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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 20, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PST

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on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing ends monday visit for a store near you. now at 11:00, temperatures dip to dangerous lows across much of the bay area tonight. the freeze warnings. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we have team coverage of the cold snap tonight beginning with brian hackney. brian? >> reporter: it is going to get cold tonight. in fact the coldest night of the year is expected in the bay area as temperatures are diving down into the mid-20s before
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all is said and done. specifically santa rosa tonight down to 27 degrees. san jose will be down to 2 below freezing. walnut creek will be down to 27 as well. no surprise then, but within 60 minutes, freeze warnings will go up for much of the bay area with lows expected to bottom out in the mid-20s to the lower 30s with the usual threats to plants, animals, so it is a night to bundle up. but there is good news ahead, and we will cover that in your forecast in a few minutes. >> look forward to hearing that, thank you, brian. kpix 5 andrea nakano continues our team coverage tonight live in napa for us. hi andria. >> reporter: liz, thetemperatures are expect today fall into the 20s in napa. the focus would be to keep the people safe and to protect the industry that fields this area. >> today was checking out locations where i might rest my head. i found a bridge i could sleep under. >> reporter: it's a long night ahead for paul harris who just
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became homeless a few days ago. local shelters are filling up fast. >> it's tough because there are a lot of people that don't come in, you know, there are a lot more people out there that don't make it in and we wonder, you know, what's happening to them. >> reporter: this shelter at the napa county fairgrounds has 57 beds. only a few beds left for police drop-off. tonight they fear they might have to turn people away and leave them out in the cold. the bay area has already experienced a chill from the cold system over northern california. this is a mix of rain in the area of oakland. on mount hamilton, you can see the frost on this camera at the lake observatory. in the santa cruz mountains, a dusting of snow-covered roads at the crest ranch christmas tree farm. and this cold weather can spell disaster for the napa county wine industry. vineyard workers are on alert all throughout the night to keep the frost from killing the
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vines. >> when it drops to 32, we have to be here in the start. >> reporter: the winery has roughly 60 acres on this hillside. these wind machines will attempt to keep the air circulating to keep the frost from sticking on to these buds and even clusters of fruit that have already started to grow on the chardonnay vine. if they suffer frost damage, it could be devastating for the wine industry. >> and when it comes to frost every night, it is a big worry. i'm concern canned. >> reporter: and now the homeless shelter is operating at extended capacity, and it will operate that way throughout the week at least until the temperatures warm up a bit. live in napa, andrea nakano, kpix 5. in san jose tonight, shoppers at santana row braved the cold, but they made sure to stay warm by bundling up with thick coats and jackets. tonight, two dangerous situations at bay area cliffs with two very different outcomes. >> kpix 5 joe vazquez shows us
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the rescue and the recovery. >> reporter: fire officials say this latest rescue is just down the cliff from the legion of honor here. they say a young man was on the beach instead of following the regular path. he decided to blaze his own trail. firefighters say it was just after 5:00 when the man in his 20s got trapped on the sheer bluff as he attempted to make his own way up. he ended up having to call 911 with his cell phone. >> what was he doing? >> >> you know some people on a nice day like this attempt to climb up the cliff, but they get to a point where they cannot climb up any further and that is where they get stuck. >> reporter: on friday, same thing. some of these same specially trained firefighters were there rescuing three tourists from texas who got stranded on a cliff not far from here. >> how are you feeling? are you okay? >> i'm good, thank you. >> reporter: at thornton state beach in daly city earlier today, a sad ending. a man's dog got away from him. when he tried to follow, the man ended up falling down a 500-
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foot cliff to his death. authorities were eventually able to corral the extremely anxious dog. they led them back up the cliff and handed them over to family members. >> but the dog knows the cliff was there. and sometimes the dogs get overstimulated and they run when they don't know all the facts. >> it happens a lot when the weather is like this. >> reporter: san francisco fire officials tell me the calls for cliff rescues get more frequent around this time of year. just like friday, the fire teams today used a sophisticated series of ropes and pulleys to conduct the rescue. the man was unharmed and back off the cliff within an hour. but officials want you to keep in mind these rescues are dangerous and put first responders in harms way every time. >> this guy could have fallen 30 feet and hurt himself. he was in a precurious position. we sent our guys down, picked him up, and hauled him up. >> reporter: in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. a big bust in berkeley tonight after a string of laptop thefts near the cal campus. now police found these computers in the suspect's car. a total of six people, three
