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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now at 5-- an emotional meghan mccain... we gather to mourn the greatness. >> now at 5:00 an emotional megan mccain deliveries appointed you'll eulogy. thank you for joining us. former presidents and members of congress honored the late senator today. cbs news reporter was there. >> thousands bid fair well to
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john mccain the third. president george w bush praised his character and values. >> perhaps above all john detested the abuse of power. there was something deep inside him that made him stand up for the little guy. >> president barack obama reflected on the arizona senator's love of country. >> he was willing to buck his own party at times. occasionally work across the aisle. >> even though his funeral drew leaders on both sides of the aisle, with criticism of donald trump. >> there was no need to make america great again, because america was always great. >> the service captured his life, military sacrifice and
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legacy. former secretary of state henry kissinger. >> the world will be lonely without john mccain. >> senator mccain will be buried in a private service sunday. cbs news, washington. >> new at 5:00, some scary moments after an suv slammed into a busy mcdonald's after restaurant sending customers running for cover. >> i went into the restaurant -- >> this has a drive through, but this isn't it. the sheriff's department says the driver of this suv plowed into the crowded restaurant just before 10:00 this morning sending customers scrambling to avoid the car and a shower of broken glass. >> the place was pretty full but
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everyone was able to get out safely. >> that includes this woman that says she was driving the car that caused the damage. she said she mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brake. she also wanted to apologize to the injured, a 5th badly enough to be hospitalized. >> i felt bad for the lady, but luckily no one is hurt, that's the good news. >> after removing the car firefighters worked to stabilize the building. the car smashed into the dining area. firefighters say it's nothing short of a miracle no one was killed. kp i x5. >> one of apple's self driving suv is in the shop. last friday the vehicle attempted to merge on to the expressway when it was hit by another car.
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at the time the suv was going less than one mile per hour. no one was hurt. the industry experts say rear end crashes are fairly common because they tend to be more hesitant than a human driver. >> well, it's now official. we know who will pay for california's wine country wildfires, you will. law makers have approved a plan that will have customers pay for the mistakes and we'll have that story in just a few minutes. so stay tuned for that. 0. by the way, they wouldn't talk to us about the decision that they made, but it did release a statement about the fact that they were in support of the ledge lay decision to any the legislature would require middle and high school students to start later in the morning.
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a change for many districts that now start between 8:00 and 8:30. the point is to enable teenagers to get more sleep. more sleep will give better academic performance. >> san francisco is using data to track homeless people. they have been crafting a data base with health, housing, jail and counselling information on every homeless man, woman or child. it's called the one system. it is to get people off thests. bay are solid waste hauler wants to construct housing and commercial state on its 6th acre truck and store
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storage yard. it is rapidly transforming and believes it's the best use of land there. the trucks will be moved to another site. bart is implementing emergency patrols after a man stabbed and killed an 18-year-old on the platform. officers were working ten-hour shifts, six days a week, but bart couldn't keep that going long-term. the agency has been struggling to fill vague sees vacancies in a while now. >> in the meantime there will be busses to get you around the shut downed areas. president trump is again threatening to exclude canada from a revamped north american
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trade agreement. if we don't make a fair deal with the u.s. after decades of abuse, canada will be out. the u.s. reached a bilateral deal with mexico earlier this week, but talks with canada have stalled over several issues including dispute resolution system and access to canada's dairy market. the country's prime minister says he won't sign a deal if it hurts canada. >> we will only sign a deal if it is a good deal for canada. again, no deal is better than a bad deal for canada and for canadians and that's what we're remaining firm on. >> the deadline to reach an agreement was yesterday but now negotiations are scheduled to resume on wednesday. >> back to the story we almost told you about a couple minutes ago. about the fact that we know who will pay for california's win country wildfires. you will be paying for them. law makers have approved a plan that will
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have customer's pay for the mistake. >> your bill will likely go up in the coming months. the increase would help them pay for the liability costs related to last year's north bay wildfires which destroyed thousands of homes and took multiple lives. >> i think it's wrong. >> we have no say unfortunately and that's what's really sad, and it is frustrating. >> there's no way to describe it as anything as a bail out. >> late last night state law makers passed a bill allowing utilities to pass some of the liability costs on to rate payers. >> absolutely not a bail out for pg and a. >> he says it's the lesser of two evils. >> we're going to have to pay one way or the other. this is the most responsible way to make sure the shareholders are paying a lot, without pushing them into bankruptcy. >> experts say they could go bankrupt is the bill did not pass but the utility reform
