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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 26, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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rain moving in all the way up the highway 80 corridor and that could make for a sloppy commute for people this morning. >> northern california impacted by the storm and it's a quick one. they'd all ease up. they're getting inundated with a lot of rain. it's heavy rain throughout parts of san francisco picking up from the north bay down toward the south bay and here's the location all across the bay rare and see here lit up in greens and yellows showing some areas of stronger rain and looking at pink and that actually is snow flurries a little rain slush mix east of san jose and across the south bay light right now and minimal and all of this will reach the location shortly and lighter rain fall south san francisco and areas of yellow a quarter of inch per hour and measurable precipitation here and looking at seeing two tenths of an inch in parts of the north bay and oakland, lighter drizzle across
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580 and strong moppets ago and alameda as well. 880, 580 and that will be left out there and haven't seen measurable rain fall in a while and we're finally getting much needed moisture through mill valley and tiburon picking up in areas of orange and coming down about three quarters of an inch per hour. interstate 80 slick and snowy up there as well especially across the west slope of the sierra and lows 2-3,000 feet. winds are piing up and sustained winds in pleasantton and southbound west direction and breezy and northern east bay hills and gusty conditions associated with the storm temperature wise in the 40s and
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50s right now and afternoon highs not going to be that little warmer today and not much warming but later on this afternoon, jaquline. we're track ago couple of hot spots and we'll begin along 101 and this is near highway 116 and traffic looks okay. it's starting to build just a bit but heading in that northbound direction and folks will encounter delays and we're trackingen ax that has two -- tracking an accident with two lanes blocked and 101 at gulf course drive and heads up of anyone heading toward the park and ride sluggish in the southbound direction making way through the area and southbound direction on 101. steady flow of drivers into san francisco on left side of your screen. ridgemont and sheen on the
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roadways. dealing with wet, damp roadways for morning commute. big backup developed quite early this morning in the redheading into san francisco from the oakland side. back over to you. thank you. sweeping ice raids conducted throughout the bay area expected to continue today. >> jessica flores live at oakland city hall with the mayor's warning to the community. jessica. >> reporter: good morning, anne and michelle. about 11 individuals arrested over this weekend after oakland mayor libby sent warning out to the residents. berkeley mayor sending out the warning also and it came friday and expect more raids to happen today and oakland chef wants to
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warn folks that at oakland schools the ice agents not allowed to go into classrooms and relationship people out of classrooms that already protects for students and families and oakland police barred from helping ice agents conduct raids and immigrant rights groups telling people someone is looking for you and must have a warrant signed by a judge. those groups telling parents to have in writing a designated relative or neighbor to take care of cherin ahead of time. >> it is not my wish to panic people. against the law for federal agents to go into employee only areas. now, this warning from the mayor comes just days after president trump threatened to pull immigration agents out of
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california. now, mayor libby said she doesn't have information as to where specific raids will happen. reporting live in oakland, jessica, fluoroeds, kpix5. dozens of rallies. high school steurchts in parkland, florida, hosting a meeting back to class. 7 people dressed as angels greeted students returning to the high school yesterday. been almost two weeks since the gunman killed 17 people and the students allowed back onto campus yesterday for the first time to pick up backpacks and other belongings left behind. >> coming back here is hard. i lost some of my friends. >> the three story building where the shooting took place
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has been quartered off. classes open on wednesday. gun high school in palo alto this morning in support of tighter gun control laws. sandra osborn is there live and this is something we're seeing iowa all across the country. >> reporter: there's a group of high school students meeting with a group of activists here in gun control and rallying outside of the high school about 7:30 before an hour of the first class beginning. the activist group already leading rallies like the one planned here. meantime, the debate on gun control heating up on capitol hill. there was recent nra push back of president trump suggested moderate change to nra
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regulations. nra spokesperson had to say about that suggestion . >> the nra made suggestion clear. >> position is don't want to raise the age. that's when the nra came out and said. >> reporter: senator diane feinstein tweeted last night pushing to raise the bill. a group of lawmakers take action to make sure an ar15 can never be used to perpetrate another mass shooting. class begins about 8:25 this morning and the group will be gathering about 7:30 this morning and choosing today, the same day that students is this parkland, florida, are going back to class. north korea is condemning new sanctions issued by president trump's administration. however, north korean leader kim jong-un is open to talks with the u.s.. they've been pressuring with
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north korea to halt nuclear testing. at the center of this debate is the -- nonmembers of public sector union cans not be forced to be fees for the political activities for the union but can be required to hand over fair share fees linked to certain issues like physical safety and training. now, the case gets underway and dozens of rallies to open in the bay area and the association gathers at 8 this morning at the elementary school. >> he plans to rerun despite not getting a party endorsement this weekend. mendoza keuzed of making un---
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men doe sa -- the men's basketball coach arrested on domestic violence charns. lamont smith taken into custody before the team boarded to head back to san diego yesterday after playing at university of san francisco. smith faces the charges after incident at the team's hotel near union scare -- square in san francisco late saturday night. officers were called to the hotel and a woman was taken to the hospital. new video shows the moment a tornado touched down in kentucky. a look at damage left blind and the growing -- behind and the growing snurm of people killed. -- number of people killed. tracking rain on hi-def doppler and rain coming down in places across the bay area and a lot to talk about. two separate crashes and one involving an overturned vehicle blocking two lanes southbound 880 and slow traffic
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backing up clear into san lorenzo and a closer look at both of those coming up. in tech report, the new product apple is reportedly working on this morning.
