in santa rosa. san francisco 47. satellite and radar showing no
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cloud coverage and that's what's contributing to the cool start to your day but also that lack of cloud coverage will bring our temperatures pretty high up there. so i'll talk about your afternoon highs coming up. investigators say 19-year- old nikolas cruz walked into marjory stoneman douglas high school fully armed pulled the fire alarm and started shooting. the rampage continued throughout several classrooms until he dropped his weapon and mixed in with fleeing students. he stopped at a mcdonald's before he was caught. cruz had been expelled from the school last year for disciplinary reasons. he has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. police say he confessed to the shooting and admitted to hiding extra ammunition in his backpack. president trump did not speak about gun control yesterday as he addressed the nation although he did vow to take action to make schools safer. he also made a direct appeal to children. if you need help, turn to a
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teacher, a family member, a local police officer, or a faith leader. answer hate with love. answer cruelty with kindness. >> the president adds that he will visit parkland in the wake of the tragedy. we'll have much more in a live report ahead at 6:30. back here in the bay area, school districts will be showing teachers and staff how to react in an active shooter situation. >> kpix 5's jessica flores is live in oakland this morning. jessica, looks like the timing of this trainingis poignant. >> reporter: this is a very sensitive time and they have to go through this very disturbing training. now, teachers, of course, will have to prepare lessons but now they are preparing for an active shooter situation. them doing this for years and planning for months. it comes two days after the parkland massacre. it's called the merit active shooter response. now teachers and administrators will be trained in merit active shooter response. staff will learn about pre-
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incident indicators and characteristics of active shooters. one thing they will be taught is how active shooters typically shoot their targets and what to do when it starts. there are renewed calls for gun control. while teachers are forced to continue to prepare for school shootings there is call for gun control a bill from phil ting would expand a current law which allows loved ones to report a family member they fear could become violent. that would prevent that person from buying or possessing a gun. the gun lobby is against the bill. >> think about this. someone who you may or may not know goes to the authorities and tells them that they believe that you are a danger to yourself or others. >> reporter: as of january 2017, california began requiring residents to register assault weapons including every including ar-15s. but manufacturers have a workaround including a model with revisions that make the gun legal . the gun lobby saying it will fight any more restrictions on gun ownership
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here in california and across the nation. it makes the model legal. lawmakers say it's an uphill battle to get any legislation passed and even nationally for any gun control. meanwhile, teachers across the country and in oakland facing this training today. it begins at 9 a.m. reporting live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. but -- they're hoping to inspire change in th of the florida massacre. some high school students until the north bay may be too young to vote but they are hoping to inspire some change in the wake of the florida massacre. 3,000 miles away from parkland, florida students of tamalpais high school in mill valley held their own vigil last night saying they recognize that the next shooting could happen anywhere so they are making their voices heard in hopes that it will push officials to put restrictions on certain kinds of guns. >> when you see this cycle of inaction and it seems hopeless, we'll all there is left is hope, right? >> our goal is to show those people in florida that this matters to us and that we're willing to do anything.
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>> none of the teens has a solution. but their point is stop waiting for an answer and start trying to fix the problem. ds are remembering the young woman killed in a crash with an a-c transit bus in berkeley. doze family and friends are remembering the young woman killed in a crash with an ac transit bus. another somber gathering this one in berkeley to remember the young woman killed in a crash with an ac transit bus. friends and family lit candles at a vigil last night at san pablo park to remember kelly zachary. the 27-year-old was a college student who worked at the federal building in oakland. she died last thursday when a bus hit her honda at california street and ashby avenue. the impact sent both vehicles into a house. her father spoke at last night's gathering. no other injuries. the future of hundreds of thousands of "dreamers" still in limbo this morning. the senate came up with four bills on immigration reform and they all failed. jackie ward has more. reporter: good morning. back to square one this morning as the senate continues to come up with a way for "dreamers" to become u.s. citizens. the measure that came the closest to passing was a bipartisan immigration bill called the schumer collins amendment.
