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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that dog definitely knows like if you're hurt, no doubt. the dog knows that the cliff is there. sometimes dogs get overstimulated and they run when they don't know all the facts, you know. >> reporter: kent leblanc and his friends out liking today say the terrain is -- hiking today say the terrain is very steep. >> things move around. you just got to be careful. definitely always be on alert because like rocks can tumble. >> reporter: rescuers airlifted the man's body from the bottom of the cliff. later they helped the dog get back up the steep cliff to be given to the victim's family. park rangers tell us that there are no leash laws per se, but they do advise you to have your dog on a leash or make sure that your dog does respond to voice controls. as you can see, it is gorgeous here, but it is very steep. there are trails, but if you go off trail, you can see just how close you are to the cliff.
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park rangers say be very careful. that's the latest from daly city, juliette goodrich, kpix5. the other big story heading into a night of subfreezing temperatures, right now we have hail falling in the east bay in addition to the wind you saw. this is a mix of rain and hail in berkeley. look at this. so cold this morning we saw some snow flurries in the santa cruz mountains. the cold weather is a major concern, of course, in wine country. kpix5's katie nielsen explains growers are racing to protect their vineyards. >> reporter: they are. we're here in downtown napa off main street. people are walking by bundled up a lot warmer than normal for this time of year because the lows tonight could dip down about 27 degrees. that's definitely cold enough to freeze plants and also those grapevines. frost blankets are hard to come by these days in napa, none left at ace hardware. >> sold out of that over the
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weekend. we'll have that back on the shelf today. >> reporter: people are getting creative hoping plastic sheeting or an old bath towel will protect their plants. >> it was 28 last night at my place. live out in the country. >> reporter: another creative way to combat the cold? flaming hot cheetos, well, kind of. >> they're just hot and makes my mouth feel warm instead of cold. >> reporter: maybe not the best idea, but it's got to be better than this. >> once it got warm enough to put shorts on, i don't like going backwards. >> reporter: worried about frostbite? >> no the not even close. vines on the other hand, a little, but not for me. >> reporter: that's the concern here tonight, the vines. thanks to the warm weather some of the chardonnay grapes already have vines and leaves. >> the buds think it's springtime, time to wake up. >> reporter: but those buds make the vines more susceptible to damage during tonight's cold snap. >> once it gets so cold we're really at the whims of mother nature. >> reporter: the low only hit
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around 30 degrees last night, but the air kept moving meaning no frost and no freezing vines. tonight could be a different story. so here they'll turn on the fans around 1 a.m. >> keeping the air moving, it keeps that cold air and potentially ice from forming on this little bud. >> reporter: now aside from turning on the fans, there really isn't a lot that the wineries can do to protect those grapes. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll tell you about the animals that will be most impacted by tonight's below freezing temperatures. live in napa, katie nielsen, kpix5. take a look at this. more snow to show you from the santa cruz mountains, a dusting covered roads near the crest ranch christmas tree farm just west of boulder creek. the roof of some homes are also covered with snow. chickens seem almost and more video coming in of the hail we told you about in berkeley. these chickens seem almost confused by the weather. what's going on?
