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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 12, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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kenny choi. first april showers continuing in the bay area. the sun is coming up in a couple of spots of green on our hi-def doppler. some leftovers from the storm moving through the bay area last night. neda has our forecast. >> showers and colder air. you will need a jacket. 30s and 40s sound cool to me. more moisture up to the north near eureka right along the coast. but more of that precipitation is just hovering right there by the shoreline. so you may start to see a few raindrops in marin about an hour or so ago. we saw some right by point reyes and lagunitas. but yes, i wouldn't be surprised if you run into a few raindrops here and there. some areas noticing cloud coverage still but other areas
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are clear. first snowflakes falling at the diablo range so there could be a nice dusting of light snow not too much. but it's cold enough at higher elevations that any precipitation could turn to snowflakes. we are seeing lingering snowflakes across the sierra. you can see satellite-radar most of the action is breaking up. check out this crescent moon. mount vaca camera. nice clear conditions. we have a lot more clouds out there. but that's why it's so cold across the north bay. in santa rosa, 35 degrees. so you just dropped another degree. 48 in san jose. san francisco 49. 40s in livermore. a lot of those valley locations in the north bay, though, right near that freezing mark, we are in the 30s for many spots and then the wind adds to that chill factor. we are looking at oakland sustained winds at 14 miles per hour. gianna? >> speaking of the wind, wind advisory still in effect for some of our bay area bridges. it's been a pretty tough ride
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out there on this thursday morning. we are going to head to a traffic along 280 this morning northbound at pagemill road. three lanes are blocked. injury accident. the two left lanes and the far right lane that are shut down so that will leave one lane as traffic squeezes through there for this accident. so a lot of spectator slowing, as well. we are seeing some significant delays northbound pagemill road to black mountain road 72 minutes. that's a tough ride this morning. 101 all green. use that as an alternate. that's your best bet. 101 will start to get busier as the morning commute heats up but for now a much better choice. use caltrain commuting to the south bay or vice versa. so 84 minutes now is inching up very quickly for the drive time pagemill road to black mountain road. we'll keep an eye on that. reports of a significant brush fire on the right shoulder southbound 680 at capital. we are seeing some spectator slowing as a result.
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crews are on scene there. so expect delays as you head through there. investigators are looking into another freeway shooting in the bay area. a car was hit at least by one bullet. it happened at 10:00 last night on state highway 4 in bay point jessica flores is there live with the latest. reporter: good morning. we are in that area just off the willow pass exit here and i can tell you, traffic is moving smoothly. but it was stopped for some time earlier. chp was investigating what appears to be another freeway shooting in the same stretch of highway that we saw earlier this week. we do have video of chp actually towing the car to the station. appears to be a bullet hole in the back of the car. chp was doing traffic breaks in the area between port chicago highway and willow pass road last night. they seemed to be looking for bullet casings. the shooting follows one near bay point.
