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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 20, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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toll is rising this morning after a sightseeing boat sinks in missouri and several others are still missing. >> president trump invites russian president vladimir putin for a second summit, this time in washington, d.c. >> and the debated over the nfl national anthem policy heats up with the league appearing to "take a knee" on this issue at least for now. good morning, it is friday, july 20th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm melissa caen in for michelle. the time is 6:00. so melissa, are you still used to the wake-up call? how was it this morning? >> it was -- early! ha ha! >> you don't like it? you have been doing this for years. >> i don't know how you do it. it's amazing. whole new respect. >> it's friday. so tgif. but we don't have "friday light" conditions not on all of our roads right now. we are tracking a major accident that had at one point shut down both directions of highway 92 in san mateo county between 280 and highway 35. skyline boulevard. now, chp is on the scene and they have now opened up at
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least one lane. so they have one-way traffic control in effect along highway 92. this is still going to cause major delays for drivers trying to get in between san mateo and half moon bay. so if you are heading out of half moon bay, i suggest you just go up highway 1 because 92 is crawling at this point. we will bring you some live pictures here shortly but in the meantime, 280, that's in the green. you're okay. it's just the 92 that's the problem. and we are continuing to track a pretty on niea ide rthe rest of our bay area roads. here's the eastshore freeway near carlson, no problem towards the bay bridge toll plaza where we have no metering lights and no backup and no delays. so happy friday to you! hat's a check of your traff ic; over to you. at least if you are going on the bay bridge it's good. we are getting a -- we are getting a mix of things including low clouds and fog. monsoonal moisture, high cloud
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coverage coming in from the south. so we are already noticing that across places like mount diablo diablo, as well. it will be humid. check out the clouds. "salesforce tower" looking toward the south. feels like we're in the clouds right now. morning headlines include fog this morning. high clouds rolling in from the chances of monsoonal moisture. we'll be tracking our chance of thunderstorms especially through the afternoon. visibility right now half moon bay down to only a half mile. developing now, at least 13 people are dead following a duck boating accident in missouri. missouri dive teams will resume searching table rock lake in branson this morning for others that are still missing. the ride the ducks boat started off with 31 people on boat when it capsized last night. >> i was in the shell boat and i didn't see them fall over but i knew -- we all knew. >> witnesses watched helplessly as the boat struggled on the troubled
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water. investigators are looking into what caused the accident but they debris from an earlier storm a factor. president trump is expressing his sympathies to the victims on twitter. he wrote, sum a tragedy, such a great loss, may god with you all. the president is now inviting russian president vladimir putin to come to washington, d.c. for a second summit. as laura podesta reported, a russian leader hasn't visited the white house in about 10 years. reporter: less than a week has passed since president trump and russian president vladimir putin sat down for talks in helsinki, finland. now mr. trump wants another summit, this time on home turf. >> the white house has announced on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> okay. >> yeah! >> ha ha! [ pause ] >> that's going to be special. >> reporter: directo national intelgence dan coatr s ofapared c aught off guard about the potential summit in september when asked at the aspen security forum yesterday. coats did say he wants to get to the bottom of this cyber threat that the russians pose to our democracy. >> between now and the election, we just need to do --assure the american people
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we're doing absolutely everything we can to make this a clean election. >> reporter: what lawmakers hope for in a future summit is more transparency about what will be discussed. right now, it's still unclear what exactly mr. trump and mr. putin agreed to behind closed doors. >> we shouldn't be just hear reported imedia as valuable as that is. >> reporter: if president putin again denies russian meddling in the u.s. elections -- >> our party needs to stand up more and say, this is wrong, this is untrue. >> reporter: republican senator jeff flake said he wants to see an immediate rebuttal from the president and republican party. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. second meeting including terrorism, security for israel, cyber attacks, and t the president tweeted a broad list of topics he hopes to discuss at the second
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meeting including terrorism, security for israel, cyber attacks and trade. after much commotion, the nfl is halting its new policy on player protests during the national anthem. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: well, we're at levi's stadium right now. this is where that controversy started in 2016. colin kaepernick "took a knee" during the anthem to protest police brutality. now the league is saying its anthem policy is on hold. they made that policy back in may. they say it's on hold while they negotiate with the players union. now, back in may, owners voted for that policy saying that if players didn't stand during the national anthem, they could fine teams. but it left punishing players up to the teams. then yesterday documents showed the miami dolphins could choose to push players who protest during the anthem up to a four-game suspension. just hours later the league and player's union said no punishment would be enforced issuing this statement:
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>> reporter: now, back in may, 49ers owner jed york abstained from voting on the policy but here's what nfl commissioner roger goodell had to say at the time. >> there's players in this league that will still understand that their cousins at home are getting beaten by police. that their friends at home are getting shot by police. that's the reality america has to deal with. and until america comes to grips with that and say how do we fix this problem, it's not going to go away no matter what you do or how you try to hide it.
