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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 27, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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redding. dozens of homes destroyed. people race to get out, in bumper to bumper traffic. and the national guard has been called in. good and explosive deadly fire raging out of control near reading. dozens of homes have been destroyed. people raise to get out in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and the national guard has now been called in pretty good evening,
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i'm ken, >> and i'm elizabeth. the car fire in shasta county is marching rapidly toward heavily populated areas in west reading after jumping the sacrament a river. we just learned of the fire has turned deadly. andrea is following the latest balance there. >> reporter: residence in redding are fleeing for their lives, not an exaggeration. at least one operator has died from this fire, and three others are injured tonight. high wind is causing the fire to tear down everything in its path, in certain places, the fire has jumped the sacrament a river. this is the live stream from the reading tv station, they have been forced to evacuate the building and are looking for a new location and way to get information to residents who still may be in the fire's path. they are in the center of reading in the sacrament a river and sundial bridge, not terribly coat -- close to west
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reading where this is burning. we just got a station signing off the air. >> we have been here live, right now we are being evacuated, that is why we are closing out right now, we are going to leave the station, because it is now unsafe to be here. like i said, we have all the information on our website, and of course, we will be updating you from there as much as we can. >> we are going to go out on the mercy sky cam for you, leaving you with this picture, once again please evacuate, everyone, and stay safe, have a good night. s in the area are being surrounded. >> that is the look from mercy sky cam but take a look at this video, chp posted to their twitter account, flames are burning out of control. plumes of smoke miles high, buildings in the area are completely surrounded by flames, and many burning to the ground right now. this is video from instagram, you can see smoke and fire on the outskirts of reading, the flames are towering over the city, they are burning toward at least one hospital, mercy medical center, where doctors are currently evacuating newborns and icu patients at
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the hospital to make room for burn victims as they come in. you are about to hear dispatch tapes as this fire exploded from texas winds this afternoon. >> people have checked the river ridge area, they said the park was fully engulfed. despite numerous fires, i am pushing through to see if anyone is under distress. >> you just heard from cal fire officials and how they are describing the scenery at chester county tonight. only 6% of this fire is contained, it was 10% earlier, before it exploded. thousands of people are being evacuated, some have only minutes to get out of their homes and run from ople are des right now. >> this is insane, look at how quickly this fire jumped the freeway. in the car, let's go. wow. >> this was earlier in the day,
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cbs reporter l'amour abrams posted this video earlier this evening, she said she stops to get footage of the flames in redding burning miles away. within seconds, the fire spread up the side of the road, luckily, she and her photographer were able to make it out of the area safely. now, the flames are marching from west reading to the east right now. the entire towns of cheswick and all just to have been evacuated and the topography of the region makes firefighting here exceptionally difficult, with hilly terrain, lots of fuel and trees and brush that are all desperately drive because of the extremely hot weather in redding today, and over the past few weeks. reading has 90,000 residents. the national guard is being called in, roads are packed, as people try to evacuate to get away from these rapidly moving flames. some people have less than two minutes to run from their homes as the car fire moved in. chp is saying they may have to
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evacuate everything west of downtown reading, that is not a small population. this is a very fluid and exceptionally dangerous situation. we will stay on top of it for you. lizdate him on the phone with us right now is cal fire spokesman scott mclean. scott, thank you for joining us. this was not under control but it was being managed up until a few hours ago, and then this fire blew up, what happened? >> well, backup, last night was 67 hundred acres, for glock the next morning, we are looking at thousands of acres, and later this afternoon, 28,000 acres. it is just too hard to determine how much acreage has burned this evening and into the night. it hit extremely quickly and hard. we have had personnel out in the field, we are involved with what we call a fire native, extreme weather situation that
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blew out the windows of our pickup. we have had several injuries to civilians, at least three injuries to firefighters, we have discovered that a bulldozer operator perished in the fire. >> what are operators able to do in a situation like this, unable to get assistance from any kind of aerial chopper shots or anything or unable to fly. we see one chopper there, what are firefighters able to do in this situation? >> the situations, we will look for return drops at 80 miles per hour certain to come in. they can fly, that is not the situation. we have been dealing with significant weather patterns all day today as far as it started. aircraft have been making drops over the course of the day. at nighttime it is quite dangerous.
