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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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dog, i think that's definitely important that they allocate more resources. >> reporter: but with the department currently at 1,070 officers and expected to climb quickly, property crimes have become a renewed priority. >> we know the highest priority is on violent crime, but life in the neighborhoods is important as well. as we're restoring staffing in our police department, we're able to now deploy specialized units like these. >> reporter: the police department has created a burglary prevention unit consisting of a sergeant, a probation officer and eight detectives. their focus is catching the half of criminals investigators believe are behind the vast majority of property crimes. the police department and the mayor said that thieves are smart enough to know which crimes aren't a priority for the department, which crimes aren't actively and aggressively investigated, and they say those are the crimes people commit, because they know they're unlikely to get caught. >> i had my own house burglarized a couple times in the last decade.
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we all know the frustration, sense of violation. and so it is important for us to get ahead, and important to use the latest tools. >> reporter: the police department hopes the investment in money and manpower will make a dent in the property crimes that have plagued the city in recent years. in san jose, devon feely, kpix 5. other news, cal fire crews are on stand by tonight because of a red flag warning in areas known for wildfires. and here's a live look from our dublin cam looking off toward diablo. you can see, a little windy out there. strong winds could pop up for the rest of the weekend. cal fire said they've got crews waiting to respond. >> we're staffing up resources. we're prepositioning in the areas where we anticipate the critical areas are. there isn't much time with this kind of wind for you to evacuate should there be a fire. so you need to be prepared right now. >> and this kind of wind often comes around this time of year, with high pressure building up off the pacific northwest combined with a digging low over
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the intermountain region. that means dry off-shore winds will develop. temperatures go up. humidity goes down. wind advisories posted in most of the upper elevations, which is where the real concern is, and that's also where the red flag warnings are posted, where the winds are blowing and the humidities are very low, leading to a critical fire danger right through monday night. and a reminder, as we approach the anniversary, tonight at 7:30, we will have a kpix news special with more on the tragedy and road to recovery. there will be live coverage on monday, one year to the day after the fire started. it is packed tonight in san francisco. nearly two million people are expected to pour in for two major events. fleet week and the hardley strickley music festivals are two of the most popular and highly attended events. katie? >> reporter: juliet, it has been a bits say and loud weekend here in san
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francisco. we're at the polo fields where hardley strickley bluegrass festival is going on. earlier, you had fleet week, where planes were wowing the crowds. well, kind of. >> how are you doing, young man? >> reporter: four-year-old james petit wanted nothing to do with fleet week. you don't like planes? >> no. >> reporter: not impressed? >> no. >> reporter: want to be a fighter pilot? >> no. >> reporter: but it didn't take long -- >> you like to wear the helmet? >> yeah. >> reporter: -- to win him over. >> i like it. >> reporter: others weren't such a tough sell, eyes trained on the sky. >> you look up, and you can see cool things. >> reporter: like a precision navy parachute team and coast guard demonstration. >> i'm a pilot, and so i love air mass. so everything that has to do with air mass, this is me. >> reporter: but the crowd favorite needs no introduction.
