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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 12, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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toddler is shot in a car with the suspect getting away. >> the united states' commitment to nato remains very strong. >> plus, president trump controls the conversation at nato. the emergency session this morning. >> and bart riders, beware. start times are set to change impacting our morning commute. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, july 12th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start things off by taking a live look outside. actually we're not going to get that shot so we're going to get weather in just a bit so let's check traffic with jaclyn. >> or we can just look behind us. a good shot behind us. >> foggy conditions. >> that's the picture. gray and gloomy out there now. >> it's out there and "karl the fog" is joining ator right now, we are over at the bay bridge toll plaza. the
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backup is growing toward the foot of the maze. the metering lights are on and just getting slow as you approach those pay gates. 20 minutes into san francisco. we'll take it to 101 north of golden gate bridge, very foggy at spencer avenue through the stretch. please be careful. we're tracking an accident in the north bay along highway 12. first reports of it, looks like it's big rig and another vehicle blocking at least one lane so expect delays. this could be messy if you are traveling on highway 12 to connect into santa rosa. >> checking in problem-free in both directions along 101. let's check in with neda. we have low clouds hovering right over the coast a bit of a west wind and that's all it takes to push all that fog inland.
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that's what a lot of folks are waking up to. if you are anywhere near the water you will see a light drizzle out there, as well. gloomy start to a beach day. here's a look also at the bay bridge. gray over the bay. a lot is moving inland but mainly over the north bay. 50s and 60s in the area now. humidity is up associated with the morning low cloud cover but we'll see humidity levels stay high all day long. more coming up. neda, thank you. a toddler is hospitalized this morning after being struck by a bullet while in a car. jessica flores has more live from oakland. >> reporter: that three-year- old boy is being treated at oakland children's hospital hepolice
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and they do tell me that the boy is listed in stable condition. now, he was first taken to highland hospital by his mother and then transferred here to children's oakland after being transported to the first hospital there and this is all happening after the shooting at 11 p.m. last night. it happened on 80th avenue and holly. the circumstances are unclear. now, we know police are still looking for a suspect. according to our stringer who shot the video you're looking at, the child was in the back seat when the child was struck by a stray bullet. at this point we know that the child is here at the hospital being treated but not where he was shot or the extent of his injuries but again, police do tell me that that 3-year-old boy who was shot in east oakland last night is in stable condition. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, president trump said he strongly believes in nato, that the
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u.s. remains committed to the alliance, and that all nato leaders agreed to increase their defense spending. >> let's take a live look in london where president trump is arriving at that summit. you can see in these live pictures, air force one has already touched down. the door is open for the president to come out. earlier president trump took aim at germany and other member nations for not doing enough to support the alliance. as we report, he has another round of meetings today with world leaders. >> reporter: president trump controlled the conversation throughout the two-day nato summit in brussels. >> i told people that i would be very unhappy if they didn't up their commitments very substantially. >> reporter: today it was meant to focus on georgia, ukraine and the afghanistan war. but the alliances went into an emergency session amid the president's repeated demands for increased defense spending. >> everybody in that room by the time we left got along and they agreed to pay more and they agreed to pay it more quickly. >> reporter: only five members including the u.s. are
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currently paying the requested 2% of their nation's gdp on defense spending. the deadline to reach the goal is 2024. the president says more countries will meet it earlier but didn't get into specifics. the french president emmanuel macron said france is sticking to the 2024 timeline. germany chancellor angela merkel labeled the summit as intense. mr. trump was also peppered by the press with questions about russia including the annexation of crimea. >> that was on barack obama's watch, not on trump's washington. >> reporter: and russia and the 2016 election. >> he may deny it. it's one of those things. all i can do is say, did you and don't do it again. >> reporter: mr. trump said he will bring up the issue with russian president vladimir putin during his summit next week. >> before the helsinki summit, the president is, of course, in the uk to meet with prime minister theresa may and have tea with the queen.
