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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 16, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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implement the system. >> reporter: the fire department sent out fire trucks, ambulances, 17 firefighters total to hep with the rescue. they used harnesses and rope to pull the three up. then, they were actually able to walk out under their own power, they were greeted by paramedics and police were each given a $250 -- they were given a citation for creating a hazardous condition. katie nielsen, kpix5. >> did they give you any clues? >> reporter: their friends said they were just going on a
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scenic afternoon hike. they wanted to get a good view of the golden gate bridge. while they crossed the ropes we don't know. >> thanks katie. special council robert mueller has indicted 13 russians for trying to influence the 2016 presidential election. cbs reporter weijia jiang has details on the new charges. >> reporter: the deputy attorney general and the acting fbi director briefed president trump in person about this indictment which is the most direct allegation to date of illegal russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein called a rare news conference to announce charges against russian nationals for interfering in the 2016 election. >> they called it information
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warfare against the united states. >> reporter: the conspiracy involved a company called internet agency with hundreds of employees. it bought space on u.s. servers and sold distrust. >> they used that to establish hundreds of accounts on social media networks like facebook, instagram and twitter, making it appear that those accounts were controlled by persons located in the united states. >> reporter: lawmakers are saying this development has to be a wakeup call for midterm elections and the next presidential race in 2020. president trump who was briefed tweeted this began before his announcement to run. and, the trump campaign did nothing wrong. no collusion. the charges against the russians include conspiracy, bank fraud, they came from special council robert mueller who is investigating russian interference and possible coordination with the trump campaign. >> there is no allegation in
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this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation in the indictment. that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. >> reporter: the defendants posing as politically acting americans communicated with unwitting trump campaign members and volunteers. president trump also tweeted today that this did not impact the results of the election but it is important to know this indictment does not draw that conclusion. in fact, there has not been a full assessment of how russian interference may have impacted the results yet. >> now that these charges are all laid out, where does it go from here? what happens next? >> reporter: so, even though these charges give us a really significant understanding of what special council mueller has uncovered so far, russia is not likely to extradite any of these defendants. so, we are not expecting any of them to face legal
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consequences. >> probably not. all right, weijia jiang on capitol hill. thanks so much. a southern california man has pleaded guilty to charges he helped the russians in their scheme to meddle in the election. investigators say richard panedo of santa paula unwittingly used stolen identities to set up bank accounts used by the russians. he took a plea deal earlier this month according to the justice department. he did not know at the time that he was dealing with russians. it is unclear how he will be punished and we are monitoring breaking news from central mexico. a powerful 7.2 magnitude quake sent people in mexico city running for safety. take a look at this video in mexico city. yeah, this was inside a news room there. you can see the light fixtures swinging from the ceiling. the quake in the same area back in september killed almost 230 people. well now, to the deadly
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high school shooting in florida. within the past hour, president trump visited the hospital where many of the victims are still being treated. >> law enforcement. really incredible. the speed that they got the victims over to the hospital can is record setting. 20 minutes in one case, 19 minute ins another from the time of the shot. >> the president also thanked doctors and nurses. he was asked and said he did meet with some of the victims. meantime, the fbi is admitting it botched a chance to investigate the 19-year-old gunman. agents did not follow up on a tip that came in just last month. cbs reporter kenneth craig is in parkland, florida for us this evening. >> reporter: well allen and liz, the last couple of days, so many people in this community have been struggling to ups how this could have happened despite so many warning signs. and then today, this bomb shell admission from the fbi. the fact that the bureau
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received a tip just a few weeks ago about this and did not act. a former maybe says this video shows nikolas cruz in his backyard shooting what may be a pellet gun. the fbi now admits it should have been investigateing the florida teenager weeks ago. it received a tip in january with information ability his weapons, his desire to kill and the potential for a school shooting. the tip was never forwarded to the miami field office and no investigation was conducted. >> we will be looking into where and how, if the protocol broke down. and we will come bag stronger than we ever were before. >> reporter: while the investigation moves forward, this grieving community is finding its views. 17-year-old david survived the massacre which killed 17 students and staff. she says it is time for the younger generation to demand gun control. >> politicians can make all the
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promises they want. but at what point do we say that is not enough and call for action? i think this is that point. >> reporter: authorities say cruz legally purchased the gun in the shooting. senator bill nelson hopes the students can help gather support for gun legislation. >> the fact the kids are speaking up as boldly as they are, maybe that is the turning point. >> reporter: if it is a turning point, it will be too late for the grieving family of 14-year- old alyssa. her funeral was the first of many. we also found out authorities executed a search warrant at the home where nikolas cruz had been living and found three more firearms. it is unclear if he bought those as well. kenneth craig reporting in florida for kpix5. back in the bay area, teachers are taking step to make sure they are prepared in the event of a school shooting. jessica flores reports on the
