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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 13, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... the roads good morning. it's friday, july 13th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. we start off with a live look outside. 880 in oakland. on the left a shot of sfo where there was an emergency landing early this morning. first let's check weather. >> we have a few areas of rain coming down so little bursts of activity is what's going on, on hi-def doppler this morning. so it may take you by surprise. these are the monsoonal moisture effects that basically we have been warning you about throughout the week. they definitely having dealing with it in southern california and arizona. and now it's here! so looking at a line that's coming right through cloverdale at this hour, heading right along 128 and 101. so it may be a little bit wet down there if you are heading that direction at all near clearlake, as well. and near geyserville. so those are the locations now. the north bay hills, this is
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where these pop-up thunderstorms like to whoever. some areas of heavy rain. north of inverness and along highway 1 you may have showers. no lightning strikes now. but earlier this morning about an hour aso there was lightning off the coast. so -- ago, there was lightning off the coast about an hour ago. we don't want to see dry lightning this morning because that could, of course, spark fires. but with this type of monsoonal moisture, that is still possible. we still have a chance of thunderstorms throughout the morning hours. by this afternoon, all this should be clearing up. we'll have plenty of sunshine later. but yes, we are definitely starting off the day with plenty of cloud coverage. it feels a little humid out there. here's the relative humidity. in the 80s and 90s for most locations. even livermore 68% relative humidity. so it feels sticky. i'll talk about your temperatures coming up. sticky and my hair!
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oh, geez. well, right now, we are seeing some improvement for drivers heading along westbound 4. we had an earlier crash that had blocked all lanes. but all lanes are cleared. still seeing residual delays. speeds at 50 miles an hour. westbound 205 major slowdowns this morning over towards 580. altamont pass area still quite sluggish until you get into livermore then things in the green and you're good to go just cruising towards 680 so your drive time is about 25 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza looking typical still in the green. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. president trump has arrived in the uk and it hasn't been a warm reception with crowds of protestors taking to the streets. thousands of people have gathered outside the british parliament. a giant balloon portraying president trump as a baby is floating right above the crowd. president trump is heading to london after meeting with
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prime minister theresa may at her retreat outside the city. the meeting is less than 24 hours after the interview with the sun newspaper. he said may's "brexit" plans could ruin future trade deals with the u.s. and that drew a harsh rebuke from british lawmakers. >> i actually told theresa may how do it but she didn't agree with -- she didn't listen to me. >> there is no evidence that this president is serious about a free trade deal with britain. he said when he was first elected that he would be able to sign one up within a couple of days. he dares say we should turn our back on europe and hope that he will give us a trade deal. absolutely not! >> the majority of president trump's two-day visit is being held away from london. later today, the president and first lady will have tea with the queen. a united airlines plane that took off from sfo made an emergency landing early this morning. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the airport with some details. anne. >> reporter: pretty scary. this plane was supposed to be
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on its way to sydney, australia right now. but it made an emergency landing here at sfo just after 12:30 this morning. here's a look at the flight path from the website flightaware. you can see the twisted path this plane took over the ocean as it dropped fuel so the plane could be lighter when it made its emergency landing this morning about 45 minutes after take-off. passengers reported flames shooting from the left engine of the boeing 787 dreamliner as it was taking off at 11:15 p.m. for those aboard united flight 863, it was a wild ride. >> we were about 40 minutes into our flight. we were going and then it got a little bit bumpy. they told us we were going to turn around, the engine seized up. some other people were talking about there being maybe some fire spitting from the engine. but then we just turned around and came right back.