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it's official! this morning, london breed is san francisco's new mayor. >> mayor of the city and county of san francisco. >> whoo! >> breed is the city's first black woman mayor. thousands gathered for her historic inauguration yesterday. the san francisco native says she is ready to get to work tackling homelessness, drug abuse and housing prices. thousands of riders on bart will be affected by a major change. jackie ward reports. reporter: the first eastbound train left glen park at 4:13 a.m. so that got people over to oakland in just about 20 minutes. for those early-morning bart riders, though, their service may be disrupted. bart is considering a plan that is being called the transbay tube earthquake safety service. the sf examiner reports that this means bart is considering not starting trains until 5 a.m. that's an hour later than usual. that's in order to give
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construction crews more time to retrofit the 3.5-mile tube and make sure it can safely withstand a major earthquake. bart tells "the examiner" this would speed up the retrofitting project by about 4 months and save them as much as $15 [sic]. now this proposed change -- and save them as much as $15 million, almost 3,000 people mostly people traveling from the east bay to san francisco to be affected by this. bart is considering using a replacement bus service to get them to the city about the same time. this change would go in effect in february of next year. jackie ward, kpix 5. coming up next a battle over beach access. the fence and fees one neighborhood group is charging while apparently thumbing their nose at a state agency. >> plus, the cause behind a massive wildfire that forced evacuations in napa and yolo counties.
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>> oh, the fog is thick in many areas this morning at the coast especially so you may see drizzleas well i'll let you know what our temperatures are doing as we wait for that monsoonal moisture. speeds below 10 miles per hour on westbound205. find out how long it's taking to get through the stretch coming up. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? near the oregon border. in siskiyou county.... the kl on the fire watch now, milder weather is helping crews get a handle on a wildfire near the oregon border. in siskiyou county, the klamathon fire is holding about 36,000 acres. cal fire says it is now 60% contained. 82 structures are destroyed in the fire. he cause is under investigation. this morning, we know what caused the destructive wildfire
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in napa and yolo counties. investigators blaming an electric livestock fence that was improperly installed. cal fire has already cited the owner. the county fire has burned more than 90,000 acres and they hope to contain it today. it is a battle for beach access in santa cruz county. coastal officials want the public to enjoy the private beach. >> neighbors want the gates and fee in place and anne makovec has more with this ongoing debate. >> reporter: the santa cruz neighborhood group has now basically stopped negotiating with state officials. they say they don't need renewed permission to charge a $100 annual fee to access the county park. there is a permit hearing scheduled for today in scotts valley. here's a map of where that beach sits near santa cruz. neighbors have put up a fence to keep the public out. the group called the opal clips recreation district. two years the california coastal commission ordered them to take down the gate and threatened fines of $11,000 a day. >>t's $5 a day to get on the beach or $100 a year.
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>> the group has been operating the gate since the '40s. they say the fees pay for the gatekeepers, maintenance of the park and a wooden stairway to the beach. two years ago the california coastal commission ordered the group to take the gate down. they threatened fines of $11,000 a day. but it's still there. several compromises have been offered keeping the gates closed at night and open during the day. no agreement yet. >> keeping it locked at night is good. keeping it open during the day? i don't have a problem with that. my problem is if you cut off the resources to fund the place, it's not going to be an access for anybody. >> the coastal commission says the fence and the fees go against the california coastal act which seeks free public access to all beaches. if the gate operation remains in effect, it would be the first time a public beach in california is allowed to charge for access itself. now that the neighborhood group has withdrawn from the process, the coastal commission is weighing its options including the possibility of a lawsuit.
