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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 21, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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let's start with a live look outside... good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, february 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside this morning. the morning rush kicks off on the left-hand side of your screen, gorgeous view of cliffside in san jose this morning. and on the right, 880 in oakland. what is that? >> no. >> 580. >> jackie is shaking her head, no, no, no. >> let me just let you stick to traffic. >> that was 580 as you approach 680. >> lots of traffic. it's crowded. >> we're okay we don't have any accidents there. >> okay, that's good. >> and in the north bay you may run into snow so that's kind of crazy. let's get to the hi-def doppler. right now it came in pretty quickly but you can definitely see the green on your screen and that is rainfall. so some of those lower elevations not quite seeing snow flurries but just north of healdsburg, south of cloverdale, some snow flurries were spotted on hi-def doppler. now you can just see that kind
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of slushy mix in the areas of pink and very light showers along 101. but it may leave a cool view this morning once that sun comes out. you may see a dusting. it's also raining pretty good across trenton, so 116 will be slick towards guerneville. guerneville may get showers. it's a dry system with a few light scattered showers. here's the snow flurries coming down. so this is right by lake berryessa so just east of st. helena. highway 29 will be slick a cell quickly through there but within the past 30 minutes a lot of this is changing and will continue to change throughout the day so this is just light scattered showers for the north bay. the higher elevations about 15 feet and above, 1500 feet and
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above, are getting some of that snowfall. picking up on highway 1 and heading towards the coastal mountains and that could turn into snowfall as it gets towards those elevations. so satellite-radar gives you a glimpse of the overall view, very scattered showers in the futurecast showing they will last through about 8:00 this morning. then dry the rest of the day. snow showers in the area in st. helena and healdsburg. 34 degrees in guerneville. that's where rain is coming through. so other temperatures this morning, not as cold as yesterday. in the 30s and 40s. yesterday we broke a lot of temperature records but not today because of cloud cover. right now, we are tracking a new crash.
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this just coming in. chp hasn't arrived on the scene. it's involving two cars one overturned on its roof in redwood city along 101 heading northbound right at whipple so it's over on the shoulder but they are calling for two tow trucks which means they may have to block the lane once those tow trucks arrive and they are loading up those vehicles. so keep that in mind. so far speeds it at the limit. all lanes are clear on the shoulder. slow speeds at the bay bridge toll plaza. already, early start for the crowds developing in the cash lanes. 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. survivors of last week's florida school shooting plan to hold a rally in the florida state capital today to try to pressure lawmakers into enacting gun control. hundreds of students and parents arrived in tallahassee yesterday and in washington, there is a small sign of movement on the gun violence
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front. hena doba is in new york with the latest. reporter: cheers for the students from marjory stoneman douglas high school as their buses pulled into the state capital last night. today, those students will meet with lawmakers in tallahassee to push for tighter gun control to help prevent mass shootings like the one that killed 17 people at their school last week. >> we're going to keep talking. we're going to keep pushing until something is done because people are dying and this can't happen anymore. >> reporter: three buses with 100 students, many coming straight from funerals for their fallen classmates, made the seven-hour journey. in one bus the students were talking and had reached a fundraising milestone for a march 24 event. >> march for our lives. >> reporter: those students learned mid trip that the
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florida statehouse had just rejected a move to consider a bill that would have banned assault rifles. there was some evidence of washington their calls for change are being heard. >> i signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. >> reporter: the so-called bump stocks were used in the las vegas shooting but not florida. the president also said, whether we are republican or democrat, we must now focus on strengthening background checks. hena doba, cbs news. >> president trump will hold a listening session today on school safety. according to press secretary sarah sanders, families and featurers from the parkland, sandy hook and columbine communities will attend. authorities say that they have prevented a planned attack at a high school in southern california. police in whittier say a school security officer overheard a student threaten a shooting on
