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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in-law's life. while another worker at the shop called 911. javier's injuries are so severe he could lose both of his hands. >> the employee at this repair shop made a decision that will change his life forever. >> investigators say the firework was two inches wide, and they're not sure if it was the same fireworks sold in nearby counties, or an illegal mortar style firework. >> we cannot tell the nature of the device, or exactly what it was, because there was very little left. >> fireworks of any kind are illegal here. investigators are trying to figure out where the firework came from, and who threw it into the dumpster. javier was taken to john mayer medical center in walnut creek. >> you mentioned he work at the body shop. did you learn anything else about the victim? >> he actually worked here with his brother-in-law for a couple of years. we also found out that he is a married father of two little
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girls. >> all right, katie nelson, thank you so much. police confiscated hundreds of pounds of fireworks during the holidays. pittsburgh police say these are some of the illegal explosives that they have seized on the fourth of july. they also made numerous arrests. the city dedicated debt -- seven officers just to deal with fireworks enforcement. 25 people were arrested just before midnight. officers confiscated more than 300 pounds of illegal explosives. >> police in oakland arrested five people and cited dozens more for setting off illegal fireworks last night. this video from the tower cam shows plenty of people got away with it. neighbors tell kpix 5 news it sounded like a war zone. >> reporter: yes. it sounded bad. we found a lot of spend fireworks this morning in east oakland. i expected to find a lot of these little rocket launchers, this box here -- it caught me by surprise. these canisters, the cylinders,
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they are about two feet high, and they look commercial grade. once the sun went down the fireworks shot up, and they do not stop in oakland until almost midnight. i shot a lot of cell phone footage in east oakland. >> somebody was in a battlefield or -- >> it battlefield? >> yes, it sounded like that. >> it sounds like war? >> yeah. >> from the street, i could see fireworks blasting off in front of me. i could see them to the right, and left. no escaping, literally surrounded. colorful, explosive, and deafening. there is a time-lapse video of east oakland taken last night, nonstop fireworks. most people i talked to have learned to accept it since it's the -- it is a problem that is
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impossible to stop. >> when we go to the official show, at the berkeley marina, it got overwhelming with people and trying to get food or go to the bathroom. and i think that we had a better show just driving around east oakland. >> some people find it fun, others believe it is money up in flames. especially in a low income community. >> just the illegal fireworks in oakland, i am sure that millions were spent. >> millions of dollars in oakland. i think it is more than that. >> there cleaning up this morning, check out this large pile and bags of spend fireworks. empty shells and -- littered intersections in many parts of the city. >> we do not like the dirty neighborhood to walk through and see. it is trashy. >> well, you guys know that i grew up in east oakland. my mom worked two jobs to put food on the table. so, when i think of east oakland i think of low income working-class family like my mom. so, that begs the question -- i don't understand where people get all the money to buy all these fireworks, because those that we saw last night could
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pay for a lot of people's rents. live in oakland, kpix 5. illegal fireworks were also a big problem in the south bay. the streets of san jose's neighborhoods were littered this morning with debris. one resident said the explosives damaged her van. >> simulate one upside down and damaged my van over there . but, i guess these things happen. >> the activity came despite san jose's efforts to crackdown on illegal fireworks. the city website allows residents to report offenders online. in san francisco, the search is on for a driver who threw fireworks at a woman last night. it happened around 8 pm in the cities panhandle. police say the victim was standing at the corner when a man pulled up the car, and lobbed those fireworks at her. and, they went off. the driver then got away. police say the fireworks caused the blast injury to the woman's foot. clandestine firework workshop blew up in mexico
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killing 20 people. the buildings were reduced to wreckage north of mexico city. the initial blast drew an emergency response, then a second wave of explosions killed four firefighters and two police officers. one child is also among the 19 dead. authorities say it all started in a single unauthorized workshop, and then spread to others nearby. to washington, where the head of the epa is out, after months of scandal and numerous probes into his spending, management, and ethics. scott pruitt resigned, citing unrelenting attacks. cbs reporter is at the white house with more. >> reporter: as you know, four months president trump has called -- has been called to fire scott pruitt. it appears that the many accusations of corruption in the investigations into this accusations finally became too much. president trump tweeted the news
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that he has accepted the resignation of scott pruitt as the administrator of the environmental protection agency. speaking on air force one, the president said the decision has been in the works for a few days and that there is no final straw, that scott pruitt felt he was a distraction. in his resignation letter he said the unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family, are unprecedented, and have taken a sizable toll on all of us. inspector general is in the midst of five audits, including pruitt suspending on security and travel. and democrats have seized on the $43,000 soundproof booth in his office, which he defended before congress. >> i was not involved in the approval and if i had known about it, i would have refused it. >> president trump has praised him for rolling back environmental regulations, but he has also been frustrated with the negative headlines. >> is he implied in a meeting with cabinet members, -- >> the epa is doing really really well. and you know, somebody has to do that a little bit.