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>> reporter: no word yet on exactly what went wrong in that engine. but the flight was promptly canceled and the passengers were booked on other flights. now, strangely, that same flight, united 863, had similar problems and also had to make an emergency landing 20 years ago. that was also a flight that was headed from sfo to sydney, australia. no relation. but just an interesting coincidence. live at sfo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. new developments this morning in the search for a woman who went missing along the california coast. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us now with the latest. reporter: michelle, a set of clues has not led investigators to angela hernandez yet. but they may be getting closer. the search is now expanded to monterey county because investigators say cell phone towers got a hit from her phone in carmel. they have been going through surveillance video from various businesses in the area keeping an eye out for her white jeep patriot. county agencies are working
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together as they try to piece together the clues. the monterey county spokesman says san mateo county gives them critical cell phone data that brought them to carmel. >> surveillance video of a similar car driving by so it's a good belief that she came through that area. if we can locate her and if nothing else tell her family that she's safe, we would love to do that. >> reporter: kpix 5 obtained this photo from the monterey county sheriff's search-and- rescue team as they concentrate their efforts at garrapata state beach. but they say the fog is hindering the search from the air. her family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts. >> when was the last time angela's sister heard from her? >> reporter: her sister isabel said angela slept in the half moon bay safeway parking lot friday night and she got a text the next morning saying she was driving south. pg&e is ironing out its wildfire prevention plan under a new set of rules a month after announcing it would turn
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off power when necessary to prevent future wildfires. state regulators say that before homes go dark, the company must tell you about it if the circumstances allow. in the next 30 days, pg&e will have to formulate a detailed plan for reaching out to communities and then they will then hash out how and when they may shut off the electricity. police are trying to find a man behind a rash of bank robberies initially in southern california and most recently in the bay area. jessica flores has more from danville. reporter: he is being called the faux badge bandit because he wears a fake badge. he hit up a couple of places in southern california and now five in the bay area, two just yesterday, one here in danville, the bank behind me, another over in san ramon. now, he is being called the faux badge bandit because he wears a fake badge on his hip and carries a gun inside a
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shoulder holster. he wore a variety of outfits. he is responsible for at least 10 robberies across california in the last three months. about 11:00 yesterday morning, in danville, at the first republic bank, on hartz avenue, he had an orange golf shirt with a white american flag baseball cap on. he showed what appeared to be a gun and made off with some cash. now, two hours later, at a u.s. bank inside a safeway in nearby san ramon, he wore a completely different getup, a hawaiian shirt and straw hat. this time, police say the teller refused to give him money so he fled empty-handed. the fbi confirms that the faux badge bandit struck three banks in cupertino. that started last month. and three of them are along south de anza boulevard. he is described as about 6 feet tall, 260 pounds. the fbi is giving out an ward for any information leading to his arrest. reporting live in danville, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 5:08. warriors star draymond green is at the center of an international controversy over
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a photo that he posted online. >> plus, it was quite an ordeal for a bay area man who got trapped in a cement hopper. we'll show you how crews finally got him out. >> and we are seeing a few areas that are dealing with showers. a few bursts popping up on our hi-def doppler. i'll talk about our chance of thunderstorms this morning and what you can expect for the weekend. >> and traffic flowing freely in both directions along 101 right near spencer avenue. but how does the rest of your north bay commute look? find out coming up.
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congress today -- one day after an f-b-i agent accused of being biased against president trump testified at a combative he former fbi lawyer lisa page will be questioned by congress today one day after an fbi accused her of being biased against president trump testified at a hearing. >> i will not answer that question. >> the witness will answer the question! >> peter strzok helped investigate russia's attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. during the campaign he and lisa page exchanged anti-trump text messages. strzok says he grets hoere used fbit was noy suggesti
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any action whatsoever to improperly impact the electoral process for any candidate. >> strzok said he always puts aside his political beliefs at work and right now he is on paid leave pending an internal investigation. warriors star draymond green suddenly finds himself caught up in the israeli- palestinian conflict. kpix 5's andria borba explains it comes after a photo of him surfaced holding a rifle like a sniper. reporter: the intersection of nba championship and international controversy is a narrow one and at the moment filled entirely by this photo and video of golden state warriors all star draymond green at an israeli border training facility. according to the team, draymond was already on vacation in israel with his family when he met with the israeli presiden reby
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the friends of idf, or israeli defense forces, as record by some outlets. and that the photos were posted on their social media accounts and not draymond's. >> this is an ongoing tactic of the israeli government using to normalize israel. and i would invite draymond to go and visit palestine. >> reporter: the photos have sparked an outcry online. a volunteer with the international solidarity movement says draymond is not the first athlete or celebrity to be swept into a controversy like that. >> and having these photo opportunities, you know, with him holding guns and saying look, we have this, you know, spokesman promoting our cause. >> reporter: in a telephone call, ritter with the wars describes draymond as a very inquisitive guy. the creative director of baker street advertising doesn't beliaymond'simage ected this.
