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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the family of four was on a road trip from portland to their santa clarita home and were to have arrived at a relatives house in san jose. but they never did.>> we are aware of the missing persons report. simile carries -- similarities in the vehicle of what the family was driving match initial investigation into what the vehicle believed, have gone off the road, and make model and color but we are yet to locate a serial number to the vehicle that would positively identify the missing families vehicle. >> reporter: the eel rebel -- the eel river flows north. helicopters and crews on steep bluffs. assisted cruise along the river bed looking for the suv.>> the water level rose rapidly on friday afternoon given the heavy rain we received in the area. the water current was strong that day.
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along with the clarity of the river, it was hard to see through because of the added mud and debris. >> reporter: at the family home in southern california, a single candle on the porch burning in hopes that the homeowners will blow it out upon their safe return. >> it's tough, the responsibility is felt. we are doing all within our power to locate the vehicle and to bring closure to whoever these occupants may be.>> reporter: due to the weather chp has been forced to suspend their search for today. kpix5. another tragedy, investigators waiting on the results of an autopsy. the body of a girl found along the coast. it was recovered saturday near the area where a washington family plunged their suv into the ocean. authorities believe that jennifer hart deliberately drove her wife and their six
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kids off of a cliff. three children were missing from the wreckage. searchers are looking for the bodies of the remaining children. east bay neighbors are asking who could be so cold? the driver of an suv rams into another car and then he and his friends aboard takeoff leaving a family critically injured. the crash happened last night at 35th and paxton avenue. our reporter is live with this story. juliet?>> reporter: the family consisted of three little girls ages eight, nine, and 10. and an adult aged 25 years old. the nine-year-old little girl has passed away. the search is on for the hit and run killer.>> it was horrible. it was a horrible accident. mac the hit and run happened in front of this home.>> the little girl. >> it makes my heart broken. they left without helping. >> reporter: the suspects were inside of this infinity suv.
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james blackwell tells us at first neighbors in the area were trying to rush to help the driver of the hit and run vehicle.>> one of the guys in the car was resuscitating him trying to bring him back to he just got up off of the ground and ran across the street. one of the guys that was in the car, to cause the accident. >> reporter: three little girls and a mother needed help and they rushed toward them.>> we pulled the door open.>> reporter: the hit and run driver and four passengers took off running away. who are these hit and run suspects? police are reviewing the surveillance video in the area. the corner market has cameras set up outside. police gathered video and are looking into it. rubies car was among those damaged but she says a car can be replaced but the lives of the little girls and their mother are of greater concern.>> that's a family. i've got a family. it hits home.
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i mean, my kids will be playing right here. that car could have come inside. i mean. >> reporter: police again reviewing surveillance video to give any information that they can about the suspects and are asking anyone out there with information to come forward immediately. there is a reward. it's up to $15,000. in oakland, kpix5. a deadly crash early this morning in san jose. the driver was killed and two passengers were seriously injured. the car was stolen. a witness says it went flying down west san carlos street before crashing down the embankment. the family of a man killed in a tesla crash has hired a san francisco law firm. 's car was in autopilot mode when it smashed into a safety barrier on highway 101. the law firm will be looking into possible design flaws with teslas self driving technology. the family may go after
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caltrans because part of the safety barrier was missing. governor jerry brown has agreed to deploy national guard troops to the border after the president's request. but not exactly for what the president had in mind. the president wants 4000 troops to fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking at the border but governor jerry brown has other ideas. troops are arriving at the border after texas, new mexico, and arizona pledged to send their servicemembers. today the governor sent a letter to the trumpet ministrations -- to the trump administration saying that they will also send troops. in a statement governor brown said, " this will not be a
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mission to build a new wall, a mission to round up women and children, or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. " the national guard will not be enforcing federal immigration laws.>> it's disappointing that so much of the discussion, discourse around immigration is met with a militarized response. >> reporter: the 400 guard members, arizona is sending 338 to the border. new mexico sending 250 guard members, texas is sending 1000 at the presidents request. broken ground on a 20 mile section of wall along the border west of el paso. it will have a five foot plate at the top to prevent trespassers from climbing over. steel posts will be driven into concrete to keep intruders from digging underneath. us border patrol says they will help block one of the country's busiest smuggling routes. congress has not approved the estimated $73 million for the proposed border wall but last year he signed an executive order to use existing money to jumpstart the project like the
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one outside of el paso. mark zuckerberg facing a round of questioning from lawmakers on capitol hill.>> the facebook ceo revealed the company actually tracks people even if they don't have a facebook account >> he was asked what data they collected after people logged out and he could not answer but today he was asked again and was able to answer. the truth may surprise you.>> americans don't like to be manipulated.>> that's what this is about.>> reporter: a fellow at an antimonopoly think tank and says there's something unsettling about facebook's data collection.>> there's this element of privacy questions, a creepiness. because facebook is
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a surveillance machine.>> reporter: we learned it goes beyond what you post on your website. the company collects data on anyone who visits the website even if they don't have an account.>> they track you. your collecting medical data, correct? on people that are on the internet whether they are facebook users or not? right?>> yes we collect some data.>> reporter: because facebook claims it's for security they say there's no way to for obvious reasons we do not allow people to turn off the measurement that we do around security.>> reporter: he could not say what day -- data they keep four users. smacked you know how many points of data facebook has on the average non-facebook user?>> congressman, i do not but i could have our team get back to you.>> reporter: whether you have a facebook account or not, if you visit a website with a facebook like or share button or one that has a hidden facebook code the company is collect data even if you don't click on the like or share button.>> here is what i know, you've got trackers all over the web. i'm practically -- on
