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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  July 10, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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antioch, when we asked them about it, they offered an odd suggestion for frustrated commuters, that is coming up tonight at 6 pm. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday, mission complete. everyone trapped in that thai cave is out. we were there for the final rescue. plus, new details on a plane crash in the mountains of alaska. all on board survived. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> we're not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what? but all 12 boys are out of the cave in thailand. >> the best of the best came to save these boys. >> the world came to the rescue. ( cheers ) >> supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh is meeting with lawmakers. >> the president made an outstanding nomination. >> now is the time to fight. >> it really is premature to render a judgment. >> we cannot be taken advantage of. >> after slamming our nato
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allies for days, president trump has a summit with them. >> e.u. chief donald tusk fired back. >> dear america, appreciate your allies. you don't have that many. >> another dust storm in arizona hitting the valley. >> an infant is found alive after being abandoned in the woods in montana. >> the baby is in good condition. >> george clooney injured in italy when his scooter collided with a car. >> clooney has been released from the hospital. >> the ensuing corner... ( cheers ) >> score! >> france has punched the first ticket to sunday's world cup final. >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor. and we're going to begin tonight with an ending, the one everyone was hoping for. in a story that has nearly gripped the world for nearly
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three weeks now, the last of the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in thailand were rescued today. it is an amazing story, and it couldn't have happened without a team of skilled divers who risked their lives to save others. anna werner was there. ( cheers ) >> reporter: the daring rescue mission ended in cheers. the excitement could hardly be contained. "we're not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what," ad a facebook post, moments before a medic and three thai navy seals, who had cared for the group inside the cave for days, were the last to emerge. almost all of the rescued were flown in helicopters and then driven in ambulances to a chiang-rai hospital. officials there reported the first four rescued can now stand up and walk, but they can't go far-- they're under quarantine because of the risk of aufection. the nearly three-week ordeal began when they set out to explore the cave as a team bonding experience, but it's monsoon season, and rainwater soon started filling the cave, forcing them deeper inside before they found dry ground. that's where british navy seal
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divers found them ten days later, alive and in relatively good health. >> you are very strong. very strong. >> reporter: preparations for a rescue took days and involved pumping out millions of gallons of water, drilling through hard anck, and mapping the tunnels swe group would have to swim through dark, narrow passageways wearing scuba gear. ntch boy was guided by two divers, one in front, one in back. officials said the boys, many of whom had never learned to swim, were given anti-anxiety medication to keep them calm. in all, dozens of divers and some 100 support personnel carried out the rescues in three waves over three days. one of the rescuers inside the cave was ivan karadzic. >> when i saw the diver and the kid on the horizon, i still didn't know if it was a casualty or if it was a kid. so i was very scared. it didn't feel good. but when i saw that he was alive and breathing and seemed to be all right, it felt very good. g felt very good.
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w reporter: when it was all over, everyone simply wanted to m e the boys. "i want to hug them first," said another one of the boys' coaches. "i want to cheer them on. i want to tell them how worried i've been." "before, i had to check the news whenever i woke up," said a relative of one of the boys. "today, i'm happiest." lo, as the ambulances came down this street to the hospital behind me last night, people were lining the streets, waving and cheering, so excited. jeff, it's worth noting, the last five to come out, they were the weakest of the group, officials said. that included the coach, who gave up some of his own food and water to help the kids survive. >> glor: anna werner, thank you. joining us now is jonathan head, a correspondent with our international broadcast partner, the bbc. .onathan, you have been there tlnce the very beginning. talk a little bit about what the reaction has been like on the ground.
