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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 24, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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fog to start in the city by the bay. tuesday, july 24th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. how is everyone doing this morning? >> well, it's national tequila day. >> don't start the day with it. >> maybe happy hour. >> we'll talk about the fog out there this morning. that's what we're dealing with, visibility problems out there. the fog is affecting the golden gate bridge, as it tends to do. you can barely see the lights off in the distance. we have the onshore breeze that will help us out today and through thursday. temperatures will start to heat up inland but around the beaches, the bay, we're pretty normal, not too hot. more coming up in a few minutes. let's take it to the altamont pass, tracking
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slowdowns. westbound 205 is slow around byron road, and slow until you get into livermore. if you're traveling through that stretch, once you reach 580, about 26 minutes to 680. low visibility heading across the golden gate bridge, so please be careful out there. road work on the lower deck of the bay bridge, flashing lights there and that sign. so looks like caltrans will be out there for the next hour or so. heads up, two lanes closed there. back to you. thank you. the manhunt is over. police arrested the violent felon accused of stabbing a bart passenger. a tip from a rider led to the capture. 18-year-old nia wilson was stabbed in the neck while waiting to change trains and she died on the platform.
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her 26-year-old sister was also stabbed and is still in the hospital. joe vasquez has more on the accused killer. >> reporter: two passengers alerted authorities that this man, john lee cowell was riding on their train. >> searched the station but didn't find the individual. >> reporter: then another passenger had a tip on another train, outbound headed toward antioch. police stopped the train. >> the train was searched and officers located john lee cowell. he was detained for a while at the pleasant hill station and has since been transported to the bart police department. >> reporter: police say he got on with the three young sisters arriving at the station, and he
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randomly attacked two women, slashing nia wilson wilson's neck, killing her. her sister latifa wilson was wounded. he's described as a transient with a violent past. he's been arrested for a multitude of crimes from burglary to assault, weapons and drug charges, even for shooting into a dwelling. in october 2016 he began serving a sentence for a robbery in contra costa county and was released in may of 2018. he also has two restraining orders against him, one from a woman in concord and another from kaiser permanente. police say race does not appear to be a factor but it's still a possibility. >> while we don't have any facts that suggest he's connected with a white
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supremecist group, we'll explore all options and all possibilities. >> protesters packed the bart station last night to demand justice for the girls. >> no justice, no peace! >> crowds held signs and raised voices at the growing memorial. >> this man just came and did all this to my baby. my baby. my baby. she didn't deserve this. >> the memorial moved to downtown and police say about a thousand people were part of the march. some joined in a demonstration organized to counter a white supremecist group that announced plans to gather at a bar. police don't yet have evidence
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the attack was racially motivated. >> she was laying in the street at the bart station, never seen her. he targeted her and executed. and we want him to pay. we want justice and we want it now. >> police say two people were detained after a scuffle and they have since been released. oakland's mayor released this statement: these establishments to prohibit such activity in their businesses." sunday's stabbing wasn t the only recent attack on bart.. there were two other possible homicides within the last week. police are looking for the suspect in these sur the bay fair there were two other possible homicides on bart within the last week. police are looking for the suspect in these images. on saturday this man punched another man in the side of the
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head, causing him to fall and hit his head on the platform. the 47-year-old victim later died at the hospital. another attack at the pleasant hill station last week. a suspect is accused of fighting with a 51-year-old man who received cuts to his face and knee. the victim later died at the hospital from an infection. the suspect is behind bars. bart police say they are currently 25 officers below normal staffing and they patrol 42 stations and 110 miles of rail line. >> this was an incident that occurred at a station where police were at. so we're at a loss as to how to protect passengers from somebody that's truly a vicious individual. >> officers have been increasing patrols but there are no metal detectors so anyone can bring a weapon on board. things are heating up in california. >> the state is about to be
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scorching for the next few days, 110 to 115 degrees in places like the desert. luckily we have that onshore breeze today. this is a live view of san josi this morning. happy tuesday. temperatures in san josi 61 degrees, 57 in san francisco, concord 63 degrees. temperatures are just a little above average but comfortable out there. and visibility is low, half moon bay down to 6 miles, oakland airport seeing the effects and petaluma 3 miles there. so it's thicker out there today for the early morning commute, especially if you run into low- lying cloud cover.
