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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 12, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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foggy to start this thursday, july 12th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. it was foggy. as soon as i got out of the caldecott tunnel on the other side, ran right into it. >> it comes from the ocean. that's what it does. and it's back again this morning. very similar to yesterda morning, but today the big difference is you may see it already. but it's going to be very sticky out there today. so humidity levels on the rise by about 10 to 25%. so it's going to be a muggy kind of day. morning fog but then afternoon high clouds. that's all that monsoonal moisture. you know, the stuff that's been bringing dust storms and thunderstorms for arizona? that's now working its way up north. so we'll see some high clouds from it. also a very minimal chance of thunderstorms for higher elevations including the sierra and north bay hills. right now, this is not looking good for drivers heading through tracy. our "super commuters" westbound 205 you are down to just one lane in some areas
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heading westbound out of lathrop from 5 towards 580. it will take about a half-hour to go from i-5 to 580. once you got past that, you're still slow going until into livermore. then things pick up 25. minutes over to the dublin- pleasanton interchange. the bay bridge toll plaza backup has begun. we are tracking minimal delays. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. president trump is adopting a much different tone on day 2 of the nato summit. yesterday he immediately attacked the alliance saying many countries owe the u.s. tremendous amounts of money. after an emergency session in brussels this morning, president trump said he believes in nato and the u.s. commitment to the organization, quote, remains very strong. he also said he would speak with russian president vladimir putin about interference in u.s. elections when the two meet in finland in just a few days. the adult film star who says
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donald trump has been arrested. it happened in ohio according to the "washington post." stormy daniels was arrested at a strip club for touching customers. her attorney claims the re was a setup and politically motivated. this fire season is off to an explosive start. wildfires are burning across the state and they won't let up even when the sun is down. climatologists may have an explanation for the unusual fire behavior. kpix 5's andria borba explains. reporter: the hours after the sun goes down are supposed to provide firefighters with an upper hand over fires. cooler temperatures and higher humidity. when that happens, the fire lays down and firefighters can thforward march of flames. that old firefighting philosophy may turn into an old wives' tale in the new normal of california fire season. >> nighttime temperatures are warming at a greater rate than
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the daytime temperatures are. >> reporter: tim brown is a climatologist and the director of the western regional climate center in reno. he says markers of climate change can be seen more markedly after dark. >> it's about 2 degrees anomaly we're seeing now departure from the long-term average and that's been happening since about the 1980s. >> reporter: the swing toward hotter nights has become more pronounced over the past six years. >> the nighttime warmth also means drier humidity during the night. and that and cured vegetation, which is the fuel for the fire, this would typically at night absorb more of the moisture. but with less moisture to absorb, because of the warmer temperatures, the fuels are drier at night and that leads to increased fire behavior. >> reporter: that increased nighttime behavior was noted on the county fire which,
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instead of slowing, quadrupled in size over the first night. and this 2-degree temperature swing could not only make fires burn faster but longer. >> it impacts your tactical operations during the night, and potentially it makes the fire itself last longer if they can't achieve the suppression goals in a timely manner. >> reporter: ndria borba, kpix 5. >> typically about 36,000 acres in california burn a year. in the past six months, nearly a quarter of a million acres have already burned. this morning, we know what caused this wildfire in napa and yolo counties. investigators say that an electric livestock fence that was improperly installed sparked this fire near lake berryessa. cal fire has already cited the owner. the fire has burned more than 90,000 acres and crews hope to have it contained by today. >> definitely is wildfire season. we have been talking about hot, dry weather but we are getting some moisture. >> a little moisture in the
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air, yeah. it's a little sticky but the problem is we have a chance of thunderstorms with dry lightning. so not expecting much rain from those but dry lightning can always spark fires especially with the brush. so that's an issue. right now, though, it's going to be muggy and uncomfortable. it's hot. here's coit tower. a lot of our cameras are socked in so we have limited views. right now in the 50s and 60s. warmer to start off the day than average. and then i want to show you the humidity levels. at 100% because at half moon bay that's the cloud coverage that's close to land so right by the roads so visibility is low and clouds come with a lot of moisture and these numbers usually drop off at daylight. it gets drier in the afternoons. but this afternoon we'll probably see the numbers stay very close to where they are at this hour. so that's what's going to be
