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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  July 8, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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it's now in the final stages. with more than a dozen divers swimming t it is a race against time to save a soccer team trapped in thailand. is now in the fae -- final stages with more than a dozen swimmers swimming. and other fast-moving wildfire explodes three california neighborhood. protesters have taken over washington street in san francisco for seven straight days. the goal is to abolish ice. >> believe it or not we were here just an hour to ago. let's start off with our forecast. we have beautiful forecast last night. concorde is at 62 degrees. santa rosa set 48. it was warm yesterday but it
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will be hot today as well. not much has changed in the numbers. the numbers are going to be in the mid-90s inland. we will have your complete forecast in a few minutes. a major development this morning in thailand were rescuers are trying to get 12 members of the youth soccer team and their coach out of a flooded cave. the first two boys have been successfully rescued. it could take up to four days to get everyone out of the cave. as the boys are rescued they are being examined in a field hospital before they are airlifted to a standard hospital for further treatment. we have more on the elaborate and dangerous rescue process. >> armed with heavy excavation equipment, and a rapidly draining cave, rescuers put up green tarp around the entrance preparing to do what seems to be impossible. rescuing these 12 children and their soccer coach from two miles deep in the ground -- mountain. >> this is probably the most
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challenging rescue that i have read about or seen. >> greg with the northeast chapter of the cape rescue commission says that nothing about this attempt will be easy. >> the depth and distance is definitely an issue here. >> it is anticipating to be a buddy dive through waters rushing like the colorado river. the age of the children is a challenge. >> the kids can be resilience. i expect a lot of, robbery and good feelings between the because their teammates. they're going to encourage each other and keep spirits up. >> with rains approaching the our crossed fingers as well as backup plans in place. >> a giant canvas that will be inserted into the cave that the dive team is set up. we are going to inflate it with air.
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and it will be as big as 17 diameters to get it as white as it needs to be to get supplies and or out. >> basically a tiny kid side submarine using liquid oxygen transfer tube of a falcon rocket hole light enough to be carried by to divers. -- 2 divers. in other news, this early sunday morning crews are making progress in the battle against wildfires running in california and other restaurant united states. one of the smallest most destructive is the holiday fire in santa barbara county. it burned about 100 acres and is now 80% contained.
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elsewhere in southern california, the thousand acre valley fire in san bernardino county is just 5% contained. mandatory evacuations remain in effect for the community of force falls. it is considered threatened. >> the heat is so tremendous it was like burning up. >> in san diego county, the west fire which was actually in east san diego county is 81% contained. it has burned more than 500 acres. it has destroyed 18 structures and damaged eight others. in northern california, cisco county is 26% contained. is linked to one death. other major wildfires are also burning in utah and colorado. today is day seven for a protest in san francisco. police are trying to get people to clear out on their own. >> we are asking you to break
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down your tents and go home. >> police were at the scene before 11 pm last night outside the immigration office. you can see the makeshift barriers where protesters have been sleeping since last monday. a group called confused fascism is there. they are angry about lengthy detentions for migrants. >> they have told us the police may break up the protest tomorrow if people do not leave on their own. california's sanctuary laws will remain in place at least for now. u.s. district judge john mendez denied the trump administration's request to immediately hold three state laws intended to shield immigrants who are in the country illegally. the judge put one on hold that is intended te at pces of emplo offi defend the laws and
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hailed the ruling on twitter where he wrote the constitution gets people of california and not the trump administration the power to decide how we public -- how we decipher public welfare. the trump administration is going to challenge that ruling. meanwhile they mets that the government separated hundreds more children from their parents than previously revealed. agents from health and human services say that 100 children are younger than five years old. and the total number of children taken from their parents might be as high as 3000. federal judge in san diego gave the administration until about the end of this month to reunite all families. meanwhile the embattled head of the epa has stepped down. pruitt was facing more than a dozen investigative inquiries into his first class travel, treatment of staff, ethics and spending. the resignation was his own decision. his temporary replacement is andrew wheeler.