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satellite and radar showing a lot of the south bay is clear. you may start to notice this get a little grayer across the skies throughout the next few hours. overall, 2 to 4 inches of rain for some areas across the sierra. right by lake tahoe, more rain and thunderstorm activity for them. that's the monsoonal moisture that the higher elevations face. yesterday we saw calm, mild conditions. right nookg atwind speeds, because this is going to help us out a lot today. we have a west northwest wind at 7 miles an hour through sfo and downtown 8 miles an hour. antioch 13-mile-an-hour sustained winds, gusts stronger through the delta. that will make all the difference today, looking like the mid-90s for some areas. thank you, neda. going to the richmond-san rafael bridge, we are tracking
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overnight road work. caltrans will be working there until about 6:00 a.m. right now no major backups, just a few slowdowns approaching the toll plaza there. this is a live look at the flashing lights over in the parking lot near the toll plaza. they may be wrapping up early, which would be excellent news. take it to the east shore freeway, 80 at highway 4, so far so good. no delays heading to the maze, where the ride is green, just 11 minutes into san francisco. the trump administration is threatening to strip security clearances from six officials who have been outspoken against the president. brennan recently blasted president trump after his summit with vladimir putin.
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the white house says it wants to make the unusual move because the officials are monotizing their service. >> somebody breached protocol or break a law, it would certainly be appropriate. if not, it would look to just be political retribution. a major shakeup, no asian- american ever elected to the council but a court decision could change that. >> reporter: santa clara will be split into six voting districts for future elections. before this, residents voted in a large election system, meaning all voters could vote for all council members. plaintiffs who brought this case to court say that led to the all-white city council for decades. >> we are really happy. we think this is really a
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victory for the community and for democracy. the reason is that the community now in terms of the asian-american community and latino community can elect candidates of their choice. >> reporter: in some districts, asians and latinos account for the majority of the voting age population. >> in part, we're trying to level the playing field so the candidates have a better chance. if i run city wide, you're talking about sending mailers to the whole city, needing a lot more money. >> reporter: the city says they are in favor of diversity. >> it's not like san josi where you have 100,000 people in one district. here you have about 20,000 people in each district, and that's pretty small.
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given the patterns of voting, you don't get all registered voters to vote. >> under the order, residents would cast votes for a mayor and three city council members in november. a barman who claims a popular weed killer gave him cancer takes the stand in his lawsuit against the manufacturer. why he says his pleas for help went ignored.
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california. this happened in newport beach yesterday morning. police say the driver was attempting to park when she crashed into a nail lounge...and came to a dramatic stop inside the beauty supply store. police said the driver was not injured but one woman was hurt by flying debris. according to investigators, the car was not on autopilot and the driver is likely at fault a former groundskeeper for the benicia school district tells his story in a san francisco courtroom.
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lee johnson blames his deadly cancer on an ingredient in the popular weed kiler "round-up." 5's susi a former grounds keeper is telling his story in court. lee johnson is blaming his cancer on the popular weed killer roundup. >> reporter: holding hands with his wife of 13 years, lee johnson walked into san francisco superior court. he's here to testify that the product roundup caused his terminal cancer. >> what makes it so frustrating is that he's going to pass away. this is the last time they can spend together. >> reporter: he worked four years as a grounds keeper, spraying 150 gallons of roundup 20 to 30 times a year. on the stand, lee describes what he calls his careful use of the product. he said, i figured if it could kill weeds, it could kill me. i took it seriously. that's why i wore anhing uld to protect myself. he described two days where he
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ended up accidentally drenched in the herbicide. >> we have a huge amount of sympathy for mr. johnson and his family, but the 40 years of science and data and experience with this product shows that it doesn't cause cancer. >> reporter: lee talks about how the lesions embarrassed his children and kept him from going out in public. >> one of the issues in this case, the jury has to decide how has the cancer affected his life. i think this goes straight to the heart of it. there is a flex alert for today and tomorrow to conserve energy and prevent rolling blackouts during the heat wave around the state. set your ac to 78 degrees or higher if possible, and avoid using major appliances and ligh
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their ac the most. and today will feel pretty warm. but there are places reaching 110, 115 degrees. so mid-90s are okay. definitely above average today through thursday. we have a ridge of high pressure over the state. this is the view from our roof camera here, waking up to early morning fog. it's a sign we have a west wind. that is mother nature's air- conditioning. some of that cooler coastal air will be pushed around the bay, the beaches. inland you don't feel the efs much. oaklan59, conc, san grees th i bay, down to 9 miles at the
