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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 24, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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accused of stabbing now at 11:00, the manhunt is over. the police arrest a man accused of stabbing a bart passer just. a tip from several riders led to his capture. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. 18-year-old nia wilson was stabbed in the neck while
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waiting to change trains last night. she died on the platform. her 26-year-old sister was also injured and is still in the hospital. less than five hours ago the suspect was arrested at the pleasant hill bart station. kpix 5's joe vazquez is live there tonight. >> reporter: yes, liz, police spent the entire day around the entire bay area looking for this suspect, and it turns out he was aboard a train, and this is where he was caught at the pleasant hill bart station. bart police say two different passengers alerted authorities this evening that this man was riding on their same bart train. the first headed to mcarthur station, the scene of the murder. >> we searched the train there, but didn't find the individual. >> reporter: then another passenger had another tip on another train headed toward antioch. >> two officers from the bart police department searched the
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train and located john lee cowell and he was taken into custody at that time and detained for a short while there at the pleasant hill station and has since been transported to the lake merit bart police department. >> reporter: he got on the train along with three sisters last night, and he random attacked two of the three women, slashing nia wilson's next and killing her. latifah wilson was wounded. then the suspect took off his clothes and disappeared into the night. this afternoon police put out an alert for the suspect, a resident of concord, a transient with a violent past. he's been arrested for a multitude of crimes over much of the last decade, he was even arrested for shooting into a dwelling. in october 2016 he began serving a prison sentence for a robbery in contra costa county. he was released in may of 2018,
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just two months ago. and he has two restraining orders against him. what was the motive for the murder? it's still unclear. there was no argument, no words exchanged at all. police say race doesn't appear to be a factor, but it's still a possibility. >> we don't take anything off the table. while we don't have evidence to suggest he's connected to a white supremacist group, we'll look at all possibilities. >> reporter: when police boarded the train they asked the sufor his id, he quietly gave it to him, and they peacefully arrested him. a bright spot in a dark day. joe vazquez, kpix 5. meanwhile tonight protesters gathered at the mcarthur station demanding justice for nia and her sister. the crowds raised their signs
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and voices at the growing memorial. nia's mother also attended. she was consoled by family, friends, and a community of support. >> this man just came and did all this to my baby though. my baby. my baby. she didn't deserve this. hur bart station to downtown. police say >> at one point the memorial moved from the bart station into downtown oakland. it was organized to police say about a thousand people were part of the march. some joined in a pro-oakland demonstration organized to counter a white supremacist group that announced plans to gather at a bar. although police say they haven't found any specific evidence that the attack was racially motivated, some demonstrators believe otherwise. >> she was slain in the streets on the bart station at mcarthur by a white supremacist male who had no idea who she was. he targeted her and executed, and we want him to pay.