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network say customers should not have to pay for their negligence. >> threatening bankruptcy any time it thinks its profits are threat end. we heard these threats before. >> the law makers point out they did file for bankruptcy about 20 years ago, and customers ended up paying higher bills. many rate payers have mixed feelings. >> i am torn because i do believe they need the assistance but at the same time i don't think it should go to the consumer. >> i think there is a responsibility for them. >> governor brown now has the bill and he's expected to sign it into law. in san francisco, kpix5. >> they would not talk to us about your legislature's decision but it did release statement thanking them. it reads in part: senate bill 901 is a common sense solution that puts the needs of wildfire
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victims first, it protects electric customers and preserves progress toward california's clean energy bills. i was walking down the street and next thing you know i see a swarm of bees? hard to miss the sale force tower in san francisco. now the big white building is going completely green. we have completely fogged in conditions for the weekend but we can see the forecast and we'll have it for you when we come back.
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and when there's a problem with bees...
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the n-y-p-d can call upon one of its units to help. reporter lindsey christ to the "bee te . thousand of bees swarmed parts of time square. reporter lindsey chris introduces us to the bee team. >> when 30,000 bees descendeded on the hot dog stand the internet was abuzz. a member of the nyp dchltd's honey bee unit. >> they're cute and fuzzy and they want to be around us. >> the officer manages the nypd
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sitter account. let me enlighten you. honey bees are not hideous. they live in a perfect society. >> i think there's a lot of people who wants to get in on it now and wants to have their own honey and start their own colony. so if they do that they will have a swarm so it will give us more work to do. >> the nypd has hat bee keepers since the 1990s, but the workload has risen since the popularity of urban bee keep has grown. swarms happen when an entire hive flies off seeking new digs. their bee unit work is in addition to their regular police duties. >> swarming bees are in a panicked state. compassionate policing applies. >> when we first put the ladder in i walked up the ladder without any protective gear on
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and i just wanted to introduce myself to the bees. i know it sounds kind of crazy, but i just want to let them know that i'm going to be up here and we're going to help you. >> he keeps a hive on top of his precinct. he says they're adjusting beautifully to their new home. >> fantastic. we've checked on them, they're settling in, i'm feeding them sugar wear so they don't have to go out immediately and start looking for nutrition, and they're drinking it down. >> he's hoping by next summer officers at his precinct will be able to enjoy time square honey with their toast. >> they think maybe warm weather might have caused the queen bee
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to abandon her hive. >> the queen of soul aretha franklin died without a will. her lawyer said he constantly told her to write a will but she never got around to it. she died last week at 76. taking a live like now, the big, bright display atop the tower, you can see, is now 100% renewable energy. san francisco's public utilities commission made the announcement yesterday, the tallest office building west of the mississippi river uses a mix of sources from the sun, wind and waves through the city's clean power program. for the rest of the weekend you can see what's being for told close to the shoreline. inland things continue clear and that forecast for the labor day weekend will continue with the fog along the coast and usual
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summertime spread from 61 along the coast to 92 inland. inland we go down to san jose, plenty of blue. san francisco in the 60s. it will become sunny inland is he same time along the coastline it will be fog until midmorning. not quite as extensive because high pressure is building off the southern california coastline and as the high builds temperatures follow suit. so the coast will chill inland, will simmer. a littlet of fog and drizzle nee shoreline. milder weather returns on tuesday so the temperatures come up a little bit then they'll go down a little bit. the wine festival
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will be in the mid 70s tomorrow, and for the giants taking on i forget, oh, yeah, the mets, first pitch at 1:05 tomorrow, oakland is taking on seattle tomorrow. game time temp 69 degrees. tomorrow partly cloudy, winds out of the west, northwest and if you're headed to new york there will be some clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. 82 degrees, 81 for los angeles. sun up on your sunday morning at 6:41 a.m. and then daytime highs will look like this. we'll still be in the eight #0gs to low nine -- 80s to low 90s. santa rosa 88, in san francisco 66. extended forecast will go status quo. usual low clouds, sun in the afternoon, it
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will be in the 90s inland for the first couple days then those temperatures subside to the mid to upper 80s. all and all there are no big changes. you want drama? we are locked in to deliver, double gut punch for fans of the bay area nfl team. a block buster trade off its best player.