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friday. they found weapons and other evidence inside that student's home. authorities will provide more details on all this later on today. president trump's oldest son addressing critics who say his family is profiting from the presidency. trump, jr. is in india to meet with buyers at a new trump branded home development and to promote four our projects in the country. he says accusations that his family is cashing in on the president's name are nonsense and says the trump organization is losing money due to ethics restrictions. this dry winter is leading to concerned about the return of drought conditions. jessica flores has more from san jose. reporter: good morning. we have been talking about possibly seeing some rain in parts of the bay area today and later on this week, but many parts of the state are dry and that's why experts are saying this is the state heading back into drought conditions. take a look at this map. this is the drought monitoring
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map. and what it shows is that the bay area still is okay. three southern california counties are already in severe drought. that includes los angeles county and more than half of the state is at least abnormally dry. state officials are looking into ways to make californians conserve more water. members of the state water resources control board delayed a decision yesterday about whether to bring back drought water restrictions. now, if you remember, those restrictions would put pro his bigs on watering lawns. you wouldn't be able to run those ornamental fountains in front yards and hotels would have to ask whether or not you wanted towels and sheets washed instead of just automatically washing them. now, a vote on those restrictions was delayed but it's now scheduled for april 17th. we spoke to the santa clara valley water district's planning and conservation about this dry winter. >> this winter has not been the winter we have been hoping for in terms of water conditions but the community continued to
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save. last year the community reduced water use by 21%. >> reporter: officials say most reservoirs are slightly above average. the lack of snow this winter is not a good sign because those reservoirs won't replenish throughout the season. now, you will remember last year governor brown lifted the drought restrictions and took us out of that emergency drought condition. but some say we were never really out of the drought especially places in southern california. reporting live here in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. one year after water flooded the coyote creek neighborhood officials are set to reflect on flood risk reduction efforts and threats. officials will be finalizing an agreement today to proceed with the study that will arrest flood risks and aid with the development of a potentially federally supported project to offer relief. according to city officials, the flood forced 14,000 people from their homes leading to tragedy of $100 million in damage.
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a new study from uc- berkeley and columbia university is assigning blame for the housing crisis in the bay area. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from san francisco. reporter: the lack of housing is not the news we're talking about this morning. we already know that. so i'm in what's called the balboa reservoir part of san francisco between ocean avenue and monterey boulevard. various developers want to turn this parking lot into housing. but like many proposed projects before, it needs to go through a lot of red tape before breaking ground on sites like this. so a lot of people have blamed in the past the state's housing problem on an environmental law called the california environmental quality act, or cequa. it requires studies before the building. this report says otherwise though. it blames local governments for
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making developers go through what they call an unnecessary and expensive process. five bay area cities were examined if the city, san francisco, oakland, san jose, redwood city and palo alto. five cities were examined. it found 20 percent of 27,612 homes proposed between 2014 and 2016 had to go through a complete seqa analysis that may take as long as a year when the statehousing department says that 397 cities in california are behind on their housing goals. lawmakers claim that they are now streamlining the process and so we'll see. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. some businesses in wine country are struggling after last october's devastating wildfires and as one business is really hurting. one bay area city is
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restricting drones in response to privacy concerns. >> we have some light rain coming to the bay area this morning and low elevations. snowfall a lot to talk about as our cold temperatures still linker. >> and 580 drivers in the yellow now. we are also tracking a chlorine spill in the area. it has the road closed. we'll have details coming up.
