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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 27, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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killing at least one person. the national guard called in. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. the carr fire in shasta county is heading toward heavily populated areas in west redding after jumping the sacramento river. new evacuation orders were issued for all of shasta county city and summit city and the fire has turned deadly. a bulldozer operator was killed on the front lines. three firefighters were also hurt. high winds are causing the fire to tear down everything in its path. check out this stream video redding's tv station krcr. they have been forced to evacuate their building and are looking for a new location and way to get information to residents who still may be in the fire's path. they are in the center of redding near the sacramento river and the sundial bridge. we have a clip of the station signing off. >> we have been here live, um, umand 're evacua osri s why we kind of >> wing to leave the ation beca
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unsafe to be here. um, so like i said, we have all the information on our website and we'll be updating you from there as much as we can. >> we are going out on the mercy skycam for you. leave with you this picture. once again, please, please evacuate, everyone, and stay safe. have a good night. >> and take a look at this video. chp posted it to their twitter account flames burning out of control and smoke miles high. buildings in the area are surrounded. this is video from instagram. you can see smoke and fire s of the sacramento river. the flames are near at least one hospital, mercy medical center, where doctors are evacuating newborns and icu patients to make room for burn victims. >> i believe some units have -- officials...and how they are describing the scene in shasta county. more than 28- thousand acres have burned down.
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>> that was cal fire officials and how they are describing the scene in shasta county. more than 28,000 acres have already burned. it is 6% contained. thousands of residents having evacuated. roads are packed as people fled. >> this is insane, guys. how quickly this fire just jumped the freeway. get in the car. let's go! [ ding, ding, ding ] >> that was scary, you guys. wow. >> that was a sacramento cbs reporter who posted this video to facebook last night. she says she sed footage of the flames in redding burning miles away. within seconds the fire spread to the side of the road where she was. she was able to make it out safely. the entire towns of kes wick and shasta county have been evacuated, as ll. the topography of the region making firefighting very difficult with that hilly terrain. national guard is called in. some people had less than
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minutes to escape from the carr fire and they may have to evacuate everything west of downtown reading. >> governor brown has declared a state of emergency for the carr fire as well as two other fires in mariposa and riverside counties. the cranston fire has tripled in size and burned 7,000 acres since it broke out on thursday. it's carved a path of destruction through mountain communities in riverside county. it's believed to have been started by an arsonist. it's now 5% contained. in mariposa county, the ferguson fire is still burning just west of yosemite. that fire is 27% contained. it forced much of the national park to close including yosemite valley, wawona and highway 140. >> neda has more on the weather conditions near the carr fire. >> the big problem with the fire is it's burning hot. some of the weather gauges are showing it's not too windy out there but it is very hot.
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because it's through steep terrain in the valleys out there in french gulch, that's why it's creating its own weather with gusty conditions. nearby 5 miles per hour that's it. but near the fire in the fire itself, that's where the winds get swirling around in those locations. temperatures 83 degrees which is very hot for the early- morning hours. humidity only at 24%. so not much moisture or cooling overnight. today in the area will be triple digits. so very hot for those firefighters at 110 degrees. san jose, this is a live view with a little bit of t costaiweekd temperatures dropping from the upper 90s to maybe the mid-90s. slight bit of relief. you may at san
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francisco. that's transamerica pyramid. our golden gate bridge view as well showing fog forming. a little drizzle this morning out the door. 50s and 60s in the area right now. overall satellite-radar showing that marine layer is here. it's thicker than what we had yesterday. and it's widespread. the east bay is clear and that's where even at this early-morning hour temperatures especially those higher elevations are still in the low 80s where we are in the 50s and 60s everywhere else. in san francisco we have a transig ramp that's blocked. it's southbound 101 to southbound 280. this is a live look. this is the northbound 280 extension that goes from 280 's diffilt to see. e transition ris currently blocked. heads up for drivers making their way out the door right now. that connector ramp is blocked
