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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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few organizes around here dropping san jose out -- organizations around here dropping san jose from its name. >> reporter: the city's largest newspaper has dropped san jose from its masthead and except for where the name is literally written in stone, you can see a slow renaming process taking shape from san jose to silicon valley. the city of san jose itself got into the silicon valley name game in the late 1980s when it adopted the tagline the capital of silicon valley, a name it continues to use to this day on its website and many official city properties. many cities adopted silicon valley and so -- many businesses adopted silicon valley and so did a church and even the chamber of commerce recently changed to the silicon valley organization. >> i don't understand why anyone can't be proud of san jose. >> reporter: it's a move that leaves some bewildered. >> it's a whole branding thing. i think it's kind of a blurring rather than a crystalizing of the identity. >> you need to evolve, stay
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current. >> reporter: matthew mayhood explained it's part of his organization's evolution into a regional agency. >> we are not just san jose's chamber of commerce, but we are silicon valley's chamber of commerce. >> reporter: san jose was found to be in the top 10 most forgettable cities in a survey. this business owner said he had to change names because it's completely separate from the old san jose symphony which went bankrupt, but having silicon valley in the name hasn't been the financial boost people thought it would and the symphony might even change its name back to san jose. >> i think long time we would like to be affiliated with the city of san jose more than the title silicon valley. >> reporter: might it someday lead a reverse trend if and when the current silicon valley craze ever sputters out? >> cities have already endured for centuries and centuries.
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san jose might yet outlast silicon valley as a brand. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez,s about be with. breaking news, chopper -- len ramirez, kpix5. breaking news, chopper 5 just wrapped up from a rescue at mile rock beach at land's end. earlier we watched crews as they set up their rescue plan, the man sitting frozen partway down the cliff waiting for help. one rescuer pharrelled down, put -- rappeled down, put a harness on the man and took him back up to safety. earlier today a man out walking with his dog fell off a steep cliff at daly city's thornton state beach. kpix5's juliette goodrich explains the man was trying to reach his dog right before slipping to his death. edient fo >> reporter: the heartbreaking recovery unfolds after a 67- year-old man falls down a 500-
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foot cliff at thornton state beach. he was trying to rescue his dog. the golden gate national park ranger said the man's dog got away from him and when he tried to go after it, he fell to his death. you can see the dog pacing and barking on a perch as if to sense something was wrong. this is a popular area for dog walkers. >> yeah, no. that dog definitely knows like if you're hurt, no doubt. if the dog knows that the cliff is there, sometimes dogs get overstimulated and they run when they don't know all the facts, you know. >> reporter: ted leblanc and his friends out hiking today say the terrain is very steep. >> sometimes things can like move around. so you just got to be careful and, you know, definitely always be on alert because like rocks can tumble. >> reporter: rescuers air lifted the man's body from the bottom of the cliff. later they helped the dog get
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back up the steep cliff to be given to the victim's family. park rangers say they don't have a leash law, but they do advise you to walk your dog with a leash or at least know they respond to voice controls. you can see just how steep the path is and how the cliff comes down very sharply. they say please be careful if you do come out here. it's extremely windy today. in daly city, juliette goodrich, kpix5. the feds are taking action against a special ingredient found in marijuana, one that is used for medical purposes. this battle is playing out in a san francisco courtroom. tonight kpix5 reporter kiet do introduces us to a south bay family who has a lot at stake. >> reporter: five years ago in santa clara county a baby was born, his name? zachary. >> he was normal for all intents and purposes. >> he is a special little boy. >> reporter: but a few months into life zach began to twitch. his arms and legs would flail. this video was taken at the doctor's office where the baby
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was actually having seizures, four in under a minute, hundreds in the course of a day. his father remembers with tears in his eyes. >> the longest couple minutes of my life was walking from the doctor's office all across the hospital to their intensive care unit for babies in my arms, he's just seizing. >> he had essentially no normal brain activity. it was just background seizures all the time. >> reporter: zach was diagnosed with a dangerous form of epilepsy. >> for a year we tried basically every medication we too. could, last i totaled it like 12, 14. >> reporter: the drugs did not stop the seizures. they also had devastating side effects. >> he was just empty. his eyes were glossed over. he wouldn't look at you. >> reporter: doctors told them zach would get worse, that zach would be better off institutionized. >> it was very hard to swallow. >> dan and i were horrified. >> reporter: then late at night unable to sleep.
