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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 1, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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intelligence committee. this congressman tells us that she says and the president were unusually close because of all the time they spent together. >> she described it as nothing typical, this was not a typical employer employee relationship. i asked her if she saw herself as loyal to him. she asked what do you mean by loyalty? i asked her to define it. she says she defined loyalty as commitment. i asked her if she thought she was committed, she said fully. >> he asked what he says is a standard question. >> i thought the natural next question would be to ask if she had been asked by mister trump to lie for her. to me it seems like a straightforward question. from there, she conferred with lawyers of hers and took a long time out to step outside of the room and returned to say that she never been asked to lie for him with respect to the russia
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investigation. i asked her if she was asked to life or anything else and refused to answer. >> reporter: he asked for a subpoena to answer -- to have her answer the question. >> we saw timeouts and conferring with her lawyer and she said finally, she had never knowingly lied for the president but that sometimes, white lies were told. i went on to ask if other individuals on the campaign within the family had asked her to lie including donald trump junior, the president's daughter, steve baron, paul manafort, jared kushner, michael cohen, and others. she refused to answer from there. >> today tom rooney who also sits on the house intelligence committee blasted's wall well saying the questioning was a trap.
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rooney was not in the room for part of the questioning and he says he asked a similar questions to others close to the president. >> this is a committee mary -- a committee hearing. i think really at the heart of what most voters want is the truth of what happened. >> he says while this was sort of a closed door meeting that this has been made an issue by republicans who are trying to protect the white house by attacking the person asking the questions. he's talking about the small part of this hearing to clarify for everyone that it's been made an issue.>> white lies.>> yes. tonight we learned that ice agents made a total of 232 arrests around northern california in a four day operation that started on sunday and ended yesterday. this comes as the fed look into
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the weekend warning that oakland mayor libby schaaf sent ahead of these raids. elizabeth cook is live in the newsroom with strong words from the white house. >> the department of justice is looking into whether the mayor broke the law, they claim that the tip-off helped hundreds of targets avoid capture. the mayor has repeatedly defended her decision calling it her duty and moral obligation. the white house disagrees. >> i think it's outrageous, a mayor would circumvent federal authority and certainly, put them in danger by making this move. it's currently under review. >> what exactly the review entails, the justice reporter paula reed says the ripple effect could go far beyond oakland. >> we know the attorney general jeff sessions has been very aggressive about going after sanctuary cities through the courts and potentially charging the mayor, another possible way
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he could again, pursue sanctuary cities and try to get them to change their policies.>> so far no comment from the mayor today other than a brief statement. libby schaaf previously said she doesn't believe that her warning amounts to an obstruction of justice. veronica? >> we want to clarify a story from last night reported that san jose mayor -- the san jose are mayor said he chose to keep quiet about them. a spokesperson said the mayor didn't know in advance that the raids were actually happening. >> and of course, another big story tonight, a major winter storm crossing california as we speak. bringing heavy snow and strong wind to the sierra and steady rain for most of the day to the bay area. this was the downpour. it sent a pine tree toppling onto power lines in oakland
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breaking a pair of poles, cutting power for a dozen customers no major outages to report at this hour. there was plenty of work for windchill wipers. the streets got soaked. was anyone unlucky enough to be caught outside without an umbrella? on the storm watch we have coverage tonight live in the north bay and in the santa cruz mountains. let's track this storm first. >> we've gone from widespread downpour mode to scatter downpour mode with the majority of the bay area not getting rain but where it is raining, that's near sonoma county, lake county currently pouring another round of steady rainfall coming toward santa rosa. raining heavily. north to middletown in clearlake, the pink you see embedded in the showers is the high elevation snow happening. speaking of high elevation snow it's been a winter day with snow levels 3000 feet and falling. lot of snow falling throughout