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you know that, scott. >> as the pressure is mounting, the president was complement it for his leadership. >> i believe he is in the white house because of great courage, and it is about getting results. >> president trump tweeted that andrew wheeler will be the epa's interim leader until you administrator is nominated and confirmed. scott pruitt is the fifth member of president trump's cabinet to be fired or resigned since mr. trump took office. liz, back to you. >> meanwhile, the president and his fifth communication chief, former fox copresident bill shine will fill the post in march. two of california's sanctuary laws will remain in place. us district judge john mendez denied the trump administration's request to immediately halt three state laws. there tended to shield immigrants who are in the country illegally. the judge did put one of those laws on hold, it is intended to protect people at their places of employment.
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the trump administration is expected to challenge today's ruling. governor brown had this to say -- only congress can chart the path forward, by rising above mindless partisan divisions, and working together to solve this problem. a stolen police cruiser, recovered in the east bay. >> police have plans for the suspect, but what to do with the suspected accomplice found in the backseat? >> a hot, smoggy summer can trigger health trouble for some bay area kids. now, a chance to breathe easier. the role in healthcare that is helping them out. with more rain on the way, the sense of urgency grows to save a young soccer team. the latest plans for getting 12 boys and their coach back above ground.
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officers found this dog in the back seat of one of their own s-u- v's.. after it was stolen in west oakland police have a new k- 9 on the force. officers found the dog and back of one of their own suvs after that car was stolen in west
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oakland earlier this afternoon. police say a woman distracted a officer during a service call and then jumped in the car and took off. she was pulled over and arrested. the dog was taken to a shelter. breaking news from northern california. the brushfire has closed interstate i-5 at the oregon border. the fire is threatening the community of hornbrook. i five northbound was closed at bailey hill, southbound is closed in ashland, oregon. the fire has grown to more than 500 acres, and evacuations are underway. new pictures, just coming into the newsroom of the county fire. the massive blaze, burning in hilo and napa counties now covers an area three times the size of san francisco. crews are making progress, the fire is now 30% contained. no homes have burned, but nearly 1000 structures near the community of lindauer ours threatened. meanwhile, the pawnee fire in
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lake county is 92% contained. cal fire expects it to be fully contained by next tuesday. during the summer, especially when we have wildfires, better can present trouble for those with asthma. now immobile pediatric clinic is helping kids. kpix 5 news's john shows us the brief mobile. >> reporter: it is summer, but they are still learning, because the breath mobile is here. >> you are going to hold down right there -- >> cesar sometimes has difficulty breathing. it may be allergies, or it could be something more serious. >> blow -- blow -- >> it could be asthma. the breath mobile is a mobile doctors office that goes into working-class communities to identify those who may not be diagnosed until the end up in the emergency room. then, appropriate drugs are prescribed, and most importantly, families are trained to use them properly. it is having a dramatic effect.
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>> within the last year, we have reduced er visits -- i believe it was about 70%. and school absenteeism is not as much . >> reporter: poor neighborhoods have a bigger problem because they are closer to freeways or pollution sources that can trigger an attack. , ntlyrethe filae inhareverg s of smoke across the bay area, sending people like cesar to the breath mobile. >> it hurts me right here. when i run and breve -- >> when you don't speak the language or -- culturally, your used to -- well if it gets bad enough i will call 911. we want to change those kind of habits. >> although he does not like admitting it, the driving force behind the breath mobile is pathologist washington burns. 18 years ago he began directing a philanthropic group called the prescott joseph center to improve lives in west oakland.