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he is a former lobbyist for the coal industry. we have more information about the issues surrounding first class travel. >> unfortunately for mister trump all of the people connected are similar to what he is. all of their lives they have been doing those things. and it is very difficult to go back to being normal. unlike ordinary people. you just don't do that. it's not natural. >> nobody wants to fly business class after first-class. but it seems like he brings in a skeleton crew. it's not even clear if he has a crew to deliver the ethics guidelines. they don't have good directions. >> i don't understand when trump brought in various people for the private sector and said now you're running a federal department. and they are still thinking it is the private sector. this guy pruitt is a former attorney general of the state of oklahoma. >> they don't have any ethical
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laws. he has been doing exactly what he's been doing now. people tend to do that. when you point them no matter what the instructions are, they don't read their instructions. >> but they have the political savvy where you don't embarrass whoever it is that employed you. >> especially when they are trying to drain the swamp and save money for middle americans. how hypocritical that is and how it flies in the face. what is to stop people from taking first-class if there's no enforcement? >> people do not change their habits. they continue to do exactly as they have always done in life. whether you're the attorney general or not. ey do exactl tbe. and after all they set the standards. >> i cannot get used to flying
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first class. >> i'm so glad this is on tape. because we are going to use this later. >> i don't think anything we say is going to change what mister trump things or does. we were doing a story on how people should be using mass transit. we all should be. we were talking at the time deadly and we said that everyone should get out of their cars and it we said how did you get to work? and it was a big black suv. that is how the mayor would a coming up we have a massive mudslide cutting off a scenic route and big sur. there's a round-the-clock race to get highway one ready for
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joining us is state senator jerry hill to talk about soda tax. we saw it passed and berkeley and in san francisco as well as oakland, it is a couple of cents per ounce. the idea is that kids are overweight and to use the money for programs correct? >> it was very expensive, the soda wars in san francisco. i believe the soda industry made something like $30 million to try to defeat these measures? then they turn it around and did something to try to stop it from spreading? what was that? >> they spent a few million dollars. about three or $4 million to get in the initiative and qualifytisignatures.
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and then they said you don't want to be taxed anymore. and people respond quickly. an initiative there was part of troug they set a local government could not raise taxes at all for any thing without two thirds of vote. >> two thirds taxes being paid already on bonds and such. so they qualified it. >> they qualify for the ballot. >> the next thing i know the city's and the counties are there and the labor unions are having heart attacks. why? >> they knew that their next revenue that they may need they cannot apply or use it. it would be difficult for local government. and that was a problem. >> the idea was that if the soda industry said that we are going to have an initiative to
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qualify imagine saying it might pass not only can you not passed here or on any kind of taxes without two thirds? >> sugar was not even met -- mission. they had a gun or cannon aimed at the government. >> exactly. there's a new law that was passed a few years ago for communication between an initiative proponent and the legislator took see if they could come up with a compromise. >> they put the gun on the table. and then everyone felt that there was extortion involved. the choice was to either negotiate or it would go on the ballot and further. >> we gave the sugar industry a 12 year reprieve. that would prohibit any local government from initiating a tax on soda or sugar sweetened drinks for 12 years. what did the local governments get in return? >> in return they were able to
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then continue to increase the taxes as they's all over the majority vote. >> this comes at a time when several local governments and school districts as well as everyone else are still trying to grapple with the proverbial penchant and healthcare funds for their workers. which are threatening to bankrupt them? so they needed to pass local taxes is critical? >> absolutely. >> and the unions as well. it is critical to keep this machine and government rolling. so what we had here, was everyone having a second agenda at play. >> absolutely. that was the politics in sacramento. >> so the return is you are not going to get any more sugar taxes around. the local government will still have the ability to use your passes on for may. >> and then comes the second part of that which is more. >> when we made that agreement, the california medical association felt outraged that
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this was preventing local government from applying tax and the obesity problem would continue. so they now agreed to to and crafted an initiative that would be on the ballot in 2020. and then they say that free local government can raise the taxes again and add a two cent per ounce tax on sugar sweetened drinks and beverages. >> so there we go again. >> around in circles again and in two years we will have the ability to look at it again. >> i tell you these politics. everyone around us is making a lot of money. >> someone is making money here. that is for sure. >> they call it making sausage and we say is making soda. it is a sweet story. i want to thank you for joining us this morning. let's take a look out there with a bright look at your forecast. how well put, we are
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starting out with just a beautiful view from the top of our exclusive camera on top of salesforce tower where we see there's a bright golden haze on the meadow and temperatures yesterday were as high as an elephant's eye with the numbers in the mid-90s. 94 in concord and livermore 96. 84 and oakland and bonus points if you got the rogers and hammerstein reference there. as for now we are looking out toward the northern end of the golden gate bridge. a beautiful morning. the shoreline will not last long there. we are beginning with readings as cool as 48. and 62 degrees at concord. here's what we're looking at today mid 60s along the coastline with the coasts out there. very nice around the bay and 94 degrees in the warm spots. about as warm today as it was yesterday.
