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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 5, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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you're looking out at the transamerica pyramid. last night in san francisco the clouds parted and the fireworks were gorgeous. >> good morning. >> i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm michelle griego. we are still working on recovering. >> july 5th is the day of the least amount of sleep because of last night. but we're here. fireworks were going off all overnight through the early- morning hours. the good news, the clouds decided to allow the fireworks to steal the show. here's a live look right now looking north. you can see coit tower right there in the red and blue. so yes, very patriotic coit tower this morning. last night was quite a show. hopefully everyone enjoyed that and thanks for joining us early this morning. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday so the warming trend begins now. surf's up at the beaches. so if you are heading to the
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beach to cool off especially this weekend keep that in mind. i will explain about the beach hazard statement coming up and the heat is going to get intense this weekend. i'll show you why coming up. we are tracking an earlier accident. this looks like it's eastbound highway 4. so opposite commute direction as you are just passing willow and we have looks like some slowdowns. but not backed up to the port chicago highway, which it was earlier. so that is the good news there. you can see traffic is goal in freeway. westbound no delays. head -- you can see traffic is flowing very freely. westbound no delays. 23 minutes between 205 and 680. that is a check of your traffic. i'll send it back over to you. it was a spectacular night sky over san jose for the 4th of july and the constant boom of illegal fireworks.
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kpix 5's maria medina has more on the crackdown falling on deaf ears. >> reporter: this was the view from communication hill. >> the view was amazing. >> reporter: illegal fireworks shows all over san jose. >> if it goes pop, it's probably illegal. >> reporter: chopper 5 captured an explosive amount of fireworks being set off even before sundown, despite a new tool rolled out by the city where people can take a picture or video of violators and report them online. >> we have to stop the fireworks. >> reporter: last week people made nearly 700 online complaints to report illegal fireworks. firefighters didn't wait for the new tool to send a message. >> before we turned on the online tool this year, we had already issued $5,500 worth of citations. >> reporter: city leaders have tried to crack down on fireworks, but many don't care. in san jose last year, the city spent $50,000 on an outreach campaign against violators. do you think there's anything
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the city can do to stop this? i think when you have so many people lighting up fireworks, it's hard for them to regulate it. >> reporter: this year, it appears this new particulate matter isn't working. maria medina, kpix 5. -- this year, it appears this new tactic isn't working. maria medina, kpix 5. runways in san jose shut down for 30 minutes between 9:30 and 10 p.m. to protect pilots from the blinding lights in the sky. and this was the show they were protecting pilots from. check it out. the grand finale of the show in downtown san jose. it lasted for about 20 minutes. once the fireworks and smoke gr highway 237 at north first street. fire officials got the call about 9:30 last night. no word on the cause of the fire. over in alviso, san jose police broke up a huge 4th of july party. you can see multiple units
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patrolling the area before stopping the party. san bruno police made a number of busts overnight. officers arrested at least 25 people. police say one group alone had more than 300 pounds of fireworks. they found a gun on one of the suspects. police haven't said what charges they could face. in san francisco, the fog was a no show at the big party. crystal clear skies for the big fireworks show by the waterfront. kpix 5's betty yu was there. >> reporter: a fog-free 4th of july made for a spectacular fireworks show. >> i feel good. i mean, i can see good. it's really nice out tonight. ha ha! it's very patriotic, festive colors. it's a great event. >> reporter: in years past the fog almost always blanketed the entire spectacle. how do you feel? >> that's one of the risks that you take when you come out here, but tonight we got
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really lucky and we got our hot cocoa. we're warm. >> reporter: people dressed warmly and showed their patriotic colors. and the fireworks did their part. what do you think of the show? >> it's cool. >> reporter: leading up to the show, the bay area cover band tainted love entertained crowds at pier 39. >> i live in minneapolis, haven't been here for a while. so my friend george from santa barbara and i decided to come up here and enjoy the 4th of july. >> reporter: and by nightfall, san francisco didn't disappoint. ah, looked great out there last night. we didn't know what "karl the fog" was going to do and you tweeted "him" yesterday. get out of here. he listened. >> please don't steal the show. ha ha! it was cool. the timing was -- the finale came and then i saw the clouds and he is just two hours late. that's fine. it's good. a lot of people had a great time at the show. we're glad you're with us
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early this morning on the 5th of july. let's talk about the forecast. warmer weather is coming. yesterday temperatures were below average in the 60s and 70s for the afternoon highs. it was breezy especially through downtown san francisco. and taking a live look now, you see a little bit of moisture in the air. we have some clouds out there this morning. and temperatures 54 in san francisco. same with livermore. oakland 56. a very normal morning condition. but our afternoon highs are also going to be very normal, so about a 10-degree increase from yesterday is what to expect. satellite/radar showing the marine layer. there it is and, yes, it's the sign of an onshore breeze that still is in our forecast area today. but then things will start to change. we'll get a shift in our wind direction again and we are going to start to see more sunshine but not until the weekend. so for now, visibility is fine. looks like 10 miles of visibility for most spots. wind speeds right at sfo 12 miles per hour.
