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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  July 13, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> golodryga: on the "cbs evening news" for this friday, days before the trump-putin summit, the state department charges more than a dozen russian officers for meddling in the 2016 election. and the queen has tea with the president while tens of thousands of her subjects protest his visit. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> there will always be enemies. so long as we are united, they will not succeed. >> 12 russian intel officers indicted for u.s. election meddling. >> this is a message ahead of the president's meeting with president vladimir putin. >> i would give our relationship with the u.k. the highest level of special. >> meanwhile, protests against president trump raged across britain. >> donald trump's not welcome here! >> in pakistan, dozens of people have been killed in two bomb attacks. >> targeting candidates
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campaigning for the country's elections. >> a secret arms race is underway between america and russia. >> the u.s. is developing hypersonic missiles that can fly up to 15 times the speed of sound. >> a car dragged a trooper for more than a mile during a traffic stop last night. >> the ohio state highway patrol trooper is going to be okay. >> two of the country's last three blockbusters are shutting their doors. >> it just breaks your heart. >> the last store standing is in bend, oregon. >> what is blockbuster? >> my gosh. >> and steve hartman with a lesson in music appreciation. >> no man deserves this. >> golodryga: this is our western edition. good evening. jeff glor is on assignment. i'm bianna golodryga. timing is everything. and today it was nothing short of remarkable. as president trump was meeting in england with the queen, the special counsel back in washington was charging 12 russian military officers with
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tampering with the 2016 u.s. election. less than 72 hours before a face-to-face meeting between mr. trump and vladimir putin. the indictment handed out by a federal grand jury alleges the russians hacked the computers of the democratic party organizations, including the clinton campaign. paula reid has details of the charges and the reaction. >> reporter: announcing the charges, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein said 12 russian intelligence agents hacked multiple democratic party targets in 2016. >> the units engaged in active cyber operations to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. >> reporter: rosenstein said he briefed president trump before he left on a trip that will culminate monday in a meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> it is important for the president to know what information we have uncovered, because he's got to make very important decisions for the country. >> reporter: the indictment alleges the russians infiltrated the democratic national committee, congressional campaign committee, and hillary clinton campaign.
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and on july 27, 2016, hackers tried to access hillary clinton's personal accounts just hours after then-candidate trump said this about her missing e- mails: >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> reporter: in one of the most damaging attacks, a russian intelligence agent allegedly sent a phishing e-mail to john podesta, tricking him to click a link that gave hackers access to his e-mail account. 50,000 of his e-mails were stolen. a similar technique was used to break into other democratic party servers, and the russians moved some of the stolen data through servers in arizona and illinois. at one point the russians watched a party employee as she typed in user names and passwords. then the russians leaked the information, much of it damaging to hillary clinton, through two fake online personas, d.c. leaks and guccifer 2.0. the white house emphasized no one in america is charged and no
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one is implicated. before the charges were announced, president trump took another swipe at the mueller investigation. >> i think we're being hurt very badly by the-- i would call it the witch-hunt. i would call it the rigged witch-hunt. >> reporter: the russian government denied the allegations, claiming they're designed to spoil the atmosphere before the russian-american summit. the president said he would bring up hacking with president putin. >> i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think he'll have any, gee, i did it, you got me. there won't be a perry mason here, i don't think, but you never know what happens, right? >> golodryga: paula joins us from washington. paula, these indictments come as pressure continues to mount from the white house and some republicans for the mueller investigation to come to an end. how does today's news impact that push? >> reporter: well, sources tell me the special counsel will continue to work through the end of the year. they're gathering evidence and preparing for two trials of paul
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manafort. the president and his allies would like this to all wrap up soon, but the fact is that manafort's trials won't end until november at the earliest, and the fact that sources have confirmed that there are still witnesses being brought before the grand jury suggests that there are likely more indictments coming. >> golodryga: all of this on mueller's time. paula reid, thank you. the president's visit to britain today included pomp at the palace, protests in the streets of london and backpedaling in ere prime minister's garden from some comments the president made about her in an interview. here's weijia jiang. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: president trump's flair for breaking convention was nowhere in sight as queen elizabeth welcomed him and the first lady to windsor castle. spent 48 minutes inside chatting over tea. in central london, chaos replaced decorum. >> say it loud, say it clear!