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it's not that many wedding ged or de the wine country wedding industry has been taking a hit since last year's wildfires. it's the false perception that the entire region has been scarred by the fires. blissful events a planning company in the area was 80% booked this time last year. now it's 15% booked. >> it's so unfortunate that there are so many vendors in this industry that have lost their homes and are now on the line for losing their businesses. >> the industry is trying to get word out that the region is more ready than ever to host weddings. sausalito cracking down on drones. the city council has approved a new law that puts restrictions on them. the new law prohibits the operation of a drone where
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there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. the law also prohibits the use of drones outside of daylight hours and from operating more than 400 feet above ground level or faster than 20 miles per hour. violators are subject to fines or confiscation of their drone by authorities. spacex's falcon 9 rocket will launch today. today's main goal is launching the radar imaging satellite to capture images of the earth's surface. it will also carry prototypes of satellites for spacex's plan to deliver broadband service. >> no roadster this time around. >> light load today. let check the roads. >> it got busy. we have a couple of incidents going on and this is something you will need to know if you travel along 101 through
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redwood city. there is an accident involving an overturned vehicle. two cars involved. emergency crews are on the scene. traffic still getting by in both directions. but we are told that some emergency crews have at least one of those lanes blocked. so we'll keep a close eye on your speeds cruising speed at the limit although it's very early and traffic is still very light. but do keep that in mind. they are calling for tow trucks, they may have to shut more lanes down. if you are making your way across the dumbarton bridge, no problem, san mateo bridge, that's looking a little busy already this morning. but we are still in good shape. 13 minutes if you are make your way westbound commute direction over to 101. 580 it's been a busy start to our wednesday morning ride. headlights moving westbound out of livermore over towards the dublin-pleasanton interchange from 205 just under a 30-minute commute. and now we are tracking a problem. this is along southbound byron road at mountain house parkway a chlorine spill and it looks like crews have had to shut
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down the southbound direction of the road. so you can always use great valley parkway and take that and reconnect with mountain house parkway but you will need to give yourself some extra time. we'll let you know when those lanes re-open. but in the meantime, chp hasn't given us an estimated time as to how long that closure will be in place. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are getting busy. we have a backup developing and still no metering lights. but we are in the yellow 10 minutes heading into san francisco. that's a check of your traffic. let's check in with neda on the forecast. some of the roads are slick especially if you are heading north and anywhere along the coast. we'll continue to see the chance of scattered showers out there. this has been happening over the past hour or so starting to pick up across the north bay and this area of pink that's slush so yes, it is cold enough along those higher elevations at this hour. we are seeing some slush coming down. i saw some snow flurries about 30 minutes or so ago on our hi- def doppler. so it looked like some snow came down across some of the
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napa-sonoma county hills and pretty impressive hopefully it sticks but seems like it was a really fast-moving little cell that came through but some areas right now in sebastopol still getting light showers, 116, 12. rohnert park you can see a few little light showers coming through across highway 101. stony point, as well. so a lot of people across the north bay waking up to the pitter-patter of rain in the form of light drizzle in some areas as you see in the lighter green but some of the areas of darker green is coming down stronger just past through highway 1 through hamlet and tamales and now it's also further south near san rafael this just came through and it's moving further east could reach richmond here soon on 580. mill valley, tiburon, muir beach getting rain. the dry streak is over. we haven't seen rain for quite a while. it's not measurable precipitation. this is again very light but because it's cold enough across 1500 feet and above, we are getting snow.
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by about 8:00 it will be dry throughout the rest of the day. low 50s for santa rosa, san rafael, 52, 55 in oakland. your afternoon temperatures will be warmer than yesterday and this morning it's a little warmer than yesterday in the 30s and 40s for most of us so here's the futurecast so a lot of the cloud coverage should be easing up at midday. we won't see more scattered showers throughout the day today but then a second system comes in so tomorrow morning through about 11 a.m. we could see scattered showers, this one may bring us low elevation snowfall as well because of the overnight temperatures. continued showers through thursday. so two systems first one lighter, but that's what we're dealing with this morning then the second one could bring us a few more inches to the sierra so those ski resorts definitely will be crossing their fingers today hoping for that but this futurecast does show that they
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may get a decent amount of precipitation. and again, those elevations will be as low as 1500 feet so foothills could see snow from this. "march for our lives" movement. oprah winfrey has joined a grow who more celebrities are stepping up to support the march for our lives movement. oprah winfrey has joined a growing list of celebrities who are donating to the event. variety says oprah and steven spielberg and others have joined george and amal clooney in pledging $500,000 to march for our lives. the demonstration for gun control following the school shooting in parkland, florida happens on march 24th. one of the richest people
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in the world is building a 10,000-year giant cuckoo clock. amazon's ceo jeff bezos tweeted about the timepiece this week. he also posted a video showing the work in a mountain in west texas. the 500-foot clock will tick only once a year and the century hand moves once every 100 years. but the cuckoo comes out on the millennium. bezos says the clock is designed to be a symbol for a long-term thinking. an 11-year-old boy received a surprising notice in the mail. he got calls for jury duty. luke fox was ordered to show up in court in march all because of a glitch in the system. the error was eventually fixed but the 11-year-old says he would have been excited to go. who is going to lead the bay area teams in home runs this year? i think i have his name coming up. and can lindsey vonn end her olympic career with a medal? the olympic wrap next.
