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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me.
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we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. noonix5 news at noon, this hour in fremont. good afternoon. thanks for joining us, i'm
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kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. police told kpix5's jackie ward there was a burst of gun fire then the killer got away on a bicycle. >> reporter: fremont police are continuing to search the grimmer neighborhood for any evidence that may lead them to the killer. >> we talked to the witness or the reporting party and he said that he saw a male leaving the general area of the front door of the residence and get onto a bicycle and pedal away. >> reporter: people heard gunshots coming from this home on the 43,000 block of charleston way. when they got here they found a 56-year-old south indian man dead in his bedroom. he died from multiple gunshots. investigators used several tools to initially try to catch the killer. >> we have a tracking k-9 dog and we try to use our drones with some technology to detect heat but we were unsuccessful. >> reporter: i spoke to several neighbors off camera who have
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lived here for years. they say it's highly unusual for something this horrible to happen in the area where they live. the deceased male has been renting out part of this home and sharing it with a family. the family was home at the time of the shooting and were woken up by the sound of gunshots but didn't see the shooter coming or going. police believe the two men knew each other and that this was not a random act of violence. in fremont, jackie ward, kpix5. and we are on fire watch in solano county where crews are monitoring hot spots at the scene of a wildfire. this is a live look now and you can see some smoke there in the distance. at last check the brans komb fire burned at least 4000 acres and 70% contained. we have the details on a red flag warning. gh fe danger which is why that red flag warning has been extended until 5:00 p.m. for all bay area hills due to dry, gusty offshore winds and low relative humidity values down to the single digits earlier today. critical fire weather
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conditions that show you our winds out there, tracking northerly to northeasterly winds and you can see sustained winds in napa at 17 miles per hour as well as for fairfield, so we are still tracking the dry, gusty winds, that live look with our mountain vacca cam looking towards solano county with the branscombe fire. we are heating up already, concord, santa rosa at 82 degrees. 77 in livermore, 73 for san francisco and san jose coming in at 79 so we are heating up, we have dry offshore winds, low relative humidity values. that's why we are tracking that extreme fire danger. kenny. >> thank you. today memorial events are planned for -- to mark one year since the deadly wine country wildfires. >> the county of sonoma and city of santa rosa are holding a ceremony which will include a memorial bell ringing to commemorate the lives lost happening at 6:00 tonight at
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courthouse square. the wildfires burned more than 245,000 acres in santa rosa, napa valley and mendocino county. it is still a mystery how the most destructive fire, the tubbs fire, started. a total of 44 lives were lost, 8900 structures were destroyed and the wildfire has reportedly cost more than $9 billion making it one of the costliest in california history. since then sonoma county revamped its emergency alert system to use a combination of texts, calls and cell phone alerts and pg&e is installing nine high def cameras to monitor potential wildfires in the north bay. napa county taking steps to improve its response times. anne makovec on the county's strategy to be better prepared in the future and be ready for emergencies. >> reporter: witrmowing here in fire danger high, the sheriff, as he introduced new communications strategies, called the timing eerie.
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it's called the high-low siren and since it's less familiar to people than a monotone blaring siren, the sheriff is hoping more people will take notice. >> that is at very little cost, allows us to drive a patrol car through rural areas along country roads, thereby advising people rapidly that there's an emergency. >> reporter: the second change in napa county, evacuation tags, as they are leaving their homes, residents are asked to put tags on their mailboxes, notifying emergency responders that they are already gone so they don't waste precious time checking to see if a neighborhood is clear. >> when we see this hanging, we will know those people are safe and we can save that for the outside 40 minutes to move onto the next people who weren't awake, who didn't have a family member call them and let them know of the danger they are facing. >> reporter: they sent these tags to homes in three targeted areas and give one to everyone who wants one. tomorrow at 9:30 napa county is