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>> blue angels. >> reporter: the navy's precision flying team roared above the city, thrilling the crowds during a 45-minute-long show. across town at golden gate park, about 300,000 people are at hardley strickley today, the free bluegrass festival. >> you have little kids. you have the old adults who have been coming here since the ú60s. >> reporter: alvaro says you can feel the flower power love in the crowds. he says people feel free to let loose and dance to the twangy harmonies sung by the fiddlers. >> the characters, man, in san francisco, they all show up here. >> reporter: now the music here ends in about an hour for today. but hardley strickley goes again tomorrow. the blue angels are flying at 3:15. live in san francisco, katie
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nielsen, kpix 5. judge brett kavanaugh was sworn in late this afternoon as an associate justice to the supreme court. this is a live look at frank ogala plaza. it's one of several bay area rallies that took place today against judge kavanaugh. we will check in with our crew live in just a few minutes. first here's the latest from washington, where the senate confirmed kavanaugh today. the vice president read the votes allowed, and a couple hours later, kavanaugh was sworn in. our coverage starts with cbs reporter kenneth craig. >> reporter: by a count of 50 to 48, the senate confirmed brett kavanaugh to the nation's high escort. he was sworn in shortly afterward. >> today begins a new chapter in american move significantly to the right. >> reporter: the confirmation capped off a bitter partisan fight, defined by
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allegations that kavanaugh sexual assaulted christine blasey ford when both were teenagers. a brief fbi investigation turned up no corroborating witnesses. democrats and republicans blamed each other for the spectacle. >> it has been cruel, reckless, and indecent. >> i believe republican leaders and president trump did everything they could to hide the facts. >> reporter: protesters in the gallery tried several times to interrupt the vote. outside, they spent the day in vocal objection to kavanaugh as capitol police hauled off some demonstrators in handcuffs. >> i was here to protest when anita hill wasn't believed, and i can't believe i'm back here again for the same reason. >> reporter: kavanaugh also had supporters in the crowd. >> the reality is that our judicial system is based on the presumption of innocence. >> reporter: president trump had glowing words for kavanaugh. >> we have a great new supreme court justice, and he's going to be there for many years. >> reporter: both democrats and
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republicans have suggested the confirmation showdown could energize voters in november's midterm elections. kenneth craig, cbs news. >> right after the confirmation, president trump tweeted: "i applaud and congratulate the u.s. senate for confirming our great nominee." but local lawmakers, like barbara lee, are expressing anger tonight. she says, quote, "this confirmation vote will hurt american families for generations to come. our civil, reproductive, and voting rights are all on the chopping block." nab nancy employees say says that today is a profoundly heart-breaking day for women, girls, and families across america. and a call to action from senator kamela harris, saying, "it is up to each of us to fight for justice and equality and hold our government accountable." . on the other side of the aisle, ted cruz of texas blasted democrats right after the confirmation. >> we saw senate democrats engaging in partisan
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mudslinging, dragging judge kavanaugh and his family through the dirt in a way that nobody should have been subjected to. >> you could hear all of the protesters in the background, and many of them booing or yelling shame toward senator cruz as he walked to his car. check out the scene in d.c. it was packed with protesters outraged at kavanaugh's confirmation. several people were seen getting arrested by capitol police, including one woman, who climbed up a huge statue outside the court. kpix 5's andrea borba is live in oakland. andrea? >> reporter: well, juliet, take a look behind me. this rally has been going on since about 5 in the afternoon. it is expected to go until about 8 tonight, including a march. people we spoke with here in this crowd say they are disappointed, they are outraged, and they are ready for a change. and they do not want to see judge kavanaugh on the
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court, though clearly that has already happened. >> i'm here because i'm furious. i'm furious at the way women in america have been treated. i'm a survivor of sexual assault, and i'm just disgusted our elected officials did what they did today. i wish everyone in america would be out here to stand up for ourselves. i'm disgusted what's happened to our country, and we need to fight back. >> reporter: now, this rally out here was somber in the beginning, has heated up in the past about 20 minutes, and there have been lot of calls to actions for the midterm elections, coming a month from today, with lot of plans, lot of petitions, lot of ideas to get out the vote, make sure people do go vote in those midterm elections. we will be out here tonight as this rally develops and bring you more tonight on kpix 5 at 10 and 11. live in oakland, andrea borba, kpix 5. >> thank you. we will see you then. a live look at capitol coming up at 6:30. our donlin will have more on
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the activity, opposing the nomination of brett kavanaugh, including demonstrations, and a push to get out the vote. new at 6, a vallejo police officer accused of using excessive force during an arrest is no longer on the job. spencer nunez has been named in three lawsuits in march of last year, reported punching a man. that meeting continued after the man surrendered. the vallejo police department first hired nunez botonly in 2015. two men were spotted arguing near williams street and telegraph avenue after midnight. moments later, bullets started to fly. when the dust settled, six people had been shot, including the two suspects who were also hit. both of them are now in critical condition. four others are also in the hospital. and coming up next, one
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very expensive prank. the artist who rigged a million- dollar painting to self destruct just moments after it was sold. >> plus terrifying moments on a freeway all caught on camera. what the chp is doing after this case of revenge road rage. >> plus imagine paddling in a -- the female surfer who set a new world record. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely.