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active shooting training today. >> reporter: the police chief is fed up. >> in 2018, you need to go home and tell your child who could be three or four, when you are in school tomorrow coloring and someone comes in to try to kill you, this is what you need to do. that is the most absurd, obscene discussion that needs to be have. >> reporter: the training for oakland educators has happened for been planned for months. >> they are designed to kill people. that's all they are made for. people say they are designed to shoot targets and bottles. that's a bunch of baloney. >> reporter: it focuses on characteristics of an active shooter and what to do moments after a shooting begins. >> i work in correctional education. inside jails and parole officers ten years. i almost feel safer working in
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those places than i do in a public school setting. >> reporter: but this is one school lesson with no simple answers. as teachers train for the worst. gun control remains an uphill battle in washington. >> at the end of the day, no matter what you do, if somebody comes in with a high capacity assault weapon bent on killing people, you will not stop them. >> reporter: in oakland, jessica flores, kpix5. >> diane finestein says she will make a new bill making 21 the minimum to purchase a rifle. state senator jerry hill introduced a new gun control bill that focuses on police. it would require law enforcement agencies to track and keep inventory of all their firearms. reports would be mandatory if guns are stolen. hill says it would help cut down woman crimes with guns stolen from officers. cut down on crimes. a wild scene in a santa rosa neighborhood. it happened with a car theft
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and ended with a high speed crash two miles away. our veronica de la cruz fills in the details. >> reporter: police got the call just after midnight. neighbors awaked to the sounds of screeching tires, crashing cars and explosions. a suspected car thief in a hurry to make his mistake slamming into seven parked cars setting some on fire. santa rosa police say owners of the stolen car gave chase and the suspect hit 100 miles an hour trying to make his get away. in light of day, all that was left of the crash scene, a fence that had been ripped down. burned pavement. and bits of broken car lights. police explained it all started when a homeowner caught a car thief in the act. >> they came outside. and saw their vehicle being stolen. they got into another vehicle and gave chase. >> the owners of the car told police they lost the suspect but seconds later they heard a loud explosion and then neighbors heard it too. >> i heard a loud bang.
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explosion happened. i looked out my window and i could literally see this car right here just burst into flames. it was really scary. >> reporter: police say the suspect was thrown from the car and suffered serious injuries. no one else was hurt. police are not releasing the suspect's name. allen and liz? >> thanks. up next, festivities underway right now in san francisco for the lunar new year. >> plus, the south bay rocking right now. why the tech festival is expected to sound like a war zone later into the night. >> also ahead, the robotic roach. why one bay area college is developing new technology based on the creepy bug. >> plus, the weekend rocket launch from elon musk that could produce a scene like this in the california skies.
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harnesses to rescue two dogs from a steep cliff in san francisco. the dogs were out with their owner... when they slid down a slope at fort funston at around 7 a.m.. later... the canines pos >> dogs were out with their owner when they slipped down a slope. later the canines posed for a photo with paramedics. the firefighter says the owner did the right thing calling for help instead of trying to rescue the pets himself. a lot of fireworks going off around the bay area. >> lunar celebrations are underway. it is the year of the dog. mary li is live in china town. but first, juliette goodrich is live in san jose at the tech festival. >> hi allen. [ inaudible ]
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[ fireworks blocking out juliette's voice ] >> reporter: it is clearly time for tech. the annual vietnamese new years festival celebrating the lunar new year. >> the year of the dog. so just ... starting the year off right with good luck. and good fortune. >> reporter: the loud fire crackers symbolize trying to embrace hope of the new year. >> it is loud. >> yes. it is. i think the more you break in it, the more ... [ fireworks drowning her out ] >> reporter: it's a colorful celebration with rich tradition. >> they do a little bit of gambling. >> reporter: feast of the first morning of the first day.
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and the older generation hopes the younger generation will continue to embrace it. >> generations of people from vietnam. we wand to hand this out to the younger people. you see a lot of younger kids. that is how we want to keep the tradition. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you! >> reporter: all right, just a warning, hold your ears because i think it is going to happen any second. a lot of people with ear plugs on. this is going on throughout the evening and throughout san jose. and yes, there is stepped up security just to keep everyone safe. and coming up at 6:00, we will talk about it. it is a lot of fun and celebrating and a lot of noise. i'll send it back to you. >> no, we want to stay with you. there we go! [ laughter ] [ loud fireworks ] [ laughter ] >> you're a good sport
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juliette. [ laughter ] thank you very much. now let's go to mary lee live in san francisco where a new dragon made its debut. mary? >> reporter: that's right. we have a special treat for you. these are the dragon and lion dance performers of today's big lunar celebration here in china town. they have been very busy putting on events around the bay area. we are so lucky to have them perform for us, earlier today, the white crane and dragon association kicked off the lunar new year celebration. they unveiled a golden dragon to bring it to life. san francisco's interim mayor and former mayor dotted its eyes to make it come alive. the dragon is even longer than the last one. it is 288 feet long and requires more members to perform with it. >> it is a wonderful experience having a whole new dragon.