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it was rejected in a 54-45 vote so that means they were six votes short. eight republicans and eight democrats, independents, worked on the proposal that would have protected "dreamers" from deportation. i can say is the only deal i think that can make it is strong border and big daca. the bipartisan proposal is a template for the way forward. you might get change it some. but there's not going to be a round one that includes eliminating chain migration. there's not going to be a round one that doesn't have $25 l system >> you all i can say is that the only deal [ indiscernible ] strong border and daca and bipartisan proposal is a template for the way forward. you might change it some. but there's not going to be a round one that includes eliminating chain migration. there's not going to be a round one that doesn't have the $25 billion wall system appropriations. so that i know. and i don't know where we go from here. >> the bill would have also provided $25 billion to enhance border security but restricted family-based immigration and ended the visa lottery. the senate also rejected president trump's measure in a 60-39 vote.
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>> jackie, thank you. this morning, the city of san jose is taking efficiency to the next level by announcing a new renewable energy program. the program suggests doubling the number of car charging stations and converting the airport bus fleet to electric. it also includes a new program called san jose clean energy. it's where the city's residents can opt in to buy solar or wind energy. >> this is not simply about getting more teslas sold to those who can afford them. the mayor says the program will try to achieve the goal set in the paris climate agreement that president trump rejected. time now 6:08. move over, cars of the future. make way for this high-tech motorcycle and we took it out for a test ride. wait until what you see it can do! >> and happy lunar new year. it is now the year of the dog.
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coming up, some of the local celebrations planned in honor of it. >> and the weather as we start this year of the dog is shaping upton pretty nice. we are looking at spring-like conditions today, tomorrow. but cold after that. >> and we have a traffic alert along the peninsula. i'll have an alternate coming right up. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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cologne this morning... a new study by scientists at u-c davis finds a link between air n.. and scente you may want to hold off on spritzing perfume or cologne. a study finds a link between air pollution and scented grooming items like perfume, lotions and hairspray. the epa estimates that 75% of volatile organic compounds or pollutants in the air come from
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car exhaust, while 25% come from the rest. however, researchers from the study estimate that the split is closer to 50/50. today marks the start of the lunar new year. it happens to be the year of the dog. and preparations are under way this morning in san francisco's chinatown. kpix 5's anne makovec is live there. good morning. anne, kenny taught me how to say happy new year in chinese. >> let's hear it. >> kung hei fat choi. >> pretty good. >> actually sounds better than my version earlier. i have been working on it. >> he gave me the thumbs up. [ laughter ] >> reporter: sounds good. that of course means wish you great happiness and prosperity which we wish to all of our viewers this morning. it is a new year. the year of the dog. if you live around chinatown you probably her fireworks late into the night. it's meant to scare away the evil spirits as we say good-bye to the year of the rooster and hello to the year of the dog. there is a procession here that starts at 11 a.m. and to get ready for the new lunar year, people have been gathering fresh fruit, oranges are good luck, and crisp new bills to fill red envelopes given as gifts.
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>> it's very important the red envelopes because that's a chinese tradition. and then i ask why this would be a new bill for the new year you want everything to be new. and she said everything older. >> reporter: in san jose, the tet festival begins today the big vietnamese new year's festival in san jose at eastridge mall at 3 p.m. now, today's celebration is going to feature the new san francisco mayor mark farrell and former mayor willie brown. of course, it's a little bitter sweet this year because we don't have the late mayor ed lee here nor rose pak who was a major figurehead in chinatown. so it is a new guard entering --ushering in a new year. live in san francisco's
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live in san francisco's chinatown, anne makovec, kpix 5. there's a big parade that you're probably all aware of, a big hullabaloo is going on next saturday around union square. so we are expecting thousands of people in town for that. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. i love anne with the hullabaloo. that's awesome. new video this morning of a dramatic high-speed chase in los angeles. take a look. police say they tried to pull over this black suv lack night but the driver just didn't stop. she led authority into a pursuit, hit a vehicle. officers caught her and this morning she is facing several charges including dui. >> messy situation there. we have our own messy situation in the south bay on
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101 this morning. this is what's in store for you. this is 101 at poplar avenue. look at the backup with a traffic, on 101 in burlingame. traffic is very backed up as a result. we'll show you on the maps. it is sluggish because of this overturned vehicle blocking at least a couple of lanes as you work your way through there. the traffic alert will be in effect for some time. drive times in the red so slow as you work your way through there. jumping to the san mateo bridge. from 880 to 101 things look better. 15 minutes ago we had a motorcycle accident that's cleared off the bridge but it's still a little slow not too bad though your delays only about 4 to 5 minutes so definitely bearable as you work your way through there. 880 southbound near paseo grande a lot of brake lights working your way through there, traffic backed up from the accident that's hopefully clearing. chp says two lanes are blocked
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south 880 at industrial parkway but it's clearing. so they should be wrapping that up quickly. 238 to highway 84 that's about 27 minutes. so an extra 17 minutes of delays. in the south bay some problems through san jose. traffic is pretty clear for the most part. there are slow and go conditions on 101 past 880 but for the most part you're in the green. a little slow north 101 woodside to the airport because of that accident. that traffic alert along the peninsula. that's a look at your morning drive. neda, how's the forecast? happy lunar new year to everybody. and this is how we're kicking it off. a pretty sky out there as we wait for official sunrise which is happening very soon. it's going to be just before 7:00 this morning. right now, there's the view of san jose as well looking very pretty. but temperatures are cool because we don't have cloud coverage keeping things warm.
