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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 23, 2018 1:37am-2:13am PST

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tonight: new evidence i case... now at 11:00, provocative photos, allegations of retaliation. tonight new evidence in a sexual harassment case against a bay area elected official. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. the case is making sizable waves inside the san mateo county harbor district. kpix 5 has both sides of the story. rrassment. she says fellow commissioner tom mattusch started harassing her in 2014 - including se ing her bear hugs, >> the report was not independent and it was not unbiased. >> reporter: sabrina brennan is talking about the report just made public of the investigation into her claims of sexual harassment. she says tom matoush started
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harassing her, including bear hugs and inviting her on a trip to tanzania. and he e-mailed pictures of naked women to her and other people. >> they're very graphic. i was shocked when i opened the e-mail. >> reporter: would you say the pictures constitute sexual harassment? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> they were e-mails shared with a friend. >> reporter: the investigators sided with m atoush. the report found more than likely that he didn't engage in sexually offensive conduct toward brennan. her allegations regarding sexual harassment are more than likely unfounded. >> i'm still in shock from reading that. yesterday was the first time i saw it, and yeah, it's, i feel revictimmized. >> reporter: while he says he's apologized for sending the pictures, he says some of the other incidents detailed in the report just aren't true. do you believe she was lying?
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>> she altered many, many stories trying to make herself look better. >> reporter: he says the investigation cleared him and the harbor commission from any wrong doing, and it's time to move on. >> there's important things and important work to be done, and that's what we should be focusing on. >> reporter: but sabrina says his time is up. >> he should resign. i think his behavior has breached the public trust and is completely unacceptable. >> reporter: she says she's not satisfied with the outcome of the harbor district's investigation, and she plans to file a formal complaint from the california department of fair employment. coming up in about 12 minutes we'll hear from a state lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct who's now suddenly out of a job. switching gears tonight, it's cold outside. much of the bay area is going to drop below freezing. some spots even dipping into the 20s. earlier today something we haven't seen in awhile.
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rain. not much, but we finally broke the february dry spell, and not just rain. even some hail as well. in vallejo it piled up on cars and all over the ground. and lots of snow in the sierra. tonight reports of levels as low as 1,000 feet. but paul, the focus here tonight is that freezing cold. >> it's going to be freezing in just about all of the inland valleys overnight tonight. the lows, santa rosa down to the 20s. concord freezing, livermore and fairfield below freezing. lafayett one of the coldest spots tonight at 28. it was an active weather afternoon. the evening things calmed down, but as recent as7:00 and 8:00 we're seeing snow showers in the diablo rage. in san jose you could wake up tomorrow morning and look to the east and see a little snow above 3,000 feet in elevation. many of the hills there.
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it rained in downtown san francisco officially today. the first rainfall in the city in 28 days. we'll talk about the next rain chance coming up later in the show. >> we'll look for that, thanks paul. the next story may make you think twice before taking a computer to a cafe. lap top thefts are skyrocketing in berkeley. joe vazquez shows us the bad guys are actually getting bolder. >> reporter: police say several groups of young men have been coming into berkeley, specifically targeting laptops at local cafes, and watch how easily they steal them! pete's coffee last august. surveillance video shows a group of three young men walking into the cafe, lingering for awhile, and then suddenly they lurch toward two different customers, stealing two laptops at the same time and running out the door. you probably saw the one in the foreground in the block easily gets -- black easily gets the lap top and runs out.
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and the guy in the pink grabs the lap top on the counter and boom, sprints away. >> it's an increasing phenomenon. >> reporter: the sergeant says it's an example of how fast it can happen. several small groups of robbers have been targeting berkeley. >> if you sit at a pile of table with a bag of cash in a clear plastic bag, you'd be more cognizant of it. >> reporter: police say they were a total of 57 lap top thefts and robberies in berkeley all of last year. this year there have been 21. 16 in january and 5 in february so far. four of the thefts happened at cafe strata across the street in uc berkeley where one student told me she's trying to be more careful. >> i'm looking around and making sure i'm safe. >> reporter: some victims have gotten hurt chasing after the robbers.