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>> reporter: players weren't allowed to sit or play in the anthem but it allowed them to stay in the locker room. now, this controversy is far from over because it's just -- this policy is just on hold. and one person we know who keeps tweeting about this and weighing this is of course our president. he tweeted about this issue more than three dozen times. it's become a signature issue. he hasn't tweeted about it this morning. jessica flores, kpix 5. the oakland police department says it wanted to tackle the issue of racial profiling. that's why it shelled out a quarter million dollars for a racial profiling expert from stanford. as jackie ward reports, the city just voted to end her contract. >> reporter: let me explain. days after the oakland city council decided not to renew their contract with a racial profiling expert, we're learning what she found about the city's police department. jennifer eberhart was hired by the city of oakland to collect study data about pol e ops in ty. atnford univerty and was
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re in quarter million dollars oakland police department made more than 32,000 stops and 20,000 of those were african- american residents or 61% of all police stops. in 2017, that percentage dropped a point to 60%. oakland police chief kirkpatrick says that's unacceptable. >> our disparity numbers are still high. we need to be a police department that's focused on behavior and behavior-based only. and so, um, that's what my mission is. rye move any sense of racial profiling -- remove any sense of racial profiling. it's not acceptable. >> reporter: a list of 50 recommendations based on the findings was distributed at the meeting, including which items have already been implemented. some community activists want to see more of that implementation and less data collection. they say they know why the problem exists and why continue to waste money on data they already have? the oakland city council will have the final say on the contract extension on tuesday.
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right now, milpitas police are searching for a suspect behind a brazen robbery. take a look at this photo. police say this man, armed with a gun, was wearing a bandana and a sharks sweatshirt when he robbed someone in a grocery store parking lot on tuesday on south park victoria drive. police say he took off with a wallet and a cell phone. in southern california, a wildfire is forcing dozens of evacuations this morning near the cleveland national forest. that's east of los angeles. the skyline fire has burned about 250 acres of brush and timber. so far, no homes have been damaged. but more than 200 firefighters were aided by aircraft as they were battling the flames. >> i have seen a lot of plane drops. i saw the norco fire department, the wilderness and other departments. they are definitely on it. >> they are definitely doing a
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great job with the trainingers dropping the retardant with the tankers and the helicopters. so i'm thinking that we're good right now. >> no injuries reported, 5% containment. new numbers this morning on the devastating wine country wildfires. officials say it was the most expensive disaster clean-up in california history. the project managed by the army corps of engineers totaled $1.3 billion. that's an average of $280,000 per property and most of it comes from fema. but state and local governments are also responsible for about $130 million. a bay area congressman is heading to the u.s./mexico border today. on twitter, east bay democrat mark desaulnier said, quote, we will be touring the u.s. federal courthouse, the border patrol processing center and i.c.e. detention center. the tour follows outrage over the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policies. desaulnier is expected to
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speak about his visit at a town hall meeting next month in concord. the time now is 6:10. coming up, an important deadline is about to be missed in a beach battle in santa cruz county. now the stage is set for a clash over the coast. >> plus muni is making a change that might save you some money. >> some drivers may have to change their morning commute. we are tracking this accident, a live look at the scene of this big rig crash that at one point shut down both directions of highway 92. we do have one-way traffic control in effect now. we'll have all the details coming up. >> fog this morning and high clouds a sign that monsoonal moisture is getting closer to the bay area. what that means for us coming up. ♪
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follow the wta stars as they hit san jose the mubadala silicon valley classic where visionaries become victors july 30th to august 5th the us open series tickets on sale now florida this morning. this happened in tampa bay. crews
