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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 30, 2018 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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movement to fake news. >> the show played well in trump country, the highest ratings were in states trump carried in the election. >> that's always been roseann's hallmark. >> it isn't the first sitcom to play off social issues. in 1992, vice president dan quayle publicly rebuked murphy brown for being a single mother. >> i doubt my status as a single mother has contributed all that much to the breakdown of western civilization. >> on that note, interesting to add, roseanne is not the only politically charged show getting a reboot now. >> murphy brown will be relaunching here on cbs in the fall. you can expect network executives off to be following roseanne's ratings closely, maybe see more news shows commissioned that cover socially
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divisive issues that this nation faces. >> thank you very much. good to have you here. officials in south carolina, investigating a shooting last weekend in the city of florence. body camera video shows a state constable, unpaid volunteer officer, firing at a car that police had pulled over. the driver who was black, refused to get out backed into the police car before taking off. the constable who was white, fired eight shots. the other officers did not fire. the driver was wounded. and could face charges. police in northern california are search for answers after an suv went off a cliff. three children are missing. including a buy you may recognize from a famous photo. their adoptive parents and three other siblings are dead. here is mireya villarreal. >> reporter: today a special accident investigation team is using drones to figure out how the hart's suv plunged off the ocean overlook. look for the three remaining children still missing in these choppy waters. the county sheriff says the
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parents body were found in the front seats. three of the children's bodies were found along the shoreline. >> a very skun fus confusing sc. >> the hart family lived outinside it portland. you may remember this picture of one of the kids, davonte hugging a portland police officer 20i7b 14 during a appropriate test against the ferguson police shooting. his parents, sarah and jennifer championed social justice issues. neighbors bruce and dana dekalb saw something different. >> their daughter, telling us, please, don't make her go back, they were abusing her. davonte coming over, telling us that he is being starved to death. >> they say recent cries of help from the hart children prompted them to call child protective services last friday. >> i was trying to help them. protect them. and, and, this is the result. >> sarah hart pled guilty back in 2011, in minnesota, to
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demostic assault after bruises were found on the back and stomach of one of her children. we also confirmed, cbs caseworkers went by the family home three times in the last week to try to check on the children. jeff. >> all right, mireya villarreal. thank you. when we come
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attorney general jeff sessions declined to apin the a second special counsel. to investigate claims of fbi misconduct. at issue whether the bureau followed the law when it applied for surveillance warrant on carter page. sessions says the matter is being investigated by utah top federal prosecutor. nicholas cruz had few friends before he killed 17 people at his former high school last month. but he has been getting piles of mail we have learned at broward county jail. many from teenage girls asking that he write back. $800 depotz sideposited. jail officials have the not allowed cruz to see any of the letters. folks going on safari in east africa to get close to wildlife. maybe not this close. that is a cheetah, in the back seat. britain hayes of seattle listened to his guide's advice. stay calm. whatever you do, do not look the cheetah in the eye. this uncomfortable encounter,
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in the bathroom! as long as people talk baby-talk to dogs, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ever get an e-mail from a stranger that offers business deal you sending him money. delete it or take the road less traveled see where it leads. here is steve hartman.
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>> reporter: no one likes internet scammers. here in ogden, utah, we found a guy with a most profound distaste. just wait till you hear how 33-year-old ben taylor responded to one random message. which read, my name is joel from liberia, west africa. i need some assistance from you. business or financial assistance that will help empower me. to which ben, insincerely responded how can i help. >> just wanted to go down the rabbit hole to see what were the tricks to get people. >> no way you could guess where the rabbit hole would go. >> no way i could have guessed. >> the journey when joel in africa, propose aid partnership. asked ben to mail parts to this place. >> ben wasn't falling for that. instead he proposed a different partnership. he lied to joel. told him he owned a photography business, and could use some pretty pictures.
