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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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refuse to let go live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. proud oak lenders refused to let go of the golden state warriors without a fight. a new ballot measure to stop san francisco from taking sport teams away from oakland. >> san francisco has so much. why are we taking from oakland? enough is enough when it comes to gun violence. a townhall meeting today to avoid what happened in parkland florida from having in the bay. it was held at stanley middle school in lafayette. >> it was a packed room.
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>> reporter: nearly 1000 people crowded into the auditorium at stanley middle school in lafayette this morning to discuss the deadly florida shooting and what can be done to keep our kids safe.>> it is awful to worry about somebody coming into a school and shooting at your kids. the fact that that happens is horrifying. >> reporter: it was organized by a congressman who says gun regulations would reduce violence, if only congress were willing to act. >> universal background checks would get rid of the loophole. number two, putting the assault weapons ban back in place nationally. >> reporter: the aftermath of shootings often unfold to a well-known pattern. initially there is support, but it usually ends with an action on the part of lawmakers. attendees at tonight's meeting say they hope this time will be different. >> i am very hopeful. the young people are coming out.
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they are going to take steps, that i is a adult should do the same thing. >> reporter: the price of inaction, he says, is simply too high. >> i am hopeful. i think it may be a tipping point. it really has to be, or do we have to read about this again. >> tomorrow students will begin to return in school -- return to school in florida, where some of their classmates died last week. the students at marjory stoneman douglas high school will receive counseling. as you know, nikolas cruz killed 17 people, including 14 students. now teachers and administrators hope to create an environment where students can return their routines. >> we are going to try to get back to his normal as possible. >> at the same time, there are new questions about the way sheriff's deputies responded to
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the shooting. three deputies stayed outside with their guns drawn. the sheriff's office in broward county is investigating that claim. a fourth deputy has already resigned. he was supposed to guard the school, but he took a defensive position outside instead. two major airlines have now joined the list of companies cutting ties with the national rifle association. united and delta ending discounts for trips to the annual nra convention. this week, three rental car companies made similar moves to eliminate discounts and more than a dozen other corporations have severed affiliations with the pro-gun organization. the democratic memo seeking to undercut gop claims of fbi surveillance is now public. the memo was written to rebut a gop document that accuses the fbi of improperly obtaining a warrant to monitor a former trump campaign advisor. the release comes after talks
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between the fbi and the house intelligence committee over what should be redirected. >> the last several indictments have been breathtaking in their scope and detail. he now has another very important cooperating witness. somebody who is at the center of the trump campaign and someone who can shed an awful lot of light, not only on manafort, but the whole workings of the campaign. meanwhile, things got heated at the democratic convention in san diego. dianne feinstein called out president trump and said the president has disgraced the white house. she also highlighted his failure to support protecting dreamers. >> we will get the job done one day, believe it or not. please have faith and we will protect you in the meantime.
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>> she also vowed to renew her push for an assault weapons ban. there is a push this evening to prevent drug overdoses in san francisco. the founder of homeless youth alliance is encouraging everyone to learn how to use and distribute the lifesaving medicine narcan. they say fentanyl use is on the rise and traces of it have been found in every drug tested, including meth, cocaine and heroin. just three days ago police say someone died of a drug overdose that was fentanyl involved.>> detecting residue for fentanyl, we print out reports every month of what we have found. like 67% of the sample was positive. >> the center wants everyone to be trained on how to respond to an opioid overdose and to carry narcan on them. drug use is not the only problem on the rise. coming up tonight, how one community is seeing a spike in
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violence. teachers hosted a flash mob today. they showed off their dance moves. the event was a celebration of the working people's day of action, where people gather to fight for rights and equality. organizers also had strong words for president trump's proposal to arm teachers.>> i think it is ridiculous when teachers carry weapons, that is the day i will retire. i refuse to do that. >> similar events were held nationwide. in other headlines, a popular taco bell is closed after a fire. firefighters got the call about 6:20 am. fortunately their station is only about 50 feet away. when they arrived, smoke was pouring from the roof. crews were able to detain it to