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worked to secure the semi truck, the cab of this truck was over the edge of a bridge in florida this morning. this happened in fell into the manatee river. they removed it in the past half-hour. the florida highway patrol says the driver lost control and crashed. amazingly, escaped unharmed. santa cruz county will miss the july 31 deadline regarding public access to the privates beach. the opal cliffs recreation district built a 9-foot locked gate to the entrance and to get in you have to pay a fee. the county was asked to responsible after opal cliffs withdrew its application for a permit to charge admission. the coastal commission can fine violators about $11,000 a day per violation. in a proposed tax on marijuana businesses in san francisco, it's moving forward. according to "the examiner," it is expected to advance next
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week when the board of supervisors votes. if passed it will be added to the november ballot and it would add a 1% tax on total business revenues starting in 2020. officials say it will encourage black market sellers to enter the legal market although critics argue that the tax will do the opposite. many riders will get a transfer extension. the sfmta board of directors is adding another 30 minutes to transfer for single ride cash fares and bumping up the current policy of 90 minutes transfers to two hours. they hope it will encourage more ridership. the extended transfer times goes into effect in september. 6:16. we have an sue in the ninsula.a big rig and pickup truck.
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the truck is under skyline boulevard. emergency crews are on the scene. they are allowing one-way traffic control through the stretch. it will be slow but you can get through. you won't have to go up and go down into pacifica. you can still use 92 if you have time. over to our maps, right now, 17 minutes for folks making their way between highway 1 and 280 along highway 92. so it's not severe but it's definitely going to cost you some time. again, allow for that if you are heading there. along 101 in san mateo, this is right near hillsdale, you can see traffic doing fine in both directions. we haven't had any slowdowns as you make your way up and down the peninsula on 101. san mateo bridge in the green in both directions. westbound definitely seeing more delays as more folks join the friday morning commute. 880 getting to the san mateo
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bridge out of san leandro, san lorenzo, you're going to be tapping the brakes. we had an earlier lane blocked south of 92 and that's keeping drivers in the red, 25 minutes to the dumbarton bridge. at the bay bridge toll plaza no traffic. we can see folks coming from the 880 overcrossing starting to slow down but still no metering lights. neda has the forecast. foggy out there. >> it sure, jaclyn. check out the skies. our sutro tower camera showing low and high clouds a mix of monsoonal moisture and typical summertime fog. i want to show you this view from sutro tower. you can see top of the "salesforce tower." that's all you can see. all the over towers are below the cloud coverage. this is the view towards the south. definitely cloudy. half moon
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bay less than a mile visibility. oakland airport at 4 miles. hayward just down to 7. south bay livermore doing fine. no cloud problems typical cloud cover this morning. the morning marine layer. but to the south we watch this wraparound moisture around the sierra yesterday afternoon. that's where the lightning strikes occurred. right now hi-def doppler showing clear conditions. but this afternoon, we could see isolated thunderstorms popping up. here's the roof camera. look how low the clouds are sitting above the tomorrow of the bay bridge. visibility looks low there. 57 degrees in san francisco. livermore 61. 60 in concord. and we are checking in on that "rugby world cup sevens" starting at 10 a.m. everyone from all over the
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world in town to watch this. 60 degrees for the start. slight breeze. breezier this afternoon. temperatures will be rising to pretty normal conditions. the rugby world cup is happening saturday and sunday, as well. expect consistent weather there at at&t park. overall this ridge of high pressure is not going anywhere. it's actually lifting a bit which is why we have that chance of thunderstorms. but also temperatures will be slightly above average today but a little bit cooler than yesterday because of that onshore breeze that's pushing in our morning marine layer. 70 degrees in san francisco. 88 in concord. 89 in fairfield. and yes, the battle of the bay also happening. so we have the a's and the giants playing in oakland today. first pitch 6:35. partly cloudy for that. a little warmer at 72 degrees. warmer in oakland than at&t. here's the next seven days. we have heat picking up for next week especially inland as we head towards the upper 90s. that's your forecast. do the warriors have a third splash brother in the mix? the big boogie is coming up. of golf.
