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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  September 4, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs o t glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday: bob woodward's explosive new book on the trump white house. llrricane warnings in the gulf coast, as gordon makes landfall tonight. and what the n.f.l. is saying about nike making colin kaepernick part of its ad esmpaign. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> an absolutely devastating peek behind the curtains of the west wing laid bare in bob woodward's new book. g white house chief of staff chn kelly quoted in the book as saying of the president, "he's an idiot. ra's gone off the rails. at're in crazy town." >> also denigrated the attorney general to staff, calling him a "dumb southerner." >> reporter: tropical storm gordon is threatening more than eight million people along the gulf coast. a hurricane warning is in effect anom the louisiana-mississippi thrder to the florida panhandle.
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>> chairman, i move to adjourn. >> a rowdy first day of stnfirmation hearings for supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh. >> democrats called for a delay as protesters flooded capitol emll. >> justice, you're in doubt! ow a powerful typhoon slamming into japan. >> the storm causing a tanker to crash into a bridge connecting the airport to the mainland. >> an egyptian man was arrested outside the u.s. embassy in cairo this morning, after chemicals in his backpack caught fire. authorities called it "a botched attack >> amazon became the second tblicly traded company to reach $1 trillion. >> one month after apple reached the same mark. >> the slippers... yes! >> the iconic "wizard of oz" no rd yetwhtheeen found.s f.b.i. followed the yellow brick road to find them. >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor.
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this is our western edition. we'll start with the latest book on the trump white house paints an ugly picture of the current presidency. bob woodward, whose reporting helped bring down president richard nixon, says chief of staff john kelly said, "we're in crazy town." woodward says top aides were said to steal papers off the president's desk so he couldn't end trade deals. mr. trump quickly responded, telling "the daily caller," "it's just another bad book. ep's had a lot of credibility problems." david martin spoke to woodward and begins our coverage. >> reporter: white house chief an staff john kelly said of ofesident trump, "he's an idiot. it's pointless to try to convince him of anything. he's gone off the rails. we're in crazy town." defense secretary james mattis told close associates his commander-in-chief acted like and had the understanding of "a fifth or sixth grader." late today, kelly and mattis denied the comments, but the book is filled with derogatory descriptions of the president by wanior advisers. woodward's devastating account is called "fear: trump in the white house."
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it hasn't been published yet, but the white house says it's nothing more than fabricated stories told to make the beesident look bad. woodward tried, but was not granted an interview with the omesident. to a brief phone conversation last month, woodward warned him what was coming. >> it's a tough look at the world and your administration and you. >> right, well i assume that means it's going to be a bgative book. >> reporter: in woodward's telling, the president's aides aar not what he might do to them, but what he might do to the country. his then-chief economic adviser gary cohn and white house staff secretary rob porter stole this arcument withdrawing from a free trade agreement with south korea off the president's oval office desk, so he could not sign it. porter spent about one-third of his effort keeping the president from acting on impulses, such as his belief the u.s. is being taken to the cleaners. >> our trade deal is so bad for the united states and so good for south korea, i said, we'll focus on the military. it reporter: seven months into
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toe administration at a meeting in the pentagon, defense racretary mattis tried to gonvince the president of the value of military alliances and se free trade agreements. but the president declared, "this is all b.s." then, according to a summary written by a white house official, "proceeded to lecture and insult the entire group about how they didn't know anything when it came to defense or national security." the president emerged from the meeting seeming in fine spirits. >> the meeting was great. very good meeting. >> reporter: but the summary went on to say "many of the president's senior advisers are extremely concerned with his erratic nature, his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, as well as what they rensider his dangerous views." and, according to woodward, one a the president's attorneys, rohn dowd, felt he would commit ccrjury if interviewed by special counsel robert mueller. l wd, who has since resigned, believed the president had nothing to hide, but was incapable of giving simple, factual answers.