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it has gotten longer. it is a fabulous piece of art made in china. it has gotten longer and more people and more manpower. >> reporter: the dragon and lion dance members performed on karney street. they lit an enormous amount of fire crackers, they ward off evil spirits for the new year. it has been nonstop for these guys. so great to have them out here. we talk to families. and cute kids out here celebrating in china town. i'm mary lee, kpix5. >> beautiful. thank you mary. >> uc berkeley getting creative in bringing to life a new generation of wily robots
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modeled on the common cockroach. like the household pest, it can flatten itself to a quarter of its height seasoned still move at 200 miles an hour while in a squished state. researchers say the skill could be useful for things like searching tiny spaces to find disaster survivors. something we can thank the cockroach for instead of killing it. well, spacex's first rocket launch of the year from california is now set for sunday. the last launch back in december created a plume in the sky. sunday, a falcon 9 rocket is going to blast off just after 6:00 a.m. it will carry a spanish satellite and put it into orbit so we can take radar images of earth. the launch has been delayed by one day to allow time for more systems checks. small earthquake rattled the east bay. the magnitude 2.8 quake hit danville about 1:30 this
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afternoon. so far, no reports of injuries or major damage. just one day coming up in the seven day forecast that is guaranteed to shock you even though i'm going to spend some time talking all about it after this commercial break. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 toe night, opposition to google's megaplans for san jose is loud. but not everyone thinks it is such a bad idea. the results from our exclusive poll. >> first, the markets were mixed today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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at the san francisco skyline with mount tam in the background. ad lib >> it was a gorgeous day out there. you see chopper 5 looking north at the san francisco gorgeous skyline. mount tam in the background. >> we get to live here! this isn't so bad! if you had any doubts. >> yeah, we had a chamber of commerce kind of day today. >> and tomorrow, we were talking so much about this
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area. it will be a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow. sunday, tag, you're it. that's the day that you will be wondering wow. i knew it was going to happen. but whoa. like as we go outside. it is going to be a significant change coming up sunday, 50s and 60s outside right now. concord and san jose and santa rosa and livermore in the mid 60s . san francisco trailing at 57 degrees. a chilly night inland. nights are long. nights are clear. napa 39. mountain view milder. oakland, 45. those numbers have not as chilly as they have been. we continued our dry streak. 22 straight dry days in the bay area. three more. i think we will probably get there. lit be a top 20 longest dry streak in our rainy season. changes coming. it is already on the map. i have colored it for you to show the super cold air that is behind the boundary that will arrive on sunday. the reason why this cold air gets a chance to make it to california which it often does not, is because this ridge is
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in the perfect spot to grab it and throw it. it is going to snow in seattle coming up sunday, they can get record lows on sunday night. we will see temperatures as cold as 25 degrees by monday night. and, highs only in the 50s for almost all of next week. but tomorrow, it was absolutely positively not that day. it will be warmer. it will be sunny. it will be very pleasant to get outside. sunday you wake up in the morning. not only will it be cloudy. it will be windy. winds could gust, and temperature rather than rising will likely fall through the the day into the low 50s by sunday afternoon. it is going to feel cold outside on sunday. then sunday afternoon, we will see things clear out a bit inwith it comes to the sky. a couple of showers in the north bay hugging the coast on monday morning. snow showers possible. snow level may drop as low as 1500 to 2,000 feet.
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and, the overall pattern for all of next week keeps it very warm back east, very cold everywhere west of denver including the bay area. one more mild day tomorrow. sunday will be a shock. it will be windy and much cooler and a few showers possible late sunday hugging the coastline with snow level as low as 1500 feet. tomorrow, get out and enjoy. 64 in san francisco. sunday, no. 15, 20 degrees cooler. monday, sunshine for president's day. mid 50s . that's it. look at next week. forget the 70s . you'll be lucky if you hit 60 once. the cold is on its way. be right back.
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"..." thanks for watching at five... ahead at six... >> cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff is here with a preview. >> tonight, our team remains in florida reporting on the tips not followed before the shooting and we will show you new video we believe of the suspect just before the arrest. the doctor will analyze new flu numbers. both the good and the bad. and, steve hartman on the road with a father who is recording his love for his children in an unusual way. tonight on the cbs evening news. >> thanks for watching us at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00, why contractors are struggling to find enough qualified workers to get the big transbay terminal in san francisco open in time.
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allen and veronica are back in 30 minutes. >> see you then. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> we truly regret any additional pain this has caused. >> glor: the f.b.i. admits it's iiled to act on a tip that might have prevented the florida shooting. and new video appears to show a calm suspect just minutes after the attack. also tonight, 13 russians are charged with meddling in the ins. elections. d the defendants allegedly conducted what they called "information warfare against the united states." >> glor: a report just in on this scary flu season. there is good and bad news. >> ready? go! >> show-off! >> glor: the superhero breaking a racial barrier. >> it's okay to be proud to be african. you should be proud to be african. >> glor: and steve hartman with toe king of postcards. >> reporter: but that sounds boring. >> glor: no, it's fascin


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