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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 14, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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outside, some fog out there. i saw some out there this morning. >> welcome back. >> we're back to cloudy and cool. it will be foggy in spots but we have cooler weather. even inland communities will feel the temperatures dropping. so the heat is a thing of the past, at least for the next few days. we have that to look forward to. around the coastline you could need a jacket with the onshore breeze. that will extend through many inland spots. temperatures are dropping to normal conditions for a change. doesn't look like t th90s anher
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area. it's a rough start for the tuesday morning commute. this happened just before 2:00 this morning and has the lakeville highway shut down between 37 and highway 116 in both directions. expect delays on 101 and 121, all those commuters taking alternate routes. so you'll need extra time there. no estimated time as to when that will reopen. this is highway 37 at lakeville highway. they have the flares out, alerting drivers they cannot go through that stretch. back to you. developing in london, a possible terror attack outside the brush house of parliament this morning. a man in his 20s was arrested after ramming into the barrie drg ugpeanngd urs li look at the
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scene. none of the victims are in critical condition according to police. dozens of officers swarm a busy san francisco street and police try to arrest a teenage girl who ends up in an ambulance. now police are explaining their use of force. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the aftermath of a police use of force incident on market street. a young woman arrested by police is put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. >> i saw the cops pulling this girl towards their car. they had her hands behind her back and slammed her on the car hood really hard. >> reporter: eric didn't see what preceded the arrest. >> they were like forcing her down on to the hood. after two or three minutes they picked her up and she was limp.
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>> reporter: a san francisco police department spokesperson says an officer approached the woman who had a warrant out for her arrest. but then she resisted arrest: >> reporter: in this video, you can see a firefighter place a spit hood over the suspect's head. >> she was resisting a lot. he was grabbing her hands like this and she was doing this, you know, shaking back and forth all the way from inside the smoke shop until he had to push her on the police car. >> reporter: police say the suspect has recovered and is in custody. an adult male was also arrested for obstructing police. joe vazquez, kpix. >> police won't release her exact age.
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she's been charged with assault on police officers plus the original arrest warrant for multiple counts a police officer is in critical condition after an accident while responding to a call in oakland yesterday morning. the officer was alone at the time. oakland fire had to use the jaws of life to get him out of the car. police should release his name later today. on the fire watch, a firefighter has died while battling the mendocino complex fires. the fire is now the largest in state history. the incident happened on the front lines of the ranch fire, the larger of the two blazes. >> a firefighter from utah was working on an active portion of the fire where he was injured this evening. the firefighter was air lifted to a local hospital, where he
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succumbed to his injuries. we are extremely heartbroken for this loss. >> the ranch fire is 59% contained. the pair of fires have burned more than 500 square miles and destroyed nearly 150 homes. the attorney in the ghost ship trial is asking to move it to another county. after agreeing to serve nine years in prison, his codefendant agreed to serve six. now he says he can't get a fair trial after publicly admitting guilt as part of that plea deal. the accused golden state killer, joseph d'angelo, is the prime suspect in the 1975 killing of claude snelling,
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stopping the kidnapping of his 16-year-old daughter. she said a masked gunman broke into her bedroom in the middle of the night, threatened her and dragged her out of the house. >> that's when i heard my dad yell. and the man with the ski mask pushed me to the ground, turned, shot my dad twice as he was coming to the back door. >> police say he's alsoburglarized more than 100 homes in the area around the time snelling was killed. he's accused of killing at least a dozen others in the 70s and 80s. dna evidence led to his arrest in april. contra costa county's assessor is facing a reprimand today over allegations of sexual as>> reporter: he's cont county's assessor, recently
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reelected. gus kramer is facing the possibility of censure after an uncomfortable. he denied that. >> you're claiming she was flirting with you? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: but an investigator later found it was likely the assessor made comments that the employee considered to be unwelcome and inappropriate in the workplace. >> that may be true, but that's not sexual harassment. i've made comments that may be interpreted as inappropriate. she and i used to banter all the time, and she was great at double entendres. >> reporter: but this is not
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the first time kramer faced allegations like these. >> we should take some sort of action to let our constituents know that we do not approve of this behavior. >> reporter: kramer accuses the board of violating the brown act by discussing his case in a closed session, and says no matter what the board votes tomorrow, he'll stay in office. >> will you consider resigning if there is a vote of no confidence? >> absolutely not. i will be sitting there. 4:38 now. let's check the weather. it's cooling down a little bit. >> i felt it last night. that's good news. the onshore breeze is extending into the east bay. it will be a little cloudy and cool along the coastline.