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>> maybe it was a bad idea to pose with a rifle. that might have been a little bit touchy. as far as everything else goes, you know, i -- i -- i think that, um, it's not going to hurt him. >> reporter: ndria borba, kpix 5. >> the warriors say that green remains on vacation out of the country. a man who somehow got stuck in a cement mixer in union city is now out of the waist-deep dry cement and walking. the incident happened yesterday afternoon around 4 p.m. at the u.s. pipe plant. firefighters gave the man a breathing device and put a harness on him to keep him interest sinking farther and then they started -- from sinking farther and then they started a bucket brigade keeping him calm. he was lifted out after 2 hours. this shows the worker walking down the stairs. he is exhausted but under his
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own power. he went to the hospital in castro valley. as for how he fell into the hopper? they say it's possible he simply lost his footing and fell in. time now 5:16. let's check the roads with jaclyn dunn. >> highway 37 looking okay for drivers between 80 and 101. shouldn't have any trouble making your way along that stretch this morning. we are in good shape so far. 101 heading through the north bay the overnight roadwork is wrapped up. speeds in the green as you head through petaluma so an easy start to our friday morning commute. a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge, no delays, 5 minutes across the span from the toll plaza. and along the eastshore freeway, we are definitely starting to see more commuters join the friday morning ride. but it's still flowing freely. we'll see a flicker of the terds the maze where take a look at this, the bay bridge toll plaza, where is everybody?
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who cares? it's a nice easy ride heading into san francisco this morning. in the green, 11 minutes h thld is a wind advisory posted but right now the traffic is nice and light. let's check in with neda for the forecast. >> some drivers you may run into a few rain showers. just little bursts of shower activity is what we're seeing this morning. it's showing up on our hi-def doppler. not much. not much measurable precipitation. but to get any rain in the month of july in the bay area is rare because of monsoonal moisture. so all the heavy rain they were dealing with in arizona, southern california, it's not necessarily bringing that for us, but we are getting the north end of that ridge of high pressure bringing on unstable air and that's what we're seeing here just north of healdsburg now so you can see a line there along highway 101. areas of red though showing a little bit more intense rainfall that's coming down. so these areas could be pretty
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keep in mind on 128, 29 and 101. so those roads could be damp. also in marin and lagunitas so along highway 1 may be wet through dillon beach also. overall, this is a four-hour loop so early this morning, we saw lightning but most of it west of the bay area right over the pacific ocean but still not ruling out the chance that we may see more lightning throughout the morning hours. that's how long our chance of thunderstorms will last. by this afternoon, all of this will clear up. we'll have plenty of sunshine for you. but for now, it's cloudy out there. and, yes, some of these areas may turn into a little burst of rain for you. here's a look at visibility now at half moon bay. it's improved up to nine so it's higher cloud coverage than what we're morning. niteferent yeerday. that's for of golden and smoo lolike. 66. 68 right now in concord. so it's a little warmer out
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there for the early-morning hours. usually we're in the 50s for most locations but the cloud coverage serving as a blanket this morning keeping the warm air from yesterday in place. west winds now downtown san francisco at 8 and then through fairfield that's where it's breezier. antioch 11. fairfield 21-mile-per-hour sustained winds. sunrise this morning 5:58. sunset tonight at 8:32. and by sunset time, we should have clear conditions so you will get a good view of that this morning. you can expect some more clouds to kind of block the views this morning and it should look cool outside. you may do some artwork out there. mid-60s for the beaches. 87 in campbell. 92 morgan hill today. temperatures very similar to yesterday. inland upper 80s, low 90s. but humidity will be a little stickier out there. 68 in sausalito and san francisco yet again and then 70 in berkeley. up north we go temperatures also pretty hot there again. so overall the state dealing with a little bit more of this monsoonal moisture but you see how it's moved up across the bay area. so that's why for now, this is what we'll be experiencing and then that ridge of high pressure that's bringing that
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unstable air is going to sit right on top of california. here's the seven-day forecast. hot the next seven days. no more rain after this morning. the warriors might be off, but there's another basketball team i want to tell you about. and it's free. and why the a's would be the talk of baseball if they played in the giants' division. we're on deck. this is customizable streaming tv for your family,
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cleveland. good morning. it's 5:23. happen if i friday. a crash in daly city. we'll check that but right now sports with dennis. happy friday, everybody. the a's and giants begin the battle of the bay today and if oakland was in the national league west, they would lead the division by 2.5 games. instead, they are 8 back of houston. the a's were trailing the astros 4-0. 5th inning, they called on their top shelf rookie. >> just a drink. a martini, shaken, not stirred. >> that would be nick martini. 007's favorite player now. dropped one deep center field to bring home a pair of runs. martini had three hits in his
5:24 am
third start of the season. tied at 4, 8th inning, mark canha kept it fair down the line. two runs score. a's win 6-4. they have won 19 of 24 and nobody in baseball is more lethal than your oakland a's! the san francisco basketball pro-am league is celebrating its 40th season in the city. that's four decades of free hoops at kezar pavilion. the man running the show is john greenburg who started the league to get players, coaches and even refs a chance to showcase themselves during the summer. even established players sometimes participate. gary peyton, jason kidd and watch this move by steph curry right here. >> oh!! >> that was back in 2014. >> i guess we had about 500 people here and all of a sudden people were standing up clapping. and so i went up to them, you're here to play, right?
