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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the pilot is deceased. >> reporter: the women are being treated at the hospital. we are told they are mother and daughter. so far no names have been released. the pilot did not issue a made a call before the crash. the faa will be investigating what went wrong. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh's hearing got off to a heated start. >> mr. chairman we ought to have this loudmouth removed. >> protesters were thrown out of the room and it did not take long before a senator took center stage demanding the confirmation be delayed. melissa kane has been watching it all unfold. >> reporter: we barely heard from brett kavanaugh today, senators from the committee spent most of the day presenting their views on his nomination and how it has gone so far. >> good morning. i welcome everyone to this
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confirmation hearing on the nomination of brett kavanaugh. >> mr. chairman? >> that is how the hearing started. senator kemal harris made an objection seven seconds after the chairman gave his welcome. >> i would like to ask a question before we proceed. the committee received only 15 hours ago more than 42,000 pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review. >> reporter: other democrats spent an hour trying to stop the meeting. >> i moved to adjourn. democrats argued they needed time to review documents. senator harris objected a second time. >> this is a hearing about who will sit on the highest court of the land. this is a hearing that is about who will sit in a house that symbolizes our system of justice in this country.
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>> reporter: senator feinstein spoke up telling the nominee that democrats are angry. >> there is frustration. we know what happened with the prior nominee, the last one president obama presented to us. he never even got a meeting. he never got a hearing. he never got a vote. >> reporter: senators were the only one making noise. protesters interrupted over and over again. the constant yelling rattled some senators like republican orin hatch. >> mr. chairman i don't know that the committee should how to put up with this type of insolence that is going on in this room today. frankly, these people are so out of line they should not be allowed in the room. >> reporter: even democrat patrick leahy. >> i do not intend at any point
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to continue what i have to say with such interruptions. i don't care whose side they are on. >> reporter: the hearing continues tomorrow and we can expect more attention because senators will be grilling brett kavanaugh about where he stands on abortion. >> the system is so interesting. it is different every time. so he finally gets a chance to talk but does not talk very long. >> reporter: he just had a few minutes. he was listening to everyone talking about him. you really can't say anything. he did say that he hopes it will not be a partisan issue back he will serve as a justice in a nonpartisan manner. he said that he does believe that he is looking forward to tomorrow's hearing. we will be back at 6:30 with the former mayor who will tell us more about what he thinks about the democratic strategy. the confirmation hearing
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continues throughout the week with senators questioning brett kavanaugh. the committee is expected to vote on the nomination as soon as september 13th. republicans are hoping for a vote in time for brett kavanaugh to join a supreme court for its fall term. in washington tonight a soon to be released book that is claiming the white house is in chaos. that book by journalist bob woodward is called "fear." it claims that many senior staff members, including john kelly and james mattis, consider the president unfit for the presidency. it also says that senior aides sometimes took sensitive documents off the president's desk so he would not act on them. bob woodward's former colleague says it is a portrayal of a presidency in crisis. >> the most important thing that we see in the reporting is that the people closest to the president, in the white house,
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see their job as to protect the nation and the world from donald trump. >> defense secretary matus is denying quote attributed to him. the president said stories in the book are "fraud, akon on the public." in apartment complex thought it found the perfect way to stop package threats. junior on how a couple of thieves managed to beat the system. >> reporter: concord police are trying to figure it out. was it an inside job? did they hack the system? they have not been caught but they were caught on video. take a look. they are delivering packages, they are taking them. >> they start taking the packages. >> reporter: how? first they got into an apartment complex and walked down a hallway through a door
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and into a room that has a locker -based delivery system. in that room were cameras. >> they were there for a short period of time. >> reporter: the kiosk stores packages, another innovative security idea to try to prevent the old too common package a porch seif from getting away with it. there are a couple of ways to pick up your package. one is to scan a code from your phone, also you can enter a eight pick up cold from a text message. concord police believe the suspects may have done it this way, getting a cold, or they may have hacked the system. >> somehow they got the internal code that opened up every door. >> reporter: he says he uses the delivery kiosk all the time. >> my books for college. >> reporter: did they take anything from you? >> no. >> reporter: in this instance the thieves got away with an assortment of things.