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the day. a blizzard warning throughout the night tonight because of strong wind. it continues even when the wind dies down with the winter storm warning until 10:00 on saturday. additional snowfall totals of 2- 3 feet. we had three inches of rainfall, two inches in orinda, nearly 1 inch for concord and san francisco. downpours continued tonight and into tomorrow. heavier showers could contain small hail. we will talk about when the rain moves out here in the next room arriving and another few minutes. the driving is treacherous in the sierra, tractor-trailers have been banned. the u.s. forest service has issued the avalanche watch. the latest on conditions in the santa cruz mountains.>> for a brief time afternoon, things dried out a little bit. the roads are slick here on highway 17. earlier today they were getting pounded by rain leading to many
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accidents and it looks a little like a demolition derby. >> emergency crews answer the calls and there are plenty of them. like the single bmw will rollover on the curbing and rainsoaked rains. the driver walked away from it. another crashed just bad luck, a tree branch breaking off into the path of this car. the driver also lucky and shrugged it off. a car with several passengers on board colliding with the pickup. the passengers appeared to be all right. all the racks closed lanes and backed up traffic. it was treacherous driving even on small highways were sporadic but drunk -- strong downpours caused flooding. this section of highway nine was nearly wiped out by a landslide last winter. to date single lane was partially covered in water. santa cruz county road crews monitoring streams and clearing blockages with bridges and
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culverts. >> we are keeping the water flowing. >> rain was mixed with fog and gusty winds strong enough to uproot trees. on ground hill road, a large tree to down power lines and closed the roads for hours. power was cut to dozens of homes. >> when the soil gets wet around here, the big trees topple. more trees are falling. we are getting word of more trees falling on highway nine. near the town of fountain, bringing down power lines in the area. they say about 5000 customers have had their power affected by the falling trees and downlines since the storm began yesterday. >> quite a mess. we appreciate that think you. the north bay was the first area to face the brunt of these storms. emily turner is live in mill valley. emily?>> reporter: we are getting blown around out here because it's awfully gusty.
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we are freezing because it's chilly. if you look over my shoulder it looks as if we could be getting wet again soon. as far as the was of ours are concerned this is good news -- as far as the reservoirs are concerned this is good news. >> reporter: i'm sorry about that the basically the gist of it is, stafford lake is the only reservoir in the water district at the moment at 40%. a lot of last night and this morning's rain did not make it into stafford lake because the ground is dry because of february, they had to replenish and resaturate the ground before ultimately the water could make it into stafford lake. of course they are hopeful that the remaining lien behind --
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the remaining rain we saw behind this storm will be able to help replenish it. reporting live in mill valley, kpix5. a winter blast in the sierra, white out conditions on the roads, schools and even ski resorts forced to shut down. facebook's expansion plan is huge. so big that they are work -- that the workforce could equal menlo park's population. how the locals are feeling about it.
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of facebook employees in menlo park over the next several years. facebook looking to expand in a major way the plan could
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double the number of facebook employees in menlo park over the next several years. they want to create a new village on a big slice of land east of willow road. >> reporter: it may not look like much now, a bland industrial park full of warehouses but when facebook is done with it the new willow village will be nothing if not huge. one .7 million square feet of office space, 1500 housing units, a 200 room hotel and visitor center sitting on a 59 acre plot along the bay. sure, it's no apple spaceship but it will be open to the public. we were joined from washington dc from the mayor. >> there is no quick and easy answer. >> reporter: the current footprint seen here in yellow will be nearly doubled whenever willow village is done. to help with commuter traffic, they paid for the initial design of a new railway bridge
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that would replace the old rotting and rusty one that runs parallel to the dunbarton bridge. they will need it. in 10 years the number of employees here is expected to balloon from 15,000 to about 35,000. yes, that's just about the population of menlo park itself.>> it's unusual, it's a lot of growth. we are working hard and will continue to work hard to address the impact. >> reporter: here in dark green eight acres of open space available to the public complete with public streets to drive through. plenty of trees, retail shops, 225 affordable housing units. baldwin alexander teaches in the neighborhood next door and says some teachers have to leave -- to live in manteca and commute to and a half hours for work. belhaven residents will get priority for affordable housing.>> it's a really small percentage of affordable housing. we could use more.
