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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 15, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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homes in northern california. >> and president trump's ongoing war of words with the former aide is raising concerns about security at the white house. >> good morning, it is wednesday, august 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. kenny is off. we'll start first with traffic and weather. and a bent metal update with jaclyn. >> reporter: it's a busy start to your wednesday morning drive. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, that's where we're tracking an accident. chp has issued a traffic alert. two lanes are closed just past the toll plaza. it's involving a motorcycle and another vehicle, some injuries involved. emergency crews we saw them go through by watching this camera here, lots of flashing lights. so right now, 25 minutes heading into san francisco from the maze and you can expect to see those delays stick around throughout much of the morning commute. 80, the eastshore freeway, that's still in the green.
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all the approaches to the maze looking good but slow into san francisco once you get to the maze. heading to sfo, 101 near 380, you can see traffic is moving at the limit in both directions. southbound you're fine. northbound, that's where we're seeing the delays out of burlingame. there was a deadly accident a little earlier this morning and northbound 101 approaching millbrae avenue, the exit is also shut down. so your cruising speed through that stretch below 10 miles per hour as you approach the scene there. two lanes remain closed so leaving only two lanes for drivers to get by to get over to sfo. so my advice, use el camino or 280 and take that up to 380 to get to sfo. here's a view from "salesforce tower" looking towards the east. you can see the bay bridge. normally our clouds are sitting lower and we don't get the views at this early- morning hour. but today, it looks like the clouds are sitting right there around 1,000 feet.
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. we can see the lights this morning. cars are going across san francisco, it is cloudy and cool again, also that onshore breeze is out there yet again today. it's going to pick up this afternoon. so it's going to be stronger keeping our temperatures below normal. visibility is not bad anywhere. even half moon bay where you usually get thick fog at the coastline, it's behaving today. so that fog is not sitting as low so drivers should have no problems. fog extends into the central valley. so definitely seeing the signs of that onshore breeze pushing in the coastal clouds and also pushing in the cooler air. back to you guys. poor road conditions are costing people money according to new research. anne makovec reports from oakland. >> reporter: we know, brian,
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time is money. so that cost is really exponential when it comes to traffic in the bay area. i'm here at the bay bridge toll plaza. jaclyn just told us about the "sig alert" on the other side of the bridge with two lanes closed. traffic is always a nightmare here in the morning commute. it's no exception today. it comes to the potholes, roadway conditions, it's causing money. but a new national transportation study group has crunched the numbers on what the road conditions and the traffic conditions cost the average driver. let's take a look at what they came up with. this is in several categories. for the san francisco-oakland drivers, it costs almost $3,000 annually, congestion more than $1,700 vehicle operating costs, more than $1,000, and safety costs more than $200. in san jose, the average driver is paying $2,700 annually because of the conditions we are dealing with, congestion almost $1,500, vehicle operating costs almost $1,000, and safety $287.