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"don't testify," dowd warned, "it's either that or an orange ndmpsuit." nte book ends with this sentence, "trump had one overriding problem that dowd buew, but could not bring himself to say to the president, to 're an effing liar.'" dowd has issued a statement denying he ever called the president a liar, but i can tell veu from having interviewed woodward, he is very confident of this information. much of which comes from diary and notes made by participants from the events. jeff? >> glor: david martin, thank you very much. you can see david's interview with bob woodward this sunday on "sunday morning." we should also mention that woodward's book is published by simon & schuster, that is a unvision of cbs. now to the white house and major garrett. mojor, what else are you hearing about this book tonight? on oeporter: well, the president in that interview with "the daily caller" called the book "nasty stuff." and implied that it could be made up by the author bob woodward, he also knocks in war'd credibility. ha
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woodward's credibility. but in that phone conversation that woodward had with the president last month, the neesident is quoted as woooodwad as calling him someone who has "always been fair." t glor: so major, what other fallout are we talking about in your estimation tonight? >> reporter: well, white house aides are going to understandably keep a close eye on the president's mood and his twitter feed. they expect a couple days of volatility. and with the president's ongoing usiticism of his attorney general, the book adds fuel to that already conspicuous fire. in the book, woodward says "at tne point the president described jeff sessions, his attorney general, as 'mentally retarded' and a 'dumb southerner.'" but the feeling here, jeff, is this book does little to this already fraught relationship and doesn't really do anything to make the relationship between the president and his attorney general any more strained or uncertain than it already is. >> glor: major garrett, thank you very much. in just a few hours, gordon will become the first tropical storm to make landfall in the u.s.
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this season. warnings are up in alabama and mississippi tonight. four to eight inches of rain are forecast, and the hurricane center is warning of life- threatening storm surge. omar villafranca is in dauphin island, alabama. >> reporter: the 14-mile-long barrier island is no stranger to tropical storms. the western end of dauphin island has proved to be one of the most hazardous places in the country, prone to heavy flooding. large storms seem to roll in every year. last year, it was hurricane nate wreaking havoc. gordon is expected to unleash 75mph winds, and drop four to esght inches of rain. storm surges could reach fiv but that doesn't seem to worry the locals. >> it's nature doing its thing. it's pretty freaking awesome. >> reporter: donna saey was raised here, and says it's a way of life. >> you're born into it.
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anything on the west side is constantly washed. the roads are torn up, it's being rebuilt. >> reporter: the west end beach here just reopened in may after the parking lot here was wiped out by hurricane nate. across the gulf coast, others are bracing for the storm, where punishing surf and rain has begun. in biloxi, mississippi, they stocked up on supplies at the grocery store, while the fire department geared up for possible water rescues. >> i hope that it comes and goes and we're done with it. >> reporter: officials with the national hurricane center are expecting anywhere from three to five feet mixed in with several inches of rain, and they're worried that can cause millions of dollars in damage. but mayor latoya cantrell says they are prepared. nd we've got the pumps and power we believe we need, again, to be safe and protect our residents. >> reporter: the rain has started to pick up, and the wind is actually picking up significantly. but one of the big concerns with this storm is going to be the storm surge.
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officials with the national erricane center are expecting fywhere from three to five feet mixed in with several inches of rain, and they're worried that can cause millions of dollars in damage. jeff? >> glor: all right, omar villafranca, where the wind is only going to get worse tonight, in alabama. erbs weather forecaster lonnie quinn is tracking gordon for us. lonnie, what's happening out there? >> i think this is going to prove to be a storm more about the water than the wind, kind of like omar was talking about. here's the current stats on it: i will say the storm has gotten better organized. it's starting to look like that quintessential rotation you see cath a tropical system. onnds are at 70mph. it has to get to 74mph to be a cat 1 hurricane. we don't think it's going to get there. it's moving through the northwest quickly, 15mph. in, the good news is it's not like harvey, it will not take forever to get through the area, it will be through quickly. we think landfall somewhere i ong the mississippi or alabama coast line, maybe it's a low- grade cat 1 pushing inland, quickly weakening. so, we talk about the water, the storm surge and the fresh water rain. well, take a look at this. we think that portions of the mississippi coast-- wherever you
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see that dark green and the mid- theen color-- could be seeing three to five feet of storm surge. also, do not rule out the mobile bay. highest probability is for it to go just to the west of the mobile bay. consequently, it would be the catch base for all this counter- clockwise spin around this storm tshing water into that basin, and then you've got rain on top u that. coay, we think some areas could see 10 to 12 inches. you want to focus on this bright while color right around e nsacola florida, because again, it's east-side heavy. all the rain is on that east side of the storm. but then that rain is going to get funneled into the midwest. and the midwest-- portions of it today picked up six inches of rain, tomorrow they'll pick up another six inches of rain. that's before any of the leftovers of gordon even before it gets to them. it's possible, jeff, the flooding could be worse in the midwest than it is on the coast, because of its association with gordon.loie, thank you. brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing for the supreme court prarly turned into a free-for- all today with frequent interruptions from senate democrats and protesters.