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we have breaking news from north carolina where billy graham has died. he was 99. during his lifelong ministry was the world's best known evangelist. he preached in person to an estimated 215 million people. he also met with every
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president from harry truman to barack obama. william franklin graham junior was born november 7th, 1918, in charlotte, north carolina. he committed himself to jesus christ when he was 16 years old. he then began those revival meetings that he called the crusades in the 1940s. he was known for his fiery delivery and his straightforward message of christian salvation that attracted followers from every walk of life. >> the new medium of television spread his message further. he became friends with several presidents but always denied any role in setting policy. he said i don't advise them. i pray with them. he led his final crusade in 2005 and said i look forward to meeting god face to face. he will be buried as his library in north carolina next to his wife of 64 years, ruth graham. >> i went to one of his sermons
5:26 am
and camden yards in 2006. he did the altar call. and they came at the end of the sermon. >> he us had such a presence. his words were always very powerful. he with obviously 100 november this year. yeah. >> and quietly advised many presidents. prayed with them and was valued by republicans and democrats alike for his counsel. our coverage of his death continues throughout the day on your local cbs station and our streaming news network cbsn and a full wrap-up tonight on the "cbs evening news with jeff glor." >> many of you will return now to "cbs this morning." this has been a cbs news special report. i'm gayle king with john dickerson and norah o'donnell, cbs news, new york. refresh your home and save at ross.
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and i'm anne makovec. kenny choi has the day off. the lack of ra good morning. it's wednesday, february 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. >> the lack of rain this winter has some concerned about drought conditions again. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in downtown san jose to explain the local water situation as it stands now. jessica. reporter: it's always big news when it rains in california. we don't know how to react. it could be even bigger news because state officials say we are heading back intthe drought. now, we might get some rain this week but it probably isn't enough to take us out of the dry conditions. now, the state department of water resources says about 80% of california's abnormally dry or in drought currently. officials say last year's unprecedented rainfall has left most reservoirs slightly above average so that's good news but the lack of snow this winter do
5:31 am
mean reservoirs won't replenish throughout the season. state officials are looking into ways to make californians conserve more water. members of the state water resources control board delayed a decision yesterday about whether to bring back those drought water restrictions that we had during the official drought. those restrictions would put prohibitions on watering lawns. you wouldn't be able to run ornamental fountains and hotels would have to ask whether or not you wanted towels and sheets washed instead of automatically washing them. a vote on those restrictions now scheduled for april 17th. we spoke to the santa clara valley water district planning and conservation and they say the community is actually doing well. in 2017, the community reduced water usage by 21%. >> because of that and because last year was such a wet year, we actually had our reserves at normal. surface water and reservoir storage is still low but the
5:32 am
majority of our reserves are in our ground water basins and those are back to normal. >> reporter: the santa clara water district planning is also asking folks to still conserve. they still want people to conserve that 20% because they just don't know what lies ahead. now, governor brown did officially end the drought last year but many climate scientists say parts of california were never really out of the drought especially when talking about southern california and the l.a. region. reporting live here in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. all right. it's not a lot. but apparently there is a little bit of rainfall in the bay area right now. >> yeah. >> this is nothing that's going to pull us out of the drought or any kind of concerns with that. >> i want to zoom into some of the spots we are getting a little rain and slush. so a few snow flurries are being spotted here on our hi- def doppler. so if you happen to see any out
5:33 am
there, please feel free to take a picture or video and send them to us because we would love to get a view of that. some of the napa-sonoma county hills you can see a few light showers. highway 101 seeing a few areas of light drizzle. light green in the form of drizzle. not much measurable precipitation areas of darker green coming down a little bit stronger. highway 1 will be wet. mill valley clearing out. hercules, richmond, interstate 80, 580 light drizzle coming down but it could get stronger towards he will so bronte and martinez just along 680. it's very light.
5:34 am
just enough to remind us that it does rain here sometimes. just popped up within the last few seconds so as this cell came through, mount diablo, you could see light flurries in the area so it will be exciting to see the dusting. see if it sticks because, yes, temperatures are cool. not as cool as yesterday. light showers also through south san francisco and downtown as well so we'll continue to track rainfall on our hi-def doppler. how are the roads? we have a traffic alert now for drivers and this is all due to a chlorine spill. this is along byron road at mountain house parkway close the in both directions about a half mile each direction on byron road so use alternates. you will have to use great valley parkway or hanson road and then reconnect with mountain house parkway. give yourself some extra time.