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and it's halfway out of its frame because right after it sold for $1.4 million, a hidden shredder inside the frame started shredding the painting. people at the auction house were stunned when it happened, as you can imagine. banksy himself was secretly among the crowd, leading people to believe he set it all up. he posted a sure on instagram with the caption "going, going, gone." . wellcase of revenge road rage caught on camera. an suv cuts off a big rig on a southern california freeway. then, moments later, the semi truck makes a terrifying move. reporter tom waite on the search tonight for er. >> rtedriver's dash caa mi innorth on 101. rve and appears next to an suv. and then this stunning move. . the driver of the semi series
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into the lane of the suv, and forces the driver of the suv to collide with another truck, miraculously the collision is not catastrophic, but watch as the semi keeps going. >> i've got you. >> reporter: the driver recording this video continues to follow the semi. the guy who recorded it does not want to be identified. he told us it's not clear when or if the driver of the rig ever pulled over. we showed the eye-popping scene to drivers, word stunned this did not end with a chain reacting crash. >> i get in my car, look at the driver's lie seasons and stuff like that, get ahold of chp and track him down. >> 18 wheelers were in the road. regardless, i drive a big old silverado. when i see an 18-wheeler, wherever they go, i get out of the way. >> reporter: chp has seen the video. they are working to track down the driver of the big rig. tom waite, kpex 5. a brazilian surfer has just broken the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman.
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and back in january, maya berbera conquered this off the coast of portugal. earlier this week, the guinness book of world records announced it was, in fact, the biggest wave ever for a female. in 2013, she had a grueling wipe out that almost ended her life. she said that only motivated her to go bigger. >> wow. >> go big or go home. i decided to do the weather instead. we have windy conditions erupting around the bay area tonight, and things are getting gusty. that is why we've got the wind advisory posted through monday morning. you'll notice they are for the upper elevations of the bay. so diablo range, and also along skyline boulevard and the higher elevations of the north bay. sonoma, napa and lake counties. red flag warnings core respond to the wind warnings. the winds are up to 30 miles an hour, gusts atop -- mount diablo. wind speeds right now beginning to pick up. 22 miles an hour through the san bruno gap into the
6:17 pm
san francisco airport. half-moon bay has northwesterlies to 21. up to the north bay, they're up to 13 an hour at santa rosa. so you can see the trees being waved around as we gaze toward diablo. a beautiful sight as the sun sinks to the west on this saturday evening. right now concord's got 78. in san francisco, 66, and in santa rosa 74. tomorrow we'll range from the mid-60s at the shoreline. so that for the bay area is beach weather. around the bay, we'll be at 80. inland in the mid-80s. classic pattern for this time of the year. in autumn, high pressure begins to build in over the pacific northwest. low pressure digs over the rockies. the result, windy out of the north. and when it edges to the northeast, that really drives the humidities down. not that much of an easterly component, so the temperatures don't go all the way up into the 90-degree range. it was bad enough, though. gusting winds, high fire danger. tuesday we'll get a break. if you're going to catch fleet week, you have another day. 76 degrees, mainly sunny.