5:25 am
oh, yes. everybody got their phones out and, of course, notified their friends and we had thousands at halftime. wimbledon nobody more lethal that serena. gorges lost in straight sets. go grand slam tomorrow against angelique kerber. so congratulations to serena williams, at 36, still cooking. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. here's the play of the day from major league baseball. the yankees and indians in cleveland. >> broken bat, flare, oh, what a catch. tyler wade just ended the game for defense and makes a terrific play. >> stretching for that one. new york's tyler wade with the nice catch. the yankees go on to beat the indians by the score of 7-4. an emergency landing
5:26 am
overnight here at sfo after passengers reported flames coming out of one of the plane's engines. we'll hear from one of them next. >> and the search continues for a woman who was traveling from oregon through the bay area to her sister's in southern california. next, why investigators are now focusing their efforts in monterey county.
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california bank robber sets his sights on the bay area -- and he's already been busy... weather ad libs traffic ad libs a well-known southern california bank robber sets his sights on the bay area and he's already been busy. >> and watching hi-def doppler this morning as our chance of thunderstorms is in full effect. we are actually seeing a few areas of rain coming down and a couple of lightning strikes to talk about. >> and a few more hot spots lighting up the map. we are tracking an accident in
5:30 am
daly city. here's a live look 101 at 280 in and out of san francisco. we'll take a closer look at what kind of delays this crash is causing coming up. good morning, everyone. it is friday, july 13th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a flight from san francisco to australia made an emergency landing early this morning. passengers say that they saw flames from the engine during take-off. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at sfo this morning with some more details. anne. reporter: this united flight was supposed to be on its way to sydney, australia right now but instead it made an emergency landing back here at sfo at about 12:30 a.m. here's a look at the flight path from the website flightradar24. you can see the twisted route it took over the ocean as it dropped fuel so the plane would be lighter when it made its emergency landing. 45 minutes after taking off, passengers reported flames shooting from the left engine of the boeing 787 dreamliner
5:31 am
as it was taking off at about 11:15 p.m. for those on board united flight 863, it was a bumpy ride. but most passengers remained calm. >> yeah. we were, i guess -- the pilot and the staff were very reassuring that things were in control and we would be fine. >> reporter: they were met by a gate agent when they arrived. that flight was canceled, needless to say. so they were booked on other flights. some of the passengers said they are just waiting until tonight's flight that is supposed to leave at 10:45. take a moment, 24 hours, chill out, shake off that scary situation. live at sfo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> that's the important part, just chill out. >> try to, at least. right? >> yeah. >> i'm trying to stay calm even though we have rain showing up. so that's exciting.
