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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 26, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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livermore. >> if you are inland drink lots of water. >> thank you for watching. hope you're off to a good thursday morning. your next local update is 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is next. good morning, to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, july 26th, 2018. police are investigating an explosion outside the embassy in beijing. one man under arrest. a devastating wildfire destroys homes in california and causes the evacuation of an entire town. in the east, record-breaking rains continue to soak tens of mllions of people. first on "cbs this morning," a very disturbing new "usa today" investigation finds that the u.s. is the most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world. we'll talk with a reporter who spent four years looking into
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maternal deaths. facebook's stock loses $150 billion in less than two hours. how the company's recent troubles are impacting business. and the identical twins alike in almost every way except for their politics. our series a more perfect union shows us sisters from different parties running for the same position in neighboring districts. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. the rain drenching neighborhoods. >> everything was like covered in water. like feet of water. >> unless you have a boat, stay home. >> rains flood the east as fires scorch the west. >> dangerous heat is helping to fuel destructive wildfires out west. >> authorities have arrested a man linked to the cranston fire. >> this fire absolutely ravaged this neighborhood. >> leaders of the far right freedom caucus introducing a resolution to impeach rod
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rosenstein. lawmakers grilled mike pompeo. >> if president obama did what president trump did in helsinki, i'd be peopling you off the capitol ceiling. >> the white house banning a cnn report irafter she asked questions at an oval office event in fox news is protesting. >> fox stands firmly with cnn. >> facebook has fallen sharply. >> the losses come as the company grapples with privacy issues. >> all that. >> a stupid stunt goes very wrong. the guy leaped off a local bridge and slams into a boat. >> and all that matters. >> this cohen audio. giuliani says it's good for the president. in what world? >> here's the thing. you cannot say you don't know about something and then be on tape orchestrating the arrangement of the thing you previously said you didn't know about. >> he's that good. >> on "cbs this morning" -- >> the star on the hollywood walk of fame as been destroyed again. hacking away with a pickax.
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>> people ask what is it like to work on hollywood boulevard? >> there is a man walking around at 3:30 a.m. with a pickax. that is what it's like. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." we want to begin with breaking news from china. there was an explosion outside the u.s. embassy in beijing this morning. social media images show smoke near the building right after the blast. bliss say a 26-year-old man from inner mongolia detonated a homemade bomb and was the only person hurt. the embassy released a statement saying the building was not damaged. police have not given a motive. in this country dozens of wildfires raging across the west to force thousands of families interest their homes. firefighters near san francisco are battling a fast-moving fire and smoke filled the air in
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yosemite as a wildfire forced the closure of the iconic national park for a second day. east of los angeles, a fire that authorities blame on arson destroyed five buildings and triggered the evacuation of the entire town of idyllwild. a suspect was arrested yesterday. in all at least 60 wildfires are raging across 15 states. jamie yuccas is in idyllwild. >> reporter: good morning. this is the devastating impact of these fires. this is one of five homes destroyed when flames ripped through the area. police believe a man intentionally set this fire. he was arrested yesterday. this area of california is known as a vacation destination. but the summer fun had to be cut short when so many fires erupted around this area. a cloud of smoke 50,000 feet high towered over the san jacinto mountains as the cranston fire consumed thousands of acres. destroyed multiple homes and
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forced more than 3,000 people to evacuate. all within a matter of hours. emergency crews battled the fast-moving flames from the ground. and the air. >> oh, my god. getting really close. >> reporter: about 200 children from nearby summer camps were hastily evacuated to a nearby high school. some with nothing but a backpack and a box. >> we've still got a lot of work to do to get it contained. >> reporter: lee beyer is with the national forest service and said the recent heat wave adds another layer of difficulty for firefighters. >> 105, 110 degrees in the valley and makes it hard to stay hydrated. it's just physically draining to be trying to work as hard as you can with that adrenaline flow in those type of temperatures. >> reporter: the fire was allegedly set by brandon mcglover who police arrested and charged with five counts of arson. for beyer who had to evacuate his own home, this news is
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particularly upsetting? >> people are being asked to grab pets and their personal belongings and leave on a 20-minute notice to know that it was an intentional start is really frustrating. >> reporter: according to beyer, it could take up to five days for this to burn itself out and as for that extreme heat in this area, it's supposed to not end until at the very earliest tomorrow. jamie yuccas, cbs news, idyllwild, california. >> record-setting storm system is forecast to deliver more wet weather for tens of millions of people on the east coast. heavy rain flooded roads and parking lots in maryland yesterday. baltimore is having its second wettest month on record. floodwaters swamped homes in pennsylvania, residents there faced the threat of even more rain. parts of pennsylvania have had more than 15 inches of rain since the storms began six days ago. baltimore and the surround area are under flood warnings today. demarco morgan is in hard hit hershey, pennsylvania, demarco,
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. believe it or not this is a road right here behind me that lieds to a subdivision called union deposit. many covered in parts of that area are covered in water there and emergency management says they have conducted three dozen rescues and five of the hardest hit counties. and pennsylvania's governor tom wolfe says he will tour schuylkill county that suffered significant damage. parts of pennsylvania remain underwater as a relentless storm offers no rest for waterlogged residents. the department of transportation says 97 roads were closed as of wednesday afternoon. views from high above show the pockets of flooding and swollen waterways. >> i was surprised how quick the creek came up and i'm just hoping it goes down enough to absorb the next storm that's coming in. >> reporter: hershey park remains closed today due to the weather impact on roads and bridges leading into the park. just north knoebel's amusement
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park closed. >> as soon as we get one thing cleaned up, seems like something else goes down. >> reporter: in baltimore county, maryland, a break from the rain means a rush to clean up. crews took apart massive trees and some of the crest gates of the conowingo dam were opened to reduce water levels and pushed through the ceiling of this restaurant in arlington, virginia. no one hurt. rescue crews in nearby washington, d.c. were called when floodwaters washed this mail truck off the road. >> it was a river. it was a river back here. but this definitely has put a damper on thing. >> reporter: the outer banks have started pumping the water into the ocean in an effort to reduce the flooding. back in pennsylvania, a sinkhole in palmyra is making residents frustrated. >> very concerning. i mean we're in a neighborhood where it's just happening and you just never know when you're going to wake up and have this in your backyard.