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adults, three teenagers are now under arrest. most were already on probation. officers went undercover at caffe strada on college avenue. that cafe has been a hot spot for laptops being swiped. more than 16 were stolen there in january alone. other cafes in town have also been hit. police do plan to continue their undercover work until the thefts stop. tonight, cbs news learned the suspect in the florida school shooting purchased at least seven rifles in just the past year. veronica de la cruz tells us investigators are learning more about the missed warning signs. veronica? >> reporter: liz, for the 14 injured, they remain in the hospital tonight. the gunman killed 17 others at marjory stoneman douglas high school on wednesday. this is one of the 25 shootings that took place. >> are you on the side of the nra, the gun corporation, those who put the interests of profits of gun manufacturers
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ahead of the safety of kids. or are you on the side of these students from marjory stoneman douglas? >> reporter: earlier today the suspect, nikolas cruz, silently stared down as he made his second appearance in a broward county court. newly released documents reveal in september 2016, a florida state investigator visited the cruz household after allegations of medical neglect. the investigator noted cruz had depression, adhd, and autism. that he cut his arms in a snapchat post. they plan to go out and buy a -- that he planned to go out and buy a gun. the agency found no evidence of mistreatment. today dozens of teenagers staged a die-in on the pavement in front of the white house. they called for gun reform. the white house says president trump has been open to the possibility of supporting bipartisan legislation to strengthen the federal background check system. he plans to meet whens students and teachers at the white house on wednesday. now back here in the bay area, tasers are taking the
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stage in the san francisco's mayor's race. the board of supervisors president says she now supports giving stun guns to police officers. the reason? >> i hate guns. guns have destroyed the lives of so many of my community. >> and that puts her at odds with her rivals in the june race. >> tasers, yes or no? >> no. not until we implement all the reforms the department of justice has put before the san francisco police department. >> the supervisor also said no to tasers for now saying instead, "we need to deescalate the situations safely. this keeps everyone safer." now on the other hand, the former supervisor long supported giving police officers tasers. recent polls show seven out of ten voters backed police using tasers especially on the city's more moderate west side. veronica de uzcrkpix 5. new sexual misconduct
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allegations against this state assemblywoman. this time it involves spin the bottle. tonight, she tells us her side of the story. tonight an identity crisis for the bay area's biggest city. some businesses and civic groups dripping the name san jose for silicon valley. it's official, "black panther," is a blockbuster. tonight, the hidden shout outs to the ♪
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it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. plus 24-month financing. ends monday. visit for a store near you. [thinking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce? they don't want these coming out. who's they? the burger people. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!] new sexual misconduct allegations against state
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assemblywoman cristina garcia. a former employee claims he was fired after refusing to play spin the bottle with her. tonight we are hearing garcia's side of the story. here is reporter lori perez. >> reporter: assemblywoman cristina garcia addressed allegations of drinking in her office. >> there's definitely allegations we hear at the capitol. and definitely we have a moment to reflect on the appropriateness, you know, should we be normalizing as much as we do? >> reporter: in less than two weeks, cristina garcia has gone from nationally regarding me too activists to accused. she has lots to defend herself against. in the latest allegations, one of her former field representatives has filed a state complaint. saying garcia urged staffers to play spin the bottle during a booze field hotel party. he says when he complained, she retaliated. dan guillon is his attorney. >> that's when he feels his
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days were numbered and he was being targeted. >> reporter: garcia later fired him. in the complaint his attorney said prior to working for ms garcia, he loved working in politics. he felt he had lost his dream of working in his chosen field. last week he sent an open letter to the state assembly, saying he drank in the office and bragged about her sex life. garcia told cbs this morning she has over the last few years done less and less socializing. >> i think there is a lot of offices that have alcohol in their offices, and we all partake in different ways and different times. i always try to have a professional setting in my office. >> reporter: garcia has been on voluntary unpaid leave since earlier this month after an initial allegation she groped a legislator staffer during a softball game in 2014. you can see more of what she has to say tomorrow on cbs this morning.