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different out there today. visibility in half moon bay is down to 5 miles because of the fog. petaluma down to 4 miles. everyone else up to 10-mile visibility. we have clouds at the coast. that's that early-morning marine layer that we get in the summer. then this is what that monsoonal moisture that we have been talking about is moving up north. so higher clouds expected for a lot of northern california. we are going to start to see that our futurecast is actually showing that the morning marine layer will burn off in the early morning around 10 a.m. similar to yesterday. but as soon as 11 a.m. you will see higher clouds coming through. that's when we'll feel a bit more of that monsoonal moisture. it's creating humidity levels up to 25% higher than normal. and it's going to last overnight tonight, also through friday, and as those clouds roll in, that's when we may see our chance of afternoon thunderstorms that could last through tomorrow, as well. >> right now, we're tracking a smooth ride heading to the north bay with the exception
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of lanes closed along southbound 101. all lanes closed between lytton springs and dry creek road. they are detouring you off linton to dry creek and you get back on the freeway there. so it looks like they are starting to wrap up with this because our sensors are starting to pop up yellow. they are not just stopped. so hopefully they will get this all wrapped up before 5 a.m. in the meantime if you are heading out, give yourself extra time. northbound side not a problem. live look at 101 at ignacio boulevard out of novato, still in the green in both directions. and 101 at spencer, there is fog. hat's a check of your traffic; over to y ou. this morning, san francisco has a new mayor. >> mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> whoo! >> london breed is the city's first black female mayor. thousands gathered for this
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historic inauguration yesterday. the san francisco native says she is ready to get to work tackling homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing housing prices. >> the politics of "no" has plagued our city for far too long. not on my block, not in my backyard. they need us here in this building to make better decisions. they need us to stand up and make the hard decisions to make the change to get us on the right track. >> breed is the city's 45th mayor following the late ed lee. a massive bay area music festival isn't happening after all. all week we have been reporting on the red flags and now officials have called it off. the xo music festival was scheduled for tomorrow at the contra costa event park in antioch. joe vazquez on what went wrong. reporter: the fairgrounds here in antioch are empty today and will remain empty through the weekend. why was the xo music festival canceled? the ceo of the contra costa
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event park tells us that whereas the organizer did submit insurance paperwork, he says that insurance paperwork was invalid. for months the organizer has been promoting the festival claiming more than 100 musicians and local artists would perform on seven stages in antioch. but doubts crept up monday night when artists started dropping out. >> we could see it crashing down. >> reporter: that's when mars from pittsburg pointed out that the infrastructure at the festival grounds didn't look ready. he says many doubted the festival would even get off the ground from the moment it was first announced. >> i don't think anybody was surprised, man, you know what i mean? when you have somebody like vanilla ice coming to antioch, california, you know what i mean? come on, that's a big promise to make to people. as soon as they said flavor va flavor there's no way he is coming to antioch. you know what i'm saying.
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>> as soon as i heard the news, i threw up. i couldn't believe this was happening. >> reporter: pierre b nasty reed is a booking agent who says he lost quite a bit of money. he says he paid the organizers $10,000 of his own money to put together local acts on one of the stages and then was charging musicians $100 a pop to perform but now there's no show. did you ask them if you would get any of the money back? >> i did. he said his lawyer would send me a letter but i have to pay the artists back personally because i have to keep my integrity. >> reporter: if you bought a ticket, what should you do? scott a spokesman for the contra costa district attorney's office. >> document everything and try to get a refund from the ticket broker and if they have problems with that they can contact our office. >> reporter: i should mention that i spoke with the ticketing company who promised that all the tickets would be reimbursed in full. as for the organizers, i tried
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calling them. they did not return my calls. in antioch, joe vazquez, kpix 5. time now 4:40. a bay area company that helps pregnant women is facing a lawsuit claiming an employee was fired after she got pregnant.