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we want justice, and we want it now. arge banner that read "bay area stands against hate." >> the event continued into the night. chopper 5 overhead, large banner down on the street that read bay area stands against hate. two people were detained when a small scuffle broke out. they have since been released. and the oakland mayor libby schaaf released this statement saying quote i recognize that sunday's tragic events come on the heels of news that white supremacists were attempting to gather at a downtown bart station, or downtown bar this evening. i appreciate the commitment of these establishments to prohibit such activity in their businesses. e were two other possible homicides within the last 5 days. >> sunday's stabbing wasn't the only attack on bart this week. there were two other possible homicides within the last five days. police are looking for the suspect in these surveillance images from the bay fair station on saturday. he allegedly punched a man on the side of the head, causing
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him to fall and bang his head on the platform. the 47-year-old victim died at the hospital. another attack happened last week at the pleasant hills station. a suspect is now under arrest, accused of fighting with a 51- year-old man on wednesday causing cuts to his face and knee. that victim later died at the hospital from an infection. officers below normal staffing. they patrol 110 miles of rail bart police admit they are stretched thin. they say they are currently 25 officers below normal staffing. they patrol 110 miles of rail line and 42 stations. every car. >> this was an incident that occurred at a station where police were at. so we're at a loss as to how to protect passengers from somebody that is truly a vicious individual. increasing patrols. but there are no >> bart now has working cameras in every car and officers have been increasing patrols, but there are no metal detectors, so anyone can bring a weapon on board. major shake up in santa
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clara politics. no asian-american has ever been elected to the city council, but kpix 5's betty yu reports a court decision today could change all of that. >> reporter: the city of santa clara has never elected an asian-american city council member since the charter was adopted in 1951. this despite the fact that asians makeup about 40 percent of the city's residents. well a judge's order today could change who we see in office. the city of santa clara will be split into six voting districts in future elections. before this residents voted in an at large election system, meaning all voters could vote for all of the council members. plaintiffs who brought this case to court say that led to an all white city council for decades. >> we're really happy. we think that this is
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really a victory for the community, a victory for democracy, and the reason we say that is the community now in terms of asian-american community and the latino community will be able to elect candidates of their choice. >> reporter: this is a new map of how the city will be divided. in some districts asians and latinos account for the majority of the voting age population. >> in part we're trying to level the playing field so candidates have a better chance. again, if you run city-wide you're talking about, um, having to walk the whole city and raise money to send mailers to the whole city. >> reporter: the city attorney says the city is in favor of diversity. it fears that district elections will be decided by a small number of voters. >> it's not like san jose where you have 100,000 people in one district. here you'd have approximately 19,000 to 20,000 people in each district, and that's pretty small because given patterns of voting you don't get all
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registered voters to vote. >> reporter: the city council is expected to meet in a closed door session tomorrow morning to discuss how to respond to the judge's decision. they will also talk about a possible appeal. in santa clara, betty yu, kpix 5. >> and under the judge's order residents will cast votes for a mayor and either two or three council members in november. a dying man took the stand today in a high profile lawsuit against chemical giant monsanto. lee johnson blames his cancer on an herbicide. he said he sprayed 150 gallons of round up at least 20 times a year. today johnson testified quote i figured if it could kill weeds, it could kill me. that wore hii could to protect myself.
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he also described two incidents where he accidentally was e her he says he called monsanto about it but never heard back. >> we have a large amount of sympathy for mr. johnson and his family as we do with anyone with cancer, but 40 years of science and data and experience with the product shows it doesn't cause cancer. >> today in court jurors saw photos of some of johnson's symptoms. the cancer caused lesions over 80 percent of his body. the white house threatening to strip security clearances from six former obama-era officials that have been highly critical of president trump. they include former cia director john brennan, james comey, and susan rice. the white house says they want to make the move because the officials are month politicized
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and in some cases monetized for their criticism. >> did somebody breach protocol in terms of classified material or break a law it's appropriate. if it's not it certainly would look to be just kind of a political retribution. >> former cia directors and other top national security officials are typically allowed to keep their high level clearances for while to advise successors. the trump administration could take away california's power to regulate car green house gas emissions. the move is part of a revision of obama-era standards. the proposal would end federal rules to boost fuel efficiency in the next decade. the epa could also revoke a waiver that allows california to regulate carbon emissions from cars and forccaliforn to sell a of electric vehicles. buyers are happy, the bay