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>> thank you. this morning, in marin counties, the downtown novato smart station project has the money to move forward. according to the marin independent journal, city leaders approved a funding plan yesterday to cover additional costs. leaders will reportedly pull half a million dollars in city funds as well as money from local and regional agencies to complete the $5.2 million project. and let's get a check on weather -- on traffic now. you can do a little weather, too, because the fog is affecting some commuters. >> definitely. it will be riding shotgun with you on your morning commute. i know, michelle, you hit some as i headed out of the caldecott tunnel this morning. here's a live look 101 near candlestick park there or the off-ramp. it's very difficult to see even the traffic along that stretch. we haven't had any accidents reported which is excellent news. give yourself some extra time and space. san mateo bridge as you make
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your way to the fog along 101 out of hayward, still in the green. travel times in both directions, in the green. the commute direction westbound side is crowded. we are okay on 880. no signs of red. we are still in the yellow heading in the southbound direction down towards dumbarton bridge. we have been tracking delays all morning long and, in fact, every morning we track delays along westbound 580 through the altamont pass pass into livermore but the real backup, the real slow traffic, is along 205 for folks heading to the tracy triangle. so from i-5 on over towards 580 it is just crawling and now caltrans has confirmed all of that roadwork in that westbound direction. right now it's about 43 minutes just to go from i-5 over to 580. so "super commuters" beware. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. >> okay. i do want to show you the
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difference between what's going on in the beach. this is the view at surf line beach. let's take you to san jose. look at that. just a few little clouds out there. so yes, you're waking up to some sunshine this morning. over at sfo, that's not so much the case. so yeah, low cloud ceiling there may affect some of the flights. temperature-wise in francisco, 56 compared to 60 in san jose. oakland 58. concord at 60 degrees. wind speeds coming in from the southwest direction at sfo. but not much wind. we are talking barely a breeze out there for most bay area locations. early-morning fog is going inland. there are thunderstorms and monsoonal moisture and dust storms and all kinds of activity in arizona, nevada,
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southern california. now it's being allowed to grow and extend up north. san jose 87 degrees. still above average by a few degrees. it will be warm and muggy out there because of the monsoonal moisture. so 85 in santa clara. it may feel the hotters because the humidity levels. cooler compared to yesterday but definitely the humidity is going to add a bit of uncomfortable air. 90s in cloverdale. high clouds by sunset. we have wraparound moisture because of unstable air mass riigit'sng allowed to move north. so portions of southern sierra nevada mountain range just
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lake tahoe, that's where dry lightning is possible. but also, over the next few hours, we'll continue to watch this but this afternoon, and early tomorrow morning, we might have dry lightning across some of the bay area hills. there's the moisture coming through on the futurecast not expecting rain. this is virga so moisture in the clouds. it's not expected to hit the ground. but that's a problem because with lightning strikes and no rain, that can lead to fires. friday morning 11 a.m. there is a chance for higher elevations across the north bay to get a little of that action from that ridge of high pressure. so it's definitely impactful for the desert southwest and now working its way towards us. it's bringing us heat and it will still continue to do that through the weekend. triple digits through the weekend. the heat will be on. here's the seven-day forecast. we'll stay in the 90s for inland areas for the next to
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new products this fall. the cupertino-based company is not just set to reveal new iphones but also a new macbook line-up, new face id ipads and new airpods. updates to the apple watch including a bigger display are also expected. u.c.-davis has a new test to help emergency room doctors quickly identify heart attack patients. >> the new device was launched there last month and before, emergency room doctors relied on another test which kept patients in the emergency room waiting for six hours. >> these antibodies have an element on it that can glow when there's a protein bound to it so whenever a patient comes in with a heart attack, these antibiotics will bind to it and the detector would detect that glowing signal. >> patients with chest pain can be diagnosed in as little as 10 minutes with this new treatment. the giants go 13 innings in search of another series win at home and stephen piscotty's home run streak
6:20 am
ended at four games and it didn't help. did his teammates pick him up? we're up next.