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when it comes to the "splash brothers," two's company, three's a crowd, right? not according to the newest warrior, demarcus cousins. >> the third "splash brother." >> we're still taking applications, don't worry. >> they played on the team usa in 2014. yesterday boogie was sporting his new colors. and he is going to have another opportunity to try and join the splash family, but head coach steve kerr would prefer he gave up his dream of becoming a threat from downtown. >> steve said, i want him on the block. we haven't had that threat. and he said, not out on the perimeter. and so steve was about to get
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on the phone with demarcus; and i said, don't tell him he can't shoot any threes! he's still --if you let draymond shoot threes, you have to let demarcus shoot threes! so steve said, maybe one or two. so i don't know what he said to you. and finally, this person set a world record for slicing the most watermelons on his stomach with a sword. he holds more than 700 world records including catching 54 knives in a minute. the one thing i shouldn't have to say but i'm going to say anyway, folks, do not try that at home. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day from the world of golf, brittany lincicome just the 6th woman to play in a pga tour event. >> couldn't take advantage of her length but then did a chance here at three for unce-back. >> that's aggravating to be that far over par on the par threes because you have the ball in the hand. so that will make her smile.
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>> look at the speed on that putt left to right, perfect for birdie. despite that putt, she finished 6-over par after the opening round at the barbasol championship in kentucky. the nfl is putting its anthem policy on hold while it negotiates with the player's union. i'll explain coming up. >> plus, ready for another round, president trump invites russian president vladimir putin this time to washington, dc.
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this morning, the death toll is rising from a duck boat accident in missouri. >> it's out of this world. i don't know how to describe it. it's just -- i don't know.
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>> the search for those still missing. >> an invitation for a second summit when president trump could come face to face with russian president vladimir putin in washington. >> the evidence of implicit bias is not acceptable. >> and a bay area mayor calling for change or policing practices. good morning, it is friday, july 20th. i'm melissa caen. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. time now for weather and traffic. time now 6:30. we'll start off with a "sig alert" after a semi truck overturned on highway 92 in san mateo county early this morning. it is causing gridlock in the area right now. and the chp says that the crash happened around 4:45 in the eastbound lanes. >> as he was coming around the bend here a white pickup traffic came around too fast and hit the back of the big rig sending the big rig out of control and both vehicles lost
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control and came through the right-hand shoulder of the westbound lanes. >> i seen a big branch coming into my windshield and i got away. thank god i did at that time. >> reporter: you ducked out of the way? >> yeah. >> reporter: if you didn't move? >> i'm pretty sure i would have got killed. >> the driver had minor injuries. jaclyn has been keeping an eye on this throughout the morning. >> definitely not "friday light" out of half moon bay or trying to get to half moon bay. right now we're tracking a crash. we had both directions at one point shut down on 92 then allowing one-way traffic control and now traffic is at a standstill. so it looks like they are holding traffic and that is backing up. if you are heading westbound 92, just as you cross 280, that's where you'll hit those brakes. and then it's going to just be a crawl if that because right now they are holding traffic -- it looks like they are trying to clear some of the activity out of the road but
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that big rig was blocking both directions at last check. so just a heads up. you're not going to want to use 92 right now. if you need to get down into half moon bay, you're going to have to use an alternate. a lot of folks are taking 280 north and just heading up towards 35 and going down into pacifica. that's going to cost you a lot of extra time. if you are trying to get through 92, when they were allowing one-way traffic control, it was in the red but it's about 17 minutes between 280 and highway 1. we are tracking a couple of other problems. it's very foggy in certain areas. this is along 580 right near cutting and we have a crash near castro in that westbound direction so anyone trying to get to the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza, do look out for that. please reduce your speeds. increase the distance between you and the car in front of you and give yourself some extra time out on the roads this morning. to you. heck of your visibility pretty low in many areas especially along the coast, the north bay and right now through san francisco.