5:35 am
traffic is backing up along byron road. we are seeing the usual crowds on westbound 580 heading out of tracy into livermore. 28 minutes between 205 and 680. speaking of 580, neda was just talking about some of the rain. we're looking at 580 near cutting boulevard so as you make your way either between 80 and the richmond/san rafael, you may have a raindrop or two. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. a rollover crash in redwood city. a busy start to our morning commute. we'll have more coming up. the palestinian president laying out some ground rules for peace negotiations with israel at the u.n. yesterday. mahmoud abbas called for an international peace conference by the middle of this year. the goal of a "two-state solution" would be front and center and he also said that
5:36 am
the u.s. cannot lead peace talks. he is blaming the stalled negotiations on president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. another guilty plea in the investigation into russian election interference as the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee stops in the bay area to speak about the probe. congressman adam schiff spoke at the commonwealth club last night and talked about the latest round of indictments coming from the office of special counsel robert mueller. he also addressed his frustration. members of the committee interviewed former white house chief strategist steve bannon twice last week in an exchange that schiff claims was hamstrung by restrictions. >> he refused to answer all but 25 questions written for him by the white house all of which had the answer no. any question that called for a yes or explanation wasn't on the list of approved questions. >> he wants the next subpoena
5:37 am
to target deutsche bank which has business ties with president trump. a european lawyer has pleaded guilty to lying to special counsel robert mueller's team. he admitted to covering up his discussions with former trump campaign aide rick gates. he is the fourth person who plead guilty in connection with mueller's investigation. he joins trump campaign aide papadopoulos and several others others. gates and paul manafort were charged with crimes related to their work for ukranian politicians and other businesses. a new report found we may be blaming the wrong thing for the housing crisis here in the bay area. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from san francisco. reporter: i'm standing in the parking lot where a lot of city college kids park their cars before heading off to class. a few developers see this as a housing opportunity. but before those builders or
5:38 am
any builder in the state of california for that matter breaks ground on any proposed site, they have to go through this notoriously complicated process. and a lot of people blame the california environmental quality act, or ceqa. it makes developers analyze the impact their projects would have on the environment before building. so some argue this law prevents a lot of housing from ever coming to fruition. this new report from researchers from berkeley and columbia say otherwise. it blames local governments for making developers go through what they call an unnecessary and expensive process. so in this study, five bay areas were examined, san francisco, oakland, san jose, redwood city and palo alto. they found that 20% of the 27,612 homes proposed between the years 2014 and 2016 had to go through this complete ceqa analysis which sometimes takes as long as a year to complete. this is at a time when the
5:39 am
state housing department claims 3 the 7 cities are behind on house -- 397 cities are behind on housing goal. sacramento said they passed laws to streamline the process. we'll see. jackie ward, kpix 5. thousands of marijuana convictions in alameda county could be reduced or thrown out now that recreational marijuana use is legal under california law but how easily that could happen depends on where you were convicted. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley says her office has identified 5900 cases that could be eligible for dismissal. anyone who wants a conviction in alameda county dropped will have to submit a petition. prosecutors would then perform a background check and this announcement comes as the state considers making these expungements automatic. it is just about 20 minutes before 6:00 the quest to get skinnier moves to the road. the new car design that could be coming to a freeway near you. ♪[ music ]