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it looks like they are pecking at the hail before deciding no, it's not food. brian hackney is in for paul deanno. just getting a phone call about some snow flurries along skyline boulevard in the oakland hills. >> there you go. we've got that on kpix5 hi-def doppler, but this is setting the stage for what will be the coldest night of 2018 tonight. hi-def doppler does pick up those showers and in some cases snow showers. there were winter weather advisories posted in the bay area last night and that is why. snow level is down to 1,000 feet. the big chill tonight shows santa rosa down to 27 degrees, san jose down to 30, walnut creek 27 and the occasional snow flurry would not only not be a surprise, it's happening. there are freeze warnings posted from midnight until tuesday morning. what happens next? there are changes ahead. we'll documented them when we have the forecast -- document them when we have the forecast in a few minutes. san francisco police don't have tasers, but mayoral
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candidate london breed said that they should. kpix5's phil matier said it's now an election issue and breed's decision sets her apart from some of her rivals. phil? >> reporter: that's right. it's almost been an eight-year tug of war in san francisco over the debate. should police use these shock guns instead of their own weapons? in cases it might save lives. in other cases it might save harm. so we asked breed, president of the board of supervisors and now mayoral candidate, what made her go public with support for the stun guns? >> i hate guns. guns have destroyed the lives of so many in my community. >> reporter: supporting tasers, however, immediately put breed at odds with her progressive rivals in june race like former state senator mark leno. tasers yes or no and why? >> no until we implement all of the reforms the department of justice put before the san francisco police department. >> reporter: candidate and supervisor jane kim also said no to tasers for now saying that instead we "need to
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deescalate situations safely. this keeps everyone safer." on the other hand, there's former supervisor angela alioto who has long supported giving cops tasers. >> there's a total lack of common sense in this city when it comes to certain things. again, why not have a taser when it won't kill somebody? why not? >> reporter: at the same time alioto noted breed did not publicly come out for tasers. -- tasers until she was running for mayor. >> she has been against it for years. wonders never cease. >> reporter: you haven't always been an advocate for tasers. >> i've been an advocate for police reform and pushing to change what's happening in the department. >> reporter: recent polls show seven of 10 voters back police using tasers in san francisco, especially on the city's more moderate west side. >> the loudest at city hall seem to be the progressive activists, but at the end of the day it's those absentee voters, homeowners and ethnic
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communities in vote. >> i think it's -- communities that vote. >> i think it's a distraction because the thing i'm hearing about from everyone right now is about car break-ins. >> reporter: a measure will be on the june ballot right when those candidates run for mayor and at 6:00 we'll look at the politics that may be at play here as well. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix5. back to you guys. >> thank you. other bay area headlines, a geyser of water shooting almost 4 stories high, it happened in the middle of the uc berkeley campus this afternoon. the sheered fire hydrant was near the optometry school. in san francisco police gave the all clear at alamo square after a construction crew dug into a gas line after 11:00 this morning. the entire 900 block. hayes street was vac -- block of hayes street was evacuated for a time. in martinez two fires in less than 24 hours, the same apartment complex. a view from a contra costa
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county firefighter's helmet shows crews charging into this building this morning. the first fire started yesterday, burned five units and spread to the attic where the second fire sparked. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. berkeley police went undercover this weekend to catch laptop thieves near the uc campus. officers say four people entered caffe strada, snatched two laptops and ran back to a waiting car. police caught up to the suspects about a mile away, three teens and three adults. they were arrested and both laptops were recovered. the suspected gunman in last week's florida school shooting was in court today. nikolas cruz is accused of killing 17 people. cbs reporter chris martinez says the 19-year-old has a long history of disturbing behavior. >> reporter: nikolas cruz returned to court monday. he kept his head down and did not speak. a troubling picture of the 19- year-old has emerged since last wednesday. a law enforcement source tells cbs news cruz bought seven
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rifles within the last year including the ar15 he allegedly used in last week's massacre. since 2011 broward county sheriff's deputies were called to cruz's home 39 times. in september, 2016 florida's department of children and families visited cruz and his mother following a report of medical neglect. an investigator determined cruz suffered from depression, adhd and autism. he'd cut his arms in a snapchat post and placed hate messages on his backpack. cruz even said he was planning to buy a gun, but the agency found no evidence of neck. in a statement the -- neglect. in a statement the report said mental health services were in place when the case was closed. after the death of his mother he began living with a friend. >> one of the stipulations was we had to get a gun safe. we got a gun safe on the way back to moving his stuff from our house. >> reporter: he didn't have free access to the gun safe?
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>> no. i thought i had the only key to the gun safe. >> reporter: the fbi apologized fofoll up on a tip i last month. a caller reported cruz had a gun and wanted to carry out a school shooting. that information was never passed on to an agent. chris martinez, cbs news. meanwhile the small florida gun shop that sold the ar15 rifle to cruz has closed indefinitely. the owners say cruz filled out all the required paperwork including assurances he did not suffer from mental illness. this isn't just a mental health issue. he wouldn't have harmed that many students with knife! >> a number of florida shooting survivors are turning their grief into activism demanding changes to the nation's gun laws. about 100 students from marjory stoneman douglas high school plan to visit the state capitol in tallahassee wednesday and are organizing a nationwide march next month. >> the response from our students who are still around and still able to talk, they're
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taking that opportunity. they're empowered and they're angry. >> the student led movement is spreading. a group calling itself teens for gun reform staged a lie-in outside the white house today. the white house says president trump will host two listening sessions about school safety this week. an all-black c my son. this is your time. >> black panther breaking box office records, the first marvel film to have an all black cast, the white appeal that's bringing down racial walls. >> plus a new setback for a new proposed a's stadium that will make it a lot more difficult for fans to get to the ballpark. >> and google wants to look into your eyes and see straight to your heart. it's not a sappy sentiment, but a new technology that can save lives. the cannery has housed working artists for decades. >> whether you're a musician, painter, writer, sculptor. >> reporter: but we learned a
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denver cannabis company has bought it with plans for a massive marijuana grow in east oakland's green zone. >> and i said will the residents be allowed to stay and he said no. >> they're carpet grabbers from colorado. >> reporter: expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. >> kpix5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. san francisco held its inaugural black history month parade today. the parade started on third street in the bayview neighborhood and made its way north to the opera house.