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>> i was ever into agriculture and theater and all the stuff. but, people -- >> you thought maybe it was important for people to be able to breathe? >> that is exactly right. >> for the first time, they have moved beyond oakland into towns like pittsburgh, where the risk is just as high and the need is just as great. in pittsburgh, john ramose, kpix 5. that will return every 4-6 weeks to provide follow-up treatment and education. investigators are trying to determine the fireworks may have caused this house fire in oakland this morning. the play started at about 4:30 at the two unit residence on hayes street. by the time crews arrived, the home was engulfed in flames. >> the structure fire was advanced. communication to other buildings is one of our primary concerns. >> the six residents did manage to get out safely, but they all now need a new place to live.
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one resident had been treated for smoke inhalation. other stories we are watching, a gruesome find in a park. a woman's body was discovered about 9 am in a creek in arroyo viejo park. she appears to be in her 50s. there were no signs of foul play. a man accused of killing a security guard this week in san francisco has made his court appearance. 24-year-old cardell coleman is being held without bail on murder charges. today, prosecutors said the of footage helped to lead to the arrest. and although romero was killed early monday outside the alice griffith housing development in the bay area. in san jose, dozens huddled around this show. it happened on the capital expressway. snapchat and posts show the crowd cheering as the car spin around. at one point some of the set off fireworks. the woman who climbed the statue of liberty to protest the trump administration's policy faced a judge today.
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44-year-old teresa camus left court today to cheers from supporters. moments later she pled guilty to trespassing and disorderly conduct. her 25 foot ascent from the monuments observation deck yesterday was part of an apparent protest calling for the abolishment of immigration and customs enforcement. >> michelle obama -- our beloved first lady that i care so much about. when they go low, we go high, and i want as high as i could. >> that caused officials to evacuate tourists yesterday. lady liberty reopened today. mounted the latest developments on the soccer team being rescued in thailand. rescuers are scrambling to build a dam. they want to divert rain away from the cave where 12 boys and their coach have been trapped for nearly 2 weeks. at the same time, we learned today that workers accidentally pumped water into the cave
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briefly causing a setback. ben tracy has the latest. >> reporter: emergency workers are rushing to pump out the excess water from the cave, trying to bring the levels down so that it is safer to rescue the boys. they are drilling through rocks to make room for hoses. they have already removed more than 31 million gallons of water. doctors are treating and feeding the young soccer players who are being given a crash coat -- lesson in swimming in case after make the attempt to swim out of the dark and narrow cavern. >> the children are aware of the caves and have been in there very often. so, we have to assess everything . we have to see what the conditions bring. >> several sections of the cave remain flooded, including an area that requires full diving equipment. rescue workers opaque and draining of water to eliminate long stretches where the boys would have to keep their heads underwater.
