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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. the bay area chief with major injuries to his face after a pit bull attack! next. it was a very, i would say extreme, severe extreme fight. >> and now at 11:00, he showed up to the scene to fight a fire but then an east battalion chief was attacked by a pit bull. >> the attack happened during a house fire call this afternoon
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near maubert and san leandro. we're at the hospital where the man is undergoing treatment tonight. >> reporter: friends, family, and fellow firefighters are here supporting him through what will be a very long recovery process. it began with a fire call to this home in unincorporated san leandro after 9:30 a.m. a teenage girl had to be rescued. >> her brother was tossing dogs from the house. >> reporter: two of the dogs perished in the fire. the flames were quickly extinguished. at when the investigation into the fire's cause began. >> during the operations, one our battalion chiefs walked over investigating information, what happened and so forth. >> reporter: that chief was this man, john whiting, seen in a previous kpix 5 story. >> we're ready to go. >> reporter: the veteran firefighter was clear from smoke and flames but not all danger at the same. >> he approached the girl that
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was holding the male dominant dog. that was the only dog with a leash on. but she wasn't holding it firmly. it wasn't taut. and we asked if it was secured. when approaching asking questions, the dog while take talking to her jumped and bit him in the face. >> reporter: the attack was not short. once the dog seen here unlatched, john was loaded into an ambulance, thankfully already on scene. >> we had to use the ambulance immediately for one of our own today. and we transported him immediately to the hospital. >> reporter: john was then transported here, stanford medical center for the first of many reconstructive surgeries on his face. >> i would say it was an extreme, severe extreme bite. >> reporter: 17 dogs have been put into quarantine and are being evaluated. there's an open investigation for animal abuse and negligent
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as well. in palo alto, andria borba, kpix 5. a wild scene this afternoon when two people led police on a chase in sacramento. it lasted for hours. mark torch shows us how it finally -- thompson shows how it finally came to an end. >> reporter: their two-hour joyride ending here on highway 70 north of oroville. the suspects choosing not to remain silent. >> we saw hollywood, just -- [ bleep ] >> -- take off! >> reporter: a firefighter noticed a strange man in one of their engines. >> you wouldn't expect that. when he knows somebody was on the engine and then it took off, we did what we had to do in recording it. >> reporter: and the chase was on. the man stopping to pick up a female about a mile down the road and then driving, waving their way through sacramento,
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placer, and yuba counties. detouring through marysville. several agencies joining in. but the suspects didn't stop. >> he eventually lost the right front tire of the fire truck, rolled it for probably a half an hour, 45 minutes on the rim until it got up to this large incline. >> reporter: so why did they do that? >> because we're trying to get to know! >> reporter: the man says they were desperate. >> get us to a hospital, a psych ward! some shoes! >> he kidnapped me. he forcefully made me get in the truck with him. and he said he needed mental >> reer: but chp says the pair acted together. the female suspect choosing to go along from the very start in sacramento. >> the witnesses running from the house to the fire truck. so we know she's a willing
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participant. >> reporter: metro fire says lesson learned. >> it is a shock. and it does make all of us look at our operations and we mostly were happy the community was safe. >> that's mark thompson reporting for us. just when you thought you seen it all. evacuations were ordered at the ferguson fire near highway 140. 140 acres had burned and it's just 5% contained. a cal fire captain died today while operating a bulldozer on the fire lines. >> reporter: cal fire leased this photo of 36-year-old brayden barny. his wife, 5-year-old daughter, and 3-year-old son. >> the barny family will certainly need everyone's thoughts and prayers and support. >> reporter: nancy corpar ich says officer barny had been with the department for 10 years. >> it's going to be hard for
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the unit to process the loss. but we know in the world of firefighterring, it is a difficult job. it's a dangerous job. >> reporter: he was. >> brayden is known by everyone in mariposa county and is a star in our community. >> reporter: brayden had been assigned to cut a fire break in his bulldozer on steep terrain and was coming off the fire lines when he was killed. >> they were trying to cut in the fire break so that should the fire extend, it was going to be protecting the citizens in the jerseydale, mid-pines area. >> reporter: the dangers of fighting an unpredictable fire. his family suffering an unbreakable loss. we have new details now on the rescue of an oregon woman who survived an entire week