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and 70 tomorrow. katie was talking about that. rock and roll half marathon in san jose for clear skies, 61. italian heritage parade in north beach for sunday. it will be in the mid-70s. pga safeway open, 83 degrees. andrea mcconnell will be along to talk about that. and this. everybody knows it's the arizona cardinals taking on the 9ers tomorrow, 1:25:00 p.m. sunday. sunny and warm. 80 degrees at game time. tonight we will be near 60 degrees for overnight lows. sun up at 7:11. not at the store, but the time. 86 for santa rosa, and 84 degrees for livermore. the extended forecast, we'll go with plenty of sun. it is sunny side up from here to eternity or at least into the weekend. the numbers begin to subside on tuesday. fire danger is in the air. juliet? >> all right, brian. coming up, the first lady ends her visit to africa with comments on her husband's twitter habits. why she says she doesn't always agree. >> and in sports, we check in
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on the 49ers and the raiders, and why carr said he will never catch up to phillip rivers in 1 category. >> eight pitchers dual in houston as brandon crawford puts them in position to take a lead. it's time for sleep number's fall sale
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on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, during our fall sale weekend special, the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, free home delivery. ends monday. while the a's had trouble pitcher as the "ace" of the staff down the stretch... the astros didn't have that predicament. justin verlander dominated yesterday... and gerrit cole followed up with another shut down performance of his own.
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houston trying to inch closer to another banner. cole had one blemish all game and this was it. houston trying to inch closer to another banner. cole had one blemish all game, and this was it. a solo shot to give theians a 1- 0 lead in the 3rd. stay that way until the 6th inning. marvin gonzales, who rifles one to andrew miller. 2-run score on the double. the astros win 3-1. theians are on the brink of elimination. the 49ers will play the only winless team in the nfl, the arizona cardinals while the cardinals have their share of issues, the 49ers have 7 starters listed as questionable. despite taking this big hit against the chargers, c.j. bethert is a go for his 1st home game as a starter this season. bethert isn't quite the media darling and fan favorite jimmy garafalo is. many outside the building had hoped the team would trade for a quarterback, especially considering they
6:23 pm
have 5 games coming up in prime time. >> it's very comical. i wish we could worry about that stuff and help people out. that's definitely the last of our worries. if you guy judge us on ratings and everything and they gave us a trophy at the end of the year, a super bowl trophy for ratings, i would maybe think that way, but that's now how it works. phillip rivers threw for 3 touchdowns against the 49ers, and tomorrow for the 25th time in his career, rivers will face the silver and black. it's the 9th going head to head with derek carr, who said there is 1 stat he is definitely going to con seed to rivers. >> i love phillip. obviously i'm not trying to have as many kids as phillip does. you know, i'm good at where we're. >> and just in case you were wondering, rivers and his wife, tiffany, have eight children. carr and his wife have two with one more on the way. you can see the raiders and chargers right here on kpix 5 tomorrow at 1:00.
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and after the game, we'll have "the 5th quarter" with dennis odonnel. big night in college football and the bay area. 14th ranked stanford trying to rebound from a loss to notre dame. cal trying to find their way back after losing to oregon last week. the cotton bowl split between texas burnt orange and student red. the long horns up 38-24. ellinger to jordan humphrey, a 15-yard touchdown pass. texas has the lead. but the sooners and kyle murray come back. trey simon runs it in, and the game is tied at 45 with under 4 minutes to play. but the horns drive into field goal range, and freshman cameron decker nails the goal. 48-5. well, it's the 3rd round of the safeway open in napa. the biggest draw in the field is phil milwaukee el
6:25 pm
son-in-law, who chipped in on 7 for the birdie, but was 2 over for the day, 8 shots off the lead. many wondered if 59-year-old fred couples could make the cut, and the answer is yes. he holds out from the bunker for eagle. he's also 8 off the pace, and everyone is chasing brandt snedeker. he shot a 3-under-69 to open a 0-shot lead going into sunday. last night, the returned to seattle for the 1st time since the sonics moved to oklahoma city in 2008. the warriors beat the sacramento kings in a preseason game. but the highlight came at pregame introductions when kevin during rant, who spent his rookie year in seattle pulled off his warm up to reveal a sonics jersey. he also addressed the crowd before the game. >> is back to seattle for tonight, but hopefully it's back forever season. thanks for the love.