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anything is better than nothing. >> we are early in the planning process if you want to come see the plans for yourself, or talk to a facebook representative in person, you could do so in a series of public meetings. the next one is saturday at the senior center in menlo park. several other groups accusing state officials of holding illegal secret meetings about the delta tunnel project.>> we are north of the delta. now sacramento county the city of stockton and several water agencies filed a lawsuit to stop the approval process. the suit claims that the board illegally held private meetings with the feds. another state agency as far back as 2015, the groups will ask a judge to put a temporary stop to the total project approval gering's, the state is not commenting.>> we have
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learned that some of the money will be coming back from the federal government. lawmakers were told today that washington will reimburse all but about $370 million thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed in the wildfires last october. the state should have plenty of money to fill the gap. city and county crews watching those burn zones closely in the coming days, the fires stripped trees and vegetations from hillsides raising the risk of more mudslides. workers have been busy putting gravel bags and straw waddles around the 1400 storm drains and -- in the coffee park and fountain grove neighborhoods. >> these are protective measures to prevent the ash, sediment, the residual effects of the wildfire. creating issues. >> so far this winter it's been working, no major mudslides to report in the burn zone. the biggest story of the storm could be snow and blizzard conditions in the
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sierra.>> reporter: take a look it's coming down here at the 6:00 hour. it's been like this. this is the kind of the storm the people that live in the high country have been waiting for all winter long. >> travel trouble for hours, the snowstorm put interstate 80 off-limits. no cars, trucks, only snow as far as you could see. that was not far at all. i'm standing on the interstate 80 at the donner summit these are the conditions. you can barely make out the guard rails to the westbound lanes here, they say it's simply too difficult to see, they've closed the highway down. manual, he is stuck with his fuel tanker waiting to return to sacramento. >> normally they will try to --
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try to schedule us between storms so we could get back. they don't want to incur the cost of these things. >> reporter: before the road closure the single cars been out on i-80 required a medical response, paramedics taking their patient to the hospital. snowplows are out in full force clearing roads, locals who use i-80 as the main corridor have been using side streets to get around. schools in truckee are closed with playgrounds covered in fresh snow. at oriole mountain resort the conditions were so extreme that they closed three lifts and shut down operations altogether. this man was one of the last to leave. >> i can't see anything, it's very cold. no one is out there. i'm ready to go back to sacramento. >> the still -- the snowstorm snarling travel. the winter blast is delivering as promised.
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>> reporter: late this evening caltrans reopened interstate 80 in both directions. visibility if it becomes a problem again, it could be closed down all over again. in truckee, kpix5. this weekend everyone has been waiting for it. they are going up there spending $700 to get their money's worth for their weekend pass. it's still snowing and will snow until saturday night. look at the radar, there it is from kirkwood north to donner summit. i-80 highway 50, every road in between is snowy. if anything tomorrow it will likely be snow here with levels dropping as low as 1500 feet. much of the area right now between rain storms we have scattered downpours in the north bay becoming more organized, we see a line developed from dillon beach northeast to santa rosa and rohnert park and windsor north of saint galena. clear skies over san jose, plenty of rain today 2 1/2 inch rainfall.
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concord and redwood city at 60. napa at 58 degrees. wendy in the higher elevations. low end of -- low elevation advisories cancel this afternoon. high elevation advisories with gusts the 45 miles per hour which lasted until 10:00 tonight win the wind subsides but it will be breezy and chilly. the front is gone. as has been the case, just because the front is gone does not mean the rain chances are not. the low pressure area will hangout for the northwest for the next 48 hours keeping the unstable air moving in. you will get sunshine tomorrow. in between his brakes you will get scattered and heavy downpours. it will be called unsettled throughout the day. showers likely to continue overnight tonight at times a chilly night. stays unsettled both tomorrow and saturday. sunshine and pouring rainfall and then sunshine and pouring rainfall where you could see small hail as well. ice not that warm, 53. dry weather.