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hi-def doppler is lit up. we haven't seen that in a while so a little bit of unstable air is what we're dealing with this among on this friday the 13th. check out this view from our "salesforce tower" camera towards the south. we have low clouds out there but also some higher clouds out there, as well. so we are getting kind of a mix of layers and it's going to make for neat looking skies as we wait for that sun to come up. check out the sutro tower camera towards the east and look at that glow. it's eerie especially ton friday the 13th. but i want to get into hi-def doppler and talk about where we are seeing some of the rain coming through so some areas right now are dealing with heavier bands of rain. this is right near ukiah. lightning strikes just popped up. i saw about 3 of in cloverdale still pouring in that location. so that's right on 128 it looks like 101 as well right where they meet so that means north of healdsburg if you are going that direction it should be wet because this cell has been hovering over there for
5:33 am
the past hour at least. and then this just showed up south of yountville near fairfield, napa area so something to keep in mind. you may see a lot of that throughout the morning through the north bay a lot of this is starting to get a little more active. we are waiting for the sun to come up as temperatures start to get a little colder. we may see a little bit more unstable air happening this morning. so it's basically a lot of these pop-up showers very hard to pinpoint exactly where they will occur through downtown san francisco. you saw that just lighter green showing up. so that's just an area where you may see some rain showers but it won't be as intense as what the north bay is dealing with. so the north bay higher elevations, that's mainly where the thunderstorms are expected to occur, you see the rotation coming in from the south to the north. and a lot of it heading right over the ocean so a long line of rain came through there with several lightning strikes but that was obviously west of the north bay. so it didn't impact you in that sense. but we are keeping an eye out for dry lightning this morning. that could always lead to fire danger. overall the view here you can see plenty of clouds out there
5:34 am
a lot of moisture in those clouds and that's what's causing areas of rain to come down. so we'll keep watching this on our hi-def doppler and i'll talk more about what you can expect for your coming weekend. it's almost the weekend, jaclyn. >> it's almost here! all right. we can almost just taste it. right now, we are tracking a little bit of a backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's not too bad. it's just in some of the cash lanes. but definitely starting to see the crowds head out the door for their friday morning ride into san francisco. here's a live look at your ride right at 280 and 101 interchange. we had a crash at john daly boulevard that's gone and speeds are back to the limit in the green in both directions. 101 over to sfo, no delays and we are still seeing the big backup along westbound 205 and 580 in the yellow, 34 minutes from 205 towards 680 the dublin-pleasanton interchange with speeds dipping as low as
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11 miles per hour. yes. you will need to give yourself some extra time towards the altamont pass area. you are taking a live look from london right now where president trump and british prime minister theresa may are expected to hold a joint news conference any minute now. it comes directly after the president criticized her saying she ignored his advice by pursuing a soft "brexit" strategy to mean tain close ties with the european union. we'll take you back out to london as soon as the president and prime minister begin. back in the u.s., adult film star stormy daniels returns to the ohio strip club where she was arrested. she arrived there hours after the charges against her were dropped. daniels was arrested for touching customers during a strip show. this ohio, it is illegal for adult "dancers" to touch nonfamily members. the police chief said it was a mistake and takes
5:36 am
responsibility but her attorney calls it political. right now, a statewide search is under way for a woman who went missing along the coast. kpix 5's jackie ward is following some new developments in the case from the newsroom. reporter: investigators keep shifting their search further south as they get more clues. the latest development a ping from a cell phone tower in carmel. the monterey county sheriff's office says the san mateo sheriff's office gave them critical data that puts angela in the area. angela's sister isabel said she had been in consistent contact with angela as she made her trek from oregon to southern california. isabel says angela slept in the half moon bay safeway parking lot thursday night and got a text from her friday morning. it's a message isabel says she keeps reading over again. >> just a simple text, i'm about to start driving. and then i replied, okay, with a heart, back to her. and that had any contact with my sister. >> reporter: isabel posted a message on her facebook
5:37 am
thursday saying she believes and fears her sister took a road one driver on trip adviser describes as narrow, twisty, with sheer dropoffs and no guardrails. surveillance cameras caught what could be angela's white jeep patriot passing by on the way to garrapata state beach. that's the area monterey county sheriff's office says the search-and-rescue teams are searching now. her family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to angela. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. investigators say a robber who hit several banks in southern california is now committing crimes in the bay area. for more, let's go live to kpix 5's jessica flores in danville, scene of one of those robberies. jessica. reporter: good morning, michelle. that's right. he hit up the first republic bank here in danville yesterday. and the fbi says this robber actually hit up about 10 banks across california, four in southern california, five in the bay area.