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>> reporter: we do want to point out the red cross has two shelters open including one here in hershey. as for the creek behind me it actually crested overnight but won't go below flood stage until sometime on saturday when it comes to rain, you can expect more sometime next week. >> demarco, thanks. breaking news from arizona. one trooper was killed and another injured overnight during a struggle with a suspect near phoenix. the troopers had responded to a report of someone throwing objects from his vehicle on the eastbound lanes of interstate 10. when they approached the suspect he began to fight the troopers. during the struggle the suspect got one of their guns and fired at least two shots. the suspect is in custody. house republicans are considering whether to force a vote on a resolution to impeach deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. 11 house conservatives introduced articles of impeachment yesterday. they accuse rosenstein who oversees the special counsel's russia investigation to not
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being responsive enough for their request for documents. no word if that's grounds for impea impeachment. good morning, paula. >> reporter: this is just the latest in this ongoing feud between the president's republican allies and the justice department. now, tea party leaders mark meadows of north carolina and jim jordan of ohio along with nine others are steering this effort to try to oust rosenstein alleging he has conflicts of interest in the ongoing special counsel investigation and accuse him of intentionally withholding documents in other ongoing investigations into the justice department and how it handled investigations related to the 2016 election. now, if rosenstein was impeached, the russia investigation would continue but special counsel mueller would be supervised by a different senior justice department official. rosenstein has pushed back against these warning in may the justice department is, quote, not going to be extorted. but it's unclear how far they're actually going to be able to get with this effort or if it could
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even come to a vote because several top republican lawmakers said they do not support the idea of trying to impeach rosenstein including house oversight chair trey gowdy. the justice department has not commented on these efforts. gayle. >> thank you very much. fears of an all out trade war between the u.s. and european union are easing. just last week you may recall the president called the eu a foe in a cbs news interview. yesterday mr. trump spoke a different tune. he spoke of a close friendship with the 28 nation pact and in a tweet last night he wrote the eu and u.s. love each other. this follows a meeting between mr. trump and european commission president jean-claude juncker at the white house. >> the two leaders agreed to discussions about eliminating tariffs and subsidies and pledged to talk about steel and aluminum tariffness place and hold off on proposed new tariffs on cars. mr. trump also said the eu had agreed to buy a lot of soybeans and other u.s. products.
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. >> this will open markets for farmers and workers, increase investment and lead to greater prosperity in both the united states and the european union. it will also make trade fairer and more reciprocal, my favorite word. reciprocal. >> trade between the eu and u.s. totaled nearly $1.1 trillion in 2016 according to the office of the u.s. trade representative. the eu was the second largest importer of goods from the u.s. that year. today the president travels to the midwest. it's already feeling the impact of these trade disputes. secretary of state mike pompeo was involved in heated exchanges with senators over president trump's recent meeting with russian president vladimir putin. members of the foreign relates committee wanted to know if the leade leaders discussed sanctions on russia or crimea during their private two-hour meeting and pompeo struggled to answer. the committee chair republican bob corker blasted the
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administration for what he called a lack of transparency. >> you come before a group of senators today who are filled with serious doubts about this white house and its conduct of american foreign policy. i can't say it more forcefully, we really need a clear understanding as to what is going on, what our president is agreeing to and what our strategy is on a number of issues. >> and in other news after the white house invited putin to visit in the fall and no word yet back from putin the white house pushed back that meeting with putin until next year. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen says the government will meet today's deadline to reunite all eligible children and parents who were separated at the border. at this moment more than 500 families are still waiting to be reunited. the bad news another 463 parents have been deported without their
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children and word is they may never be reunited. initially more than 2500 children between the ages of 5 and 17 were separated from their families. mireya villarreal is in albuquerque, new mexico, where many eligible families are being sent for reunification. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, albuquerque has become one of the hubs for these happening at shelters like the one right here behind me. but there are still roughly 900 children that are considered ineligible so that means they will stay in the government's custody past today's deadline. ineligible means the person he came in with turned out not to be their parents or issues with verification documents or a possibility their parent has some sort of criminal history. albuquerque's departure terminal is where one separated families are fining a fresh start. romela victoria isaula and her son geronimo is heading home
7:15 am
together after being separated for two months. she recalls the moment her son was torn from her. "we arrived at immigration and they screamed at me because i was crying over my son" she said. "i didn't know where they would take him or whether he would treat him well. they are just 2 of almost 1200 immigrant families who have been brought back together under a federal court order. in baltimore, 7-year-old andy couldn't hole back his tears after seeing his mother for the first time in nearly a month. >> the government hasn't taken the proper steps to effectively deny these parents the right to their children. >> reporter: virginia based attorney sophia gregg represents these two. like most families who have been reunited the two will have to wait for their asylum case to be heard by a judge and they still face the risk of deportation. >> there's also a large number of families or parents that the government has determined are
7:16 am
ineligible to be reunited. >> reporter: the city is preparing to take in roughly 300 of these recently reunited families but they won't stay here for very long. the nonprofit organizations working behind the scenes wants to get the families to their final destination within 24 hours of arriving here in albuquerque. >> thanks. facebook stock is sharply lower after they suffered a financial blow in months of punishing headlines about privacy and content concerns. its stock plunged as much as 24% in after-hours trading yesterday and that wiped out as much as $150 billion of it's market value in just under two hours. now, this comes as facebook announced second quarter revenue missed wall street expectations by about $130 million and growth in the number of active users is slowing down. cbs news contributor nicholas thompson is wired's editor in chief. welcome. is this the cumulation of essentially missing those earnings and what has been months of terrible news.