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look at this view towards the east. so you will have to be up high plays like "salesforce tower" to even see that -- so you will have to be up high places like "salesforce tower" to even see that cloud coverage. we have typical morning fog and higher clouds. that's because of the monsoonal moisture that arrived yesterday afternoon bringing lightning strikes to places like the sierra but now we are starting to see higher clouds. low clouds though right around the golden gate bridge. so of course, that's in your morning headlines. we are definitely seeing early- morning fog affecting visibility this morning for many locations. but this afternoon, we'll notice those high clouds from the monsoonal moisture which will also bring us a chance of thunderstorms. developing news out of missouri. divers just recovered two more bodies after a boat capsized raising the death toll to 13. laura podesta reports on the search for four others still considered missing. reporter: rescue workers fanned out across missouri's table rock lake thursday searching for people
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unaccounted for after a tourist boat capsized. officials say more than 30 people were on board at the time. >> seven patients to the hospital. and we do have some people still missing. >> reporter: the president of ripley entertainment, the owner of ride the ducks. he spoke to "cbs this morning" on the phone. >> this business has been operating for 47 years. and we have never had an incident like this or anything close to it.>> reporter: a tourist was on a nearby boat at the time. he said people jumped in the water to help save one woman. >> we got one of the life carriers, one of those things, and we tried to get her in there and we started pulling her up and i was yelling for people to get cpr. >> reporter: video shows the chaotic scene on the shore and first responders helping the injured. a hospital spokesman said adults and children were treated in the emergency room. >> today was a very traumatic experience for everyone
6:35 am
involved, and i am confident that our staff are really working with these patients to make them feel as comfortable as they possibly can right now. >> reporter: weather was a factor as to why the boat sank. >> never seen it like this bad! boats can't get in! >> reporter: knee owner of the boat company said the storm came in out of nowhere and the boat should not have been in the watered. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. early this morning, the ride the ducks company released a statement saying in part that it will help with the search-and-rescue efforts. president trump will meet with russian president vladimir putin again this fall in washington. this time at the white house. the director of national intelligence dan coats appeared to be caught off guard that president trump had invited putin to washington. lawmakers are hoping that the next summit will provide more transparency about what is being discussed. right now, it's still unclear what mr. trump and putin agreed to behind closed doors
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at the last meeting. >> we shouldn't be just guessing based on the statements of the russian ambassador or based on things we hear reported in the media. >> president trump tweeted a list of topics he hopes to discuss at the second summit including terrorism, security for israel, cyber attacks and trade. take a look at the new "time" magazine cover. it shows the faces of presidents trump and putin morphing together. "time" says the composite image is meant to represent this particular moment in u.s. foreign policy. it turns out that the nfl has not resolved its national anthem issue after all. wilmer flores reports from santa clara. reporter: we are at levi's stadium. and this is where the controversy all started. colin kaepernick "took a knee" back in 2016 during the national anthem. since then, there's been a lot of issues about how the nfl will actually address this. they came up with a policy in may but now they say their policy is on hold while they negotiate with the nfl players union.