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these figures are going to be used heavily in the campaign against a measure on the statewide ballot this november. that measure would repeal the gas tax that the legislature and the governor passed last year, 12 cents a gallon, that money going to road repairs and transportation projects. more on that in the next half- hour. live at the very slow bay bridge toll plaza, anne makovec makovec, kpix 5. search teams in italy will trying to find survivors in the rubble of a collapsed bridge. this is a live look at the disaster near genoa. search crews are there this morning. earlier this morning, search crews did pull out two more bodies of the rubble. the 51-year-old bridge failed yesterday during a sudden and violent storm. around 600 feet of the 3,000-
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foot structure gave way. at least 39 people were killed in the 148-foot fall. about 15 others were hurt. emergency officials say at this point, it has turned from a search-and-rescue mission to a recovery effort. >> what is the likelihood that you'll find survivors this morning? >> well, it shrinks with the passing of time but we never lose hope of finding survivors. >> early signs point to a structural. it was blamed on a lack of maintenance. a private company operates the bridge with many of italy's toll roads. after a weeks long closure due to the ferguson fire, tourists can finally enjoy yosemite valley again. >> chance of a lifetime, smoke or no smoke. may not ever come back this way. so really glad we made it. >> mountainsides still
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burning, smoky skies still lingering above and below. the ferguson fire is now 87% contained since it started about a month ago. more than 1,000 homes have been burned. and firefighters are still working on putting out flames near highway 41. meanwhile, family and friends are remembering the utah firefighter who was killed by fighting the mendocino complex fire up north. matt burchette died month after being a firefighter for 20 years. flags in draper city, utah, will be flying at half-staff this week. san francisco is launching a new task force to clean up the streets and their job is not for the faint of heart. kpix 5's jackie ward is in the city now with more on the clean-up patrol. good morning, jackie. you're already shaking your head, jackie. >> reporter: yeah. it's not for the faint of heart. great way to describe it. this program is keeping with the theme that mayor london breed has been promoting since her cagn that fransco stets ed cleaner. the city of san francisco is calling it their poop patrol. and it's pretty self- explanatory. five people plus a supervisor will be targeting hot spots in
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the city and cleaning up the messes people and dogs leave behind. before, they waited for 311 calls but soon it will be pro- active and responding to calls, as well. yod sayshis is certainly a start but the root of the problem has to be addressed. >> we have to take responsibility for trying to change behavior. and so we need to start having that sort of conversation. >> this is possible in part because of the $11 billion budget she signed in the largest spending plan ever for the city. public works got $5.3 million, some of it to hire 44 new street cleaners. dpw will work with the public toilet program expanding hours at the five downtown locations and adding five more public toilets. people can also dispose of syringes and dog waste there. so this program starts in the next few weeks sometime in september and right now, there's no end date. from san francisco city hall,
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jackie ward, kpix 5. now to campaign 2018 and democrats and republicans in four states went to the polls to choose their candidates for november's midterm elections. as john schiumo reports, democrats in minnesota and vermont voted for primary candidates who would make history if they win this year. reporter: it was a big night of firsts for democrats in yesterday's primaries. minnesotans backed ilhan omar in the congressional primary. she would become the first somali american elected to congress. >> together we can organize around the politics of hope. >> reporter: omar and another who won in michigan last week are favorites to become the first two muslim women in congress. minnesota could have the first muslim attorney general in the u.s. after democratic representative keith ellison won his primary. >> reporter: in vermont,
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democrats chose christine hallquist for governor. she would become the nation's first transgender governor if elected. she has an uphill battle against phil scott. >> it's is not just about transgender community. it's not just about the lgbt community. it's about all marginalized communities . >> reporter: the republican primary for governor in minnesota saw the influence of president trump. >> i support donald trump. i have always supported donald trump. >> reporter: jeff johnson beat former governor tim pawlenty, who struggled to distance himself from negative comments he made about president trump during the 2016 election. and in wisconsin, a former aide to retiring house speaker paul ryan won that gop primary. >> who is with me as we spread our conservative wisconsin style solutions all across wisconsin? >> reporter: brian styles will face ironworker-turned- politics democrat randy bryce. john schiumo, cbs news. >> democrats in connecticut nominated jahan jahana hayes
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the first black woman to represent a new england state in congress. an arbitration claim was filed yesterday by the trump administration against omarosa manigault newman. she allegedly breached her 2016 confidentiality agreement with the trump campaign. the filing came as omarosa released a new audio recording. on the tape, trump campaign aides discuss a rumor that president trump used the "n" word while filming the apprentice. the fact that omarosa was able to secretly record a conversation in the white house "situation room" raised security concerns. on sunday she released a tape of her firing by chief of staff john kelly. the man who ran the situation room under president obama says staffers are usually told to leave their phones in lead- lined lockers outside. >> because of the concern that they could be used as recording devices or worse yet as transmission devices and could be picking up conversations that are taking