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baseball players always like to say they take one game at a time. and after that loss two nights ago, that was so strange in houston, the a's are taking it to heart. top of the 1st, khris davis hammered one to the wall off houston starter lance mccullough. 2-0 a's. davis extended his history to 13 games. 3-0 oakland. 4th inning and there goes chad pender. three-run shot. his 8th of the season. a's win 8-3. chris bassitt picks up his second victory of the year. they are 11 games over .500. giants pitcher derek holland getting a walk-off ready against the cubs. couldn't use it until 13th
6:24 am
when buster posey hit one off the bricks with two out. belt trots home for the 5-4 win. y goco oe es s a > why are the giants so good at home? perhaps it's because they warm up with a game of spikeball before the first pitch. relief pitchers and andrew mccutcheon are the team's biggest spikeball enthusiasts. >> kind of like table tennis meets volleyball type deal. >> is there a best player on the team? >> ah, i mean, want to take me out of the equation. dyson is pretty good. he's not bad. so, um, yeah, in that tandem we're pretty hard to stop. did you see this? croatia beat england yesterday to advance to their first-ever world cup final. they will play france on sunday. you might remember lasn bea penalty ck to set up yesttation in croatia.
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moments before saturday's winning goal, the firefighters had to go out for a call. they left behind three guys who were able to watch the big moment on tv. that's okay. i'm sure they dvr'ed it for the other firefighters. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. definitely a bonding experience for those three- game all right. play of the day. major league baseball, yankees taking on the orioles in baltimore. >> 2-1 pitch on the way, ground ball to short, that's going to be a base --no. he caught it. an out! didi gregorius taking it behind him and denying the base hit. >> doing what derek jeter used to do not yankees, the fine defensive play, snag and throw. the yankees go on to win, shutting out 9-0 the orioles.
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a 3-year-old boy was shot in east oakland last night. and now police are looking for a suspect. the details coming right up. >> commuters who leave their home in the east bay sometime before 4 a.m. may have their trip into san francisco disrupted soon.
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this morning the search for a gunman after a toddler is shot inside a car in the bay area. >> plus, taking center stage at nato. >> nato is helping europe more
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than it's helping us. >> president trump attacks american allies, then jets off to london. ♪[ music ] >> and the hero's welcome not man behind the cave rescue in thailand, a mission that almost ended in disaster. thanks for waking up with us. good morning, it is thursday, july 12th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the sun is rising in san jose. our cameras capturing this time lapse video. another mild day is on tap for the bay area. neda iranpour is tracking the forecast. a little muggy. >> yes, muggy and hot is what we're expecting and yes, morning fog and then that will be replaced with high clouds. let's see what's going on at the golden gate bridge. fog at the top of the bridge. it stayed for a while yesterday. most of the bay area was sunny yesterday. today this fog will be gone but then it high clouds will
6:31 am
roll in right after that. that's going to increase our chance of thunderstorms. we are talking about dry lightning in the higher elevations because of monsoonal moisture to the south of us right now but it is going to build and work its way up towards the bay area. so visibility down to 7 in half moon bay, oakland airport 5. petaluma low visibility and drizzle thanks to the early- morning marine layer. so that's what we are dealing with for now. the coastal clouds. but then this right here is what's going to bring us that chance for those lightning strikes. so our futurecast showing that eventually this will burn off by 9, 10 a.m. but this is right behind it. rolling on in from the south to the north. i'll talk more about what's happening coming up in a bit. and we are tracking some slow youngs. chp running traffic breaks through the south bay along 280, 101 going to start to see those brake lights. 280 dealing with a couple of sn'tr to be an e over in the accident but we'll keep an eye on that and let you now more
6:32 am
later. 880 south of 238, your ride getting slow in the yellow. 13 minutes to highway 84. we are getting reports of a fire or some smoke that is being seen close to 238 and hesperian so we are starting to see some slowdowns along 880. traffic is still moving on 238. if you on northbound 880 at 238, i don't see any smoke at that stretch according to this camera shot. but fire crews are wear of that situation. the maze traffic starting to back up especially on the 580 approach. eastshore freeway still okay making your way through berkeley in the yellow into san francisco. police are investigating the shooting of a toddler in the back seat of a car. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: kenny, michelle, police do confirm with me that