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on monday night gunfire on highway 4 westbound near bailey. no injuries but chp is looking for suspect and motive. chp says these shootings are part of an alarming trend. the bay area averages about one freeway shooting per week. and according to highway patrol, most are tied to games gangs. cities and counties have pushed for more cameras along freeways to catch the shooters. surveillance systems have been approved for stretches of i-80 and highway 4. but in this area, there's no camera right now. but chp still investigating again. there are a lot of questions. we are working to get more information. they haven't said motive or if they had any suspects or if anybody was injured. live in concord , jessica flores, kpix 5. fremont police say they will not release any video of a recent officer-involved shooting. it happened last thursday on fremont boulevard between
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gibraltar and tamayo street. fremont police say officers located a wanted suspect, 18- year-old man from oakland riding in a vehicle. police say the driver stopped and then the man got out and ran toward a gas station. police say he pointed a gun at them and shots were fired. police say they recovered a revolver. right now, oakland police are looking for a driver involved in a deadly hit-and- run. a 9-year-old girl is dead. her mother and two sisters are in the hospital. that crash happened at 35th and paxton avenue in oakland tuesday night. the impact pushed both vehicles into cars parked nearby. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. there's a $15,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. sources familiar with the search warrants executed at the office and home of president trump's attorney michael cohen tell cbs news it appears to them that the real target of the raids was mr. trump. >> reporter: president trump's personal attorney michael
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cohen made a brief comment to cbs news wednesday following fbi raids on his homes and office earlier this week. >> not worried at all. familiar with the search warrants tell cbs news the documents mentioned president trump's name several times. sources who have seen the warrants say it appears to them that the real target of the raids was president trump. one source called it a search and destroy mission. >> how are you? >> reporter: cbs news confirms the search warrant allowed authorities to look for records concerning the release of the 2005 "access hollywood" tape in which mr. trump was heard making comments about women. fbi agents were also looking for information about money paid to two women who claim they had an affair with mr. trump before he was president. early yesterday, the president added to speculation he may try to fire special counsel robert mueller and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. but this morning, he tweeted, quote, if i wanted to fire robert mueller in december as
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reported by the failing "new york times," i would have fired him. just more fake news from a biased newspaper. >> the president certainly has been clear that he has a very deep concern about the direction that the special counsel and other investigations have taken. >> reporter: a group of senators introduced a bill wednesday that would protect the special counsel if the president moved to fire him. the raids stem from information gathered during the course of mr. mueller's investigation into russian meddling but is part of a separate federal investigation run by the fbi's public corruption unit. a few hundred california national guardsmen will soon be deployed to the u.s./mexico border. kpix 5's jackie ward live in the newsroom with more. reporter: this morning, we finally know how governor brown has responded to a request from the white house. and he is cooperating but not without strings attached. president trump is pleased. in a tweet sent out at 6 a.m. eastern daylight time, the president said: national guard to the border. thank you, jerry. good move for the safety of our country!"
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governor brown has agreed to deploy 400 more troops to he current fig >> reporter: governor brown agreed to deploy 400 troops to increase the fight against transnational crime. they will not be adhering to president trump's orders. a partial excerpt from brown's statement reads, this will not be a mission to build a new wall. it will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. an immigration attorney is skeptical about these additional troops making a difference. >> i don't think that they are interested in practical solutions. i think they are interested in posturing. >> reporter: this is not a popular move in the minds of all the democratic gubernatorial candidates. in a politico survey last week, they all said they wouldn't send more troops to the border. so far they have not commented publicly on this matter. it may be a while until we see troops stationed there. california got this request a week ago and in the past has taken months before troops are
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positioned where they have been ordered to go. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. a debate over sanctuary status is heating up with several cities supporting a lawsuit against our state. next month santa clarita will decide if it will back the lawsuit. this comes after several cities in orange county joined the growing movement. last month, attorney general jeff sessions announced the trump administration would be suing the state over the law that limits police cooperation with i.c.e. a new poll shows that 70% of californians are concerned that federal immigration enforcement will affect undocumented students. while 65% of californians support the designation of public school districts as sanctuary safe zones. lawmakers recently released a policy guide intended to protect students from i.c.e. enforcement at school. details what school faculty should do if immigration agents show up on campus or if a child's parent has been detained or deported. it's about 10 minutes
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after 6:00. and the growing costs of that high-speed rail project and the timeline for the project's completion. >> and pack your patience if you are commuting along 280. major accident causing big delays. >> and that cold front that came through brought us rain overnight is leaving us with colder air. and windy conditions. we'll talk about that coming up and what you can expect as we almost get to the weekend. >> plus, in our tech report, facebook's ceo reveals how it collects information on people who don't even use the app.
