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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 18, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in. you can see some of the east bay in this shot. good morning, it is wednesday, july 18th. very cool. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> we promise the bay bridge is there. we'll be covered with fog at the moment. taking a look towards the west side of the "salesforce tower," more fog there. it's going to be the story this morning. it's keeping our temperatures warm for this time of the morning. >> we have an accident on northbound 101 near capitol expressway. it's not blocking labors but it's causing slowdowns.
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traffic backing up towards highway 85. this is involving an overturned vehicle so it looks like some emergency crews remaining on the scene and they have to call for a tow truck. they may have to block a lane once the tow truck gets there. 101 at spencer. very foggy. there is fog this morning. so do keep a lookout. and keep some extra space between you and the car in front of you. . half a dozen uc-berkeley officers are fired after sleeping on the job and lying about it. christin ayers explains how they were caught in the act. >> reporter: the "mercury news" reports that the officers who make up more than 10% of the police force sometimes spent their overnight shifts napping and hanging out at the evans hall library here on campus while radioing in that they were on patrol in other buildings. they were caught when there was a complaint and investigators installed a
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hidden camera in the library. a uc-berkeley spokesman wouldn't confirm the firings calling it a personnel matter but said speaking generally, we expect officers to be on duty as assigned, protecting the campus community. former oakland police chief and kpix 5 law enforcement analyst howard jordan told me it's not the dereliction of duty that forced a termination. it was the allegation that the officers lied. >> lying about it is sorted of like a cardinal sin. you're not credible anymore. >> reporter: jordan knows at least one of the officers involved a former oakland police lieutenant named lawrence green. >> he is smart and opinionated. so i not rprised about tt init what he said about the chief. >> reporter: emails sent to lawrence for comment didn't go through. the allegations of the
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officers' conduct came when the campus had a string of assaults including one near this dorm. a student savagely beaten by men and knocked unconscious. jordan says chief bennett's decision to fire the officers sends a clear signal. >> she is definitely sending a message to the rest of the staff that they be held accountable for doing their job. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. the rideshare rapist made his first court appearance yesterday. the judge ordered orlandoville chez lazo to be held without bail. lazo is facing 12 felonies. police say he prowled for nighwith uber and lyft stickers on his car. i.c.e. confirmed that i.c.e. says he is an illegal immigrant. he is from peru. he may not be able to be
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deport because of sanctuary laws. >> it has nothing to do with the charges being brought by the district attorney. >> lazo worked for the company but not at the time of the attacks. himself. we stand ready to work with law enforcement and are actively addressing this case of fraud with our background check provider." the owner of a bay area grooming company accused of taping a dog's mouth shut.. runs more than one business -- accused of animal abuse. kpix the owner of a bay area grooming company accused of taping a dog's mouth shut runs more than one business accused of animal abuse. kpix 5's maria medina reports from burlingame and a warning, some of these images are graphic. >> i was in shock. >> reporter: eric says his 5- pound dog pepper is still traumatized. >> my dog was struggling. i thought it was a muzzle. it was tape. >> reporter: not only did a
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groomer allegedly tape a dog's mouth after being bit by him. >> his paws were bloody. they had cut his toenails basically down to the paw. that's probably why he bit him, in my opinion. >> reporter: the groomer worked for alpha grooming a mobile pet salon and eric's allegation -- >> i had to take him to the vet immediately. >> reporter: -- is one of many against alpha, which is now under investigation for animal cruelty by the the santa clara sheriff's office. >> some of the first things i noticed were around the joints, the privates, around the neck especially. they had actually cut so close that he was bleeding. >> reporter: mark is one of several customers who posted on yelp about getting their pets back injured or sick. one woman shot this video of a dog she says was crying in pain after she claims a groomer shoved a napkin in her dog's ear. now kpix 5 learned alphasoner carlos chavez also runs