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temperatures in some of the valleys are below freezing at this hour. the warm weather will be here. we'll be above average by this afternoon. temperatures will be slightly higher. tomorrow they will be more high. but our dry streak is continuing. 22 days in a row of no rain for the bay area. so we desperately could use some by this sunday night into monday we are watching for a system that looks like it will bring sierra snowfall. temperatures today look like this. 65 in san mateo. 65 in palo alto. santa clara 67 degrees. temperatures in the upper 60s. 5 do 10 degrees above average for many locations and around the bay area low 60s. your futurecasts showing clear conditions today clear for saturday as well and now on
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sunday we'll start to get those clouds coming in. this is when our temperatures will start to drop, as well. so temperatures on sunday will be cool and windy. now, monday morning, this is what we are desperately hoping for to see a little moisture. if we do get moisture up in the north bay hills, we could see snow as low as 1,000 feet. sierra snow not a huge snowmaker. cold monday through thursday. medical marijuana is now being sold in pennsylvania. the drug is not available ned i believe or smokeable form. and only people with a valid license can enter. more than 4,000 patients in pennsylvania have been certified by a doctor. apple's new "homepod" is leaving its mark and that's not good. apple admits its internet connective speaker can leave a white circle stain when placed
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on some wooden surfaces. the company says it may be oil on the wood interacting with the "homepod" silicone base. the device costs $350. apple recommends if you are worried about it, put it on a different surface. ducati is rolling out the most connected motorcycle in the world. take a look. the multistrata 1260 connected by bluetooth to a smartphone which riders can use to set riding modes. the app then records data including route details, power, acceleration and lean angle. >> this technology is something that has been previously reserved only for those in professional racing and motorcycling. >> in fact, after last or flash that world it would have to connect a computer to the motorcycle independently. >> it looks cool, too. the app also allows riders to create their own network to organize rides with others and share routes. tim lincecum throws for scouts yesterday. we'll tell you how fast he was throwing. and can usf pull off a major upset over saint mary's? tip-off coming up.
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tim lincecum had a throwing session yesterday in front of about 20 scouts including the giants. the former cy young winner topped out at 93 miles an hour as he attempts a comeback. upset alert! number 15 saint mary's taking on usf at the hilltop. second half gaels star landale fouled out finished with 19 points. ferrari finished with two of his 20 points. the dons beat the gaels 70-63 the last time the dons beat a ranked opponent 2012. cal at number 14 stanford for the big game.
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ladies hoop tradition. 3rd quarter the ballgame? the offensive put-back, foul, she would complete the three- point play. stanford wins 74-69, their 7th straight win. injuries to the sharks have opened the door for that man! brent burns returns to forward. the sharks taking on the canucks at the tank. second period burns scores his tenth goal of the year. the sharks win 4-1. they remain in second place in the pacific division. the goalie martin jones 43 saves. that ties a season-high for him. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. but this morning: the state is investigating if there's time now 6:25. coming up, these pills help prevent the spread of hiv but this morning, the state is investigating if there's an illegal side effect. >> and the fate of hundreds of thousands of "dreamers" is on the line this morning as the senate works to agree on immigration reform but fails.