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high speed rail project will be addressed at a meeting today. the current estimated cost is just north o dollars. concerns over the growing costs of california's high- speed rail project will be addressed at a meeting today. there are a lot of concerns. the current estimated cost just north of $77 billion. but at least one state lawmaker says he is concerned the cost could actually be
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much higher in the future. back in 2012 the project was estimated to cost $68 billion. at today's meeting the high- speed rail authority is expected to release its latest business plan. let's jump to the roads. it's been busy this morning. we have a traffic alert in effect. i want to get you updated on busy conditions here northbound 280 at pagemill road. injury accident. we have three lanes completely shut. so the far two left lanes and the right lane are totally shut. we are seeing only one lane there that's letting traffic through so you have a big backup there. it's improving just a bit. 44 minutes now is your drive time. 6 miles per hour some spots. use 101 as an alternate and foothill to get around it. avoid 280 if you can. use caltrain if you want to commute from the south bay to the peninsula. that's a good choice. southbound 880 at "a" street, this is reported by chp. they are heading to the scene.
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at least one lane is blocked and this accident you can see traffic is building as a result. a lot of red on our sensors there with delays now 20 minutes from 238 down to decoto road. if you are working your way along 880 in hayward, you can see traffic is starting to back up slow conditions, looks like both directions starting to load up a bit, as well. and we are seeing delays at the bay bridge. we had earlier trouble spots around grand. that's been cleared. metering lights are on. and sluggish there backed up almost to the maze at this point. but our drive times don't look too bad. 14, 15 minutes to go from the maze into san francisco. into san francisco. westbound 80 at powell street, a couple of cars there stacked up. a little slow and go conditions there but overall that commute along the eastshore freeway is bearable towards the bay bridge. just east of there, though, four separate accidents reported one right around texas street. they are being cleared to the right shoulder but it is causing a big backup there as you work your way along westbound 80 coming out of fairfield. so give yourself some extra time there. busy drive times by the
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carquinez bridge. here's a live look right now right near -- this is in oakland near the bay bridge toll plaza and check it out. here's that waning crescent moon a sign of the clear conditions out there and also the cold conditions. clear skies and cold conditions. this is what it feels like in many areas, windchill factors, mount tam feels like 24 degrees. it's cold and windy. so we have seen gusts around 40, 45 miles per hour overnight and early this morning. those gusts are going to continue throughout the day. 49 degrees this is the actual temperatures but when you add the wind it feels colder so you want a heavier jacket this morning. a lot of the north bay have
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temperatures close to freezing. here's our wind speeds now in oakland at 14. san francisco 13. it's been breezy through san francisco and oakland through those berkeley hills, as well. and then in concord it's calmed down but in antioch, 11 miles per hour sustained winds. just sustained winds so the gusts are higher. again, around 40, 45-mile-per- hour gusts. here's the futurecast for the winds. we are going to continue to see strong conditions right along the coastline and through the east bay hills the north bay hills. pretty much gusty all day long until about 9, 10:00. this is all that's left of the cold front that passed through. here's what's going on also. some snowflakes. that's what's coming down just east of san jose and milpitas. snow across that area. then some raindrops right off the coast. not necessarily noticing raindrops this morning. we still have those clear conditions out there. doesn't look like we are going to see much in the form of rainfall, but this is what we got overnight. that cold front came in and
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left its mark about 2" rain for petaluma, venado three- tenths. half inch of rain in kentfield. so pretty much what was forecast initially occurred. lingering showers through 1 p.m. by friday nice clear conditions across the area. that's going to stay that way through saturday. so today our afternoon highs will be cooler than average. 61 in vallejo. your seven-day forecast we'll see temperatures rise by about 10 degrees. you will feel that comfortable out there. then saturday 70s inland. a great way to kick off the weekend. but sunday night into monday next chance of rain. then again on wednesday. even if you don't have a facebook account, you are still not safe from the ongoing data scandal. the social media giant collects data on anyone who visits the website even if they don't have an account. if you visit a website with a
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facebook like or share button, the company collects your online activity even if you don't click the button. the revelation came out as ceo mark zuckerberg faced more questioning from lawmakers. the federal trade commission now says it is investigating facebook. it has power to fine or even break up the company and it's not clear if that will happen. in the wake of the ongoing scandal, instagram, which is owned by facebook, is announcing it will allow users to download all of their data using a new tool. that includes their photos, videos and messages. it's not yet clear when the new tool will launch. apple music is growing. the streaming service now has 48 million subscribers. the tech giant's main rival spotify has 71 million premium subscribers. both companies charge nearly $10 a month. we now know hot warriors will be playing in the first round of the nba play-offs and why was klay thompson so fired up for baseball on social media? we're on deck.