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remember this guy from pete's? the victim chased right behind and ended up catching the get away car. but watch what happens. he ends up hanging on and then getting dragged down the street. the victim had minor injuries. another victim got shot in the leg by robbers in december. this past saturday police arrested six people, three adults, three juvenile, and they're charged with felony crime. but still have yesterday, yet another lap top was stolen here in berkeley. joe vazquez, kpix 5. tonight we're learning one man could have stopped the florida shooter. the school resource officer had a gun, but he never went into the building. that resource officer scott peterson has now resigned. the sheriff said he was sickened to see surveillance video that shows peterson stayed outside while students were gunned down inside stoneman douglas high school. s cruz is >> well, what i saw was a deputy arrive at the west side
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of building 12, take up a position, and he never went in. >> reporter: so what should he have done? >> went in. addressed the killer. killed the killer. >> 19-year-old nikolas cruz is accused of opening fire on the campus and he's charged with 7 counts of murder. two other sheriff's deputies were placed on administrative leave while the department investigates nearly two dozen encounters with the suspected shooter. tonight president trump is proposing bonuses for teachers that carry guns in schools. >> these are people that would actually want them, and it would be a small percentage, but it would be a lot of people, and you'll have a situation where all of the sudden this horrible plague will stop. ed solutions tha >> this response tonight from the national education association, quote we need solutions that will keep guns out of the hands of those who
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want to use them to massacre innocent children and educators. arming teachers does nothing to prevent that. at least four states are now considering legislation to allow educators to carry concealed firearms in schools. eight states already do. tonight one state lawmakers introduced a bill that would require california school districts to have at least one armed security guard. >> our students are sitting ducks. there's really no one stopping the shooter as he walked onto an elementary school campus. >> opponents say more guns are not the answer. they say the key is watching for warning signs to prevent a shooting in the first place. also tonight, california's facing a new threat from president trump. this time he says he may remove ice agents. cast reports -- christin ayers reports some lawmakers are fed up. >> reporter: backlash from state and local leaders tonight after president trump accused them of lousy management, and threatened to turn california into a crime nest. >> just more ugly myths from
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the mouth of the bully in chief. >> reporter: oakland mary libby schaaf lashing out at -- mayor libby schaaf lashing out tonight at president trump after he threatened to pull federal agents from the state. >> all i'd have to do is say ice and border patrol, leave california alone, you'd be inundated. you'd see crime like nobody has seen crime in this country. in two months they'd be begging for us to come back. begging. and you know what? i'm thinking about doing it. >> reporter: immigrants rights groups also outraged over trump's latest threat. john rodney from the california immigrant policy center had two words for it. >> political repression. >> reporter: rodney said the threats have become a pattern. >> the federal government can't force local governments to do its dirty work. >> reporter: last month the justy department threatened to -- justice department threatened to subpoena sanctuary cities and states, and trump even proposed pulling federal funding from
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california. >> trump's level of vindictiveness knows no bounds. he's threatening to pull law enforcement out of california? a couple of weeks ago he threatened to arrest officials like myself just for being the heads of sanctuary cities. >> reporter: governor jerry brown chimed in too, in california we protect all our people from criminals and gangs as well as dangerous assault weapons brown said in a statement. we do our job, mr. president. you do yours. the president's comments don't jive with ice's plans to increase immigration enforcement, but today san francisco's ice office had no comment. christin ayers, kpix 5. three bodies found in front of this bay area school. tonight it appears they may have been poisoned and the health department has a warning. following allegations of sexual misconduct, this california lawmaker is out. tonight he tells his side of the story. after six decades, a bay area institution is closing for
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good. tonight it blames one unsatisfied person. sco school. tonight:
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it appears they may have been poisoned by a dangerous and deadly drug. betty yu on th three bodies were found in front of a san francisco school. tonight it appears they may have been poisoned by a dangerous and deadly drug. kpix 5's betty yu on the warning from health officials. >> reporter: a san francisco public health officer says that in more than 20 years he's not seen this instance of three people dying all at once in