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icpitol hill police made 70 arrests. jan crawford is following it all. >> i welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of-- o mr. chairman? >> --brett kavanaugh. >> mr. chairman? >> reporter: senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley barely finished a sentence... >> mr. chairman, i'd like to be recognized to ask a question before we proceed. >> you're out of order, i'll tooceed. >> we cannot possibly move forward-- >> reporter: ...when committee democrats started the interruptions. >> mr. chairman, i move to adjourn. >> when will review senator blumenthal's motion to adjourn? >> i make a very clear civil motion to move into executive sessions. >> vote no! >> reporter: it was a raucous first day of confirmation hearings for judge brett gsvanaugh. who was able to introduce his family before the protests started up again. >> more women are going to be sent to back-alley abortions! >> reporter: republicans were having none of it. >> it's pretty obvious to most orople going about their work
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d day that the deranged comments actually don't have anything to do with you. hi this is ridiculous. you're one of the best choices any republican could make. >> reporter: the democrats complaints were in part on arocess. the republicans weren't turning ren' every document from kavanaugh's time in the bush administration. but they also took aim at president trp. >> over a dozen cabinet members and senior aides to president havep have resigned, been fired, or failed their confirmations. b there will always be an asterisk after your name. >> reporter: and predididicted,, kavanaugh would throw out supreme court precedent. >> judge kavanaugh-- >> reporter: after nearly eight hours, kavanaugh finally gave his opening statement... >> i am an optimist. >> reporter: ...and pledged to be impartial and independent. >> i revere the constitution. if confirmed to the supreme court, i will keep an open mind in every case. i will always strive to preserve the constitution of the united states and the american rule of
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law. >> reporter: now with the midterm elections looming, sources tell cbs news that democrats orchestrated their strategy over the weekend. the president trump, in a tweet this afternoon, called it "despicable." now these hearings will continue tomorrow. judge kavanaugh is going to be in the hot seat as the senators put their questions directly to the nominee. thff? >> glor: all right. jan crawford right there in the confirmation room. jan, thank you. d izona's governor today topointed former three-term senator jon kyl to replace the late john mccain. at leastst until the end of this orar. tol is expected to be sworn in ioter this week in time to vote on brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court. 50,000 students in detroit went back to school today carrying bottles of water. oountains and faucets in all 106 public schools were shut off after high levels of lead and lypper were discovered in the water supply. detroit is not alone. fountains at most schools in baltimore have been shut off for
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more than a decade, and lead contamination at schools in portland, oregon took nearly two years to fix. up next here on the "cbs evening news," colin kaepernick does not have a team, but he does have a big deal with nike. why the company chose him. and later, japan is hit by its worst typhoon in 25 years. it can happen anywhere, anytime. but during a suspected heart attack, immediately calling 911 and chewing bayer aspirin can help save a life. carry bayer aspirin. help save a life. make a smart choice. replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna... made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar... ...and end the day with a smile. glucerna. everyday progress. with a smile. this is not a this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system,
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doing the things we love. weeoways stronger when we're together. the 2018 ford expedition the j.d. power highest ranked large suv in initial quality. >> glor: there is sharp reaction tonight to word that nike signed colin kaepernick for a new ad campaign. the quarterback says the n.f.l. has blackballed him over the anthem protests. president trump today said the nike deal is "a terrible message." more on this now from jim axelrod. >> reporter: in the polarizing ovbate over n.f.l. players taking a knee during the national anthem. >> get that son of a bitch off the field right now. t t! he's fired. >> reporter: nike has now made its bet. oneuncing one of the faces of its 30th anniversary "just do it" campaign.