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>> stumbled upon a show showing a child having a seizure and somebody gave them a liquid and their seizure was stopping. i'm like what the hell is going on here? >> reporter: what's going on is that the liquid contains a special cannabis compound called cbd. it's found in industrial hemp and in marijuana, but give cbd to a baby? zach's mom needed convincing. >> i was really against it. i was always told drugs are bad. >> reporter: unlike the tch found in marijuana, cbd did not get you high. the boy's neurologist said the couple had nothing to lose. so with cbd zach's brain waves. >> reporter: ed to normal. >> within like -- waves returned to normal. >> within three weeks to a month his brain waves returned to normal. >> cbd for us was a miracle that changed his world. >> reporter: now cbd is at a legal crossroads? the intersection the 9th circuit u.s. court of appeals in san francisco in front of a three-judge panel. what's the industry afraid of? >> we've seen this drug code
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utilized week after week since its enactment to seize, to cause criminal enforcement against lawful operators who require no dea registration. >> reporter: the hemp industry filed a lawsuit against the dea challenging a new drug code. that new code says that all cannabis extracts including cbd are controlled substances and illicit. >> it's unfair to the public. >> reporter: above rovan represents the hemp industry concerned the dea is outlawing all cbd, but unlike hemp it's not a controlled substance. >> this gives all of the agencies and law enforcement across the country the right to stay look, this rule made those extracts controlled substances. >> reporter: the crackdown has already begun. a week ago authorities raided and padlocked 23 stores near nashville, tennessee, because they sold products containing cbd, an ingredient the sheriff
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called illegal. >> it's my understanding that that was from industrial hemp, not from marijuana. >> reporter: as for zach's parents, the cbd they use comes from marijuana. they give it to zach three times a day and that little boy has defied all odds. >> he's walking. he's talking. he definitely has some developmental issues, but we don't have seizures really anymore. >> reporter: the family went camping at yosemite and recently visited the car museum in san francisco where zach had a ball. >> he's an angel. >> reporter: the concern? if the law is now attacking cbd derived from hemp, is zach's medicine next? in san jose, kiet do, kpix5. >> the dea says it needs the new code to better track cannabis extracts for research purposes as well as better live up to international treaty obligations. a decision is expected in a few months. the other big story that we are following this evening, the cold weather. some fresh snow fell in the sierra today and even some parts of the bay area.