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suspect did buy the assault weapon legally at a florid all of the victims in the deadly florida shooting have been identified and officials say that the suspect did buy the assault weapon legally at a florida gun shop. broward county sheriff scott israel says that all the families who lost loved ones have been identified and notified. >> cbs news' laura podesta has the latest from parkland, florida where residents are still trying to come to grips with this tragedy. laura. >> reporter: kenny and michelle, suspect nikolas cruz remains behind bars and under suicide watch. his attorney says he is a broken human being. and this shooting rampage is a result of the system failing him. reporter: emotions were raw at the pine trails amphitheater
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in parkland, florida where a vigil was held overnight for those killed wednesday. at one point, the crowd chanted in unison, no more guns! >> this makes no sense. this is impossible. my girl, my 14-year-old baby. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the suspect, 19-year-old nikolas cruz, was brought handcuffed into court. >> you are charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. >> reporter: cruz was ordered held without bond. a broward county sheriff's office reports that he confessed to details of the shooting. cruz's attorneys say their client had mounting problems and fell through the cracks. >> he is a broken human being. he is a broken child. >> he is on suicide watch. the child is deeply troubled. and he has endured significant trauma that has been from the loss of his mother. >> reporter: as more details emerge on how the attack unfolded, there are signs that the loss of life could have been worse.
6:31 am
a state senator says authorities told him it appeared cruz tried to fire out of the school's third report in a windows at students as -- third floor windows at students as they were fleeing. but the windows made of safety glass didn't shatter. investigators say the shooting lasted approximately 6 minutes. the motive is still not known. reporting live in parkland, florida, laura podesta, kpix 5. >> laura, can you tell us about some of the victims? >> reporter: yeah. we're learning a lot more about the 17 people who died. scott beigel 35 years old was a geography teacher had just started teaching at the school about a year ago. and he helped the students by getting them into a safe classroom. he was looking the door when he
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was shot and killed. i also want to mention 14-year- old jamie guttenberg. she was a dancer. her father spoke at last night's vigil, called her just a beautiful person, someone who was filled with so much light and life and how he is feeling so broken right now. back to you. >> it's so devastating. you can barely imagine what those parents must be going through and those kids. they have so much ahead of them. laura podesta, thank you. back here in the bay area, teachers in oakland today will be training on how to protect student and themselves in the event that a gunman ever comes on campus. kpix 5's jessica flores has more on the active shooting drill and it timing. jessica. >> good morning, kenny. that's right. the school district here in oakland has been preparing for this active shooter training for months. but it does come two days after that parkland, florida massacre. and teachers have to go through this training now after that shooting in florida. staff will learn about
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preincident indicators and characteristics of active shooters. they will learn how active shooters typically choose their targets. they will also learn how active shooters typically choose their targets and what to do in the moments after the shooting begins. while teachers are forced to continue to go through these trainings every year, there's renewed calls for gun control here in california. a bill from assembly man phil ting would expand a current law which would allow loved ones to report someone and prevent them from getting a gun. it would expand that law to allow "anybody" to report someone they fear could be violent and including anybody, not just a loved one. it's the type of bill phil ting said may have stopped the parkland shooter from buying a gun. >> criminals by their definition don't obey laws. when you pass laws that simply restrict the right of law- abiding citizens, that does absolutely "nothing." >> you can't excuse violence or gun violence especially a mass shooting at a school. >> reporter: as of january 2017, california requires residents to register assault weapons including ar-15s but that prompted manufacturers to release a work-around before the bill passed including a ar- 15 model with slight modifications which makes that model legal.
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it's going to be an uphill battle in california and anywhere to make changes to gun laws. meanwhile, teachers and administrators here at oakland unified school district will have to go through that training. it begins here at 9 a.m. in oakland. reporting live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. and "cbs this morning" will have continuing live coverage from florida starting at 7 a.m. right after our broadcast. time now 6:34. gianna will tell us about the traffic problems but we can gaze at the beautiful sky there because it is gorgeous. not many problems weather-
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wise. it's going to be a good-looking day. we don't have yesterday's wind. clear skies. also though contributing to the cool factor outside so it's brisk temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. here's the view that we love so much. sunrise in the next few minutes. high pressure is here and back. so it retreated and now it's making its comeback and that's why temperatures will feel good this afternoon and that's why we have clear conditions today. mostly sunny skies for your saturday as well and tomorrow temperatures will be warmer than today. but right now it is cool. 30s and 40s in the area. north bay valleys are at the freezing mark. livermore is below freezing. it's chilly. calm winds.