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diane king hall of "c-b-s moneywatch" joins us now... with that story and more from the world of business. cbs moneywa a.m.tion shoppers are the target of -- amazon shoppers are the target of a new scam. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" reports. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. well, let's start with the streak of stocks. the winning streak ended 254 points down. wall street didn't take kindly to walmart's latest results. the world's biggest retailer says quarterly profits fell below $2.2 billion as it struggled with sluggish online sales. that fanned fierce about its inability to keep up with amazon causing walmart shares to plunge 10%. lawmakers are earthquaking equifax to extend the timeline of its free credit monitoring service and identity theft protection for at least three years. equifax has offered up to one year of protection following its massive data breach last year. there is a new scam targeting amazon customers who
5:43 am
try and get customer service on the phone. they are posting phony amazon service numbers that show up in online searches. when someone calls a fake number, the scammer asks for personal information like a bank account or credit card details. amazon says don't fall for it. use the "help" section on the website. >> we understand mcdonald's is bringing back an item after a customer backlash. >> reporter: that's right. mcdonald's is bringing back its szechuan sauce. diners have been pining for it since the limited release in october sparked the lines across the country. they have launched a website named we want the they will announce tomorrow how much and where it will return. >> thank you. a storm system stretching from texas to the midwest has triggered hundreds of car accidents in nebraska. slick roads and speed being
5:44 am
blame for a nasty crash that killed four people. in the east in indiana flood warnings are in effect. more than 5 inches of rain have fallen. two people were rescued from a car after it was swept away in floodwaters. first responders in the area launched boats to rescue families and their pets. flood warnings and winter weather advisories will remain in effect for much of the midwest through this morning. a san jose woman may be linked to dozens of cases of identity and property they want. police in mountain view found stolen items in the back of melissa vincent's vehicle with burglary tools and bolt cutters. police relooking for the rightful owners of the stuff including a ridge and dozens of backpacks and purses. they found stolen identification, mail and tax forms. imagine driving a car that's almost as narrow as a
5:45 am
motorcycle. the electric tango car goes about 180 miles on a full charge but it is funny looking. it's 3 feet wide, 8 feet long and 5 feet high. commuter cars out of spokane calls the tango car the safest drive in the world. the idea came to maker rick woodbury in 1982 while he was sitting in traffic in southern california. >> everybody around me was in this single occupant taking up a lane. we need to fix this with a car that could fit in half a lane like a motorcycle. >> a san francisco assembly member wants them in the golden state. his bill would allow narrow cars to park in between regular cars in motorcycle spaces and perpendicular to the curb. >> whoa. >> i have three kids. that would never work. >> but it does look funny because it looks like the cars are split in half. >> right. >> two haas of a halves of a
5:46 am
car. >> i like the parking spot idea idea. >> if everyone had one then i wolf okay and safe. >> and i would hope since it's like the third of a size of the regular car that it's a third of the price but i doubt it. >> good luck with that. >> wishful thinking. on the roads, we are very busy this morning. we have a rollover crash on 101 heading northbound. this is right near whipple. and chp has shut down the whipple off-ramp. lanes are open, off-ramp is closed. speeds are at the limit in the area but you will see flashing lights. on 280 we are tracking a crash southbound near wolf and you can see it on the shoulder. speeds are at the limit. we have a traffic alert in effect byron road shut down in
5:47 am
both directions at mountain house parkway closed about a half mile in each direction all due to a chlorine spill. so they are calling out some hazmat crews. they have to be out there. this could be closed for much of the morning. just to let you know if you travel through this area they have not set up a detour but you can always use hanson or great valley parkway and those can reconnect with mountain house parkway to get around the closure. traffic is backing up so give yourself some extra time. we are in the yellow under 30 minutes for drivers making their way over towards 680. and the bay bridge toll plaza, yes, we have the big crowds developing. the metering lights are on. and that backup is stretching beyond the west ground overcrossing 21 minutes into san francisco. some slick roads today. hi-def doppler showing we do have rain coming down across parts of the bay area this morning so we're finally seeing some green across the area.