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as we look atop the west coast, low pressure is on the way. later in the week, around thursday and friday the numbers ease back toward seasonal averages but in the meantime it is going to be warm. right through wednesday. in terms of how many low clouds this morning, and what their names are not much. you can see there's a bit along the coastline later in the night they fell back in so you have the usual early-morning low clouds. and not that many of those. temperatures are warm again through midweek and then by next week and we will be back near seasonal again. the last day of the alameda county fair is here. if that is too warm for you i have a suggestion, good luck with the traffic on 19th avenue. temperatures are in the mid 60s, and it will be pleasant by comparison. numbers at the giants candidate take on the cardinals with the first pitch being sunny and mild. the giants will probably wind.
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san jose's 86 and oakland is 75 degrees. in the south bay, we deal with some cloudiness and same for morgan hill. over the east bay shoreline, into the deep east bay brentwood is a 93 degrees today. 80s for the corridor. a beautiful start to sunday morning. 79 for mill valley. and it is smoking up at lakeport and clear lake. your extended forecast goes with the low clouds in the morning and son in the afternoon. temperatures warm up on wednesday but is not until thursday, friday and saturday that it becomes irrevocably cooler off. melissa? we have a major repair job on california's central coast. is almost complete. more than a year after much
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like cut off the road it could be weeks away from reopening. the mud creek slide cover more than a quarter-mile of highway one making it impossible to complete the scenic drive around the coast. they estimate that enough rock and dirt fail -- fell to fill 1600 olympic size swimming pools. this will be one of the last things we do before we open up the highway. there is still plenty of work that needs to be done before we can pave it out. >> cal tran does have a plan to pull the ribbon cutting ceremony. it is scheduled for july 20 at 11:00 in the morning. nights. that was last night. i know it is sunday morning i just thought i would give you that because i'm going to talk about saturday sports. in fact i get to bring it all to you in one minute.
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i have zany moments, and big moments and these moving pictures. did you ever have a day like this? smash tv camera after a line drive. oakland a's at the cleveland indians. i was so -- show you some
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smashing. this tied the game up at three points. at the 11th inning, they took care of this one. they won a game is 6-3. the giants crazy crab was back. they hosted the cardinals at the top of the third. the st. louis pitcher carlos martinez shot one over the head. they win the game 3-2. world cup, penalty kick. and ivan brockovich sports -- scores the game-winner. in the meantime they take on sweden. 59 for bennett and a great pass. a great goal. and off his head. england got the victory there to-0. -- 2 coming zero. it is all set for the final
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four in the home -- coming up. and that will do it for the sports update for now. have a great sunday. as for me, i will see you around. in this year's attempt to prove that darwin lives and natural selection is a viable theory everyone is running for the lives in spain. the rain it made for a slippery street at the running of the bulls for the week one festival. one person was gordon three others were injured. the festival will continue for eight days. a bay area photographers work is going worldwide through the mail. the postal service selected seven images by gary crap to be part of its new oh beautiful commemorative stamp series. included image from yosemite national park as well as rolling hills, and livermore. the stamps were released on the fourth of july. roundup has been a
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household name for days but people are saying it is killing people. hours away from learning the name of the new nominee for the u.s. supreme court. it has the future of abortion rights in worry.
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morning. the time is 6-30.. m lisscaen. o'm br lcome ba. it is 6:28 am.