6:33 am
that child is now listed in stable condition. he is being treated at children's hospital oakland, the boy just three years old. we are told that the mother rushed the boy to highland hospital before being transported to oakland children's hospital in oakland. it happened around 80th avenue and holly last night at 11 p.m. the circumstances are unclear. police are looking for a suspect. the child was in the back seat . at this point police are not providing any suspect description or giving us any more details about what happened but we are told that there is no suspect in custody at this time. president trump is in london this morning. air force one touched down about 30 minutes ago. this is his first visit to the
6:34 am
uk as president. he is scheduled to meet with british prime minister theresa may and queen elizabeth tomorrow. and thousands of protestors plan to march. president trump flew to london following the nato summit in brussels. there he attacked germany and other member nations for not doing their part to support the alliance. >> i told people that i would be very unhappy if they didn't up their commitments very substantially. >> today was meant to focus on georgia, ukraine and the war in afghanistan. but the alliance went into an emergency session amid the president's repeated demands for increased defense spending. only 5 members including the u.s. are currently paying the requested 2% of their nation's gdp on defense spending. the deadline to reach that goal is 2024. the president says more countries will meet it earlier but didn't get into specifics. in the wake of an immigration debate on capitol hill, a republican is now proposing a bill that would make first-time illegal border
6:35 am
crossings a felony. representative diane black of tennessee is behind the zero tolerance for illegal entry act. the bill also seeks to strip federal funding from the more than 400 sanctuary cities and counties. if passed, that money would go instead to i.c.e. san francisco and oakland are among the cities that limit cooperation with federal i.c.e. agents. this just in. the u.s. says the reunification of the youngest migrant children separated from the border is complete. it reunited about half of them but the remaining 46 are ineligible and are still separated from their fami. deincafornia gave the justice department until midnight tuesday to make that happen for 102 children under the age of 5. but the feds missed that deadline and said yesterday that less than half of those children were actually reunited. new video shows stormy daniels being escorted into jail. the adult film star is accused of letting patrons touch her during a performance at an
6:36 am
ohio strip club which is against the law in the state. daniels' attorney says the touch was not sexual and argued the arrest was political motivated. daniels is out on bail. she will be arraigned in court this morning. members of thailand's navy seal team who helped rescue members of a youth soccer team and their coach got a hero's welcome when they returned to their base this, morning. they helped rescue the soccer team and their coach. a former thai navy seal who volunteered for the mission died while putting in oxygen canisters on the route. meanwhile, there's information on how dangerous that rescue mission was. the divers had to travel 2.5 miles through darkness, murky waters and narrow passages to reach the stranded athletes. and they also had to go another 2.5 miles back to bring the group to safety. they had to deal with communication problems and dangerously low oxygen levels. >> thankfully, everyone was able to get out of chamber 3
6:37 am
safely and make their way out and it's an exciting ending to an awesome mission. >> monsoon rains threatened to raise the floodwaters just hours after the last boy was taken out. a major water pump malfunctioned sending water into the cave. what a difference could two degrees make when the new normal of california fire season happens? a lot. hours after sundown are supposed to provide firefighters with an upper hand. cooler temperatures and higher humidity. but that may turn into an old wives' tale in the new normal of california fire season. the overnight lows have risen about 2 degrees since the 1980s and the swing toward hotter nights has become me ouncover the past six years. this morning a beach battle is heating up in santa cruz. should the public pay to get to the
6:38 am
neighborhood is defying some state orders to open the beach for free. >> reporter: it's supposed to be open to the public as are all beaches along the coast of california but a santa cruz neighborhood group is charging a $100 anne grous a peit hearin today but it's unclear at this point if they will even show up. the fence is around this county park near santa cruz. the group is called the opal cliffs recreation district. two years ago, the california coastal commission ordered them to take the gate down and threatened fines of $11,000 a day. but the gate is still up. opal cliffs has been operating this gate since the 1940s. they say the fees pay for the gatekeepers, maintenance of the small park and a wooden stairway to the beach. some compromises have been offered including keeping the gates locked at night and free and open during the day but nothing is agreed upon yet. >> it's the gate. it's the guard. and it's the fee structure. all three make it very difficult for the general public to get in and use this public land. >> i see it as a denial of