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20s and 30s monday morning and tuesday morning. the winds and the cool weather will begin on sunday with winds up to 40 miles an hour as this system comes from canada. it's going to cause big changes for us. i'll track it for you coming up. we start off with a traffic alert. 101 in burlingame an overturned vehicle blocking two lanes. traffic is crawling northbound 101 right around poplar where this live shot is. woodside to sfo 41 minutes. again this is north 101 at anza boulevard. two lanes blocked for a little while longer so definitely give yourself some extra time. use 280 as an alternate or caltrain. that's your best bet to avoid delays as you work your way along 101. elsewhere, if you are headed along west 80 at powell street traffic is doing okay here, extra volume but delays aren't too bad along the eastshore freeway. metering lights are on at the bay bridge with a 19-minute drive time from the macarthur
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maze over to the central freeway into san francisco. and taking a look at your mass transit, no delays for bart, muni, amtrak though is behind 11 minutes for train 521. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in turkey this morning where he met with country leaders and held a joint news conference. he says that american and turkish aims in syria are the same. he added both countries will work together to defeat isis and other terrorist groups in syria. it is back to the drawing board for the u.s. senate this morning. >> they failed four bills last night on immigration reform which would have protected "dreamers" from being deported and jackie ward reports. >> reporter: a lot happened. so the senate is starting at ground zero this morning just as they thought they were going to make some progress on immigration reform. four measures were voted on yesterday and all failed. the one that came closest to passing was a bipartisan proposal. it would have prevented "dreamers" from being deported while also funding a border wall gradually. iowa republican senator chuck grassley presented a separate
6:38 am
measure based on president trump's priorities but 14 republicans and 46 democrats voted against it. 60-39. the least number of votes any of the four measures received. >> we ought to do something for daca kids. they were brought here through no fault of their own, brought here by their parents. so if you had years and years of people pleading with doing something of justification, humanitarian reasons and a compassionate way for the daca kids, it shouldn't take more than a week, when we have the president saying what sort of bill he would pass. >> the grassley measure would have made it possible for 1.8 million people to become citizens and would have provided $25 billion for border security and set new limits on legal immigration. the feds' next move is up in the air and the march 5th dreamer deadline is coming up.
6:39 am
the california insurance commissioner is investigating reports of insurance denials to users of an hiv prevention drug. gay men say that they are being denied life insurance, disability or long-term care if they admit to taking the drug truvada. some of the men claim they stopped taking the pills in order to get life insurance. one man who takes the drug says pills save lives. >> i think it's completely idiotic. i think everybody that does participate in high risk scenarios should be honest. >> the commissioner is now asking anyone who thinks that they may have been denied to come forward. new york state regulators have already launched a similar investigation. some people are ditching the bay area sky high rent and choosing to downsize instead. park delta bay is the first
6:40 am
legal community of pint-sized homes. it's southeast of rio vista on the banks of the san joaquin river. the homes are 200 square feet. a woman who lives in the community spent $38,000 to have her home built. she says a living situation works for her but warns it's not for everyone. >> real estate market is pretty cries every crazy so i figured so the tiny house was a good solution for me. >> many people we spoke to in the community say they don't miss living in traditional homes. time now 6:40. it's the big moment for a lot of movie fans. "black panther" hits the screen and some bay area movie-goers are showing up in droves! >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board here. the dow is up about 56. coming up an update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. (vo) i was born during
6:41 am
the winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. plus 24-month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you. gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning.
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time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us from new york. >> good morning. ahead we'll talk with a teacher whose quick thinking may have saved dozens of lives during the florida school shooting plus one of the students she helped hide and his demand to lawmakers for change. and we'll go along with i.c.e. in southern california as immigration agents look for illegal employees. why the targeted company says this is bad for business. and olympic phenom 17-year-old rare gerard have you seen this guy? love him. he is in studio 57. how the youngest male like snowboarding champion, only 17, in history is preparing for his next event. and all the girls of who are now asking, hey, red, i want to be your prom date. he has lots of takers. all that plus your the eye- opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. that's a funny story, isn't it? he is just a doll this kid. >> what is he going to do? how do you decide?