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positively groomed in burlingame, alpha's owner. a customer claims hido eye came out of its socket. do you think carlos should still be in business? >> absolutely not. he shouldn't be anywhere near i >>eporte took more than a month for mark's dog to heal. pepper is still recovering. eric says if the yelp reviews aren't enough for chavez's customers, he wants them to know this about the man trusted to care for their pets. >> he told me that this tape around the mouth method is totally normal. it's an acceptable way to do it. it's better than a muzzle and muzzles can be harmful for dogs and he has dogs himself and he would do this way instead. >> reporter: chavez handed the phone to a woman who said they were looking into the allegations but when i started asking questions about positively groomed, she hung up. it's important to note that this business is not under investigation. in burlingame, maria medina, kpix 5. santa rosa is suing pg&e over the wine country
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wildfires. this new lawsuit joins sonoma, lake and mendocino counties. each county is seeking money. the wildfires destroyed 5300 homes in sonoma county and killed 24 last year. back in may, cal fire blamed pg&e equipment for starting 16 of the major fires. a report on the deadly tubbs fire is not out yet. take a look at this time lapse video of smoke blocking out the view of yosemite's half dome. it is from the nearby ferguson fire burning in mariposa county. it could impact air quality at the park through the morning. cal fire says that smoke has created a challenge for air attack crews. the fire burned more than 13,000 acres and is only 5% contained. a 20-mile stretch of highway 140 is closed cutting off a major access route to the park. it looks very smoky in a lot of camera shots but it's just fog. >> it's fog. it's fog and it's clouds and it's making a huge issue as
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far as visibility is concerned. that's not just in the north bay or over the bay. taking a live look to our san jose camera, you can see there are some visibility issues there. san jose 62. 61 concord. oakland 57. 60 livermore. santa rosa at 54 degrees. looking at our visibility this morning. we have issues at the coast. we have a mile and a half at half moon bay. 7 miles in hayward. the bigger story is further north where we have about 6 miles in petaluma and santa rosa but look at that, just one mile visibility coming out of the napa airport right now. so if you are on the road just take time and be careful because it is foggy and cloudy out there. your headlines for today, we have some morning fog as well as some low clouds. it will be the warmest day of the week. its warm and a warm afternoon. there's possibly some dry lightning that we'll see in our future which i'll tell you about later. our temperatures for the day
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though anywhere from three to about eight or nine degrees above average. the further from the water the warmer. more coming up. right now, we are tracking the usual slowdowns for folks making their way through the tracy triangle area. this is 580 as you approach 205. definitely starting to get busy. you can see the brake lights approaching 205. 205 slow. caltrans has wrapped up roadwork westbound. residual delays to westbound 580. there will be eastbound roadwork until 11 a.m. today. so going to tracy or east, be aware that you may have slowdowns in the opposite commute direction. looking good out of antioch westbound 4 no delays as you head over to i-80 where we are in the clear in both directions through hercules. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. in oakland, a salvation
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army truck went up in flames last night. take a look at the damage here. the truck was filled with clothes and parked in the back of the facility. flames broke out around 8:30 at 7th and webster and crews quickly put the fire out. so far, no word on what caused it. this morning, the road o ba. ic stretch high 1 opens ina hours. ocsince may last year at the tiny town of gorda 65 miles south of monterey, that's when a quarter mile section of the road gave way in a slide. the re-opening is a shot in the arm for coastal businesses that have been struggling during the closure. an official re-opening ceremony will be on friday. in east palo alto, a late- night decision about parking will help lots of homeless families. the city council approved funding for a plan to provide rv parking and some services that the former site on bay road. the project will provide a sanctioned safe park lot for
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homeless people who live in their rvs. 20 vehicles would be allowed to park there once they pass a safety check. in one school district, an estimated 53% of students are homeless. >> we are going to work with the people in our backyard as opposed to not in our backyard type mindset. >> i don't igrade property! >> critics say the plan is going to create more problems than solutions. the city says there will be trash pickups and sanitation, plus portable showers and laundry machines. time now 4:41. president trump reversing course on comments made during the summit with vladimir putin of russia. what he is saying now next.
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russian president vladimir president trump is taking back remarks he made in helsinki monday during his news conference with russian president vladimir putin. >> mola lenghi has more.