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>> so how about a sunset? a nice liberian sunset. >> you were going to pay him for the pictures. >> if it's good, i look it. sure. >> just trying to coop him busy so he doesn't rip off some one. >> the more time of theirs, the less time they have to spend ripping me or other people off. >> joel sent two sunset photos. we think. >> a sun some where in there. >> turns out scenic photography wasn't exactly joel's strong suit. >> that could be a pupil. not that it mattered. >> i told him, hey this is great. >> this is great. >> good job. but i think you need a little better camera. >> ben spent $60 to buy and mail him the shiny red one. >> this has gone beyond wasting his time. now wasting your time. >> investing my money. family thinks i am crazy. interacting with a guy in liberia. >> joel didn't think it was crayy cray crazy at all. i decided to commit myself off
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to this business. >> ben replied. we have got to work on your photography. >> eventually joel did get better. >> these are actually pretty good. >> which pose aid big problem. off awe when he put in the work, i thought, oh, no, now i have to figure out a way to compensate joel for the pictures or i'm going to be the scammer. >> the final copies are in. >> ben took to youtube to sell a booklet he made using the pictures. he called it by the grace of god, a phrase from joel's messages. the plan was to sell few dozen to friends and families. until sales exploded. >> people around the world places i never heard of were buying joel's book. >> soon they raised $1,000. ben told joel. he could have half. and the rest, well, joel would get that too. but with a catch. >> ben told him he had to donate that $500 to charity. and so, with that intention in mind, ben wired the money. >> at this point, you need to know, $500 is like a year's salary in liberia.
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so, really, it's kind of ridiculous to expect unemployed, impoverished hustler to give all that money away. and fact is ben never thought he would. until, another batch of pictures arrived. there were book bags. note books. he cleaned out the market. rented a cab to haul the loot. and blessed five schools with abundan abundance. joel, seen here with a crown, inadvertently overhead. turned out to be more savior than scammer. >> he came through. >> you were wrong about him? >> he showed me there was a different side to him. so here we are. >> here we are. at the beginning. of an unlikely, partnership. forged from doubt and distrust, but destined to change the world. >> hey. i know you. >> and, bring it a whole lot closer together. >> joel. >> how you doing, man. >> the rest of the story,
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tomorrow. >> hap to see you. >> for now, i am steve hartman, soon
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>> a pod cast may clear a man convicted of a murder he says he didn't commit. today a maryland appeals court ordered a trial in the case. chip reid has details on this. 36-year-old abnan said spent half his life behind bars for the strangling death of his ex-girl ex-girlfriend. a crime he insists he didn't commit. now unless today's ruling is overturned, he will get a chance to prove that he is innocent in a new trial. what makes this story extraordinary is that this turn of events is due largely to the work of a radio journalist. sarah konig, whose award winning reports on her pod cast
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questioned whether she received a fair trial. episodes of serial have reportedly been downloaded more than 175 million times. turning the said case into a global sensation. the court said today it ordered a new trial because the of a deficient performance by syed's trial attorney and her failure to call an important alibi witness to testify, prejudiced syed's defense. koenig's pod cast played a crucial role. >> serial was enormously helpful. >> justin brown is syed's attorney for appeal. >> serial has helped build a groundswell of support for, us and for adnan and the case and that really fueled these efforts and allowed us to keep fighting on the way we have. >> that is the "overnight news" for friday.
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hi, welcome to the "overnight news." i'm demarco morgan. the latest top official to leave the trump administration is not going out quietly. one day after president trump fired him. former veterans affair, david shulkin blaming his ouster on political forces he said care more about company profits than health care for vets. major garrett at the white house. >> reporter: shulkin's ouster not a surprise we reported two weeks ago his job was in jep deech jeopardy. shulkin used tax dollars to pay for a lavish trip to europe for his wife. he offered to repay the government. the revelation caused him to lose backing at the white house.
