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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 21, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> yes. >> we are almost there. >> the weekend is almost here. good morning. i'm kenny choi. namaste. i took a yoga class today. it reminds, see the light in me. i see the light in you. nice way to start the day. >> we're not going to see much light today. it's still dark. even when the sun comes up, we can still feel it in our hearts, kenny. thank you. you can see the raindrops coming down the bottom corner of the screen. there's a little ponding so that's where the rain is showing. here's the headlines today. scattered morning showers, afternoon thunderstorms and hail. heaviest rain will arrive tonight. so you think it's coming down good now? just you wait. tonight and early tomorrow morning, it's on. the atmospheric river will officially arrive with a lot of rainfall ahead. right now, for our "super
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commuters" out the door your ride along 580 is in the green. 21 minutes between 205 and 680. a crash along eastbound 580 right near north livermore avenue. it is not blocking lanes. you may see some lights. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a few cars starting to back up in some of the cash lanes. there are some breaking developments in the austin, texas serial bombings. a suspect in the deadly attacks is reportedly dead after a police pursuit. nikki battiste has the latest from round rock, texas. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say that a suspect they believe to be a serial bomber is dead. early this morning, police converged on an area outside the red roof inn along 35 in
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round rock texas, a suburb of austin. there the man believed to be responsible for delivering bombs around austin since march 2nd detonated a device and killed himself. also provided these surveillance photos to the cbs station that appeared to show the suspect inside a fedex facility mailing a package over the weekend wearing gloves and hat. since the bombings began, two people have been killed, five have been injured. a total of 5 bombs detonated. >> this is something that's ongoing. it's kind of hit every neighborhood. these are innocent people affected like this. >> reporter: one of the bombs that went off blew up on a conveyor belt yesterday morning at a fedex outside san antonio. since then, the shipping giant has said it has been providing investigators with extensive evidence. 350 federal law enforcement agents traveled to assist police. local police say one
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officer was hurt approaching the suspect as this morning's bomb detonated. police are on the hunt for other devices that may be left around the community. details are still unfolding this morning so stay with us for any further updates. sheriff's investigators are now saying an attempted carjacking turned deadly in alameda county over the weekend. investigators say a gunman killed an innocent father on mission boulevard in hayward. kpix 5's christin ayers on the search for a killer. >> reporter: investigators tell us they are tracing the steps of the man who was shot outside this hayward lounge and searching surveillance video for any sign that he was followed. authorities say the shooting happened after a night of revelry. aj had just finished celebrating turning 39 and stopped by a hookah lounge around 3 a.m. sunday possibly on the way home. but he never made it. >> we believe that this is likely a crime of opportunity and that aj was unfortunate
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victim of either an attempted carjacking or an attempted robbery. >> reporter: he was shot multiple times in his mercedes and left for death, an innocent man in the wrong place at the wrong time. his friends don't believe it. >> it's surreal, unbelievable. he was generally such a great person. >> reporter: he was a husband, father, and a talented keyboardest who performed music around the world. >> he loved his family and kids. he always did everything he could for them. he gave back to the community. >> reporter: authorities say there is surveillance video. the shooting happened on mission boulevard where there is a lot of security cameras and the sheriff's department is talking to witnesses but so far, there are no leads, just questions about who could have targeted aj. >> was he spotted, followed? were they already laying in wait for a car to approach? that's part of the investigation. >> reporter: his friends call
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for more witnesses to come forward. >> there has to be something, someone who has seen someone to help bring justice for this man's name and family. >> reporter: in hayward, christin ayers, kpix 5. this morning a teen is accused in a road rage-fueled freeway shooting in marin county. 18-year-old christian perez fired a pellet gun at another driver. police say he cut off another car and after that car honked perez, he shot. the driver is okay. perez is under arrest. meanwhile, still no arrests in another monday night shooting on 580 in oakland. the gunman shot a man in the hand near the seminary avenue exit. let's get a look at weather now. the ride in this morning was a little tricky. >> a little rain. >> but we have almost an inch in a lot of areas from
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yesterday morning to this morning. we'll have lighter rain and then heavy. san leandro drizzle. between alameda and san leandro, heavy rain. a lot of cells are moving north of castro valley. berkeley a cell came through moments ago moving east. lighter showers towards moraga. north we have some rain coming down along the richmond bridge. north bay many areas like yountville heavy rain, napa.