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team and their coach... almost ended in disaster. at one point, two teams inside we're learning how the successful mission in thailand to rescue members of a youth soccer team and their coach almost ended in disaster. at one point two teens inside the cave briefly lost all communication. on the third in day of rescues, oxygen levels in the cave dropped to toxic levels and a new round of monsoon rains threatened to raise floodwaters. just hours after the last boy was taken out, a major water pump malfunctioned sending water gushing into the cave. the last of the thai navy seals barely made it out. >> thankfully everyone got out safely and made their way out. >> all 13 were safely rescued
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and are quarantined in the hospital as they are monitored for infections. macy's shoppers, your information may have been targeted by hackers. last month the retail giant discovers a data breach. they say it exposed information including credit card numbers between april and june. macy's says it blocked the affected profiles and emailed users to change their passwords. today twitter will delete millions of accounts. according to the "new york times" the social media site wants to reduce fraud and help restore user trust. twitter says that the change could dramatically affect users who either bought fake followers or are followed by fake accounts. this will reportedly cut the total combined follower count on twitter by about 6%. a bay area woman says she was fired after getting pregnant and the company she worked for is all about helping mothers-to-be. the woman is now taking legal action. kpix 5's susie steimle reports. >> i think there's so many more stories out there like
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this. we don't hear about them because people need jobs. when i spoke out about this, um, i was fired. >> reporter: she was a senior manager of content and marking at natera in san carlos, a genetics testing company that helps pregnant women. but even at that company, she says she had to deal with the politics of pregnancy. >> i think every woman has to worry about it at a high level, which is will i seem uncommitted, did i get pregnant too soon after starting this job? >> reporter: shortly after announcing her pregnancy, she said her responsibilities changed. >> i was told that i would no longer be managing staff. >> reporter: next, she and another pregnant employee say they were asked to do undercover research. an internal email shows a male senior executive instructing two pregnant women to get their blood appalled that they
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were asking to use my son as a vehicle for market research. >> reporter: when she left for maternity leave, she said she received a demotion. >> i thought there must be some mistake. there's no way that they are demoting me, um. when i left i was up for promotion and now i was suddenly promoted. >> reporter: when she complained, she was fired. now she is suing for discrimination. >> this was a really sad wake- up call especially at a prenatal genetic testing women's health company. if you can't get equality there, where are you going to find equal work environments? >> reporter: she says having your first child is exhausting enough. now the birth of her son and this lawsuit are difficult to disentangle. but she is hoping he will have a hard time believing it when he is older. >> and i e y at i fofomen'rights and people's rights, um, and this was the outcome.
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but this really ruined my first year with my son. >> reporter: susie steimle, kpix 5. johnson resignarily and ys it is not aware of any lawsuit. natera said it's committed to creating a diverse and empowered workforce and to complying with all applicable labor and employment regulations. some san francisco giants fans are sleeping in their baseball team's ballpark right now. the slumber party featured pizza, snacks and games last night and playing catch in the outfield also some jumbotron screenings of two films. a league of their own and "star wars," "the last jedi." one man said it's a special way to bond with his son. >> i'm getting emotional. that's really what life is all about. so getting that opportunity is real special. >> this morning, fans will wrap up the sleepover and then they will have breakfast on
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the field. >> i don't have any kids but i would love to do that just to be on the field, such a atne. >> see where big leaguers play. >> i heard some ballplayers were going to sing on the jumbotron. >> were they cold last night? >> a little foggy and damp for them so it may be like a little misty throughout this morning too but i'm sure it's still a great time. breakfast i'm sure will be loving at at&t park. so yes, not bad but a little chilly so, yes, this morning before you step outside maybe grab a sweater. we are feeling a little muggy especially later on. right now sfo, this is a live view showing calm conditions. no planes going anywhere at this hour. it's still early. here is the satellite-radar showing the morning marine layer cooling assoedwith winds.not to
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that's good news. here's a live look at transamerica pyramid. it's covered with clouds. 56 in san francisco so the park is chilly. 63 in livermore and 61 at concord. oakland 58 degrees. so in the 50s normal for this early-morning hour. a little warmer for some inland spots because temperatures yesterday got warm. now overall a southwest wind coming through but barely much. 3 to 5 miles per hour so not too breezy there across san francisco and the east bay but a lot of fairfield, antioch, the hills, that's where the breeze is. this ridge of high pressure is bringing a lot of monsoonal moisture, thunderstorms, dust storms, lightning and heavy winds across arizona, nevada and southern california. and now it has room to head on north a little bit so we have a chance for thunderstorms later on today. it's going to be muggy today as well so temperatures are slightly cooler but you probably won't feel much
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relief because it's just going to be sticky overall. a few degrees above average today upper 60s to low 70s around the bay for san francisco and oakland. and then if you go out towards the east, temperatures upper 80s, low 90s. so again, maybe a degree or two cooler than yesterday but really the humidity levels when those rise it makes you want to go inside for air- conditioning. here's that futurecast around 1 p.m. when we'll see widespread high clouds because of that ridge of high pressure to the south of us. so that's what's been causing unstable air and it's heading our way. it's going to last through tomorrow as well so for most friday morning especially we'll have more of those high clouds also that chance of thunderstorms. so this futurecast is not necessarily showing much rain popping up. but this one right here is going to show that we are going to see this possibility that a lot of this moisture is heading our way. it's not necessarily going to be pouring rain by any means. but we may see a few dry lightning strikes and those are dangerous because, of course, when we don't have rain associated with it, it could cause fires.