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let's take a look outside now. this is live. it's going to be another chilly night. temperatures will dip into the mid-20s. take a look at some video just into us, a mix of rain and hail late this afternoon in oakland. this is in the rockridge area. people were taking out their umbrellas and bundling up to stay warm and dry. then in the santa cruz mountains a dusting of snow covering roads at the crest ranch christmas tree farm just west of boulder creek, the roofs of some homes there covered with snow. on mount hamilton frost covered this camera at the lick observatory. cold weather can be harsh on your pets. with more on that let's go live to kpix5's katie nielsen. katie? >> reporter: we're here in downtown napa. we've seen a lot of people walking by bundled up a lot warmer than they normally would be this time of year. that's because the low tonight could be around 27 degrees and believe it or not, the most vulnerable animals are actually
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the chickens. >> chickens! look at. i'm trying to get them. look. >> reporter: 2 1/2-year-old hudson considers himself a professional chicken wrangler. he only has three chickens, but they have a cool in the backyard for bo, choo choo and chickee. >> we have a little heat lamp over there. they stay pretty warm at night. >> reporter: while hudson would rather bring the chickens into the house for the night, his dad andy has other ideas. >> we've looked all over for chicken sweaters, but we can't find them anywhere. >> reporter: yup, you heard him right, chicken sweaters. supposedly it's a thing. any chicken sweaters? >> not today, not today, but maybe soon. >> reporter: wilson feed has seen plenty of customers getting their coops ready for the record low temperatures. >> we sell a lot of shavings, bedding and straw. >> reporter: the vineyards are preparing, too one hard freeze on budding chardonnay vines
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could mean huge losses. >> once it gets so cold we're really at the whims of mother nature. >> reporter: the low hit around 30 degrees last night, but the air kept moving mean nothing frost and no freezing vines. tonight could be a different story, so at this business they'll turn on the fans around 1 a.m. >> keeping the air moving, it keeps that cold air and potentially ice from forming on this little bud. >> reporter: with those record low temperatures tonight just remember cover up the plants. bring the pets inside. and don't forget the sweaters for your chickens. in napa, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> that just happened to be at the top of my list. we've got the coldest night on tap for the bay area in 2018. it's no wonder they are bundling up, santa rosa 27, san jose 30, walnut week 27, the big chill is in the bay area. we've got the forecast coming up.
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>> also straight ahead the san francisco mayoral candidate getting behind tasers for city police. >> a bay area city called out for wasting too much water, but city leaders say wait. the mistake they claim put the town on the list. >> and also still ahead 3d printing isn't as complicated as you might think. the new way you can make your ideas a reality.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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supervisor london breed -- who is also running for mayor -- to answer que for weeks we've been trying to get san francisco supervisor
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london breed who is also running for mayor to answer questions about this. r-pac that supports london >> he means this guy cut a back room deal with these guys that helped this guy's campaign for mayor. >> this political ad was created by a superpac that supports london breed. it accuses two supervisors of conspiring to remove her as acting mayor to help her rival, mark leno, win the special election in june. leno has called the ad shameful and a smear campaign. did london breed approve of the ad and does she know who paid for it? back on february 5th our phil matier asked her those questions. "did you get a chance to >> she obviously walked away from phil. the next day kpix5 reporter jackie ward also asked her about it. n: "( >> reporter: did you get a chance to watch that ad? >> yeah. unfortunately i'm not going to be able to answer any questions about anything other than this press conference. vity of anything as it relates think the vo >> well, today phil matier asked her about the ad yet
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again. >> phil, i'm not going to talk about that commercial and the negativity of anything as it relates to this race. what i think the voters care about most is what am i going to do to address the housing crisis? what am i going to do to deal with homelessness? what am i going to do to deal with public safety? we have to focus on the issues and less on the political stuff that people are sick and tired of. >> so we have asked london breed about the ad three times now. it looks like she'll never answer. london breed did want to talk about tasers for police. in fact, she told phil that she supports giving tasers to san francisco police officers. >> oh, my god, drop it! >> reporter: since the 2015 police shooting of mario woods few issues have jolted san francisco politics as much as the question of police use of tasers. >> studies have shown when departments get tasers, that officers use tasers more freely. >> reporter: and now tasers are taking the stage in the san