7:17 am
>> yeah, it's all of this coming together into a very bad day for facebook. they've lost -- they've had much lower operating margins than they had before. user growth is not so good and it looks like the new products they're rolling out are not as profitable so the market freaked out. to put it in context the amount it declined in market cap is larger than the entire size of mcdonald's. a huge drop and could end up being the largest drop in history. >> i saw one headline that said facebook gives up privacy over profit. is that a good way to put it. >> part of what's happening is it turns out it's harder to make money when you put user privacy first. so after gdpr and after facebook started solving the problems it has, it turns out you can't make as much money in the long run and that is partly what the markets are reacting to. >> is that why those apps have not been blockbusters for them because they're just not able to make that kind of mope or just not very good apps, the new things they've been rolling out. >> what's happening with facebook, the new stuff, like the stories which is facebook's
7:18 am
big priority where you put in what you did during the day and it disappears is much harder to monetize than newsfeed and not making as much on instagram even though it's a mujicaly growing product as they did on newsfeed. >> they're spending more on security, another thing that hurts the bottom line. >> the good way to look at it, it is spending tons of money to fick all these problems and they'll keep spending this money which means they'll be less profitable. that is the positive way to look at it. negative way to look at it this, is just a terrible time right there. >> they have to be doing the hula that they've got facebook -- i mean that they have instagram. >> instagram and whatsapp and they have four of the biggest platforms so they'll be okay in the long run. one thing incredibly interesting about this is the stock is now lower than it was january 1st. employees, some of them are paid based on bonuses and how the stock does over the course of the year. if it continues to be down, that has a real effect on their ability to retain people which is the hardest thing for them. >> nick thompson, thanks so
7:19 am
much. >> thank you. learning new details about what happened after singer demi lovato's apparent drug overdose. coming up, "entertainment tonight's" kevin frazier with what may have saved her life. now her
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the new investigation claims the u.s. is the most dangerous place for women to give birth in the developed world. >> first, on "cbs this morning," "usa today's" results about the
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the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. ahead, three things you should know this morning including how the co-creators of
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"hamilton" are and bragdon way, east of mount diablo (contra costa county) is now 247 acres and 60% percent contained. the "marsh fire" has destroyed one home and three outbuildings in the good morning, everyone, it is 7:26. i'm michelle griego. a wildfire in contra costa county is now 60% contained. the marsh fire has destroyed one home and three outbuildings in the clayton area. it has burned 247 acres. in santa clara county, this wildfire has burned 20 acres north of the san martin airport. crews are still trying to get ahead on that fire. and a hearing today will address whether a young north bay girl can use cannabis oil at school. brooke adams uses it to treat seizures but the rincon valley
7:27 am
unified school district does not allow use on campus. stay with us; a look at traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning. time now 7:27. we are tracking a couple of hot spots for your thursday morning commute. we'll begin along marsh creek road that is shut down in both directions between gill drive and morgan territory. highway 4 slow due to a five- car crash right near bailey. travel times in the red 35 minutes out of antioch. eastshore freeway all lanes have reopened near ashby, but you still got 80 minutes over an hour drive from highway 4 to the maze. let's check in with neda now on the forecast. >> all right. we are looking at that sunshine above the cloud coverage. some inland spots are waking up to sunshine but a lot of areas on the coast and the at the bay with low clouds and fog. temperatures above the marine layer in the 80s. this morning. triple digits through the period.
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♪ ♪ even animals are getting into the "in my feelings" dance challenge. a 7-year-old border collie walked on her hind legs and rode a scooter along a car as drake's number one tune played. it's all the rage on social media. drake's song and its corresponding choreography have become so popular that it just broke the u.s. streaming record for a single week. 116.2 million domestic streams
7:31 am
in the week ending july 19th according to forbes. i just love this song. i can't get enough of this dance. i was with favorite daughter, favorite son. they both said, no, they didn't want me to embarrass myself. i've got fuddy duddy children. but it's fun. >> you'd never embarrass yourself ever. >> well, i have, but i think that's okay. that's okay. it's okay. it's a fun song. you go, drake. welcome back to cbs this morning. here are three things you should know. coca-cola says a recent increase in u.s. tariffs on metal imports is partially to blame. the trump administration imposed $50 billion in duties on chinese goods including steel and aluminum earlier this year. coca-cola says higher freight costs are another factor in its decision to increase the prices. it's not clear, though, what the final cost to the company's coke products will be. an experimental alzheimer's treat significantly delayed the
7:32 am
memory-destroying effects of the disease. the highest tested dose of a drug from biogen and eisai slowed patients' cognitive decline by 30 perfect after 18 months. the results are promising but the study was too small to be defin tough. drugmakers are working to develop further studies. "hamilton" is making history at the kennedy center honors. the four co-creators s os of hn are on the list of honorees. it will be the first for a contemporary work of art. also to be honored at december's ceremony will be worldwide superstar cher, pianist and composure philip glass, country music legend reeb on mcintyre and wayne shorter. the united states is the most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world. every year in the u.s., more than 50,000 mothers are severely
7:33 am
injured during or after childbirth. 7 00 women die. maternal death has been steadily rising and the u.s. now has the highest rate in the developed world. in a story you'll see first on cbs this morning, "usa today" conducted a four-year investigation into the nation's maternity hospitals. the paper spoke to several families who lost loved ones and women who were permanently harmharm ed during their deliveries. >> ally lowry had internal bleeding. she nearly bled to death. >> one minute i could hear people talking. the next minute, i couldn't hear anything. one minute i could see people. the next minute it was just black. i was really scared because i knew that that -- that i shouldn't have been feeling that way. >> i said that's my life right there. take care of her. >> boy, she needed a hystere hysterectomy to stop the
7:34 am
bleeding. they then sued the hospital. the doctor and hospital denied wrongdoing, and knox community told us they could not comment on the case due to patient privacy laws. allison young is here with more on the paper's investigation. good morning to you. i read your article. i couldn't believe what i was reading. to be here in this country. let's start with ali's story because this is not an isolated incident but tell everyone what she does for a living. >> ali is a labor and delivery nurse. >> and it happened in her hospital. >> it did. >> you said people should really be outraged by what's happening in this country. a lot of women are dying that don't need to die, why? >> the experts say that about 50% of the deaths of women from childbirth related causes could be prevented if they were given better medical care. that's a really surprising thing given that we're one of the wealthiest countries in the world and spend so much on medical care. we're talking about 50,000 u.s.
7:35 am
women who are suffering life-altering harms. they are having to have hysterectomies. they can't have babies anymore. they end up in the icu when they should be bonding with their babies. a percentage of those don't need to happen or harms could be reduced. >> you think about the pain and how dangerous childbirth is. what you found is many of the dangers happen after the baby is born. what is happening in the lack of care that mothers are receiving? >> so there are two leading causes of childbirth deaths and injuries. one of them is hemorrhage, and the other is severe hypertension, blood pressure disorders. and both of those require hospital officials to pay attention to the early warning signs and get people treatments quickly. what we found is that often not happening. >> bleeding is very common in childbirth. >> absolutely. and one of the things that happens, there's normal bleeding but at a certain point is crosses the line into a dangerous hemorrhage.