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heavier rain tonight. lighter rain this morning. scattered showers in the forecast. after lunch chance of afternoon thunderstorms. two crashes on 17 near hamilton northbound. everything was just cleared to the shoulder. drive times in the green. you may see some flashing lights if you are getting ready to head through the stretch. the rest of your south bay ride looking okay. we are seeing some slowdowns along 880 and 101. both in the southbound direction. 880 in oakland, as neda just mentioned the rain is coming down and we just had reports of a new crash just a little south of here right near 98th that's blocking one lane. so hopefully they can get that
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cleared. you can see all that sheen on the roads. do be careful. many areas you will be dealing with some standing water and showers. so definitely need to take it easy on the roads. this crash still out there eastbound 580 at livermore avenue not slowing anyone down, opposite commute. westbound in the green 22 minutes. in maryland, two students are injured and gunman dead after a shooting at a high school. we brought you this story as it broke yesterday morning. police say 17-year-old austin rowlands brought a semi- automatic handgun to great mills high school and shot a 16-year-old girl and 14-year- old boy. school resource officer blaine gaskill confronted the shooter. he fired one round after responding within a:minute. >> when the sro fired, the suspect as described to me fired almost simultaneously. >> it is unclear if the resource officer shot rowlands
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or if he took his own life. the resource officer is okay. investigators say there may have been a prior relationship between the shooter and the female victim. so what can be done to stop these shootings ? that was the question at the center of a panel discussion in san francisco last night. here's kpix 5's andria borba. >> reporter: in a conference room under grace cathedral a first-of-its-kind forum. >> there might be an active shooter in the school. >> reporter: faith leaders joined forces with groups like the brady campaign to talk about gun violence. >> as a way of finding a faithful response to the, um, dreadful loss of life and the devastation that we see our current gun culture. >> reporter: plans about the forum began the shooting in parkland, florida but gained new urgency and purpose as those students who watched their friends die took the reins of the gun control conversation in the u.s. >> these teenagers are really
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amazing. they are so brave and articulate and they are really driving a wake-up call to both adults and our congressional representatives. you know? they're calling it out. we have had enough. and they're demanding legislation. they are really directing their anger into action and asking for very specific legislation. >> reporter: this woman lost her son 22 years ago to a shooting in san francisco and has been trying to educate people on gun violence and says it breaks her heart to see the same tragedies playing out over and over again. >> here we are 17 lives, 17 families affected because nobody pays attention. when are we going to wake up? it's ridiculous. >> reporter: among the participants, sfpd chief bill scott who says while the shootings in parkland, las vegas and sandy hook grabbed headlines, the real trauma is from gun violence that isn't as attention grabbing. >> these issues happen daily
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on a much smaller scale but the total is enormous on our society and our cities. >> reporter: scott says while california does have among the strictest gun laws in the nation, it all comes down to this. >> laws only as good as people willing to abide by them. >> reporter: in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. 4:41. in a bizarre act of self- defense, this major league pitcher punched a naked man. how much a bay area man awarded the athlete. >> plus, a san francisco city supervisor apologizes to the fire department he criticized but isn't taking back his complaint. high blood sugar in people with diabetes. do not use lantus to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during epiof low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction
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career cut short -- after fighting a man trying to break into his house. kpix 5's katie nielsen spoke to the former stanford star - ju a bay area native has his promising major league baseball career cut short after fighting a man trying to break into his house. had kate steinle reports. >> reporter: this started in january 2015 in this quiet