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>> donald trump's not welcome here! >> reporter: as tens of thousands of demonstrators jammed the street, protesting the president's presence and his politics. >> fake news. >> reporter: the president has been playing defense since last night, when britain's top tabloid, "the sun," published an interview in which he trashed prime minister theresa may's policies. >> i didn't criticize the prime minister. i have a lot of respect for the prime minister. >> reporter: but audio recording of his remarks captured the president's criticism on many issues, including may's strategy to remove the u.k. from the european union. >> i would have done it much differently. i actually told theresa may how to do it, but she didn't agree. she didn't listen to me. >> reporter: he even threatened to kill a bilateral trade deal, but by their joint press conference, the president had changed his mind. >> i don't know what they're going to do, but whatever you do is okay with me. that's your decision. whatever you're going to do is okay with us. just make sure we can trade together.
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that's all that matters. >> reporter: president trump doubled down on his claim in the interview that immigration was ruining europe's culture. >> i know it's politically not necessarily correct to say that, but i'll say it, and i'll say it loud. >> reporter: both leaders focused on their nation's alliance, even holding hands at one point to show they still have a special relationship. and we should note that the president is in scotland tonight. weijia jiang joins us now from london. weijia, aside from the controversy surrounding the president's comments, i want to talk more about the two leaders appearing to be on the same page about that bilateral trade deal. how significant is that? >> reporter: well, the president was upset, because the prime minister plans to keep the u.k. and the e.u. in a free market for goods, but the president completely reversed his comments that a bilateral deal with the u.s. would likely be killed as a result of that. and it is significant that today the two leaders agreed to at
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least pursue a free trade deal after the u.k. exits the e.u. bianna? >> golodryga: weijia jiang traveling with the president, thank you. let's turn now to margaret brennan, our senior foreign affairs correspondent and moderator of "face the nation." margaret, great to see you. vladimir putin has long denied ordering russian meddling in the u.s. election, but these indictments lay out for the first time we should note a direct link to the russian government. how much additional pressure does that put on president trump going into this meeting on monday? >> well, it boxes him in a little bit here. we know the two leaders are expected to meet one on one for between 30 to 60 minutes. so that means we're going to have to rely on the president's own retelling of that conversation to know exactly how he confronts putin. what we do know is that today's indictments directly contradict the denial made by vladimir putin to ambassador john bolton just two weeks ago. he said the russian state had nothing to do with the hacking. interesting to hear from the white house today. they're giving some diplomatic
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wiggle room to the president by continuing to refer to this as an alleged hacking rather than facts, now established by both u.s. intelligence and the special counsel. >> glor: we know that today's indictment has led some democrats to call for the meeting to be canceled. the white house says that will not take place. the meeting will, in fact, go on. but how will european countries feel about president trump's comments to u.s. allies? >> reporter: flabbergasted was the word a european ally used, bianna, when describing to me president trump's combative message, particularly at nato. they're asking if the founding principle of nato, that an attack on one is an attack on all, still applies if president trump is publicly doubting the value of that alliance. another concern here is the contradictory and very inconsistent messages being sent by the president's national security team, who see putin as an adversary, versus president trump's friendly outreach. >> golodryga: margaret brennan, thank you so much for your insights. we will see you sunday morning. cbs news coverage of the
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helsinki summit begins sunday on "face the nation" and continues monday on "cbs this morning," on our streaming news service cbsn, and right here on the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. the president told reporters he plans to discuss with putin ways to substantially reduce the number of nuclear weapons the u.s. and russia have stockpiled. as david martin reports, this comes as both nations are racing to develop an entirely new kind of weapon. >> reporter: when vladimir putin showed off what he said was a hypersonic cruise missile, he gave the world a brief glimpse of a secret arms race. it pits the u.s. against russia and china in a contest to build weapons that can fly 10,000mph, more than ten times the speed of sound. that's just many, many times faster than any aircraft has ever flown. >> it is. and it's quite an advantage. if anybody could ever do that. >> reporter: john wilcox is a vice president at northrop grumman, which flew the first hypersonic aircraft back in 2004. >> launch, launch. >> reporter: it only flew for
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about ten seconds, but northrop grumman is now conducting tests as part of the pentagon's top- secret efforts to develop hypersonic weapons that can fly longer and further. >> this is the hypersonic pulse facility for aerodynamic testing of hypersonic vehicles. >> reporter: he took us into a test chamber on condition we would not reveal its location. it is a giant air gun which fires bursts of gas at incredible speeds and pressure to simulate the conditions of hypersonic flight. >> the gasses come down the air gun and hit right back here at the plate. >> reporter: that's a pretty hefty piece of steel. >> it is. it is very hefty. >> reporter: look how the gasses burst through the steel plate. that plus temperatures of 2,000 degrees are what a hypersonic aircraft would have to survive. >> we have a test article we're trying to emulate in the conditions of the hypersonic, it will be in here. >> reporter: there is something in there now. >> there is. it is shrouded right now for security purposes. >> reporter: in other words, you don't want us to see what it looks like? >> nope. some day you may.