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[ chanting ] 's organizer said we have to do a better job as a nation to work together. >> along the route participants sang an old james brown 1960s hit. the parade's organizer said, "we have to do a better job as a nation to work together." >> what you're going to see is a nation of people rising into their cultural identity to know that they are someone. we've been giving all our energy to others thinking they would accept us. it is our responsibility to accept who we are, our culture and rise. mances. >> once to the opera house there was a celebration of food, cultural activities and performances. the first superhero movie with an all black cast opened at the box office this weekend. cbs this morning's gayle king asked the film's director and bay area native ryan coogler his thoughts about seeing the superheroes in black panther. >> what i noticed was none of their world looked like my world, my world growing up in the east bay area in oakland.
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you know, my friends, my family, everybody was black. >> the movie brought in roughly $192 million. that's the highest debut ever for a film opening in february and the fifth highest debut of all time. 1) nther is the l cbs reporter jericka duncan has more on this cultural phenomenon. >> reporter: black panther is the latest in a long line of marvel comic book superheroes turned movie stars. >> fantastic. easily the best marvel movie. >> i was just so looking forward to this movie since the day the trailer came out. >> reporter: typically movie superheroes are white. so black panther has appealed to comic book fans as well as a more general black audience. the film holds special meaning for many long time fans and particularly for arielle johnson. >> i think i might have to be carried out. >> reporter: johnson is one of the first black women to open a
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comic bookstore on the east coast. she opened amalgum comics and coffeehouse in philadelphia a little over two years ago. she's waited for a film like black panther since she fell in love with comic books as a girl. >> i was about 11 or so that i actually was introduced to the x-men and the thing that really grabbed me was storm. up until that point i hadn't ever seen a black woman superhero. there's something clicks when you start to see yourself, you know, reflected back at you. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a black comic book hero was the lead role in a film. the three-part blade series beginning in the late '90s starred wesley snipes as a vampire hunter. >> but when you think about the people who were around blade in that movie, it wasn't like an all black cast. i think the thing about black panther, it is essentially a black movie, you know, and like in hollywood terms, but usually when the movie is a black
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movie, white audiences don't see it. >> reporter: but that's not the case with black panther. the box office tells the tale of the film's success. this weekend it brought in nearly $200 million and it set the record for a live action superhero movie on rotten tomato with a score of 97%. for cbs, jericka duncan, philadelphia. scientists at google have come up with a new way to measure a person's risk of heart disease. here's how. software with artificial intelligence examines images of a person's eyes, especially the rear interior wall that's packed with blood vessels. then an algorithm predicts the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack in the next five years. tests on nearly 300,000 patients were 70% accurate, nearly as good as cholesterol screenings. more research is planned. world champion hotdog eater and bay area native joey chestnut is creating his own
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condiment. take a look. it's called joey chestnut select mustard, deli style picnic and spicey brown firecracker. chestnut is the reigning champ of nathan's hotdog eating contest at coney island. last year his record was 72 hotdogs. there is a set back with the spot that libby schaaf favors for a new b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. was told there's no way a station could be built there. the team was asked to way in when a separate proposal near the lake merritt station fell through. the giants held their first full workout today. newly added veterans took the field with some very familiar faces. here's another one, kpix5 vern glenn very familiar at scottsdale stadium for us. >> reporter: it was the moment
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we've all waited for. the giants' 2018 40-man roster came storming out of the clubhouse this morning and they got right to it and, of course, hunter pence led the charge initiating a team kumbaya slow clap among the club. then it was on to the fielding drills and then the batting cage came out. the main attraction during batting practice featured the offseason's big additions, evan longoria and andrew mccutchen along with veterans buster posey and hunter pence and pence is anxious to put a disappointing 2017 in his rear view mirror. >> my swing feels great. first day of hitting. i feel that was one of the best first days of hitting i've had in a while. i'm eager to be here and i think everyone kind of feels that excited and fresh feeling.