6:26 pm
>> i think eventually we'll see a team back in seattle. it's just when. >> i felt bad for c.j. bethert a little bit. >> why? >> because he's the quarterback of the team. he's what we've got. people go, "he's no garafalo." >> i think he really learned a lot of being under one year of shanhan's system last year. i think there's a lot of growth there. i think he's going to do fine. >> i'm talking about the people who are saying he's not ready for prime time. >> when you go to c.j. bethert, there might be a little of that discussion. >> he's what we've got. >> we'll keep it with that. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour, he can now be called justice kavanaugh. a heated and sometimes nasty battle is now over. but there is still plenty of anger. >> plus the local rallies against kavanaugh's confirmation, and the push at one local phone bank to get voters ready for november. >> plus first lady melania trump also weighing in on the kavanaugh confirmation all the way from africa. what she had to say about his
6:27 pm
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" our top story at six-thirty: president trump... rips democrats... and declares
6:30 pm
victory... shorty after judge brett kavanaugh is confirmed to the u-s supreme court. today's confirmation came red president trump declares victory shortly after judge kavanaugh is confirmed to the supreme court. today's confirmation came as demonstrators gathered outside the supreme court and inside the senate chamber. latasha chen reports. >> reporter: in a high-stakes saturday vote, the senate confirmed brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. >> on this vote, the ayes are 50. the nays are 48. >> reporter: the voting was instrumented at times by multiple protesters. >> reporter: hours later, kavanaugh was sworn in as an associate justice of the supreme court. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell touted a victory in a battle fueled by allegations of sexual assault from christine blasey ford, accusations cavanaugh denies.
6:31 pm
>> an important day for the senate. >> reporter: president trump applauded the vote in topeka, kansas, for a saturday night rally. >> just a few hours ago, the u.s. senate confirmed judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. >> reporter: after a bruising battle, some lawmakers shared concerns about the message the confirmation sends to sexual assault victims. >> this body has had a test, and we are failing that test. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators for or against kavanaugh made their voices heard. one of the largest crowds gathered as kavanaugh was sworn in. i'm natasha chen. >> people voiced their opposition to kavanaugh's elevation to the high escort during rallies in several stills. some went out and protested; others worked to get out the vote. >> we need to do everything we
6:32 pm
can to stop this insanity. >> reporter: anger, disbelief, and frustration over the confirmation of judge brett kavanaugh. some people in the bay area protested. others mobilized to get out the vote. >> hi, veronica. my name is mark. i'm a volunteer with the democratic party, calling in support of. thej. cox. how are you today? >> reporter: in oakland, a small group of protesters at noon marched around lake mat. susan thomas said she's a survivor of sexual assault. she's fed up with the people who don't believe them. >> this is for all the women who have been sexual assaulted and abused, and now we have the prospect that and abuser will be on the supreme court. this is insane. >> reporter: protesters say the confirmation means they'll need to fight even harder. >> make it clearer that we're not just going to roll over and let catastrophe be destroyed. >> reporter: across the bay, in
6:33 pm
san francisco, a group of people turned their frustration into action. >> don't agonize. organize. >> reporter: a few dozen volunteers called potential voters and swing districts to try to convince them to vote for democrats. >> we were asked, "would you like to do a march." i said, "we would like to march to the phones, pick up the phones, get people to the polls." >> reporter: these volunteers admit they lost the kavanaugh fight, but they still have another battle: the november midterm election. in san francisco, i'm dahl len, kpix 5. >> first lady melania trump mentioned kavanaugh during her trip in africa. while touring the great pyramids earlier today, she took time to speak to reporters about the ongoing supreme court controversy. >> what i will say, that
6:34 pm
