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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 27, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitting the roads heading to work.. we're monitoring what you can expect ... including your forecast. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's neda iranpour > i know it. we're the hardest working city to the backup starting earlier. >> at least the weather will be a little calmer today so not as wild as yesterday all though it was preallotty fun. pretty excited to see the rain coming through and followed by low elevation snow and a lolt of it is further to -- lot of it further to the south. past three hour loop and a few little areas of spotted light showers early, early this
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morning and east of san jose and those hills by mount hamilton and a light, light dusting of snow that came down and doesn't look like that's going to be melting any time soon and should get a nice view of it and across caramel valley and seeing low elevation snowfall there as well and cold enough that allowed that rain to turn to snow about 3,000 feet and above. most of the snow further to the south and los angeles have snowfall and so does san diego in the hills of course across 2,000, 3,000 feet elevation there and so they're dealing with what we dealt with yesterday and definitely saw a decent amount of snow that came down across the tahoe area and those ski reports are getting ready for a big, big dumping of fresh powder and before that comes what we'll be dealing with today pretty windy. north winds 23 miles per hour and downtown san francisco 13. pretty breezy at the airports and napa, fairfield, antioch looking at gusty conditions throughout the hills.
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east bay and north bay hills gusts up to 15 miles per hour. they canceled a wind advisory because they were not as high as advisory level. temperatures in the low 40s for most of us. 44 in san jose. 37 in santa rosa and cool out there this morning, which is why there could be a surgeon for some areas below -- concern for some areas below freezing and a lot of mis-ture turns to -- moisture turns to ice this morning. speeds moving on the east shore freeway and ride looking a okay and once you get over to the maze, you'll tap those brakes. we don't see the backup quite yet to the foot of the maze but just a little past there you see all those cars backing up over at the toll plaza there. no meeterring lights, just a -- metering lights, just a busy crowded tuesday morning ride heading into san francisco. give yourself a few extra minutes heading in that direction. find 80 from 205 over to 680 in the yellow 27 minute ride and
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highway 4 looking fantastic and remains in the green in antioch and 101 heading through the north bay moving at the limit. gas prices have dipped slightly but that trend is not likely to continue. kpix 5 sandra live at the airport in san jose with a look at numbers. sandra. >> reporter: hey, there, anne. yeah, we'll take any dip we can get. before you go racing out to the gas pumps out here, keep in mind across the nation, we've seen a dip in prices but californiaens, we're paying some of the highest prices at the gas pump across the country . the national average is $2.52 right now and that's the cheapest seen this february. a declining demand for gas is the reason and demand decreasing since december and still the average is much higher than this time last year. hawaii and california are the two most expensive states to buying gas right now. california's average price at
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the pump is $3.34 per gallon. that is 82-cents higher than the national average. unfortunately for drivers in san francisco, aaa lists the city as the highest gas costs in the united states with an average price of $3.44. oakland paying $3.33 per gallon and san jose, gas prices are an average of $3.32. the cost of crude oil is exmented to go up so -- expected so go up and prices at local gas stations will likely follow as well. back out here live, we're near the airport in san jose at this chevron we found across the street. gas prices at $3.33 per gallon if you pay with cash. if you're wondering where in the united states is the cheapest gas, that's jackson, mississippi, paying more than a dollar less than us. price is $2.23 per gallon. sandra osborn, kpix 5. oakland mayor libby shaft
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feeling the heat for sharing what she heard as a large scale ice raid in the area. she received hundreds of nasty messages on voice mail, social immediate. >> including -- media including death threats. one wasn't a death threat but the caller was not happen. >> the trump administration ought to come down there and put cuffs on every one of you son of a guns that don't follow the law and the creepy mayor of oakland ought to be the first one that gets cuffed for treason and drag her out of the mayorship. >> the mayor said she has no regrets about the warning and plans to continue on with her busy schedule despite the threats. thousands of undocumented immigrants at risk of losing status under daca but yesterday the supreme court rejected the trump administration's request to fast track an appeal.