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with all the drama zapped out of the warriors' regular season, the only suspense left was waiting for their play-off opponent and we finally have it. gregg popovich's spurs were one of four teams in the mix to face golden state. they got drilled in new orleans by anthony davis and the pelicans 122-98. that means all eyes were on the nuggets. if they beat the timberwolves, they would play the warriors. they went to overtime against minneapolis and jeff teague scored the go-ahead bucket. wolves 112-106. which means the warriors will play the san antonio spurs in the first round. the a's weren't messing around last night in southern california. they scored 16 against the dodgers. most l.a. has given up in four years. daniel mengden on the right, he waxed up for his start at dodger stadium. 1st inning davis, there's your wood, home run number 2 of the season.
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21 hits to go along with 16 runs for the oakland lumber company! but it was all about klay thompson's younger brother. trayce thompson. he took one away from yasiel puig. he caught it in the heel of his glove and watch the tip of the cap from puig and the a's over the dodgers 16-6. giants andrew suarez made his big league debut against the diamondbacks yesterday. scoreless in the fourth, the lefty grooved a pitch to goldschmidt. big mistake! 436 feet into the bleachers. suarez pitched into the sixth allowing four earned runs. giants lose 7-3. we are barely two weeks into the baseball season. tempers flared all over the place. first in denver, nolan arenado went after the padres starter luis perdomo and then in boston yankees young slugger tyler austin got a pitch against the ribs and went after the red sox pitcher joe kelly. suspensions forthcoming.
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yankees won 10-7 and the peacemaker there was aaron rodgers who stands 6'7." i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. " all right, and our play of the day from major league baseball. cincinnati at philadelphia. herrera with the fine catch... >> straightaway center field hits very, very hard. and --did he get it? >> he got it! >> you got to be kidding me! what a play by herrera! >> oh, yeah. he did get it. the phillies herrera with the fine catch preventing a potential go ahead home run. philadelphia beat the reds 4- 3. it appears that way. we'll explain the agreement they reache guard. are governor brown and president trump actually agreeing on something?! it appears that way! we'll explain the agreement they reached regarding the
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national guard. >> another freeway shooting on highway 4. we'll tell you about this alarming trend coming up.
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another shooting on a bay area freeway. the investigation that's now unfolding after a car is hit by at least one bullet. >> until we can have a wall and proper security, we're going to be guarding our border with the military. >> governor brown is complying with the president's request to send california troops border. >> and. >> i'm announcing that this year will be my last one as a member of the house. >> house speaker paul ryan announces he is not running for re-election. the lawmakers already leading the pack in the race to
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replace him. first, the rash of bay area freeway shootings continues. an investigation is under way after shots were fired on a bay area freeway leaving a car with a bullet hole. it is thursday, april 12th, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. this latest shooting happened about 10:00 last night on state highway 4 in bay point. kpix 5's jessica flores is there with more. reporter: we're just off the willow pass exit here. traffic is flowing now but for some time couple of hours ago it was stopped as chp was investigating what appears to be another shooting on highway 4 in the same stretch where we had another shooting earlier this week. now, we do have video of chp having one vehicle towed to the chp contra costa county office and it has what looks like a bullet hole in the back of the car. chp was doing traffic breaks in the area between port chicago highway and willow pass road last night. and the photographer who shot this video says it appears chp was looking for bullet casings on the highway there. this shooting follows one a short distance away in bay point on monday night on 4 westbound near the bailey road
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exit. no injuries, but chp is still looking for suspects in that freeway shooting. chp says this is part of an alarming trend. the bay area averages about one freeway shooting a week. and according to highway patrol, most are tied to gangs. cities and counties are pushing for more cameras along freeways to help catch these shooters. surveillance systems already van proved for parts of i-80 and highway 4. here in this stretch, we haven't seen any cameras. chp is investigating. they haven't said anything about motive, suspects or injuries. live in concord, jessica flores, kpix 5. it is 6:31. and taking a live look outside, on the left-hand side you can see the sun is rising. that's a gorgeous shot from our camera on mount vaca. on the right-hand side, 880 in oakland. we are hearing of troubles