6:45 am
[ laughter ] >> so many people want being to a prom date. >> you will be glad to know he has a girlfriend. >> back off! >> gayle, thanks so much. we'll see you at 7:00. >> maybe other options if things don't work out. >> hey! >> don't jinx it. >> there is a big gain in new home construction and youtube and twitter are facing off for the rights to stream football. >> joining us now is jason brooks from kcbs radio with that and more. >> reporter: good morning. we know especially in the bay area, not many options for a home buyer. just not a lot out on the market. and builders are trying to take advantage of that. we saw a huge gain in new home construction in january across the u.s. nearly 10%. strongest gain in over a year. and permits were also up considerably indicating we'll see strong construction going forward. single-family home construction solid and a huge gain for
6:46 am
apartments and condos. there's a big bidding war under way right now for the rights to the nfl's thursday night games in this coming season. these would be the streaming rights. and you have twitter, google's youtube, amazon, and verizon competing for it. twitter got the rights in 2016 for $10 million. amazon last year for $50 million. and that price tag expected to head considerably higher this time around. and there are reports that the nfl would like a multi-year deal this time, as well. the stock market has done quite the performance over the past week cutting into the losses from that big sell-off. they have cut the losses in half thanks to a five-session winning streak and looking for a sixth session today and so far, so good in the early going. dow is up just about 30 points. nasdaq down 3. the s&p is up by 1. back to you. >> thank you. today marks the year of the dog and preparations are under way this morning in san francisco's chinatown. kpix 5's anne makovec is there now with more.
6:47 am
[ pause ] >> reporter: i just lost you guys, but, um, we are talking about "gung hay fat choy" today. happy lunar new year out with the rooster, in with the dog. it's going to be very noisy in chinatown today as firecrackers are going off. they are known to ward off bad spirits. there is a big procession going on at 11 a.m. people have been preparing for the celebration of the new year, people having gathering fresh fruit, oranges are good luck, and crisp new bills to fill red envelopes given as gift. >> most important thing is everybody gets together and to have a happy time together. >> reporter: san jose the tet festival begins today and runs through the weekend. that's the biggest vietnamese new year festival in san jose. that's going on at eastridge mall starting at 3 p.m.
6:48 am
you will see a lot of people who observe the lunar new year wearing red today, good luck. we'll take all of it that we can, right, guys? the big new year's parade here in san francisco is actually going on a week from tomorrow, february 24th around union square. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. anne is wearing read. so is gianna. that's good. it's a sign of good luck. >> i know. i wish i could give some of this good luck to our commuters because it's not good on the freeways. a traffic alert this morning on 101 through the peninsula. the problem is an overturned vehicle has two left lanes completely shut down. chp and emergency crews are on scene this action accident out there for quite some time and it's causing a big backup. looking at live shots there, this is south of where the
6:49 am
delays are starting to begin along that area. more at poplar avenue. the best bet is to use 280 as an alternate. no delays right now northbound 280, free-flowing to black mountain road. caltrain also a good bet to use instead of 101 this morning. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. 101 northbound from hellyer to san antonio in the south bay a little slow. 33 minutes so you will need an extra 13 to 15 minutes to work your way through there. in the north bay westbound 37 from 80 to 101, 35-minute drive time through that area. san mateo bridge slow. looks like the usual stuff. clear skies. you spread your luck to the weather department, because look at this. a gorgeous start to the day and this afternoon temperatures are going to be really nice. same with tomorrow. get ready for spring-like conditions today and tomorrow. beach good on saturday as
6:50 am
things warm up. 30s and 40s in the area. high pressure the story through saturday and then a change sunday night. so enjoy the above average conditions. enjoy the sunshine. that's what we're going to see. our temperatures for today will be a little warmer than yesterday. 60s in the area. we have clear conditions today, clear conditions on saturday, then on sunday, we'll start to see this system coming through from canada. not expecting any moisture from it. the modems are not showing rainfall for the bay area unfortunately except for maybe if it does happen it could happen early monday morning for the north bay and if that does occur, if we get some rain out of the system out of the clouds we could actually see low snow levels. a dusting over the north bay hills. here's the cold air so two cold fronts merging in canada will work their way down through washington, oregon and then
6:51 am
reach california by monday morning. that's when frost could be likely tuesday morning. also that's going to be the coldest morning. and temperatures are going to be in the 20s and 30s so snow levels are going to drop very low. here's the snow futurecast. by monday morning we could see up to 5 inches at donner summit, more at mount shasta with 7 inches there. and less over by half dome. but a few inches is better than nothing. here is the ski report: "my son, it is your time." there was a large crowd last night at oakland's grand lake his screening was the much-anticipated "black panther" movie has hit theaters nationwide. there was a large crowd last night at oakland's grand lake theater. the screening was part of a fundraiser for black laurel