6:39 am
property rights by the government, by the coastal commission, trying to force their will. >> reporter: the coastal commission says the fence and the fees go agthal act now that the neighborhood group appears to have withdrawn from the permit process, the coastal commission is weighing its options including the possibility of a lawsuit. >> thank you. a new plan that could jump- start the transbay tube project will affect thousands of early-morning bart riders. kpix 5's jackie ward is in san francisco with the latest. reporter: if this gets approved this would affect people traveling from the east bay to san francisco. it could put a real wrench into their morning commutes. bart is holding a meeting later on today to talk about what they are calling the transbay tube earthquake safety service plan. the "san francisco examiner" reports that as part of this plan, bart is considering not starting trains until 5 a.m. that's an hour tha usual. in order to give construction crews more time to retrofit the 3.5-mile tube and make sure it can safely withstand a major earthquake. bart tells "the examiner" this would speed up the retrofitting project by about
6:40 am
about 3,000 people take advantage of the early-morning trains most of them coming from stations like pittsburg- bay point, pleasant hill, dublin-pleasanton and fremont. so bart is considering adding bus services from those four major stations that wouldn't interfere with their commute and would still get them into san francisco at their early time. from glen park in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:40. a charter plane goes down and everyone on board is rescued. what the pilot is saying to investigators about what caused the accident. plus, uber makes employee cuts in the wake of a deadly self-driving car crash. >> and the new york stock exchange old up about 10 minutes ago. strong start for the dow again. it's up more than 150 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. this isn't just any 80th birthday.
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the pilot of the chartered aircraft, 72 year old mike hudgins, told federal investigators he ran into ng his visib new details about the small plane crash in alaska. the pilot of the chartered aircraft 72-year-old mike hutchins told investigators he ran into clouds which caused him to get disoriented. he unsuccessfully tried to avoid the mountainous terrain. rescue crews battled similar conditions as they pulled all 11 survivors to safety. the pilot told cbs news that the chopper was dangerously low on fuel. >> we were -- i was sweating the whole time. >> one passenger was critically injured. seattle ho. en trand to buexpe to rv>>time nowor a at what's comu alex wagner joins from us new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
6:45 am
ahead, president trump says the nato alliance reare in brus unscheduled session of nato leaders. the president says our partners will now spend more to support defense and is in britain where protests are expected. plus, only on "cbs this morning," the palo alto company that's making the dream of flying cars become a reality! and the first fda-approved blood pressure watch will be unveiled later today. this morning, we'll test them on the newest wearable health monitors and discuss their accuracy and security. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> a lot of new technology coming out that's pretty cool. thank you. see you at 7:00. >> you betcha! uber is reportedly laying off some workers in its self- driving car division after a deadly crash and it appears inflation is going up. joining us with the details is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. uber cutting about 100 seven
6:46 am
driving car operator jobs in san francisco and pittsburg. it's an extension of the company already suspending that program following the fatal crash involving one of its self-driving cars in tempe, arizona in march. now, uber says it's going to replace those jobs with what it's calling mission specialists. they will be highly trained drivers who could both test the cars on public roads and also in test track conditions which could provide even better data for the developers. as far as the overall job market goes, the news continues to be great. the labor department reports a drop in 18,000 to 214,000 in initial claims. that's close to a 49-year low. labor also reporting a sizable gain in consumer side inflation of 2.9% in june from a year earlier biggest gain in over six years. americans paying more for rent, healthcare and also for gasoline. the stock market though rebounding today after heavy selling yesterday. the dow is up 130 now. nasdaq is up 34.