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down the road in hayward. gianna will keep us posted on the traffic. in the meantime, neda has a lot of snow in the sierra. >> it's neat. windy and snowing in the higher elevations. for most of us it's cold and windy in the bay area. you can see blowing sideways snow at homewood. there's still a winter weather advisory across that area. so definitely noticing some fresh coating of snow across those locations. about 4 to 8" at the ridgetops. if you are heading there, bring your chains. precipitation is snow because it's cold across the diablo
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range. low temperatures feel colder than what they are because of the wind chill. there's some rain at the coast not necessarily going to notice it breaching the land. you can see still clear skies now. the cold front is leaving behind chilly conditions out there. these are the current temperatures. it feels colder n concord it's 45. oakland 49. livermore 40. temperatures field like the 20s and 30s especially near the hills through the east bay and the north bay because that's where those winds are really starting to gust. we are seeing them sustained right now 13, 14 miles per hour. but gusts up to 20 and 30 miles per hour. let's get you updated on this traffic alert. it's now been canceled. chp says all lanes are cleared along 280. we have had our eye on this all morning long. northbound 280 right at pagemill road. couple of vehicles involved in this accident again all lanes now open. that's the good news. all lanes are open. we have residual delays as a result.
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drive times improving but still seeing yellow as traffic gets back on track through the area. 22 minutes pagemill road to black mountain a big difference from 15 minutes when it was 84 minutes last time so much, much better news there. drive times you can see now 58 minutes to almost an hour from 101 to king street. that's great news. 101 looking good as well from 237 to woodside. we are seeing delays on 101 from hellyer to north san antonio avenue. you will need extra time coming into the city. but better than moments ago. caltrain on time no delays there. bart running with 58 trains on schedule. ace and muni with no troubles. right now crews are searching the eel river for a family of four who disappeared while on vacation last week. the thottapilly family's suv went missing near the mendocino-humboldt counties line. around the same time the chp got a report that a maroon
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vehicle went over the road into the eel river below. >> at this time, similarities in the vehicle description from what the family was driving match what initial investigation into what the vehicle believed to have gone off the road. >> the family of four was on a road trip back from portland. they were supposed to arrive at a relative's house in san jose. but they never did. new details in the other family tragedy in mendocino county after a washington mother allegedly plunged her suv off a cliff last month. one of the women sent a text at 3 a.m. before the crash. it's not clear which woman sent it but she wrote she was sick and might have to go to the hospital. governor brown is complying with the president's request. he will send troops to the u.s./mexico border. jackie ward has more on the president she's request and how the governor is responding. reporter: it's odd to be reporting that governor brown is doing something that is making president trump happy. but that's exactly what's going on. in a tweet sent out at 6 a.m. eastern daylight time the
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president said: r the safety of our country!" governor brown is sending 400 troops to the california-mexico border to fight cr . but governor brown wants. those people will not be taking orders from the -- but there are some stipulations he wants to be clear. he is sending 400 troops to the border. a partial excerpt from brown's statement receipts: an immigration attorney says he doesn't expect this move to solve immigration issues. "it's disappointing that so much the discussion and discourse around immigration is met with a militarized response." the department of defense said troops will only carry weapons in an immigration attorney says he doesn't expect this to solve immigration issues. >> it's, um, disappointing that, um, so much of the discussion and discourse around immigration in this country is --is met with a militarized response. >> reporter: just exactly where these troops will be stationed remains unclear still. they will only carry firearms in circumstances that might require self-defense.