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>> one was closing that was ordered online. -- one was clothing that they ordered online. >> reporter: the video has been posted on the concord police department's facebook page. it has also been blasted on neighborhood chat. police are hoping someone will recognize these suspects. >> is this some sort of local trends? have there been any other break- ins in the area? >> reporter: i asked police that, they said this is very rare, this is the first time they have had this incident happen. a lot of times we see video of people grabbing packages off of porches but not from kiosks. >> thank you. the mayor of san francisco urging the governor to allow the city to set up safe injection sites -- safe injection sites. the mayor called on the
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governor to sign the measure that would let the city create spaces for people who inject themselves on city sidewalks and leave needles behind. the measure is intended to prevent overdose death. >> i want to reduce the stigma around the sites and show they can be implemented in a clean, safe and effective way. >> today the mayor toward a site in the mission district. if the measure is approved to san francisco would be the first city in the country with such a program. a mess on interstate 880 in oakland. a truck overturned on the on ramp. it spilled about 8 tons of debris on the roadway. a forklift had to be brought in to clean up the mess. fire crews in sierra working to get the north fire under control. the blaze is burning through tahoe national forest. firefighters are battling the
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flames from the air and the ground. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon and has burned 500 acres. several campers have been evacuated. already california wildfires have caused billions of dollars in damage. now some neighbors are taking fire prevention into their own hands. emily turner is live in mill valley with that story. >> reporter: the last year, especially for the bay area, have been brutal. if there is a silverlining it is a fact that folks here are taking fire prevention, even more seriously. on a damp day like this one the threat of fire might seem far off but for him it is just outside of his door. >> we have trees opposite of us. they are very sensitive to the fire. if we get a fire here there are
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only certain exit routes. >> reporter: which is why he and his wife participated in this exercise in their neighborhood. the hillside homes are in a high fire risk area. low accessibility makes it dangerous during fire season. >> right now we have peoples attention and we should. last year resulted in a huge loss of property and a huge loss of life. during that period of time in a lot of people were not being proactive in engaging how to be better prepared. >> reporter: it is a trend of fire districts are thrilled about. the chief is capitalizing on it, holding creating new fire wise communities. he says, people are receptive to it. they know what they do now could save them or their home if fire season lives up to its name. >> it makes you feel less like you are dealing with this on your own. it is more of a community
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effort. you feel a little more in control. >> reporter: in this part of the county there hasn't been a fire since 1929. so imagine all of the fuel in these hills behind me that is ready to go up. the scary thing about that as in the footprint of that fire are now at least 1000 homes. for those of you who are watching, it is important to be prepared. emily turner, kpix5. nike battling a backlash over colin kaepernick. amazon has joined a business club. the milestone that ranks it right up there with apple. how businesses on one street are trying to tackle an environmental disaster.
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amazon today became the "second" company "ever" to have a value of one- trillion dol amazon shareholders are smiling this evening, amazon became the second company ever to have a value of $1 trillion. that is due to the stock price which is now over $2000 a share. amazon accounts for nearly half the commerce in the u.s. last month apple became the first company to be valued at $1 trillion. colin kaepernick is looming large over the bay area as the face of nike. chopper 5 flew over one of the first billboards to go up in san francisco. not everyone is a fan of this. chris martinez shows us the campaign has some long time customers running in the posiecn
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>> reporter: some lifted their shoes on fire sharing the video on social media. >> sorry, nike. not anymore. >> reporter: the hashtag boycott nike trended after colin kaepernick shared this ad with the caption "believe in something. even if it means sacrificing everything." it is part of the 30th anniversary of the "just do it" campaign. she says you won't find her sporting nike. >> i thought about it this morning. i chose not to where it. >> reporter: colin kaepernick became a divisive figure when he began yelling during the national anthem. protesting police brutality and racial injustice. he has been unsigned since then and entangled in a lawsuit with the nfl, accusing the league of illegally shutting him out.
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>> i think it is part of the american experience to speak your mind freely. i see it as a respectful way to say how you feel. >> reporter: some stars have also come out in support. serena williams says "especially proud to be part of the nike family today." chris martinez, cbs news, california. businesses on one street said they want to fight pollution in the pacific ocean. how they are using the month of september to make a difference. >> reporter: it is lunch here, this mediterranean restaurant is serving up strahl us drinks to its customers. at least seven restaurants have also pledged to stop using plastic straws. it is all part of starless september in the city. >> i think it is fantastic. >> reporter: he supports the
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idea, in fact, he no longer uses the plastic straws in his own home. >> for my kids i wanted to build awareness. i got them glass straws, which i think really helps. >> reporter: what did they think? >> they were excited. >> i can do this. >> reporter: this is the woman behind strahl us september. she says she loves the ocean and wanted to do her part to save the planet from plastic. she says 500 single use straws are used in the united states every day. >> this is something easy that we can all do. most of us get overwhelmed with the idea of all of this plastic in our lives. >> reporter: she recommends using drinks without a straw were using paper straws at
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restaurants. we spoke to some people who say plastic straws are just part of the problem. >> the containers, cops, those are -- the containers, the plastic cups, those are even worse. >> reporter: these owners plan on keeping going on with strawless even after september. a woman brought an unexpected souvenir, a visitor from canczn. a baby iguana arrived in her bikini top. she wasn't wearing it at the time. the reptile make itself at home while the bathing suit was drying out. when she got home and opened her suitcase she found the little critter staring back at her. she took it to the humane society which placed it in a reptile sanctuary. we have some warm weather
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inland but chilly weather near the water. coming up which one day is going to be the warmest as the sunshine continues all throughout the bay area. your forecast is next. coming up tonight the new high-tech parking meters in san jose have a big problem, they are too tall. some people have to stand on their toes to use them. first, the markets closed a bit down today. here is a look at the closing numbers from wall street. this isn't just any long-distance relationship.