talking about the supreme court and judge kavanaugh, i think he's highly qualified for the supreme court. i'm glad that dr. ford was heard. i'm glad that judge kavanaugh was heard. the fbi investigation was done. it's completed, and the senate voted. >> the first lady was also asked about her husband's constant twitter activity. >> well, i don't always agree what he tweets, and i tell him that. i give him my honest opinion and honest advice, and sometimes he listens, and sometimes he doesn't. but i have my own voice and my opinions, and it's very important for me that i express what i feel. >> the first lady will be heading back to washington, d.c. later tonight. adult film star stormy daniels who claim she had an affair with president trump will be performing in a few hours in the sacramento area. daniels has been touring the country, promoting her
6:35 pm
new book called "full disclosure." in it she claims she was paid by the president to keep quiet about the affair in 2016. daniels drew big crowds last night at a strip club in rancho cordova. she hit the stage again at 9 tonight. >> i mean, our president is kind of going around when him and stormy were together. i think it's part of being a patriotic american to be here. >> president trump has repeatedly denied he ever had an affair with her. and back here in the bay area, a new -- been curry died in early may during a swimming drill in his pe class. kristen ahrers explains his parents are pointing blame at one of his teachers. >> reporter: the claim is a precursor to a lawsuit. it blames the student's drowning deathth that pool on a pe teacher, who allegedly ordered kids in his class to tread water for several minutes. >> this is a tragedy that could
6:36 pm
have been avoided a million different ways. attorney andrew schwartz said the last moments of benjamin curry's life were captured on surveillance video in this pool in san ramon high. according to a claim, teacher and coach aaron becker had the 57 students in his class tread water for three minutes, and tacked on an additional 30 seconds when a student touched a lane divider. schwartz said it was too much for men. >> ben became exhausted, went under and drowned right in front of the teacher who was on the driving board. he isn't day him apparently. he recessed class. the children left. the teacher left. >> reporter: it wasn't until the next period, more than an hour later, that a student noticed ben's body at the bottom of the pool. he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. according to the claim, becker was supervising the students without any assistance, had minimal training in water safety, and was working under a lifeguard station that had
6:37 pm
expired. to make matters worse, schwartz said when a television station reported false rumors that ben committed suicide, the school did not challenge the rumors. >> ben didn't create the false narrative, but did absolutely nothing to correct it. >> reporter: tonight the district released a statement, saying, "we are not in a position to comment on an open police investigation into the cause of death. what we did do is encourage our families not to speculate on the cause of death or engage in rumors." the district says, since the drowning, swimming is no longer offered in physical education, and professional lifeguards are now required to be on duty when the pool is being used. but schwartz said that is not enough. >> way too little, way too late. >> reporter: becker is working as teacher and coach at san ramon valley high. a lawsuit could come in the next 45 days. in danville, kristen ayers, kpix 5. police have arrested a felon found with suspected bomb-making materials in his home.
6:38 pm
officers found the materials this week during a probation check at robert brussels home. they say the 62-year-old was possibly making a bomb with gun powder, road familiars and a panel. they found cartridges with the gun powder emptied out and meth amphetamines. he told police he was making a gun powder rocket, but unable to explain why he had the other items. he was arrested and processed for possession of a controlled substance. well tonight, investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that tore through a house in menlo park, killing twcats. the home on robert. is drive has severe damage on the ground floor. the fire broke out around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. firefighters arrived to find flames and heavy smoke coming from the rear of the building. no one was home at the time, but two cats died from smoke inhalation. investigators believe the fire may have started near an entertainment center that had a large television.
