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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 9, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i'm kenny choy. >> i'm michelle griego. it was a great weekend. but now we're back at work. >> some memories of the weekend will last. it is clear out there this morning, so you won't have any fog or anything like that. golden gate bridge, you can actually see it without the cloud cover. we have clear conditions, at least for a couple days. we'll stay hot this week. sunny skies today and tomorrow, then the onshore winds return by wednesday. this view will be looking different and we'll have more of the marine layer returning. that's a sign of cooler weather to come. we're still above average for the week, i'll explain why coming up in the full fore it's a rough start here. westbound 205 approaching 580 through the triangle, dealing s there was road work overnight and the fires as well.
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so all lanes are supposedly open, but we have a big backup developing there along 205, speeds dipping under 25 miles an hour. once you get on 580, it's about 30 minutes between 205 and 680. just a few cars backing up in the bay bridge toll plaza. other than that we're good to go. there's people stuck in their cars, people going that way. >> a wildfire shut down a busy freeway for hours. the grand fire shut down 580 over altamont pass yesterday. the the westbound lanes were cleared around 9:30 p.m. and eastbound opened about an hour later. this of the scene when the flames broke out about 5:00
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p.m., cars at a standstill with the huge plume of smoke ahead. then air tankers moved in and started doing water drops while people sat in the gridlock. at one point a man driving a water truck pulled over and started hosing the flames creeping up to the road. the chp told drivers on 580 to turn around right on the freeway. it created a traffic mess with cars all over the road. >> look, he's not helping anybody at all. >> just sitting there. >> another user posted this, showing how smokey it was when they were able to get moving. flames were just a few feet from the road. and once the highway was cleared, you can see the wall of flames burning right up to the traffic lanes.
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last check it was 40% contained and burned about 600 acres. around 8:00 last night a fire started and crews are still looking into the cause. it's unclear how many acres have burned so far, but it's fully contained. east bay crews made quick work of this 56-acre fire east of danville, sparked on bruce drive. it's 90% contained. some structures and livestock were briefly threatened. a deadly fire to the north has consumed about 35,000 acres so far and has killed one woman and her home, and destroyed 81 structures. about 600 homes are still at risk. >> they have a lot of challenges with the winds, and
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the fuel very ripe to burn, very dry in the lower elevations. >> 2500 firefighters are on the scene and about 750 people have been evacuated. fire season is well underway and we have had this hot, dry weather. >> small cooldown. >> we'll take it. >> little different than the weekend. of course it was hot but temperatures today, inland probably won't notice the change, 90s for many of you. around the bay you'll notice a little cooling. take a look towards the west. we'll see a lot of sunshine today once the sun comes up, a beautiful day with clear conditions. the winds, we still have that west wind coming in at 10 miles an hour downtown, 15 miles an hour sfo. the areas in yellow here, it's
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still breezy. these are the spots that tend to get the strongest winds, and that's going to continue throughout the day. this is looking for the gusts around the bay area. throughout the day it will stay pretty calm until 3:00 p.m. between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m., look what happens. you can see the areas getting brighter. that's what we'll see today. after midnight or so, things will settle down a little bit. temperature wise we are in the 50s and 60s. and right now we are tracking a nice ride for drivers heading through the south bay. along 280 you're in the green. this is 101, just a few cars out. right now very quiet conditions. heading further north, this looks like standing water in
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one of the lanes. until crews get hold of that, be careful there. the rest of the south bay ride is problem-free, tracking a few more cars for the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays there. that's a check of your traffic. it may be slow going for light rail riders this morning after a train slammed into a passing car. it happened around noon at lincoln and azura avenue. >> reporter: in this video you can see a car stopped at the light rail crossing, then another car coming from the other direction driving straight through, the light rail slamming into the side of it. the light rail derails and hits