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yesterday about 20, 25-mile- per-hour gusts. same through downtown san francisco. so it's calmed down a bit this morning for the north bay, barely a breeze in places like san rafael and novato. then fairfield, the usual spot that's breezy. so here's your wind futurecast. later on this afternoon, the winds are going to start to get a little breezier and breezier. about 7 p.m. stronger gusts through the night. speaking of the winds, we have a wind advisory posted for the antioch bridge as well as the benicia bridge and the bay bridge. stay safe out there. we are tracking a problem, an accident eastbound direction highway 4 near willow pass road. it's still blocking one lane. you can see speeds drop a bit below the limit, 51 miles per hour through the stretch. traffic not backed up to the port chicago highway. the rest of your ride looking okay westbound. no delays out of antioch, 12 minutes to 680. here's the benicia bridge where we have that other wind
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advisory in place for drivers heading across the span. eastshore freeway not a problem right now. re still seeing speeds in the green, about 15 minutes making your way from highway 4 over towards the maze. we are seeing a little bit of a backup in some of the cash lanes. nothing to write home about. 11 minutes heading into san francisco. in napa and yolo counties, containment is slowly growing on the county fire burning east of lake berryessa. it was 86,000 acres by last night. it is now 27% contained. more crews are heading to the fire line. nearly 3500 firefighters have responded so far. crews were hoping to take advantage of favorable weather yesterday, but it didn't provide much help. and in lake county, crews almost have a handle on the pawnee fire. it is now 90% contained. that fire has burned 15,000 acres since it started more than a week ago.
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a fire in colusa county is now fully contained. it started yesterday afternoon at lake park east of mendocino national forest. it was contained to 75 acres by last night. this is already a busy fire season for the country battling 2.5 million acres of flames across the u.s. a protest against i.c.e. is growing in san francisco. the number of people camping out in front of the citizenship and immigration services building has nearly doubled since monday. the crowd has forced the closure of one block of washington street. it's part of a series of nationwide protests calling for the agency to be abolished. and a dramatic immigration protest in new york city. a woman climbed the statue of liberty forcing thousands of visitors off the island. cbs reporter nikki battiste on how the hours-long incident unfolded. >> reporter: a woman tried to climb the statue of liberty wednesday afternoon prompting the national park service to shut down the popular tourist
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attraction. >> i was, like, is that a person hanging from the statue? i was, like, took my camera, zoomed in and there was someone there. >> reporter: officials say she went up the base shortly after at least 6 people were taken into custody for hanging a ban they're called for the abolishment of ice -- banner that called for the abolishment of i.c.e. she was protesting with that group earlier. >> we don't know she would do it. we thought it was a it coincidence that somebody was climbing the statue. >> reporter: many of the 4500 visitors on liberty island said they couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> we were in shock and we were surprised. but it was very intense. >> she actually had a sign, um, protesting president trump and was waving it and then was also waving to some of the bystanders below her.up set the was cut short. >> the whole island shut down. and nobody is allowed to go on it. so i'm going to go get a
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refund. >> reporter: police removed her from her position about 100 feet up after a nearly four-hour standoff. nikki battiste, cbs news, new york. in salinas, 77 people rang in the 4th of july, their first, as american citizens. after months of studying and years of waiting, dozens of people from 20 different countries took oat s at a naturalization ceremony on tuesday. >> i don't know how i could really put it into words just how proud i am of them, especially in clate where, like especially in the community like salinas how people are just afraid for their lives, like, being -- like being deported, afraid of or >> president trump also left a message welcoming them united states. time is 4:41. san jose's champion eater joey chestnut making another run at