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so here we are early friday morning. that's when the highest chance could exist. south of the golden gate early, and then by 11 a.m. so, ofthe golden gate. the north bay, those hills, the sierra, as well. so it's mainly the higher elevations where that concern is of lightning strikes. it could come with heavy wind as well so that's something to keep in mind tonight through early tomorrow morning and then saturday, sunday the sunshine is here and, yes, temperatures are going up. perfect time for the weekend. all right. well, right now, i hope you're not running late because we are tracking some major delays for drivers through tracy. take a look at westbound 205. it is crawling along from i-5 over to 580. there's only one lane open. we had overnight roadwork where caltrans had some of the lanes closed at one point but it looks like one lane is open and traffic is all trying to funnel over to that one lane so this is going to be a
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really slow commute for drivers trying to get to livermore and the altamont per hour. so you have about a 35-minute drive time just from i-5 heading out of lathrop towards 580 and then slow into livermore. we are starting to see heavier traffic out the door this morning. so 26 minutes on over to 680. and here's a live look through castro valley, speeds in the green at the limit in both directions between 580 and 880. your ride heading along 880 still dealing with some overnight roadwork. caltrans should be wrapped one that by 5 a.m. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:52. police in the east bay are hoping new evidence will help them find the driver in a hit- and-run crash involving a pregnant woman.
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the state "air resources board" says pollution levels dropped 2- point-7 percent ear availabl california is going the extra mile in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. the state air resources board says pollution levels dropped 2.7% in 2016. the latest year available. that means greenhouse gas emissions have fallen below 1990 levels. that's ahead of schedule by two years. the next goal is to get pollution levels 40% below 1990 levels by the year 2030. investigators hope some new evidence could help crack a hit-and-run case in oakland. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us. reporter: oakland police say these are the latest images of a sedan they have been trying to find for almost a year, a silver 2014 to 2016 hyundai elantra, its windows possibly tinted. it's the car seen in a hit-and- run captured on surveillancerea intersection of bancroft and
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78th avenue in east oakland. destiny gomez and her >> i woke up in a hospital confused, where's my son? >> reporter: destiny was 7 months protect at the time. the son she named billy was born brain-dead while she was in a coma. he was taken off life support a few days later. >> myself having young children around that age, um, it hits home. >> reporter: oakland police say the surveillance video does not show the hit-and-run driver's license plate number and so far, few witnesses have come forward with information about the car, which would have likely had front end damage and a broken windshield. authorities say serious traffic accidents are not all that uncommon in this area. about a week after what happened to destiny and her brother-in-law, there was another fatal collision in this area a block away on 78th and macarthur. >> i would love to see more lights to light the street during the nighttime and maybe
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even a crosswalk that lights up as pedestrians are crossing. >> reporter: destiny wants to see changes here, too. the driver was going so fast that the impact broke nearly every bone in her body. she has had more than 50 surgeries and is still raising money on "go fund me" to pay for them. >> honestly, i just want the driver to come forward. >> we want to help provide closure to this family. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. a three-year-old boy is shot overnight and now he is in the hospital. police are looking for a suspect. >> reporter: and the commute for early-morning bart riders may be getting a little bit more difficult in order to speed up a project that the agency is working on.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's head outside.... xx let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's neda iranpour
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good morning. it's thursday, july 12th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check the conditions outside in the bay area. let's head to the airport, sfo. we have a shot there of that airport. you might want to pay attention if you're flying in and out, there could be delays later on. neda will let us know. and a live look at some of the traffic. 580/680 looks like it is packed out there. jaclyn dunn, of course, will let us know about the hot spots. >> first weather. >> i'll know about the delays because my husband is on his way here. >> so he will text me, i'm late! >> woke up early for nothing! but we have another day of fog and low cloud coverage which of course leads to delays at the airports as it does. here's a live look right now, san jose, and it looks like across the south bay there's some areas where there are foggy conditions but most of us will have clouds this morning. the low clouds right there off the coastline and it's not extended as far as livermore yet but there's a good chance throughout the morning hours as we get closer to sunrise. we'll see a little more of this thickening up and filling
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