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at this hour. we'll let you know when it reopens. taking it to the north bay, neda was mentioning the fog at golden gate bridge north of the golden gate bridge, 101 at spencer, and you can see some reduced visibility. so please take it safe this morning. president trump's former personal attorney makes an explosive new allegation about an infamous meeting at trump tower. michael cohen says then candidate trump knew about the 2016 meeting when a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin offered to provide dirt on hillary clinton. cohen says that the president not only knew of the meeting in advance but also approved of it. one of the president's current lawyers rudy giuliani is denying cohen's claim. the president has long said that he had no knowledge of the meeting until a year after it occurred. the li reunitndreds migrant children wi theirethe o
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nce policy. more an 1800 more tare still in shelters. maintenance crews dangled like trapeze artists getting a close inspection of the golden gate bridge and now months later we know what they found. kpix 5's andria borba reports on the tower touchups that will give the bridge a dramatic new look. reporter: gleaming in international orange, the golden gate bridge is the shining face of the san francisco bay area. but if you look closer, it is also corroding. a new report shows the bridge is in total 4.5% corroded and 12.5% of the south tower is. >> it's an interesting thing to kind of look at how the weather pattern really shapes what happens at the bridge and that salt air corrodes certain sections of it. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge district says the report is overall good news and that the corrosion, rust and other defects are cosmetic and on the facade and not structural. >> the steel structures that hold up those towers that then
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hold up the cable bands that support the bridge are in excellent shape. there is no corrosion, no rust. >> reporter: but the exterior corrosion, particularly on the south tower, must be dealt with. and it will be tricky thanks to the paint that makes the bridge so famous. >> the fix for this is strip the paint entirely and go down to the bare metal. this is something that has not been done before. there is lead paint on the towers. we'll need to do full containment around the towers to do this safely and make sure that we don't allow any contamination into the environment. >> reporter: these pictures and other bridge maintenance are what the repair work could look like while in progress. >> we have not made any decisions about what the wrap would look like. the look of the golden gate bridge is very important to us. so whatever that containment system looks like will be something that is vetted very carefully. >> reporter: in case you're wondering, why the south tower has so much more damage, well,
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the north tower was repainted in the '80s. >> the south tower has never been completely repainted. so there is a different state of paint as it stands. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. facebook is hoping to bounce back from the biggest one day dive in the history of u.s. markets. shares of the social network plummeted nearly 20% after a disastrous second quarter earnings report. facebook's market cap dropped nearly $120 billion after the company missed projections on revenue and users. >> i think the big takeaway is that facebook is no longer the high growth company it once was. it's had meteoric growth for a decade. now that's starting to slow down. >> company executives have warned about the potential for decreased revenue as the company deals with massive data leaks and fake news scandals. many california workers will soon get a boost in their paychecks. the state supreme court just ruled that hourly workers must be paid for tasks done off the
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clock. it's the result of a lawsuit brought by a starbucks employee. he argued that he should be paid for time spent doing things like locking up the store and setting up the alarm. time now 4:40. a bay area coffee company is putting principles over profits. why they just rejected a deal with a local tech giant worth tens of thousands of dollars!
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near redding. a cal-fire bulldozer operator has been killed.. and many people have suffered burns.. learned: we want to update you on the fire in redding. a cal fire bulldozer operator has been killed and many people have been burned. firefighters are not trying to save homes at this time. they are still focused on evacuating residents of the carr fire is burning inside redding city limits. yesterday it jumped the sacramento river. dozens of homes have already been destroyed and hundreds more thr cal fire has also called thnat
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and the 29,000-acre fire is just 6% contained this morning. back here in the bay area, some evacuations are still in effect as crews work to put out the marsh fire in contra costa county. it has burned a home in clayton on thursday and scorched nearly 250 acres. the fire is 75% contained. about 100 structures are still threatened. kpix 5's da lin says that firefighters managed to limit the damage with air drops of fire retardant. reporter: this entire property is covered in pink fire retardant. it turned this blue and white jet ski into pink. walk with me here. this water fountain is now pink. the roof of this house is pink. so is the suv. all the trees around here covered in pink fire retardant. the in saving this house. >> and as of this morning, people are still not allowed to return home along some stretches of marsh k road.