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is a beautiful sunday morning and we're going to look your forecast. >> it looks nice to me as we look out toward the mountains. plenty of blue out there with the 50s and 60s out there. it was warm yesterday and it will be warm again today. the forecasted highs are 69 in san francisco. fairfield gets up to 91 degrees today. 86 in san jose and 83 at redwood city. there are changes ahead however. a more detailed forecast in a few minutes. a huge wildfire in upstate california known as the claimants and power -- fire is now 20% contained. it has been burning since thursday. the fire is linked to the death of one civilian. it has destroyed 72 structures including homes. evacuation orders remain in
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effect. in addition official say livestock has been lost. crews have been making progress on another fire there's burn more than 88,000 acres. is 55% contained. 10 structures have been destroyed to to begin on june 30. a tanker is being station because the wildfires in the state that are burning. the supertanker is a boeing 747 the can hold 19,000 gallons of red retardant and right now it is sitting in mcclellan airbase inside sacramento waiting for its next assignment. it can meet anywhere in california in 30 minutes. >> as we have seen the wildfires grow more dangerous in california tools have become dangerous as well -- have become larger as well. this is one that will absolutely be put into action. >> operating the global
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supertanker is not cheap. a $16,000 an hour. a trial is set to begin in allegations that the weedkiller roundup can cause cancer. dwayne johnson is suing the company that manufactures roundup as the school district groundskeeper he makes and sprayed hundreds of gallons of roundup of the years. he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. he was recently told he only has a few months to live. >> this is the first time that the world is going to see documents showing that for the least 20 years they have known that roundup and ranger pro can cause cancer specifically causing non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> they have said that it will not be binding on similar claims that are pending. but attorneys believe that their case can be an indicator of how others will go. wrapping up two days of talks in north korea. he called the meetings
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productive with progress on almost all ntnoprovide any deta and north koreans furnished -- foreign ministry. this of the trump administration is pushing a unilateral and gangster like demand for denuclearization. pompeo did not meet with the north leader kim jong-un as he has on previous trips. meanwhile the japanese prime minister praised him for strong leadership in north korea. also reassured the prime minister that he reassured the issue of them being taken to train spies. dianne feinstein of california believes that women's abortion rights are under threat. especially with the new supreme court nomination aspect that shortly. -- expected shortly. based on the president's own promises and track record we know that women's rights are in serious and grave danger.
6:33 am
president trump has said that he would like to have more pro-life justices in the supreme court. one of the president lists is judge amy cohen who is catholic. in a confirmation hearing senator feinstein had this to say. >> i think whatever religion is, it has its own dogma. the law, is totally different. and i think in your case, professor, when you read your speeches the conclusion that one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within your. >> center for sign -- feinstein is not saying how she would approach if she is the nominee. >> the present nominee will need 51 votes in the senate. the president is expected to
6:34 am
announce his votes tomorrow evening. >> i think he will name someone that wilnot gein trouble. i think that is why he will look at persons in particular who have clerked for supreme court justices. particularly like kennedy. therefore i think the first that here's going to do, is going to be from the school of anthony kennedy. >> judge cavanaugh from the dc circuit was a call for kennedy. there is speculation that there will be resignation a promise judge cavanaugh who came up in that mold. >> they also have one more little thing which is clarence thomas is toying with leaving
6:35 am
the court. that may be where after a bit of seasoning, for the religious right candidate, for the woman here, they have an opportunity to make that appointment. >> overall the kennedys that you have seen listed, how clean are they? you never know if there's a surprise, but are they going for an approval process what can democrats be hit with? >> judge cavanaugh is a circuit judge. he is ruled several times against agencies like the epa in favor of the ministration. they just do a lot of federal agency stuff and has a long track record in supporting conservative beliefs about agencies. >> that is not going to stop anyone. >> he does not have a terrible record on abortion. >> you have to know that he has been around for long enough period now. so every facet of how your
6:36 am
asking for an effort he could give you that. >> he has been on the short list for a while. >> the bedding markets say that's who it is. of 41% if you look at the european betting markets. they believe it is going to be cavanaugh. but i think he is been vetted over and over again by various republican administrations. >> i don't think there are surprises in the case. of course she is not been around long enough. and i don't believe that justices are going to be able to get away here. saying they can't answer because i may have to rule. >> the european betting community takes bets on who the nominees are going to be? >> yes. you can bet on just about anything. and there is really fascinating
6:37 am
things here i know some people that lost a lot of money with donald trump got arrested. -- elected. >> the announcement is going to be made tomorrow at 6 pm. of course on prime time. we are going to do is exactly what it needs to be done. i will tell you feinstein was asked at that planned parenthood event what democrats could do to prevent whoever the nominee is a from getting the nomination and she essentially said that there is nothing they can do if republicans go forward with this process. prior to the midterm elections. it is the only bet that they have to retake the senate in the midterm elections. which they may or may not get a chance to do so. she did not really have much in the way of plans. >> it is very slim that it will not be making after the elections. it does not have to be subject to a filibuster so it can be taken up at any time. 50 votes +1. and the fight, vice presiden tie. so they can even lose a few republican votes tomorrow. ha
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been successfully rescued now. the kids being rescued are being brought in by ambulance to a field hospital for examination and airlifted to a larger hospital for more treatment. a dozen boys have been trapped in the cave for more than two weeks. they could take a few weeks to rescue everyone. the 14 became stranded when they were exploring after practice game on june 23. again this morning tie navy seals say for the kids have now been rescued. still to come, she says she want something done about the homeless. >> a new threat from the devastating wine country wildfires. higher gas, and electric bills.