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place in the room or even perhaps picking up data streams that are in the ar, whh room to fire her. it is now 11 minutes after 6:00. the major push under way to overhaul california's often criticized property tax system. >> and a grand jury in pennsylvania accuses hundreds of catholic priests of abusing more than 1,000 children! >> this wednesday, looking to be a below normal kind of day. we are starting off with clouds later on this afternoon. temperatures will be feeling comfortable. >> tracking delays for drivers heading across the san mateo bridge. what you need to know if you are heading to sfo. coming up. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] more than a thousand children over a 70-year period. prosecutors say that's not a pennsylvania grand jury
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investigation accuses hundreds of roman catholic priests abusing more than 1,000 children over 70 years. prosecutors say that's not counting victims who never came forward. the report also accuses church officials of engaging in a systemic cover-up. >> church officials routinely and purposefully described the abuse as horsepray and wrestling and inappropriate contact. it was none of those things. it was child sexual abuse. >> grand jurors examined six of the state's eight dioceses and identify 301 priests as predators. because the statute of limitations expired only 2 will face charges. a grand jury will look into sexual harassment allegations against the contra costa county assessor. yesterday, the board of supervisors voted unanimously to censure gus kramer accused
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of sexually harassing two employees. he denies the allegations. the board also called on a grand jury to look into this alleged misconduct. kramer says he plans to stay in office. california voters will decide whether to overhaul the state's property tax system. four decades ago, voters passed prop 13 which capped property tax increases on residential and commercial properties. more than 860,000 signatures have been collected for a ballot measure in 2020 that would change the rules for commercial properties only. they would be tax-based on their current market value. the change could generate an estimated 6 to $10 billion in tax revenue statewide every year. the lone napa winery in rutherford kicks off the harvest today followed by a ceremony which begins about 11:30 a.m. guess that's news. >> it is! it is! you talk about wine, even at
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6:16 in the morning? our ears perk up! we have problems on the roads. two traffic alerts in effect but we begin on 880. in the yellow towards the dumbarton bridge. we are seeing the delays heading westbound out of hayward to foster city as you connect with 101. this is a look near poplar. traffic appears to be moving okay through this stretch. it's once you pass poplar that you start tapping on the brakes and it's a very slow ride in the northbound direction. a deadly accident shut down at one point all lanes -- now just one lane blocked now. the coroner is on the scene and millbrae avenue off-ramp is shut down, as well. so if you are heading to sfo, be prepared for a slow ride as
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you head out of san mateo, burlingame, heavy through that stretch. about 30 minutes from woodside to sfo. towards the bay bridge toll plaza, we have another accident. traffic alert remains in effect. we have two lanes blocked. it's just past the toll plaza there. emergency crews are on the scene. this is involving a motorcycle. so injuries involved and the eastshore freeway definitely starting to see some yellow sensors light up our screen there. so busy day on the roads. please be safe out there. hat's a check of your traff ic; over to you. thank you. taking a look from the "salesforce tower" camera camera, the clouds are moving in and out. first you see the bridge, then you don't. you can see it at the bottom of the screen right now. those are the lights where the logo is. right now it's a great start to the day again. here's a live look from the kpix 5 roof camera. the clouds have been sitting right above the bay bridge and
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right down to driver level especially at the golden gate. cool in san francisco, 50s and 60s in the area. starting off chilly. this afternoon it will be comfortable especially for inland communities. sunrise 6:25 a.m. sunset 8:02 p.m. it's widespread cloud coverage in the bay area and by 10 a.m., concord, livermore may see sunshine as it retreats further closer to the bay and the coast. similar to yesterday tow beaches. same story for thursday. tomorrow similar to today. today very similar to yesterday. but friday is when we'll see the change. the reason today will be cool like yesterday was, we have that onshore breeze. it is strong even for the early-morning hours. blues and yellows, east of
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vallejo, concord, antioch, livermore, near altamont. so here's the futurecast. by 4:00 we'll notice the breeze. gusts around 15, 20 miles per hour. it will be breezy in san rafael and livermore and calm down while you're sleeping. we have a low keeping us cool with that onshore breeze. we have this low to the south. so it's staying there for another day. but it will retreat back to us. it's going to wobble back west 60s at the beaches today. it will be cloudy there. sunnyvale 77. santa clara 77. 81 in walnut creek. 88 in brentwood. 90s through the weekend through tuesday. we'll be right back.