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area's real estate market appears to be cooling down a bit. here's how it could come down to buyer fatigue. >> reporter: allen's home is still available after one open house which last year would have been unheard of for a property like this in cupertino. >> it's unpredictable. we're hoping for the best and hoping for a high price. >> reporter: it's a refurbished farmhouse on a quarter acre, but he realizes the silicon valley housing market is changing again. >> we feel like it's time to make a move. >> the market was crazy, and >> reporter: it cooleda little in the may to june time frame. higher ends homes are holding value but taking longer to sell. real estate people are calling
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it buyer fatigue. >> the poor buyers made offers every week, and wouldn't get the house week after week, sometimes they'd make 10 or 20 offers before one was accepted, and that's how they got buyer fatigue. >> reporter: realtor dave clark says some homes are still getting offers for over the asking price, but others are selling for below the asking price. he calls it a normal market, and an opening for buyers sitting on the sidelines. >> >. now it's the perfect market. prices are where they should be, activity is where it should be. we have multiple offers sometimes, sometimes we don't. >> reporter: so far no offers on allen's property, but since it's walking or biking distance from the new silicon valley offices, it shouldn't take long. coming up, secretly streamed. new concerns after an uber or lyft driver is accused of
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recording passengers without their knowledge. and one place is telling facebook no more free food for employees. and bubble tea shops in a
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slammed into a beauty supply store in southern california. appened in newport b some new video shows the moment a tesla slams into a beauty supply store in southern california. it happened in newport beach this morning. the driver gets out, now watch, she kind of puts her hands on
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her head and falls down on the floor. one woman was hurt by flying debris. police say the car was not on auto pilot, and it appears to be operator error. a ride share driver accused of secretly recording hundreds of passengers is out of a job tonight. >> you haven't missed a thing. you missed two kids on their ride home after jail. >> the missouri driver reportedly recorded hundreds of drivers without their knowledge. he streamed it online for a live audience of more than 4500 followers. the st. louis post dispatch reporter says several riders didn't know they were in the videos until the reporter told them. ay they've deactivated the driver's account. >> the things that were in the videos were very embarrassing. there were children, elderly people, and a lot of, you know, intoxicated people out drinking. >> both uber and lyft say they've deactivated the
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driver's account. the reported behavior is not illegal in missouri, but in california it would have been a whole different story because both parties need to give permission to record. tonight the missouri duck boat that capsized killing 17 people has been turned over to federal investigators. divers lifted the duck boat today which was submerged under about 80 feet of water. it sank in a severe storm last week. a teenage girl was one of 14 survivors, and she says the captain never told the passengers to put on life jackets. what the captain knew about the >> water started flooding in the boat right before it sank. everybody was in shock. the guy didn't tell us to put on life jackets. >> the ntsb is looking into what the captain knew about the weather before taking the boat out. in mariposa county tonight highway 140 is still closed down as a wildfire rages. the ferguson fire exploded in size over the weekend and
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forced some new evacuations. more than 36,000 acres have burned since the fire broke out 11 somedays ago, and it's only -- 11 days ago, and it's only 16 percent contained. meanwhile the air quality across yosemite valley is now worse than beijing china. you can see all the heavy pollution hovering and completely blocking out half dome. some facebook employees are losing a major perk this fall. the social media giant will have to stop dishing out its free meals to workers in mountainview. kpix 5's maria medina explains why. >> reporter: for the last 44 years the milk pail market has been a stop. >> i have customers saying i remember when your dad first opened in 1974. >> reporter: but now they might get big business. >> i'm excited to see what it will do for us. >> reporter: right next door
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facebook is putting the finishing touches on its new buildings, but there's a catch. this office unlike its other headquarters won't llfree meals employees. >> >. the idea is to encourage the employees to use the restaurants and encourage the office building to provide food open to the public. >> reporter: the mayor says back in 2014 they decided fully subsidized meals wouldn't be allowed inside the office at the village at san antonio center. >> the idea is not just to isolate people who are working in tech from the rest of the community, but to bring them in and everybody enjoys their benefits, and they enjoy the benefits of their community. >> it gives everything else in this area, like, the chance to survive. >> reporter: while some facebook employees may not hit the like button on the company's new dig, many want them to know they're ready for