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this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity delivers the fastest, most reliable internet learn more, or get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. coastal residents from alabama to louisiana... are bracing for what's next. this is what it looked .. tropical storm gordon is on the move. people are bracing for what is next in alabama. this is what it looked like in the south florida. no it is heading west and will strengthen into a hurricane. new orleans, a valuation -- a voluntary evacuation order is
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in effect for people living outside of the levee protection system. b1 we are ready. i am confident we have got the pumps and the power we need to get through this. when that rain comes in it is going around with the wind and there is trouble. there is also the storm surge. they have had crazy flooding in kansas and illinois now they are getting a tropical system. rain is going to be an issue for a few days. it would be nice to have rain around here. we have not had rain in four months but we will coming up soon. 87 right now in concord. 88 in livermore. look at the fog coming in. san jose is 77. santa rosa 74. playoff baseball tonight, the yankees are still in town taking on oakland.
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65 degrees, first pitch a little after 7:00. tonight lows in the mid- 50s, oakland 57, livermore 57, san jose 59 and santa rosa 52 degrees. there are storms in the state of california, you have to go to the sierra to get them. a few showers near lake tahoe. that is where they will stay. but, this is the time of year when we begin to see rain return to the area. the average rainfall in september is one quarter of an inch of rain. october it is an inch of rain, november it is 3 inches of rain. even though september is a warm month, it is also the time of year where the pattern begins to change and we could see some rain. i am just telling you because that is what climatology says. a light ocean breeze center to the south and southwest, the
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flow around it does not give us an offshore wind but they flow coming from the ocean which will keep things cool near the water. we will be warming up inland on friday. cloud cover tomorrow morning near the water. getting the sunshine in the afternoon, likely a report -- likely a repeat performance on thursday. cloudy and foggy mornings continue. we stay cooler than average through thursday. we warm up on friday but the majority of the warming will be inland. 80 tomorrow in san jose. 77 in napa. 86 in fairfield. concord 84 oakland 69 degrees with morning clouds. fremont 75. san francisco 65. the spike in temperature comes on friday, into the mid-90s inland, not much of a spike near the water, only 63 at the beach. mid- 80s to low 90s inland.
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that is your forecast. we will be right back.
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collector who is getting back a famous pair of ruby red slippers. the f-b-i found the famous shoes from "the wizard of oz" -- more than ten years after they f four there is no place like home just ask a memorabilia collector who is getting back a famous pair of slippers. the fbi found the famous shoes from the "wizard of oz" 10 years after they disappeared. they are one of four appears that judy garland wore in the
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1939 film. the owner loaned them to the judy garland museum back in 2005 but they vanished. it is not clear if anyone will be charged. tissues are valued at $3 million. >> amazing. up next cbs talks to bob woodward about his new book about the white house. more reaction after nike makes colin kaepernick part of its latest campaign. and the stolen ruby slippers recovered after 13 years, that is coming up in just a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." >> we will be back in just 30 minutes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs o t glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday: bob woodward's explosive new book on the trump white house. llrricane warnings in the gulf coast, as gordon makes landfall tonight. and what the n.f.l. is saying about nike making colin kaepernick part of its ad esmpaign. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> an absolutely devastating peek behind the curtains of the west wing laid bare in bob woodward's new book. g white house chief of staff chn kelly quoted in the book as saying of the president, "he's an idiot. ra's gone off the rails. at're in crazy town." >> also denigrated the attorney general to staff, calling him a "dumb southerner." >> reporter: tropical storm gordon is threatening more than eight million people along the gulf coast. a hurricane warning is in effect anom the louisiana-mississippi er


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