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in los angeles, i'm laurie perez, kpix 5. a new setback for a's fans hoping for a new stadium in oakland. bart's general manager tells the a's there is no way a station could be built there. she says construction would cause too many disruptions on existing lines. the team weighed in after a separate proposal for a ballpark near the lake merritt station fell through. san jose has a branding debate going on. specifically is it better to use the city's name or the term silicon valley? a gradual renaming trend has been going on for years, and not just at the local businesses. churches, arts organizations have also joined in. the san jose chamber of commerce recently changed their name to the silicon valley organization to help make it more regional. >> we are not just san jose's chambers of commerce, but
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silicon valley. >> it's a whole branding thing and kind of a blurring rather than a crystallizing of the identity. >> reporter: here is what san jose residents say to our survey poll. 64% oppose swapping san jose for silicon valley. we also asked what would be your opinion of local businesses that make that name change? about half say it makes no difference, but 39% say their opinion would be less favorable. tonight a new report shows only a fraction of the marijuana cultivators in california have state approval to operate. what is causing the hold up? >> reporter: california grows more cannabis than any other state. but most of it is still being grown illegally. >> they are going to go further into the shadows. they're going to put their heads back down. >> reporter: allen is the executive director of the california growers association. his organization interviewed thousands of growers and found several issues with the
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licensing process. >> what we're trying to do is highlight these problems early enough that hopefully some of these businesses have a pathway forward. >> reporter: getting approval is a long process for cultivators before the state can sign off on these papers. cultivators must first get approval from their local jurisdiction. each one of those could be totally different. >> we think that's about as many as 70% of the growers in the state simply can't get a permit to apply for a license. >> reporter: sacramento has more than 150 cultivators who submitted a city application, but none have been approved so far. >> we're in the process of evaluating those proposals right now. >> reporter: sacramento still may be ahead of the curve. some cities and counties have banned marijuana, while others haven't yet finished writing their cannabis laws. >> we're seeing different rules, different regulation us. what can fly in one county could be a violation in another county. >> reporter: one-time fees and the hundreds of thousands of dollars are another permitting obstacle to smaller operations. a bigger business that's going to do a lot more volume can
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absorb those costs a lot more readily. with so few license operations, the state could be missing out on billions of dollars in tax revenue. all in the backlog of getting the product to the people that's likely to continue. in sacramento, kpix 5. a san francisco woman is thanking a pilot tonight for returning some precious cargo. brit morin thought she had lost her engagement ring for good. however here it is with a handwritten note from the person who delivered it to her. a united gate agent found it, put it in the safe, then gave it to a pilot who then brought it back to her in san francisco. united responded tonight saying this is great to see our employees being recognized for their care for our customers. >> the film, "black panther" smashed box office records this holiday weekend, bringing in an estimated $235 million. the director oakland native ryan coogler made sure to add some of his bay area roots in the movie. kpix 5 christin ayers shows us
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what to look out for. >> reporter: while the "black panther" movie is breaking box office records, oaklanders are celebrating its -- its connection to the town. "the black panther" movie is ripe with eye-popping visual effects in the world of wakanda, but it begins with a bold shout out to oakland on a fenced concrete playground like so many you see here in the shadow of the oakland tribune building. >> i never flee. >> reporter: one of the main characters hailed from oakland. those are just a few of the so- called easter eggs hidden within the movie directed by oakland native, ryan coogler. >> what i noticed, none of the worlds looked like my world, you know. when i was growing up in the east bay area, oakland. my family, you know, my friends, everybody was black. i looked for stories on what i knew to be my world. >> reporter: payne with the
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oakland non-profit lincoln is hosting a screening of the movie tomorrow, featuring the graphic novel writer. he says coogler's triumph is instilling a sense of pride in young oaklanders. >> we are facing a lot of challenges in oakland, in our school system. and this is an opportunity for particularly african american youth in oakland to feel proud about the legacy of this city. >> reporter: it's not just young people picking up on the connections. this weekend in west oakland, the celebration of black party founder, newton's birthday. it coincided with the movie's opening weekend, which organizers believe was no accident. >> everyone is talking about a movie about the first black super hero. >> reporter: coogler has said he wanted to make a good movie, but also wanted to send a message. >> it is okay to be proud to be african. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. a beautiful day in monterey county today, but as you see, the surf off the coast of carmel was pretty strong.