6:39 pm
and investigators have discovered the cause of the deadly ferguson fire near yosemite. the u.s. forest service says super heated pieces of a car's catalytic converter came in contact with the dry weeds. two firefighters were killed this past summer when the fire scorched 90,000 acres of the sierra national forest. officials are looking for the vehicle that caused the fire. an elite tactical team is in the bay area for fleet week; but unlike others who have come for the festivities, they hop you won't have to see them in action. don ford explains. >> reporter: these folks are not here for the fleet week fun. in fact, this may be the only time you see them. in this exclusive and rare visit with the coast guard's elite, maritime security response team. >> we can bring -- bring our capabilities to neutralize a threat that would happen out here, especially an event like this. but at the same time, you know,
6:40 pm
we kind of keep a low profile on the day to day. >> reporter: special coast guard operators trained in counter terrorism, hostage reue assault, and they say other stuff, the muscle of a coast guard. they are deployed in various low-profile locations throughout the bay area during fleet week. >> in the movies and tv, you see boats in the middle of the night, and the guys roping up the side of the ship and going inside. is that the kind of stuff you guys do? >> yeah. just not with the high profile hollywood makes it. >> reporter: without the cameras. >> exactly. >> reporter: of course every ship has its own security team, and local law enforcement, too. but the coast guard's msrt team is different. they specialize in very close quarters, maritime-specific scenarios. >> we're here. hopefully everything is quiet, and the public gets to enjoy the event. if something goes down, we're ready to respond. >> reporter: so if everything goes according to
6:41 pm
plan, and so far it looks like it will, this elite coast guard team may not be needed at all, which is just the way they'd like it. on coast guard island, don ford, kpix 5. and coming up, some of the finest grapes in the world are headed straight for the compost heap. wait until you hear the reason why. >> plus the event in the east bay that had cowboys taking over the streets and the often forgotten message they were trying to send. it's time for the ross fall dress event. yeah.eah? sthat makes you want to celebrate. price find the perfect dress for every occasion. it feels even better when you find it for less at the ross fall dress event. yes for less.
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rot on the vine. that's because they re tainted with smoke from this summer's wildfires. kpix five's emily turner spoke to one vineyard owner... who has grapes that cannot be sold. it's a sure sign that autumn has arrived... giant pumpkin festivities in half >> reporter: there are acres of grapes that will be left to rot. >> reporter: wedged right in between the areas fires. by the they burned for about a month, taking her barn and the profits from her entire harvest. >> the grapes absorb the smoke, and it's called smoke heat. and now the wineries are rejecting all the grapes, because they have a smoke case. >> reporter: so the fresno
6:45 pm
winery she's contracted with won't be big her fruit, and she won't be able to recoup but about 30% from her insurance. she'll have to eat the rest, because no one will drink the wine. >> it's frustrating in many parts, yeah, you know. we had lot of plans. i was going to pay the ranch off and retire, and i could live on the grapes. >> reporter: i talked to the winery association. while they don't have solid hard numbers at this point, they estimate roughly half of this year's harvest is going to end up like this crop, on a vineyard floor, because no one wants to buy it. smoke taint is reel, but some grape growers, like say it's gone too far? they're talking smoke taint, and they think it's a smoke issue, and it's an inventory and sales issue. >> reporter: some top wine makers and napa and sonoma counties have declined to purchase 1,200 tons of his crop that he says is fine. instead they're using the county's crisis as the way to offset a financial one of their own. >> i think it's really unfair,
6:46 pm
and i think it's a great excuse to get a lot of fruit. they're using these fires for a scapegoat. >> kpix 5. it's a sure shine autumn has arrived. traffic comes to a screeching halt on 92 east of 280 because of the giant pumpkin festivities in half-moon bay. monday is the 45th weigh off. the event starts at 7 in the morning on main street. the kick-off event for the half- moon bay art and pumpkin festival, which takes place next weekend, a little bit of trivia. the current world record was set in 2016 way off in germany. a pumpkin in germany weighed over 2,600 pounds. people running horses, wearing chaps, and donning 10-gallon hats filled an oakland park today. the annual black cowboy parade and festival has been held for decades. a way to memorialize the black
6:47 pm
cowboys that helped settle the american wells. the festival in oak's park was complete with trick riders, street performers, and sizzling barbecue. the oakland black cowboy association has been educating people about the history of black pioneers for 40 years. well, up next, they say cats have nine lives. well, this one must have a thousands stories. how he ended up back home after traveling over 900 miles. >> you'll have to see it to believe it. >> sunset on a saturday night as we look at the sales force tower cam forecast. red sky at night, traveler's delight. it also means things are warming up. we have details after break.