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neighborhood. reynolds says his next-door neighbor had a party and people there were taking lsd. he said one man in the party went crazy running around the neighborhood naked covered in feces. >> just a terrifying situation that, you know, all happened so fast. >> reporter: greg says he saw the crazed naked man attacking a mailbox. he went out to see if the man needed help but he says the naked man attacked him. greg tried to go back inside but he says the crazed man broke down his front door. >> i hit him and, you know, immediately knew that, you know, something serious was wrong with my hand. >> reporter: he had broken a knuckle on his right hand, his pitching hand. >> breaking this joint was terrible. i couldn't move the ball the same. couldn't -- all my pitches were affected. >> the team that you have been with your entire professional career. >> reporter: reynolds' career
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in baseball was over. his time on the mound, done. >> nothing will make up for the end of my career, especially going out on not my own terms. >> reporter: greg and his wife sued the neighbor and the crazed naked man. a san mateo county jury ruled in their favor awarding them $2.3 million in damages. but greg says he would give it all up tomorrow if he could only go back to the game he loves. >> toward the middle -- >> there's nothing i would rather be doing now than playing baseball and, you know, nothing will fix that feeling that i have. >> reporter: greg says he and his wife had to move out of the neighborhood. it was just too painful for him to stay here. he ended up finishing his degree at stanford and now works in finance in sacramento. in half moon bay, katie nielsen, kpix 5. facebook stock is continuing to dive. the company's stock fell another 3% yesterday after friday's news that a data firm hired by the trump campaign
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used information from millions of facebook users without authorization. a video recently released appeared to show the data firm's ceo discussing his company bribing and entrapping politicians on behalf of its clients. cambridge and the lick can suspended alexander knicks for his video saying his comments don't represent the values or operations of the firm and his suspension reflects the seriousness with which we view the violation. the relationship with cambridge analytica is handled. >> we'll solve this with legislation. >> an emergency meeting of all neighbor employees was held in
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men yesterday. a san francisco supervisor is trying to make amends for his response to a fire in north beach. peskin blasted the fire department for what he claimed was a poor job handling saturday night's fire. crews were still battling the flames when he called for fire chief joanne hayes-white to resign. she wrote a letter to peskin on monday calling him a distraction during the firefighting effort. hayes-white also said his actions jeopardized the safety of the public and first responders. peskin released this new statement yesterday saying that while i reserve the right to raise questions as more information comes out about the leaders' response to saturday night's fire, it was inappropriate to raise them on the scene. in storm watch mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for santa barbara and ventura counties this morning. 21 people were killed in the
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thomas fire in january. heavy rain and charred debris can be dangerous. plenty of rain this morning. some areas dry, other areas downpours. that's the story through the next few hours. it's dry in places like half moon bay and further across the south bay in san jose and fremont. but a little bit up north, here we go, up in san ramon, danville, tassajara, strong rain bands coming in right now right on interstate 680. moraga, as well. we got an inch of rain yesterday in many spots. we'll add to the totals. through walnut creek on 680 also slick out there. rain and winds this morning, gusty winds.
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lighter in yountville. south-southeast winds are all associated with an atmospheric river to the south of us. as that gets closer, we'll see our winds pick up. calmer across the north bay, novato, san rafael, not necessarily dealing with it. the golden gate bridge drenched at this moment. that's what we'll see a lot of throughout the day on many of our local roads. the heaviest part of this atmospheric river is all getting a lot of moisture from hawaii basically, known as the pineapple express. it will impact us at 9 p.m.