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...athss. from major league baseball... chicago white sox at detroit. the giants-dodgers rivalry is one of the best in baseball and colorful as madison bumgarner and puig have a tense relationship. "mad-bum" had nothing to do with it. chris bochy watching from the dugout. but this game was going to get interesting. top of the 2nd no score. hanson to center, longoria scores. giants take the early lead. in the bottom of the 7th, it's nick huntley apparently said something to puig to get this benches clearing brawl started. hundley and puig were ejected from the game --huntley and puig were ejected from the game. top of the ninth tied at one, two on more hanson who gets the clutch hit again. belt scores. giants win 2-1. they are five
6:25 am
games back of first in the n.l. west. bob melvin trying to gain ground in the a.l. west against the mariners. bottom of the third, jed lowrie crushes a two-run homer to right field, his 100th home run of his career. a's 3-1. bottom of the 9th a's 3-2. groundout to second, a's win 3-2. they are a game back of the astros in the division. fresh off the first nba championship and a guaranteed nba contract, quint cook splurged on his biggest fan. this past weekend at his home in maryland, cook surprised his mom janet with a brand-new car. and the giants and the a's will both go for a sweep in their series. i'm andrea nakano, kpix 5. "...what athle now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the play of the day from major league baseball. the chicago white sox at
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detroit. watch. >> no way. >> left handers are hitting only .160 against him. >> i would not believe it. >> soft pop-up --oh!! great diving play and he holds on! >> the acrobatic diving catch but in the end you might win play of the day but lose the game. detroit fell to chicago 6-3. we know it's a lesson in frustration but a new study shows how much we're paying because of the congestion and road issues in the bay area. we'll crunch the numbers next. >> a new poop patrol in san francisco, we'll tell you how they are cleaning up the streets.
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violence... me advice for the hunt is on for the gunman who shot a bay area man whose dedicated himself to stopping street violence. >> and we'll have some advice for parents of children with food allergies as students begin to head back to school. >> plus, it's starting off gloomy and gray out there today but the good news is, temperatures will feel comfortable for inland communities. >> and right now, we are seeing a big backup develop over at the richmond/san rafael bridge. that's not the only slowdown we're tracking. coming up we'll highlight our slowest route. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. kenny choi is resting comfortably somewhere. it is 30 minutes after 6:00 on this wednesday, august 15th. >> we hope he is sleeping in. it will cost them money to bring bay area roads up to
6:31 am
standard but the poor road conditions are costing us now. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in oakland with the latest on a new study. >> reporter: it's not just costing us in terms of patience. there's a nonprofit national transportation study group called trip that crunched the numbers. here's what they say that our local road conditions are costing the average driver. in the san francisco-oakland region, almost $3,000 annually when it comes to congestion. we're talking time and burning gas. over $1,700 for vehicle operating costs as a result of driving on rough roads. more than $1,000. and safety the cost of traffic crashes more than $200. in san jose, more than $2,700 annually congestion, almost $1,500. vehicle operating costs almost a grand, safety $287. these figures will be used no doubt in the campaign against a measure on the statewide ballot this november.