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>> reporter: wilcox estimates a working hypersonic weapon is still five to ten years away. this test took place five years ago. since then the pentagon has classified all its work on hypersonic weapons. the pentagon has declared hypersonics its number-one technical priority, but the official in charge of the program recently acknowledged the u.s. is playing catch up with both russia and china. bianna? >> golodryga: david martin with the future of military weaponry. thank you. in pakistan today, politics turned deadly. a suicide bomber killed more than 120 people at a campaign rally near the afghan border. a candidate for the regional parliament is among the dead. isis claimed responsibility. attacks have been increasing in the run-up to the july 25 election. and coming up on the "cbs evening news," a jury awards billions of dollars in damages in a baby powder lawsuit.
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>> golodryga: a jury in st. louis has awarded nearly $4. billion in damages to a group of women who said johnson & johnson talcum products caused them to develop ovarian cancer. as jericka duncan reports, the company is still battling thousands of cases involving its baby powder. >> i hope it sends a message to johnson & johnson. >> reporter: 61-year-old toni roberts believes johnson & johnson talcum powder products caused her ovarian cancer, and a jury in missouri agrees. yesterday it ordered johnson & johnson to pay roberts and 21 other plaintiffs nearly $4.7 billion in damages. their attorneys argued the pharmaceutical company sold and potentially still sells talc products like baby powder contaminated with asbestos, a mineral found in talc that has been linked to lung cancer. roberts says she began using johnson & johnson powder products as a teen for feminine hygiene purposes and was diagnosed with cancer in 2014.
5:46 pm
>> i was surprised when i developed some indigestion, and within a matter of a week or so i was told i had ovarian cancer. >> reporter: but the science linking johnson & johnson's products to cancer is mixed. the american cancer society says there is very little evidence at this time that any other forms of cancer are linked with consumer use of talcum powder. in a statement, johnson & johnson said they were deeply disappointed in the verdict and the company remains confident that its products do not contain asbestos and do not cause ovarian cancer and intends to pursue all available appellate remedies. in some previous cases, the company has successfully appealed. cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman. >> johnson & johnson is very confident this will get reduced by the judge or reversed on appeal. >> reporter: toni roberts says she may not live to see what happens next. her cancer is now terminal. >> this is not how i wanted to live out my life.
5:47 pm
i wanted to spend time with my sons. i wanted to spend time with my grandchildren. >> reporter: asbestos was found in the ovarian tissue of several of the women in this case, and bianna, nationwide johnson & johnson is fighting about 9,000 other talc cases. >> golodryga: some coming in the next few months. jericka duncan, thank you. and coming up, the air scare caused by a vaping copilot. ilot. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection.
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>> golodryga: a rescue operation at the top of oregon's mount hood more than 11,000 feet up. calls for help came in last night. six rescuers reached a stranded climber. alelicopr. all were lifted to a the c.d.c. has put out a blunt warning about kellogg's honey smacks saying, "do not eat this cereal."en says it's been linked to a salmonella outbreak that's now affected 130 people in 33 states.