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tonight through 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. heaviest rain tonight in central and southern california. good amounts of snowfall coming through there. here's the futurecast. most of today scattered showers. 2 p.m., not calming down, a chance of thunderstorms, possibly small hail. then look at 9 p.m. tonight through early-morning, 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., heavy rain is coming through. here's the seven-day forecast. right now, we are tracking a couple of problems. we'll begin along 880 if you are heading through oakland where we can see our sensors showing slowdowns. we have a crash -- two crashes -- excuse me, one crash, one stalled vehicle. first crash southbound 880 southbound right near 98th so
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through san leandro one lane blocked and then southbound direction another lane blocked creating a backup with speeds below 15 miles per hour p here's a live look at your ride through oakland. you can see that southbound direction very heavy and congested now. we are seeing the northbound direction in the green and that's not a problem for drivers heading over towards the maze. a crash reported along 580. this just coming in. we don't know too many details, on the shoulder near keller, not slowing too many people down. antioch in the green over towards 680. rain in that area as well as 680. so take it easy.
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wet at the berkeley curve a lot of brake lights heading towards the toll plaza. 4:52. this bay area native will bake prince harry and meghan markle's wedding cake. their unusual request.
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a bay area pastry chef is about to secure for hersel good morning. so normal temperatures, mid- to upper 60s. today mid- to upper 60s. so it's looking like we are going to be on average a little warmer than yesterday, 65 mountain view, 67 sunnyvale, 68 campbell. it will be wet. walnut creek 66. antioch 67. so expect winds and scattered showers throughout the day, chance of afternoon thunderstorms and the heaviest rainfall will arrive tonight
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and tomorrow morning. our temperatures will cool off compared to today by the time a cold front comes in tomorrow. jaclyn. raindrops on this camera lens here over at the golden gate bridge. this is likely what most drivers will be dealing with this morning as they head out the door. wet roads. and we are getting first reports of a new accident that has traffic coming to a stop along highway 24 right near gateway boulevard. we'll have more on that coming up in the 5:00 hour. a bay area pastry chef is about to secure a slice of history. john ramos reports she has been selected to bake the cake for the upcoming royal wedding. >> reporter: growing up in western marin county, claire learned how to bake from her mother. >> so the kids got into it and they would come home and bake after school. >> reporter: then one day as a teen she walked into the bovine bakery in point reyes. >> she just walked into the bakery as a high school
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student and asked whether she might be able to start baking. and i think that's where it all began. >> reporter: she learned to make delicious pastries using local fruits, berries, and especially flowers. after graduating college, claire got an internship at berkeley's famous chez panisse. there her interests became passion. and after three years, she moved to england and opened her beloved violet bakery, where the food world would learn her name. >> it is something that is really, really good for the soul and it's her outlook on life. >> reporter: now claire has been given the greatest honor any baker in england could receive. today's announcement that she has been selected to create the official cake for the wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. the royal couple is even asking that the lemon elder flower cake be decorated with her trademark fresh flowers. those who remember her when in
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point reyes couldn't be more proud. >> it's cool i know someone making cakes for a royal wedding. i'm happy about it just for being me and that i know her. >> reporter: it's been a long journey to kensington palace but her mother never doubted how far her daughter's passion to bake could take her. >> it's a little teensie weensie slice of history that we get to experience. >> reporter: in point reyes, john ramos, kpix 5. >> after the couple ties the knot, slices of cake will be mailed to guests as a you this memento thank you. barbara lee is taking on the the secretary of education. why she says betsy devos has her head in the sand. >> reporter: new developments in the austin, texas serial bombings this morning. what we know about the shooter following a police pursuit that happened just hours ago next.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the start... good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this rainy wednesday morning. a live look at some of the traffic on 880 in oakland. wet roads out there. on the left we have a live shot of san francisco. you can see the rain coming down this morning. >> yeah. >> full forecast is coming up in just a bit as well as a check of your morning commute. >> looks like that sideways rain, too. >> mm-hm. as that storm moves in the sonoma county sheriff's office has released a hazardous weather conditions bulletin t runs today through tomorrow. officials are concerned about possible mudslides in areas hit by october's wine country wildfires. they are stressing, however, that this is not a flash flood advisory, watch or warning. it's a weather conditions bulletin. >> it's something


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