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testing its emergency alert system on cell phones, all people subscribed to their knicksle alerts will be getting a text at 9:30. >> the wildfires also damaged and destroyed a handful of famous wineries and now one winery will soon be able to reopen. flames from the atlas fire destroyed a home, offices and a hospitality center at senior lo estate. wine barrels and the crush pad were spared. tomorrow the winery is holding a ground breaking for a new facility and there's even a temporary tasting room. >> so that, we are very fortunate, made it through this because otherwise we couldn't be making wine here. >> in sonoma county out of 425 wineries, only paradise ridge winery was lost in the flames. a sculpture garden still stands there right now. tours are still available and a tasting room is nearby. turns out the vineyards are a
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natural fire break which help the flames from spreading. kpix5's emily turner spoke to some residents in santa rosa's hard hit fountain grove neighborhood. >> reporter: the signs and sounds of rebuilding are evident, but as michael williams will tell you firsthand, the process hasn't been an easy one. >> it's close to impossible if you don't know what you're doing. >> reporter: the high cost per square foot, the low number of laborers and the emotional toll are tough hurdles to overcome. in addition the city of santa rosa estimates that at least half of the people who lost their homes in the fire have yet to settle with their insurance companies. patrick mccaleb is still battling his. >> they are slow and purposefully slow and make it dit. >> reporveand paid out, the mon will get won't be enough to rebuild his home. it's a similar story throughout the development. once the city's wealthiest neighborhood it's now a wash with for sale signs. zoe miller's wikieup neighborhood is the same way. she will have to use her
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contents payout, money earmarked for furnishings will now go to construction costs. but for all the challenges and the trauma, many are making their way through it. neighborhoods are taking shape again, some have even rebuilt and already returned home. and to those still slogging through the process, they say there's a light at the end of the tunnel. >> it's a very emotional thing when you see somebody come back and get back into their home, it's like you fought, you maintained and you were determined and pushed forward and now you're here and we are so, so happy for you. >> reporter: in sonoma county, emily turner, kpix5. >> stay with kpix5 throughout the day for more live coverage one year after the deadly wine country wildfires. we will have much more on the tragedy and the long road to recovery. switching gears now as we take a live look at the white house. newly confirmed supreme court justice brett kavanaugh will head there this evening for -48 over the weekend. thclosmaa
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court nominee in 137 years. yet both parties are vowing that the fight is not over. reporter mola lenghi brett kavanaugh was sworn in privately over the weekend after sexual misconduct accusations threatened to derail his path to the supreme court. later this evening he will be sworn in publicly at the white house. >> a justice of the united states supreme court who was a top scholar, top student, top intellect and who did nothing wrong. >> reporter: g.o.p. senate leaders are also claiming victory. >> there couldn't -- i couldn't be prouder of the senate republican conference. >> reporter: meanwhile the top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi, issued a release saying she would file a freedom of information act on what was in the fbi supplemental background investigation, quote, so that the public can see the fbi report, transcripts of the underlying interviews, instruction sent to the fbi from the white house and any communications to the fbi from
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senate republicans regarding the scope of the investigation. with midterm elections for congressional seats less than a month away, leaders in both parties hope the kavanaugh showdown plays big at the polls. republicans hope democratic senator heidi heitkamp's north dakota seat will be up for grabs. she voted against kavanaugh. >> i am not going to be the person who makes a decision based on whether i get six more years in washington, d.c. >> reporter: associate justice kavanaugh will take his seat on the supreme court starting tomorrow. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. new at noon, the candidates for governor faced off today and likely -- in likely their one and only debate. gavin newsom and john cox discussed issues such as the homeless problem. the debate was broadcast throughout the state through san francisco public radio station kqed. >> i think at the end of the day we are all better off and we are all better off and so any vision has to be an
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inclusive vision. >> i have a vision of this state being affordable and livable for people. >> the debate lasted one hour. still ahead on kpix5 news at noon, the ntsb is on the scene investigating the deadliest accident in this country in nearly 10 years. >> details on the victims and what locals in upstate new york are saying about what could have prevented this tragedy. and climate scientists are issuing a final call to save the world from a climate catastrophe, when we could see the potential effects.