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this fashion. and though the exact cause of death is not yet known, health officials expect fentanyl is to blame. three men died on the sidewalk outside the urban school overnight. 4:37 sot: tomas "the bottomline ous. if you bu officials say the deaths are not related to the school or the cold weather, and no foul play is suspected. but fentanyl poisoning is on the rise in san francisco. ple tweaking out quite a bit, i work downtown and i'll see peo n a regular ba >> it's very easy to overdose with fentanyl. it's more than 100 times more potent than morphine, so you can literally die within minutes, that's how powerful it is. >> reporter: health officials say investigators found drug paraphernalia at the scene, suggesting the men were using meth or crack cocaine. fentanyl is an opioid, and often intentionally laced with other drugs to make counterfeit products or accidentally picked in because it's -- mixed in because it's made in a lab. it can be found in many forms, and there's no way to tell its
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presence by looking at the drugs. >> bottom line it's dangerous. if you buy something on the street, you have no idea what you're consuming. >> reporter: the best safety measures are for drug users to always carry narcan. a nasal spray that reverses overdoses. try a tester dose first. don't do drugs alone, and test for fentanyl with test strips like this one available at the city's syringe access site. >> i see people tweaking out quite a bit. i work downtown and see people shooting up heroine on a daily babies. it's disheartening, but not really surprising, especially with the opioid crisis going on in general in the united states. people don't know what they're getting. >> reporter: the city has seen a number of fentanyl overdose deaths double in two years. there were 22 deaths in 2016, up from 11 the year before. health officials stress that narcan really is the best way
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to save lives. it's covered by most plans and available in pharmacies, and in some cases without a prescription. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. tonight a tech billionaire is trying to take a long running battle over his beach to the u.s. supreme court. he owns martins beach and land around it south of half moon bay. people have used the beach for nearly a century, but he bought it in 2008 and says he shouldn't be allowed to force public access. he says a federal appeals court was wrong ruling against him last august, and he claims state officials are violating his property rights. the nation's highest court will decide in the next few months if it will take the case. tonight a state lawmaker facing sexual misconduct allegations is out. senator tony mendoza faced expulsion, but instead of that
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he resigned. >> i felt i didn't have an opportunity to present my side of the story to my colleagues deciding my fate. i think that was shameful and not fair to me. >> tony mendoza is accused of making unwanted advances towards six women, including several subordinates. >> if we're serious about changing the culture and holding our people accountable for their conduct, we must start here and must start now. >> mendoza's picture is now removed from the capitol wall. >> the two choices my colleagues were facing were suspension without pay for the rest of the year and expulsion. that's it. that's unfair. >> i think it's very unfair the way he's been treated. i'm disappointed in the leadership in sacramento. >> he's suing the state for the handling of the investigation, and he says he does plan to run again. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. a fresh sign of the bay area's housing shortage: >> mendoza is thousand the
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third lawmaker to resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct. and workers with no place to live. over a seven-year period employment grew by 29 percent in three counties. san francisco, san mateo, and santa clara. but at the same time, the housing supply only increased by 4 percent. other data shows a net loss of residence in 2016 because of the high housing costs. two groups in silicon valley backed the study that examined data if 2010 to 2016. after 60 years in business, it's last call for a popular call in menlo park. >> the brisk sales of gorgers and beer -- of burgers and beer can't keep up with the skyrocketing rent. >> reporter: at the oasis there's history carved into and hanging on the famous wood panel walls, but the countdown is on for the institution.
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on march 7th, burgers will stop coming from the kitchen. >> it's more than a restaurant. there are a lot of memories here. most of the people here have been here hundreds of times and they're reliving memories with every bite. >> reporter: in a post on facebook and a sign here on the front door of the restaurant, the ownership group says it's over a fight with the landlord and a failure to reach a reasonable lease. >> i can understand that the owners of the property can get a lot more revenue by changing this institution to something else, but it's going to break a lot of hearts, including ours. >> reporter: regulars say the packed tables is a testament to the restaurant's hold on people. >> they want the last oasis burger they're ever going to have. we come here a couple of times a week and know everybody.