5:38 am
two just yesterday. this one in danville. another one over in san ramon. and they call him the faux badge bandit. the reason they are calling him that is because he wears a fake badge on his hip. the fbi says he also carries a gun, sometimes inside a shoulder holster. he has worn a variety of outfits during his heists. about 11:00 yesterday morning in danville, at the first republic bank on hartz avenue, he had on an orange golf shirt with a white american flag baseball cap. he showed what appeared to be a gun and made off with some cash. two hours later at a u.s. bank inside a safeway, in nearby san ramon, he wore a completely different getup, a hawaiian shirt and straw hat. now, this time, police say the teller refused to give him money so he fled empty-handed. the fbi confirms that the faux itste s uper beginning month. all three of them are on south de anza boulevard. now, the fbi is give a $5,000 reward for information leading
5:39 am
to the arrest of the faux badge bandit. he is described as a man about 6 feet tall, 260 pounds. reporting live in danville, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the at&t time warner merger may not be a done deal after all. laura podesta from "cbsmoneywatch" joins us this morning with that story and more end of the week business news from new york city. >> reporter: hey, good morning, kenny. yeah, first, u.s. stock futures rose to a five-month high this morning on expectations of solid earnings reports from u.s. firms. on wall street yesterday, the dow rallied 224 points. the nasdaq jumped 107. the justice department is challenging a federal judge's approval of at&t's $85 billion merger with time warner. the department of justice said it would appeal last month's ruling that struck down its antitrust challenge. and the securities and of faceb
5:40 am
moving forward. they want to know if facebook adequately warned investors about privacy issues following revelations that cambridge analytica mined user information without their knowledge. johnson & johnson has been slammed with a hefty verdict. more than $4.5 billion. a jury in st. louis unanimously held the pharmaceutical company liable for selling talcum powder that contained asbestos and gave cancer to 22 women. >> laura, what's this we hear about a business focusing on people who need to take a nap during the day. >> reporter: ha ha. sounds like a good plan to me. we all value our sleep. but the question, what would you pay to get some shut-eye? a company is selling a 45- minute snooze for 25 bucks. the dreamery is a nap store that offers a napping nook complete with a mattress, bedding and a toothbrush. the only catch is you'll have to head to new york city to experience it. kenny.
5:41 am
>> i guess the good thing is if you definitely oversleep that time, someone will wake you up and say, get out of that little nook. >> reporter: or say, pay up. yeah. ha ha. >> a little extra charge there. laura podesta of, laura, thank you so much. 5:41 right now. it looked like black friday at malls across the country. what caused the rush that prompted huge safety concerns? >> plus, a frantic effort to evacuate hundreds of tourists before floodwaters sweep through the grand canyon. >> it's friday the 13th. looking at 880, not bad. we'll have more on the traffic and weather coming up.
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asdingrompted evacuations at the havasupai campground in arizona yesterdayn
5:44 am
canyon campground under water. flash flooding prompted evacuations at the campground in arizona yesterday. everyone has been evacuated and the campground is closed until further notice. chaos in the bay area and across the country for a "build-a-bear" bargain. stores stuffed with customers yesterday for a one-day promotion. this is what it looked like at the hills day shopping center in san mateo. part of a pay your own age day, where parents could purchase a bear for their child based on their age. no one anticipated lines that wrapped around the buildings. "build-a-bear" closed the lines in stores across the country and canada due to crowd control and safety concerns. for those who waited at hillsdale shopping center, that store continued with the promotion but for folks who didn't get in, "build-a-bear" webs >>rnstate atl ouche
5:45 am
preparations. it wil at cal expo throh july 29th. there will be pie eating contests and petting zoos and a national geographic photography exhibit called future of food. concerts include shows by the greg tin ban, the spinners, kool and the gang and uv40. >> good time! >> queen nation will be there. a queen cover band that i love. >> i'm sure you have been a few times. i have been a few times. >> you guys ever been. >> no, never been. >> it's worth going. >> it's a great fair. >> the wine slushies i won't forget. >> how many of those did you have? >> just one. ha ha! >> they are sweet but great when it's that hot especially at the sacramento fair. no wine slushies on the roads but we are -- >> we hope. >> -- tracking some good roads out there. right now it's "friday light" conditions. we have a little a ckup over he toll plaza. the metering lights are on but, you know, we're in the
5:46 am
yellow so we'll take it. 17 minutes heading into san francisco. here's a live look at your dublin-pleasanton interchange and those headlights making their way westbound along westbound 580 between 205 and 680. 31 minutes, the commute is in full swing for that stretch. that's your "diamonds and rubies" for your friday morning commute. okay. we'll take it over to the san mateo bridge where we are checking in problem-free. that westbound side seeing more drivers but overall not bad. 13 minutes in both directions. a few cars starting to back up over at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. you're in the green 8 minutes to 101. and the golden gate bridge, looks a little foggy out there. not too bad. not like what we saw yesterday. let's check in with neda now on the forecast. >> you may have low clouds and fog. but it's mainly the high cloud coverage that's a little disruptive this morning. so our views across the bay area starting off with neat
