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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  March 16, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> the road underneath opened during the stress test. >> the search for victims and answers in the bridge collapse. >> glor: also tonight, newly released video of the pulse nightclub massacre as it happened. >> we don't have any personnel changes at this time. >> glor: but time may be running out for key senior white house officials. that mysterious death of a putin critic now officially a murder case. a man deported five times before being acquitted in a high profile killing is now suing the federal government. southwest -- a dad, a grandma and a toddler and a video goes viral. >> a lift runs wild, hurling skiers through the air. and. >> i was raised to treat others
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the way you want to be treated. >> glor: steve heart than with a past, pass right out of the golden rule playbook. >> this is this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening, we will begin in south florida where crews have been working nonstop to reach and recover victims of the bridge collapse in florida international university. the death toll is at least six, including 18-year-old alexa duran, a political science major at the school's who dreamed of being a lawyer. her car was crushed by the footbridge. manuel bojorquez is in miami again tonight, manny. >> 0 jeff, today crews carried out the painstaking work of breaking apart massive slabs of concrete while at the same time trying to delicately removie the bodies of those who died. this surveillance sure surveillance shows the moment the 950 tons of concrete and steel collapsed. >> the bridge fell!
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>> crushing at least eight vehicles and shearing others in half. people jumped out of cars and ran out of offices to help, including dr. rebecca martinez who spoke with correspondent david begnaud about one rescue. >> the man that was bleeding from the face kept holding her hand and saying please don't leave me, please don't leave me. >> what will you never forget? >> how desperate that man was. >> today, miami-dade police director juan perez said crews could find more bodies in the rubble. >> we just want to find out what occurred, what caused this collapse, to occur and people to die. >> reporter: this afternoon, crews started the risky jobs of demolition as investigators began their work which includes looking into reports of strs tests was being done when the walkway collapsed state representative carlos. >> carlos curbelo, this is the case, why was the road underneath open during the stress test? >> reporter: in a tweet
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florida senator marco rubio offered this scenario, the cable that suspends the miami bridge loosened and the engineering firm ordered they be tight tend. they were being tightened when it collapsed. plans for the bridge included a tower and cables attached to the walkway, but a week ago the university and its builders celebrated the installation of the pedestrian span and the accelerated bridge construction method. partly developed at the school it involves building bridge components off site to minimize traffic interruptions and risk. carol and hora o'hea fraga were searching for their family member rolando fraga. >> the waiting is so -- .. nothing you can imagine. >> somebody got to be responsible for that. somebody has got to pay for it. >> glor:. >> glor: and so many, any indication the investigation may lead to criminal charges? >> jeff, it is still clearly very early on, in fact, investigators have to wait for rubble back there to stabilize before they can get a closer look, but they have made it
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clear that this is a wide-ranging investigation, any possible negligence or wrongdoing could be met with charges. >> glor: manuel bojorquez, manny, thank you, we did check today with experts on accelerated bridge construction. they told us it is considered very save a, the method has been used on thousands of bridges throughout the country and we have found no prior incidents of this magnitude. investigators are now looking at the design of the bridge at florida international. for salman, the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter is currently on trial on federal terrorism charges for her alleged role in the massacre. 149 people were killed when he opened fire in june of 2016, prosecutors showed surveillance video of the shooting as they laid out a time line, today as they try to prove their case that video was made public. we caution you, it is graphic. here is michelle miller. >> government attorneys said they showed this video to jurors
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because they believe it is the clearest evidence they have pointing to for salman as providing material support of adrian beltre her husband, aiding and abet ago the terrorist attack, the edited courtroom shows omar mateen buying a ticket before walking into pulse, as club goers are enjoying last call. it is just before 2:00 a.m. mateen then leaves the building but returns less than ten minutes later and almost immediately opens fire into the main part of the club with his semiautomatic rival rife. after appearing to fire off several shots he walks toward the back of the club firing again obama methodically picking uoff patrons and appears to shot some victims once they are already down. >> at one point mateen drops a used clip and reloads, stalking back and forth between rooms, he continues to fire away and then heads toward the restroom. >> where people can be seen on
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cellphone video huddled in fear. >> at 2:07 roughly six minutes after he started shooting, police enter the building with guns drawn as they search inside for mateen, they are seeing, seen stepping over victims -- >> yes, get outside, get outside. >> and evacuating as many who are still alive as possible. >> if you move you need to leave. >> by 2:37 survivors can be seen climbing out of the building as law enforcement continues to enter the club. >> this shows the police engaging mateen but it does not show his final moments. he was found dead more than three hours after the gunfire began. jeff, the attorney for mateen's widow in her defense, mateen decided to go to the club as a last-minute, and therefore she had no idea of her husband's -- her husband's intentions on committing that crime. >> glor: thank you.