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>> unbelievable, a long night still had pretty scott mclean, cal fire, thank you for joining us. we appreciate the update. >> thank you. >> as we have mentioned all evening, the weather has been scorching, meteorologist paul deanno is looking at conditions tonight. >> it is not just reading, it is the entire state of california with the bay area as one of very few exceptions. look at the highs around the state today, we will obviously start in redding, 100 -- 113 degrees in death valley, 127 in sacramento above 100 degrees, portions of the los angeles basin up around 110. where do we go from here? will it get better tomorrow? because, 112, 114, 115 that's pretty hot, that is where we will stay for the next 48 hours. overnight lows in the 80s and 90s. afternoon highs at 110 or hotter. so, little if any relief from mother nature when it comes to firefighting for the car fire in redding above 110 degrees, at least through saturday. back to you. >> thank you paul, governor brown has declared a state of emergency for the car fire, as
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well as two other fires in mariposa and riverside counties. the cranston fire has tripled in size burning 7000 acres as it -- since it broke out yesterday. it has carved a path of destruction right through mountain communities in riverside county. it is believed to have been started by an arsonist. only 5% is under containment. back in northern california, the ferguson fire still burning in mariposa county. just west of yosemite. tonight, that fire is only 27% contained. it has forced much of the national park to close, including all of yosemite valley, walnut and highway 140. >> maintenance crews dangled like isps artists getting a close-up inspection of the golden gate bridge. now months later we know what they found. andrea borba on the repair job that will give the bridge a dramatic new look. >> reporter: gleaming in
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international orange, the golden gate bridge is the shining face of the san francisco bay area, but if you look closer, it is also corroding. any report released today shows the bridge is in total 4.5% corroded, and 12.5% of the south tower is. >> it is an interesting thing to look at how the weather pattern really shapes what happens at the bridge, and that salt air corrodes certain sections of it. >> reporter: priya clemens from the district says the report is overall good news, and that the corrosion, rust, and other defects are cosmetic and on the fagade. and, not structural. >> the steel structures that hold up those towers, that event hold up the cable bands that support the bridge are in excellent shape. there is no corrosion and no rust. >> but, the exterior corrosion, particularly on the south tower must be dealt with, and will be tricky thanks to the paint that makes the bridge so famous. >> the fix for this is to strip down to the bare metal.
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this is something athas no be done , ere is lead- based paint on those towers, so in order to make sure that we do this safely, we will need to do full containment around the towers, and make sure that we do not allow any contamination into the environment. >> these pictures of other bridge maintenance are what is the repair work could look like while in progress. >> we have not made any decisions about what it would look like. the look of the golden gate bridge is very important to us, so, whatever that containment system looks like will be something that is vetted very carefully. >> reporter: in case you are wondering why the south tower has so much more damage, well, the north tower was repainted in the 80s. >> the south tower has never been completely repainted. so, they are in different states of paint, as it stands. tonight, a hollywood star is using her reach on social media to spread a very powerful message about white privilege. >> and hathaway is demanding justice for the young black woman who was stabbed to death
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on a bart platform, but the betty you tells us she is also demanding action. betty? >> reporter: her name began trending after the death of neil wilson. the 18-year-old oakland teen killed by a white man in an unprovoked knife attack. now, and hathaway is urging white people to use their voices, and speak up. and hathaway's impassioned post reads in part, white people including me and you must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that all black people fear for their lives daily in america and have done so for generations. white people do not have equivalents for this fear of violence. she also use the hashtag black lives matter, and say her name. other stars including singer k lonnie from oakland want to keep mia wilson's name in the light. she was not specifically targeted, but her race and was
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there has been widespread speculation on social media that the violent crime was racially motivated, but part police have not been able to confirm that. on instagram, actress amber templin reposted, i am still waiting for your favorite white feminist to say a single word about hashtag mia wilson. her caption reads, my fellow white women, where is your outrage on social media for the targeted murder of mia wilson in oakland? and actress viola davis tweeted, meeting at organize rallies to convince people that our lives matter. >> mia wilson's death cannot be in vain, her murder cannot be in vain of the siri -- city needs to have a serious conversation about what is happening to black girls in the city. >> reporter: brooks is a activist and leader in the black lives matter movement, also challenging oakland mayor libby schaff this november. >> i feel that in her post and
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hathaway did a good job of calling out white privilege and white silence. >> reporter: brooks says stars like hathaway have opened up conversation about what it means to be a black female, and the dangers they face. >> i think more actresses and actors need to spend more time engaging in studying and listening to folks on the ground doing this work. and then yes, lift up the work of the people. lift up the voices of the people. >> reporter: libby issued a statement saying there is currently no evidence that mia wilson was targeted because of her race, but said, the fact that his victims were both young african-american women stirs deep pain and palpable fear in all of us who acknowledge the reality that our country still suffers from a tragic and deeply racist history. >> thank you for that. we continue to follow breaking news for you tonight, an emergency situation going on in reading as the car fire has jumped the sacramento river. urgent evacuations of thousands of people as flames raced towards neighborhoods, and
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near redding. a cal-fire bulldozer operator has been killed.. and many people have suffered burns.. we want to update you on the deadly fire that is raging out of control near the town of reading up north. a cal fire bulldozer operator has been killed, and many people have suffered burns, several firefighters have also been injured as this fire is ripping through everything in its path. we have learned that firefighters are not even trying to save homes at this point, their sole focus right now is on getting people out safely.