6:47 am
s&p is up by 9 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> thank you, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. unusually hot weather continues to plague parts of the country. here's a look at colorado where the heat actually caused a denver road to buckle this week. usually they are dealing with potholes from all of the winter weather. but the hot weather is messing up the roads there, as well. 90 degrees is cool in denver! >> it's been very, very hot for them. it's all relative. we were talking about the airport delays. now a 15-minute delay for a lot of incoming flights. low cloud ceiling so my husband is on a plane in san diego waiting to get here but this is the view in sfo. those of you in san jose are wondering where does the cloud coverage that they are talking about? this is the beautiful sunny there. that's the airport to go to where you won't have weather- related delays. at the golden gate bridge a normal shot for summertime. fog is rolling in over the
6:48 am
bridge and temperatures in san francisco 57. san jose 60. santa rosa 53 degrees. concord at 60 degrees. so overall satellite/radar, definitely showing we have cloud coverage filling in a lot of the bay area. but livermore is clear, san jose partly clear, as well. not too bad. the wider view of northern though showing this right here. so this is a sign of all that monsoonal moisture that brought on the heat, the unstable air mass for denver, for arizona, for southern california. it is going to head over towards northern california. hi-def doppler right now showing clear conditions. this afternoon, maybe at this time tomorrow morning, we could be tracking some lightning strikes. so futurecast showing by 10 a.m. with morning fog that's going to burn off but then we have higher clouds rolling on in and that's going to be all afternoon dealing with kind of sticky cloudy hot weather. so that's all associated with that ridge of high pressure
6:49 am
that has just stayed put across the desert southwest. now it's even building and working its way up north. temperatures low 60s still at the beaches today. a little onshore breeze there. but across the south bay upper 80s, low 90s. so these temperatures are a few degrees cooler than yesterday. so what we are feeling out there that moisture this morning, so definitely morning hours that's when we have moister air but by this afternoon it will feel continuously humid. not great for hair. ponytails are totally acceptable today! dry lightning possible because of this ridge right here. so this is what we have been talking about. it's still going to stay in our forecast area for quite a few days but what we'll deal with this afternoon will be a little bit more moisture working its way up the southern sierra and then tonight look what happens. this futurecast model showing not necessarily rain, but a chance of some of that virga so it's basically just rain that doesn't hit the ground.
6:50 am
it's just moisture in the cloud coverage. that is what could come through. that could also bring in some dry lightning strikes. so through the north bay by early morning tomorrow, those hills there, that's where there's a chance for that. very slim chance. it is possible through friday. then saturday, sunday this ridge is going to build more. look at the triple digits for your weekend. here's your seven-day forecast. looks like a nice weekend ahead. thank you. right now, we are tracking some slowdowns a few hot spots ourselves in the traffic department. this is some debris looks like pipes that got dropped in the roadway along southbound 680 near willow pass road. and that's starting to show some yellow sensors lighting up our screen here. you have about 7 minutes down to 24. so really not too bad. westbound highway 4 definitely seeing those slowdowns out of
6:51 am
antioch heading over 0 ading in as we just saw those travel times still in the yellow making your way down towards highway 24. we'll take it a little further south along 680 south of 580 and your ride starting to see a lot of brake lights approaching 84. about 15 minutes. and we're tracking a new accident. this is in the northbound direction. it's as you approach washington just past auto mall parkway now over on the shoulder but quite a few cars involved in this and definitely causing a backup that stretches towards mission boulevard south so just a heads up for drivers heading through that stretch of 680. it's going to be slow going and south bay 101 heading through san jose we are now in the yellow 32 minutes from hellyer to san antonio. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. a r s d during a shooting last night in east oakland. i'll live with the very latest coming right up. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪
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still flat. here. try this.