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two more unsettled days with highs in the 40s and 50s. dry on sunday and monday when the next storm to arrive as soon as tuesday evening. we will stay unsettled for the next 48 hours even though the front has gone. >> back to you. still ahead, taking aim at the dark side, of show business. we show you a golden display of harvey weinstein that came up today on the hollywood streetcorner. the warriors took the high road after not visiting the white house this week... but steve kerr
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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you'd never find this at a fast food restaurant - it's a good inspired friething.ken sandwich. is that right, martha? why don't you try my asian fried chicken sandwich? it's made with crispy fried chicken strips, crunchy asian slaw and a gochujang mayo - all on a toasted baguette. security! get him! you afraid of a little competition? you want to go to war with me, jack? do you really? oh my gosh! what! i can't smell! i can't smell! ♪ introducing my food truck inspired sandwiches. only at jack in the box. couldn't leave d-c without taking one jab on the way out... here's his response when asked about president trump's recent180 calling for stricter gun laws... kerr's alma mater is surrounded by controversy... the warriors took the high road after not visiting the white house this week but steve curry couldn't leave dc without taking one jab on the way out, here's his response when asked about the president's recent 180 calling for stricter gun
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laws.>> it reminded me of anchorman when he ends up on the wrong side of the fight and he was like yeah, there like know your on the side.[ laughter ]>> it was worth it. >> he's taking some heat. his alma mater is surrounded by controversy by the way, head coach john miller will return to the sidelines against stanford. denied the espn report that he worked with an agent to pay one of his players $100,000. >> i've never paid a recruiter prospect or their family or representative to come to arizona. i never have and never will. i am outraged by the media statements that have been made in the acceptance by many that the statements were true.>> that's an all out denial. the pack 12 tournament in seattle celt taking on last- place washington. kayla rock drills against the six-point lead.
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winning one for the conference game, the bears responded with a 14-0 run. going down the alley to asia thomas. the bears hold off washington 71-68 and will play ucla in the second round tomorrow. the giants and angels, chris gatton with a strong opening argument in his pick to secure a spot in the rotation. he struck out three over three scoreless innings. evan longoria continue to get a look in the orange black the inning -- in the orange back in the fifth inning. the weather may be cold and raining in the bay area but there's always fishing season somewhere.>> good night that's a huge fish. the catch of the rainy day, darren ward from concord pulling in a 58 inch 100 pound sturgeon from sassoon bay which
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is where the sacramento and san joaquin rivers gather. you think you could do better? send us in your fishing pictures to the catch of the day at kpix5 .com. i caught a similar surgeon -- caught a similar surge in. the line got wrapped around the dock and i didn't get it. he broke it.>> i'll be here all week. coming up in the next half hour, dangerous and not just for those people living there but for firefighters as well. >> the project in richmond raising serious concerns. the president's family, stanford law professor, receiving white powder in the mail. that suspect is now under arrest. the dow takes a big tumble. the president's announcement that caught investors off guard.
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>> you are watching kpix5 news. get used to this phrase for the next couple of days,
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scattered downpours when it rains it will rain heavily but when it's not going to rain all the time, the one downpour we are seeing right now encompasses a chunk of the northbay. from santa rosa north and east to saint galena and calistoga, a steady rainfall working its way toward the east which means on bill and napa will see rain from now and 7:00. the forecast over the next week coming up in 10 minutes. firefighters warning the county run housing project in richmond could be a deathtrap not just for the people who live there. da lin shows us why first responders are even weary of going in. >> reporter: this is the latest fire to hit a public housing complex in north richmond. investigators believe that squatters started many fires here in recent months.>> there was a microwave, signs someone had picked -- taken ownership. >> it happened yesterday morning, firefighters thought the fire -- thought the fire from outside because they had a hard time getting in. the metal panels meant to keep squatters out also kept firefighters out.