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in the past, national guard troops stationed along the border could not arrest people, seize drugs or conduct searches. 4,000 national guardsmen from across the country will be deployed through the end of september. jackie ward, kpix 5. u.n. diplomats are trying to calm tensions as they escalate after last weekend's alleged chemical attack in syria. this morning president trump said: protect its assets in syria from a possible u-s retaliatory strike. meanwhile: warships carrying 65- hundred russia is also in position to protect its assets in syria from a possible u.s. retaliatory strike. meanwhile, warships carrying 6500 u.s. sailors are on the way to the middle east for a previously scheduled deployment. it's unclear what their mission will be but they are being sent amid heightened tension in syria. >> we are trained. we're ready. any missing, anytime, anywhere. >> russia is a key ally of syria and warned that any u.s.
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missiles fired at syria would be shot down. the u.n. security council is holding a special meeting today to discuss how to keep the situation from escalating out of control. cia director mike pompeo is expected to signal a harder line toward russia during his confirmation hearing today. president trump tapped him to be the new secretary of state last month after firing rex tillerson. 30 former senior government officials have already sent a letter to the senate foreign relations committee in support of pompeo. now that paul ryan won't seek another term in congress, there's speculation about who will replace him as speaker of the house. among the contenders, house majority leader kevin mccarthy whose district is in bakersfield. and majority whip steve scalise of louisiana who was wounded last year in a shooting at a republican congressional baseball practice. of course, these contenders, only if republicans retain the majority in the midterm
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elections. >> i would say it's probably the toughest electoral landscape that republicans have faced in a more than a decade in american politics and now the leader of the republicans on capitol hill says he is calling it quits. >> ryan began serving with congress in 1999. he has been the house speaker since 2015. he was mitt romney's running mate in the 2012 presidential election. we have less than two months to go until the california primary and a new poll shows gavin newsom's lead is down in california's gubernatorial race. the new poll was conducted by the nonpartisan public policy institute of california. conducted in march. republican businessman john cox is a percent.. and 13-percent of those surveyed support former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. republican businessman john cox is at 15% in the number 2 slot and 13% for antonio villaraigosa. the poll also found that 22% of respondents are still undecided. time now 6:39. this morning, wine country is
6:40 am
working to recover following the deadly wildfires. the relief funding just approved. >> plus, the california counties that are set to lose the most in the ongoing trade war with china. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. you can see the dow is up about 216 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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farmers in some california counties concerned. an an president trump's threats of a trade war with china have farmers in some california counties concerned. an analysis from the brookings institute finds that agriculture in california would be hit hard in the event of a trade war. wine and fruits are among the dozens of products being targeted by china's ministry
6:44 am
of commerce. and that could hurt workers and businesses in alameda, napa, sonoma and monterey counties. according to brookings, researchers also singled out counties in central california as well as yakima county in washington. a deadly crash involving a tesla on 101 is under the microscope and some positive signs on the unemployment front. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports. >> reporter: good morning. tesla released a statement defending its autopilot system involved in a fatal crash involving a model x in march on highway 101 in mountain view. tesla says that the driver had several hundred feet of space in front of him that was available for him and did not put his hands on the wheel six seconds leading up to the crash when autopilot was instituted. the family of the driver has retained lawyers and is planning a wrongful death lawsuit. tesla shares are up this
6:45 am
morning. the labor department says that unemployment claims fell by 9,000 to 233,000. that's close to a 45 year low. the stock market is bouncing back after syrian tensions weighed on the market yesterday. let's check it. coming up later on cbs this morning. john dickerson joins us now from new york. back to you. >> thank you. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning"." john dickerson has more from new york. >> reporter: ahead, gayle will have the first in depth network interview with house speaker paul ryan since he decided not to seek re- election. she is in the speaker's office at the capital this morning. they will talk about what led to his decision, the future of the republican party and his dinner last night with the president. plus, how instagram, which is owned by facebook, is giving users more control over their information. and we'll look at how many
6:46 am
teachers are moving to find higher wages. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> already, john. sounds good. thank you. it is 6:46. gianna has been keeping her eye on a couple of traffic hot spots this morning. >> it's been tough this morning. we have had problems on 280, now 880 the hot spot this morning through hayward. looks like chp working on this accident. we are going to show you a live shot of brake lights near hayward southbound 880 at paseo grande. it may be cleared. slow southbound 238 to decoto 20 minutes. so you will need 11 more minutes. the crash cleared off to the right shoulder so good news on 280. hopefully things will get better. trying to commute to the san mateo bridge, you will see some brake lights from 880 to the toll plaza. and then you will see slow conditions again as you work your way across the span.