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now, back in may, the policy was that teams could be fined if players didn't stand during the national anthem. but it left punishing players up to the team. then yesterday, documents showed the miami dolphins could choose to punish players who protest during the anthem up to a four-game suspension. just hours later the league and players union said no punishment would be enforced issuing this joint statement: in order to allow this constructive dialogue to continue, we have come to a standstill agreement on the nfl p.a.'s grievance and on the nfl's anthem policy. no new rules relating to the anthem will be issued or enforced for the next several weeks while these confidential discussions are ongoing. the nfl took a lot of heat for not including the players association in these
6:38 am
discussions. >> their job as an american company is to allow freedom of expression. sometimes freedom of expression might be something you don't like. the nfl rule passed in may by the owners didn't allow place to sit or kneel during the anthem. but it did allow players to stay in the locker room. another issue here is whether president trump will weigh in on this policy. he has tweeted over a dozen times about the anthem and nfl protests in the past. we haven't seen anything this morning. reporting live here in santa clara, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5 . a new report is out this morning looking into whether the oakland police department is targeting african- americans. the mayor calls it unsettling. kpix 5's jackie ward reports. reporter: good morning. so the city of oakland spent a quarter million dollars to have data studied and the results are not surprising to a lot of people, including some community activists. in 2016, the oakland police department made more than
6:39 am
32,000 stops. 20,000 of those were african- americans or 61% of police stops. in 2017 it dropped to 60%. stanford social psychologist jennifer eberhart is the one who studied these findings and made up a list of 50 ways of improvement. oakland mayor libby schaaf is not pleased with what was found. >> the statistics are unsettling. the amount of disparity in policing outcomes, the the evidence of implicit bias is not acceptable. but being open and honest collecting data and changing policies and practices is the important first step to truly making progress in this area. >> earlier this week, the oakland city council voted against renewing eberhart's contract. some community members argued that they would rather see implementation than more
6:40 am
studies. both mayor schaaf and the police chief anne kirkpatrick defended the data collection and said it needs to be consistent. the full city council will make the final decision regarding eberhart's contract at their meeting on tuesday. this morning, the trump administration says progress has been made on reuniting immigrant children with their families after being separated at the border. officials say the more than 360 children ages 5 and under are back with their families this morning. the justice department says it identified more than 2500 children who may be covered by the judge who called for reunification. the judge ordered all children to be reunited by next thursday. new mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for people in mariposa county as a wildfire creeps closer to yosemite national park. at last check the ferguson fire has burned more than 21,000 acres and cal fire says that it is 7% contained. steep terrain is tough.
6:41 am
in addition to thunderstorms on the other side of the park, those could move closer and cause winds. and to the north of that fire, a wildfire is tearing through wheat fields in central oregon. some farmers taking perjuries, to try to save their crops. one person was found dead near a burned-out tractor. the fire is threatening 1,000 homes. 6:41. coming up, twisters touched down leaving a trail of destruction behind in iowa neighborhoods. >> plus, the bay area city aiming to tax ride shares and how much it could cost riders. >> plus, the stock market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. coming up, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks will have an update.
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♪ ♪ can world-renowned artist red hong yi use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank? all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? ♪ ♪ yes. but this isn't for just anyone. ♪ ♪ hong yi! it's for the strongest man in her life. ♪ ♪ life. lived red's way. chase. make more of what's yours. 6:44. we're goin hour of this
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accident that has shut down both directions of 92. that's between between 280 anded boulevard. they towed away the big rig but they are trying to clear the trees and debris from that crash out of the road there. traffic stopped on the 92. we'll take a closer look at your alternates coming up in the traffic report. a road at crissy field is closing today for construction. the avenue is being converted into a multi-use trail open to bikers, joggers and pedestrians. the idea is to create a connection between crissy field and the golden gate bridge. and during the construction, pedestrians will have full access to the road. cyclists may still have to travel uphill until the work is complete. the u.s. investment boom could fizzle out and companies worry about trade tensions including at the new york
6:46 am
stock exchange. joining us now kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks president trump nbthat he i slap a tariff import on everything in the u.s. about $500 billion. this is another piece of news that is sending the stock market lower. microsoft doing all it can though as it delivered a very strong earnings report. microsoft's revenue was up over 17% to about $31 billion. the company's investments in the cloud paying off big time with its cloud services surging higher. it was the final quarter of microsoft's fiscal year and it was the first time in the company's four decades that it topped $100 billion in a single year. microsoft shares are surging higher, but not enough for the entire market.