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they temporarily blocked the decision to end that program. this almost guarantees that daca will remain in place past the march 5 deadline. california has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation but state lawmakers introducing ten new bills. bay area assemblyman bill is one of several lawmakers introducing a new gun control bill in sacramento. these range from expanding the definition of assault rifle to expanding the gun violence restraining order. however gun advocates are frustrated about another possible law taking away their rights. >> i think we are looking to them for inspiration. we believe that they're call to action should just be happening in florida and really be a call to action in washington, but also in every single state capitol across the country. >> i thought the bills that they passed last year were supposed to solve the problem. ultimately one has to ask the question: how much is too much? >> if the bills pass, they'll
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take effect starting january 1, 2019: . the santa clara county board of supervisors expected to discuss gun related death intervention. they plan to call for convening a gun violence house summit in the next two months. the goal is to address gun related issues including mental health diagnoses and background checks and meeting kicks off an 9:30 this morning. hope hicks is expected to appear before the house intelligence committee today as part of the rush cha probe. -- russia probe. they'll field questions blind closed doors about whether -- behind closed doors about whether anyone in the trump campaign had contact with russians. unclear if there'll be limitations on the scope of her testimony. mourners to continue paying respects to the late billy graham. george w. bush and his wife
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laura were among the mourners yesterday. time is 5:07 and once in a lifetime encounter with whales could land tourists in trouble. a superstar cast bringing a children's paper back classic to life. a review of the -- preview of the female driven film. wild weather on monday and get a bit of break and cool and breezy out there and let you know when the next storm is on its way. looks like speeds are moving at the limit along 101 near college avenue but reports of a new injury crash not too far from here, we'll track that and more coming up in the next traffic report.
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alan chow described his ordeal -- on his facebook page... he says his solo backpacking trip nly . an oakland hiker who spend six nights lost in yosemite shared his experience. he said i followed the basic survival skills. tried to keep warm, rationed
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food supplies, set up camp close to the top close to a water source so i'd be visible from the air. once in a lave time encounter with -- lifetime encounter with whales could leave tourists in trouble. they reached out and petted this gray whale. turns out teaching it might be illegal. a federal marine mammal protection act requires people to be 300 feet from whales. this video from the company anchor charter boats of fort bragg shows people inside of that space obviously but the company says they're not at fault. >> you've seen the videos we've posted. it was definitely liking the attention and basically appeared to ask for more. >> maximum punishment could be up to a $10,000 fine or up to one year in jail. marine officials say whale watchers should always keep distance even if the whales get close. closer to home, a bay area
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ferry service exploring ways to expand service while reducing boat traffic along the bay. this week transportation officials are set to vote on a study of a plan to include water, taxi life, ferries into the san francisco bay ferry fleet. the vessels could carry up to 60 passengers during nonpeak time. they carry about 75 commuters every day. every day across the bay and building a new trans-bay this, more boats. lots have to get to one side or the other. >> that's true. >> see if they're doing that this morning or not. >> the ferry is a great way to go and great way to look at the city with a different approach. i love taking the ferry. no delays of the mas transit and bart off to a very nice start. 40 trains in service. take it to our roadways where we're tracking a new action along 101, this is 101 at full
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ton and a little -- fullson and little south of here and quite a bit of debris from that crash left in those lanes. this car hit some of the sign and knocked some post down and quite a bit of debris skaterred in the lane -- scattered in the lanes. heads up for drivers heading in that direction and as you make your way along 101 a little further south, we are tracking one lane that was partially blocked. looks like that has been cleared near san antonio heading across highway 37 and make way from 80 over to 101, headlights moving in westbound direction and we remain in the green for a 22 minnesota ride and connect with 101. east shore freeway getting a little buzzy around -- busy around the berkeley kerve and no reports of accidents and stalls but we've got quite the crowd over at the bay bridge plaza and we're in the yellow, little over ten minutes heading