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t. reporter: i think "stunned disbelief" is a good way of describing it. everybody remained optimistic. they've hoped this would work out. but nobody has ever carried out a cave rescue like this before. it was extraordinarily complex. they had a very narrow window. if you look, it's been raining pretty hard this evening. it was raining this morning. all that water is building up. within a few days, those caves will be completely flooded. they had to get them out in this time. >> glor: jonathan, as i understand, you spoke to the boys' head soccer coach after the final rescues took place. can you talk about what he said? w you know, we've watched this man throughout this ordeal. we've gone to see him. he's been very, very tense. he is the head coach. it was his assistant who went in with the boys. you could see he's been very, very worried. all that worry just washed off him today. you know, thais don't do this. i just saw them, laughing, cheering, shouting. they were absolutely elated. >> glor: it's just been a journey for everyone, hasn't it? >> it has, jeff, you know, including those of us who followed it from the start. it's been very emotionally
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involving. i think we've actually tried not to think too hard about the state of those boys down in the caves, particularly before they were found. we had no idea what their oys ition was. it's just been an incredible drama. we've just been holding on with bated breath. every flashing light we saw of an ambulance coming out, for us, was another life saved and another step forward, but to get out with everybody not just wiive, but reasonably well, really, that's astonishing. >> glor: we really appreciate your time. once again, jonathan, thanks so efch. >> great to talk to you, jeff. >> glor: in another remarkable story of survival, it appears there were no fatalities when a plane carrying 11 people crashed today in a mountainous region of alaska. this happened about 40 miles southwest of ketchikan. repor well,eff, a coast guard rescue helicopter battled deteriorating weather and very limited visibility. it had to hoist the pilot and ten passengers to safety.
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the national transportation safety board says the plane that crashed is a float-equipped de havilland otter. the pilot called 911 after the crash this morning. now, everyone on board survived, but we understand many are injured. those injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. the plane took off from prince of wales island, bound for ketchikan, which is about 25 miles away. now, initial reports are, it went down about 2,000 feet up a mountain in rocky, tree-covered terrain. visibility was reported at only a quarter of a mile. now, there are reports that the plane was one of the sight- seeing flights that are popular in the region. a spokesman for the alaska state troopers called it "tremendous" no one died in this crash. the n.t.s.b. is now investigating. tff? >> glor: nice to start the broadcast with two big rescues. kris van cleave, thank you very much. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh began making the rounds on capitol hill today, looking for support in what could be a bruising battle for llnate confirmation. here's jan crawford.
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>> reporter: at the capil the vice president, judge brett kavanaugh started meeting with senators who will determine his fate. ro we look forward to the confirmation process, and it'll unfold in the next few weeks. >> reporter: nominated to replace the court's key swing justice, kavanaugh is considered an intellectual powerhouse with a clear conservative judicial philosophy and a lengthy record. >> voters are watching you! >> reporter: with the court in the balance, liberal judicial activist groups were urging democrats to oppose the nomination even before the president announced his choice. >> the best of the best. >> reporter: on the right, groups like the judicial crisis network are spending millions in advertising, targeting red state democrats up for reelection in november, as senior senate democrats called for battle. >> we must defeat judge kavanaugh's nomination to the bench, to save women's reproductive freedom, to save healthcare protections for frllions, to save the rights and
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freedoms that all americans enjoy. >> reporter: on the flash point issue of abortion, as a judge, kavanaugh ruled against an lemigrant teenager seeking the procedure while in federal detention, but angering social conservatives, he refused to go further and say she had no constitutional right to an abortion. moderate republican susan collins, who supports abortion rights, noted his restraint. >> well, i'm sure that that's a case that we will discuss. >> reporter: democrats also focused on a law review article kavanaugh wrote in 2009, that said a president should not face criminal investigation while in office, and instead, be impeached for wrongdoing. >> he's even argued that sitting presidents shouldn't face criminal investigation. no investigation of a president. >> reporter: but one key red state democrat, west virginia's joe manchin, said he had no issue with the article and was keeping an open mind. >> i think we need to look at it