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the cloud cover does not want to seem to let up today. it will be stubborn at the beaches. live look at the golden gate bridge, a little moisture on the lens there. you'll notice that on windows as well. we have 58 in oakland, san francisco in the 50s, san josi 61, santa rosa 54. this is why you're feeling cooler air even in places like pleasanton and livermore today. oakland just 3-mile-an-hour winds but fairfield much stronger this hour. it's picking up across the north bay too. satellite and radar showing the west wind is pushing in that cloud cover and pushing in the cooler air. look how far east a lot of clou waking up to gray skies. once we get that daylight, that's what you'll see. sfo only 9 miles visibility
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right now. santa rosa down to 2 miles, so it will be slow going. that will last a while, maybe 9:00 a.m. or so jaclyn. chp has the lakeville highway shut down in both directions due to an accident involving a big rig this morning that lost its load. it was hauling what appears to be quite a bit of dirt, as well as some diesel that spilled there. so lakeville highway is shut down between 116 and highway 37 in both directions. president trump is denying he's used a racial slur and says claims by a former advisor are lies. former white house aide omarosa
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reveals she recorded white house conversations, including one in which the president expressed surprise she'd been fired from his administration. the former apprentice star says the recording brings up a major concern. i don't love you leaving at all." "who's running this country? when donald trump says they run a big operation who is the they? is general kelly puppeting donald trump? is he truly running this country." the president is firing back.. calling his former adviser whom he's >> who's running this country, when donald trump says they run a big operation? who's the they? is general kelly truly running this country? >> the president is firing back, calling his former
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advisor wacky and a low-life. her book hits stands later today. airport security has been called into question after an airline employee stole a plane in seattle. for more than an hour, the aircraft soared and flipped in the skies before crashing on a remote island. 29-year-old richard russell died in the crash on friday. >> we added employee security screening, physical screening like you experience when you go through and travel through this airport. we are one of the only airports in the country to do that and we took that voluntary leap. >> the fbi says they have recovered parts of the cockpit recorder and will examine the evidence. the search underway for a hiker who went missing at yosemite national park. >> and the dramatic rescues playing out as flash floods
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who went missing at yosemite national park. 48-year-old scott athe bridgepo ranger station on july 25th. authorities say he's an experienced hiker... and was backpacking through the northeast section of the park... away from the ferguson fire. yosemite valley has been closed for nearly 3 weeks because of the fire. it's expected to reopen this morning. the holy fire burning in orange and riverside counties is now 59% contained. that fire has scorched nearly 23-thousand acres... and the holy fire is now 59% contained. the fire has scorched nearly 23,000 acres and destroyed at least 12 structures since it broke out last monday. on the storm watch, flash floods are ravaging the east coast. heavy thunderstorms ed swallowi homes and streets in pennsylvania. rescue teams have been in boats pulling people from high water,
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and it's not over yet. there is more rain in the forecast this week. no rain here but we'll tem >> that will help the fire crews. this is the weather we have been hoping for and it's finally here. it will be a sign temperatures inland won't feel too uncomfortable today. we're below average for many bay area neighborhoods. this is the reason why, the winds over sfo 10 miles an hour now. you can see the wind direction from the west and southwest. this onshore flow will bring in the cooler coastal air, as well as the cloud cover along the coastline. that probably won't ease up alo fairfield, -mile-an-hour sustained winds. satellite and radar showing all the clouds we are dealing with this morning, from the north
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bay to the south bay, east bay, we are all covered. and you may need the windshield wipers. visibility is down to 1.5 miles in half moon bay. visibility may drop before we hit sunrise this morning. santa rosa just 2 miles, already low there. golden gate bridge, visibility is expected to be low throughout the morning as well. we could see the cloud cover stick around all day long. santa rosa in the 50s this morning. air quality is moderate today. there will be a little haze out there. overall the two low pressure systems here off the coast, it's not necessarily going to bring us rain. we'd love that but it's not the case. it will bring in a little more