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francisco mayoral race with board of supervisors president and mayoral candidate london breed saying she's now in favor of the shock guns. her reason? >> i hate guns. guns have destroyed the lives of so many in my community. >> reporter: supporting tasers, however, immediately put breed at odds with her progressive rivals in the june race like former state senator mark leno. tasers, yes or no and why? >> no until we implement all of the reforms that the department of justice put before the san francisco police department. >> reporter: candidate and supervisor jane kim also said no to tasers for now saying that instead, " we need to deescalate situations safely. this keeps everyone safer." on the other hand, there's former supervisor angela alioto who has long supported giving cops tasers. >> there's a total lack of common sense in this city when it comes to certain things. >> reporter: at the same time alioto noted breed did not publicly come out for tasers
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until she was running for mayor. >> oh, she came out for it? she's been against it for years. wonders never cease. >> reporter: you haven't always been an advocate for tasers. >> i have been an advocate for police reform. >> reporter: recent polls show seven of 10 voters back police using tasers in san francisco, especially on the city's more moderate west side. >> the loudest sound at city hall seems to be the progressive activists, but at the end of the day it's those absentee voters, those homeowners, those ethnic communities that vote. >> i think it's a distraction, also, because the thing i'm hearing from everybody right now is about car break-ins. >> reporter: whether or not tasers are on the top of voters' minds, however, is not the issue. tasers and other issues like this are sort of signals about where people stand on public safety and in relation to the police and that's also something her voters are looking at as they contemplate their choices. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix5. returning to the topic of weather, you can see what's
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happening. on the kpix5 hi-def doppler it's picking up the potential at least of snow falling on the road at mount hamilton, the road with 365 curves in it on highway 130, one for every day of the year, and north around the san jose foothills it looks like there could also be a few snowflakes out there. by the time we get to weekend we will warm it up slightly. for tonight it will be clear and cold. inland will be down to the mid- 20s and no surprise. those freeze warnings are up through tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. with plant damage possible. be sure to bundle up. low forecast for tonight shows everybody under 40 degrees, coldest night of the season with pacifica 36, morgan hill 28. clearing skies don't help either. the heat such as we had during the day just gets right back out into space without an insulating cloud cover. the result? tonight petaluma is down to 27,
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novato 31, mill valley 33 degrees and in sausalito 34 and chillier at ukiah and lake port and clearlake. in the extended forecast after a chilly night tonight a few high clouds tomorrow, a snow shower or two in the upper elevation of the bay area. sometimes you forget we live in a mountainous region, but when you see what's happening this hour, you are reminded we've got mountains above 2,000 feet in the bay. extended forecast calls for numbers to recover by 60 degrees by the weekend. in the meantime it could be cold. >> we'll bundle up, thanks. still ahead the lucky central valley in-n-out employee who snapped a selfie with a special guest at the drive-thru. >> nba all-star game fallout, any national anthem singers out there looking for a gig? >> it's play ball in arizona, a live report from vern glenn coming up from scottsdale.
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working of the spring..and vern glenn was there, he joins us live from scottsdale..vern?
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the giants took the field in arizona today for the first full squad workout of the spring and vern glenn was there. he joins us live from scottsdale. vern? all right there, dennis. it was nice seeing these fellows out this morning. i saw high fives. i saw bro hugs. i saw laughing with some of the faces we are familiar with and the new guys got acquainted, but it's not just changes on the roster. it's changes on the coaching staff, too. in fact, hunter pence might think about getting one of those hello, my name is stickers. >> i'm really having a lot of fun working with alanzo and rick shoe and let me make that clear. is that his first name? sounded right. i always call him shoe. >> pence was part of the featured group during batting practice along with buster posey and the offseason's big addition, evan longoria and
6:24 pm
andrew mccutchen. >> i'm eager to be here and i think everyone kind of feels that excited and fresh feeling. >> reporter: another one of the new faces in camp is veteran outfielder austin jackson who hopes to win a world series ring after the giants denied him in 2012 when he was with the tigers. >> i actually was messing with some of the guys today. i said i blame all of you all, every single one of you all. i blame you all because it's you all's fault i don't have a ring. >> reporter: jackson is quickly warming up to being in the orange and black. >> it might grow on guys after a while. you never know, you know. change is good. >> reporter: you go three for four a day in these spring games. that has to look really games. >> we'll wear this every day. i'll say that. >> reporter: we'll hear more from these 2018 giants as the days unfold. that's enough from scottsdale for now.