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>> with the panels on these buildings, it's difficult to start the process of ventilating the fire probably -- properly and prevents firefighters from having a rapid escape option.>> reporter: captain jordan lane says with multiple fires and metal panels it is dangerous for his firefighters and the people who live there. the housing authority owns and runs the large complex of 214 units. because they don't have the money to maintain these buildings they shut it down and started moving families out more than a year ago. roughly 40 families remain.>> they poured lighter fluid on the ground there and burnt everything inside of it. it's upsetting, you know? i mean, no one was harmed. >> despite the heavy duty metal, squatters managed to pry open the panels to live in the vacant units. >> were homeless you know, nowhere to go. no income. >> reporter: the us out:the housing authority works with
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sheriff's deputies and social workers to get them out. but they keep coming back. >> we need to sell the property or help someone develop the property.>> it sounds like this is the best solution at this point to try to move. >> that's the solution. >> reporter: the housing a poured -- the thousand -- the housing authority talking about selling the complex. in north richmond, i am da lin for kpix5. a man convicted in one of the worst mass killings in san francisco history sentenced to life without parole. he killed five people in 2012. the victims had been strangled and beaten to death with a hammer. prosecutors say that the motive was money and he was deeply in debt from gambling. two people killed overnight in a crash on sonoma boulevard. police say alcohol is the likely part. two women died and
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two were seriously injured. they slammed into a light pole before 2:00 in the morning. fire crews work to stop the fire from spreading at an apartment complex. for units on woodcreek terrace are destroyed. the flames burned right through the roof, everyone luckily, was out in time. one petaluma man facing charges after allegedly stealing tires valued at around $6000. it was the victim who contacted police after seeing his stolen tires for sale on craigslist. a massachusetts man accused of mailing a suspicious powder to five people including a stanford law professor. other recipients included donald trump junior and his family. michigan senator debbie stabber now. and model turned politician antonio sabato junior. devon feel he reports it was something else in one of those envelopes that led to his arrest.
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mac the fbi says these letters containing white powder was sent to victims coast to coast but originated at this place. allegedly sent by this man. >> something like this is obviously frightening. >> reporter: one of the letters arrived at stanford university on february 14. forcing the evacuation of several classrooms at the university's law school. >> the victim of a crime like the other individuals. i am relieved there's been an arrest. at this point, it's important that this criminal process go forward. >> reporter: the letter was addressed to this professor. away powder was inside determined to be harmless later. professor dauber is leading a recall effort to remove judge erin persky from the bench for
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his sentence of the turner case. she was not the only target. federal investigators say that the suspect had letters with white -- sent letters with white powder to other victims.>> build -- the arrest send a strong message for those who seek to terrorize the american public. whether real or a hoax, do not do it. >> reporter: the professor says even before the arrest she was not going to back down in the face of threats.>> the campaign is not going to be intimidated. we will continue to go forward and stand with survivors of sexual assault. >> reporter: the professor actually received two letters the first was something known as a glitter bomb. essentially an envelope that when you open it up, glitter explodes from it. the first letter was sent from a private company. that was enough for investigators to follow the trail back to the suspect. devon feeley, kpix5. stockmarkets took a dive as the president announced new trade tariffs. mary lee has the plan and why investors are not happy. mary?
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>> at one point during the day the dow was down 586 points as the markets reacted to this news. by the closing bell the dow was down 420 points, nasdaq up 92 points, the s and p closing at 36 points lower. the numbers turned sharply lower today after the president says he will sign a measure slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum imports which sparked fears of a potential trade war. the 25% tariff on imported steel and 10% on aluminum will not have too much of an impact by itself because they only account for 2% of imported goods but investors are worried that u.s. trade partners like china could retaliate by posing tariffs on american goods. the president says he's stopping what he calls decades of unfair trade policy.>> we will build the steel industry back and build our aluminum
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industry back. >> opponents a more expensive steel would hurt other u.s. industries like automakers and machinery factors. the losses on wall street pushed the dow into negative territory for the year. vladimir putin has released a new video showing florida being targeted by nuclear warheads that he claims have unlimited range. look at this, he says that this new missile is invincible and could make the u.s. missile defense systems useless. he showed off his animation today during his annual address to parliament at the end of the video you could see what appears to be nuclear warheads raining down above an outlier of the state of florida. russia has been developing disabling weapon systems for over a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations. >> many experts believe that putin use the video as a way to get the president riled up. leon panetta told reporters today that there is no such thing as a fully invincible weapon. millions more of americans
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victims in the aqua fax hack, what data was compromised. the tool helping police crackdown on people who don't pay on bart.