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a bay area tech giant is facing backlash for doing business with a federal immigration agencies. "salesforce tower" has a contract with u.s. customs and border protection. joe vazquez explains another local company has decided that's not something they want to associate wit. >> we realized that it was time to take a stand and make a statement. >> reporter: he usually makes his statements with powerful cups of joe. but nick cho of wrecking ball coffee roasters says this stand is going to cost him a bunch of beans. >> $40,000 is a lot of money. we realize that that would pay for our green raw coffee supply for whole months but our conscience isn't for sale. >> reporter: he isn't going to provide coffee for "dreamforce" a convention for "salesforce" after he found out "salesforce" has a contract with u.s. customs and border protect.
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cho is from korea who came here as an infant. >> people are being separated from their children and it's something we couldn't overlook. >> reporter: earlier this month, demonstrators marched in front of "salesforce" headquarters saying it's inhumane to continue to work with border agencies. marc benioff spend millions threatened to take business away from the states of indiana and georgia because of lgbt laws he thought were discriminate tore. but in this case, he tweeted "salesforce" will continue its relationship with customs and border protection. they went on to pledge a million dollars for organizations helping families reunite on the border. but the most prominent of those groups declined a $250,000 donation from "salesforce." employees of google, microsoft and amazon have made similar
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demands of their own companies urging them not to help i.c.e. and other government entities. joe vazquez, kpix 5. time now 4:46. let's get a check of the weekend forecast. another hot one. >> it's going to be hot again this weekend for inland spots but it is the weekend so hopefully you get a chance to head to maybe the beaches, the waves are calmer. it's going to be a lot cooler by the coast. completely different weather pattern for anywhere near the water is what you will see. the transamerica pyramid is covered in clouds and there's drizzle in some locations. the usual low clouds and fog at the coast. usual spots that get affected by the fog is what we are seeing this morning through the north bay, as well. you can see it coming right through the golden gate bridge
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san francisco and oakland a couple of degrees above average. compared to places like livermore and concord, temperatures well above average so the west winds are blowing through and that's bringing in that ocean breeze and places like fairfield and antioch you won't necessarily get that cooler air but you are going to feel that breeze. so there's a southwest wind coming through the delta now pretty strong. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. yes, you may have to use your wipers if you pass through there. temperatures in san francisco 54. 57 in livermore. 56 in oakland. so overnight conditions they cooled off a bit and that's only for the lower elevations. everything above our marine layer is warm at this hour. low 80s again like we had yesterday for places like mount diablo, mount tam across the north bay. those higher elevations, as well. look at our temperatures. oakland just 2 degrees above average. san francisco only expected to hit 66 degrees today. yesterday we only hit 61 degrees. but concord upper 90s yet again. san jose 86 degrees.
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a few degrees above average for the south bay. closer look at some other neighborhoods around town. redwood city 84. pacifica 61 degrees. look at fairfield 98. another day of heat. inland hot. heat advisory all around us. but not quite anywhere near the water. so it's still in effect through the east bay hills, higher elevations. temperatures could be up to 105 again, excessive heat warning in the areas in red including the chico-redding area. so they are going to have 110 in their forecast, possibly 112. this ridge is still in place. that's what's keeping us warm through the weekend. hot saturday and the 90s well above average. so your seven-day forecast
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still looks pretty warm. seeing mars is rare at this time. san francisco marathon forecast. 61 sunday. it's going to be cloudy in the morning, good running weather. especially through san francisco. staying in the 60s for the bay and the beaches for the next seven days. we are going to be going over a lot of those closures due to the san francisco marathon but if you do not need to be driving in san francisco this weekend, you should opt not to because there's going to be a lot of traffic. let's take it over to 205. this is for folks heading through tracy our "super commuters" out there dealing with a slow ride already this morning in the westbound direction. opposite direction is roadwork. if you are going to i-5, be
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prepared for some slowdowns. westbound slow on 580 and slow on 680. travel times about 25 minutes. give yourself extra time. it's not "friday light" along that stretch at least. southbound 680 we are tracking a problem that looks like a car blocking a lane. this is right near andrade and it's not really slowing anyone down but just a heads up in case you are making your way through the stretch. your ride along 880 looking good. still quite a bit of space between all those cars out there. no delays and looks like all lanes are open. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, a little bit of a backup in some of the cash lanes. no metering lights just yet. and we are still moving at the limit. 11 minutes heading into san francisco. kenny. time now 4:50. residents in one bay area city are fighting back against plans to bring a popular burger chain to town. what has them so upset. what about him?