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history. how he performed at the nathan's hot dog-eating contest. ♪[ music ]
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each city celethei own unique fireworks displays. from the rose bowl northeast of l-a -- ere more than 4th of july celebrations around the country each city celebrating with their own unique fireworks display. thousands of fireworks were used. in new orleans the so-called dueling barges fireworks show. >> very cool. the bay area's biggest 4th of july parade. marchingnd and floats to politici a ye cebrated with the 4th of july parade. hundreds turned out for the festivities which included a
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military flyover. >> san jose's joey chestnut has done it again. he gobbled down dozens of hot dogs and set a new world record at nathan's hot dog- eating contest. >> joey!! chestnut!! >> he is the champ. a long-time one. he defended his title at coney island yesterday. at first, there was some confusion on how much he ate. judges initially miscounted the total but a recount showed he broke his own record and set a new world record by eating 74 hot dogs in just 10 minutes. he won 11 times. >> mvp around here one of the best. >> i would almost consider him a member of my family. >> wow. that's cool. this woman miki sudo won the women's competition eating 37 in 10 minutes earning her a fifth straight title. the winners get $10,000. >> can you imagine 74 hot dogs
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in 11 minutes? >> no way. >> they soak it in water. >> makes it even more gross. >> mushy bread? no. >> all for that mustard belt. >> oh, boy. we are waking up to clouds. it's looking clear. you guys had a clear night which is great news. 54 in san francisco. a sign of overall west winds. still the onshore breeze in effect but it's not too much cool air.
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we had to nudge them away didn't allow them to work their way over the bay until after the fireworks show. low 70s oakland, mid-80s in concord today. a look at other neighborhoods around town, redwood city 80. pacifica also 65. 79 in san rafael. 79 in santa rosa. so overall what's going on is the low that brought us some of that cloud coverage and wind yesterday is actually still right here. it's bringing rain down for parts of oregon and the pacific northwest. but for us, we are seeing it kind of weaken and a little farther way from us.
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hurricane fabio will bring us high waves. but this ridge will cause excessive heat for a lot of southern california and the desert southwest extending up into fresno, san joaquin county. for us temperatures above average by the weekend. so by the weekend you may be tempted to go to the beaches. here's the advisory. i want to point this out in case you're going that way. swells up to 7 feet every 16 to 18 seconds all because of hurricane fabio off the coast and it's very far away from us but it is impacting us. south-facing beaches will have large breakers. it will be warm this weekend. so i can understand why you would want to go that direction. here's the extended forecast with warmer temperatures over the weekend and cloud coverage because of fabio.
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higher elevation clouds coming through as fabio comes north with high waves and clouds. warmer than average weather will last for a while. >> sounds like a nice week. right now, we are tracking a nice ride for drivers in the north bay. this is a live look at 101 near 12. you can see your ride through santa rosa not a problem this morning. making your way down towards petaluma speeds in the green in both directions. so easy driving conditions. we still have some closures due to the fires on highway 20 and walker ridge. that remains shut down. we also have 128 between markley cove and 87. if you are planning to travel there, there will be closures there. highway 37, near highway 121, you can see a little crowded already this morning but our speeds are in the green. so no delays making your way
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westbound between 80 and 101. richmond/san rafael bridge, just a few cars out there for the start of your thursday morning ride. we have a wind advisory in place at the antioch and bay bridge also. eastbound highway 4 willow pass road, we have a crash. they are waiting for for a tow. time now 4:50. rescue teams in thailand are weighing their options to free 12 boys trapped in a cave as we learn more about what's making the operation so difficult.