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after crashing her car off an ocean cliff in monteray county. angela hernandez of portland was missing since july 6th when her jeep went over a cliff. then last night, two hikers found her and called for help. reporter josh christiano caught up with those hikers today. >> reporter: these two saw something strange friday evening. >> we saw a bumper first and thought, there's a bumper. huh, that's weird. we came around the bend and saw the car. >> reporter: it was a 2011 white, jeep patriot. they didn't realize it was the car search and rescue teams had been looking for for days. angela hernandez now found alive, telling authorities she swerved off the road to avoid hitting a rabbit, sending herself off the cliff and down to the rocky bottom. >> there wouldn't have been any survivors. the car was -- you saw it, like, pretty bad. and there weren't any signs of
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people or blood or anything. >> reporter: the couple started collecting items from the jeep, including the license plate, in hopes of giving it to law enforcement. >> they walked back to their campsite about a mile or two from here along the beach. that's when they found hernandez. >> we turned around and angela is right there in the rocks just looked like hell. and -- but she was happy at the same time. she was really happy to see us. >> at that point we just kind of, like, panicked with adrenaline. oh, my god! you were in that car we just saw and you're alive and you must need help! >> reporter: they tell me hernandez seemed okay and responsive and they got help right after. chelsea brought back food and blankets as they waited for rescuers to arrive. these photos show hernandez being pulled up safely from the beach sometime after 8:00 friday night. it appears she suffered from a concussion. the morris couple says it was
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just good timing they found her. >> i can't believe you're alive, angela, if you're listening to this. you're a hero. that's unreal. like, you made it. >> total legend! she's here for a reason. and we were there for a reason. and we're so glad she's okay! >> reporter: reporting along highway 1, news channel 546. it's 1984 in 2018 as police deploy technology that big brother would envy! the surveillance taking place at the shoreline amphitheater. what the robots have their eye on. >> reporter: the mountain view police department got an up close look at what these drones are capable of. >> it's a powerful technology when used in the right way with the right applications. >> reporter: this drone company currently has contracts nine add anthgencies in trcothy un
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mountainview police department. >> we want to stress that this isn't -- there's no program in place. this is strictly a demo. and the uses for a drone would be so minimal that more often than not, it may be flown once to pursue something like this. >> reporter: they will get to areas normally hard to reach by foot, has incredible zoom capabilities and can respond to an incident traveling at speeds of 45 miles per hour. these drones are more than just a set of eyes from bed. >> at autonomy, our focus is building a layer of artificial intelligence applications that can pick up details and anomalies, facial recognition, detecting vehicles where they shouldn't be. >> reporter: this drone may have even saved lives if it was used at the country music festival shooting in las vegas where 59 people died. a sensor can detect the sound
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of gunfire and give the drone a gps coordinate of where the shots are coming from. >> we could have been dispatched directly to the location of the shooter's window at 40 miles per hour. it would have been there in 10 seconds and disrupted the gunfire at least at the initial starting point. >> reporter: while some may worry about the invasive nature of this technology, autonomy says the drones are heavily regulated. it has to follow the rules set by the federal aviation administration. the company feels this is just the beginning of how public safety will be monitored in the future. >> there's no real debate. it's more of kind of public awareness and education that this technology is -- in the case of mountain view police -- it's to enhance safety and security. >>poa rson tholice depart ys they wiview results from the demo today and then decide what to do next. but at this point, they are long, long away from using this as a crime-fighting tool.
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in mountainview, kpix 5. up next, the new plan for the white house to reunite families at the border. and the important deadline that the feds just missed. >> plus, he's one of the bah area's most well known musicians. now a mural in his honor has been defaced. >> plus, do you think your iphone could withstand a 400- foot fall? we have the video that may just shock you! >> speaking of shocking, we may have precisely that weather by up after and. reak.