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people than first thought in last y aqua fax says that cyber criminals access per -- aqua fax says that cyber criminals access to more information. they discovered another 2.4 million americans who had their information exposed. they say they will notify the newly discovered victims, the company will offer them free identity theft protection and credit monitoring. last year hackers exposed information over 145 million people. tesla will have to pay up
6:41 pm
and help out the community for air-quality violations in fremont. according to the settlement the company's manufacturing plant was committing too much pollution between 2013-2016 due to faulty equipment. tesla will have to paid nearly $140,000 and install a rooftop solar system on a local boys and girls club building. starting next week bart gets serious about their crackdown on fair of asians, agents have been checking tickets, clipper cards, inside of the pay gate since january but up until now, violators were given a warning and on monday they will start handing out those hefty citations. >> these are civil citations, much like a parking ticket, we will be processing them and people will either pay the fine or they also have an option that anyone could perform community the committee service. >> some question whether this is going to work. there are just six inspectors for all 46 bart stations. they say fair innovators are costing the system 15-$20
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million per year. startling numbers compiled in the number of pedestrian accidents and one bay area city. the mountain voice view studied and accident report to find that 39 pedestrians in mountain view were struck last year. a 40% increase from the year before and the sharpest rise in 10 years. slick roads, rain, and a sinkhole, the mess comp looking traffic in the east bay.>> if the radar is true then we have ourselves some thunder snow in the sierra foothills east of doraville over the past two hours. coming up, how much snow will we see in the mountains in total? how much more rainfall will we see because the moon is out over the bay. we will talk about where the rain is and where it returns next.
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because of the possibility of powerful mudslies. 21-people were killed last month... after mud and water swept through neighborhoods in montecito. emergency officials say they're taking no chances this time around. the national weather service is calling for up to a half inch of rain per hour...
6:46 pm
starting late tonight east bay crews will be working into the evening repairing a sinkhole... ing on people living in burn areas in santa barbara county are being forced from their homes tonight because of the possibility of a powerful mudslide. 21 people were killed last month after mud and water swept are neighborhoods in montecito. emergency officials say they are taking no chances this time around. the national weather service is calling for up to a half inch of rain per hour there. starting late tonight. east a cruise working into the evening repairing a sinkhole. it opened up this morning near glorietta boulevard. east bay mud blames the water main break, that is the road gave way and punctured a gas line. the bad weather was not helping work crews trying to get patched up. >> the repair of this nature when there's multiple utility lines the ground complications happen but when it's raining like this, it certainly makes the job that these work crews have much more difficult. our number one priority is safety. only a handful of customers have lost water service. there was this trouble in south san francisco this morning. the fire hydrant was sheared off flooding the roadway. it took about 30 minutes to shut down the water and reopen
6:47 pm
that road. one san francisco neighborhood that feels the brunt of the big storms every time is looking for relief still. jackie ward shows us the soggy results. >> a lot of business owners in the upper mission by 17th and fulsome are not fans of the rainstorms. it typically means flooding will happen. that's why the san francisco public utilities commission is working on a $250 million project to prevent it. this is one of the lowest lying areas of the city which means that as soon as the drainage system fills, the street begin to be covered in puddles. one business owner told me off camera it's been an ongoing issue for years and says the city is working on a long-term fix but is frustrated because it is years from being finished. it is still in the planning and design phase.>> an option being considered is installing a large tunnel to take the flow from the neighborhood.>> reporter: a spokesperson told me that a lot of work goes into preparation for such a complex project. it takes time to sort out.