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and the surf can be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers, but no problem for these harbor seals. they hung out right off 17-mile drive. further inland, pretty rare snow dustings in the santa lucia range. snow levels down to 2,000 feet. kind of crazy stuff, don't you think? >> the pictures are just beautiful. >> yeah. >> winter advisories posted last night for the bay area and specifically for that reason. tomorrow we'll dry out. the numbers are plunging. san francisco, down to 45 degrees. mid-30s in livermore. 37 for santa rosa. what a difference a couple of days make because arctic air is plunging south into the bay area. the topside of the high drove temperatures down. today we managed only low to mid-50s. for late february, it's not that startling. when you compare to the numbers we had on saturday, which seems a lifetime ago. the numbers were in the low 70s. today's highs only in the low to mid-50s. and so we would switch out
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highs to the tune of about 19 degrees cooler in spots in the bay area. for tonight, we will be down to the mid-30s along the shore and along the bay shoreline. inland will be in the mid-20s for some of the coldest spots. the coldest night will be tonight. only slight warming day time tomorrow with a little less wind. then it will warm again by the time we get to the weekend. but the headlines all weekend, they have been the low temperatures, so that's what we will cover as we begin in the south bay tonight. pacifica gets down to 36 degrees with clearing skies. morgan hill bottoms out at 28. 34 for milpitas. over in the east bay tonight, mid to upper 20s, some low to mid-30s as well. it depends on if you are in wind-protected valleys. the numbers will drop like a set of car keys tomorrow. 27 in santa rosa, 27 in petaluma. 29 for sonoma. san francisco's overnight low 38.
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23 degrees, 25 at clearlake and napa valley, 29 degrees. no wonder why they have the wind machines out for the grapes. high temperatures for tomorrow. ratings will be mostly seeing a little nudge in the warmer direction. low to mid-50s. 55 concord, 52 for san francisco. extended forecast, the most minor of minor warming trends with readings in the mid-50s in the early part of the week. we will begin to approach 60 by the time we get to the weekend. overnight lows will be chilly, but tonight will be the worst. that's why they have freeze warnings posted until 9:00 tomorrow morning. >> all right, careful out there. >> yep, thank you. trouble at kfc. tonight, the chicken shortage. and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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outrage in the u.k. tonight, all over kentucky
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fried chicken. kfc had to temporarily close hundreds of restaurants because of a shortage of chicken. the fast food chain said there was a problem with their new delivery partner. until it's fixed, the colonel will need to keep some of the restaurants closed. >> apparently they couldn't get the deliveries here. a lot of them have no chickens right now. >> my reaction is angry, sad, and disappointed. >> and hungry? >> very hungry. there will be a bugger for you. tonight, they're apologizing to customers saying it is too early to know how long it will take to restore normal service. >> it's a lot more outrage when they say no. [ laughter ] >> and they have their hearts set on it. did you hear about the chicken that could only lay eggs in the
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winter? >> oh. >> and could the hockey team figure out how to score goals and stay alive? we will drop the puck next. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other,
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aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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they are reporting the hall of fame player, orlando zapata was rushed to a bay area hospital tonight. they say it there is no information on his condition or what caused him to be taken to the hospital.
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the workouts are underway. joining us from scottsdale, vernon -- vern glenn. >> reporter: and he said yeah, don't remind me. >> when you were younger, you didn't have to do some of these things, you know, you took a couple of free swings and you were ready. >> warmups? what is that? >> and now you need to do the hip mobility and shoulder, you're like what is this? >> a little extra work is nothing new for jackson. he was one of the last players off the field today and he has already turned the giants facility into his home away from home. >> it is always something that i think i have had since i was younger with my dad building me a cage in the backyard and they had a few lights. i would get out there and hit all night until they started complaining. i mean it is just something that's kind of instilled in me. >> a good night from scottsdale.
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the next time you see me, i'll be reporting from mesa. and that is the spring training home of the oakland athletics. in the sunny desert, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> thank you. team u.s.a. in a must-win game against slovakia. first period no score. u.s.a. on the attack. troy terry tonight, and there to get the second chance goal. third period now. his second goal of the night. u.s.a. wins 5-1. they scored more goals today than they did the entire tournament. bring on the czechs. american brother and sister maya and alex took home a bronze last week in team competition and a bronze tonight in ice dance at the olympics. but the canadian dual of canada brought the house down. they skated to gold in the last competitive skate of their career, and they needed every point because the french couple was brilliant. the canadians one of the most
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decorated teams of all time as they won a gold in two olympics ago and a silver in sochi. congratulations to them. you were glued. >> i'm a huge fan. but the tweets out of canada are hilarious. canadians don't know what they want more, a gold for hockey or for them to start dating because it's a big controversy on whether or not they're a couple. apparently they're not, but they have so much chemistry and heat out on the ice, everybody is assuming they're together. >> you need your own blog. >> i've been following them for four years. >> that's fantastic. >> i always want the americans to win. >> but you won't be following them in another four years. >> probably
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [mic
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> i am. i'm going to watch the reruns. >> the whole morning crew will be here for
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