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into san francisco and once you get into the study, traffic moving nicely along 80 and 101, that's the interchange there when you come off the bay bridge. check in with traffic and netta on the forecast. >> it's -- neda on the forecast. brand new video about 2:00 this morning and storm that came through and brought us wild weather yesterday and brought us this. this is livermore valley and 1500 feet to 2,000 feet elevation. the moisture out there that was lingering turned to snowfall bringing nice dusting of fresh powder for livermore valley. yes, it's happening so we will wake up to a nice view this morning. once that sun comes up and see that coating of snow and it is cold enough. here's the loop of satellite radar moving further south and wanted to leave its mark and sure did that. on hi-def doppler, not showing any moisture left in the bay area, livermore area, all of
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that is drying up. just a few snow flurries east of san jose along the hillsides. should be a really pretty view. same with caramel valley and dusting of snow down there and as low as 1500 feet early this morning because that's how cold it's been. here is a look at some rain totals we got. diablo got almost an inch of rain from that system. walnut creek about three quarters, caster valley more than a half inch and oakland more than a half inch. not bad amount for a day's worth of storm activity and looking at a lot more wet weather that is going to arrive tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the 40s, upper 30s for santa rosa and wind speeds pretty strong. sustained winds, gusts even higher so along the hillsides, gusts possibly up to 50 miles per hour for now we're seeing sustained winds 20-25 miles per hour. high temperatures today will feel slightly warmer than yesterday because we'll have that sun. we'll be in the low 60s for
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oakland 64 degrees and the next system is coming. that's expected to arrive. wednesday afternoon, wednesday night light showers and biggest day of impact on thursday. keep that in mind. drive thursday morning and thursday afternoon it'll be slick out there. we're looking at a soaker widespread rain fall bringing us a half inch of rain through friday and could linger into saturday as well and significant storm coming through and rain snow forcast with you and several feet of snow with higher elevations with the sierra. we could see low snow levels again around 2,000 feet with bay area hills. quite a significant storm and again, it'll last through saturday morning. look at these snow totaling as far as numbers go -- totals as far as numbers go. 33-inches for donor summit over 22 for south lake tahoe.
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little bit calmer conditions on sunday and monday. pretty much next week. that's when high pressure will return. michelle, i have this book that you're about to talk about sitting on michelle f. my shelf, did you read it? a wrinkle in time pre- peered in hollywood based on the children's book and newcomer megan reed and sets out traveling through space and time to save her father. oprah who plays the witch said it wasn't the story that brought her on board the project. >> i wanted to do it for ava and turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. >> the film is directed by ava, a wrinkle in time hits theaters next week. city of philadelphia making bold moves to catch the attention of soon to be free
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agent lebron james. pennsylvania based company taking a cue from this year's oscar nominated film outside of missouri. they paid for the three billboards a few miles from quicken loans arena. take a look where james and the cleveland cavaliers play and one featured number 23 and james' jersey number on the court. that one you saw gets straight to the point saying #philly wants lebron. james may become a free agent after this season. the mullet. remember that? it's having a moment in australia. enthusiasts of the hairdo gather inside australia gathered for a festival to celebrate the mullet lifestyle. there was a lot of dancing and head bobbing. the business in the front and party in the back hair style gained popularity in the 1970s and 80s. the sharks had some beef at the hockey trade deadline and why was john stuart making this fade -- face at the
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warrior's game last night? nothing to do with president trump. having trouble getting over the mullet story. business in the front. all right, what's cool about your school. got any mullets to share? e-mail us your nomination, cool schools and we may come out and feature your school on our thursday morning show. we'll be right back.
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of the day.... the chicago bulls playing the brooklyn nets...