6:32 am
that measure would repeal the state gas tax passed last year by the legislature, 12 cents a gallon to go to roadway repairs and other transportation projects. the arguments are on full swing on both sides of that debate. >> we have a huge public safety problem right now in our state with roads that are in disrepair. >> once voters find out that that's what we're talking about is an automatic stream of money to government with no reforms and accountability, they will vote no. >> reporter: a kpix/surveyusa poll of california voters done in june showed that 46% want to repeal the tax, 33% do not and 22% are undecided. this is what things look like and this is what we are getting used to here in the bay area. it's about 6:30 a.m. and this is what it looks like
6:33 am
on the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm live at the bay bridge toll plaza. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> they need some trains to get on the bay bridge. you know that trains used to run on the bay bridge? >> i didn't know that. it was the lower deck. the key system until 1958 or something like that. >> i don't know the exact date. >> something like that. i can't remember that time. oh, wait, i wasn't around. >> you know, the whole world happened before you were alive! the whole world happened. >> i know, brian. i know. >> anyway. either way, it's slow this morning. what's happening? it's slow this morning. a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a motorcycle crash and had two lanes blocked just past those -- that toll plaza there. so right now 25 minutes heading into san francisco. northbound slow due to a
6:34 am
deadly accident that we have been tracking since 4 a.m. one lane is closed. expect delays. it's going to be a slow ride after you pass 92 and head through burlingame out of san mateo. we are seeing that backup. so it's about 32 minutes from woodside up to sfo. highway 4 just jumped into the red if you are heading out of antioch. we are seeing about a 30- minute ride to 680. 580 in the yellow likely to get into the red if we just approach that 40 minute travel time between 205 and 680. and the eastshore freeway definitely seeing those brake lights there as you make your way westbound over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. your 580 approach still looking okay as you make your way towards the maze. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you, jaclyn. so the "salesforce tower" camera view keeps changing on me. this one towards the west, i promise at the bottom you can see the city but not so much
6:35 am
now. the clouds at the top. this view showing where the clouds are, 1,070 feet in the sky. not bad for commuters. cool in san francisco, 59 degrees. a little moisture in the air, as well. not so good for the air. you may want to grab a jacket. in livermore 60 degrees. low 60s d co this afternoon, inland communities should see sunshine today. it's cloudy now. but the cloud coverage will burn off. because of the west winds right here, it's going to be cool all across the bay area. cooler than normal i should say, pretty comfortable for many of you. sfo now sustained winds at 10, same with downtown san francisco and in oakland. east of berkeley though starting to notice a breeze in the hills. i'll talk about your afternoon temperatures coming up. san francisco is getting its hands dirty cleaning up city streets. kpix 5's jackie ward is live with the stinky details. jackie. reporter: yeah. this is a problem that really smells but one that mayor london breed is throwing money at to try to make better. it is this so-called new poop patrol to be on the streets of
6:36 am
san francisco soon going to known problem areas with fecal matter on the sidewalk and cleaning it up. the department of public works says this new team will consist of five workers and a supervisor. in addition to still responding to 311 calls that are reporting this problem, the poop patrol will be trying to address the issue before those calls even come in. this is part of mayor breed's big push to make san francisco less dirty. she recently signed an $11 billion budget the largest in the city's history. she gave public works 5.3% more money. >> we have to clean the city up. i think part of what we have to do a better job of doing is cleaning the city up and getting more people to feel responsible for doing the same. >> reporter: dpw also plans on expanding the city's pit stop public toilet program and will add hours to existing locations anbuilore locations throughout downtown. limited access and hours have been two of the main things people who use the facilities have complained about in the past.