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has brought with it flooding, hail, and tornadoes across the central u-s. there were reports of multiple tornadoes touching down in kentucky, arkansas, and tennessee. at least four people have been killed. heavy rain has caused severe flooding in kentucky. the governor there has declared a statewide emergency. "this is a historical situation in our community, we can't stress enough that this is still a dangerous situation." in louisville -- the ohio river is at its highest level in about 20 years and continues to swell. another strong storm system is expected to bring more rain to the region later this week.
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. ohio river at highest leferl in about 20 years and continues to swell. another strong storm system expected to brining hr rain to the re--- bring more rain to the region this week. we're not dealing with that kind of weather but we have a little weather this afternoon. right now it'll last for the next couple hours and a chance for thunderstorms today and wet monday and wet and windy one. this area getting a decent amount of rain fall. daily city so, yes, it'll be slick out there. people getting a decent amount in mill valley. the piedmont,
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lot of neighbors impacted this morning and it's easing up a bit in parts of the north bay and morgan hill with light showers and all you're noticing is cloud coverage and south, southwest winds in fremont at times and pleasant at 12.
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it's staying pretty wet through about 8, 9:00 this morning and by lufn much time, may see the sun and the thunderstorms even hail, system rises and a lot of this will still be pretty strong about 8:00, 9:00 moving through the south bay and 10:00 this morning, we could get a break in the clouds but then we could see that increase in thunderstorm aboutivity later on this afternoon. really -- activity as soon as we get the sun, that causes all the instability and more evaporation occurring and thunderstorms possible. afternoon highs in the mid 50s for most of us. 56 in fremont and snow coming down across lake tahoe and we have winter weather advisory and elevations 2,000 feet could get 2-5-inches of snow from the system and right now, we're
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seeing it evaporate. truckee, tahoe city it's very light. noticing heavier snowfall and mixes occurring and it's cold enough around 2400 feet elevation and snow levels impacting highway 50 but it will. mostly on interstate 80 and very light flurries. looking ahead, we have a couple more storms and the weather system and we'll get a break and decent amount of rain bit end of the week. >> hope you're not running late because if you are. we're tracking many accidents that are keeping the ride slow. see 880 in that southbound direction of right side where the brake lights are.
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this is just south of 238 and this is all due to a couple of crashes that we're tracking. we've got one stalled vehicle, southbound direction of 880 and that's right up near eighth street we had an earlier crash on the shoulder and south of 92 right near whistle road and very heavy for that to have two middle lanes. >> the san mateo bridge and the road heading out of town.
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tesla introducing a workplace charging program and allows a wall connector to be installed in a company garage or parking lot. property managers of offices and buildings can apply for the program on tesla's website. apple is reportedly working on a new iphone 10 plus. mac rumors obtained new photos of a trial run showing the construction of the device. a five inch display, larger than any rival phone and they're not commenting on the report. bomb garner makes first crack. we'll discuss more next.