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oakland airport. petaluma, 2 and a half miles visibility there. so we expect along the north bay and along the coast to be impacted. a lot of this will extend into the bay and beyond through 8:00, 9:00 this morning, then sunny conditions later on. that will return around 7:00 p.m. tonight, and yes tomorrow morning waking up with similar conditions. this is all a good sign. whenever you video the fog rolling in from the coastline, it means that west wind is in effect. that's why we have heat advisories across the northern and central california, southern california excessive heat warnings. here around the bay area, we are not in an advisory level. we are definitely feeling the cooling from the west wind. what's going to happen in the advisory level here, those temperatures could reach 110
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degrees between now and thursday. overnight temperatures are not dropping much, mid-70s to 80. of course there's a concern of heat-related illnesses. check on relatives, and of course be sure the pets are cool. don't spend too much time outside when it's this hot. this has been over the desert southwest for a while, moving a little north and west today. this is where it will definitely feel hotter. look at san francisco, 69 degrees, quite a difference. we'll notice as closer to the water. we are not breaking any records 2006as a record here, 109 degrees in concord. we are nowhere near that. by thursday it should be slhtly
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thank you, neda. right now we are heading over to 205, where the speed limit is definitely decreasing and things are heating up out there with the slowdowns. if you know someone heading out of tracy, westbound 205 from byron road to 580, just in the yellow and red. travel times from i-5 to 580, already over 30 minutes. expect delays heading through tracy. the ride continues to be slow eastbound throughout much of the day because caltrans will have some lanes taken away. 30 minutes to antioch, westund direction remaining in the green. 680 at 242, nice and light traffic conditions. highway 24 near telegraph,
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shouldn't have any problems there. no delays as you make your approach towards the macarthur maze, where we have speeds in the green all the way into san francisco. back to you. one valley employer is no longer serving free food to employees.
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hundreds of passengers... good morning, tracking foggy conditions in the north bay this morning. we have reduced visibility in petaluma, so be careful on the roadways here. 101 at spencer, foggy as you get towards the golden gate
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bridge. we have a fog advisory in place. a rideshare driver lost his job for secretly recording hundreds of passengers. >> you haven't missed a thing. two kids on their ride home after jail. >> the missouri driver recorded hundreds of passengers without their knowledge and streamed it online for a live audience of more than 4500 followers. a reporter said several riders didn't know they were in the videos until the reporter told them. >> the things in those videos were embarrassing. there was children, elderly people, a lot of intoxicated people out drinking, the bar crowd. >> both uber and lyft deactivated that driver's account. to record. a it would bo fabook h at its location
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in mountain view. >> reporter: for the last 44 years, the locals in the area stop here. >> i have customers who say, i remember when your dad first opened the store. >> reporter: the small market may get big business. >> i'm really excited to see what that's going to do for us. >> reporter: next door, facebook is putting the finishing touches on its new buildings. but this office, unlike its headquarters and other big tech companies, won't offer full free meals to its 2,000 employees. >> the idea is to encourage the employees to use the restaurants and encourage the office building to provide food that's open to the public. orte the mayor says in 2014, city leaders decided fully subsidized meals wouldn't
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be allowed in the offices. >> the idea is not just to isolate people working in tech from the rest of the community, but to bring them in. everybody enjoys their benefits and they enjoy the benefit of the community. >> it gives everything else in the area the chance to survive. >> some employees may not hit the like button, but many want them to know they're ready for business. >> i'm really excited for the opportunity of having so many people in this area. that's never happened to us before. it used to be a parking lot. a mean trouble for bubble tea shops. they have the large perils on 'sthe ttom and businesses say city could hurt their businesses. >> i've looked into multiple
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manufacturers who make ecofriendly straws. the problem is they don't make boba straws. >> the supervisors will vote on the ban july 31st and if it passes, it would go into effect in a year. pg&e is ordered to pay up after firing a worker who raised safety concerns in the wake of an explosion in the bay area. >> reporter: and police finally catch the man they say killed nia wilson, the 18-year-old at the macarthur bart station sunday night. full details coming up. plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for just $29.99 a month for 12 months.
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plus, ask how you can save on your wireless bill when you include xfinity mobile with your internet. click, call or visit a store today.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outs good morning, evekenny choi
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let's head outside to see what it looks like this hour. heavy fog in san francisco to start this tuesday morning. >> looks like a ghost. >> so exciting this morning. >> a little drizzle out there too. that's what we may be noticing. but it's all good news because we won't get as hot as the rest of the state with early morning clouds and onshore breeze action. any time we get the west winds, it will bring in mother nature's air-conditioning. cooler air from the coast will help keep us from getting as hot as the rest of the state. we'll heat up through thursday, so we are still looking at mid- 90s for afternoon highs, especially in the hottest spots. live look at golden gate bridge showing some fog out there. visibility


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