6:37 am
this poop patrol will be on the streets sometime next month. from city hall, jackie ward, kpix 5. a man who made it his mission to curb street violence is now a victim of a shooting in san francisco. sources say several people approached joe -- yesterday afternoon on kisko road and someone opened fire shooting him several times in the head and face. he is being treated at a hospital. joe works with san francisco's street violence intervention program. >> he knows the struggto reach those same kind of kids. >> police don't have a suspect or motive yet. closing arguments are about to begin in the trial of president trump's former
6:38 am
campaign chairman paul manafort. he pled not guilty to 18 tax and banking charges. the defense rested its case yesterday without calling any witnesses. prosecutors say manafort failed to pay taxes on $16 million of earnings while consulting for pro-russian politicians in the ukraine. he is also accused of lying on bank loan applications. internal documents from the epa contradict public arguments for rolling back vehicle emissions. the proposal was announced earlier this month. the department of transportation says that requiring more fuel-efficient cost will lead to more traffic deaths. according to a memo, a senior epa official believes it would have the opposite effect. california is suing to block the effort to freeze mileage targets at 2020 levels and prevent states from setting their own standards. well, kids in the bay area across the country are starting go back to school and allergists areminding families
6:39 am
to make sure they are prepared before students enter the classroom. more now from cbs news' kenneth craig. >> reporter: summer is winding down for this family and with two children with food allergies, that means getting ready to go back to school now. >> before school starts, i always need to get in touch with my child's teacher and the school nurse. >> reporter: from kindergarten to college, being prepared is critical. for elementary students, parents need to be an advocate for children. >> speaking to the teachers, the administration, also you can do small measures like having a child to bring a placemat, hand hygiene. >> reporter: she says middle and high school students need to take care of themselves. >> the highest incidence of accidental exposures happen in those teenager years when they
6:40 am
can have worse outcomes because they don't carry epipens. >> reporter: there should be emergency action plans and epipen twin packs at school. the family knows how important it is to be ready. 8-year-old oliver is a learningic allergic to sesame. the other child had an incident and they used the epipen after calling 911. >> i regained a sense of vigilance. >> i read the labels all the time. >> reporter: oliver also makes sure his friends and teachers know about his allergies. >> if they don't know, i always tell them. >> reporter: because having everyone at school on the same page could be life-saving. kenneth craig, cbs news, woodmere, new jersey. >> she says kids with allergies and asthma should wear bracelets are name, e,
6:41 am
allergies in case of an emergency. time now 6:40. a california subway system will become the first in the nation to make all passengers undergo high-tech security screening.
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ahead on cbs this morning, we'll begin with the eyeopener. your world in 90 seconds. plus- a new study out this morning finds a weed- killing chemical linked to cancer in popu werner is her time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." john dickerson joins us from new york. >> reporter: good morning. ahead on this wednesday morning, we'll begin with the eye-opener as we always do. your world in 90 seconds. plus, a new study that finds breakfast food marketed to children contains a weed killer that some health authorities have linked to cancer. and anna werner is here to tell us l thneedo know about withus i wedis the st rise in cost of healthcare. and finally, the highly anticipated movie crazy rich asians, hits theaters today. lee cowen talks to the director about his effort to change hollywood. we'll see you at 7:00. >> i hear the book is great,
6:45 am
too. all right. i want to see that interview. john dickerson, we'll see you at 7:00. thank you, john. retail sales are on the rise and warren buffett is buying up a bunch of apple stock. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. warren buffett likes a sure thing and there are fewer surer things than apple stock. its market value recently topped $1 trillion, first u.s. company to do that. buffet's berkshire hathaway has bought another 12.4 million shares lifting their holdings to 252 million to more than $5.2 billion. buffett has called apple and unbelievable company. retailers doing very well this summer. the commerce department says retail sales in july were up .5% than the month before up 6.4% over the past 12 months, clothing chains, restaurants and department stores big
6:46 am
winners. there were sales declines for furniture and sporting goods. but given that retail sales and consumer spending is about two-thirds of the u.s. economy, certainly bodes well for gdp growth at the start of the second half. stock market today is under pressure from ongoing trade wars. dow down over 170 in the early going, nasdaq down 56, s&p down 19. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, some high-tech security screening on its way to l.a.'s public transit system. you can take a look. the scanners being rolled out across l.a. metro stations. the technology is similar to what tsa uses. officials say they are safe and no radiation is used. the scanners analyze the natural waves that come off your body. probably more sophisticated than whatever that is which should show if someone is hiding a weapon or bomb. >> we now have the ability to