7:36 am
and part of the issues experts say is that many hospitals, the doctors and the nurses, they eyeball the amount of blood. they take an educated guess. what they should be doing is they should be actually measuring the blood loss. and by doing that, by weighing blood-soaked items, using calibrated containers, they can catch it early and get life-saving treatments faster before things spiral out of control. >> is the problem that there aren't enough staff? is it that they're just missing this and it's a simple fix? what's the solution? >> experts say it's an issue of training. these things have been known for many years as things that need to be done. but it needs to be made a priority at hospitals. >> because what i understand is sometimes it becomes such a routine thing that everybody is moving on and that is just a part of the system. and that if you have a more deliberate process, which is just making it a little slower. but when you make it slower, you can't do as much. >> one thing being advocated by
7:37 am
groups like the aim program is having checklists that lit rol y -- literally you're following. if you're a pilot, you have a checklist you follow. the same thing being advocated in maternity care. >> the safety practices instituted in california have cut the state's maternal death rate in half. what can other states learn from what california is doing? >> california is a great example. they are one of the early adopters where an organization out there has pushed hospitals to follow these evidence-based best practices. there's a growing movement across the country by the aim program but hospitals, the whole process has been slowed to a dot. >> the other issue is blood pressure. aren't hospitals always monitoring your blood pressure when giving birth? >> they absolutely are. >> but? >> but the issue is that there needs to be greater recognition that a woman's body changes during pregnancy and after birth. they are much more susceptible to stroke when their blood pressure reaches certain danger levels. we featured the case of a woman
7:38 am
yolanda. she had blood pressures above a danger level and yet was discharged from the hospital. >> very important. thank you, alison. >> very important and very scary. thank you very much. find a link to the entire "usa today" deadly deliveries investigation on our website. that's it includes a state-by-state ranking. and you can hear alison young discuss the paper's investigation on our cbs this morning podcast. up next what "entertainment tonight" is learning about demi lovato just before she apparently overdosed. the new information about the person she was dating and the people she was hanging out with. you're watching "cbs this morning." ned about demi lovato, who she was dating and who she was hanging out with. you're watching "cbs this morning." allstate agents knows yo now that you know the truth,
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♪ new details are emerging about singer demi lovato's apparent overdose. according to "entertainment tonight" the star's loved ones
7:43 am
know how lucky she is to be alive and are happy she's getting another chance. kevin frazier joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning. a source tells us that demi lovato was not partying alone before she was found unresponsive in her l.a. home. friends and family feared she was now hanging out with people encouraging her drug habit, and they added demi was dating someone that her family wanted her to stay away from. ♪ i'm so sorry i'm not sober anymore ♪ >> a source says demi lovato's familiarly is focused on providing a clean, safe place for the singer to heal. they used naloxone, sometimes referred to as narcan, which can reverse the effects of opioid overdoses to tweet the 25-year-old after she was found unresponsive tuesday morning at her home. >> it was very wise for her friends or family to have had
7:44 am
narcan on hand. they probably saved her life. >> just two days earlier at a concert in california, lovato had trouble remembering the lyrics to her emotional ballad "sober" and walked off stage. in "sober" she admitted she relapsed after six years of sobriety. she's been in rehab twice before. the first time at age 18. still her overdose took fans and fellow artists, including meghan trainor by surprise. >> i was shocked, and i didn't know that was -- i didn't know it was that bad. >> a source tells e.t., lovato's family is going to do everything they can to get demi back on track and are making plans to get her straight into rehab. >> the important thing is to keep hope alive. try another modality of treatment, another medication, a psychotherapy to try and get better. >> lovato was open about her addiction when she spoke to "cbs sunday morning" in 2016.
7:45 am
>> every time i go through something painful, i look up at the sky and i just go, okay, i don't know why you're putting me through this, but there's a reason. help me figure it out. >> demi was scheduled to perform in atlantic city tonight. that concert has been canceled. and an addiction specialist that we spoke with said it's common for people with long periods of sobriety to relapse, but with proper treatment, there is hope for long-term recovery. >> kevin, thanks. hopefully she'll get that. >> just the fact they had narcan on hand seems they might have been concerned about her. everyone is pulling for demi lovato. a very talented girl. >> thank goodness they did. a look at the other headlines, including how a soccer ball president trump received fro
7:46 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's look at some of this morning's headlines. reports a cbs correspondent was excluded from covering an open white house event. >> mr. president, are you worried about what mi-- >> she said they found her questions inappropriate. the white house said a reporter shouted questions and refused to leave despite repeatedly being asked to do so. an ohio stated a co-indicate says a whistle-blower provided emails that show stormy daniels' arrest was preplan.
7:51 am
the charges were dismissed. someone inside the police didn't gave the paper the internal emails. they were sent days before daniels ace riefbed in columbus. "bloomberg news" says the soccer bawl president putin gave president trump last week had a trip. it allows fans to access videos. adidas says the chip cannot be modified. the white house said the ball had the same screening and declined whether to say they identified any modifications to the ball. it's not a chip vladimir putin put in the ball. >> didn't he say it was for b barron? >> yes. "the boston globe" announces the closing of the necco candy factory. this is a blow to my son. they make necco wafers,
7:52 am
sweethearts, clark bars, and thin minutes. it's selling necco to another undisclosed manufacturer. >> what are you going to do about that? you don't want your son to be upset. what kind of dad are you. >> it's a real tragedy here. >> scientists say they found a huge underground lake on mars. ahead, how they made the remarkable discovery and why mars can support liquid water despite being pretty cold up there. you're watching "cbs this morning." we appreciate that as always. we'll be right back. why lenscrafters? personalized service is why. clarifye, no other eye exam is more precise is why. and because style? your style is why. lenscrafters is why. book an eye exam today. hi! so, what do you look for in a vehicle? sleek designs. performance. dependability is top on my list. well then, here's some vehicles that deliver on that.
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facebook stock is down about 19- percent. the loss came after facebook warned about declining revenue -- and the effec priv good morning, it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. right now, facebook stock down about 19% the loss coming after facebook warned about declining revenue and the effects of new privacy policies. crews continue to battle a wildfire that's destroyed one home and three outbuildings in contra costa county. the marsh fire in the clayton area has burned about 247 acres and is 20% contained. and a peculiar police chase on city streets in concord. the suspect was driving a stolen backhoe. the chase went on only a short distance but it lasted about 20 minutes. it ended on willow pass road
7:57 am
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time now 7:57. tracking delays for your thursday morning ride. a live look at 880 near 84. couple of earlier crashes keeping your ride in the red, 50 minutes just to go southbound from 238 down to 237. it looks like we are starting to see some improvement but that crash as you're approaching the landing has at least one lane blocked. this is a rollover accident. so expect delays there. westbound 237 at matilda, motorcycle crash blocking one lane. 20 minutes to 101. bay bridge toll plaza 17 minutes into san francisco. san francisco covered in clouds, san jose clearing up. more blue sky showing there across the south bay. definitely noticing inland areas warming. hot this afternoon.