6:52 am
films. >> i think that this movie's super important because it inspires people to dream and so it means something really special not just to black people but to the world. >> "black panther" is paced on a comic book character, a fictitious african nation and the film is directed by oakland's ryan kugler. time now 6:52. still to come, today one bay area city is taking steps to keep kids safe while at school. what they are doing next in our "final 5." -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? today educatedders will go through some active shooter
6:56 am
training, educators. i'm joined by oakland schools police chief jeff godown. can you tell us what teachers are going through? this has been planned for months. >> yes. we have had this training on and off all this school year and what the training is, it's completely different than the actual lockdown. the lockdown drills are schools twice a year where the students are locked down in the classroom. the teachers secure the classroom and they stand by and wait for law enforcement to come in and handle the threat. this training is for school administrators, principals, staff, where we sit down and talk about what active shooter really means. the run hide fight principles taught federally and statewide what do you in a situation if you have a threat in your school and waiting for police. >> reporter: you were saying that this is isn't going to prevent mass shootings. there needs to be more action? >> there needs to be more action. i'm an advocate for the gun issue. it's called an assault weapon for a reason. they are manufactured to kill people and cause as much damage
6:57 am
as humanly possible. every school shooting from the pulse nightclub to las vegas and now florida is an assault weapon and i'm advocate that if we have to take the assault weapons away from law-abiding citizens in order for people such as what happened in florida not to have them, we have to do it. there's no other option that we have. >> reporter: thank you so much chief godown. there's oakland schools chief. today here in oakland teachers going through active shooter training two days after the parkland, florida massacre. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:57. four immigration bills in the senate failed yesterday leaving the fate of "dreamers" in limbo. the immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children. white house press secretary sarah sanders says the fault lies with democrats but many republicans also voted against president trump's bill that would have given "dreamers" citizenship in exchange for the wall. state senator tony mendoza is suing the state senate. he claims that his constitutional rights are
6:58 am
violated when lawmakers extended his voluntary leave of absence over sexual harassment allegations. mendoza also argue that is his los angeles county constituents are being denied representation. san jose is working to reduce greenhouse gases to meet levels outlined in the paris climate accord. san jose clean energy will be launched this year. the city will make 100% emission-free electricity available to everyone who participates in the program. >> in one of the most intense flu seasons in history, figures released yesterday showing that the flu vaccine is 36% effective in preventing it. only once this decade has it been so bad. today begins the lunar new year. the year of the dog is lighting up cities around the world. events are under way in the country and san francisco's parade is february 24th. how about some good news on the roads? they just canceled that traffic alert north 101 at anza boulevard. all lanes are cleared. still recovering though from delays so expect a busy ride. we are getting word of an
6:59 am
accident not too far from there in the backup involving a motorcycle and another vehicle. so slow and go through there. use 280 instead. east 24 to south 680 look out for a trouble spot there. debris in lanes. 680 okay both directions. here's a live look right now of the gorgeous glow now the sunrise officially just happened. high temperature will feel comfortable. sunshine and upper 60s for inland areas around the bay temperatures in the mid-60s. there it is. our mount vaca camera showing the sun and today and tomorrow spring-like conditions because of high pressure but then big changes happening. monday morning when we come to work, get ready. a big shock monday morning. >> thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. happy lunar new year. kung hei fat choi. >> kung hei fat choi! >> have a great weekend. [ laughter ]
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, february 16th, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. an emotional vigil brings a community together to mourn 17 students and staff murdered at their school. we're learning their stories and hearing from grieving families. plus, a teacher, who shielded more than 60 people from the gunman, will join us, along with one of the students she saved. >> investigators say there were plenty of signs that suspect nikolas cruz was a potential threat. we'll look at the threats that no one put together in time to stop this massacre. >> we go along with immigration agents in california who are cracking down on undocumented


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