6:47 am
dow down 25 points. thanks to microsoft the nasdaq is up 17. the s&p just turned positive. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, crews are mopping up the midwest after major tornadoes in iowa destroying several communities . this video yesterday looking like a scene out of a movie showing tornadoes spinning through the middle of a neighborhood. a state of emergency was declared in the city of marshalltown. here's a look at the aftermath. homes and buildings were reduced to rubble. >> i lived here for 25 years and never saw this before. >> we have systems and processes in place. all the teams were in shelters when that hit. >> officials say some people were taken to the hospital but there are no reported deaths. it is 6:47. as you can see right behind
6:48 am
us, we have been saying hello to "karl the fog" all morning. >> there were no funnels in the clouds. t. some monsoonal moisture we are starting to see the signs already this early-morning hour with high cloud coverage. here's a look at "salesforce tower" camera towards the east. there's that sun at the top of the screen. fog below. right at the top, we are seeing clouds. that's all associated with that unstable air mass that's bringing thunderstorms to the south. southern california, arizona, nevada, and yes, we are starting to see some of those high clouds. we saw some lightning strikes yesterday afternoon across the southern sierra nevada. but in our area, this morning, we'll be watching for the possibility. for now things are clear. all we are seeing is this. low fog. yes, that's impacting visibility. that's for sure. this is the lawrence hall of science, paints a picture of what's happening in berkeley.
6:49 am
clear in san jose. same with livermore. but look what's going on at half moon bay. it's now down to zero visibility. so that's going to be a tough drive right along the coast through the golden gate, oakland airport, it is dropped down to 4 miles. so right now, things have gotten worse over the past 30 minutes. definitely right after that sun came up. that's when that fog really thickens up. it's going to burn off by about 10 a.m. for most inland spots, even through downtown san francisco we could see sun later on. hi-def doppler in the clear. but i'll keep watching up. e monsoonal moture is north. it's on the edge of california. it could send us some moisture in the higher elevations. mainly tahoe, the sierra and
6:50 am
possibly places like mount diablo or the north bay hills. drizzle out there. 57 degrees in san francisco. 61 in livermore. concord 60. rugby world cup sevens 60 degrees tonight. clouds burning off throughout the day and increasing winds this afternoon. consistent weather pattern at at&t park for the next few days as people worldwide come in to watch rugby. 88 in concord today. 89 in fairfield. cooler than yesterday. then we'll start to see those numbers rising especially inland as early as sunday. then look what happens. by tuesday, wednesday, upper 90s, thursday near triple digits in your forecast. drivers can expect major traffic on the 280 extension. king street, anywhere downtown and near the at&t park so just a reminder if you don't need to be down there driving, don't. okay. let's take it out to this tracking r two ve been
6:51 am
hours. this is along highway 92. shut down in both directions between 280 and skyline boulevard, highway 35 there, due to a big rig accident and another truck got into it there. you can see that they are working on clearing all of that debris and bringing up -- towing up the truck. is it went down the embankment and is stuck in the trees. they will need a chainsaw to clear it. 92 will remain shut down in both directions until they get all of that cleared. traffic just came to a stop. they were allowing one-way traffic control for a little bit and now it's stopped again. so if you do need to get to half moon bay or if you are heading out of half moon bay to get over towards 280, you will need to use al ute. t oingcost u a lot of extra time.