5:48 am
it's a welcome sight to see showers and look at this also cool to see snow coming down. this is right near mount diablo. i just saw some snow flurries right on the peak there and now it looks like it's moving a little further south there tassajara so it's lightening up but there's a chance when you look towards mount diablo you may see a dusting of that snow. it's coming through quickly bringing us a very scattered shower and it's hit or miss whether it's going to impact you this morning or not. very light rain in el sobrante and hercules, 880. martinez some drizzle there. same with concord. you may get just a drizzle out there this morning enough to possibly require windshield wipers. san rafael got a band coming through and now that's moved out further east across the bay towards richmond and beyond so that's east of this side of the bay. but then you're seeing in san francisco there's a light drizzle as well and we're watching a little bit right on the water so a lot of that could be moving towards a lot of our roads into san
5:49 am
francisco, south san francisco, this morning. and this one on highway 1 towards the south is also expected to possibly work its way towards those coastal mountain ranges and if it does that's where we could see a little bit of snow flurries, too. here's a live look across the north bay hits. now all that rain is moving south. temperatures look like this. healdsburg, 29. guerneville 34. st. helena 31. so some areas below freezing. that's why we did see a few snow flurries around 4:30 to 5:00 this morning across the north bay hills. other areas not as cold as yesterday because of the cloud coverage associated with this storm. concord 40 degrees. 41 in oakland. san francisco 44 degrees. we definitely broke records yesterday morning. that's not the case today. sunrise today 6:51. sunset at 5:55. you can see the system that's coming through. it's dry not bringing us widespread rainfall at all our widespread snowfall but there's another system that will be right behind it and that one
5:50 am
could bring us a little bit more by tomorrow morning. our afternoon highs today look like this. low 50s for most of us, upper 50s for san jose. here's the neck system that will be coming through. -- here's the next system that will be coming through. snow levels down to 1500 feet. could so low snow levels but also decent amount a few inches of snowfall across the ski resorts. we should be dry the rest of the day today. the showers this morning will last until about 8 to 9 a.m. and then wind down according to these models and then tomorrow morning a little more comes through. and that's where we could see that sierra snow. so here's the seven-day forecast. we'll be dry friday. saturday, sunday nice dry mostly sunny weekend with temperatures warming up into the 60s. more storms on the way next week. that's your forecast. just about 9 minutes before 6:00 and google gets a boost in
5:51 am
its battle with the former engineer who claims the company discriminates against men, conservatives and whites. >> and a new effort is under way to protect first responders when they treat pets. we'll explain. who are these people?
5:52 am
5:53 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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peanut allergies. along westbound 80 we are tracking a motorcycle accident just coming in westbound 80 at appian way a rider and bike down in the far left lane. traffic stacking up beyond highway 4 and chp just issued a traffic alert. so do expect delays along the eastshore freeway. we'll continue to monitor this traffic as well as the rest of your ride coming up in the 6:00 hour. anne. this is good news for parents. a bay area company is on the verge of a cure for peanut allergist. aimmune gave patients a gradually increasing dose of peanut protein powder starting out with 30 milligrams and at
5:55 am
the end of the study they could tolerate 300 milligrams. google could have ammunition against its fight in a discrimination lawsuit. a federal labor board memo states that google was right to fire damore after finding his controversial memo constituted as sexual harassment. the memo stated that biology in part may explain the scarcity of women in tech. in january, damore launched a lawsuit against google accusing it of discriminating against men, conservatives and white people. damore's lawyer says his discrimination lawsuit will not be affected by the labor board's findings. mouse to snout reus is station would be legal under a new -- mouth to snout resuscitation would be legal under a new bill. pets need oxygen and smoke inhalation for burns. could be the difference between life and death. right now in california, only licensed veterinarians are allowed to treat injured
5:56 am
animals. state senator steve glazer has authored a bill to allow an exemption. >> we are a litigious society and people sue for anything. and we want to make sure that first responders are not subject to that sort of vulnerability. >> if passed, the new law would not force rescue crews to treat animals. a book party release is planned this evening for a famous bay area woman who defines living history. she has seen and experienced a lot in her first 96 years. she continues to serve as the oileddest u.s. national park ranger at the rosie the riveter museum in richmond. her autobiography is called, sign my name to freedom. the event is at 6:00 tonight in oakland. it turns out we may be blaming the wrong thing for our housing shortage here in california. this morning we'll break down a new report by uc-berkeley.
5:57 am
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of the florida high school shooting rampage take their demands for tighter gun laws this is were us demanding change! >> today survivors of the florida high school shooting rampage take their demands for tighter gun control directly to lawmakers and now president trump is taking action. >> plus, debris removal continues after the deadly wine country wildfires. how close crews are to finishing. >> and how state senator tony mendoza is responding to a report that suggests he did engage in sexual misconduct. good morning, it's wednesday, february 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. we have a little weather and traffic going on today, some rain falling around the bay area. >> yes, some snow flurries, as well. i know, it's been a busy morning. so let's get right to it. i want to show you what's going on out there because this could impact your drive this morning, as well. you hare


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