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practically every website you go to we see the facebook like or facebook share button. it does not matter whether you have a facebook account. through those tools, facebook is able to collect information from all of us. >> reporter: lots of marketing companies collect data but facebook is different. it's as if the owner of the phone company could also listen to your conversation.>> it's not just the tracking but the ability to manipulate people with that tracking and the inability to avoid it because these are essential communication services.>> reporter: some ad blockers and other browsers have made products specifically designed to prevent facebook tracking. >> the federal trade commission has the power to find a company millions of dollars or break up facebook. what are they doing about this?>> reporter: right now the ftc is investigating facebook. today actually while the house was hearing from mark zuckerberg, the senate was vetting a candidate to be the
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commissioner on the ftc. the candidate got a lot of questions about facebook. it's clear to this potential member and perhaps others that this is a priority. clouds rolling over today. very chilly and dreary afternoon -- a very chilly and dreary afternoon. our meteorologist is tracking this.>> it's raining and portions of the north bay. santa rosa with the gusty wind. steady rainfall heading toward you. sonoma county, napa county, rain. meant cito county, lake county with rain. hail and higher elevation snowfall. all of this working its way toward the south. future cast says as soon as 7:00 it will cost -- cross the golden day into the east bay. increasing sunshine tomorrow. mid april, the first of three rain chances in the seven-day forecast. we got the details for the other two coming up. more
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drama after the fbi raids the offices of the president's personal lawyer. how the access hollywood tape is playing a role in all of this. the first test... for 2018 niners. new at 5 - beer sales are falling flat...
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and the question is already being asked: a have somethi beer sales are falling flat. the question is already being asked, does legal marijuana have anything to do with this? wilson walker takes a look. >> i don't think alcohols going anywhere anytime soon but yes, i would say that cannabis production is curtailing alcohol consumption.>> reporter: welcome to the office of the ease called the uber of wheat.
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the hangover alternative to alcohol and its customers report that they are in fact drinking less.>> of the ones who consume alcohol, 80 % decrease their intake due to cannabis consumption. 11 % quit drinking altogether. >> reporter: that brings us to interesting numbers pouring out of california.>> we saw a four % drop in february. >> reporter: the chief economist for the brewers association.>> it's too early to say whether it will have an effect not just on beer sales but average alcohol sales which could be related.>> reporter: in other words we will have to see if wine and liquor sales trend downward. but habits in this regard, are prone to change.>> you've got the era where beer, us market by volume. >> reporter: exactly -- it's exactly those us brewers who are struggling right now. it may take a little longer to
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know for sure. >> i agree that this is going to be something to take a lot of time to sort out.>> it could take 5-10 years to see the impact, the market impact for alcohol versus cannabis. >> another relationship to think about is that craft beer has made it more expensive. you've seen the explosion of relatively cheap wines. cannabis production is a relatively new competitor. a change that we may not fully understand for a generation. wilson walker, kpix5. the fbi raided the office and hotel room at the presidents personal lawyer michael cohen. we've learned that agents were
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looking for records related to the 2005 access hollywood tape where president trump could be heard bragging about being able to sexually assault women. a recording surfaced weeks before the presidential election. the fbi reportedly looking to see whether cohen attempted to suppress damaging information during the campaign. it may be only a matter of time before the u.s. retaliates against syria for what the president calls a barbaric attack on women and children. the tweets that cut even the presidents staff offguard. >> reporter: the president of virtually confirming this morning that the u.s. is planning a missile strike against serial further suspected chemical attack against their civilians.>> he addressed russia's support of syrian -- of the syrian dictator. " you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who killed his people and enjoys it. ">> reporter: the russian president had a soft tone. he said that we hope common sense will prevail and international relations could become instructive. the trump administration is assessing the intelligence from
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saturday's suspected attack. the defense department is preparing for possible action.>> we stand ready to provide military options as appropriate. >> reporter: 40 people died in the small town not far from damascus. a team of russian inspectors say they found no evidence of the attack. a team of independent weapons expert is headed to the area to investigate. cbs news, the white house. two decades in congress, house speaker paul ryan says he won't seek reelection. his reason is his family.>> i realize if i'm here for another term, my kids will only have ever known me as a weekend dad. >> the republican was reluctant to accept the speakership to begin with and calls it one of the great honors of his life and counts comprehensive tax
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reform as one of his top legislative achievements. he will leave capitol hill for good in january. if the republicans could hold the majority, majority leader kevin mccarthy and steve scully's are considered potential frontrunners. neither said they will vie for the position. mccarthy was born in bakersfield and represents the area now. he was favored for the house speakership in 2015. he withdrew amidst opposition by the ultraconservative house freedom caucus. the other representative most recently in the news for the shooting at a congressional baseball practice fihe is -- back in june suffered fatal injuries and recurrent -- and returned to congress three months later. negotiation for selling their share of the coliseum to the city of oakland. they expressed interest by the coliseum site to build another stadium. they wanted to develop the area around it.