6:47 am
obtain early visual warning of person-worn improvised explosive devices or weapons intended to cause mass casualties. >> the same technology is also tested in new york but l.a. will be the first mass transit in the u.s. to roll it out. >> i know you're going to look all this up to figure it out. >> natural energy waves? >> they are doing it with incense and crystals, i guess. i don't know. 13 minutes before the hour of 7:00. jaclyn? >> right now, we're tracking a slow ride for drivers making their way through san jose. good morning. northbound 101 near north first street, no accidents. no stalls. all lanes cleared. but your ride in the yellow. a little over 30 minutes making your way from hellyer to san antonio. as you head further north along 101, your ride is going to be slow through san mateo. we are dealing with an accident that has one lane blocked. this was a fatal crash and you can see that backup, this is
6:48 am
right near millbrae avenue. that off-ramp remains shut down. and the backup at peninsula avenue at this point. do expect delays if you are heading from woodside. 30 minutes to sfo. if you want to use 280 that's at the limit. el camino is another alternate route but that is likely to be much slower. give yourself some extra time if you are heading over to sfo. southbound direction, you're fine. you're in the green making your way towards the airport there. foggy ride for drivers heading across the golden gate bridge. and if you are making your way through petaluma this morning, good news, speeds are in the green in both directions. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. well, good morning, everybody. happy wednesday! we have views from the "salesforce tower" camera. clouds are just above where those cameras are located so right now you can see the bay bridge. it's of course gray and gloomy to start off this wednesday morning. but many inland communities
6:49 am
will see the sun later on. right now, visibility is not bad. we're looking at 10-mile visibility at most locations. half moon bay low visibility the past couple mornings but not today. 6 miles is not bad considering it's been below a mile many a morning. the cloud coverage is up higher, and it is widespread extending across the east bay because of the west winds. we have an onshore breeze. you can see it all here coming in at 10 miles per hour sustained through san francisco and oakland. and through berkeley. but breezier east of livermore and just east of concord, as well. near antioch. so that's definitely where you'll notice a little wind keeping it chilly out there this morning. a live look at san jose showing those high clouds out je temperatures pretty normal. 62 degrees for this hour. 59 in san francisco. livermore at 60. oakland 61. our air quality today goodto moderate. so it's not going to be hazy. today is improved from
6:50 am
yesterday. the fire crews getting a break from the excessive heat. good day for baseball in oakland. it's going to be cool and sunny for the a's game at 65 degrees at 12:35 first pitch. the reason temperatures are below average today, average high pressure that brings on the heat is to the east over the four corners states but it's not going to bring us that hot, hot air. so what we're going to see is maybe moisture this afternoon for the tahoe area. we saw that yesterday afternoon. but also noticing just mainly those west winds coming through from this low and then this low, as well. this low is actually the one that's contributing to pushing that ridge away. for now that means temperatures will be cool at the beaches, low 60s cloudy conditions 77 redwood city, 78 in palo alto. 89 in morgan hill. not expected to be 90 today. upper 80s for the hottest spots across the east bay so it should be comfortable for most of you. 77 in kentfield. maybe chilly in sausalito and san francisco with temperatures in the low 60s. daly city only reaching 58. so this is where of course the mendocino complex fire is
6:51 am
burning. low 90s but that's better than the triple digits. the ridge is coming back strengthening and moving back toward california. doesn't want to leave us alone. when that happens friday through the weekend our temperatures will be in the 90s. we are not going to see any rain for a while, unfortunately, 122 days now with no measurable rainfall in san jose. that's quite a long stretch. here's that seven-day forecast. that's where the heat begins on friday. you can mainly see it mid-90s upper 90s for saturday, sunday. extending into monday. that's your forecast. popular fast food chain in- n-out burger sent a "cease and desist" order to a n new er. about a modi too instagram vertise their new n-n-stout beer. the packaging bore a striking resemblance to the popular hamburger chain and it was no accident. >> we are just trying to get creative with our packaging. we have this idea of making a
6:52 am
can that looks like an in-n- out company. >> almost immediately in-n-out sent this cease and desist order that reads, based on your use of our marks, we felt obligated to hop to action in order to prevent further issues from brewing. and we hope you appreciate however that we are attempting to clearly distill our rights by crafting an applicable approach with you rather than barrel through this. wow. >> those people are good writers. searchers are on the scene of a bridge collapse in italy. who government officials are blaming for the disaster now. >> reporter: and we all know our roads are congested here in the bay area. many in poor condition. a new study breaks it down into dollars and cents. we'll explain next. if i never get off this island, tell my family i love...