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a pole, tearing down the wires that power the train. >> i heard the shaking, rumbling, then the truck. >> reporter: eyewitness newses said it looked like the car tried to beat the train and that the train crossing lights were flashing. >> it sounded like a car crash. i assumed it was two cars. when we realized it was the light rail, we started thinking about the people in the car and on the train. >> reporter: 20 passengers were on the light rail at the time of the crash, none of them hurt. but the train operator was taken to the hospital as a precaution. both the driver and passenger in the car died at the scene. >> it's a scary situation. i feel for their families and loved ones and friends. >> reporter: the crash badly damaged power fly lines for the light rail in this area. they will be providing bus service until they can make the
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necessary repairs. >> they will run a bus bridge between the winchester and convention center stations this morning as repair work continues. in a few hours, opening statements begin in a high profile case over the weed killer called roundup. 46-year-old dwayne johnson is a former grounds keeper and says he used the weed killer regularly as his job. the active ingredient caused his terminal cancer, the lawsuit claims, and accuses the company of covering up the potential dangers. >> this is the first time that the world is going to see documents showing that monsanto knew that it could cause cancer and nonhodgkin's lymphoma. >> all the evidence shows that it does not cause cancer. >> johnson is the first to sue
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after it was determined in 2015 that the key ingredient in roundup is quote, probably carcinogenic to humans. the trial is expected to last four weeks. cbs news confirmed a fifth boy was rescued from a flooded cave in thailand. seven others and their soccer coach are still trapped inside. >> reporter: yesterday four boys were brought out safely. the mission commander said the four children are well at the hospital and added that this morning they said they were hungry and asked for a favorite dish of fried rice with pork. the new rescue operation began just before midnight eastern time. the goal this time is to bring 4 to 6 more team members out, depending on the conditions. time is of the essence, heavy rains pounding the area over
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the weekend. so far crews say water levels inside the cave have not risen thanks to the pumps pulling water out. officials say crews had to restock the oxygen canisters along the escape route before resuming the rescue. the journey from the cave to the entrance is a treacherous one, and the boys were escorted 2 and a half miles through a series of dark and flooded tunnels. thailand's interior minister says the same divers who took part in sunday's rescue will also conduct the next operation because they know the cave conditions and what to do. the initial rescue took about 13 hours to complete. later today the president
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is expected to announce his nominee for the supreme court. he expects to nominee will be confirmed. >> i'm very confident with this president's enthusiasm and leader mcconnell's enthusiasm, that they can get anybody confirmed. >> he's expected to make that announcement at 6:00 p.m. tonight and you can watch that right here live. an army veteran gored by a bull while shopping for a used car. th frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
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fires - started by the homeless. they put out a fire near a firefighters in the east bay say it's a growing problem, fires started by the homeless. they put out a fire along the pittsburgh antioch highway after 9:30 a.m. yesterday. the fire spread to about 80 acres before crews could knock it down. contra costa firefighters say it's a growing problem. >> this is a problem we are seeing more as we get further
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into the fire season. there are a lot homeless camps around the county, and we have fought five or six in the last few days that originated in or near homeless camps. >> no structures were threatened and there are no reported injuries. an angry bull nearly kills a veteran shopping for a car. >> reporter: his wounds tell a bizarre story. 69-year-old dean king, gored twice by a bull, injured so badly he near libeled to death on nearly bled to death. >> i didn't even see the bull. >> reporter: but the bull saw him and made a charge. >> at that point i remember feeling the horn go in. then it kind of went fuzzy. >> reporter: knocked to the
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ground, he managed to crawl between a bush and the side of the house, the bull still over him, probing and snorting. for 20 minutes he laid there, thinking all the while. >> i was going to die. yeah. going to die. >> reporter: king finally heard a pickup nearby, honking its horn, and he yelled for help. he was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. >> over three hours. >> reporter: as for why he survived? >> this karma. i pulled a lady out of a fire many years ago, in the 70s. >> reporter: according to the doctor, it was his size that shielded his organs from the horns of the bull. >> if i was skinny, i wouldn't have survived. my fat kept me from dying. that's what he told me. he says, this is one case you better be glad you're fat.