7:59 am
8:00 am
president trump says the u.s.-europe relationship is in a new phase after tariff talks. what yesterday's discussions mean for the american economy. plus in our series a more perfect union, identical twins running for office in michigan, how their politics set them apart. but first, here's today's eyeopener at 8:00. >> there was an explosion
8:01 am
outside the u.s. embassy in beijing. images show smoke near the building right after the blast. >> believe it or not, this is a road right here behind me. emergency management says they have conducted three dozen rescues. >> this is the devastating impacted it of these fires. this is one of five homes destroyed when flames ripped through the area. this is just the latest in this ongoing feud between party leaders are steering this effort to try to ourselves rosenstein. and family reunit indications are happening at shelters like this family lutheran center behind me. >> the market completely freaked out. the amount facebook stock declined market cap is larger than the entire size of mcdonald's. >> serena williams is charging discrimination after learning that the anti-doping agency has given her twice as many random drug tests as my other female protennis players.
8:02 am
what i learned about serena is that she is such a champion that even the best at drug tests. you realize she never failed a single drug test. yeah. she's the serena williams of drug tests. the greatest of all time. >> that's amazing. very nice. >> turned around nicely. more rain in the forecast could >> i'm john dickerson with norah o'donnell and gayle king. >> at least 60 fires are burning in 15 states from texas to alaska. the so-called cranston fire burned 4500 acres near the southern california tin of -- town of idyllwild. more than 3,000 people have been evacuated. the fire destroyed at least five buildings. police believe the fire was intentionally set and they have arrested a suspect. the sem -- simi valley is --
8:03 am
>> more than three dozen people have been rescued in central pennsylvania. in harrisberg, more than a billion gallons of rain has fallen since the storm began. president trump and the european union appear to be euro backing away from a trade war. mr. trump and european commission president jean-claude yunker yesterday agreed to work toward eliminating tariffs, trade barriers and subsidies between the two economic giants. the eu said it could buy more products from the u.s. including soy beans and liquified natural gas. they also agreed to resolve the dispute over steel and twoinum tariffs. president trump says the two sides are starting on new ground. nd. e met right here at the white house to launch a new phase in the relationship whit between the united states and the european union. the euro a phase of close friendship, of strong trade relations in which both of us will win.
8:04 am
>> the president later tweeted a picture embracing yunker, the u.s. and eu obviously love each other. that's quite the hug. look at that smack on the cheek. >> that is quite an embrace there. >> a sharp change in tone for mr. trump who spent weeks attacking the group. >> what's your biggest competitor, the biggest foe globally right now? >> i think we have a lot of foes. i think the european union is a foe what they do to us in trade. you wouldn't think of the european union. but they're a foe. >> the european union is bad as china just smaller. okay? it's terrible what they do to us. >> they kill us on trade. they kill us on other things. they make it impossible to do business in europe. things.ey come in and they sell their mercedes and bmws to us. >> president trump had threatened to impose new auto tariffs on the eu but they are >> on hold right now while the talking continue.
8:05 am
>> the group president and senior global affairs contributor joins us now. ian, what do we make of this deal? how big a deal is it? what is left on the table to be discussed between the eu and the u.s.? >> it is love for sale. wonderful to go from foe to lamore so quickly. >> foe no more. >> but this is a cease-fire. it's not at end of a trade war. we really should say there never . s a trade war. there were a couple f initial tirmishes back and forth. we have not taken our existing tariffs, the new ones, aluminum and steel off of the europeans. and we are continuing our investigation into the automotive tariffs and putting a automotion on implementing them. the pressure is still on. but the tone has obviously changed. the europeans have now offered poiveryone for -- that they're ifng to buy more than soybeans oweringere's more capacity.
8:06 am
let's see if it gets implemented. now we they'll work towards lowering tariffs. obviously automotive is a big part of that. now we have to see if it ofpens. it reminds me what happened after the singapore meeting between kim jong-un and trump it sounded great. ndede was a deal. there wasn't anything concrete in at the deal. we no longer talked about fighting each other. but in reality, u.s. policy and north korean policy hasn't actually changed that much. that's exactly what we're seeing heght now here. bemississippi what the president could have gotten if he had just started this notersation in the first place, not gotten in there with the punitive tariffs and the the other take is he has leverage now. because he's roughed them up a little bit, he has the eu coming to him wanting what he wants, where do you come down on that? >> he does have leverage. i think short term he ends up inkbably getting a little more from the europeans than you ould have gotten than if you were just being mr. nice guy. he did get capitulation like that on trade with the hezilians, with the argentinians and south koreans using the same basic tactics. but the actual relationship between trump and the european leaders is enormously damaged. and long term, that erodes the
8:07 am
term,th of these institutions and architecture which will have an impact. let's be clear. therything trump has done in policy over his first year and a half has been made to try to get done witcan economy to be hiced in the short term. he's more than happy to blow out the budget. he doesn't care about long term deficits. the than happy to say, you wnow, let's get regulatory off .ur backs so small and medium ng-termses will do better. appyonly thing that looked like it might have been a fly in that smal ointment was taking the hit on grade. trade,at, he didn't do. >> so that was a threat to the u.s. economy. the potential tariffs. let's talk about the threat to ecs. national security. mike pompeo took it on the chin canm senators including republican senators yesterday who blamed the administration we a massive lecleanup effort after the helsinki summit. what's going on now? what have we learned about what putin and trump agreed to? >> we haven't learned anything about the two plus hour private conversation that trump had with putin. no one else was in the room except a translator. i don't know if we'll ever get the full readout.