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. steph curry drills one from downtown plus the foul. four of curry's 21 on the play. they outscore new york 39-18 in the third quarter. they win 125-111. to the ice, sharks made a deal at the nhl trade deadline and e vandeberger kaine from the sabers for danny and two draft picks. woods faded and finished 12th while his buddy justin thomas ended up winning the tournament. >> it was funny because every other time that i've had a chance to win or in la, i get a text from him or hear from him, kind of giving me a little advice or wishing me luck. got crickets last night so i --
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>> crickets a good thing. tiger woods lurking again and jack nicolas said he'd contend tiger woods at augusta. see you tonight. to play of the day this tuesday. the chicago bulls playing the brooklyn nets. >> six to shoot, bounces, allen drives in. that's a grown man's move. >> jared allen getting the ball and bouncing it flying high for the huge slam dunk at a slam dunk with authority. there's your dunk and that is our play of the day. gas prices across the country have dipped slightly but californiaens, we're still paying the most at the pump for many places across the country. we're looking at the numbers straight ahead.
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so know ma county was not -- sonoma county was not prepared for the devastating wild fires in the fall. that's the findings from the new state report. i'll have the details from the report coming up.
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what lawmakers plan to do as a growing chorus of americans are demanding chan . the gun control debate raging this morning. what lawmakers are planning to do demanding change for gun laws. the state determined emergency officials in sa know that county not -- sonoma county not prepared for the devastating wild fires. the details behind the critical report. we were looking at the breezy day, cold start to the day as well. all before one of the largest storms of the season expected to arrive. it's getting a little busy at the san mateo bridge but
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nothing at the bay bridge. we'll take a closer look at that backup coming up. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, february 27. i'm michelle. >> and i'm anne. kenny choy is off today. we're between storms here in the bay area. neda, you've been watching snow on either side of us right now. >> yeah, in livermore valley at 2:00, the snow came down. really pretty sight to see. the wind is blowing so it definitely adds to that windchill factor and chilly start to the day and hi-def doppler showing the moisture moving further south and around 2 alexander posey, that was the last of it and dealing with places like monterey in caramel valley area and bit of light, light dusting of snow flurries east of san jose and we are also going to continue seeing that this morning where the sun comes up and there's a likelihood that that coating
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would be there and the rain turning to snow south of caramel valley and coastal mountains a pretty sight to see this morning when the sun comes out. 23 miles per hour north winds, northwest winds in san francisco at 13. the gusts get breezy and antioch at 13, fairfield 22 and pretty windy up there and keep that in mind this morning. we could see blowing debris possibly even downed brawn muchs or power -- branches or power lines and they canceled in and gusts didn't reach high with advisory levels and temperatures for most of news the 40s and could reach below freezing in some spots across low lying valley locations allowing cold air to mix with warmer air and not as cold but it does feel colder because of the windchill. a look at temperatures right now and coming up talk rain
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right now and soaker heading towards us. >> make sure you get your car winter ready for those wet conditions coming up this week. right now we are tracking a big backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. chp has not told us the metering lights are on but by looking at this, you can see those lights are on. that backup is stretching well beyond the west grand overcrossing and tracking a time of 20 minutes. going from the maze from san francisco and see that backup on the left side of your screen. that's come frg 580 on the right and come frg interstate 80. that berkeley curve there and starting to -- coming from the 580 freeway and 15 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. that's about to change. your 580 approach just past highway 24. that is still moving at the
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limit except for those right lanes. you can see those are showing slow downs. that's your check of traffic. over to you, michelle. >> the gun control debate front and center in washington this week. the white house has yet to release specific legislative frame work for any gun based proposals but president trump pledged to eliminate bump fire stocks and calls for strengthening the background check system and the president and others called for arming teachers, not everyone agrees. when one 408dz up a gun in that -- holds up a gun in that situation. they might well be the person shot at by the police and they're the ones leaving the committee and the atrocity. >> the white house house says the president will hold a bipart son meeting tomorrow to -- bipartisan meeting tomorrow to discuss gun control. while in california, the president will inspect prototypes for a potential
5:34 am