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smew sharks hoping --
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sharks hoping to get a little separation after their four game road trip but still just a bunched up. the game winner scored with 12 seconds left and wild win 3-2 and sharks drop three straight now. tiger woods finished 12th at honda classic, best finish since 2015. woods went even par for the tournament and only 11 players finish under par. justin themselves needed a bird on 18 to keep pace with luke. nearly hold it out from 117 yards and that'll work. tap in and this also birdied the playoff. themselves weighed kick work knocking in another bird i did on the final -- birdie to clench sixth victory. giants and cubs in scottsdale. chicago's ian greeted with a leadoff home run. bum garner allowed three runs in an inning and two-thirds but five strikeouts and the cubs
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beat the giants 1-10. one bright spot, steeve dugger hit first homer of the spring. dugger could possibly win the center field job between him and andrew mccuspen. not between andrew mccuspen. michigan state on the road against wisconsin. >> minutes gone here in the second half, just beat number -- purdue last week here and winston, hold on, a beautiful alley oop. >> winston owning it. jumping into the passing lane and he tosses the nice alley oop to kenny for the dunk and foul. it has spartans defense turns offense for the play of the day. oakland's mayor sending out a warning about possible raids today here in the city. i'll have the details coming
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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. too early to talk about guns. too early to talk about this. that idea has finally ir
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revocablely been put to rest. first, students in parkland, florida, return to they're school about a week and a half after a gunman open fire inside killing 17 people. it is monday, february 26. i'm anne. kenny is off this morning. >> i'm michelle. people dressed as angels standing by a makeshift memorial greeted students returning to stoneman douglas high almost two weeks since the shooting that took 17 lives. the three story building where the shooting took place has been been quaderrenned off. >> i want to do everything i can in my job to do everything to make sure this doesn't
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happen again. >> reporter: this morning in palo alto, outside of henry, m, gun senior high school, students have an activist group and raging grannies in support of gun control and holding a rally in support of gun control and it's part of a major movement with it and president trump suggested moderate changes to gun regulations to raising age limit and buying certain weapons. they'll meet with a variety of
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issues and gun control will be at the top of the agenda. o senator diane feinstein tweeting this weekend saying she supports the age raise to 21 to guy a gun students heading back to school in parkland folsom, the same day -- parkland, florida, the same day as the rally. rain muffs through the bay area and -- rain moves through the
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bay area and line of rain moving on up the 80 corridor so that'll make for a messy commute and left hand lane and
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. >> looks like richmond and berkeley seeing a lot of rain as well on interstate 80 slick through northern california because the system is going to impact all of us through sacramento and sierra, and uz in the north bay and around 4:30 to 5:30 this morning, heavy rain fall in the north bay eased up and lightened up a little and picking up and san jose in the clear for now but a lot of this is heading why r way. jaquline. -- your way. jaquline. in the wake of the deadly mudslide, officials closely monitoring another winter storm moving in this week. this winter storm expected to bring less than a third of an inch of rain but they are most concerned about the chance of thunderstorms, which could trigger flooding below the charred slopes. the devastating mudslides inmont see toe that left people dead and damaged homes.
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>> it's a wet morning commute. >> it's caused issues already on the roads, jaquline. >> many issues and we continue to see a bunch of crashes coming in on the east bay right now. 680 and 24 with hot spot and take a live look on the 680 right at north main street and traffic on the right side of your screen heading southbound and seeing delays build for folks making way on down toward highway 24 and tracking a new accident along 680 at the area and that's the third crash in the area already this morning. that's blocking at least one lane. westbound 24 and speeds about 20 miles per hour. give yourself extra time heading through that stretch about a 20 minute ride heading over to 580 approach. it's okay making way over toward the toll plaza there and the bridge can see all the rain on the roadways.
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please, be careful. that is a check of your traffic. michelle. three salespeople shot near daily city and two shot on hillside boulevard. the suspects are on the loose and the suspects were shooting from their car and no one inside the scarfs hurt. snapchat video shows ice workers arresting armando nunez salgado at his home in napa over the weekend. his wife says he has been in the u-s for more than 30 years... his parents brought him when he was a child. his family says: last october -- as the wine country fires raged -- nunez-salgado helped his family members as they volunteered their heavy equipment to lay fire lines. "we were all helping ... this is our home. this is his home too. so the fact that they took someone off like that. i don't see the sense in it all ... he wasn't a danger to the community in any way." kpix 5 has learned nunez- salgado has a dangerous past.
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he was once on ice's most wanted list for charges of assault with a deadly weapon. his family would not elaborate on his past crimes -- but they . delgado has a danger us past and was on ice's most dangerous list for assault charges. his family insists he's been through a rehab program and left the life of drugs and gangs behind. his arrest cops amid reports of spike in gang activity in the bay area and jessica flores live at city hall with reaction from the mayor. >> reporter: that's right. at least 11 people arrested across northern california over the weekend. oakland's mayor as well as berkeley's mayor expect those raids to continue through today. now, on friday, mayor libby shaft sent out the warning to folks letting them know her sources. let her know that ice planned raids in the east bay and northern community.