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now, the car fire is burning inside reading city limits at this hour, after jumping the sacramento river earlier tonight. dozens of homes have been destroyed, hundreds more are threatened, and traffic on i-5, look at this, have people panics to get out of reading. it is at a crawl. people are trying to escape the fast-moving flames as best as they can. highway 44, the same situation, cal fire has called in the national guard to assist with evacuations. 29,000 acre fire is only 6% contained at this hour, and blowing up out of control. stay with kpix5 and for the latest. evacuations are still in effect tonight as crews worked to extinguish the marsh fire in contra costa county, which burned a home in clayton yesterday, scorching nearly 250 acres. tonight, that fire is 75% contained, about 100 structures are still threatened. kpix5's donna lynn says firefighters managed to limit
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the damage with air drops of fire retardant. >> this entire property is covered in fire retardant, which turned this blue and air. pink ile the this water fountain is now pink. the roof of this house turned pink. so is the suv. all the trees around here are covered in pink fire retardant. the homeowners suspect that played a big part in saving this house. people are not yet allowed to return home along some stretches of the road. >> also tonight, hundreds of migrant children remain separated from their parents. that means the government is missing a court ordered deadline for reunification today. nearly 2600 children were separated in the spring. tonight, the trump administration says more than 1800 children are back with parents, but, more than 700 are still in shelters, because their parents are deemed ineligible. critics say the government is making arbitrary
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decisions. a tech giant is facing backlash for doing business with a federal immigration agency. salesforce has a contract with u.s. customs and border protection, and now, as joe vasquez explains, a local company has decided to turn its back on salesforce. >> we realized that it was time to take a stand, and make a statement. >> reporter: he usually makes the statements with powerful cups of joe. but, nick cho of wrecking ball coffee roasters says this will cost him a bunch of beings. >> it's a lot of money. we realized that that would pay for our raw coffee supply for two whole months. but, our conscience isn't for sale. >> reporter: joe says he rejected a $40,000 deal to provide coffee for dream force, an annual convention put on by salesforce. this after he found out salesforce has a contract with
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u.s. customs and border protection. joe is an immigrant from korea, who came here when he was 1 1/2. >> people are being separated for days or weeks or months from their children, it is just something we couldn't overlook. >> reporter: earlier this month, demonstrators marched in front of salesforce headquarters, saying out loud, more than -- with more than 650 employees here said in the letter, that they believe it is inhumane salesforce to continue working with border agencies. mark benioff spent millions of local philanthropic efforts and also famously threatened to take business away from the states of indiana and georgia, because of lgbt laws he considered discriminatory. but, in this case, he tweeted, salesforce will continue its relation with customs and border protection. quote, we don't work with cbt regarding separation of families, we don't have an agreement with ice. salesforce went on to pledge $1 million for organizations helping families reunite on the border. but, the most prominent of those groups declined at $250,000 donation from salesforce.