5:47 am
looking skies with all the clouds out there. you may see delays at the airport. here's a look at your headlines this morning. lightning near ukiah, mostly cloudy for the morning and humid. a lot of sunshine for the weekend. the cloud coverage should be gone by this afternoon. we have puffs of clouds rolling in around san francisco. and then the higher clouds out there making for neat colors this morning. the suit crow camera is very impressiveit's friday the 13th. here's our hi-def doppler. let's show you where the lightning strikes are occurring. a few more popping up near hopland and ukiah so this is right along 128. but look at 101 in cloverdale. that's where it is not letting up. so this strong cell coming through there. it's actually started around ha intoe lyining cause of heavy
5:48 am
coming th this cejustshowed in between yountville, napa and sonoma. you may run into wet roads. hot springs dealing with it and rohnert park. so this line just showed up. it's almost like a straight line going from dillon beach extending as far as wine country. so that's the north bay. also through san francisco, just saw a few areas of green showing up here but most of that is over the pacific ocean a little showing up in marin, as well. a lot of this not measurable precipitation. to the north bay especially near cloverdale it's going to add up. overall the rotation from the south to the north you see on your satellite/radar is kind of this circular pattern but it oklike the moisture over the ocean will come back around into our area. we'll see some monsoonal moisture from the south just working its way up. golden gate bridge does definitely look foggy out there this morning. so just keep that in mind.
5:49 am
it may be a little drizzly coge butso from some of the pop-up showers. 59 degrees in san francisco. livermore 66. concord at 68 degrees right now. afternoon highs will be very similar to yesterday. but today is going to feel a little stickier out there. so that is something to keep in mind for doing your hair this morning. west winds coming through right now in downtown san francisco at 8:00 and breezy through fairfield and antioch, the usual spots that deal with strong winds. sunrise in the next nine minutes or so, 5:58. sunset 8:32. it should be clear at sunset. afternoon time 80s and 90s for the south bay. compared to the mid-60s at the beaches, also near antioch and brentwood. walnut creek 86. so temperatures are going to feel literally like what we had yesterday. but because of that added mugginess, it may just be a little more uncomfortable. in nd. d north wego earlake 90g th going to ply ti we get e afteho a lot of thissture is
5:50 am
be gone. and we are be g es tt's brinng on that moisture. but instead of getting the moisture from it by this afternoon, we are going to see sunshine through saturday, sunday all the way into next week. look at the temperatures. upper 90s for inland spots. we'll be right around the low 70s around the bay. that's a look at your forecast. time now 5:50. extreme heat kills more people in july than any other month. and experts are warning that temperatures don't need to reach triple digits to be dangerous. >> plus, a nasty crash along the california coastline sends a car plunging into the water below. this isn't just 80 ia ay thagse falyogetr
5:51 am
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this is cbs news special report. i'm john dickerson with alex wagner and bianna golodryga in new york. president trump and prettyish prime minister, theresa may are about to speak to reporters after wrapping up their meeting outside london. this follows explosive comments about mrs. may's leadership and policies. they are making their way to the podium. theresa may and now their openingentsas welcome the
5:53 am
president of the united states to checkers today, on the first offi united kingdom. no two countries do more together than ours to keep their people safe and prosperous. we want to deepen that cooperation even further to meet the shared challenges we face now and in years ahead. this morning, president trump and i visited a demonstration of joint working between british and american special forces. just one example of what is, today, the broadest, deepest, most advances security cooperation of any two countries in the world. whether it is our pilots deterring the use of chemical weapons in syria, our soldiers in eastern europe, our navy's in the pacific enforcing sanctions on north korea, or pairraeledre
5:54 am
is saving lives here in britain, america and across the world. that partnership is set to grow with our army's integrating to levels unmatched anywhere. and the uk set to spend 24 billion pounds on u.s. equipment and support. today, we have discussed how to deepen our work together to align state activity, terrorism and serious crime. in particular, on russia. i thanked president trump for his support in responding to the appalling use of a nerve agent in salisbury, after which he expelled 60 russian intelligence officers. i welcomed his meeting with president putin on monday. we agreed it is important to engage russia from the position of strength and unity and undermine democracies. turning to our economic cooperation with investment between us of $1 trillion, we want to go further.