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i'll see you at 11:00 on kpix5. >> thanks, vern, a lot of new personalities on that bench. see you tonight at 11:00. bragging rights in the warriors locker room belong to kevin durant. at the nba all-star game, kevin durant, lebron james wouldn't get steph get a shot off. the new format of the game of well received, but i think somebody other than fergie will sing the national anthem next year. ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ . >> man, the players had a hard time keeping it together. draymond green who always has something to say about anything was nearly left speechless. >> i was just shuddering. i don't know. d of
6:26 pm
>> fergie says she was trying to add a little something to the moment. she said, "i tried my best," give her credit. a bay area city accused of wasting too much water tells us why they landed a spot on the naughty list. >> the new allegation of sexual misconduct circling a female state lawmaker, the focus this time, a game of spin the bottle. >> meet the student who is keeping the berkeley police department in check.
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othe you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, a city called out for using more water than any other city in the bay area. >> officials say that's not the case at all. kpix5's kiet do explains. >> reporter: in a column titled what drought seven california cities where water use is up, the mercury news found the municipal improvement district in foster city of the only one in the bay area to go up nearly 6%. former mayor and current council member herb perez was curious but skeptical. i don't get the sense you're embarrassed by this. >> i don't think i need to be
6:30 pm
yet. >> we knew it was wrong. >> reporter: norm duray at the public works department knew what the problem was. a few years ago at crystal springs reservoir a gauge began to malfunction. how off was it? the dash line shows where it should have been. the pink line shows the bad meter reading off by about 8%. >> i'm issuing an executive order mandating substantial water reduction across our state. >> reporter: 8% is a big deal, especially when the governor was browbeating cities all over california with mandatory water cutbacks. the water gauge eventually got fixed, but when today's water usage is compared with the artificially low readings from a few years ago, well, on paper foster city looks like a water hog. you're saying foster city is incorrectly being depicted as using more water because you're comparing this number with this number. >> correct. >> reporter: when, in fact, it should be this number and this much higher water usage number.
6:31 pm
>> correct. if you look deep behind the numbers, you can tell there is a reason. you can't sell more water than you buy. >> reporter: it's vindication for foster city given they led the pack in water reduction. councilman perez says they've got the brown lawns to prove that. >> we've always been the vanguard and been the city how to do it as opposed to other cities that don't take it seriously enough in my opinion. firefighters in the east bay had a busy night, two fires at the same building within hours of each other. the original fire ripped through five units and spread through the attic. this morning another fire call, a view from a contra costa county firefighter's helmet shows crews charging into the building a second time. >> we found the attic space in the building was on fire again, which is what we call a rekindle. that's where the fire restarts. >> the fire was knocked down in
6:32 pm
about 10 minutes. we're told one firefighter suffered minor injuries. this evening state assemblywoman cristina garcia, a vocal leader of the me too movement, faces new allegations of misconduct. a former employee now says he was fired after refusing to play spin the bottle with her. here's the report on the fallout. >> and he's on the floor. she's sitting next to him with a bottle in her hand and makes the comment they should be playing spin the bottle. >> reporter: this attorney said his client refused to play spin the bottle with his then boss, assemblywoman christina garcia, but claims he paid -- cristina garcia, but claims he paid a price. >> reporter: was he targeted? how long after that was he fired? >> it was a few months later. the reasons why employers oftentimes wait a little bit is because if they fire them right away, it's just all the more obvious. >> reporter: in a complaint filed with the state, his client accuses the me too advocate of using vulgar
6:33 pm
language, discussing topics inappropriate for the workplace and showing herself to be vindictive in nature, but garcia's former chief of staff says the former staffer's complaints are totally false telling the sac bee the staffer was warned for not doing his job and fired when it did not improve. another former employee claims she groped him at a softball guam and last week the same attorney went -- game and last week the same attorney went public with claims from four anonymous men who worked for garcia each accusing the assemblywoman of fostering an improper work environment including talking to staff about sex and drinking alcohol on the job. it's a stunning twist to the sexual harassment scandal rocking the legislature, garcia formally leading the women's caucus and appearing in time magazine's silence breaker person of the year coverage remains on a voluntary and unpaid leave of absence and denies all accusations. pus.