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the white house today worked to attach down speculation about another staff shakeup, but cbs news has learned more high level changes could be coming soon. jericka duncan is at the white house. >> no immediate personnel changes at this time. >> today, press secretary stair sanders tried to knockdown rumors that national security advisor h.r. mcmaster could be the next to go. >> actually spoke to a number of staff this morning, reassuring them. >> the sources tell cbs news mcmaster is likely to lose his job. the three star general joined the administration just over a year ago, but has differed with the president on key foreign policy issues. earlier today, a reporter caught up with mcmaster outside of the white house. >> everybody is in the white house -- >> are you leaving sooner or later? >> i am doing my job. >> cbs news also learned chief of staff john kelly could resign in the coming days, and housing and urban development secretary ben carson, along with veterans
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affairs secretary david shulkin are also on thin ice. >> look at the people in these top positions that continue to change, just wanting to know if the president gave assurances to carson, to shulkin as well as mcmaster that their jobs are in fact, safe. >> look, w we aren't making, we don't have any personnel changes at this time. >> reporter: more than a year in office, more than 20 top aides have either resigned, been fires or reas typed, within the last month, communications director hope picks resigned, economic advisor gary cohn left and secretary of state rex tillerson was fired. >> the constant change can be disruptive to governing said the director of the office of management and budget under george w. bush. >> it can types take away from the momentum of the agenda, there is no question about that. it can sometimes change the direction of the agenda. >> glor: what did the white house have to say about the turnover? >> officials at the white house
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say the president can simply make the changes he wants. however, they did make a point to direct attention to the senate's delay to confirm 79 of the president's nominations so far. at this rate, jeff, white house officials say that process will take 11 and a half years. >> glor: jericka duncan, thank you. >> the pentagon today confirmed there were no survivors in the crash of a u.s. army helicopter in iraq. seven service members were killed yesterday in the noncombat operation, including two members of the new york city fire department, they were serving in iraq as members of the new york international guard, another victim was a pair of yes, sir -- men from tallahassee, florida, police in london said today it was murder, the body of a russian exile and opponent of vladimir putin was, after an ex-russian spy was poisoned in britain, charlie d'agata reports this seems to happen a lot to russians in the uk. >> reporter: all three men in this photograph are now dead. police today said the death of
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nikolai gluskov was murder. >> he was strangled. >> oligarch boris berezovsky was the russian president's arch enemy, in 2013, he was found hanged at home, the corner called it an open verdict. the man on the right is dead too, georgian businessman badri patarkatsishvili, who collapsed, a sudden heart attack. >> they are among the 14 untimely deaths of russian exiles living in britain as well as british citizens lured into the kremlin net, now looked at in a new light by investigators after the poisoning of russian double agent sergei skripal and his daughter yuliia, the deaths include hanging, radiation poisoning, chinese extract that triggers heart attacks, being impaled on an iron railing, collapse and suffocation found in a suitcase. the russian dissidents here in london i it feels like open season. >> it is like a lot of people
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worry a, are a bit more worried than they were before. >> nobody knows who can affect them, who will be next, and it is very cared. >> although police are careful to say glues's can't be related to the latest poisoning it can be linked to moscow and that's at all more frightening. >> charlie d'agata cbs news f london. >> glor: offsets in presidential elections don't happen in russia, after su 16 years in president putin is looking to win big as he seeks another term on sunday but you can't do an election with only one candidate, elizabeth palm never moscow looks at the loyal opposition. >> reporter: the choreography of vladimir putin moscow putin was flawless. >> grand entrance. the patriotic speech. and finally, the national anthem. >> but the real staging of
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putin's campaign began months ago when the kremlin open, approved opposition to have the opposition of a real race, seven candidates from a fiery nationalist to a prominent socialite, all allowed to run but not to win. >> the russians have a term for it, managed democracy. we spoke to communist candidate pavel grudinin one of the characters in this charade. >> you are running in an election, you can't possibly win, even you must admit that, so what do you hope to achieve? >> i don't agree, he said. i do have a chance. >> vladimir putin didn't even show up for the candidate's debates, which were more reality tv than serious politics. for example, when the nationalist candidate told the only woman running to shut up, she flunk water at him. by contrast, putin's tough masculine image plays well with voters. >> why do you think president
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putin i is so popular among russians? >> because in the yiedz of most of the people he is strong. >> nina, who lived through the chaos of the 1990s told us, putin has restored our self respect. >> so he makes you feel proud of your country? >> i think yes. >> there is one man who might have given president but contain run for his money, alexei navalny, and anti-corruption activist who was harassed in the election runup and predictably, eventually barred from the race. president putin does have one big problem on sunday, apathy. a lot of russian voters disillusioned won't even bother to vote, jeff. >> glor: elizabeth palmer for us in moscow, thank you. it has again tonight to united airlines, another pooch problem, the third this week, a flight from newark, new jersey, to st. louis was diverted when the crew realized they had a dog in cargo that was heading to the