6:47 am
wind advisory still in effect issued by chp. 25 minutes now 880 to foster city. 18 minutes from woodside to the airport. 101 in san francisco looks good. he traffic good into san francisco this morning. bay bridge metering lights are on. westbound maze to the central freeway 17 minutes. wind advisory still in effect for the bay bridge, as well. so we have traffic backed up a lit through there. you will see delays off the eastshore freeway. here's a quick look at conditions as you work your way through truckee highway 80 so if you are heading out to the snow, chains are required. here's anne with that. about two hours left for a winter weather advisory in the tahoe/truckee area near the south shore of lake tahoe. snow chains are right now
6:48 am
required on u.s. highway 50 between twin bridges and myers, and on interstate 80 east of nyack. for more on the weather conditions there and here, here's neda. yes. it is not completely abnormal to get snow in april. but it doesn't happen all the time. homewood moments ago it was low but now look, we have clearing of the clouds but half of this view showing blowing sideways snow, the other half showing sun, clear skies, there's lake tahoe. it's pretty nice out there. this morning, it does feel very cold though. temperatures certainly below freezing there. and yes, that advisory is in effect. winter driving conditions out there. light snow in the forecast. one to two inches possible. it's leaving us some strong winds out there and gusty conditions, 20, 30 miles per hour for some of the hills through berkeley and oakland and sustained winds now still in san francisco at 13.
6:49 am
oakland at 14. antioch still pretty breezy there, as well. you can see the gusts picking up throughout the day. it will last all day and then also want to show you along the coastline from the mountains to the beaches, we go. there will be a beach hazard statement that starts today through tomorrow. so people are being advised not to turn your back on the ocean. you may see rip currents and sneaker waves. but also, look at this. this is sunrise that officially happened a few minutes ago and right now leaving us with a great view. you can see clear conditions out there. that's also contributing to why it feels so cold. 48 in san francisco and livermore. 36 santa rosa. but many of those north bay locations feel colder because of the winds. it's cold enough where any precipitation in the diablo range is turning to snow flurries. so this would be along mount hamilton. then rain off the coast but not really expecting that to impact us. rain totals over the last 24 hours:
6:50 am
not much rain. futurecast showing some sun out there today. a few clouds and maybe just some light, light showers. so it will still allow for those roads to dry up today. and then tomorrow, sunny skies, saturday sunshine. we are going to have pretty nice weather for your friday and saturday. today, though, temperatures still about 10 degrees below average, 58 in san rafael for your afternoon high. 61 in vallejo. oakland 59. so our temperatures will rise only about 10 degrees when it comes to your afternoon highs. sunset tonight 7:42. sunrise tomorrow at 6:37. and the overall picture is this. so this cold front still leaving us with that cool windy weather but then it's going to move on over. we'll get high pressure taking over. and that's what's going to help warm things up. you can definitely tell the difference in your seven-day forecast with temperatures going from the mid-50s along the coast to the low 60s for inland areas and jumping into the 60s and 70s for saturday. sunday, monday chance of rain
6:51 am
and again on wednesday. the federal government is giving the state $212 million to help with recovery after last year's devastating wildfires. $124million will go to unmet needs. $88million will be used for future impacts but it's unclear how it will be distributed to counties: sonoma county is one of the hardest-hit areas by the 2017 wildfires. officials expect the majority of the money will go to recovery efforts there. it is 9 minutes before 7:00. and a new target revealed in the fbi raid on president trump's lawyer. how the "access hollywood" tape is playing a role. >> reporter: and another freeway shooting along highway 4. we'll tell you about this alarming trend coming up.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
i'm jessica flores near highway 4 willow pass exit and this is where chp is investigating another freeway shooting in this stretch of the highway this week. chp had one vehicle towed last night with a bullet hole in the back of the car. they were doing traffic breaks in the area between port chicago highway and willow pass road about 10:30 p.m. now, the photographer who shot this video says it appears chp was looking for bullet casings. there was a shooting near bailey road exit on highway 4 monday night. no injuries but chp is looking for suspects. now, chp says these shootings are part of an alarming trend. the bay area averages about one freeway shooting per week and according to highway patrol, most of these are tied to gangs. cities and counties have pushed for more cameras along freeways to help catch the shooters and surveillance systems have been approved for