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>> king says his military training helped him survive while he was lying there, and says he doesn't want the bull put down but wants to owners to take better care. >> glad he's okay. >> and can even talk about it, he's doing all right. that's a crazy thing to happen. we are noticing clear conditions this morning. check out the east bay view, and you can see a little bit of daylight trying to show itself. the sunrise still about an hour away, but clear conditions out here. we see thd cover over the bay bridge. look at the view, san francisco. 55 degrees for you, and 65
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concord. we are a little warmer this morning. concord reached the 90s yesterday, so didn't drop off too much overnight. a look at the satellite and radar, a little layer over the ocean there. pretty much everywhere you go it will be clear and visibility is just fine for most locations. 7 miles for most of you, half moon bay a little less. this is all we're really going to see. this is definitely a sign of a ridge of high pressure to the south, bringing us sunshine today and will bring us similar conditions for tomorrow. hou li we have a west wind coming through but also breezy just east of livermore. near altamont pass, antioch,
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these are the usual spots. we have a ridge of high pressure, so we're warmer than mid-90s concord as opposed to the upper 80s. 80 in fremont, santa rosa and napa upper 80s and low 90s. we have a ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest. we could get a little muggy condition because of it, the monsoonal moisture. that will add to the humidity levels over nevada, arizona. it will be hot and muggy for a few days, also bringing a chance for isolated showers in nevada and utah. for us, just mainly sunshine and that heat lingering. phoenix and las vegas are feeling that heat. we're in the 90s inland and not going to see much cooling until the middle of the week when the
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onshore breeze kicks into higher gear, bringing us early morning clouds and temperatures will drop slightly for inland spots. if you're getting ready to head out the door, hopefully it's not near 205 and 580. we are tracking a major backup along westbound 205. take a look at all the brake lights, just a sea of red. approaching 580 here, this is near where the fires broke out. we are still tracking delays. all lanes are reopened in both directions and we typically see a backup for the morning commute. this is really bad, speeds dipping as slow as 10 miles hour heading along westbound 205. the backup is beyond byron road there so give yourself extra time this morning.
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between 205 and 680, over 25 minutes. westbound highway 4 looks good, towards 680 and all the way to i-80. this is a live look, traffic doing fine in both directions. no delays if you're heading westbound to the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup. have about 11 minutes heading into san francisco. we have some closures here in the north bay, walker ridge road shut down between highway 20 and indian valley reservoir road. also highway 16 is closed between highway 20 and rummish hall. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. time now 4:50. every year millions of tons of plastic end up in the ocean. is tr to reduche time.preneur
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have died after record rainfall in we are starting to see a
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backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are going to look at that coming up. >> in japan at least 100 people have died after record rainfall in the southwest part of the country. it started last thursday and continued into the weekend, flooding river banks and landslides, crushing homes. officials say 2 million people were told to evacuate. the waters have subsided and search and rescue operations are still underway. a hiker gets a helping hand. he was hiking around pacifica around noon yesterday and slipped, hurting his ankle. the man was hiking in the area without using the trails. >> we encourage people to do a little home work before you come out. it's a beautiful spot but it's a dangerous spot. >> last month crews rescued
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three family members who went off trail in the same area. a young entrepreneur from the bay area is on a mission to rid the sea of plastic, hoping to clean up the oceans one cup of tea at a time. >> reporter: it's here in the beverage aisle things hit home for chris. >> i learned only 7% of plastic bottles are recycled. the rest go to landfills or the ocean. >> reporter: making a mess of the ocean and harming sea life, because even simple items like coffee and tea generate the plastic residue. there's a new product called clark's tea ntai organic powder and sugar, and natural flavor oils. put two cubes in 8 ounces of
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hot water, and in about a minute you have tea without the trash. >> that's good. you can really taste it. >> reporter: they come in four flavors and are stored in simple tins, harkening back to how food was sold before packaging lasted hundreds of years in a landfill. momentum is growing, with many communities banning disposable grocery bags or drinking straws. and he wouldn't mind doing good. >> the success is making a small dent or bring more awareness to the single use plastic problem we have. i found a small solution to a small problem and hopefully
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inspire people to come up with more solutions. >> clark's tea cubes begin full production in march and partnered with a business incubator to get them in stores. if you would like to try them, we have a link to the website at coming up, the desperate effort to free the rest of the children trapped in a cave in thailand. >> reporter: and overnight, police move in to move out the occupy ice protesters that had taken over a block in downtown san francisco. coming up, a live look at the cleanup.
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's begin with a live look outside...xx good morning, everyone. it is monday, july 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choy. begin with a live look outside, a bunch of cameras to look at.
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580 and 680, all that traffic in dublin. looks packed on the roads. should be nice for the game tonight, a little breezy. everyone is back to work, looks like. >> that's right. >> the cars are back on the road. you'll see a lot of sunshine today. right now looking to the west, just some light haze over the pacific ocean. golden gate bridge even looking good this morning. sun remains today and tomorrow, then the onshore winds arrive by the le


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