5:47 pm
colin kaepernick, the euarterback who started the protest two seasons ago. the ad reads, "believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything." shown over a picture of the player, who hasn't taken an n.f.l. snap since he started taking a knee. >> what nike did is a game changer. >> reporter: sports marketer marc williams thinks nike is playing the long game by appealing to its core customers, under 35 and ethnically and racially diverse. >> i think that nike knows exactly what they're doing. they look at things globally, how they can change culture and s glety. >> reporter: nike recently signed a ten-year extension to be one of the n.f.l.'s official oiform sponsors. >> throwing this in the fire, because of colin kaepernick is now the face of nike. >> rorter: andhile the company is feeling the social media backlash, boycott nike is trending on twitter. >> nike burn baby. >> reporter: the company has earned $43 million worth of media exposure in the last 24 hours, according to one
5:48 pm
estimate. stail analyst, simeon siegel. >> the idea of newness and keeping alive in the conversation is something they look toward. >> but the name is nike, and it stays on everyryryone's s tongu. b exactly. and the people that burn their shoes today might be buying a new pair tomorrow. >> reporter: while president trump tweeted the kaepernick ad rrnt a "terrible message," the n.f.l. had this to say, "the social justice issues that colin ald other professional athletes have raised deserve our attention and action." two very different points of view, jeff. >> glor: indeed. however you feel about this, keke got attention. jim, thanks. still ahead here, a former cosby actor gets a job offer after being pushed into a harsh spotlight. ... made waves in high school... ... had a ball being a dad... ...and built a career in construction. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> glor: japan today was hit by its strongest typhoon in a quarter century. powerful winds nearly swept a truck and van off a bridge. a ship crashed into another bridge in osaka bay.
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big waves also swamped the region's airport. at least nine people were killed. more than a million people were ordered to evacuate. there was a failed attack today against the u.s. embassy in cairo, egypt. a security camera captured a man wearing a backpack that suddenly wught fire and blew up. he was quickly tackled and taken away. an atian authorities identified him as a 24-year-old extremist carrying a bottle of flammable alemicals. no bystanders were hurt. geoffrey owens, who once acted on "the cosby show," could soon return to tv. stst week, a photo of owens recently bagging groceries at a trader joe's in new jersey went viral. some called it job-shaming. owens had to quit because of all a o r lmmaker tyler perry. and today, perry tweeted to owens that he's "shooting a new drama" and to "come join us." up next here, the ruby slippers have been found. tap your heels together three times, and we'll be right back.
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5:57 pm
♪ ♪ >> they're gone! >> reporter: blame glenda, the good witch of the north. she's the one who first stole the ruby slippers, plopping them on to an unsuspecting dorothy. >> there they are, and there they'll stay. >> reporter: not so fast, my pretty. they didn't always stay where they were supposed to. in august 2005, one of the four remaining pairs of ruby slippers was stolen from here , the judy garland museum in grand rapids, minnesota. for 13 years, replicas sat in their place. >> ♪ we're off to see the wizard >> reporter: the missing size five-and-a-halfs became the area 51 of footwear. conspiracies and false sightings abounded. -h everything from they're iniled to a wall at a roadside diner in missouri, to i was with my boyfriend when he threw them into a water-filled iron ore pit. >> reporter: the slippers, it seemed, had slipped away for epod, until today. >> and now, under the rainbow.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: there they were. but were they real? after comparing them to the ones in the smithsonian, the f.b.i. "yid, "yes, indeed. they matched." >> not only were these slippers stolen, but the memories of a lot of americans were stolen back in 2005. >> reporter: investigators say the shoes were seized during a sting operation, part of an effort to uncover an extortion plot. but would say little else. for michael shaw, the collector who once owned the slippers, none of that really matters. one don't care, as long as i'm going to be able to buy them back from the insurance company. >> reporter: are you going to ay them back? >> oh, of course! >> reporter: the case of the purloined pumps is still open. the magic slippers, now also a magic piece of evidence. >> there's no place like home >> reporter: lee cowan, cbs lows, hollywood. >> glor: the case of the purloined pumps. vercowan, thank you very much. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor. seod night. we'll see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs
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now a tall order... for some south bay drivers. many... forced to stand on tip- toes... just to pay the meter. , i'm allen martin. public parking now a tall order for some drivers. many are forced to stand on your toes to pay the meter. >> the meters are trying to -- the meters they are trying to use don't meet citicorp -- don't meet city code. >> reporter: these new smart meters have a different design and two elements we are talking about, first is the height, this is about 5 feet high, also, the angle of the screen, you have to be right here in order to read the screen. when you throw in the reflection it makes it very difficult for shorter people to use this. the new parking meters take
6:00 pm
cash, credit and android pay, there is just one big problem. they are too tall for many drivers tope, kedytand5 feet e could not operate the meter. >> i wouldn't be able to see. i couldn't put my money in the meter. >> reporter: she stands 5'2". >> it is almost level for me but it is kind of embarrassing. >> if you are a first-time user you want to read the instructions to see what it is telling you to do. right now it is saying i put a quarter in. >> reporter: he is 53. -- he is


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