6:55 am
and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it. it's 6--- time for your final five... i'm jessica flores in oakland in front of children's hospital oakland where a young boy is being treated after being injured in a shooting last night. now, the toddler was taken here after being transported first to highland hospital. police say the 3-year-old was injured around 11 p.m. near 80th avenue and holly. he was in a car. initial reports were that the boy was shot but we are working to the determine whether he was shot on injured by glass fragments. the circumstances are unclear. police are looking for a suspect. right now, police have not given us any suspect description but we expect a
6:56 am
briefing from police this morning. it's unclear if the boy was indeed shot or injured by glass. he was injured in the shooting last night in east oakland. jessica flores, kpix 5. it is 6:56. time for your "final 5." president trump making some more headlines overseas. this morning, mr. trump says he believes in nato and that all leaders agreed to increase their defense spending. he is now in london where he is scheduled to meet with british prime minister theresa may and queen elizabeth. thousands of protestors will march. this morning london breed is the new mayor of san francisco. she is the first black woman mayor. the san francisco native says she is ready to get to work tackling homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing housing prices. members of thailand's navy seal team who helped rescue members of a youth soccer team and their coach got a hero's welcome when they returned to base this morning. >> and a santa cruz neighborhood group has basically stopped negotiating
6:57 am
with coastal officials about access to privates beach. they now say they don't need renewed permission to charge a $100 annual fee to access the county park. there's a permit hearing scheduled for today in scotts valley. thousands of bart riders will be impacted by construction on the under water transbay tube next year. starting in february 2019, bart will start one hour later at 5 a.m. today the board of directors will discuss two proposals that would replace that early- morning service with buses. we just watched our sensors go from yellow to red on southbound 680 due to an accident blocking at least one lane. this is at bernal. speeds below 20 miles per hour. 17 minutes to highway 84. in the northbound direction an earlier crash still out there. this is over on the shoulder but we are still seeing the delays 150 minutes up to 84. 101 -- 15 minutes up to 84. 101 in san jose slow. we are tracking a crash
6:58 am
northbound 101 approaching matilda. and that is causing traffic to back up. we have at least two lanes blocked ahead so about 40 minutes on up towards san antonio. your ride continues to be very sluggish across the san mateo bridge. and if you are heading over towards the golden gate bridge, a little foggy and neda has more for us on that forecast. you may have drizzle so that's something to keep in mind mist in the air never good for the hair. this is a view of the bay bridge definitely looking gloomy this morning. so this morning fog will come in until 10 a.m. and after that high clouds from the south to the north and that's a sign of monsoonal moisture which could bring us a chance for thunderstorms later on. you can see right there to the south right now, on our satellite-radar that big blob all in gray, 's nl the early-
6:59 am
morning hours especially when we the moisture from the clouds. but later on humidity will stay up. muggy hot for today a little southwest wind action not too breezy. the view over at south ocean beach showing where the morning cloud coverage is coming from all from the coastline. that's the surf line camera set up there. temperatures in the san francisco 57. 61 in livermore. concord 60 degrees. then your afternoon looks like this. so another hot one. the numbers may not look as hot as yesterday but because of the humidity is will feel sticky and yucky. >> it is amazing how quickly these ladies get their hair done in the morning at 4 a.m. >> magical. >> humidity or not. >> i said we need to get that george jetson conveyor belt where we all go through it. that would be so nice. >> someone to do our hair for us. >> it's a dream. >> we hope your get your hair done. >> yes, on this thursday morning, thank you for waking
7:00 am
up with us and spending time. a live look at sfo. foggy conditions out there. good morning. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, july 12th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump leaves the nato summit, saying u.s. allies have agreed to spend more money faster to support the military alliance. this morning, he's in britain, where massive protests are expected. >> cbs news has new information on the 12 boys and the coach trapped under ground in thailand and thousand how they survivalee than a week before they were found. anna werner talks to a family member of one of the


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