6:52 am
so do keep that in mind if you have somewhere to go. if you are heading over to sfo 101 near 380 is in the green. in fact, we are dealing with mostly "friday light" conditions on many of our "bay area majors." but we are still seeing a lot of fog out there. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. please be safe out there. hat's a check of your traffi c; over to you. san francisco is considering a so-called rideshare tax. an analysis by the san francisco controller's office estimates that it would generate about $20 million a year in extra revenue. lyft and uber would be the source of most of the income. it's 6:52. a new report on the oakland police department shows that officers stop blacks more than any other race. we'll hear the chief of police response next. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪
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still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it. council decided not to renewthrl profiling expert .. we about i'm jackie ward in the kpix 5 studio. days after the oakland city council decided not to renew their contract with a racial profiling expert, we're learning what she found about the city's police department. jennifer eberhart was hired by
6:56 am
the city of oakland to collect and study data about police stops in the city. she is a social psychologist at stanford university and was paid a quarter million dollars by oakland to do this research. she found that in 2016, the oakland police department made more than 32,000 stops and 20,000 of those were african- american residents or 61% of all police stops. in 2017, that percentage dropped a point to 60%. oakland police chief kirkpatrick says that's unacceptable. >> our disparity numbers are still high. we still stop a large number of african-americans in our community. and so that's a number that i spend a lot of time being focused on and all of us do. how can we reduce that disparity? >> reporter: a list of 50 recommendations based on the findings was distributed at the meeting, including which items have already been implemented. some community activists want to see more of that implementation and less data collection. they say they know why the proble continue to waste money on data they already have? the oakland city council will have the final say on the
6:57 am
contract extension on tuesday. jackie ward, kpix 5. at least 13 people are dead following a duck boating accident in missouri. missouri dive teams will resume searching table rock lake in branson this morning for four others still missing. the ride the ducks boat started off with 31 people on board when it capsized last night. investigators are looking into what caused the accident but they say debris from an factor. storm could be a president trump is inviting russian president vladimir putin to washington this fall even as the administration is still dealing with the fallout from the historic summit in finland. and the nfl and the player's union are working on a resolution for the issue of players kneeling during the national anthem. no rules against kneeling will be enforced by the nfl for the next few weeks while they work
6:58 am
out the issues. and a wildfire in mariposa county is inching closer to yosemite national park. the ferguson fire has now burned more than 21,000 acres. cal fire says it is 7% contained this morning. and right now, traffic is still backed up in san mateo county after a semi truck overturned on highway 92 at around 4:45 a.m. in the eastbound lanes. and we continue to track those delays because of that closure that's been in effect for over two hours. you can see a tow truck on the scene. they are working on clearing the pickup truck from that crash. and also, quite a bit of debris. it looks like it took out some trees. so caltrans is heading out there with some chainsaws. they are going to have to cut those up and it's going to be a while before they get that road cleared. again, this closure in effect between 280 and highway 35, skyline boulevard, you will need to use an alternate route. highway 1 is going to be your best bet at this point. let's check in with neda on the forecast.
6:59 am
feeling a little mesmerized this morning watching these clouds out there. "salesforce tower" camera sitting right atop the cloud coverage. this is our view to the east. here's the south, here's the north. we have sunshine above the low fog that's out there. look at the golden gate bridge. definitely socked in this morning. visibility is very low. it's dangerous in half moon bay, zero-mile visibility, 4 in oakland, that's possibly going to affect some flights, same in the north bay, as well. futurecast showing we'll see that morning fog burn off by 11 a.m. but then some high clouds rolling in from the south to the north. we are seeing the monsoonal moisture out there already this morning. and that's a sign we could see some afternoon thunderstorms. today temperatures upper 80s low 90s for those inland spots. and yes, oakland and the giants, they are playing today in oakland and it should be nice for baseball. >> have a great weekend. cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, july 20th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." video reveals the terrifying moment before a duck boat filled with tourists capsized near branson, missouri. at least 13 people are dead. we'll talk to the owner of the duck boat about what went wrong. tornadoes in central iowa tear the tower off a courthouse and rip through homes. we're at the scene where people say they've never seen such damage. president trump doubled down on russia, by inviting vladimir putin to washington for a second summit. the news caught many by surprise, including the presidt'


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