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police found these computers in a big bust following a rash of laptop thefts near the uc berkeley campus. police found these computers in the suspect's car and six people are now under arrest. officers went undercover at caffe strada on college avenue to catch the thieves. the cafe has been a hotspot for electronic thefts. last month alone more than 16 laptop thefts were reported. mountain view police arrested this teenager, 19-year- old lamar nickelson of alameda. officers say nickelson and a 16- year-old were spotted breaking into cars in cupertino. the two have been identified as suspects in nearly 20 auto burglaries in several cities. a student at uc berkeley is doing more than studying. she chairs the city panel that tries to improve relations between police and the community. the young woman tells kpix5's john ramos why she got involved. >> reporter: after protests at uc berkeley descended into
6:35 pm
violence police were heavily criticized, the kind of complaints that come before the city's police review commission. it's the reason cal student saha na matthews, decided in september to become part of it. >> to make it more apparent and create more trust. >> reporter: the citizens panel reviews claims of police misconduct and she was only a member four months when in january she was texting a colleague at a meeting she couldn't attend. >> about five minutes later he says congratulations, you're chair. >> reporter: so at age 20 the cal junior is now the chairperson of a group that serves as the voice of the community in matters involving law enforcement and while sahana has strong opinions that police relations need to improve, she believes she was chosen for another reason, her willingness to control the length of debate in meetings that tend to get lengthy. >> my biggest goal is to at
6:36 pm
least get through two or three agenda items because sometimes the talking is just talking. nobody is going to change their minds. you just have to vote on it. >> reporter: she feels she's a moderate on the board trying to understand the positions of both the public and the department and while the issues can be deadly serious, she's just trying to keep her new leadership role in a proper perspective. >> it's just been a whirlwind so far. i haven't really stepped back and thought about it. i have a midterm tomorrow, which is the biggest thing on my mind. >> reporter: in berkeley, john ramos, kpix5. making their voices heard in the call to action for tougher gun laws, the students leading the charge. >> and the new way to watch your hi-tech dreams come to life with affordable 3d printing. so you spent all your money on holiday gifts.
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19-year-old nikolas cruz kept his the suspected gunman in last week's florida school shooting was in court today. 19-year-old nikolas cruz kept his head down and did not speak. he's accused of killing 17 people at marjory stoneman douglas high and he's charged with premeditated murder. authorities determined cruz had at least 10 rifles in his possession. gun control rallies are popping up across the country in the wake of the shooting massacre. several hundred people gathered in downtown los angeles today. reporter weigia jiang is in washington where protesters are pressuring lawmakers for change. >> reporter: students from the washington d.c. area staged a lie-in outside the white house calling for stricter gun laws. friends brittany bowen and eleanor nectorlein organized the protests. >> neither of us believes it comes down to politics. it comes down to children in classrooms being shot. >> reporter: this is in the
6:40 pm
wake of the parkland, florida high school shooting killing 17 people. they want to be the face of change here and are planning a march on washington next month. >> we want assault rifles off the market. >> automatic and semiautomatics have no place in civilian society. >> reporter: the white house says president trump will hold a listening session on wednesday with unspecified students and teachers wednesday and meet with florida security officials on thursday. white house officials say the president supports a narrow bipartisan bill to improve the federal background check system. >> unstable, dangerous people who law enforcement and their own family members are flagging as is the case here should never have access to a deadly weapon of that sort. >> reporter: but some like 83- year-old republican donor al hoffman, jr. are turning up the heat on lawmakers. >> i will not write a check for anyone who does not propose a ban on assault style weapons. >> reporter: in recent years several attempts to revive an
6:41 pm
expired ban or pass a new one stalled in congress. weigia jiang, cbs news, the white house. coming up the lengths one airline went to to reunite a passenger with her lost engagement ring. >> in the bay area temperatures are coming down and that's not the only thing. some ultra rare snow in the bay area, the forecast is coming up. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility.