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this morning at the news of something going on with raiders kahlil mack... ...a mere few hours later...the 2016 nfl defensive player of the year became a chicago bear udder... mac . >> nfl up top. the former defensive player of the year become a chicago bear. i didn't stutter. mack was traded. oakland sent him to chicago. the bears signed him for a deal
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$141 million. 90 million guaranteed. and just like that, he's gone, radar nation. derrick card tweeted this is the sucky part of this business. mornings like this, but we have a season to play and games to win. radar nation. we feel your pain, trust me, but we need you next monday night. their opener. they acquired the big quarterback from the bills and released connor cook and ej, which means he's coming over to be the back doesn'tou right. 49ers lost its star running back, signed in the of season to be the team's work horse, he is out for the season as a result of tearing his acl on a noncontact play in practice earlier today.
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college football saturday head coach justin wilcox, 42,000 memorial stadium, not counting the band. season opener, as the bears take a short field in, touchdown, 7-0, california. he was picked by cameron good. the california defense had four interceptions of the game into the 3rd. quarterback in, in for a touchdown to give them a 24-3 lead. elliott had would be up for williams, he came down with it. so now, you have to have some good hands to save the bacon and he got it. final of
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24-17, they play at byu, next saturday. that's a war eagle, he's ready to watch number nine. second quarter jake brown, one handed catch, that was impressive. 3rd quarter, he took it in. auburn went up 21-16, last quarter, last chance for washington, browning dropped back. this was rule intentional grounding. it didn't matter, auburn won the game, final 21-16. >> hey, remember the florida atlantic team, they began in red, replacing the heisman winner as the sooner quarterback. i don't know, i would say murray's arm, major
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league ready. look at this throw. 65 yards, marquee brown, fine touchdown. moving pitchers on, the late show, oakland, game 1/2 behind houston for the division lead. >> giants and mets because you waited long enough, hanging out, look at shot there. and here's a shot, evan, back away, gone. this one went extras, folks, top of the 11th with metropolitan. fly ball to left field, the runner scores, mets took the lead. player to the right. well, that one is
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grabbed, nice web, and the mets won the game, final of 2-1. that, my friends is how we do it at 5:00. >> all right. thank you. >> missed it by that much. we'll be right back. this is not a bed.
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and now, all beds are on sale. it's the last chance to save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 36-month financing. ends labor day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. the cbs weekend news is next. news updates are always on cbs-sf dot com. 0. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you back at 6:00. we head outside to show you some improving live shots.
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we'll see you in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: senator john mccain's final honor. family, friends, and colleagues remembering the maverick of the senate. his daughter meghan giving a powerful, fiery tribute. >> the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again, because america was always great. >> ninan: also tonight, new revelations from a former trump campaign aide. george papadopolous now telling a court that then-candidate donald trump supported a proposal to meet russian president vladimir putin. a trucking company accused of negligence after one of its semi-trailers crashed into a greyhound bus, killing eight people in new mexico.


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