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putin... should go ahead as planned on monday. that's despite the fres secretary of state mike pom pay owe says a summit with -- pompeio says a summit between donald trump and putin should happen by monday. >> reporter: president trump is resisting calls to cancel his monday meeting with vladimir putin as rungs' foreign minister reveals, -- russia's foreign minister reveals. >> we are polite people. >> reporter: friday's announcement to the grand jury charges against 12 russian intelligence officers for election interference threatens to overshadow the meeting. >> will we talk about meddling? i will absolutely bring that up. >> reporter: before the justice department's statement, the president was asked what he hopes to achieve with the russian president. >> we will be talking about syria. we'll be talking about other
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parts of the middle east. i will be talking about nuclear proliferation. >> reporter: democrats and some republicans are telling president trump to hold putin accountable for intruding on the election. >> i will absolutely bring that up. i don't think you'll have any, gee, i did it, i did it, you got me. >> reporter: presidents trump and putin will hold a joint press conference. >> cbs evening news will have special coverage on the helsinki summit. dozens of people rallied outside of the shelter in richmond. the sheriff's department announced early this week it's cutting ties with i.c.e. it's up to the feds to decide
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where the detain knees will be transferred. the trump administration is laying out plans tonight to reunite more than 2500 children age 5 and over who were separated from their parents at the border. as jamie yuccas reports, the feds laid out this new plan after missing a key deadline last week. >> reporter: the government hopes more of these scenes will play out. a new plan will process 200 children, age 5 and older, per day to meet a july 26th court imposed the deadline. in a san diego court, the government outlined their plan to move parents currently detained to immigration facilities. there they'll be interviewed and vetted while undergoing a criminal background check. the children will be moved to the same facility as their parents within 24 to 48 hours. the new plans comes on the heels of a july 20 1/10th deadline -- july 10th deadline that the government missed to
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reunite families. however, some argue it could put children at risk if adults lie about being parents for criminal reasons, like trafficking. that's why dna tests will be performed in some cases. jamie yuccas, los angeles. wow! okay. so you just watched an iphone fall 400 feet down and it still worked fine after the impact! a woman in florida was on the world's tallest swing ride when she dropped it. she said it survived the whole ordeal and only had one scratch! well, vandals targeted the mural of music legend carlos santana. white paint was splattered all over his face. it was discovered yesterday. and today the original artist of the mural, mel waters, came
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to restore the painting. >> it angers me here in this district are sacred! nobody touches the art! it tells stories. and to see this white paint on the face of carlos santana is clearly -- it's hate! >> so word no word on any arrests who are may be behind this vandalism. also life-saving fundraiser for pets across the bay area. pet food express stores are holding a fundraiser to provide these oxygen masks to pets. they're often needed when pets get smoke inhalation and stop breathing. >> these are make a difference everyday. the chief could be going down the street on their way to the call or just coming back to on if you see someone in need or their pet in need, have these masks on them. >> reporter: the pet food express fundraiser will be held
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tomorrow! >> i saw some video of a pet being revived by one of those! and it was so amazing. it came alive by a firefighter. >> it worked? >> yeah! it did! go wash your dog. >> go wash my dog? oh w el she could use it actually. we have clouds in the bay area tonight which shouldn't surprise you. if you're familiar with the ebb and flow of the low clouds by the shoreline. right now, we're covering the towers at the bay bridge. concord managed 90 degrees today. oakland was up 71 and san jose, 81. concord right now is at 65 and in san jose, 63. some drizzle out there close to the shoreline. and the low clouds will be back again tomorrow. but the warmest numbers will be near 90 degrees. here's what's happening. low is sinking out of the gulf. high pressure is over southern california. breezy conditions result. and then in the futurecast, you can see tomorrow morning lots of low clouds. pulling back to the shoreline by midday. but in south san francisco,
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they will be there much of the day and then along point rays, same thing. look what happened. monsoon moisture erupting over the southwest. won't be a factor for us anytime soon. but by the end of the week, we do stand the chance of a tn monsbumper or two asint ouflowooec cthe usual warm to hot inland all week with clouds at the shoreline and thunderstorm chances maybe by thursday. lots to do this weekend from the state fair in sacramento back to the bay area. the art and wine festival in loss altos should be fun. san francisco, good cause sunday at the aids walk. and the giants take on the a's! vern will be in to talk about that in just milliseconds. first pitch tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. highs about the same as today. in the extended forecast, low clouds in the morning. sun in the afternoon.