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of the westthwinds pick mopush cover for tonight. this ridge of high pressure is moving closer to new mexico, hovering over nevada and colorado, parts of arizona. so that's getting nudged a little more to the east. it is going to change and by the end of the week, the weekend, it will be back over the west coast. san francisco 63 degrees this afternoon, concord mid-80s today. so inland we have the hottest spots, staying in the 80s all the way through thursday. the heat returns on friday and into the weekend the 90s come back. for hours now chp has had lakeville highway shut down in both directions because of an accident that happened just
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before 2:00 a.m. this is shut down between 116 and highway 37. this is highway 37 l the esvi ivers they cannot turn onto that highway. we have been given a time when that's expected to reopen. if it's during the morning commute, you'll need an alternate like 121 or 101 but everyone else will be the same idea. so you'll need extra time heading out this morning, the roadways likely to be very busy and slow. live look at 101 near petaluma boulevard north. we have a stalled vehicle blocking one lane in the southbound direction, so keep an eye out for that on that stretch. looks like it could be blacked out. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. in san josi, google is under fire from people concerned about the company's
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push for a megacampus in downtown. >> reporter: a poster shows the google mascot handing out an eviction notice. it sums up the feelings of those concerned about the megacampus google wants to build in downtown san josi. >> i think anyone who drives through has seen the impact of google. homelessness is up over 1000%. >> reporter: groups have been critical of the project, focusing on housing solutions, education and jobs. >> what we're told is that they are bringing 20,000 jobs to san josi and we ouldbe happy. what we are saying is we need
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to get details on what those jobs are going to be and commitments those positions are t the meeting said the company is listening. >> we are ready to build in downtown san josi and you're really excluding and possibly trying to exterminate the homeless downtown population. >> we need affordable or low income housing for seniors. >> reporter: google sent out a statement that reads in part, the first six months of the city's public engagement at our own meetings have clarified the concerns for future development, and said they will continue to have open dialogue and workth the community. betty yu, kpix. >> google is getting heat from android and iphone users over
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location tracking. turning on the access to data on google maps doesn't mean the company won't track you. >> sometimes it's turned off in one app and not in another. >> there needs to be much clearer consent and a control that's actually honored. >> google says the feature is optional and can be turned off at any time. wired magazine has detailed instructions on how to do it. coming up, the 49ers ve
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stadium rent dispute is ramping up. maria medina has more on the conflict. >> it's not professional. it's not professional and it's disappointing. >> reporter: with city leaders by her side, gilmore met with city leaders. >> it's time they have accepted the decision by the arbitrator. >> reporter: in 2016, the 49ers asked for a rent reduction. but the team and city council couldn't agree, so they put the decision in the hands of an arbitrator. last week the arbitrator decided to increase the team's
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rent to manage that stadium. >> reporter: both sides have taken grievances about one another public. >> it shows now that we are managing the 49ers and not being managed by them. >> reporter: a 49ers spokesperson said in part, it's this deceptive approach, her lack of transparency and fuzzy math that make mayor gilmore distrustful. gillmor is accused of using her own agenda against the 49ers. >> it's almost embarrassing for them to put that out. what's important for is a compl
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distraction. the public can see through that, to cover up the huge loss they just endured. >> reporter: the mayor now says they need to release the details of the arbitrator's decision. she believes the public will be unhappy if they find out how much the 49ers actually wanted to cut. maria medina, kpix. up next, updates on the fires burning in california as another life is claimed. and fired from the fbi. the comments that led to a high profile agent being let go from his job.
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as crews rush to stop fast moving wildfires. "she was pretty much just laying there as they were forcing her down on to the hood." pl now at 5:00, flames turn deadly in northern california as crews rush to stop fast moving wildfires. plus an arrest sends a bay area teenager to the hospital, then to jail. and president trump is defending himself from


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