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the cooks, waitresses, bartenders, it's like losing a family member. >> it's always sad to see them go. >> little piece of history. heading up toward the sierra, maybe doing some skiing, the skiing is going to be pretty good this weekend. we have some fresh powder still coming down as of about 10:00 tonight. things winding down now, but up to 10 inches of new snow in the sierra. oakland 44, temperatures in the upper 30s in santa rosa, 45 in san francisco. we're cooling down, and tonight we'll drop below freezing. in livermore and fairfield, napa, pretty close to freezing in fremont and redwood city. strong low pressure area passing to the east. look at the snow above 2,000 feet in elevation. high elevation snowfall today. that's moving out. the front has moved through.
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we'll still have cold air from canada behind the front for the foreseeable future, but precipitation is a big no tomorrow. clear skies, cold to start your day. clear skies and milder to finish the day. rolling through saturday, a little increase in cloud cover. not expecting rainfall or high elevation snow. rainfall returning on sunday. a quiet pattern for friday, saturday, sunday. rain-free. fast forward to monday where we have another storm system coming down from the north. beggars can't be choosers, but not much juice with these storm systems. maybe a tenth of an inch monday, but the soaking rainfall we need and heavy snow in the sierra we need, we're likely not going to receive. but more showers monday. highs tomorrow, even with full sunshine returning about 5 to 7 degrees cooler than average. union city 55, fairfield
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tomorrow 57. sunshine in daly city and berkeley low 50s for you. sonoma 57, santa rosa 58. ukia also in the 50s. little milder over the weekend. partly sunny saturday, mostly sunny sunday. showers on monday, and perhaps some more showers next wednesday and thursday. be really interesting tomorrow morning in the south bay and east bay, look to the east toward the diablo range, pretty confident they'll have some snow. 3,000 feet and above should be a little white. >> we all need it. thank you. san jose is going green. lime green. tonight the hottest new thing in personal transportation. and here are tonight's guest on the late show. doing it fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding
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to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. leave it to silicon valley to come up with another way to get around and look cool doing it. >> you're going to want one.
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check it out. they're electric scooters popping up all around san jose. you just need to install an app to find them, add your credit card information and you're off. >> reporter: that's pretty ease -- it's pretty easy to ride, the top speed about 10 miles per hour. the company that makes them say it is cheaper than an -- says that it's cheaper than an uber, and unlike a bike you don't arrive sweaty at your destination. >> a san mateo start up called lime bike is behind the scooter. they don't come with helmets, so users have to be careful how and where they ride. >> and parking in the city costs $300. [ laughter ] >> yeah, san francisco, be really careful! >> back in the olympics, can a bay area skater come up big in south korea, and golden state resumes their season. could they rediscover their winning ways? tip there's only one place where you can get...
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even the warriors coach admits his team isn't playing up to the level of years past, but hey they still lead the league if wins, right? i think the all star break tweeted steph well. goldenstate led 34-23 after that. after the steal, klay for the doning. the warriors -- dunk. the warriors had a 60 point lead. but la rallied in the fourth to
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a four-point game, but golden state hangs on to win 134-127. st. mary's gurning the final week of the -- beginning the final week of the regular season hosting pepperdine. the gales win, and they're 26 and 4. and stanford, the cardinal cruise past washington 94-78. and in berkeley, cal's marcus lee scores with seven seconds left, and they tied washington state, but the bears leave him wide open, game-winning bucket, and the cougars win 78-76. remember the hockey stick that u.s. hockey captain mike ruzioni used to score the winning goal over russia in the miracle on ice in 1980?
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it sold today for $290,000. karen chen set in 10th place leading into the free skate tonight in the final night of competition, but her medal chances ended when she fell in the free program. she finished 11th. a 15-year-old russian skater won the gold. she's the second youngest ever to win gold. rough night in the music city for the sharks goalie. second period, nashville fake him out and goes right between the legs for the goals. he allowed 7 goals and the predators won 7-1. for the first time in three years, tiger woods played competitive golf in back to back weeks at the honda classic in florida, he shot an even par of 70, and he's four shots behind the co-leaders.
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