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the limousine company involved in an accident that killed 20 people . cbs news confirms the limousine company involved in
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an accident that killed 20 people had recent safety issues. police say the limo was traveling down the road in new york on saturday when it crossed the intersection and plowed into a parking lot before it careened into a ditch. all 18 passengers died. two nearby pedestrians were also killed. the limo had been on a wine tour of the local vineyards. >> certainly it does appear from the fiscal -- physical evidence that somebody ran through that stop sign but we want to understand why that happened. >> the ntsb and new york state police are investigating the crash. they are also looking into prior crashes at that intersection as part of their investigation. cbs news also learned the limo company had four vehicles taken off the road after inspections over the last 24 months. new at noon, scientists now warning that if drastic actions are not taken, climate change could reach crisis levels in about a decade. they are also issuing a final call warning of a climate catastrophe. researchers say that extreme
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drought, wildfires, floods and global food shortages are on tap if nothing is done. they also say that nations need to boost the use of renewable energy and coal and gas plants must be equipped with cleaner technology. >> we have told you for -- the scientific facts, the evidence, the costs, it is up to the governments now to decide what to do with it. >> president trump has questioned the science in the past that humans have caused climate change. last year he withdrew the u.s. from the paris climate accord. one of san francisco's recognizable landmks turns 85 today. a live look now at coit tower which is celebrating the milestone. it was recently labeled a nationally significant on the national register of historic places but some -- with some hope it will eventually get national landmark status. doesn't look a day over 25. >> perfect conditions today for coit's birthday. >> yes, just beautiful out there. so happy birthday to our gorgeous coit tower. and here is another view for
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you with our transamerica cam of the beautiful blue skies out there over coit tower this afternoon. here's a live look with our dublin cam. you can see blue skies there and the trees blowing a little bit in the wind this afternoon and we are really heating up. check out concord as well as for santa rosa at 82 degrees, 77 for oakland, livermore there, 78 winds heing toette us -- to heat us up. critical fire weather conditions and that's why that red flag warning has been extended for all bay area hills until 5:00 p.m. we are doing a talk about the north bay and how dry the fuels or the vegetation is out there because you might be thinking we did have that rain last week and that did help. this is a graph that shows how dry it is. so this red line that was last year, you can see it extreme.
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it was at the max for last year with just off the charts with how dry it was. now, this blue line, this is this year and this is actually that big dip that was the rain that we had last week. so it did help but this graph here only looks at vegetation and doesn't look at the winds out there, which are very dry as well as the low relative humidity values and that's why that fire danger is far from over for us. so here's the satellite and radar review, there's that -- radar view, there's that ridge of high pressure, driving north to northeasterly winds. the warm and dry air for us. futurecast and wind gusts to show you we are going to see the winds ease as we go through the day today, a very good thing for us. sunset at 6:42 and sunrise at 7:12 tomorrow morning. high temperatures today, we are looking at above average temperatures, we are already seeing the temps climb, low 80s in redwood city as well as for mountain view and san jose, mid-
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80s for concord, livermore as well as for santa rosa later on in the afternoon. now, for tomorrow, it gets a little bit cooler here, thanks to onshore beginning to creep in here and then for wednesday onshore flow really kicks in, so strong onshore flow and that means wednesday looks like the coolest out of our seven-day forecast, warming back up by the end of the workweek and into the weekend with offshore winds returning for us. >> really is the best time of the year to be in the city by the bay, weather conditions so nice. >> yesterday we hit 79 in downtown san francisco and that's the warmest it's been all year. >> yeah. that's crazy. thanks so much, mary. >> sure. an atlantic storm named michael now a hurricane. just hours ago the national hurricane center upgraded the tropical storm to a category 1 hurricane. expected to head towards the gulf of mexico and the gulf coast. expected to be a dangerous hurricane when it reaches the florida panhandle on wednesday. about 40 minutes to go before the closing bell on wall
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street. as we take a look at the dow, it is up right now about 51 points. letting go of the past can be harder than it seems, especially in this new cbs sitcom. >> what's up, coop? when did you get here? >> what are you doing? >> are ng old stuff but harder than we thought to let go. >> happy together, jake and his wife clare host an international pop star in their home and then tried to adopt his minimalist lifestyle. damond wayans, jr. is based on the show's loosely based life. >> loosely inspired by ben winton, the creator of the show, his life. harry styles from one direction actually moved in with him for, hithink, two years and lived in >> happy together airs tonight at 8:30 right here on kpix5. we will be right back after this.
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reat afternoon that's going doit for kpix5 news at noon. perfect conditions for somebody's birthday. >> oh, yeah. >> coit tower's birthday. take a look. 85 years old. happy birthday. e: it's true, isn't it?
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ridge got to y katie. >> judge mcmullen: you're delusional. >> brooke: am i? should i call that number again -- the number that ridge was texting, talking about favors and doing the right thing? that's your phone number, your honor. >> judge mcmullen: i can't explain how you somehow found my phone number. >> brooke: well, let me explain for you. i found it on ridge's phone -- the phone that he was hiding from me. and he was texting you, trying to get you to rule in my sister's behalf, in her favor. is any of this sounding familiar? ridge hates bill so much that he had you take his son from him. ridge determined the outcome of this hearing, didn't he?


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