5:55 am
we agreed as the uk leaves the european union, we will have a free trade agreement. the agreement reached last week provides the platform for donald and me to have an ambitious deal that works with both countries. a deal that builds on the uk trade policy, reducing tariffs, a gold standard in financial services and two of the world's most advanced economies, seizing the opportunity of new technology. all of this will further enhance jobs and prosperity for people for generations to come. the uk/u.s. relationship is defined by the role we play on the world stage. doing this means making tough calls and sometimes prepared to say things others might not want to hear. from the outset, president trump is being clear on how he sees the challenges we face. on many, we agree. for example, the need to deal
5:56 am
with the agreement in singapore and the prospect of denuclearization to which the uk is proud to be contributing expertise. the need to destress iran in the middle east where today, we discussed what more we can do to push back on iran in yemen and reduce humanitarian suffering. the need for nato allies to increase their defense spending. we saw significant increases yesterday. this includes afghanistan, where this week, i announced an uplift of 440 uk troops. the only use of article five, acting in support of the u.s. finally, let me say this about the wider transatlantic relationship. it is all of our responsibility to ensurehey for it is being fundamental for the use of
5:57 am
future generations. its beating heart and democratic values to justice. the values are something that we, in the uk, will always cherish as i know the u.s. will, too. it is the strength of these values and the common interest they create that we see across the breadth of our societies. i am confident this alliance will continue to be the bedrock of prosperity for years to come. mr. president. >> thank you very much. thank you. prime minister, thank you very much. it is my true honor to join you at this remarkable setting, truly celebrate the special relationship between our two countries, on behalf of the american people, i want t hospitality. thank you very much. last night, melania and i dinner at the magnificent
5:58 am
palace. it was a wonderful and memorable evening we will not soon forget. it was something very special. today, it's a true privilege to visit historic checkers that i have heard so much about and read so much about growing up in history class and to continue our conversation, which has really proceeded along rapidly and well over the last few days. for generations, our predecessors gathered at this stunning retreat to strengthen a bond that is like no other. the relationship between our two nations is indispensable to the cause of liberty, justice and peace. the united kingdom and the united states are bound together by a common heritage language and heroes. the traditions of freedom, sovereignty and the rule of law were a shared gift to the our r
5:59 am
tans to a civilization. before our dinner last night, melania and i joined prime minister may, mr. may and the duke and duchess of marlboro for a tour of the winston churchill exit. it was something. something very special. it was from right here at checkers that prime minister churchill phoned president roosevelt after pearl harbor. in thain that horrific war, ame and british service members shed their blood alongside one another in defense of home and in defense of freedom. together, we achieved a really special, magnificent victory. it was total victory. prime minister may and i have just come from a very productive nato summit. that was truly a productive summit where my top priority was
6:00 am
getting other nato members to pay their full and fair share. the prime minister was right there with me. i want to thank you, prime minister, for the united kingdom's contribution to our common defense. the uk is one of the handful of nations, five out of 29, not good, but going to get better really fast. in addition to the united states, meeting the 2% gdp minimum spending commitment. during the summit, i made clear all nato allies must honor their obligations and members increase their defense spending and to do so in a much more timely manner. in our meetings today, the prime minister and i discussed a range of shared priorities, including stopping nuclear proliferation. i thanked prime minister may


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