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this is the father of the youngest boy, an 11-year-old known as titan. >> are you worried about how they are going to get them out of the cave? >> he says i believe that the seal team can make it happen. i have faith. >> reporter: he says that the thai navy seals of not only families when or if they will attempt the rescue, and he knows that it may be safer for his son to stay in the cave until the water receives. >> once your son comes home, what is the first thing you will say to him? >> me and your mother are waiting for, and we love you. >> reporter: i did ask his father if he blames the 25-year- old soccer coach who apparently went into the cave with these boys, despite the risks. he said he does not. he he says he is a good guy, and he gave these kids all the food and water that he had until rescuers arrived. ben tracy, cbs news. let's look at ocean beach right now, where a beach hazard advisory is in effect through sunday. there are warnings of large waves, rip currents, and
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sneaker waves from a large offshore swell that is expected to mainly affect south facing locations like santa cruz and stinson beach. the largest waves expected tonight and tomorrow, reaching up to eight feet. what does bobbio and our weather here in the area have in common? the answer, coming up. 4th of july fireworks - sent a lot of scared pets running. how a local shelter is using facial gnition techno coming up, all new at 6 pm, a busy day for animal rescues. fourth of july fireworks set a lot of scared pets running. how they are using facial recognition technology to find their homes. first, the markets closed up today. there is a look at the closing numbers from wall street. you could generate your own energy,
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you would think that yesterday it was only the young
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kids that would venture into the pool, today a lot of parents are saying today's the day that i want to go. >> july 5, the unofficial start to summer. yeah. we warm up now as folks are headed back to work. but, at least the clouds stayed away for the fireworks. and, they rolled in right after. thank you to mother nature for that. we talked about a warm-up, here it is. today will be the coolest day, up to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. livermore, 88. san jose, 80s as well. oakland, 72. and, completely fog free in san francisco right now. baseball tonight, this will be a really nice night to watch the game at at&t park, resting the cardinals, the first pitch is at 7:15. 61 degrees. we have cloud cover overnight. that walk like a blanket and trapped extra heat. so, it will not beis cool. we will stay in the low 60s in concorde, mountain view, livermore, and fairfield. 54 four vallejo, and beach
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hazard statement -- through saturday afternoon, suddenly the swell will run breakers up to eight feet. there are sneaker waves and rip currents. bottom line, a lot of you may be inclined to take the kids to the beach. do so with caution. never turn your back to the water. i'm talking to you, adults as well as the kids. severe weather headlines, mainly cloudy, little bit, or human tomorrow morning. you may wonder why, it is tropical moisture from tropical storm bobbio. not the actor, i was not going there. it is sending moisture our way. inland areas 80s and 90s for the next several days. satellite and radar -- so, where is tropical storm fabbio? it is way over here offscreen left. notice that moisture. there are a few moisture -- showers. the clouds shield has made it north of santa barbara, it is headed in our direction. and, some of that tropical air will give us a sticky feel to our friday morning, and also mostly cloudy skies. this is not the low clouds and
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fog, just cloud cover over the entire bay area in the morning. it will send in the afternoon. at a minimum, you will get filtered sunshine. on the cloudy side tomorrow. saturday, not the case. we get full sunshine from start to finish. temperatures will respond by climbing into the 90s. the air quality, it has been a thought all week long, because we have had that fire burning. that is about 30-50 miles to our north and east. thankfully, the smoke is being pushed in the other direction. no multi-issues tomorrow. your highs tomorrow, into the 90s, fairfield, concorde, and livermore -- livermore, 85 for napa. san rafael, e4. oakland, 80 tomorrow. and, san francisco about five degrees milder, to 72 degrees. so, not crazy. nowhere near a record. but, it will be warm. speaking of warmer, we stay warm. the last time we spiked for a
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couple days got hot, then cooled off. it is not going to happen this time. once we get warm we will stay warm. 60s at the beach, and the highs inland will behind the 90s. we will be right back. it's time for the 'lowest prices of the season'
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with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides, for effortless comfort. it's the 4th of july special. save up to $500 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus 36-month financing. ends sunday. it's part of the 4-th annual "flowe san francisco's botanical garden is being transformed into an alfresco concert hall, all part of the fourth annual ower piano event h f toat golden gapark is video from last year. pns have been placed all around the garden, and all are vid con
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from various genres. >> i guess i should learn to play piano. is it too late? you give me way too much credit. >> well, cbs evening news is next. more on scott pruett's resignation -- allen and veronica are back in 30 minutes. thank you for watching tonight at 5. we are back in 30 minutes. we will see you then. "..."
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> golodryga: on the "cbs evening news" for this thursday, shakeup in the trump cabinet, scott pruitt is out as head of the e.p.a. as ethics questions grow. the heat is on in the west as temperatures rise, wildfires spread. and the worst possible weather forecast for the 12 boys trapped in a cave in thailand. but first the headlines in 60 seconds. >> e.p.a. chief scott pruitt has resigned. >> he has resigned? >> mr. pruitt is the subject of at least 13 federal investigations. >> this is not a surprise, it's really been a long time coming. >> how did an ordinary british couple become exposed to a military grade nerve agent? >> residents here are once again on edge. >> all we want to know is are you safe.


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