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and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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appearance in the port of long kpix five's mary lee r it's well, a new tech shop opened in san francisco today. kpix5's mary lee reports it's a store offering people everything from 3d printers to woodworking tools. >> reporter: if you've ever had a vision for a project and needed a 3d printer, now it's as easy as coming to this shop and using their equipment to make anything you want. >> finally going to open this shop. i was like wow! >> reporter: sebastian centilli was inside the tech workshop he was so excited he was
6:45 pm
counting down the days to today. >> we have access to machines that i like that are impossible to afford for a guy like me. >> reporter: we found designer glenn black use the shop's lasers for his latest mixed material sculpture. >> it's i describable. there's a -- indescribable. there's a barrier for me where we limit ourselves because we don't have the tools and we stop it there and spoil the creativity. >> reporter: from hi-tech to old school woodworking. >> from this into this. >> reporter: this man transforms california walnut wood into beautiful bowls showing up at 9 a.m. >> when i'm focused on the artwork, i'm the focusing on what happened this morning or last night. >> reporter: the shop owner is happy to help others bring their creative ideas to life. >> making has been part of my
6:46 pm
life as long as i can remember. i grew up, my grandma taught me how to sew. i grew up in a wood shop. >> you can design your part, then make it. >> reporter: kelly pike is making a custom part for his boat using 3d printing and loves using all the new hi-tech equipment to test out his ideas. >> it's really great. we can make so many different things and you can keep trying idea after idea after idea till it finally works. >> reporter: if you're interested, anyone can join here at it's $150 per month to use their equipment. a san francisco woman is thanking a pilot tonight for the safe return of some small, but very precious cargo. brit moran tweeted this picture of a note and her engagement ring. she lost the ring somewhere between new york and wyoming.
6:47 pm
a united gate agent found it, put it in a safe and gave it to a pilot who hand delivered it back to her in san francisco. >> very lucky. and a lucky in-n-out employee in fresno met one of his biggest mentors, raiders quarterback derek carr. the employee posted these photos to twitter with the caption greatest moments of my life. carr sat at the drive-thru window waiting for his burger and fries. carr even signed the fan's uniform. now a little snow/hail mixture in berkeley today and the chickens didn't mind, but they were kind of confused. the video was taken around 4:00 this afternoon. it's going to get cold. let's go to brian to find out how cold. >> nothing like a cold drink on a cold night for those chickens. bundle up with the coldest night of the year on tap for the bay area as we look live toward the bay bridge. the numbers have plunged into the 40s about 13 minutes before 7:00 this monday night, another
6:48 pm
view the bay bridge. highs today managed only low to mid-50s in the bay area and as diana washington almost saying what a difference two days make. on saturday we have low 70s and upper 60s. today only in the low to mid- 50s means in two days we picked up almost a 20-degree temperature swing. it will be cool again tomorrow, not only cool, cold enough for the upper elevations to produce a little snow out in the diablo range around mount hamilton and lick observatory in the mountains of the south bay. it wouldn't be a surprise to see a little bit more overnight, but that high pressure to our west is driving that arctic air into the bay area. it remains cold. there is just no or very little moisture with this. so the result, it will be clear and cold tonight, numbers down to the mid-20s, freeze warnings posted at midnight tonight through 9 a.m. tomorrow. the lows will be in the mid-20s to low 30s, easily the coolest
6:49 pm
night of the season. plant damage and all the usual is possible. the coldest night will be tonight. we'll get you slight warming tomorrow, less windy and the gusts are still up to 23 miles an hour in parts of the bay area. by the weekend it warms to 60 degrees. the overnight lows tonight are the big story really and you'll see on average the numbers are between 5 to 10 degrees, even more below average for this time of year. san francisco down to 38, campbell 33 degrees tonight, san jose a degree below freezing and 31 degrees at fremont. over in the east bay the numbers will be in the upper 20s and low 30s, 34 degrees at pittsburg, 30 at fairfield at travis air force base and vallejo 29 degrees. lows tonight for santa rosa will be down to 27. 27 at petaluma. as cold as it is, they are not record lows. we're about 10 degrees shy of records for this time of year. overnight tonight in ukiah23
6:50 pm
degrees. here's how it looks for daytime highs tomorrow. we're all going to be within a couple of degrees of the low 50s, san francisco 52, san jose 56, livermore 54 and in santa rosa 55. extended outlook, very gentle warming between now and the weekend which sounds nice to me. we'll recover to near average highs saturday and sunday and temperatures are then going to recover. in terms of rain you can get out that telescope on top of mount hamilton and look as far as you can are but we don't see any. we'll have an update at 11:00 tonight. coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 should famous athletes comment on politics? tonight that's the big question. that has lebron james in the middle of the feud, who is telling him to shut up and dribble? it happens tonight on nightbeat. join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12 about.