border wall. these 30 feet tall barriers here are made from a variety of materials all on display from san diego. he's also going to attend a republican national committee fundraiser in la. one of several he's expected to headline in the coming months. the state has determined emergency managers in sonoma county were not prepared for last years devastating wild fires. jessica flores live with a grabbing break down of a 34 page report. jessica. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michelle. yeah, we're here in coffee park and i spoke to many residents who were watching the fire approach and literally ran outside of their home withs the clothes on their backs and entire homes, all of their belongings gone and they never received a wireless text alert letting them know to evacuate, but they could have. that's the verdict of that new state report. that state report finds that sa know that county was -- sonoma county was not prepared to handle a disaster of this
5:35 am
magnitude and the county wasn't ready to warn those in the fire's path. the fire burned more than 5 though homes and killed -- thousand homes and killed more than 20 people in sonoma county alone. state officials are discussing what could have been done differently. lake county sent out emergency alerts and sonoma county sent alerts to those opts in for the alerts. they were un-aware to sent alerts to residents in the fire zone. at the time, county officials said they didn't want to cause panic through the entire county . the state report finds specifically that procedures for using those alerts and warning capabilities were uncoordinated and included gaps, overlaps, and redundancies with regards to various county departments . the report found the county lacked reliable timely and coordinated situational awareness as to the scale, size, and scope of the fire's growth, character, and movement. now, in an interview with the press democrat, the top
5:36 am
emergency services official in california, mark, says sonoma county just was not aware of the improvements that had been made in that system over the last couple of years. simply they were not aware that they could send out that targeted wireless alert to just the folks in the fire's path. and that's why they didn't. sonoma county officials and state officials will meet today at a meeting at 9:00 a.m. to discuss this new report. reporting live here in santa rosa, jessica flores, kpix 5. to the south bay, power restored to a neighborhood that was a scene of a deadly accident. a man was electrocuted yesterday while trimming trees in the backyard of a home on page mill road. that incident caused several home toes be evacuated and left homes without power for hours. the man's body was still roped into the tree that he was trimming around high power lines and crews had trouble getting to him and the scene is about 20 feet up the tree. >> he may have cut the branch and when the branch fell, it
5:37 am
came in contact with the power lines and knocked it free. either contacted him or contacted the piece of equipment. >> neighbors say that house was recently put up for sale and he'd been working on the house for the past couple of days. cal osha is investigating. authorities investigating the homicide victim that died after someone intentionally caused him to fall. the medical examiner's office reports johnny williams died on february 14 nearly a month after the incident at engel street and wallace avenue. the incident fts responded to as a medical call but after williams died, investigators determined the act was intentional. no details about the suspect have been released. >> uc berkeley slashed its deficit. the cool is on track to reduce a $150 million loss by two- thirds this summer. by 2020 that deficit should be
5:38 am
completely eliminated. the university accomplished more than its initial target in 2016/17 chap chopping the shortage -- chopping the shortage to $27 million. should reach goal of $57 million in july. wall street back on watch and it's national pancake day. diane king-hall has those stories and more. >> newly appointed federal reserve jerome powell testifies before congress. looks at inflation and interest rates. here on wall street, stocks jumped 399 points and nasdaq gains 84. georgia politicians will retaliate against delta airlines after ending its discount program for the national rifle association. republican lawmakers want to kill a pro posed sale -- proposed sale tax rate on jet fuel. delta is one of several companies distancing itself from the nra in the wake of the
5:39 am
florida school shooting. meanwhile fedex will continue the nra discount . it's opposed to the sale of assault rifles but the company has never set or changed rates for any of our millions of customers around the world. in response to their politics, beliefs, or positionings on issues. -- positions on issues. it is national pancake day and i hop celebrating with 13th annual free butter milk short stack give away . the dine in only deal available in select i hop locations till 10:00 p.m. but it hopes diners will make their stack count by donating to the charity partners. that's the money watch report. at the new york stock exchange. i'm diane king hall. >> those look pretty good. warriors waking up in the nation's capitol before and unlike past teams. the warriors snubbed the white house visit after winning the
5:40 am
title last june. the president disinvited them. the team plans to meet with local kids and the warriors in town to play the wizards tomorrow. 20 minutes before 6:00 and sports fans gear up for march madness. >> it's that time already? >> yeah. employers might not be too excited. the tournament is too distracting for workers. major heads up for bay area commuters and type of red lights officials say to ignore during your morning commute. and here you have a bánh mi inspired fried chicken sandwich.