6:39 am
i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol.
6:40 am
so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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a good morning. joining us now to talk more about the effect of these devastating wildfires
6:42 am
throughout the state is state senator jerry hill. we are seeing -- seeing the threats but we are also in sacramento. i understand there is a move to change who is responsible for paying for a lot of these damages? what is going on? >> there is a big move which started in january after the fires of last year. a lot of lobbyist have been fired -- hired to change the narrative. >> in regards to what? >> in terms a responsibility. right now the utilities if they are found at all negligent like pg&e and southern california, would line to the ground if they are found responsible at sts them held liable and we htecostsethe negligent. if they've done something wrong and they're not prudent or reasonable the way that they do things, they are allowed if they act irresponsibility -- irresponsibly they cannot pass this on.
6:43 am
the shareholders have to pay. they have to pass it on to the repairs because we benefit from those wires and we take advantage of it. >> they want to change it because of the cost? >> last year we are talking in the billions. >> close to 15 billion. >> that is a record number of lost at pg&e. where they could face this. the reason being whether not the polls here were placed in the right area and were given enough protection. >> if they have trimmed the trees around like they were supposed to do appropriately. the 16 fires th they've investigated 11 of them and found that pg&e violated state law. >> so they could be on the hook here. >> and they should be. if they did not act responsibly they should have to pay.
6:44 am
they should change the standards in which liability is determined. >> to be less than prudent. -- prudent. how do you define substantial? if they have been substantially compliant, cutting most of the trees if the distances and set a four feet requirements are three feet requirements does this mean substantial? they're trying to get out of it is what they are trying to do. >> the governor has said that this is a new reality. where climate changes there and droughts. where the fact that californians are building more than we have before. we are putting that are in fire danger zones. so the question is, should the utilities have to pay for it all? >> they shouldn't. when you talk about the new norma -- new normal, and all of the other things and never ignites a fire. something has to create that spark. like a wire or a short.
6:45 am
11 of these have been caused by a problem. >> let's say we change and the utility company says okay. and we don't change it say it stays the same. given a new normal, we are going to stop putting electrical lines in these two areas. or we are going to have it cost this much. >> it will cost this much for that anyway regardless. it will cost more for this. they did a great job after the the explosion. they probably now have the best guest -- gas system for electric. that will take time and money. if they don't do that and they keep things where they are, without the proper maintenance will affect what authority happen? >> no. >> a going forward, nothing will change what they're looking for earlier.
6:46 am
what they were looking was for unity. and it is off the table now. >> they could be on the hook for billions of dollars? >> they could be. >> if on this fire's where they were responsible and acted prudently they could pass it on. if not the shareholders would be held responsible. >> it is either the ratepayers or the shareholders? and the shareholders could do my pension fund? >> it certainly could be. as you know they have not paid a dividend in last year. >> one way or another. thank you for joining us this morning. and that is politics. that is what we're going to see with what goes here. let's take a look at in the vo department. and of the weather department. things are going to cooldown as we get later into the week. we are starting out with low clouds near the shoreline. you can't tell from on top of this tower cam, but is and that pretty.
6:47 am
that beautiful marine layer out there the golden gate bridge. up to the upper right and the blue skies beyond. 62 degrees in san francisco. in san jose 50 degrees. santa rosa has 48 and here's how it looks for the day, we will be in the mid-90s in the mid 70s around the bay. much a repeat performance. highs stay in place with temperatures in the 90s inland. we are going to look for high pressure and temperatures to be with us all week long. until about thursday. i'm finding low pressure comes in and knocks the breath out of the high. for today and tomorrow all the way through wednesday it is going to be warm. now let's pause and look at the time lapse here. it looks good. a few more clouds coming tonight but that is it. it will be sunny all day long. warm and hot again today. one temperatures through
6:48 am
midweek and near seasonal by next weekend. alameda county fair is pleasant and 92 degrees. the last day the fare as well. if that is too warm for you, storing grove is standing by. high temperatures will be in the mid 60s if you're going to take someone out to the ballgame, giants are taking on the cardinals. sunny and about 67 degrees for game time. elsewhere, east bay manages 90s today which is well above average. but instead of disco, really close to everett and down to south bay we are in the 90s. in morgan hill, campbell is up to 89 degrees. in fremont we are at 80 degrees. east bay we have plenty of sunshine on the way and temperatures will be in the upper 80s and low to mid 90s. 88 for santa rosa. 86 the petaluma. the valley will be at 79 tonight. it is still smoking hot up in clear lake. it will be in the 90s right through wednesday.