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the business. >> we're excited about the opportunity of having so many people in the area. that's never really happened to us before. it used to be a parking lot. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. a vegetable burger with a meaty flavor and appearance has the stamp of approval from the feds. the impossible burger was developed by a san francisco start up and served at many restaurants. today the fda says a key ingredient is safe to eat. it occurs naturally in all living things, including plants, and gives the burger a deep blood red color when cooked. tonight possible trouble for bubble tea shops in san francisco. e bubble tea -- the city is considering a ban on plastic straws, and that could use pr for businesses that serve bubble tea. drinks with large pearls of tapioca on the bottom. businesses say it's hard to
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enjoy the drink without a big straw. >> i've looked into multiple manufacturers that actually make ecofriendly straws, but they don't make boba straws. >> if the measure passes the ban will go into effect in a year. city officials say they're committed to working with businesses to come up with an alternative. t.. to avoid rolling blackouts. state power officials tonight a statewide call to conserve electricity. cal iso issued a flex alert to avoid rolling blackouts. state fishes are asking people to -- officials are asking people to use less power between now and wednesday when people use the ac the most. >> so it's going to warm up? third or fourth week in a row in the 90s? >> it's going to be warm here, and searing hot to the south. if you drove south to i-5 all the way to los angeles, hung a left past phoenix you would not leave a heat advisory or
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warning over the next couple of days. it's covering much of california, all of southern nevada and arizona. palm springs up to 120, but the bay area, the cool ocean breeze will prevent us from getting too terribly hot. but as ken mentioned we'll be in the 90s inland. a beach hazard statement continues. high risk of rip current, serious stuff. use caution at the beaches tomorrow and wednesday. clear night in san jose, 65. livermore 66. concord at 70. san francisco and santa rosa in the upper 50s. lows around 60 degrees tonight inland. livermore 61, mountain view 59. san francisco tonight dropping to 56 degreesful ring of high pressure sitting -- degrees. ridge of high pressure sitting over southern nevada. for a ridge centered to our south and east, it's going to get really hot to the south and east, but not here because the winds go clockwise, so we're still getting a flow from the
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ocean. even a south wind for us is a cooler flow of air, so we'll get above average and stay above average, but we're not tapping into the searing heat that inland valleys will. clouds in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. warmer than average, but not crazy hot, and same story on wednesday. up to about the mid to upper 90s inland, but no triple digits this week. san jose only two degrees above average. sunnyvale 85, 62 at the beach. danville9 with sunshine. -- danville 9 with sunshine. berkeley 68, morning clouds. sonoma 86. triple digits for lake county. look at the drop off near the bay. 70 degrees, and bare ankful for breeze. we won't be dealing with what southern california is dealing with all week long.
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denny's new! super slam. only $5.99! it's a flower.. getting a lot of the corpse flower is blooming right now... rancisco we do this story every seven or eight years. >> the corpse flower is blooming right now at the san francisco conservatory of flowers. the plant lives up to its name, despite the strong stench it attracts fans from all over. it blooms once every 7 to 10 years and only lasts for a couple of days. all right, welcoming up in sports, the voice of the raiders opening up about beinrk a's showed off their power on
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the hardware from the bay bridge series... but they got their eyes on a bigger prize. the hottest team in major league baseball with an offensive show in arlington texas. the athletics walked away with the hardware from the bay bridge series, but the hottest team in major league baseball had an offensive show in arlington, texas. the a's piled on the runs much like the pork piled on this sandwich. top of the 2nd, bases loaded for lucroy co th career grand slam, and oakland up 4-0. chapman was three for five with four rbi. the a's go deep four times in
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the day and have 18 hits crushing the rangers 15-3. the cardinals daniel poncedeleon making his debut after brain surgery after being hit in the head with a ball. he had a no hitter until the 8th. when you hear the words touchdown raiders greg pappa automatically comes to mind. he was the voice of the raiders, but no more. he opened up about being fired by mark davis on his radio show today. >> we were never able to mend fences mark davis and i. this is painful for me personally to lose this association with this particular team. i no longer fit, and this is not al davis' football team anymore, and maybe that's my
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own mistake. >> other moves, former quarterback rich gannon will be a television analyst for the team's pre-season broadcast, and lincoln kennedy will be the
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. oi will hav the late show is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> they'll be herththe need to start your tuesday.
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