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saving people money on car insurance. it's 6--- time for your final five... at
6:56 am
the bay bridge toll plaza with new numbers from a national nonprofit transportation study group called trip looking at the cost to the average bay area driver when it comes to our road congestion and road conditions. here are the numbers for the san francisco-oakland region. they say it costs the average driver almost $3,000 annually. congestion, when it comes to time and burning up gas in traffic jams, over $1,700. vehicle operating costs as a result of driving on rough roads, more than $1,000. and safety the cost of traffic crashes, more than $200. in the san jose region over $2,700 annually. congestion almost $1,500. vehicle operating costs almost $1,000. when it comes to safety, almost $300. these numbers will be used in the campaign against the measure on the statewide ballot this november to repeal the gas tax the legislature passed last year, 12 cents a
6:57 am
gallon, with the money going to roadway repairs and other transportation projects. live at the bay bridge toll plaza, anne makevoc, kpix 5. it's 3 minutes before 7:00, time for your "final 5." the wine harvest is under way this morning in the napa valley. the mumm napa winery in rutherford is kicking off its grape harvest today. the picking of the pinot noir grapes will be followed by a ceremony which is set to begin about 11:30. flags at half-staff in draper city, utah, in honor of the firefighter killed in wildfires. a tree fell on matt burchette. he is survived by a wife and son. students at marjory stoneman douglas high school return to class this morning in florida. the school closed since a gunman killed 17 people in february. the >>a grand jury report
6:58 am
accuses catholic priests of abusing more than 1,000 children from pennsylvania. more than 300 been accused of sexual abuse dating back to 1947. search teams in italy don't expect to find anyone else alive in the rubble of a collapsed bridge near genoa. the bridge failed yesterday during a storm killing at least 39 people. this morning, italy's deputy premiere blamed the collapse on a lack of maintenance by the private company that operates the bridge. and a traffic alert remains in effect for drivers heading northbound 101. a deadly accident as you approach millbrae avenue. that off-ramp is closed and one lane is closed. we are seeing the backup stretch clear into san mateo just as you approach third avenue. it's about 40 minutes heading from woodside to sfo. so if you are heading to sfo, if you have a flight to catch heading northbound 101 along the peninsula, give yourself extra time. use 280 as an alternate. here's the san mateo bridge. it's going to be tough to get
6:59 am
over to 101. we are in the yellow under a 25-minute ride between 880 and 101. eastshore freeway starting to see brake lights towards carlson. it's a little over 25 minutes heading to the bay bridge toll plaza where we're stuck in the red into san francisco. neda? we're also stuck in the gray. gray skies out there. here's a live look kpix 5 roof camera towards the bay bridge and the clouds are not super low. so we have that going for us. it's going to be cool again especially in san francisco. chilly yesterday. we do have that strong west wind that's going to pick up more this afternoon. we'll get a little breezy and keeping our temperatures below normal. right now temperatures upper 50s, low 60s. a lot of kids heading back to school today, put a jacket on them. we are alwith tgray skies,sign of thatonshe ngpretty cool today. 70s and 80s inland. >> warming up by the weekend. thank you for watching kpix 5. your next local update is 7:26.
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, august 15th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." we're learning new details from a bombshell report about catholic priests sexually abusing more than 1,000 children. a grand jury accuses bishops, including a current cardinal, of covering it all up. shoppers flee in panic after a gunman shoots several people inside a crowded walmart. we are at the store near philadelphia with how the violent chaos started with an argument in the checkout line. rescuers search all night for survivors after a massive bridge collapse in italy kills more than three dozen people. charlie d'agata talks to a witness who captured the sudden fall on camera.


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