8:08 am
unless putin at some points wants to give it to us. but what we do know is that olicy didn't change. the americans didn't recognize crimea as a part of russia. they haven't suspended military exercises in the baltic states. wasy're not removing -- >> that was pompeo's part. >> but trump coming out of the meeting didn't do any of those things. anyact, i suspect that sanctions from congress against .ussia are likely to be increased somewhat over the course of the year which is one reason why that invitation to the white house putin has been suspended. 's why the housetin indicated that he wasn't going to come. he just had an answer. well, he indicated that he might to be coming so soon. > yeah. it is very weird that trump still wants to have this israordinarily friendly trumponship with putin compared to any other leader in the world, friend or foe. and, yet, if you look at actual ierican policy towards russia, even after this extremely unusual helsinki summit, the
8:09 am
reality is u.s. policy towards russia is deeply broken and it's probably on balance getting a little worse. not much to see here on policy. >> ian bremer, thank you so much. scientists are reporting a stunning discovery on mars, arer. ahead, why evidence of extraterrestrial life could be now be possible beneath the red planet surface. and that is just two minutes that not whether we'll reveal if
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
scientists say they discovered liquid water on mars. it took three years to confirm the new research published just yesterday in the journal of science. mars is more than 48 million miles farther from the sun is a whole lot colder than our planet. the water was found in a lake deep under the martian south pole. italian scientists made the discovery using ground penetrating radar on the european space agency's mars express spacecraft. >> now the lake they found is 12 miles wide and one mile beneath the frigid surface. the reason it isn't frozen is because it is salty and has a much lower freezing point. the core stays liquid down to
8:13 am
minus 94 degrees. the salts are likely made up of something called perclorates. still, there are hopes where there is water there could be life. >> so the investigation continues. you have any desire to go? but my imagination is there right now. >> right here. >> good point. >> fantastic. exciting news. there's a lot more news ahead. a woman who lost her husband to a deadly work accident now has to fight for his full workman's compensation benefits. ahead, why his payments were cut over marijuana. in our series more perfect union, meet the identical twin sisters running for office with different points of view who could serve side by side. and research shows how some lizards manage to hang on and not get blown away during a hurricane. >> no. >> that's a funny picture. >> and you're watching "cbs this morning." g." that's a funny pier. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear.
8:14 am
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a colorado widow is battling her late husband's insurance company because it decided to cut his workers' compensation over mann. adam lee died in december while working at a colorado ski montana. the insurance company reduced his workers compensation when it learn head had pot in his system at the tomb of his death. colorado is one of nine states and the detective thaistrict of that allows marijuana use. barry petersen says they want to make sure the law is on their side. >> reporter: she said the call came. >> i couldn't understand why i couldn't stand up. >> that is the moment you think he died. >> yeah. >> you think you felt it. >> i did feel it, yeah.
8:19 am
>> the 40-year-old father of three got caught under the conveyer belt at the ski resort where he worked as a lift mechanic and died of chest injuries. >> he goes to work and doesn't come home. >> reporter: she learned she received $800 in workers' compensation, about half of what she expected. the workers' comp insurance company reduced the payment because he had marijuana in his system when he died. >> how far does that go when you're raising three kids. >> think $800 would come close to covering gas and food. maybe not even that. >> reporter: even though marijuana is allowed in colorado it's something they can take into consideration under colorado statute. the at the statute was in effect long before colorado allowed marijuana for recreation at use. this notice is placed. it says clearly if the injury
8:20 am
results from your use of alcohol or controlled substances, your workers' compensation disability benefits may be reduced by one half. a medical expert who reviewed adam's coroner's report told cbs news his levels suggest he was a chronic user but do not indicate when he used marijuana last. karen stein hasser is a criminal defense attorney who is not directly linked to this case. she says unlike alcohol, testing for marijuana is a unique challenge. >> marijuana is difficult in and of itself because it is a controls substance that unlike some others can stay in the system for 45 to 90 days at a time. >> so really and truly, you just don't know from an autopsy when a person had used the marijuana. >> you have no idea. >> reporter: in a statement pinnacol insurance told cbs
8:21 am
news, we understand the disappointment when survivors aren't granted full benefits. went on to cytowhen benefits are cut when alcohol or drugs are found in the bloodstream. >> to the best of your knowledge, did he ever use marijuana while he wassen the job? >> no that i know of, no. >> next she'll bring her case to the administrative judge hoping they will up her payment another $800 a month. >> they're choosing to do this day after day. to them $800 is not but to me raising kids on a teacher's salary is everything. >> it's billion called airbnb for cars. ahead, how the auto giant gm is paving the way for them allowing you to rent out your own personal car, gm brands, to other dribers.
8:22 am
you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ are you ready are you ready ♪ you're looking at an amazing moment right there. the first all black youths baseball team has won the little league championship game. they bead the capitol hill little league 14r, 14-7 last kn. they're headed to connecticut for the regionals next month. many picked up baseball four years ago when the washington youth baseball camp opened. >> i'm deciding who to root for. >> there hasn't been a baseball team until five years ago. already they're going to regionals and maybe the world series. >> there's been a concerted effort to resolve it, and, boy,
8:25 am
have they had good results. a florida officer intervenes to help a homeless man find a job. ahead how a simple gesture caug county is still threatening about 100 homes. the so-called 'marsh fire destroyed at least 1 h it is 8:25. i'm kenny choi. this wildfire in contra costa county is still threatening about 100 homes. the so-called marsh fire destroyed at least one home in the clayton area. the fire is now 60% contained. much of yosemite is shut down as firefighters battle the so-called ferguson fire. this fire has burned more than 43,000 acres and is just 27% contained. tickets for the treasure island music festival go on sale today. it is moving to a new location for the first time. it's going to be at the middle harbor shoreline park in oakland. stay with us; a look at traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. 8:27. and we are tracking some slowdowns for drivers heading through the north bay. here is a live look at your ride along 101 right near ignacio boulevard. it's about 26 minutes in the red from roland to 580. we are tracking an accident that has traffic all tied up right near blithedale blocking one lane. so do give yourself some time if you are heading southbound 101 across the golden gate bridge. some reduced visibility. please be safe out there. and we are seeing those delays continue across the richmond/san rafael bridge. it's about a 14-minute ride across the span. 33 minutes if you are taking
8:28 am