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>> i would like to clarify -- >> reporter: president trump says he misspoke monday when he said this about russian meddling into the 2016 presidential election. >> president putin just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon, amid an avalanche of criticism, the president said he meant the opposite. >> in a key sentence in my remarks, i said the word would instead of wouldn't. the sentence should have been, i don't see any reason why i wouldn't or why it wouldn't be russia. >> reporter: mr. trump also said he agreed with u.s. intelligence assessment that the russians did indeed interfere with the u.s. electoral process. >> i accept our intelligence community's conclusion that russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election took place. it could be other people also. >> reporter: president trump's
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remarks in helsinki ignited a firestorm from coast to coast some going so far as to label them treasonous. >> i don't accept the president's comments today. he should have had strengo make putin. >> i wish he would have said initially. i'm just glad he clarified. i can't read his intentions or what he meant to say at the time. >> reporter: the president once again denied that his campaign had helped the russians in their efforts to disrupt the 2016 presidential election. he said his administration is taking stops to prevent interference in the november midterms. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. >> "cbs evening news" jeff glor will be interviewing the president tonight on the "cbs evening news." let's check weather. foggy. >> each day it gets less visibility. there's less now.
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this is the golden gate bridge. you can see just how foggy it is out there right now. but it's acting like a blanket keeping our temperatures relatively mild for this time of the morning. a lot of 60s up there. 61 degrees in concord. 60 in livermore. 62 in san jose. in the 50s in san francisco. 56 and 54 degrees in santa rosa. our satellite-radar shows this marine layer the last six hours, built in. it will eventually recede back, hang out along the coast. but for the most part it's creating a little havoc on our roads or will potentially. this high pressure ridge is what we have to thank. it's pushing down on those clouds and that fog and keeping things close to the ground. but eventually as it moves in, it's going to bring this monsoonal moisture up around the side of it. sunshine away from the coast
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once that clears. then warm to hot inland with triple digits potentially, monsoonal moisture with chance of thunderstorms. high temperatures for today are going to be warm. warmest day of the week: far, north bay under a heat advisory until night. tonight. be careful especially of you in the north bay in the mid 100s. warmest day of the week triple digits in a lot of places cooler at the bay although, for the bay, this is warm.
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tomorrow things cool off slightly thanks to the monsoonal moisture that's coming in. we have a slight chance of thunderstorms and some dry lightning. it is going to cool off a bit but make things more humid. the cooling trend continues into the weekend with an increased onshore flow clearing the clouds out, sunny nice weekend only in the low 90s in those inland areas before things clear up by the beginning of next week and then we have a hot start to the beginning of next week. only the low 90s. that's a warm weekend! in the green for drivers on 101 near rohnert park near wilfred avenue. fine in both directions not much fog here but further south towards the tunnel, you will be dealing with a lot of fog. fog at the golden gate bridge. right now speeds in the green as you continue heading
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through petaluma, no signs of yellow or red on our sensors looking good. here's a live look at highway 37 right near lakeville road and you can see traffic is getting by in both directions. a little foggy along patches of 37. all lanes eastbound 37 closed between fairground drive and i- 80. that should be reopened by the 6:00 hour. you can always use american canyon to get on i-80 through that stretch. your ride on the richmond/san rafael bridge, not too many cars out there. we can count them, two. at the golden gate bridge fog advisory in place. be safe out there. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we have new information on a deadly plane crash near truckee yesterday. police now say two people survived and the pilot died
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after their plane went down near highway 267 yesterday morning. officials identified the pilot as 60-year-old kenneth surefy of carmichael. he reported having engine trouble about take-off from the tahoe/truckee airport. according to the sierra sun, the two male passengers are in critical condition. the faa is investigating. a dublin man died in an accident in the water. he was sucked under water by a pipe in the delta year stockton and drowned. juliette goodrich reports that his family is demanding that more be done to warn people about the hidden danger. >> reporter: carlos tovar was untangling a ski line when he was sucked under by an irrigation line in the delta. his wife and friends tried to pull him back on board. >> unfortunately, there was no amount of human power that could have overcome the force coming from that pipe. >> reporter: these irrigation pipes are scattered throughout channels in the delta near