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wrong city. so they flew 500 miles off course to its intended to destination, akron ohio this happened days after a puppy died in the overhead compartment of another united flight and a german shepherd that was suppose odd go to kansas was flown to japan, se back with his family tonight. coming up next here on the "cbs evening news", he was deported five types and then accused of killing kate steinle, why is he now suing the federal government 0? it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use,
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shooting steinle with a stolen gun. kate steinle's death became prominent in donald trump's presidential campaign. >> i am also going to ask congress to pass kate's law. >> cited often as proof of the need to get tough on immigration. and when garcia-zarate was found not guilty of murder, president trump called it a disgraceful verdict. no wonder the people of our country are so angry with illegal immigration. now garcia-zarate is facing new federal gun possession charges but his attorneys are using the president's tweets to argue they should be dismissed. >> when achieve executive at any level orchestrates, you know, in our opinion, a double jeopardy litigation merely to conform to their political platform -- >> in state court, attorneys successfully argued the shooting was accidental, garcia-zarate was found guilty only of illegal possession of a firearm. the same charge he now faces in federal court.
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>> glor: the video of a family being removed from a plane has taken off online. it happened wednesday before the southwest airlines flight left chicago for atlanta. a toddler was reportedly being disruptive and refusing to sit in her seat. it appeared she settled down but the girl, her father and grandmother were escorted off. >> no more discussion. we are back at the gate. the only other option -- >> we are trying to calm her down. >> this is not helpful, guys. you want to go to atlanta -- >> >> glor: southwest says the family was removed after the conversation between the father and the flight crew escalated. they were put on the next flight to atlanta. a ski lift in the former soviet republic of georgia went hey hae
3:52 pm
today and suddenly went backwards and fast, onlookers yelled at skiers to jump off, those who weren't were flunk right off the lift, at least eight were hurt, including a pregnant woman, none of the injuries is life-threatening, the chairs wound up in a pile of twisted metal. flights were, flags were lowered to half-staff to honor louise slaughter. slaughter died today after a fall last week. she was born and raised in kentucky and has represented part of western new york since 1987. she was the first woman to lead the house rules committee and coauthored the 1994 violence against women act. louise slaughter was 88. years old. steve hartman is next here with a hoop dream come true. >> tonight's on the road segment is sponsored by egg land's best eggs, better taste, better nutrition, better eggs.
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>> glor: many of you could be watching the ncaa tournament just after this broadcast. to get you warmed up here is steve hartman with one of his favorite plays on the courts. >> reporter: i know you guys get tired of me, it is little things. >> in coronado high school in el paso texas, he made no qualms about it, back in 2013 he had a favorite on this team. >> mitchell i need you. >> then team manager mitchell marcus has a developmental disability. >> one, two, three. >> but he surpassed everyone here when it came to love of the game henchts is just an amazing person. our basketball team loves being around. >> tonight we have a great update on this story, but in case you missed the original, it all began five years ago during the last game 0 of the regular season when coach morales told his manager to suit up. >> just wearing a jersey was enough for mitchell, but what he
3:57 pm
didn't know was that the coach planned to play him. >> and so it was with a minute and a half left, coach morales put in his manager. >> and just started hearing mitchell, mitchell! >> but here is where the fairy tale fell apart, although his teammates did he everything they could to get him a basket he either missed the shot or on the last possession booted it out of bounds, turning the ball over to the other team with just seconds left. >> he wasn't going to be able to score but i was hoping he was happy that he was just put in the game. could you ever have imagined what happened next? >> no, i could not, not at all. >> what happened next happened on the inbound. the guy with the ball there because senior at franklin high school, number 22, jonathan montanez. >> i was raised to treat others how you want to be treated. just mitchell deserved his chance. this was his opportunity.
3:58 pm
>> what jonathan did was yell out mitchell's name, then threw the ball right to him. >> right there. >> one of the most memorable turnovers of all-time. >> after this story first aired, jonathan and mitchell became friends, they received many accolades. the most significant went to jonathan, and it came from the chancellor of texas tech university, who saw and offered jonathan a scholarship, almost certainly the only scholarship ship ever awarded for a turnover. jonathan will graduate this summer with a degree in can i pieceology and our award for outstanding sportsmanship. steve hartman, on the road. in el paso, texas. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i am jeff glor. the news continues now on cbsn with tanya rivera, h
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