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and a deep dive-- do our job. right now, senators are making decisions and making, how they're going to be on these issues. and i think it's wrong. >> reporter: now, kavanaugh is not a stealth nominee, and his lengthy record does mean his confirmation could take a little while longer. that's something that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell flagged for the white house before the president decided on his pick. tmocrats say they want to see the documents, all the documents, and, jeff, there are a lot of them. >> glor: jan, it's always great to have you at the supreme court, thank you. the president arrived in europe today ahead of a tense nato summit. the trip will include four nations, and culminate with a highly anticipated sit-down with vladimir putin. major garrett is traveling with we president tonight. r: reporter: president trump iuched down in brussels this afternoon ahead of a potentially contentious nato summit where te's expected to push member nations to spend more on defense. >> we pay far too much, and they pay far too little. but we will work it out. >> reporter: so far this year, only five of 29 nato countries,
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including the u.s., spent the 2% of gross domestic product on defense, the nato standard. the president has lashed out at countries that fall short. >> and we're the schmucks that are paying for the whole thing. >> reporter: today, european union council president donald tusk urged mr. trump to soften his rhetoric. >> reporter: nato allies are trying to minimize discord before the president's first summit with russian president vladimir putin next week. >> frankly, putin may be the easiest of them all. who would think? >> reporter: despite russia's aggressive moves in ukraine and confirmed election meddling in the u.s., today the president wouldn't say if putin was friend or foe. >> i really can't say right now. as far as i'm concerned, a competitor. he's a competitor. >> reporter: in between the nato and putin summits, the president will stop in london. he appeared to take a jab at prime minister theresa may by praising her recently-resigned
5:42 pm
foreign secretary, boris johnson. >> boris johnson's a friend of rine. he's been very, very nice to me, very supportive. and i, maybe will speak to him when i get over there. >> glor: major is with us now. theresa may is in big trouble right now in england. major, what kind of reception is the president expected to get in london? >> reporter: well, starting at the top, the british prime minister winced visibly when asked about the president's comments. now, throughout this trip, which is likely to have its moments of tenseness, the white house hopes the presence of first lady melania trump will ease things up a bit, perhaps provide a welcome diplomatic diversion. but in london, street protests are anticipated, so much so that most of president trump's movements will be carried out by helicopter. the state department went so far as to warn americans there could t trouble. that's virtually unheard of in london. the cautionary phrase: "keep a low profile." jeff. >> glor: highly unusual to hear that warning to tourists visiting london. major, thank you.
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some of the immigrant families separated at the u.s.-mexico border were reunited today. in grand rapids, michigan, three children were back with their honduran fathers for the first time in three months. the department of homeland security says a total of four children were reunited earlier. 50 more reunions could happen by midnight. but the administration will not meet today's court-ordered deadline for reuniting all children under the age of five, saying it needs more time. in central arizona, another wild storm of dust, hail, and rain. it looked as if a dark curtain descended over the region. edre's manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: this time-lapse video captured the massive wall of dust as it barreled through o e phoenix area. the dust storm reduced visibility to zero during yesterday's evening rush hour and was followed by hail and more than an inch of rain in parts of phoenix and scottsdale. this apartment building lost part of its roof. and in mesa, crews had to rescue a woman who drove into a canal
5:44 pm
kd was trapped under water. the weather phenomenon known as a haboob forms during the summer monsoon months, when a wall of thunderstorms push powerful winds over the desert. national weather service forecaster paul inugiut: >> they present themselves as a big, rolling dust cloud as it crosses the desert. >> reporter: it's almost apocalyptic to see. >> it can look pretty substantial, yeah, to people as it's coming in. and it does pose a significant threat to people out there. >> reporter: while haboobs are not unusual this time of year, inugiut says this was a significant one. >> these dust clouds can reach heights of over a mile, ones that get pretty large and travel the desert, so, yesterday's was no doubt a large one. >> reporter: the winds were strong enough to rip part of the s of off this n see w, some of it even crashing down on a car. but despite the damage here, the downpours were welcomed. the storms ended a 119-day stretch of no rain. jeff? >> glor: that's a piece of good news. manuel bojorquez, thank you. still ahead on the "cbs evening
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to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> glor: the video is tough to catch. a man cruelly harasses a woman in a chicago-area park. the victim was just as upset by an officer's response, or lack thereof. here's dean reynolds. >> why are you wearing that? >> because i can. i reporter: the now-viral video r:s shot by 24-year-old mia irizarry. at a birthday party, she was wearing this t-shirt with the flag of puerto rico on it. apparently, that was too much for a man who approached her. >> you should not be wearing that in the united states of america. >> okay. >> are you a citizen? >> yes, i am a citizen. >> are you a united states citizen? >> can you get away from me? >> then you should not be wearing that. >> can you please get away from me? >> reporter: puerto rico is a itited states territory whose tahabitants are u.s. citizens, but this was news to 62-year-old timothy trybus. >> is she an american citizen? why is she wearing that?