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-- kbcw 44 cable 12.
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6:53 pm
>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. despite the setbacks, he's moving forward.. and sherry hu ere to tell us it was one tragedy after another for tonight's sra student. >> despite the setbacks he is moving forward and sherry hu is here to tell us more about him. >> it really speaks to the
6:54 pm
character of these kids. i have talked to now more than 40 sra scholars and alums and the people who know them best, their teachers, mentors and families say the same thing. when faced with struggle, instead of giving up these sra students will rise up. with a big time love for rock music antonio santaliz is teaching himself how to play. antonio has had to learn a lot on his own for a long time. his dad died when he was only 6 years old. >> she said he's not coming back. he's gone. he's in heaven and then that's when i started crying. >> reporter: within five years antonio's heart was broken yet again after cancer took his mother. >> i felt like i grew up in that instant and in a needed -- i had a goal that i want to
6:55 pm
complete to make my parents proud of who i am and to live a life that would be successful. i remember you had lights with a hummingbird on it. >> reporter: once his mother died antonio's older sister became his legal guardian, a decision mom and daughter made together. >> we knew that, you know, she was going to go and we both love my brother and we wanted him to be with someone that cares and loves him. >> she's like my mom. >> reporter: after losing both parents antonio and marissa have stayed by each other's side year after year. >> after everything we've gone through we're not stuck. we're strong enough to get out of the, you know, bad situation. >> reporter: which means antonio is college bound and as a student at middle college high in san pablo he takes both high school and community college classes as he prepares for the next academic step. >> i struggle with coming back from all those bad events and i
6:56 pm
think that's something that me and my sister have done. >> reporter: so when antonio thinks about the future, this is how it feels. ge high students, adilin vargas and joanna ajahyi, were picked to be part of sra's class of 2018. now besides antonio, two other middle college high school students were also picked to be part of the class of 2018. congratulations to them all! if you'd like to learn more about sra, just go to our website and i'm here to say good- bye to all of you. >> again? >> for the second time now. i'm going to retire. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> i just met you. >> i'll come back and visit. >> i hope so. >> sra is turning over to some very good hands. >> christin ayers. it's been wonderful. thank you all. >> no. you've been a mentor to me and
6:57 pm
these children. thank you so much for everything you've done. we will miss you, sherry. >> happy retirement. e burger p. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!]
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you. thank you all very much. i appreciate you, folks. thank you all. yeah, i do. i appreciate y'all. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man--steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one today, folks. returning for their second day, with a total of $20,000, from brentwood, california, up north by san francisco, it's the champs. it's the cecil family. [cheering and applause] and from dallas, texas... it's the echebelem family. [cheering and applause] man: yeah!
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steve: everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody might drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go. let's get it on. give me jenna, give me chinoo. top 6 answers on the board, ladies. this is very good for the two of you. name a reason a very attractive woman might have a hard time finding a boyfriend. jenna: perverts. [laughter and applause] steve: the perverts. man: good answer. [buzzer] chinoo: bad attitude. steve: bad attitude. woman: play, play, play! woman: we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. woman: mm-hmm. how you doing, steve? i know, i know. come on, give it a try. woman: sound it out, sound it out.


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