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in the aftermath. shulkin said he is the victim of politically based attacks for people who wanted me out of the way. >> working every day. >> veterans affairs secretary david shulkin monday. by last night he had been fired. >> are you his favorite cabinet secretary? >> i wouldn't say that. >> on the campaign trail, mr. trump repeatedly slammed the agency under shulkin, the only obama administration holdover in the cabinet. >> the va health care program its a disaster. >> the president later joked about firing shulkin from his administration. >> we will never have to use those word. we will never have to use those words on our david. >> in a scathing "the new york times" op-ed, he argued he was being pushed out by people who want to put va health care in the hands of the private sector. they saw me as an obstacle to privatization who had to be removed. it is something president trump seemed to call for on the campaign trail. >> veterans should be guaranteed the right to choose their doctor
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and clinics. whether at a va facility, or at a private medical center. shulkin, a former physician, ran homes and confirmed unanimously by the senate. the president's choice to tree place him. >> he has incredible genes. >> his personal physician, ronny jackson. a administered the first physical. >> i think he will remain fit for duty for the term. >> jackson's skon fir maconfirm no means certain. heading a vast bureaucracy. the second largest federal government agency that serves, treats nearly 9 million veterans as patients. republicans responded cautiously, praising shulkin waiting to see what jackson would tell them in the confirmation process. in the end. he said it shouldn't be this hard to serve your country. an historic summit held
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between leaders of north and south korea. the effort to diffuse a nuclear conflict on the korean peninsula. the meeting as president trump plans to meet with the north korean dictator some time this spring. this week, kim made the first foreign trip to meet with the president of china. his closest ally. ben tracy has the the latest from beijing. >> the main event for kim jong-un would be a summit with president trump. mr. trump would look to meet the north korean leader by the end of may. we sat down with u.s. ambassador to china, terry branstadt to talk high stakes di policemen see. >> i think we have got to be careful. in dealing with him. he is feeling the heat. u.n. sanctions and pressure. maybe it means he is changing his altitude a little bit. >> it's ben four months since kim jong-un has the tested a missile. instead, he has launched a diplomatic offensive. successfully getting both the president of south korea, and
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the united states, to agree to meet with him. >> why does president trump want to sit down with him. what is the goal? >> well i think the goal is, is, indeed to try to get -- a verifiable -- denuclearization program. this has got to be something that is real. and verifiable. and, and, and, something that, that -- they won't, won't renege on if they did in the past. >> during kim jong-un's surprise visit it to beijing this week. he received a very warm welcome from chinese president ping. a display seen by many as the two countries slowing their still close al lies ahead of kim jong-un's spring summits. >> the u.s. has been trying to isolate north korea. did the way the chinese welcomed kim jong-un here, help legitimize him. >> the chemistry between kim jong-un and the rest of the world has been terrible. the chinese are just as fearful, of his provocations as we are. >> but was having kim jong-un here in beijing, shaking his
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hand, toasting, was that helpful. >> remember the chinese -- are very good hosts. so i wouldn't, wouldn't, read too much into that. >> despite rising trade tensions between the u.s. and china, the ambassador told me he thinks china will continue to enforce, the international sanctions against north korea. because china does not want the north to have nuclear weapons. the most serious charges have been dropped in the case of a hazing related death involving a penn state fraternity. a judge dismissed involuntary manslaughter charges against, five members linked to timothy piazza's death. he died from head injuries last year after a night of heavy drinking at a pledge event. vladamir duthier spoke with his family. >> reporter: the second time a judge decided to throw the involuntary manslaughter charges out. the piazzas weren't shocked. evelyn told us she was hopeful. >> i guess the judge didn't see it that way. didn't want to change his mind.
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>> reporter: we visited jim and evelyn last night hours after a judge dismissed all involuntary manslaughter charges in their son timothy's case. the former fraternity member, danny casey among those to have the charge dropped. in a statement to cbs news, casey's attorney called involuntary manslaughter filings a mistake. >> do you think it was john reach to go for stom charges? >> i don't know. >> i don't either. >> casey and former fraternity brother, bren dan young are charged with conspiracy to commit hazing. 24 others face charges. all of which include jail time. >> this is no longer just a hazing case. this is a conspiracy to commit hazing case. >> piazza family attorney tom klein. >> every individual who was charged faces multiple counts, each count, which could carry with it, one year in jail. >> prosecutors say fraternal team brothers gave piazza 18 drinks in 82 minutes during a
3:37 am
pledge event at the house in february 2017. he fell and repeatedly hit his head. surveillance footage revealed, piazza's fraternity brothers waited 12 hours to get help. >> you think the boys should go to jail? awe mau i do. >> what is your message to the other young men facing charges? >> tell the truth. >> why did you let him die? i really want that answered? >> daniel casey's attorney would not comment on a conspiracy to commit hazing charge. we reached out to bren dan young's abut the charge. hearings resume in pennsylvania in may. >> the cbs joi"overnight news" l be right back.