westbound 37 from 80 over to 101. it's still crawling along the westbound direction of 80 about an hour from 4 to the maze. our live look at the sutro tower says the tower above the clouds showing the low clouds and fog. there is mount diablo in the distance. look at our kpix 5 roof camera. that's kind of a gray start to the day. but in san jose, that's where the sun is shining. so inland spots get ready for it. today will be warm again 62 in san jose. 54 in san francisco. livermore at 62 degrees. visibility is low along the coastline. half moon bay three miles. oakland airport 6. and santa rosa 2.5-mile visibility. an onshore breeze is going to keep that marine layer around the coast for a while but then it's also going to contribute to cooler weather especially around the beaches and the bay. moderate air quality a "spare the air" alert is issued
8:29 am
today. look at the difference. afternoon highs 68 in san francisco, triple digits inland. ♪ follow the wta stars as they hit san jose the mubadala silicon valley classic where visionaries become victors july 30th to august 5th the us open series tickets on sale now
8:30 am
♪ tell me lies, tell me sweet, little lies ♪ ♪ tell me lies ♪ tell me, tell me lies no one really looks to donald trump to say like, oh, well, i expect him to be truthf truthful. we're grading lies on a scale. >> we think about our presidency, it has always been founded around the idea of honesty, we called him honest abe. the first story we tell about our first president it's hypochryphal, george washington cutting down the cherry tree and says i cannot tell a lie. it tells us what we believe about our president. >> the first story of honesty is a lie. >> yes. but -- >> right. >> it's quite true but tells us
8:31 am
something we want to believe about our president that we embed this in our first president and have ever since. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." he just goes on and on, that guy. >> but wait, john, that's not true, i cannot tell a lie. >> well, gayle, i believe that about you. i don't think you could tell a lie but george washington never said it, the story about the cherry tree is hypocryphal. did you know that? >> no. >> we thought it was an important quality in a president. >> debbie downer just busted my bubble. i didn't know that was not true. >> sometimes learning can be painful, gayle, but we're all growing stronger, like the cherry tree. >> thank you, john dickerson. >> right now it's time to get back on track and show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the minneapolis star tribune" reports dozens of medical experts and bioethicists want federal officials to investigate
8:32 am
a hospital health care research, they were sedated with an anesthetic before going to the hospital and told later they participated in a medical experiment. the hospital says it follows rigorous standards for ethics, quality and protections for human research. >> hmm, any lying there? we learned this in school, i can't get over this george washington story, we learned this in school! the "wall street journal" reports mattel says it will cut more than 2,200 jobs, nearly one-quarter of its non-manufacturing workforce. mattel makes barbie dolls and other toy brands is down 14% in sales from last year. the company has lost ground after the liquidation of toys "r" us. "usa today" reports on a stud why i that found aggressively lowering blood pressure in people at high risk for heart attacks and stroke can reduce the risk for developing dementia. patients treated to reduce systolic pleasure to 120 were
8:33 am
19% less to develop mild cognitive impairment. the results were presented yesterday in an alzheimer's conference in chicago. our partners at the bbc report there's no break for nestle in its decade-long european trademark case involving the kitkat bar. they threw out the company's appeal arguing it owns the kitkat shape. another court ruled in 2016 nestle had not proven the shape is distinctive across the european union. the court's decision could end kitkat's protected status in europe. >> i hate to weigh in but i think it's distinctive. the kitkat is you know -- >> iconic. everybody knows you break it off, you don't bite it. do you hate to weigh in? >> i hate to weigh in, but let me tell you what i think. >> let me tell you what i think. are you ready for the best visual of the day? here you go, the "chicago sun times" reports on a study that
8:34 am
looks at how lizards survive hurricanes, harvard researchers used a high-powered leaf blower to observe how tropical lizards hold onto a pole. even at 102 miles an hour, the lizards grasp that pole with their tiny clinging creepy little front feet but at 108 miles an hour, they flew right off. lizards that survived last year's hurricanes irma and maria turns out they had bigger toe pads compared with the population before the storms. they are holding on tight. >> yeah, do you want to weigh in on that story? >> no, no. they said we got to keep moving and i always follow instructions. >> yes, lord knows that's true. >> yes. the auto giant general motors is entering a new business, often described as airbnb for cars. starting this week many people who own or lease newer models can sign up to rent out their vehicles and the program is called peer cars part of gm's established car sharing at maven, launched initially in
8:35 am
chicago, detroit and ann arbor, michigan. gm says it will be available in more cities this fall. lee gallagher is fortune magazine's senior editor at large, welcome to the table. >> thanks for having me. >> this is something. this is car sharing. >> very. >> how does gm want to carry this out? >> gm is doing a lot with car sharing and has ever since it launched maven a few years ago, if you're an uber driver you can get a car from maven and use it, it's called maven gig, they have all sorts of things going on. this is the first time a big automaker has gotten into this peer-to-peer car rental service. this is you described it as an airbnb for cars. it is regular people renting out their cars to other regular people, and so it's very disruptive in that bay. there are a few startups that do this, getaround and turo, but this is a big deal for gm coming into this slice of the market and legitimizing it. >> anybody with a gm consider can sign up? there must be some requirements. >> some rules, has to be a model that's 2015 or more, you have to
8:36 am
be vetted. if you do it, actually someone will come and inspect your car and outfit it with the deicals a -- decals and put the technology in it, and it lets the renter access your car. you don't have to see each other. >> say i have a gm car and costs $500 a month, my program to own is $500 a month, the days that i'm out of town or on vacation, i could lease it out and try and recoup some money? >> exactly. not only that, say you live in new york city and commute by public transportation. during the day, the theory is most people it's an asset that most people have that sits idle a lot so it's monetizing that, the same way with airbnb you're monetizing your home. >> is this basically just a new financing mechanism for gm, in other words, they want to get more people who will now buy a car because it's not going to cost so much because of what norah just outlined? >> maybe if it's sitting in the driveway you'll trade up or buy a second car. there is that. this is also a part of, this is
8:37 am
really the wild west of car ownership and car and getting around right now, between autonomous cars and ride hailing and car sharing, and so but this company is getting into it rather than sort of fighting it. >> wild west makes me think of a place where there aren't a lot of rules and people got hurt. what is the safety angle here? >> this peer-to-peer car rental is new. airbnb a lot of stuff happened on that platform because you're opening up private products for public consumption. >> so what happens if i rent your car, you rent my car, and then i have an accident in your car? >> gm will cover -- >> i just return your car, thanks a lot, sorry? what happens? >> gm will cover $1 million policy for that car, while it's being used during that reservation but the question is, will your own car insurance policy, because this is commercial use of a private car that was probably not intended that way. it's a brand new world. the whole sharing company, this is a brave, new world. >> how much?