6:48 pm
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6:50 pm
finally back home. bobby the cat lived in montana.. but last week... after 2-years on the run... he was discovered in a town outside reno. ever since bobby took off... his
6:51 pm
owners would put out his favorite foods...hoping he would return he was discovered in a town outside reno. ever since bobby took off, his owners would put out his favorite foods, hoping he would return. >> i just feet like we could never give up. now he's home. i can't believe it. >> look at that. who wouldn't love that? >> a shelter near reno was able to read bobby's micro chip and reunited him with his owners. still a mystery how he got all the way to northern nevada. >> that's a long way for a cat to go. red flag warnings are posted around the bay area all the way ugh nday ght beuse of what s often is time of the year. off-shore winds dry out the atmosphere, and the winds are g up. northerly winds. san francisco has got west, northwesterlies to 26, stronger than sfo. that's saying something. it's a little windy tonight in the north bay. beautiful shot. as we look toward mount diablo.
6:52 pm
wind in the east bay as well. isn't that pretty? there's the back-to-back suspension part of the bay bridge. right now, concord is still warm at 78 degrees, while in san francisco, for us, that's warm, 66. san jose has got 71 on this saturday evening. high pressure in the eastern pacific, low pressure that is over utah tonight. the combination -- it's just like gravity. you get a strong gradient on a map, and you go, "well, this is a very steep hill." if you get a high next to a low, the gradients tighten up, and you get strong winds. gusts up to 05 an hour up around mount diablo. a high fire danger through monday. but by the time we get to tuesday, things will become mild. a lot happening this weekend. fleet week tomorrow, mid-70s san francisco. very pleasant weather. hardly strictly bluegrass. what is it exactly? 70 degrees this weekend at golden gate park. it will be on the cool side. rock and roll marathon tomorrow at san jose. 61 degrees.
6:53 pm
and the italian heritage parade, that's happening tomorrow in north beach. 76. and the pga safeway, 83 degrees. the wine country, and warm at levi stadium, where the fans sit in the sun and fry. san francisco will be taking on the cardinals tomorrow 1:25:00 p.m., and 80 degrees and surge. overnight lows will be near 60 degrees. daytime highs will be very pleasant tomorrow, but a little warmer than today. 86 in santa rosa, 80 oakland, and even in san francisco, simmering at 76. extended forecast, we get temperatures in the 80s next couple of days. so a high fire danger. but as we head toward next weekend, midweek and next week, we will finally get a break, which actually is something we're going to do right now.
6:54 pm
california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent.
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out more about her health history... but she got a surprise of a lifetime. reporter amy frazier explains - she just got to meet her long lost brother. [take sot name: video from google drive, her we're on our way. i'm nervous. i feel like i have a lot of adrenaline pumping inside me. >> reporter: her heart was racing as lain reneko made her way through portland international airport to meet her biological brother from salem, oregon. >> i had no idea that i had a sister. i had no clue. >> reporter: justin crot and his sister were born in south korea. they were abandoned by their parents in different locations when renee was about
6:57 pm
four and justin was just one. >> i was told that i was found by a theater next to a police station, which was actually quite common in the early ú80s in south korea when there was a lot of poverty. >> reporter: they were adopted to families in the u.s.. neither knew about the other. decades later, to try and learn about her health history, renee did a dna test through 23 and me. >> and right there, it said parents, and it said me, and then it said justin, 35, salem, oregon, and it says 23 and me predicts this is your brother. and so i was looking at it like what? >> reporter: renee got up her courage, and contacted justin through facebook. >> and it's just like i don't -- you know,on exactly what to feel now. >> reporter: brother and sister started sharing details of their lives by e- mail and phone. then the big day. they met in portland on
6:58 pm
september 15th, justin's birthday. >> the best birthday present i ever got. >> reporter: during the special moment. both would later say they felt like they knew each other. >> this came, blind sided me, but it has been changing my life for the better, and i'm very, very much overjoyed with her presence and the relationship that we're going to continue to build. >> great to see. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a good night. this is not a bed.
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