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>> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." a common paint stripping product that contains potentially deadly chemical is blamed for killing a man in south carolina. the chemical methylene chloride implicated in dozens of deaths back decade. now a proposed federal ban is on hold. here is anna werner. >> pain runs deep. not only for me, but for my husband and my other two sons. >> cindy wynn's 31-year-old son drew was youngest of her three sons. an entrepreneur with a cold brew coffee business in charleston, south carolina. in october he was resurfacing the floor of the walk in fridge,
3:41 am
using paint stripper, goof off manufactured by barr. that's where his business partner found him and called clayton. >> they said he is gone. he is gone. just screamed that. over and over again. that's a phone call i will never forget. >> reporter: the death certificate stead he was overscove overcome by chemicals in the paint stripper. methylene chloride. deadly but found in stripping products on store shelves across the country. something drew's brother brian quickly learned. >> i was shocked. how is that you can find something that will kill you instantly and buy it. just, just off a shelf. >> it's the question we discovered another family had asked, some 20 years ago. >> this here was the product that brian used. >> that's video of pennsylvania's wayne steiner from 1998. holding the can of paint stripper that led to his son's death. >> you can tell me how good is
3:42 am
this product -- and why, why -- was brian allowed to get it and use it. >> 24-year-old brian keller had been stripping paint, off of a car. using another methylene chloride based product. clean strip aircraft remover. also made by wm barr he bought at local auto body shop. then he fell ill. >> i said he is going to the hospital. i said, something is wrong. not right. >> medical record show inhaling methylene chloride vapors led to keller having a heart attack. he survived in a weakened state for five years. until his mother judy says he had another heart attack. >> i thought, this is it. this is it. >> before his death, keller sued manufacturer wm barr, the company denied responsibility in
3:43 am
court filings staying clean strip's label warned the product was for use by professional trained personnel using prompter equipment. and is not intended for sale to or use by the general public. wm barr settled the case for $1.75 million lie built fee. >> i thought this was a problem behind us. >> you did? >> absolutely. when i learned about the accident with the staple manufacturer 28 years later, i was shocked. >> not only that, but we found clean strip air craft paint remover advertised for sale to the public by numerous retailers including amazon. >> i feel sorry, because, more parents out there going through the same thing. and this is just, should not be, not in society, when they know that they know that, they know what this is doing. i don't get it. >> the company declined to do an on-camera interview but sent the
3:44 am
statements. staying when used as directed methylene chloride paint strippers have an excellent safety record. however, they said while we have always had the a warning on our label, the recent tragedies have motivated us to ask what more we can do. wm barr worked with consumer product safety commission or recently issued guidelines to develop a new label and warning symbol featured on the front panels of our methylene chloride products. but when the epa moved last year to ban the products it said revised labelling wasn't enough. it will not address unreasonable risk presented by methylene chloride. drew win's brother brian couldn't agree more. >> my brother didn't need new die. >> reporter: wm barr not the only manufacturer of paint stripping products. but identified itself as the largest. read the statements the company mother...nature!
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a last-ditch effort is under way to save a rhino species on the brink of extinction. we traveled to africa to learn more about a majestic animal that could be the last of its kind. >> this is the king of the park. >> yeah, the last man standing. >> sudan, the last male northern white rhino on earth. looks as if he traveled here from prehistoric times. and in fact, these mighty creatures have been around for millen ye ee millenia with their horns and thick sing as protective armor they seem indestructible. when we met him earlier this month. sudan was living without his final days at the old conservancy in kenya.
3:49 am
>> for 80 years now. >> here, lions, giraffes, and elephants, roam free. but sudan ark, at the ripe age 5 remains under the watchful eye of the keeper. >> a great friend of mine. more like my family. that's why i take great care of him. >> sudan's treatment by his keepers and veterinarian, steve ngulu is like hostage care for an aging patriarch. >> very gentle. a gentle giant. very gentle giant. if he could speak he would say a lot. >> sudan spent most life at a zbla in t zoo in the czech republic. he was protected while northern white rhinos in the wild were poached to extinction. >> he has become this, this kind of chair rismatic animal known across the planet. >> known, far and white because
3:50 am
he and these two northern white females, are the last of their kind. conservationist, richard vine made a hem for them at his wildlife sanctuary. >> there is no dut that oubt if hadn't existed in zoos. the species would be extinct. the word rhinoceros comes from the creek, it means no surprise, horned nose. and their distinctive nose not only gives rhinos their name. but also makes them a coveted target. >> the reason the rhinos are threatened by poaching is because of demand for their horn. pure and simple. horn in the far east is kidded to have medicinal properties. some places it's become like a status symbol. which is put into drinks and powdered form to cure hangovers if you are a rich person all. haw hangovers. >> hangovers. >> put yourself in position of rhino poacher. suck selsful. sell that for $60,000. that for him is 20 years of wages. the incentive is huge.