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forecast in just a few minutes. the national average for a gallon of gas has dipped to the lowest price this month...but...calif ornians...we're still paying some of the highest prices in the nation. sandra osborne i . a gallon of gas dipped to
5:43 am
lowest price this month but californiaens are paying some of the highest prices in the nation as usual. sandra live at the chevron near the airport in san jose with a look at numbers and airport gas stations, always the highest as people try to return rental cars, sandra. >> reporter: oh, yeah. absolutely. hearing about those national decreases. hey, we'll take it. what we are seeing right here near the airport, those gas prices listed at $3.33 per gallon if you pay cash. but of course, it's going to be much more expensive in some areas around here as well and the current price we're seeing about 81-cents more expensive than the national average. the national average listed at $2.52 per gallon of regular unled gasoline and that's the cheapest pump price seen this february. a declining demand is the reason after seeing a steady decline since december. but that trend, of course, not likely to continue. the cost of crude oil expected to go up which means we could
5:44 am
feel it in our wallets. aaa plans to have projections out this week. california and hawaii are the two most expensive states to buy gas. drivers in san francisco, aaa lists your city to the most expensive way to pay at the pump in the united states . the price in san francisco will set you back $3.44 per gallon. oakland isn't far behind at $3.33 and oakland at $3.32. not all of california seeing prices that high. my photographer say in sale thats over the weekend, some prices under $3. have to shop around and see where you're going. where we are near the airport in san jose, $3.33 if you pay cash is what we're looking at. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. traffic wasn't bad enough, some bay area drivers could experience extra headaches for the next few weeks and that's because drivers on the richmond
5:45 am
san rafael bridge are being told to ignore the electronic signs. those entering the bridge from the san rafael side will see red xs and green arrows in various configurations but these are just tests. toll authority workers are trying out a new system that would allow an extra right hand lane to be open for often. >> any third lane sounds like a good change to me. going to be adaptable when driving and play it the way i normally do. just drive safe. >> the testing phase will be in effect for the next two to three weeks. i think it'll be hard for people to ignore the signs. >> eyes on the road, not the x. >> look at what your ride looks like in the north bay. along 101 at 580 for folks making way over toward the richmond san rafael bridge.
5:46 am
speeds moving at the limit and other side of the bridge on the richmond side, not too bad and parkway at seven minutes. headed to the east shore freeway, brace yourself and tracking new problems heading through the maze and 580 and reported to be blocking one of the lanes on the car pool or bus ramp. i know what ramp that is because i can take it and you can too after car pool hours and 80 like powell and see that backup developing in the far left lane because that is that car pool lane that bypasses over the maze and toward the toll plaza there and in that direction, 580 approach. speeds
5:47 am
moving at the limit and keep an eye on that and show you how your ride is shaping up. check in with neda and an eye on the forecast. any areas of lingering precipitation and definitely can see them winding down now. calmer as far as storm is concerned and we're seeing strong winds out there and hi- def doppler showing a few flurries east of san jose and mount hamilton with the dusting we got yesterday doesn't seem to have melted away and look to the hills east and should be really nice and south of monterey but lingering snow flurries there and low elevation snow occurred 1500 feet this morning at 2:00 a.m. across livermore valleys and mount de-ab low got about an --
5:48 am
diablo got about an inch of rain and temperatures in the 40s for this hour and 37 for santa rosa. it feels a bit colder for the wind. sunrise 6:43 and sunset at 6:21:00 p.m.. north winds in pleasantton and east bay hills and north bay hills where the gusty conditions will continue throughout the day. fairfield in napa and sustained winds at 22 and been that high for the past couple hours and we'll continue to see strong winds across the north bay especially this north wind direction throughout the day, calm down tonight through tomorrow morning and getting ready for the next storm to arrive by tomorrow afternoon. for now, today temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. upper 50s for san francisco and the next storm will be the biggest one we've experienced this season and see a good
5:49 am