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oakland officials have a warrant and those groups are telling parents that could be picked upped to have in writing a designated relative or neighbor or friend to cake for thatchier -- care for their children ahead of time. the mayor sent out the warning to prepare immigrants and doesn't want to cause panic. >> due to reliability of my sources and received from multiple sources, i felt it was my duty to share the information. >> california law for business owner rs and federal immigration agents to go into employee only areas.
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local bay area leaders want to raise awareness about the upcoming deadline. conferences head by david shoe and city leaders in the city. held wednesday at the mission campus at 22 and valencia. the event is free and doors open at 9:30 a.m..
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after a weekend of trying to woo delegates at the state convention, none of the can dates was able -- candidates was ablegate secure the endorsement of the vote. gavin garnered the support at 39% and john which you think game in second with 30% followed by former state superintendent of 20% and down at the bottom there and los angeles mayor tony coming in a distant fourth with 9% of the votes. feinstein received support of 37% of delegates. 34% of votes. today former tenants of mobile home park that burned down in the wild fires will
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make a statement. journeys end mobile home park was closed after the tub fire and the owners say they have no plans to rebuild. low income and senior residents. happening today, san jose city officials are expected to hold a town hall meeting to discuss flood pre-parredness after the flood water -- preparedness that forced thousands to evacuate. fresh fallout in the harvey feinstein can discal and what's expect -- scandal and what's expected to be next. uber and lyft being hailed
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for help with congestion in san francisco. look at big board and the dough is up about -- dow up about 207 points. update from kcbs financial reporter jason burke. (man) racing has taken me all over the world. (man) but when i put on the helmet...
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aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. the closing ceremony was held yesterday with calls for peace. athletes from north and south korea marched together again.. and according to south korean officials -- the north has ding talks" . closing olympics ceremony called for peace. according to south korea, officials in the north have tensions of holding talks with the u.s.. the final results of the medal count. norway broke usa's winter record with the most medals with 39 and this year team usa came in fourth place with 23 medals. it's the lowest medal count in 20 years. >> 23 is still impressive. >> yeah, still proud. feinstein company filing
6:45 am
for -- weinstein company filing for bankruptcy. >> morning, michelle. >> good morning. when warren buffet speaks, pretty much everyone listens. they released annual shareholder letter this weekend for burke shire hathaway and talked about a couple of bay area companies including apple saying that burke shire bought more than anything. you'll know the market is saturated when buffet buying an iphone. he believes ceo tim savings and sloan is working like crazy to clean things up at wells fargo after several scandals in the past year. the weinstein company has been accused by dozens of women of sexual assault and harassment and the board says
6:46 am
they've been unable to come up with a deal to buy the studio. they had a $500 million deal in the works with an investor group, but that fell apart so they will file for bankruptcy. stock market off to a good start this morning. nasdaq gaining 44 and smp up by 14 points and shares in apple and wells fargo heading higher after comments from warren buffet. michelle and an back to you. >> thanks, jason. recent transportation study from around the country are proving uber is and lyft congest the ease. there's a drop in number of cars clogging city streets but recent studies from season fran, boston, and new york suggest the opposite that the companies are pulling riders of public transit and putting them in cars. one of the reasons is the new express pool by uber competes with mass transit.
6:47 am
that's surprising. >> some of the prices on the rides are really cheap. add in the cost benefit analysis of the transit half the time, you can see it. >> bart for the second time in a while. we are very busy and take to to 101 and traffic looks okay here. but if you were heading in the northbound direction, we've had two separate crashes. we have one that's at golf course drive and involving a couple cars and both checking traffic and blocking one lane
6:48 am
and show you there. northbound 101 at roanoke park and that's a new crash over on the shoulder and drop below 15 miles per hour. delays in the northbound direction of 101 and rain on the roadways. >> storm clouds through the bay area this morning and widespread showers and the morning storm impacting a lot of folks on this monday. what a way to start off the week and look at rain. wood
6:49 am
side around town and rain fall rates half inch per hour. you were just getting a lot of rain fall. it's still pretty and lighter amount of rain and berkeley, a drizzle and oakland and hasn't let up and go through china town and coming down good and a few strong cells coming in and little bit lighter to the north and through tiburon easing up and getting a decent amount of rain coming through and lot stronger around 4:30 to 5:30 this morning and st. helena still getting rain and we'll see decent amount of rain today anywhere from a tenth to quarter of an inch throughout
6:50 am
the morning hours but this storm is a fast moving one so the next couple hours. going to start to see the rain. by about 10:00 this morning, you'll see a break in clouds and sunshine out there. livermore 47 and san jose 49 and santa rosa in the 40s and sustained winds pretty strong, 10-15 miles per hour. winds coming out of the south, southeast in hayward and south winds in oakland. all associated with the cold front as it passes through and winds stay blustery throughout the day. three things to remember, windy and wet out there this morning and this afternoon, thunderstorms and don't forget about the sierra and dumped on with snow this morning and sunrise at 6:45 and sunset at 6:00 and here's a look at future cast and by 8:00 this morning, we'll continue to see rain fall to the south bay and look at that, by 10:00, north bay may see sunshine and things
6:51 am
warm up and that's when the instability happens and we could see chance of thunderstorms and hail in some areas and keep that in mind. afternoon highs in the mid 60s today and above and couple inches of snow. and ski reports and dry weather on the way. stronger storm coming through and starts wednesday night and one's going to bring us a hefty amount of rain fall. storms in the u.s. deadly because of winter storms. a look at damage left behind and ahead. live in tallahassee and students live about gun control
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on the scene.