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and temperatures warming very gently between now and tuesday. and now, vern glenn! > ol >>we it's back!!! i'm only one man. but i'll give you not one but two sports segments. and the next one we have coming up, we have jays and giants. that series is split! we'll reset this baseball battle of the bay on the eve of the last game before the all- star break. this is customizable streaming tv for your family,
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at a new low price, just $44.99 a month for 12 months. plus, ask about flexible channel packs. [music playing] (ceo) haven't been playing golf this year, i am sorry about that. (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event. to 3rd and king streets... baseball up top! a's and giants! game two, pretty good sequel to game one. . magic words spoken on strike 3 calls. he got tossed.
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bottom 4th, steve dugger. man, he's delivered! drove it over khris davisson's head. and the game run, 2-2. pinch hitter austin got through. giants led 3-2. same score, 7th until mark cana crushed one! 2-run blast into left! in oakland, 4-3. giants had the tying run at 2nd. 9th inning, 2 outs. but brandon crawford waved and strike 3. 4-3, final. they've won 6 of their last 8 games! you're looking at mike matheney. giants fans remember he finished his playing career here. led the cardinals to the playoffs his first four years. but the team hasn't been to postseason since 2015. and with a 47-46 record this
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season, the playoffs is a roll of the dice. up in tahoe! steph curry, a deep round for aaron rodgers. go get him! american century championships, second round at 15. curry was feeling it. a little roll in for birdie and the shimmy! curry shot 7 over 79. tied for 19th. a money shot here to set up a birdie. carded an even par at 72 and leave leaves the field by 1 going into tomorrow's final rounds. not done yet! sports segment two about to back right in here on the eve of the wimbledon men's final. the women's results? in the books. and in this one, could serena williams have it all? new motherhood, grand slam title, and with it an 8th wimbledon crown!
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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wimbledon s title... all right! we'll run through it quick! eve of novak djokovic and kevin anderson for the title! the title of the women's champion, over! kate middleton, meghan markle on the right, in the england club.
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and then in the corner, angelina's kerber. 6-6 and 3. tied up at 2 apiece. kerber had only 5 unforced errors. fewer than williams here who went long at blank range. never in doubt. first women's german champion since 1996. men's side, look at rafael getting all loose behind djokovic. they assumed their match that started friday. he went on to win and gets kevin anderson. looking for his fourth wimbledon title. soccer! whoa! look at earthquake here! getting into it in montreal! you're dead last in the mls, everyone getting testy.
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another loss tonight. ignacio piati scored. 2-1 the final. san jose has gone winless in their last few matches. the san francisco glenns in green against fresno. the fancy ball handling here! plantinos and the glenns battled to a draw. that's the cheer with one end. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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thirty. news and weather updates are always odnight. thanks thanks so much for watching! our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30! >> news and weather updas always on we have --! >> we'll see you tomorrow!
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[doorbell rings] alan: hey, charlie, would you see who that is?! it's death! alan: hi, mom! your gardener left this in the driveway. it wasn't a gardener, it was a girl with a grudge. so how was your friend's funeral? oh! terribly disappointing. yeah, in my experience, nothing kills a party like a dead broad in a box. don't be glib, charlie. hello, alan. oh, hey, mom. wow, you look nice. yes, mourning becomes me, doesn't it? if only more of my friends would die. i'm sure the feeling's mutual. charlie, as long as you're over there, make mommy a drink. it's been a very depressing afternoon. thanks for spreading it around.


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