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they are exploring creative ideas to give passengers from downtown oakland to the ballpark -- to get passengers from downtown oakland to the ballpark and gondolas. the details about the -- knee details -- downtown san jose will turn into the championship campus with pep rallies and appearances from sports legends and musical performances. the first full season of the jimmy grob low era begins with -- with the jimmy g era begins with kpix5. our sports director has the anticipated schedule. preseason games. >> you are talking about the championship game. it would be great if the 49ers had the nfc title game.
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living in the playoffs this week. who is ready for some football? the nfl released the preseason schedule earlier today. jimmy g and the 49ers will host the cowboys in the preseason opener in august followed by a trip to houston and indianapolis and back home against the chargers. you could see all four of these games right here on kpix5 , the official preseason home of your san francisco 49ers. because we are fair and balanced, a look at the preseason schedule for the raiders. the nfl announces the regular- season schedule later this month.>> remember the carly simon song, anticipation? john, who? >> i know who carly simon is.>> you are really dating yourself man.>> anyway the point is john gruden is back and jimmy g , he's refound, rediscovered optimism.>> the warriors, playoffs coming.
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you artie talked about football. okay, i guess. coming up tonight, a record fine, a battle over a crumbling coastal cliff. apartment owners paying up for rushing repairs and cutting off of access to the beach.
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. strike -- usually this time of year we are looking to put away the umbrellas but it's now time to get them out. >> we hit 87 degrees in the first week of february. 10 degrees for the past few months since. it's raining outside, it's going to rain again in the middle of next week. the fact that it's raining at all is noteworthy. winter park to santa rosa, a hot one does make a hop on 101, showers near st. helena. raining at dillon beach. will cross the golden gate between now and 7:00.
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steady rainfall slices its way south this evening. snow for the sierra. 4-8 inches of snowfall. 6000 feet in elevation. some higher peaks make it 14 inches of snow. if you're going to the mountains even though snow melted with the river last week, new snow will fall tonight. it's not warm outside. san francisco at 57. santa rosa, 75 wendy and rain. look at the low tonight. we are leering -- clearing out. dropping to 39 degrees. santa clara valley 44. pacifica at the beach, 46 degrees overnight tonight. we have to talk about why, we have established that this is somewhat abnormal. cold and cool air continues to go up near the gulf of alaska. it's making it all the way down here. seattle getting ray desmond getting rain. but making it down to santa barbara is tough.
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we don't have this blocking rigid could slide all the way down to the north and central california area. cool and unstable areas on the way tonight and tomorrow. thursday, some left over northbay mountain showers tomorrow morning. sunshine in the afternoon. the pattern changes for a few days on friday were sunny -- we are sunny. more rain coming sunday evening. one-to our bursts of steady rain. that's right now for those of you in the northbay. isolated showers north of the golden gate. moore april showers arriving late on sunday. highs tomorrow in the 50s. fremont at 59. napa at 60. san francisco at 57. warming up on friday and saturday. close to 70 near the bay. late sunday into monday, more showers moving in also next wednesday. we stay chilly and unstable for another week.
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"..." ahead at six... a bay area high school magazine >> cbs evening news is next. escalating tensions over syrian data. we break down the possibility of war. the presidents -- with his five- year-old said his military went to tears. coming up next. a bay area high school magazine getting national attention.>> the powerful message published on every page. it will be me and veronica coming back in 30 minutes.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: escalating tension over syria. president trump warns russia, poet ready, the missiles will be coming." >> the president holds syria and russia responsible for this chemical weapons attack. on glor: also tonight, leaving the house for home. >> this year will be last one as a member of the house. >> glor: what paul ryan's retirement means for washington. an accuser confronts cosby in court, telling him, "you memember, don't you?" we catch up with the president's attorney, under federal investigation. >> i'm not worried. >> glor: the world's deadliest plane crash in four years, and new audio of the final moments ovfore a fatal crash in arizona. issouri's governor under criminal indictment says he's the victim of a witch-hunt.


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