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the restaurant. they are still looking for the cause. and santa clara county, firefighters are mopping up after a fire broke out. flames tore through the roof of this home, sending smoke that could be seen along the peninsula. this is drone video we received from a neighbor. you can see the roof suffered serious damage. firefighters say the weather fueled the flames.>> the fire crossed the wood shake shingle roof from end to end. it quickly escalated to a second alarm and then ultimately was under control about 35 or 40 minutes afterwards. >> fortunately no one was hurt and the causes under investigation. alive look at the golden gate bridge right now as the sun is setting slowly in the west. it will be another night of chilly weather as we continue under the influence of that deep low pressure trough. cold out here, storming out east. for tonight, we will be getting not as cold as last weekend,
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but still, down to 39 degrees. san francisco tonight down to 42. there is rain on the way. we will talk about that in the forecast in a few minutes. the clock is ticking toward the eventual departure. these pictures show the reality. the structure appears to be almost half finished. the plan is for this to be golden state's home for the start of the 2019 season. but even with the arena construction well underway, there is a new push to stop the warriors move in its tracks. remake the future home of the warriors is set to open next year, but a group says not so fast. >> the people of san francisco should have a say. a guy from oakland is going to make sure that the people of san francisco have a say in it. >> reporter: he is talking
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about a ballot measure directed at the warriors. voters will decide whether the city can poach a sports team from another city. >> world-class city helps its neighbors. it does not help itself to its neighbor's goods. >> reporter: the good neighbor coalition wrote the measure. jim erickson with oaklands nonprofit direct help paid $75,000 to collect signatures to qualify on the june ballot.>> this city economically needs this team. san francisco does not. >> i want the mayor to comment on this, how do you feel taking from a city in need? >> reporter: even if the ballot issue passes, it is more symbolic than legally binding. >> it is a declaration of policy. sure you can go against it, but that is going against the voters and that is suicide if you are a politician.>> reporter: it will be an expensive survey of whether san
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francisco voters want the warriors. groups in the past have sued but have lost in court. this measure needs 51% to pass. coming up, your summer plans might be in jeopardy. if you booked a trip with hawaiian airlines, the flights that are now being canceled. the largest lunar new year parade is underway right now in san francisco. the sights and sounds, just ahead. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. hawaiian airlines says three of its newly-announced non-stop flights summer travel plans may be in jeopardy for some families. hawaiian airlines says three of its newly announced nonstop flights between the bay area
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and hawaii have been canceled or deferred. the carrier says delivery delays for some of its new airbus jets are the reason behind the sudden schedule changes. passengers who are booked on the flights are being contacted directly. strachan area man is now safe after getting lost in yosemite. it triggered a search for about 60 people. search and rescue teams posted photos of the conditions they faced while looking for the oakland man. he set off backpacking last weekend and went missing on tuesday. a helicopter crew spotted him yesterday above a waterfall. he survived with just minor injuries. the dragons, the floats and the firecrackers are ready. in just minutes, san francisco's lunar new year parade kicks off. it will turn on kearney toward chinatown.
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we are at the start of the parade to show us what all is going on. >> reporter: hi, the phrase of the day around here, i am at the corner, waiting for this parade to kick off. we are going to show you the crowd that is out here. the wind is whipping down market street right now. we are waiting for the parade to kick off. this is of course the year of the dog. what you will see is a lot of dog hats out here today, as the chinese community and the bay area celebrate the year of the dog. for many people, this is their first chinese new year parade here in the city of san francisco, ever. >> this is my first year, so i am looking forward to see all
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the groups celebrating their culture. >> i want to know what it is like. >> reporter: we are out here at market and montgomery right now. you still have time, it has not started yet. if you are coming down here though, i would highly recommend a scarf, a hat, some gloves. it is cold right now. but people don't seem to mind, they are in the mood for a parade. back to you. >> lots of traffic heading in, so be warned. >> how would you know? back in the bay area, there is lake tahoe, where they are getting snow in the forecast for the early part of the week. as we pointed out for us, it is going to be cold. occasionally a few showers will be darting down on the western edge of that low. overnight tonight, mountain view 45 degrees. san jose 45. as we look toward the golden
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gate bridge, the wind is whipping up to about 17 miles per hour. right now it is chilly. readings in the 50s and it just puts a little blue in your face. 51 in san francisco. san jose, 55. here is what we are expecting in the next few days. high pressure builds back in. as a result, tomorrow looks sunny and will warm up all the way to the 60s. then by monday, showers are going to return as we get a little disturbance moving into the area. futurecast sets out the timing. tomorrow, most of the day looks nice and sunny, with the exception of northern sonoma county. by late in the day they will begin to pick up high clouds in advance of this. showers that move in by 4 am on monday morning. it is fairly fast-moving, so away it goes.