8:38 am
how much does it cost? >> it depends, but the owners set the price and the one thing that data can do, you can have analytics that tells you what the going rate is in your market depending on the time window. >> the owner sets the price and the owner gets 60%, the car company gets 40%. >> so there's something in it for everybody. >> seems like it would hurt the car rental business. >> the one entity that will fight back although gm sells cars to rental companies. so it's everyone partnering with everyone. >> leigh gallagher, thank you, you're one of our favorite people. >> thank you. >> you look good, too. >> thanks. a florida police officer is being praised for a unique act of kindness. he helped a homeless man land a job. cell phone video captured officer tony carlsson assisting a man named phil with a shave in tallahassee. why did he do that? vlad, good morning. >> officer carlsson was in a gas station parking lot after
8:39 am
finishing a call and he encountered phil who ended up having a positive run-in with the law. serving the community isn't just a job for tony carlsson, it's a way of life. >> you get on a scene, you try to resolve it in a way there's a positive outcome that will last. >> reporter: so when the tallahassee police officer arrived at a gas station, and came across a homeless man named phil, who was struggling to fix an electric razor, he lent him a hand. >> i went over there and took a look at it. it was missing a screw, so i was able to tighten up the other screw, tight enough, where it would work and while i was doing that, he was telling me the story that, and he seemed really excited. >> that excitement was an opportunity to work at the mcdonald's next door with one exception. >> if i can show up monday clean with my beard cut off, they'll promise me a job. >> he was trying to shave. obviously outside, didn't have a mirror or anything and he was just getting patch after patch,
8:40 am
and it wasn't going too well so i said hey, phil, if you want me to do that, i could probably get it done a lot quicker. >> reporter: what happened next was unexpectedly caught on camera by a stranger. the video quickly spread online. >> my wife had called me and she said, did you shave some guy today? so she had already seen it on facebook. >> reporter: officer carlsson hopes the moment serves as a lesson for others. >> if somebody is seeing this, that gets in a situation where they can help somebody out, they'll remember this, and maybe take a chance and do something good for somebody else. >> officer carlsson is planning to help phil get some paperwork in order so he can get an i.d., a social security number which he of course needs to be hired. he said phil told him he's hoping this job will get him off the street and into an apartment. >> we like officer carlsson. >> we love officer carlsson. >> i saw this last night, i think he's an awesome guy. i saw it on the evening news, "to protect and shave." i thought that was nice.
8:41 am
>> sees himself as a peace officer first and law officer second. we need a little bit of that. >> many do, thanks so much, vlad. ahead, twin sisters are running for office in michigan but there's a unique twist, ahead in our series, a more perfect union, the twins tell us how they deal talk. right now, you can get my spicy chicken club combo with fries and a drink for just $5.99. that's an amazing deal, jack!
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our series "a more perfect union" aims to show that what unites as americans is far greater than what divides us. "cbs this morning: saturday" co-host michelle miller shows us twins she met in grand rapids who are alive in many ways except one thing. >> that's a mouthful. well, monica sparks and jessica ann tyson are running for office in kenlts county, michigan, but that's, as john said, where the similarities end. >> we've been rolling together for a long time. >> reporter: identical twins monica sparks and jessica ann tyson finish each other's sentences and bicker like most siblings. >> and she's bossy. >> you have to ask our mom.
8:46 am
our mom tells us that she's bossy. >> i get that you both think each other is bossy. i want to know when did you realize your political affiliation had diverged? that's right. monica sparks is a democrat. jessica ann tyson rides on a scooter. >> it helps me get around to more houses. >> when she told our dad shah the was running as a republican, our dad said you've got be cotton pickin' kidding me. he almost fell off his chair. i say i stand with the democratic party for civil rights, liberty, justice for all, and she says the same thick about the rpt party so i think we just see through a different lens. >> so what is it about the county commissioner's seat that
8:47 am
you see the possibility to make a difference? >> i don't see it as a seat. i say that i'm running to serve, not take a seat. >> thank you. i hope i can earn your vote. >> reporter: the sisters feel called to serve after a difficult childhood after their mom suffered a difficult addiction and abuse in foster care. >> we had to decide who would try to get the cereal on top of the refrigerate e so now you're going into the night and you wake up and you still can't get that box of cereal. so monica would go out and she would look in trash cans. >> when they were eight years old, monica and jessica ann were adopted into a loving home, where they learned to embrace their individuality and find common ground. >> our mom never let us argue.
8:48 am
our goal was if we had a difference of opinion, we had to do research. we had to research our points and come together to figure out a solution. >> reporter: the twins may belong to opposing political parties but their message trance ends labels. >> the left wing and right wing belong to the same bird. i can like someone and not appreciate their policies. >> and that's what i do with her every day. >> to people see you together? >> all the time. >> if they both win, the sisters would serve side by side on the board of commissioners. >> we have a goal, a common goal to serve the people. we're not going to agree on 100% of everything, but if we can find 50%, 60%, 350e67b% to agree on, then let's work on those things we can agree on and try to figure out the rest later. >> it's not going to split the two of of you up. >> no, absolutely not.
8:49 am
>> absolutely not. well, the primary election is on august 7. the twins agree they would endorse each other's opponent. they sat there and told me this. >> i'm surprised to hear that. the left wing and right wing belong to the same bird. >> do they always dress alike together. >> not always. they do enough. i would think if you're running on two separate platforms you would want to defer to each thais but they do what they feel. >> be ready for a followup on august 7. >> thank you. you can hear more. find extended interviews and podcast originals on itunes and apple's ipodcasts. you're watching "cbs this you're watching "cbs this morning." you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... you're watching "cbs this morning." ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less.
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destroyed... about 100 others still threatened, by a wildfire in contra costa county. broke out in the i'm kenny choi. this morning at least one home is destroyed and about 100 others still threatened by a wildfire in contra costa county. it broke out in the clayton area yesterday. it is now 60% contained. right now, facebook stock down about 18%. the loss coming after facebook warned about the declining revenue and the effects of its new privacy policies. and a hearing today will address whether a young north bay girl can use cannabis oil at school. it's used to treat her cyberuse but the rincon valley unified school district doesn't allow it to be used on campus. stay with us; a look at traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:56 am
8:57 am
good morning. we are tracking delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is the first big backup all morning. it was in the green. but the crowds have arrived. it's about 35 minutes as you make your way into san francisco. there is one lane that's blocked on the upper deck of the bay bridge just past treasure island. here's the eastshore freeway. it doesn't look too pleasant. it's 45 minutes just to go
8:58 am
from highway 4 over to the maze. you have a number of accidents along that stretch. and no longer blocking any lanes. we are tracking a crash, this is westbound 580 right at 980 interchange there. you can see the backup is right near 35th and it's 22 minutes in the yellow. if you use 880, the nimitz freeway, that's still in the yellow. just under 25 minutes out of san lorenzo up towards the maze there. let's check in with neda on the forecast. >> thank you. good morning, everybody. happy thursday. we have low clouds hanging around still across a lot of the bay area this morning. here's a live look from the sutro tower. you can see them sitting below the tower height. also, this view that we have here of the kpix 5 roof camera showing the bay bridge is covered in gray skies. same with the golden gate bridge. temperatures are cool. 54 in san francisco, 57 in oakland. 68 in concord. you are definitely not going to feel cool air. triple digits later through the weekend.
8:59 am
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