6:49 am
the extended forecast has plenty of sunshine coming through. mid 70s for the next few days and then things finally began to ease up as we get toward the weekend. the numbers get back toward seasonal averages and you will finally be able to get back into the 80s inland. in the meantime, sunday will live up to its name. -- name. when it comes to affording his emphasis go right you may be surprised to learn that even the new mayor has struggles. it is one of the subjects to be asked linda reed in a one-on- one interview. >> you have roommates? >> i did until november of last year. >> you mastdeyoare a professional and you cannot live on your own? >> it is expensive to live in san francisco. i am living on my own now. i was actually in the process of trying to find another roommate but now that i have a salary increase, i could take
6:50 am
care of the rent on my own. >> it is the human side of politicians we rarely see. >> when you think about it, i had to make sure that my hair was done and i dry-cleaning and other expenses. affordability is a big issue. i think, that that is the case with so many other people. families for example who have young kids. kids are very expensive. >> at 43, she is very much a child a san francisco. raised by her grandmother in public housing she went to get a masters at the university of san francisco. >> i was fortunate that i had teachers who supported me. i had a grandmother who was very strict. >> her brother and sister were not so lucky. her sister died of a drug overdose and her brother is in state prison. >> do you think this story could happen today and's emphasis go? >> i think it is happening. >> the opportunities are a lot
6:51 am
better. >> you lived in sam cisco all your life, how has it changed? >> it is different. we don't have as many african- americans as we have in the past. there are not as many children i used to see kids everywhere all the time. and you just don't see that anymore. >> like any successful politician they have developed helpful rows -- competitions -- support along the way. >> how would you describe your relationship? >> she has always been more like motherly. giving advice and encouraging me to do better. >> you have had an on and off relationship?ght him? >> i worked for him and supported him wholeheartedly. and yes we had a falling out when i ran for supervisor, but we are friends again. >> and gavin he appointed me to
6:52 am
the fire commission and the re- of drought minutes -- commission and he will be swearing me in as mayor. we've had a great relationship and he is going to be our next governor for the state of california. i want to make sure we are looking to provide resources to our city. >> what you think actually elected him? >> i think part of it is that i am who i am. i do not deviate much from that. i care about the city and solving these challenges. i, i think i'm as ready as i can be.
6:53 am
i'm ready. but, clearly, i'm a little nervous. there are so many expectations. like, on the sticker, "city mileage this, highway that." uh, that's a lot to live up to. but i heard no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron. yeah, no better mileage. it's proven. so that's a confidence builder. it's proven; no gas gets better mileage than chevron with techron.
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care for your car. so much for my new car smell, guys. but this week's students rising above scholar met those challenges head on. as christin ayers reports, she's crediting her success to the strong w growing up in a single- parent family home can, challenges. >> but this week's student rising above scholar meant that had on. kristin air reports that she is crediting it to the strong women in her life. >> she is eyeing her future and
6:55 am
it looks pretty bright. the high school senior is heading to uc merced to study biology. >> forgive me in advance. >> she gave me a lesson on how to hit a softball. spend some time with the honey and it is easy to see she's a strong young woman. she credits it to the love and support she had from the strong women in her life starting with her grandmother. >> she is a guardian angel. my grandmother taught me so much growing up. >> her friend kimberly. >> she supported me and told me that i'm going to do great. >> her mom. >> we are just trying to do little things together like prom and graduation. >> but with that love and support came loss. kimberly was murdered when she was just 13. her grandmother passed away last year. and she struggles daily to make a connection with her mother
6:56 am
who was on her own most of her childhood. working to support a daughter she was barely able to see. life. i was not really see my mom. >> along the way, she kept one dream close to her heart. college. she had heard about students rising above her sophomore year. -- they helped with money for with -- for tuition now she is seeing her college dreams refilled not only for herself but all the other women in her life. she carries them with her in her heart. >> i wieegoing no matter what. not everyone can believe in you through your struggles. you just have to keep pushing.
6:57 am
have a great sunday. thank you for joining us. cbs sunday morning is up next.
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