amount of rain coming through with this one. picking up a lot of moisture up in the gulf of alaska and makes its way down toward northern california. expected to arrive tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and through thursday and see the widespread soaking rain and morning commute thursday, evening commute as well will be a wet one. slick conditions. look, this is thursday at 4:00, a lot of know fall from this in the see area are and -- sierra and low elevation hills and rain totals anywhere from a half inch to inch and a half along the coast and two inches of rain and haven't had a system like this strong for a while. so please be prepared. starts wednesday afternoon and was going to linger through saturday and then saturday during the day should be clear. sunday monday, we have high pressure returning and a look at your forecast. >> better luck next year. that's what maverick's organizers are telling some top surfers from around the world. world surf officials say the swells were not big enough to
5:50 am
hold the annual competition in half-moon bay and waiting period expired tomorrow. favorable conditions not lasting to give surfers and judges a trip to the bay area. chicago shooting next year. march mattness on cbs and employers might not be as enthusiastic. a new study released say employees spend almost a half hour on basketball playoffs during the workday. tournaments spread across 15 workdays that's a tournament of 16 hours. game scores and team rankings are the most common occurrence in the workplace. simple sports talk can be time consuming. >> they seem like really small choices right in the moment. it seems like nothing in order to make these choices, but over the span of our lifetimes, they end up making the dirchtion. >> the study -- the difference. >> the study by office team
5:51 am
show employers shouldn't worry too much about march madness being a distraction. a few minutes a day gives employees the opportunity to bond with colleagues. watch it here on kpix5 on march 13. time is 5:51. planning a hawaiien vacation, might want to make travel adjustments. list of changes to upcoming airline flights. >> sharing the road with driverless cars after getting the green light from the dmv. we'll take a look at regulations those cars will have to meet.
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at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products
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available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. you're going to want to check to see if your ticket is still good. some of those flights have been canceled... or deferred... as the airline deals with delivery delays on its new airbus planes. new and additional non- stops from oakland to kona... and san francisco to honolulu... were supposed to start this summer. instead -- they've been canceled for now. and non-stop flights from oakland to kauai have been delayed until july 15th. the airline has apologized for the inconvenience and is working to put . nonstop flights from oakland to kauai have been
5:55 am
delayed till april 15. in april, the state will allow companies to begin testing vehicles without a human inside as a backup but very strict rules. companies will have to inform police about any testing beforehand and monitor vehicles with a continuous communications link. if possible, police officers should be able to disengage the autonomous mode. companies will also have to submit a plan to coordinate with police in case these things crash. san francisco imposed tough re-stribses on delivery robots last -- restrictions on delivery robots and expected to vote on the permit fees. robot companies will have to spend $860-dollars. over 1500 to test two devices and just under 2,000 to test the maximum allowed three devices. the budget and finance committee will vote thursday. sonoma county was not
5:56 am
prepared for those devastating wild fires this past fall. that is the findings of a new state report. i'll have the details coming up. plus, when work on the golden gate suicide barrier is exmented to begin and who you think it'll take to -- expected to begin and how long it'll take to finish this project. small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. at&t doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup.
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sonoma county were not prepared for last year's devastating wine . knew state report reveals emergency managers in sonoma county not repaired for last year's devastating wild fires. the mistakes emergency officials made. >> continue to mourn the loss of so many precious innocent young lives but will turn our grief into action. we have to have action. gun debate and lawmakers from both parties set to meet with president trump and why they should not fear the nra. good morning, it's
6:00 am
tuesday, february 27. i'm michelle. >> and i'm anne. ken any is off this morning. the start autowith traffic and weather. jaquline, tracking cleaner computer than yesterday. look on bright side. >> it's a lot calmer but you have wind when you came in on the bay bridge? >> yeah, it was very windy? >> two hands on the wheel. firm grip. no advisories for drivers making their way. that's good news. be careful. we're tracking some earlier crashes down in the south bay. this is 101 right at highway 25 and they just cleared. you can see the travel time already in the red. do keep that in mind if heading through morgan hill. ride continues to be a bit sluggish making way along 101 between 680 and 880.


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