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tuesday afternoon looks sunny. there is nothing in the way of really beneficial rain. the amounts are going to be just on the order of a few tenths, nothing to dig us out of the deficit we are in. tonight, partly cloudy. tomorrow, slight warming, a little bit warmer. showers coming in on monday. the chinese new year parade, we will have a high of about 50 degrees. tomorrow a few degrees cooler. not dramatically off average. we are going to be looking for tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. in the north bay, tomorrow, the upper 50s. eventually as we head up to ukiah and lakeport and clear lake, the temperatures will be
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in the 50s. on monday we have showers moving through in the early hours. tuesday looks like another round of showers, again, nothing dramatic. for the weekend, that is weather. they needed a win in their final regular-season game. the giants facing the dodgers for the first time this year and it somewhat looks like a home run derby. we will be right back.
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there's still some hope that they can win their conference title... but they're going to it is the final regular season game for st. mary, but they are going to need some help. honoring their seniors before their final home game today against santa clara. gets the bucket. free throw made it 25-15.
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st. mary's scored 19 in its final home game. second half, the layup. the bench likes that. it gave the gaels a 20 point lead. the floater for his first point of the entire season. his teammates go crazy. st. mary's crushes santa clara 67-40 and they can clinch the number one seat in the tournament if byu looses tonight. the final seconds of the first half, he knocks down the three to tie the game. the freshman scores 17 in the first 20 minutes, not so bad. second half, the huskies up by two. carter takes off and throws down the huge dunk. pretty good move there. 48-43. washington finishes the game on a 33-16 run. they will focus on cleaning
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up defense and beating the dodgers, even if it is just practice. a triple to start the game. finally some speed on the basis for the giants. in the sixth inning, a two run home run. part of a big day for williamson. he was 2 for 3 and the giants go on to win 9-3. anthony mccutchen is one of the new faces in the giants camp this year. mccutchen has already mastered his imitation of tenses quirky batter's box antics. >> i love it. he loves to have fun, he is funny, he is really smart. that was perfect. i really enjoyed it. i love that stuff.
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>> they are taking on the padres in their second game. goes for a solo home run. cotton impressive out of the bullpen today. he pitched two innings allowing no hits. former giants third baseman has moved across the bay to join the a's as their new third-base coach. during his career, he had 378 home runs. as we found out earlier this week, his players aren't very familiar with his accomplishments. >> if you run across the kid that comes up to you and says you played? >> who are you? all the time. >> really? >> these kids these days, it happened before they were even born. a lot of them on the team. >> wow, how do you not know williams?
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tiger woods playing this weekend for the second time. he sets up the first birdie of the day. tiger was 100. he rolls this chip shot up. his third birdie of the round. he shot a 169 and is tied for 11th. later, up and down out of the bunker to set him up for a birdie. he takes a one-shot lead into sunday. in the wee hours of the morning, what is being called the miracle on ice. a five point throw at the end of the gold medal match against sweden. that propelled the united states to a 10-7 upset when and gave the u.s. their first curling gold medal. i can't even believe we are doing curling highlights, but it was pretty exciting.
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>> did you watch that one? >> i did not, but when i woke up and checked twitter, it was all there. team usa, thank you.>> that is where you get your news from. we will be right back.
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weaving process by adding a few strands of thread into the scarf ---or (crow-mah) krama... cambodians are going to try to make the world's longest scarf. today visitors took part by adding a few strands of thread into the scarf which is a traditional garment cambodians wear on their head.
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the goal is to reach more than 3200 feet long. in the world of there being an app for just about everything, a new one promises to take the struggle out of shopping for jeans, by having you try on some high-tech leggings first. you try on the leggings and they have sensors that send your measurements straight to an app on your phone. it not only tells you the perfect size jeans to buy, it also recommends different brands and styles, based on the agreement they have with the manufacturer -- no no, based on measurements. the name of this handy device is smarty-pants. >> was she rude -- she returning the smarty-pants? >> i wasn't paying attention to the video, i was reading.
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>> those are skinny jeans. thanks for joining us, we will see you back at 6 pm. >> ninan: the other memo drops. democrats respond to republican claims of anti-trump bias at the f.b.i. mlso tonight, new fallout from the school massacre. oid sheriffs deputies wait outside instead of rush to save lives? more companies cut ties with the n.r.a. and a wounded survivor vows to r gun control. >> if that takes screaming and that takes yelling, i will do as much as i can. >> ninan: public health officials sound the alarm about a rise in cancers caused by a virus. the emotional farewell to the raverend billy graham. a hearse carries the pastor's body to his final resting place. and do you believe in


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