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employees of google, microsoft and amazon have made similar demands of their own companies, urging them not to help i.c.e. and other entities. in other news, a popular fast food chain wants to open up shop in a small bay area city, but some residents say it will clog roadways at this busy intersection in campbell, and make it difficult for them to get in and out. marie medina has more on traffic troubles. >> you can't say no to in and out. >> reporter: it is often a slow crawl for fast food here, not what some would say is in and out. this budget does cause traffic issues. >> reporter: that is why some who live in the small town of campbell say the chain is not welcome here on hamilton between bascom and winchester. >> it's difficult to get into my driveway because there is so much traffic already. >> at certain times of day you just can't get anywhere. >> reporter: resident after
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residents told the city's planning commission this week why building an in and out with a double drive through and five dozen parking spaces would cause a traffic nightmare in the already busy area. that stretch of hamilton is where many drivers access highway 17. >> i just wonder how many of the planning commission members have driven hamilton avenue in that area, and know what a cluster it is. >> reporter: at one point, the meeting turned tense. >> we have to live in campbell, to serve on the commission. >> reporter: during the evening rush hour, this is what we saw. >> traffic has always been bad here. >> some say the burger joint should still open up shop, but they believe the company should think twice about this particular spot. >> morning, it gets backed up. if you're trying to make a up all the way back there. there could be a better spot for it. definitely. but they are delicious burgers,
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i want to deny that. >> reporter: the planning commission is continuing to review the application before making a final decision. if it is appealed, a public hearing will be scheduled with the city council. in campbell, maria medina, kpix5. southbay is one of the warm spots tonight, clear, 64 degrees it is chilly and breezy and foggy in san francisco, and currently 56, the cool spot is santa rosa 54, bigelow tonight as well, livermore, san jose 61, nothing compared to other parts of the state. petaluma has the micro forecast tonight because it's little league team is playing the championship game in reading. the game was canceled today because of poor air quality, obviously the spread of the car fire has been moved to sutter and they will play tomorrow night. mid to upper 80s with sunshine over the next couple of days and staying warm. what is the entire bay area not warm like the rest of california and almost the entire west coast? it is the air-conditioner known as the eastern pacific ocean
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sitting at 53 degrees, and because the ranch is centered where it is read over southern california, we are still grabbing letters and influence, not in sacramento, they hit 101. nor any other part of the state except right here in the bay area, that brings in the low cloud cover doing that again tomorrow morning. sunshine for the afternoon one to hot inland, tempered near the water, we will do the same thing coming up on saturday, and temperatures will continue to fall coming up on sunday. big event this weekend, gilroy garden festival, not 100 degrees, you will cool down to 95 for the high on saturday and sunday. still about 10 degrees above average, livermore and fairfield, santa rosa 94, 80s for vallejo and san jose, 74 fremont admin view. oakland only 72, in san francisco at 66 degrees in the pacific of redondo beach, degrees inland from tomorrow through sunday, but keeping you in the 90s. highs not even hitting 70 degrees near the bay,
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as people who had just minutes to evacuate desperately try to the roadways are absolutely jammed at this late hour, all across the city of redding as people who had mere minutes to evacuate, desperately trying to escape the fast-moving car fire. >> the fire is raging out of control after jumping the sacramento river into reading earlier tonight. cal fire says dozens of homes are destroyed, and hundreds more are threatened. >> crews are on the road to reading tonight, we will also have the very latest tomorrow morning for you. news coverage starts at 4:30. straightahead, guess who keeps raging in major league baseball, spoiler alert, the colors are green and gold. they didn't need the long ball tonight. what about him?
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cuz the a's are running the table...6 str8 wins... knocking at the door of the wildcard party... baseball up top, beginning in texas, because the a's are running the table. six straight wins, knocking at the door of a wildcard party. chris davis with two homeruns last night, tonight a hit and an rbi. long ball, how about four triples in the game, nick martini banged one off the wall for us, giving the a's a 5-3 lead, four triples in one game for oakland. blake tried and had time running at second, and larry snared out of the sky for rob robinson. a's with a four-game sweep of
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the rangers, 7-6 final, a's have won six in a row. giants evan longoria is back after a broken hand kept him out since mid june. brewers tied at two, but brooke served up the go-ahead run to ryan braun. 5-3 milwaukee in the ninth, travis shot back away and gone. brewers wanted -- 17-5, giants falling back to 52-52 this season. how do you like this, dodgers manny machado for the first time in a los angeles uniform tonight, in atlanta. dodgers won the game, final 8-2. nfl day one, 49ers training camp, jimmy ruffalo's first training camp wearing the scarlet and gold. this time last year, go ruffalo was the second string to tom brady with the patriots. he's got a new running back. jared mckennan, who came over the vikings here in the off- season, still digesting kyle
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shanahan's, located playbook. >> when i first got here, i was lost. really, because you know, my head is spinning, it's complex when you're new to it, but i guess when you start studying and learning more, you get it. >> is your home for 49ers coverage, the first preseason game is against the dallas cowboys on thursday, august 9. tomorrow, the field will be the raiders. >> football
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the carr fire threatening redding. we h the late show is next, stay with kpix5 for the latest on the car fire >> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in s


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