6:48 pm
there are year-round solutions happening like making sure the city's 25,000 storm drains and catch basins remain clear. the public utilities commission wants to remind property owners in the city that they could be eligible for up to $100,000 worth of flood improvement projects. in san francisco, jackie ward kpix5. >> we've been tracking the rain all day. widespread rain to the morning hours with scattered downpour mode. which is a healthy downpour right now. in north bay the bull's-eye raining in glen ellen northwest of santa rosa northeast of st. helena, all the way toward anglin and calistoga looking like line of showers trying to form as we are seeing moderate rainfall moving into marin county and likely slicing through san francisco before 8:00 tonight. which could be the way of the rainfall that we get this evening. it hasn't let up in the sierra looking at lots of snow over the past four hours which
6:49 pm
continues overnight tonight if anything it will get more active in the foothills. some heavy rain for you. the computer model spitting out some crazy numbers talking snowfall totals in excess of 40 inches between now and this time saturday near bear valley south lake tahoe another two feet, three feet of snow at donner summit. we need the snow on the mountains. thankfully and finally we are getting it santa rosa down to 47. wendy everywhere wendy evening even if you don't get the rain blustery outside. livermore 52. concord 54 in there i say, not a good hair night. tomorrow will be breezy as well. additional snowfall 2-3 feet in the mountains the highest peaks make it up to six additional feet. even the foothills, the biggest storm in the pacific week, the sierra foothills the past several years, up to two feet of snow there we are talking about precipitation even though the actual front is coming toward southern california where they have flooding concerns in around montecito. the area of low pressure is big and strong which destabilizes the atmosphere we don't have the boundary moving through
6:50 pm
where the rain gets in all at once. plenty of showers with plenty of downforce. here's the line looking through the south bay by 9:00 tonight scattered showers but they will be happy tomorrow morning which continues into the afternoon saturday we are not done yet with a lot of great behind me. all the way until saturday evening where the low comes out taking rain chances with it future cast says on average half-inch or more. additional rainfall, this is additional rainfall from the scattered downpours. the mixture of clear skies and those downpours over the next few days you will need sunglasses. we will get high elevation snow as well through mount diablo. way above average tomorrow like 12 degrees cooler than average 54 in santa clara, 52 in danville, 50 in vallejo 50 in daly city, 50 in sonoma, and only 43 for the high in lakeport tomorrow. it will be brisk shower chances gone after saturday we are i
6:51 pm
sunday and monday and most of tuesday the next chance of rain is next wednesday dry at times but also pouring times for the next few days. back to you. coming up, a golden robe swaddled harvey weinstein shows up on hollywood streetcorner will sort of, a sculpture installation taking aim at the dark side of show business. her slain aide... during the 20-11 rampage. we'll continue to discuss the gun control debate. weigh in on my twitter page...and join us tonight on nightbeat 10 o- clock over on our sister station kbcw 44-cable 12. it's awards season in hollywood -- typically a time when harvey weinstein is a
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larger than life presence... today, someone put up a it's award season in hollywood, typically a time when people like harvey weinstein, larger-than-life, today someone put up a gold statue of him near the spot where they will be handing out oscars this sunday. amy johnson has this story. >> it's in your face, it's not like an abstract hidden message. >> you could see just about anything in hollywood today was no exception.>> i like that
6:55 pm
it's here of all places. >> reporter: the gold harvey weinstein statue on a gold casting couch caught the attention of many as it sat at the corner of hollywood boulevard and la brea avenue with freddy krueger stopping in his tracks. >> it was pretty obvious that was the subject of this year story. >> reporter: the artist known as plastic teachers has created -- plastic jesus wanted his identity to be concealed. >> so many people came to hollywood with a dream and ambition, harvey had this stasis with in hollywood that was untouchable. to get next to him would have been a dream for many and for some it turned quickly into a nightmare with abuse, rape. >> who wants to have his arm around them? i'm not here for that. >> reporter: she admits that
6:56 pm
the art got her emotional.>> you are faced with, do i go with the flow you know? because i missed the opportunity if i don't. >> reporter: the piece which is part art/political statement was here only temporarily.>> it's a legal, i paint things and install things on streets illegally. >> reporter: the artist hopes to have it on display sometime this weekend. in hollywood, amy johnson, kpix5. >> only in hollywood would you see that. we always have the latest online. >> don't forget to join us tonight at 10:00. also join us back here tonight at 11:00. have a good one.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: how you doin'? how's everybody? thank y'all very much. i appreciate y'all. how are you folks? thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and, like always, it's gonna be a good one today. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 22,275 bucks, from tallahassee, florida, it's the champs. it's the johnson family! [cheering and applause] and from detroit, michigan,
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it's the bulbuk family. [cheering and applause] man: let's go, man! let's go! steve: everybody's here trying to win theyself a lotta cash, and if the johnson family wins today's game, people, they drivin' outta here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] well, let's go meet 'em. it's the champs. it's the johnson family. [cheering and applause] this it. chelsea: this it. steve: this is the biggest day on "family feud." there is no bigger day. this is car day. we get a chance to possibly give a family a new car and some more money. woman: yeah. steve: that's the biggest day on "family feud." [cheering and applause] good luck to you. chelsea: thank you. steve: win yourself a car, and you could possibly throw another 20,000. you could walk out of here with a new car and $41,000 in the bank.


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