5:51 pm
no one has died, but 30 people were treated at hospitals. passengers aboard an air china flight this week had to put on their oxygen masks as the plane plummeted thousands of feet. the cause, officials say, was a copilot smoking an e-cigarette. he tried to keep the vapor out of the cabin by turning off a fan but accidentally flipped the wrong switch forcing the oxygen level to drop. an alarm forced the crew to quickly descend before they realized the mistake. no one, fortunately, was hurt. a teacher is serenaded by his own musical legacy. steve hartman is coming up next. is coming up next. home and yad from infesting fleas ... ...with the advantage fleaction plan. and now is the best time to buy. and check out the all-new ecosport. protect those who matter most,
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janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for tremfya®. >> golodryga: we end tonight with the music man. steve hartman caught the grand finale on the road. >> reporter: on quiet days, which they all are now, retired high school music teacher robert moore likes to pore over the list, the names of all 900 of his former students. >> 1966 to 1996. >> reporter: 30 years directing one of the greatest high school chorale groups in the country, the ponca city chorale of ponca city, oklahoma. what he wouldn't give to relive those times. >> wouldn't it be great to get those kids back together?
5:56 pm
>> reporter: but there's no way that could happen. >> no. >> reporter: actually, i was playing dumb. there's very much a way, and it was already in the works. >> but it would be fun. >> reporter: unbeknownst to mr. moore, for the past year, a small group of students have been plotting a surprise. they lured him out to the country and then hit him with the greatest gift a teacher can receive. >> my gosh. >> reporter: from across america and three foreign countries, robert moore's former students returned. >> julie. >> reporter: nearly 300 of them. >> good to see you. >> reporter: all here to tell mr. moore the huge difference he made in their lives. >> so good to see you. >> reporter: many went into education. >> you're the reason i'm teaching right now. >> reporter: many more pursued music. >> a 25-year career, singing with the l.a. opera and all around the country. and it wouldn't have happened without you. >> reporter: just a man who touched so many lives. >> helped turn my life around. >> not sure where i'd be without
5:57 pm
him. >> reporter: to repay their debt of gratitude, the students rented out the old poncan theater and put on one last show for their mentor. >> please, be seated. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: their harmonic voices and their cumulative success are no doubt a testament to what a good teacher can accomplish in a career, and i say "good teacher," which isn't always the same as a likable teacher. >> discipline was huge. >> lots and lots of discipline. >> he was not warm and fuzzy, not at all. >> not a lot of hugging. not a lot of affection. >> but if you got a little smile from him. >> half of a grin from him. >> that was gold. >> reporter: and on this night, they definitely hit gold. >> no man deserves this. ( applause ) >> yes, you do! >> reporter: tough teachers often go unappreciated for
5:58 pm
years, but if they're great, eventually the thanks do come thundering, giving the teacher an opportunity at last to show his students how he felt all along. >> i loved you then, and i love you now. thank you. >> reporter: steve hartman on the road in ponca city, oklahoma. >> golodryga: the life-changing impact of a teacher. steve hartman in on that surprise. well, that's the "cbs evening news" for this week. jeff glor will be back on monday. i'm bianna golodryga in new york. thanks for joining us and have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh cbs news, honored with seven edward r murrow awards,
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including -- cbs news. original reporting. kpix 5 news begins with one could be an extraordinary shift in a beach battle. the coastal commission may be rethinking a deal to allow wealthy landowners to limit access to their slice of california sure. we have been reported all week on several efforts to keep beaches out of reach. one of them is korda canyon beach near santa barbara. the coastal commission struck this deal with the wealthy landowners of hollister ranch, to keep that beach accessible to the general public only by see. our own reporters, devon feeley and kitt doe, made the long and dangerous trip by kayak to get there. today, the coastal commission listened to a rave of complaints about the deal. devon feeley at the mealy today. and they heard that frustration letter clear, i guess. >> yeah.
6:00 pm
they absolutely did. often times, when you go to a public hearing of some kind of government agency, it seems that no matter how many people come out in opposition or support of a plan, the decision has been made. the deal is already done. the coastal commission has been flooded with angry emails, and confronted by outspoken critics of this plan. and by the end of this meeting, seemed to be publicly questioning if they had made the right call. >> the access is unsafe. >>reporter: the beach that is offered is narrow. >> this agreement provides the public no relief. >>reporter: it is a bad deal. it shouldn't go forward. >>reporter: like waves crashing on the shore, they can. >> if you have enough money, if you are famous enough, if you are willing to fight it out long enough, then you will get your way. >>reporter: rising angry tide of opposition. to a controversial sentiment with a group of wealthy landowners and hollister h.


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