3:51 am
>> reporter: in 2009 with the northern white population in the single digits. sudan and female companions were flown to nairobi and carted to the home, where the hope is nature would take its course. >> she is beautiful. >> they have the curiosity of, of a puppy. except they're the size of a car. >> yeah, you care too much how big it is. but they're so friendly. >> and they did mate. but. we were expecting to have babies in the natural. it never worked. >> now science must succeed where nature hasn't. >> we have 300 milliliter of white rhino semen here. the last of the species are stored in liquid nitrogen in berlin. >> calculated time from this, samples is 3,000 years.
3:52 am
>> using sur galtrogates, the d harvested the eggs, fert liesed and transferred to the stur gatt. >> we can perform the procedure staffly. we did it more than 16 times. and, rhino, females. we are extremely confident will will be successful. >> this dream almost sound like jurasic park. >> very similar. could end up where white rhinos all die. because the we have their embryos we can reintroduce them as the a species back on to the planet. >> on the brink of extinction because of human greed, sudan has the had to rely on human keepers for protection from poachers. that includes an armed security detail. >> what are their going up against? >> the people coming here are wily, they're bush savvy, they understand huh to operate at night. amongst wild animals.
3:53 am
and they are, skillful with, they're people who think nothing of shooting back. >> how dangerous is this work? >> it is not a walk in the park. >> simon is with the team. >> aw . >> like losing a family member? >> yes. >> for the past few days, sudan's family has been in mourning. just after our visit, his fragile body finally gave way. caretakers made the gut wrenching decision to euthanize him. keeper, was by his side. but even with sudan now gone, richard vine hopes that in death the last male standing will at last bring change. >> people around the world now know about sudan. that for me is his greatest role. we may still lose the the northern white rhinos as species. but he will have created a message hopefully perpetuated to
3:54 am
a wide audience. >> about drawing a line in the sand. saying sooner or later as humans we are going to have to change the way we exist on the planet. if we don't that is going to be to our considerable detriment.
3:55 am
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nasa is getting ready for summer trip to the sun. wanting to send a solar probe closer to the sun than any spacecraft in history. chip reid has the the latest from goddard space flight center in maryland. >> there she is. those scientists are getting her ready to be shipped to kennedy space center in florida, launched this summer on the three month journey off to the sun. nasa's mission to send a spacecraft into the sun's atmosphere, a decade's old idea. scientist, nicholas fox says it is becoming a reality. >> we have had to wait this long for technology to catch up with our dreams. >> fox says the 90 million mile trip to within four million miles of our sun's surface will
3:58 am
provide last piece of the puzzle in understanding of the sun and its effects on earth. to get there, the spacecraft will travel some, 430,000 miles an hour, or about, 118 miles a second. >> that's faster than any man made object ever. >> that is much, much faster than any man made object. ever. yes. >> to with stand temperatures of nearly 2500 degrees fairen height. the robotic space craft, will have to maneuver on its own. to make sure this, this 4 1/2 inch thick heat shield stays between the probe and the sun. one of the burning questions, these scientists hope to answer why the atmosphere of the sun, or the sun's corona is 300 times hotter than the surface below it. >> like being in a fireplace. as you walk away, it gets, much, much, much hotter. we don't understand why that is. >> on the journey, the parker solar probe will survive extreme cold and heat. and the astronomer showed us the chamber used to test the space
3:59 am
craft. >> to use a scientific word what its the concontraption. >> thermal. we test the environment. make sure the space craft and instruments can with stand the hot and cold of space. >> so it has already passed. >> yes. >> ready to go. >> ready to go. >> and scientists hop to learn a lot about how the sun affects weather on earth, sat light, electrical grid. by the way you can go to the nasa website and sign up to have your name put on the solar probe before it is launched. >> that's the "overnight news" for friday. for some of you the news continues. for others you can check back later, for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city.
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it is friday, march 30th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." breaking news, a manhunt is over for the suspect accused of killing an off duty officer. the alleged killer impersonating a cop. tensions between the u.s. and russia rise. now american diplomats are being expelled from russia in retaliation for russian diplomats being expelled from the u.s. they have been killing young black men all over the country. >> stephon clark has been laid to rest, but his death has


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