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straight ahead live from scottsdale next hour more giants and what they think about those orange spring training caps. that's ahead. kpix5 at 6:00. an identity crisis in one of the y >> all righty, mr. glenn, sports and weather together. we've got another cold night in the bay area. clouds are producing not only rain, even some snow showers. we've got the forecast coming up. some nesses are t >> coming up at 6:00 tonight an identity crisis in one of the bay area's biggest cities, why some businesses are trading san jose for silicon valley.
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it surfaced a few times. the 's fair share check this out. a whale was spotted swimming in the port of long beach today. it surfaced a few times. the area sees its fair share of whales off the coast but not usually this far in.
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>> whales are confused. the chickens are confused over the hail. everybody is confused! it's el nino. not quite. it's been weird, though. >> i think back to the fires in montecito. first you had the incredible wildfires in the southland and dead on cue here comes the biggest flash floods they've ever seen. so it's been a year of extremes and that will continue now with temperatures having changed dramatically in the past couple of days. right now we're looking to build-ups over the east bay range and temperatures are within a couple of degrees of 50. so what a difference a few days make. we're in the low 70s on saturday. tonight it will be cold, into the mid-20s inland, around the bay in the mid-30s. here's how it looks off the west coast. there's high pressure, but it's directing all the cold air from the gulf. it will be unsettled and chilly through tomorrow and then the high nudges back in. by the weekend we'll get back to the near 60-degree range. hi-def doppler is picking up showers unwinding over the hayward fault in the east bay and will continue to see the
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potential for these drops over there on the east bay range the next few hours, but the futurecast shows what these northwesterly wind will really scour us out. by tonight and early tuesday we'll have mostly clear skies, maybe a little ripple coming through late tuesday, early wednesday. meantime we've got that freeze warning posted. lows tonight will be in the mid- 20s to the low 30s with plant damage possible. so bundle up. three things to remember. the coldest night tonight, the lows in the 20-degree range, only slight warming and a little less windy tomorrow. it will be back into the 60- degree range by friday. overnight tonight we'll be about 10 degrees below average. for the bay area, san francisco down to 38 and san jose 31 and oakland 36 degrees. again these are lows for tonight. it's freezing in sunnyvale, 30 for santa clara, 32 for mountain view and 31 in san jose. over in the east bay the sky's clearing is not good news for the temperatures. they'll plummet into the low 30s in the east bay after sunset, 27 for santa rosa
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tonight, 27 in petaluma, 30 for napa, 29 degrees in sonoma. so it's late february par for the course. we'll usually get a cold snap this time of year and they certainly will up in ukiah, lake port and clearlake. extended forecast shows high clouds tomorrow and temperatures in the low to mid- 50s, a notch warmer than today. in the extended forecast we'll look for 50s all the way through the weekend. by the time we get to saturday and sunday it will absolutely skyrocket back to 60 degrees, back where we belong to quote one of the famous meteorologists, can't quite remember who. we'll be back after a break.
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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breaking news... chopper five above a cliff rescue underway in san francisco. crews are working we're following some breaking news right now. chopper 5 above a cliff rescue underway in san francisco, you see it looks like crews are attending to a man that was apparently perched on a rock. this is at mile rock beach at land's end. we're told there was at least one person stuck on the rocks there. it looks like they may have gotten to him. there was a guy near the edge. there he is, okay. looks like crews are getting ready to try and retrieve this guy. it looks like he's hanging there. >> we're putting in an anchor point to be able to rappel down. >> we'll have more for you on that story at 6:00. >> hope he's safe and can hang on there. ahead at 6:00 the bay area city called out as a water
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waster. veronica and i are back in 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ ng captioning sponsored by cbs >> our community took 17 bullets to the heart. >> glor: as victims of the school shooting are laid to rest, the suspect appears in court. and angry students vow to change the laws. >> we have a right to live. >> glor: also tonight, we get to the bottom of the bots, the russian troll factory that tries to create american chaos. a russian olympian tests positive. the reaction: negative. >> there's no place for it in the olympics. >> glor: the barrier-breaking movie that's also now a blockbuster. >> i'm doing this on the train sery time i come in, just--. >> glor: and a chicken shortage at kfc? >> my reaction is angry, sad, and disappointed. >> and hungry? >> mmhmm, very hungry.


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