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agricultural land. they pump water out of the delta to crops. >> those pumps have a tremendous amount of force and thresucking in thousands of gallons of water and pumping it out into other areas. >> reporter: some of our waterways are use for recreation and for agriculture and in those areas, there are pumping stations. those are areas the public should not go into. but they have access by certain waterways. >> you can see it's an oddball manmade shape going up at an angle up on the bank so now that's a pipe. it doesn't matter whether that pipe is pushing or pulling water, it's a danger to you either way. >> i think that everybody anticipates it's safe out there. >> reporter: carlos and his family weren't off the beaten track. they were in a popular boating rders go. skiers >> carlos is more than 6 feet tall. best of 250 pounds. athletic man. the point, it was impossible -- the amount of force was more force than any human could have overcome once he was trapped in that pipe. it was impossible for him to
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get out or for anyone to get him out. usually there's signage and enough warning to stay out, no swimming allowed. it goes unnoticed until an accident happens. the solution is it has to do with physically preventing this from happening by having grates on the papers. i fear this could happen again. >> reporter: who is responsible for these pipes? investigators say it depends where the pipes are. some are privately owned by farmers. but they are also governed by certain districts and entities who govern the waterways. those are questions that the family wants to have answered and soon so this doesn't happen again. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. time now 4:52. tour buses will lod by th homes by a sit
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francisco. this-- after complaints of congestion in the neighborhood. fans will have to find another way to get to the home... made famous by the t-v sit com "full house". reporter tour buses will be band in a certain neighborhood. fans will have to kind another way to get to the homemade fame out by the tv sitcom "full house." andria borba explains. >> reporter: 1709 broderick street in san francisco is nostalgic. >> looking at the "full house" house. >> reporter: ready for instagram. for neighbors, though, the reality of living next to a famous address isn't necessarily seen through the forgiving filters, social media. but the cold, hard reality of traffic. >> i get it. you know, i get everybody wants to see the house. but those it's difficult for
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the rest of who live here all the time. >> reporter: the classic san francisco bay window victorian is the house of the tanners usthe rebook "fuller in "full house." it also has nonvictorian signs out from that neighbors begging for quiet. this is the time lapse video of folks double and sometimes triple parked on the streets to get their moment on social media. >> parking is hard to find. i have a car and so street parking is really difficult. >> reporter: this video was part of the reason the sfmta board voted to ban tour buses on this one-block stretch of broderick street between pine and bush. >> it's probably safer. get a lot of traffic through here. >> reporter: this is the second "full house" location to have tour buses banished. homeowners in the alamo square neighborhood home to the painted ladies won the same fight with sfmta a few years ago. tourists say they understand.
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>> i think that's a good thing because the buses can kind of be loud and stuff but i think people should still be able to come and congregate and look ac it. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. 4:57. mgm is suing the survivors of the las vegas massacre. >> reporter: we're on the campus of uc-berkeley this morning after 6 police officers are fired. we'll tell you why. what about him? let's do it. ♪ come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. at the mercedes-benz summer event. lease the glc300 for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's begin... with a look outside.... xx ather and good morning. it's wednesday, july 18th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's begin with a live look outside. see what it looks like out there. got some traffic, 880 in oakland on the left, cool shot here. look at all the fog in this shot. it's definitely foggy but it will be warm. >> it is going to be hot.
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it's clear whether it's the skies or the roads. but it is going to be hot in the afternoon. looking at sutro tower, you can see the fog hanging out just over the top of it, the beginning of some sunshine keeping our temperature warm for this time of the morning. 50s and 60s in the area. we are seeing visibility issues. it's all moving in and out so the numbers are changing but the big issue half moon bay, eight tense of a mile there. there are issues in hayward and san jose. santa rosa now down to just two miles. napa 2.5 miles thanks to the fog and the low hanging clouds. our headlines waking up with the fog and the low clouds, warmest day of the week though because once they clear, that high pressure ridge that's keeping them os


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