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travis air force base hopes to hold its fourth of july drone
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show today. normal conditions close to average today so upper 70s, low 80s for a lot of the south bay. 77 in santa clara, 82 in san jose. 76 in fremont. taking a look further out east mid-80s for antioch, pittsburg, fairfield, concord, pleasanton also in the mid- 80s. sausalito and alameda, san leandro get ready for 71. same with oakland. it should feel comfortable and then further up north temperatures will stay in the mid- to upper 80s. i'll have more coming up. right now, we are tracking light ride for drivers along 680 making your way into walnut creek in the southbound direction but we may start to see a backup. we are tracking a new crash along westbound 24 right near
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the caldecott tunnel. we'll have more on that and what kind of delays it's causing coming up. travis air force base hopes to hold their drone show today for the 4th of july. they had to delay the display yesterday because of high winds. but second time maybe the charm. today hundreds of drones equipped with l.e.d. lights are expected to fly in formation over travis air force base. those 12 boys trapped in a cave in thailand are getting stronger as rescuers try to figure out ways to get them out safely. cbs reporter ben tracy has more from outside that cave. >> reporter: one by one, the boys wrapped in foil warming blankets took turns introducing themselves and delivering a message to their parents that they're in good health. some of them smiled and held up peace signs as medics treated scratches on their feet and legs.
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>> the boys appeared more alert than a day ago. >> reporter: british divers discovered them on a muddy ledge. the complicated task of how they will be safely rescued from the cave remains unclear. this morning, the governor of the location suggested the team might not be able to leave all at the same time. rescue crews are waiving the option to swim out immediately, a risky choice. they are trapped 2.5 miles from the entrance of the cave. they would have to get through flooded sections, a very difficult task for even the most experienced divers, let alone a group of boys who don't know how to swim. so the plan for now is this. they are trying to furiously pump as much water out of this cave as possible to bring the water level down far enough it will be more safe for the kids to either swim out or better yet they could wade or walk out. in the meantime a phone line is being installed inside the
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cave so the soccer players can talk to their parents. the mother of a trapped 16- year-old said it feels like her son has been given a new life. this has become a race against time and the weather. monsoon rains may flood the cave again so they have found two places where rain was entering the cave and blocked them off. ben tracy, cbs news, thailand. a lawsuit against nasa over some alleged moon dust. a woman in tennessee says it belongs to her. laura chico claims astronaut neil armstrong gave her the moon dust and a signed business card when she was 10. according to chico, her father was friends with armstrong. but she learned that nasa considers all lunar material government property and has a history of trying to track down any that someone has. she contacted the lawyer to have the dust tested. >> we speculated this might be
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a sample that was vacuumed off a spacesuit. >> the autograph is authentic. but lab testing on the dust was less conclusive. it found it could have lunar material but it's not 100% sure. >> to our knowledge he never gave moon dust to his sons, wives, crewmates. i have worked with buzz aldrin, i know he doesn't have any. >> what if nasa says, you're essentially keeping stolen property? >> then they would have to call their hero a thief and neil armstrong was not a thief. we just want to keep our property. >> chico's lawyer has prmptive t ainst nasa demanding she be declared the rightful owner.rty,
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sideshow. it waa busy night for jose firefighters and police officers. i'll have the details coming right up. >> and protestors as part of "occupy sf" ice have i.c.e. are camping out. we'll take you there.
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm anne makovec in for kenny. let's start with a live look outside... good morning, everyone. it is thursday, july 5th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. let's start with a live look outside as we take a look at the beautiful city of san francisco. coit


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