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it's part of a major movement, as more and more students are making their voices heard. the group raging grannies has already been leading rallies like the one planned here at henry m. gunn senior high school. meantime, there was some recent push-back from the nra after president trump suggested moderate changes to gun regulations such as raising the age limit to buy certain weapons. the president, who will meet with the nation's governors today on a variety of issues, says gun control will be at the top of the agenda. "we'll be talking about parkland and the horrible event that took place last week." congressman mark desaulnier, a democrat from concord says he wants an independent board to research solutions to gun violence...according to kqed, he's drafting legislation that would create a 5-member board....funded by a 5-dollar surcharge on all gun purchases. the rally here is set to begin in about more schools plan walk out protests next month. live in palo alto, so, kpix 5. it's 6--- time for your final five... high school students in know the group raging indiannys leading rally -- grannies leading rallies like the one planned here. recent push back from the nra after president trump suggested moderate changes to gun regulations such as raising the age limit to buy certain weapons. the president that meets with the governor today says gun control will be at the top of the agenda. >> the horrible evens that took
6:56 am
place last week. >> reporter: congressman said he wants an independent board to research solution to gun violence. according to kqed, drafting legislation that creates a five member board of surcharges on all gun pour chias. rally scheduled to start in 30 minutes and could last for up to an hour till the first class of the day starts at high school. live in palo alto, sandra osborne, kpix5. it is 6:57, time for final five. high school students in parkland, florida, return to campus over the weekend in an effort to ease the transition back to class. a week and a half ago, a gunman open fire inside killing 17 people. those who walked back on campus were able to pick up their books and bags and other belongings left behind during the shooting. classes are set to resume wednesday. three people shot near daily city last night and two of them have died. happened just before 9:00 p.m. in the parking lot of hillside
6:57 am
market on hillside boulevard. the suspect still on the loose. oakland mayor sent out a warning about immigration raids and had multiple credible sources informing her of the raid and got legal advice before making the decision to send out the warning. a powerful storm system stretching from texas to canada and brought with it flooding, hail, and tornadoes across the u.s.. reports of multiple touching down. in the wake of the coyote creek flooding in february and destroyed homes without warning. and we are starting to see the slow speeds develop in the south bay. about a 36 minute ride and kind of blustery out there and 101 near candle stick and traffic is very, very slow in the red and we've got about a 30 minute
6:58 am
ride at parkway at the golden gate. here's a look at widespread rain this morning and we could see anywhere from a tenth of an inch to quarter of an inch for the next couple of hours of rain coming down. walnut creek coming down good and same as concord and antioch getting hit with strong cells. south san francisco picking up near bill bright as well and same with san leeann droa and promises to cross the south bay and next san jose next and fremont, you guys are not in the clear anymore. the storm will impablght all of the -- impact all of the bay area. >> get the umbrella out and be careful on the roads out there. >> take your time. >> been so long, we're not used to it. >> enjoy it. it's refreshing; right. have a great day. good morning. it's . i'm kenn . >> happy monday.
6:59 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, february 25, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. >> deadly storms leaving a trail of destruction. >> flooding leaves entire towns strand e stranded. >> students return to the florida high school where 17 people were shot dead. then, the local sheriff who says he won't step down despite reports that a number of his deputies stay hed outside the school during the shooting. >> ivanka trump attends the


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