6:56 am
parts of i-80 and highway 4. now, this latest freeway shooting is still being investigated. it's unclear motive, suspects or injuries. report leaving here in concord, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. it is 6:56. time for your "final 5." >> fremont police won't release video of a recent officer-involved shooting. last thursday fremont police say officers located a wanted suspect an 18-year-old man, of oakland, riding in a vehicle. police say the driver stopped and that's when he got out and ran toward a gas station. according to police, he pointed a gun at them and shots were fired. police say they recovered a revolver. oakland police are looking for a hit-and-run driver. a 9-year-old girl is dead, her mother and two sisters in the hospital. that crash happened at 35th and paxton avenue in oakland on tuesday night. there is a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arres . crews are searching for the family that went missing
6:57 am
near the mendocino humboldt county line. new information suggests thottapilly family suv went into the eel river. agents seized documents related to payments michael cohen allegedly made to two women who claimed they had affairs with mr. trump before he was president. they are looking for records related to the "access hollywood" tape. a few hundred california national guard members will soon be deployed to the u.s./mexico border. governor jerry brown says the troops will not help to build the wall. in a tweet this morning, president trump said: california governor jerry brown is doing the right thing and sending the national guard to the border. checking your traffic conditions out there, this time we'll start with mass transit. getting reports of some ace train delays. train number 3 behind about 15 minutes this morning. so do plan for that. the good news though, bart 58 trains on time with no troubles as well as muni and caltrain all running problem- free this morning. elsewhere around the bay area,
6:58 am
very quiet on the golden gate bridge. no delays out of marin county. it's been a nice ride south 101 coming away from 580 into san francisco. if you are heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge, you will see a few brake lights westbound from marina bay parkway at least to sir francis drake boulevard. 16 minutes as you head through there. business as usual at the bay bridge. lots of company, working their way out of oakland into san francisco. 20 minutes, that's your drive time, if you are heading into the city and a wind advisory still in effect for some of our bay area bridges. that includes the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. right now northbound 880 through oakland not too bad. here's a live look now. what's going on over the bay bridge? look at that big bright sunshine! a sign of clear weather and less cloud coverage compared to yesterday. chance of rain across the north bay and cooler temperatures for sure this morning. that wind chill, wow, has a lot of temperatures in the 20s and 30s this morning.
6:59 am
so if you step outside and if you are anywhere near our bay area hills, you will definitely feel the breeze and the cold weather. also, light dusting of snow across mount hamilton. we'll be warming up though friday, saturday. all that will dry up and melt off. current temperatures. breezy this morning with gusts up to 30 miles per hour. >> i want to leave you with this gorgeous view. i just got an official snow count. 8" at a lot of the locations with the ridgetops up to 13 inches and that would be some snow and some sun for you at lake tahoe! >> nice shot. >> cool. >> let you know it is national grilled cheese sandwich day, everybody. >> grilled cheese! >> fantastic.
7:00 am
>> good excuse for that. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. our next local update is 7:26. "cbs this morning" is coming up next. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, april 12th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." russia asks for calm overnight as president trump considers a strike against syria for its alleged chemical attack. we'll look at the u.s. military options and how a new presidential tweet this morning is sending conflicting messages. sources tell cbs news the president appears to be the true target of this week's raids on his personal lawyer. one fbi search warrant mentioned the infamous "access hollywood" tape. >> we're at the u.s. capitol to talk with house speaker paul ryan who startled republicans here aboutec


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