5:48 pm
( bleep ) k reporter: irizarry repeatedly asked officer patrick connor, standing a few yards away, for help. >> officer? unficer, i feel highly uncomfortable, can you please grab him-- please, officer? d reporter: but connor stands aside and walks away. he's now been assigned to desk duty. this afternoon, forest preserve officials said they were outraged by the incident. tyat does the officer who is now on desk duty say about his response? >> it's under investigation, and we don't have a statement to offer. >> reporter: on the video, connor tells irizarry he didn't rrink she was in danger, but after other officers arrived at the scene, trybus was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> glor: when we come back, a brush fire. revented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke.
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5:52 pm
los angeles this afternoon. ten acres burned near the griffith observatory and the hollywood sign. helicopters dropped water on the flames. no structures were threatened. the red cross has put out a nationwide call for blood donations, especially type o. donations fell sharply during the holiday week, and supplies are being sent to hospitals more quickly than donations are coming in right now. here's a picture that will melt your heart. a five-month-old boy gripping the finger of a sheriff's deputy after being rescued on sunday. look at that. the baby had been left in the woods near missoula, montana for nine hours, but he's in good shape, we're told. the man who had been caring for him is charged with criminal endangerment. up next here, the soccer players who brought the world together. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way?
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5:57 pm
but by the end of the almost- three-week ordeal, these ambulances carried not only the lost boys and coach of the thai liccer team, but the common hopes of millions, wishing for one fewer tragedy in our news feeds. it all started when members of the team disappeared into this cave in northern thailand. they were exploring it as a kind of team-building exercise. a dozen players, none older than 16. they left bikes and cleats at the entrance, when floodwater forced them deep into the cave. but even as parents gathered in anguish, an international team ts experts came together to locate the boys, including some 90 divers led by the thai navy seals and representing some of the best and most far-flung aspects of humanity. >> how many of you? >> 13. >> 13? >> yeah, 13. >> brilliant. >> reporter: it was two british divers who finally found the team. >> many people are coming. >> many, many people. >> we are the first. >> reporter: that moment inspired another worldwide outpouring of support. one of the chilean miners
5:58 pm
trapped for months in 2010 told the boys, "it's okay to be afraid." portuguese soccer star cristiano ronaldo said the world of futbol is hoping someone could get the boys out, and billionaire elon musk offered engineers to help with exactly that. the mission would not be without tragedy. a retired thai navy seal died while replacing air tanks for other divers along the rescue route. but in the early hours of this morning, as the last of the kids ourstheir coach were rescued waom the cave, it was once again clear what's possible, in a world that isn't defined by competition or conflict, but by teamwork-- the very thing these young players were hoping to learn. tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh [ music ] the cbs evening news
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with jeff moore week. [ music ] a deal with rich landowners, has made this pristine stretch o kpix five news begins with the beach out of reach, a deal with rich landowners has made this pristine stretch of california coast nearly impossible to visit. our reporters did just that. it's a big week in a battle over beach access. tomorrow the state postal commission will launch three days of public meetings and they will talk about this deal that could set a precedent on the coast. it would allow wealthy landowners in santa barbara county to permanently block land access to court a canyon beach. the only way to get there would be by sea. our reporters teamed up to make the trip by kayak and it wasn't easy. here is the first report in the week of special coverage on beach battles.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: floating somewhere along the coast it hits me, we are either brave and adventurous or just dumb and foolish. fellow reporter devon feeley and i have been paddling for hours into a steady headwind against the core -- cold shark infested waters. we are cold, hungry, seasick and want nothing more than to make these last 100 yards to the beach. more about that beach in a moment. >> any tips before we go in? >> yes i'm going to land first and then i will have you guys >> rter:all that is left to do is nail the beach landing. >> all right backpedal, backpedal. backpedal. [ laughter ] >> reporter:


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