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for $429 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. 60s and 70s at the bay. another day in the upper 90s. here's a look at the south bay this afternoon. you'll be at 85 in sunnyvale and cupertino. same with santa clara. morgan hill another day at 96. san jose 86. triple digits in the east bay. 96 in pleasanton. 98 pleasant hill. sausalito 66. alameda 69. very close to average conditions at the coast. the cool coastal breeze will help. clearlake and lakeport in the triple digits and heat advisory ends arke a atdiion t
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grn.be88and 101. just a heads up if you travel along the eastbound portion opposite commute. we do have two lanes closed. only one lane of traffic is getting by. caltrans should have it wrapped up by 5:00. so hopefully in the next couple of minutes. michelle. detectives in crockett have arrested a driver accused of striking and killing a bicyclist and then taking off. 28-year-old kiely dirksen of martinez is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. detectives say she fatally struck christopher boonag tuesday night and kept driving. they arrested her after receiving an anonymous tip and then she called and said she >> i wouldn't use those words but she called and reported it. it was about 24 hours or more after the fact. surrg areas and the e th
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commy, probable cause to have a warrant for her arrest. >> dirksen's bail is set at $100,000. in-n-out has its eyes on a small bay area city especially in campbell. residents aren't happy about it. maria medina on the battle to keep in-n-out out. >> reporter: it's often a slow crawl for fast food here not really what some would say is in and out. >> it causes traffic issues and what not. >> reporter: that's why many who live in the small town of campbell say the burger chain is not welcome here on hamilton between bascom and winchester. >> getting out of my driveway is a [bleep]. because there's so much >> certain times of day you can't get anywhere. >> reporter: resident after resident told the city's planning commission this week why building an in-n-out with a double drive through and five dozen parking spaces
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would cause a traffic nightmare in the already busy area. that stretch of hamilton is where many drivers access highway 17. >> i just wonder if -- how many of the planning commission members have, you know, driven hamilton avenue in that area and know what a cluster it is. >> reporter: at one point the meeting turned tense. >> we -- >> go ahead. >> thank you. we have to live in campbell to serve on this commission. >> reporter: during the evening rush hour, this is what we saw. >> traffic has always been bad here. >> reporter: some say the burger joint should open but the should think twice abouthloon orni gets all ba. we callforce field. so if you are trying to make a right here, you get backed up all the way back there. >> there could be a better spot for it. yeah. definitely. i would agree. but in-n-out is delicious. i'm not going to deny that. >> reporter: the campbell planning commission is continuing to review the application before making a final decision.
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if it's appealed, a public ing will be scheduled with the city council. in campbell, maria medina, kpix 5. a bear got stuck in a storm drain. it was peeking from the storm drain in colorado springs. wildlife officials worked with the utility workers to remove the cover and within a few minutes, the 250-pound bear emerged and made a break for the open space across the street. wildlife officials believe it was lured by an open dumpster filled with berries nearby. ha. and it took off. see ya! 4:57. crews are trying to stop a deadly wildfire in redding f >> reporter: and governor brown wants to change the existing 911 system and bring it up to speed with modern capabilities. but at what cost?
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a deadly wildfire cutting a path of destruction as we mourn the loss, we also battle a fire that is moving extremely quickly and erratically. >> a deadly wildfire cutting a path of destruction through redding and the areas around it sparking a scramble to flee. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the carr fire has moved into heavily populated areas in west redding after jumping the sacramento river and new evacuation orders were issued overnight for all of shasta county lake city and summit city. joe vazquez is in redding this morning where dozens of homes have already been destroyed. >> reporter: this fire is still out of control and you can see here in this subdivision in west redding we are starting to get our first look at some of the homes that


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